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Grynow is the best Influencer marketing agency in India which provides the top influencer marketing platform to help brands / visionary marketers leverage social media influencers’ content in marketing the product/service. Our influencer marketing experts unite brands with top content creators, social media influencers, artists, celebrities, vloggers and bloggers with interested viewers (brand’s potential customers) for executing award winning influencer marketing campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing Case Studies

Amazon Live Commerce Case Study (100 Influencers)

Amazon Live Commerce Case Study (100 Influencers)

Live 1K+ Creators 6 Live Views 2k+
kotak’s creative UGC strategy case study

kotak’s creative UGC strategy case study

Videos 40+ Creators 20+ Campaign 1
Reliance Republic Day Sales campaign
Reliance Digital

Reliance Republic Day Sales campaign

Videos 50+ Views 600K+ Campaign 1

How Our Influencer Marketing Company Help Brands?

Our content creators/social media influencers along with our influencer marketing experts and strategists create unique content that is highly shareable and engaging. Hire the best influencer marketing services.

Different types of contents offered by us:-

Our influencer marketing company devise a comprehensive strategy to utilize the trusted relationship between influencers and their followers to position your product superior. This way, we help businesses to attract, engage and convert their potential customers by increasing their awareness, leads and sales through organic engagement via creator generated content thereby inspiring their decision to buy our client’s product.

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World Class Influencer Marketing Services

We are the top influencer marketing company in India that are most respected, we offer complete 360-degree influencer marketing campaign
solutions through India’s top influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We utilize the resources to deliver the right communication and value. Hire the top social media influencers in India and hire the top influencer marketing agency in India today!

YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency

Influence your potential customers on YouTube through top Youtubers in India

  • Integrated & Dedicated Videos
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Community post
  • Key
    Opinion Leaders
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Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

Inspire your prospects on Instagram through top Instagrammers in India.

  • Insta Reels, Long form videos
  • Static posts /
  • Static &
    Video Story
  • Nano, Micro, Mega Instagrammers
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Linkedin Influencer Marketing Agency

Influence leading professionals on Linkedin through our services

  • TVC Amplification
  • Hiring Campaigning
  • Product Launch
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Meme Marketing

Inspire your prospects on Instagram through top Instagrammers in India.

  • Meme Creation - Static & Video
  • Meme
  • Network of 1000+ Meme pages

How We Design the Influencer Marketing Strategy

We help brand communication go viral by utilizing KOLs and influencers in marketing in just 3 steps:-

  • 1. Choose Influencers/Content Creators

    Fill the contact us form and our influencer marketing experts will connect with you within 24 hours. Brands like you share their business goals and what exactly they want to achieve through our influencer marketing services. After a through brand’s goal analysis, we shortlist the right social media platform and influencers for executing the customized influencer marketing campaigns. We analyze their engagement rates, followers base, performance metric, past campaign performances, % of spam and suggest them to the brand for campaign execution. We analyze and research the target audience of the brand and match with the followers’ / viewers’ interest for maximizing the influence as well as return on investment. Read More

  • 2. Influencer Campaign Execution

    After choosing the relevant influencers with respect to their reach and targeted potential viewers, our team along with the brand and influencers create highly engaging and shareable content. Our personalized influencer marketing strategy is to empower viewers / audience with this shareable content for better engagement and simultaneously positioning the brand’s product / service superior smartly with respect to competition according to the campaign’s objective (product reviews, product sampling, event launch, brand awareness and more) to get the desired results. See More

  • 3. Brands Get Boosted

    Our leading influencer marketing platform’s content creators shares inspiring stories on their respective social media accounts i.e YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin etc. and the viewers (Subscribers and followers) who can eventually become customers gets attention towards the brand’s product. This way through our innovative sponsored creator’s videos and images, we help the brands get better awareness, leads, sales and return on investment. We deliver you the measurable successful campaign results through this smart word of mouth marketing i.e. influencer marketing. Better awareness! Better Leads! Better Conversions! And Better ROI! MORE SALES! And MORE PROFIT! See More

Why Choose India’s Top
Influencer Marketing Agency?

Knowledge and Expertise

In depth research and expertise are the major knowhow to gain the unique competitive advantages in the industry. Our global influencer marketing agency have in depth knowledge of how influencer marketing works. We surely have the required expertise in researching, analyzing, segmenting, and targeting the relevant potential consumers of our clients which want to flourish their business. We, as the top influencer marketing agencies in India understand the brand’s business model as well as their objectives and goals i.e. what they want to achieve? And according to their products(services), we recommend the best matched 100% verified influencers and the respective platform on which they are active - YouTube or Instagram etc. to get maximum awareness, leads and ultimately sales.

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100% Verified Profiles of Influencers

Grynow has tie-ups with more than 300M+ content creators/ influencers who have been verified by our experts. We only have relationships with original content creators i.e. credible youtubers and Instagrammers in India and abroad that have almost have zero to none fake followers and therefore businesses rely on our deliverability of real value and true authenticity.

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Incredibly diverse experience in influencer marketing

Our award winning influencer marketing company has 8+ years of diversified yet super specific relevant experience in influencer marketing in India and abroad. Majority of organizations in India are novice to this new emerging field whereas we have a profound leading edge over our competitors in this scenario and hence have superior knowledge about our work. Therefore, our stakeholders and moreover the customers feel relaxed as they find that their brand name is in the ethical hands who have already demonstrated as the key opinion leaders in the industry and are the “subject matter experts”.

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Authenticity of the products

We respect the emotions as well as sentiments of all stakeholders i.e. our content creators (influencers) and the people who follow the influencers. We do not promote(advertise) just any product(service) through the creators, however on the contrary we only promote authentic products of genuine businesses (no matter how small they are in terms of revenue), but we practice ethical business practice so that none of the people feel deceived.

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Trust with customers

We strive to build trust between us and our customers. Our relationship with brands and creators is the ultimate key factor on building strong trust factor.

Value proposition to the clients

We believe in delivering qualitative as well as quantifiable value to our customers by maximizing the overall benefits and yet minimizing the effective costs for our customers.

Qualitative benefits to the users

We strive to maximize benefits for our customers. Hence our customers are delighted with the variety of benefits that we deliver.

Relationships with the stakeholders

We believe in honest business relationships with our stakeholders -influencers and brands, and therefore our customers become real brand advocates for us in return.

Client retention

Our clients come back to us for their more needs regularly for their requirements and are inspired to become trusted and delighted advocates for us.
Grynow is one of the top influencer marketing agencies in India on which more than 100 brands of various niches trust for their influencer marketing needs i.e. boosting their brand through already established influencers.
So, do you also want to position your organization/business way superior to the competition and boost your profits, connect with the top influencer marketing agency in India now.

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Why We Are the
Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India

top influencers

300M+ Top social media influencers are the part of Grynow family

campaign execution

Personalized and customized influencer marketing campaign execution

utmost quality

Utmost quality and valuable content delivery through content creators

dedicated team

Dedicated team for devising the comprehensive influencer marketing strategy

Highly Experienced

More than more then 8+ years of experience working with Youtubers and Instagrammers

1500+ Brands

1500+ top brands trust us for their marketing campaigns


Certified Tik tok marketing agency from Byte dance to execute Ads on Tik tok

incredible team

Our team comprise IIT, IIM and ISB alumnus who help you in right branding and positioning

data driven

We utilize data driven approach and leverage people powered content, referrals and marketing

The top goals of influencer marketing for businesses comprise increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, new product launches, and generating sales and conversions.

Understanding client’s goals and objectives are vital for designing an effective campaign. Leveraging the power of influencers, brands can reach niche-specific audiences. Knowing their pain points, we ask the influencer to create more engaging content that prompts people to take their clients' desired action: purchase brands products/services.

Being the top influencer marketing platform in India, we maintain a vast network of influencers for which many brands approach us for digital influencer marketing. We understand their query, discuss the marketing goals, and after analyzing their target customers, our team of professionals, strategists and experts, discover the social personalities who cater to a similar audience base that is of interest to their clients. As Influencer marketing strategies engrossed on branding or engagements generate 8x ROI Our experts work on a campaign designed specifically to meet the brand's ultimate goal.

We help them employ leading, niche content creators, who already market to their ideal audience across different channels which allows them to expand reach across their buyer personas. After finding the influencer who meets the criteria of engagement, reach, and audience demographic we help brands to increase the traffic on their website, boost conversions, sales, awareness, credibility and authority. Hire one of the biggest influencer marketing companies in the world!

YouTubers and Instagrammers Categories

Grynow media won the economic times influencer marketing award in the small budget campaign category for the campaign “grynow x OnePlus Steven Harrington smart-band”.

Grynow in Media

Want to boost your business through influencer marketing?

Being India's best influencer marketing agency, we leverage data-driven methodologies and research to accomplish your goals. Skyrocket your business today!

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Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which brands market their products (services) by collaborating with social media influencers/content creators to inspire the buying decision of their followers. We, Grynow, chose influencers according to their niche and category so that the subscribers / followers of the influencer have similar interests with respect to the brands target audience. Top influencer marketing company like us helps in creating the unique content and comprehensive strategy for better sales.

It is just an enhanced version or a modern form of celebrity endorsement. Influencers (Celebrities of the modern internet world – social media) are the original content creators who have huge fan following on their respective social media accounts / blogs and they have demonstrated power of influencing and inspiring the followers through their content whether it is a video, a blog or a vlog.

Influencers, through their acquired trust and credibility among followers ; are able to change (influence) the perspective of the people for a particular product / service as they are learned enough to be called as the subject matter experts. And being influenced with the influencer, people develop a credible image for that brand through the word of mouth from an already established authoritative person in a specific niche.

It’s the next evolution of social media marketing. Influencer Marketing helps brands become more human-friendly by connecting them with consumers through creative storytelling. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead inspire / hire / pay influencers to get out the word for you and target the right people.

Influencers are the subject matter experts and enthusiasts who have knowledge and zeal for a specific subject, activity or industry and they share and convey their knowledge through their engaging videos/posts and platforms which ultimately give them credibility and trust among their audiences.

An influencer, as described by the Cambridge Dictionary, is someone who affects or changes the way other people behave. They are inventers with the supremacy to affect the buying habits or quantifiable actions of the target market by uploading some form of innovative—frequently sponsored—content to social media platforms. They shape the audience attitudes through meaningful and relevant stories, reviews, unboxings, videos, blogs, tweets, and the use of other social media. Moreover, having an influencer on board, help you increase your social media following.

Growing usage of social media globally has changed the dynamics of marketing and consumer behavior. To get a slice of global online augmented sales, brands pivoted their marketing strategies to focus heavily on the online channels where customers were flocking, instead of brick-and-mortar stores.

Social influencers have exploded as “go to” product spokespersons. As these individuals are closer to products and customers –than almost anyone, they cut through the noise and resonate with customers by making a holistic commitment. Influencer Marketing has become a global phenomenon where marketers intend to use this approach widely not just as an advertising tool but also as a sustainable strategic communication instrument. Brands are gaining competitive advantages through it and reaching the goal of getting ever close to the customer.

It is applicable for even high-consideration purchases, like designer handbags. LVMH, the French luxury goods company behind brands like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, saw that consumers were not only looking for muse; they also wanted help deciding what to buy.

  • Today, approximately 55% (Bizrate Insights, 2021) of consumers read at least four reviews preceding to purchasing a product, and about 84% of shoppers have made a purchase based on an influencer’s recommendation.
  • According to Think with Google, 70% of teenage YouTube audiences are influenced more by YouTubers than traditional celebrities.
  • In terms of revenue, the global influencer marketing platform market was valued at US$ 148. 04 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 333.74 million by 2027 (According to globe news wire) with a CAGR growth rate of 13. 4% from 2020 to 2027.
  • A majority of marketers accept that Influencer Marketing attracts higher quality customers to their business with respect to other means. Business Insider reports that the market for it is set to reach $15 by 2022.
  • Psychologist Chae reports, influencers serve as a comparison tool. Consumers may associate influencer lifestyles with their inadequacies. In the interim, followers may view them as folks with perfect lifestyles, interests, dressing style and judgement. Basically, the endorsed products may serve as a shortcut on the way to a complete lifestyle. Therefore, when collaborating with an opinion leader, a brand may use consumer insecurities to its remunerations. Presume that you have a clothing-retail company that sells reasonable and fashionable clothing for millennials. Joining with fashion models and bloggers will help you reach their audience who are inclining to be fascinated in your products.
  • 93% marketers use influencer marketing as their core marketing strategy.
  • Determining and targeting the right audience is an essential part of every marketing strategy. Yet, it is often a perplexing process and requires a thorough understanding of your potential consumers. Influencer marketing authorizes you to surpass this stage because the hard work has formerly been handled by specialists
  • More than nine out of ten marketers today have influencer marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy (SocialPubli, 2019).
  • In its own research, Twitter, and analytics firm Annalect found that consumers now trust digital influencers nearly as much as their real-world friends. Forty percent of respondents said they have purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube.
  • It is measured to be more authentic and organic sort of marketing tool to reach potential customers. (Lou & Yuan ,2019)
  • Grounded on the survey on e-commerce trends, 75% of online retailers said that they used influencers in their marketing campaigns in 2021.

How Social Media Influencer Marketing inspires all generations?

  • Baby Boomers spend more time on social media than Millennials, according to Pixlee. They also follow dominant people and groups, with 52% of consumers from the Baby Boomer generation making their buying decisions based on online reviews.
  • Civic Science found that 14% of 18-to-24-year-olds and 11% of millennials had bought something within the last 6 months as a blogger or opinion leader recommended it. Also, 40% of millennial YT audiences feel that their favorite YouTubers understand them better than their friends.

Marketers valued digital influencer marketing as their fastest-growing channel for acquiring customers online. Native Ads, organic search and email are too mature to deliver the same annual progress that influencer marketing now provides. It helps marketers know how to position themselves to benefit from fundamental changes that are occurring in the ways shoppers decide on which products and services to consume, and how they consume them. It helps them ensure that the target audience sees their products, likes them, and shares them on social media, which helps to influence consumer behaviour.

An influencer marketing strategy refers to a business’s inclusive game proposal for reaching prospective consumers, turning them into customers of their products or services by leveraging influence & audience of opinion leaders’, getting branded content promoted through them, selecting the right social media platform, influencer, competition analysis – thus driving all brand KPIs within a given budget.

Influencer marketing strategy includes strategic positioning of the brand’s product (service) in the competitive market, recruitment, placement and relationship management with key influencers in the eco-system and content creation for the target audience at the right social media platform and at the right time for brand awareness, generating quality leads and ultimately inspiring the buying decision of the prospects for sales. We advocate that the word of mouth is the best form of marketing as it is has already between trustful relationships. For example- If a brand wishes to promote its health supplements such as protein supplement powder, such product can be promoted through fitness influencer/s on YouTube in order to reach the target market.

An effective strategy helps you increase brand exposure/reach, build authority, and connect with new audiences. It drives traffic to your website and leads new customers to your business. Similar to any virtuous marketing approach, building a strategy can guarantee that you’re being comprehensive and methodical. You’ll know accurately what you want to get from influencer marketing, and you’ll have a method for measuring it to see your development eventually.

Identifying your Target Audience

Classifying your target audience is the fundamental of every successful campaign. We can find this group of potential customers by going with individuals who resemble your best regulars. We survey your patrons and outline what social media platforms and influencers they favour, the values they share, how they make buying decisions, and more. Then we can build a buyer persona that comprises both demographic and psychographic dissection. As soon as we distinguish your audience, it will be stress-free to recognize the top mavens they follow. If your objective is to drive in new audiences, you need to discover them from scratch. We ask the following questions about your audience to understand them better:

Who are they?

Discover your best customers –Outline their gender, geographic location, age, social status, income, pain points, and so on.

In which phase they are in your sales funnel?

Are they already aware of your product, or are they using a product from your competitor? Or they want buy you product and services?

What are their behaviour, insecurities, pain points and interests?

To understand them, we study content on the platforms your prospects prefer, search online forums and media, discover social media profiles, emphasis on the studies, big brands and agencies like Deloitte publish. Read reports on social media, Google trends, YouTube Press, Think with Google, etc.

What is the right time to target them?

When they are online.

What is the best social media platforms to reach them?

On which platform they are online and at what time?

Setting your Target Goals and KPIs

Influencer Marketing can be leveraged to reach multiple goals. You must jot down your key objectives evidently, as the technicalities you’ll employ, will be contingent to what should an influencer strategy include? Maybe you want to increase your punter base in a younger demographic. Or you want to expand into a new user group with a new product.

This step will help you comprehend whether you accomplished the anticipated products or not. Your goals can be some or all of below points:

  • Brand reach & awareness
  • Hyping a new launch
  • Fascinating A New Target Market
  • Expediting Lead Generation
  • Audience building with engagement
  • traffic to your website
  • search interest
  • media mentions
  • Sales ROI
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Link Building

With your audience noticeably defined, you can finally start looking for out the influencers who will help you reach your objectives and connect with your target market.

Choosing the Right Influencer

Selecting the right influencer is difficult work. You can do it manually. However, the best option is to leverage the best influencer marketing agency i.e. us to find influencers or collaborators and get a sense of their engagement levels and audience size, along with the kind of content they are producing. It is the most important part of an influencer marketing strategy because it edicts whether your campaign goals will be met fruitfully.

Types of influencers which brands can choose from us:

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Stars
  • Micro, Nano, Macro/Mega, or regional influencers
  • Celebrities
  • Industry Experts
  • Thought/opinion Leaders
  • Patrons
  • Noncompeting Brands

We strive to get the similar audience you want to reach; by reviewing their posts, stories, previous campaigns, status updates, and website content to verify it is relevant to your brand, is high quality and represents your brand’s value proposition. Other crucial things to look for-

  • Does the influencer previously post about similar product?
  • Is he/she having fake followers?
  • What is his/her audience engagement ratio to follower count?
  • Is he/she having spam-like comments which are a sign of a fraudulent account?
  • Certify that the influencer’s audience is loyal.
  • Do she/he have a sizable following that aligns with your target audience
  • Habitually post quality content

Framing/Planning your campaign budget

The influencer marketing pricing and budget is vital for aiding you proactively swing the weight of your promotional efforts from low-cost micro influencers to high-reach celebs. This phase is essential as total campaign outreach hinge on the budget you allocate. Usually, influencers set prices according to the size of their follower base, engagement rate, what platform they are using, market rates, advertiser interests, etc. Correspondingly, each campaign is different, and promotion costs occur on a distinct basis. Micro/Nano influencers can provide more bang for your buck if you are an SME.

You can also have a pool of few nano ones that have more engaged followers for a better connection and more profits. If your objective is to reach a large audience and have mass brand awareness, you can go with an influencer with large followings.

Selecting the Type of Influencer Marketing Campaign

If you are still speculating, how do you develop an influencer marketing strategy?

Here are a few types of influencer marketing campaigns and strategies you can ponder:

Sponsored Content

It is just a social media post that encompasses an advertisement for a product or service. You can pay for your brand to be featured on an influencer’s blog or social channel.

Contests and Giveaways

Running a contest and requesting an influencer to share your giveaway event with her/his audience.

Co-Producing Content

Joining with an influencer to create content that is presented on your website, their website, or a third-party website.

Social Media Mentions

Leveraging a social media marketing strategy with a creator or brand to mention your brand.


Giving remunerations/free products and services to a doyen in exchange for a review or mention.

Guest Posting

Producing content for an influencer’s blog.

Influencer Takeover

Permitting an influencer to manage all your social media accounts for a period of time.

Affiliate Marketing

Giving a unique code that gives influencers a percentage of each sale they drive.

Instagram Shoutouts

It is a form of sponsored content that’s becoming more prevalent. It can draw lots of consideration to your brand.


Influencer-specific discounts can be prevailing. These discounts are pursued using affiliate or referral links. They can promote your product and offer to their audience.

Brand Ambassadors

If an influencer is a bizarre fit for your brand, you might deliberate making him/her a brand ambassador.

Choosing the Social Media Platforms

Selecting a platform depending mostly on your audience’s interests, business objectives, and the prospects each channel provides. For example, B2B businesses may go with LinkedIn. However, we always find the perfect channel by testing.

Planning and Optimizing your Content

We produce content with which the influencer is also aligned. To help them in creating tempting content, we develop ideas that your audience will love simultaneously promoting your product.

Knowing your competitors

To flourish with an impactful influencer marketing strategy, it is obligatory to know what your competitors are doing. We study the platforms your competitors are active on and what kind of content they are producing.

Respecting the Influencer by Providing Creative Freedom

60% of consumers believe authenticity is the most significant attribute for an influencer campaign. On the other hand, majority of influencers feel that their originality, honesty, candidness, and humor are essential to keep their audience engaged. Giving creative freedom does not mean leaving influencers totally to their own expedients on a campaign, nevertheless.

Conveying guidelines, such as the language or voice/tone that should be used that should with your brand, and what you would like to achieve over the campaign. Hence, to succeed in effective influencer marketing campaigns, that feel unaffected and authentic, we move towards the creator’s track.

Measuring Your Success

To discover if you’ve grasped your target goals, track and measure your results. You can use key performance indicators and metrics to measure your accomplishment contingent to your brand KPIs you set for the campaign. The greatest way to do so is to request statistics from the influencer we worked with and of course the sales achieved through the campaign.

We also track leads and sales by using tracked links, which will show the source of each contact for buying you receive. Crafting them with UTM link builders, such as Google Analytics. Additional way to track leads is to utilize promo codes. We also create an exclusive code to each influencer or the campaign. While measuring other parameters through-

Brand Awareness/Reach Parameter

expressions, website traffic, page views, social mentions, time on site, no. of users

Building Brand Recognition Parameter

outreach, PR coverage by analysing number of sponsored videos or links

Audience Building Parameter

No. of increased follows

Engagement Metrics

Likes, shares, and comments

Lead Generation Parameter

No. of augmented sales

Sales Metrics:

Total sales, hiked ROI, price per ticket

Client Loyalty Parameter

purchaser retention proportions, restoration proportions

Link Building Parameter

number of links, quality of links

Pro Tip: Cultivate Influencer Relationships

We maintain a healthy relationship with influencers to get the most out of an influencer marketing strategy. Although, a single influencer marketing campaign has the potential to produce a high ROI and improve the online presence for a brand but concentrating on preserving long-term relationships with influencers is our priority.

Influencer marketing is one of the incredible ways to swiftly build your brand online in a short period of time, increase awareness among your target audience with prodigious sales ROI.

According to Forbes, it is growing faster than digital ads, with weight placed on leveraging an industry leaders’ followers to foster growth in your own business.

It is more effective than traditional advertisements starring celebrities as in case of celebrities, potential customers do not have any trust-based relation. On the other hand, social media influencers have much more intimate bond with their followers and their opinions are valued.

Campaigns are executed on top social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok etc. For B2C brands, YouTube and Instagram work perfectly to achieve goals such as more sales and brand awareness. However, in case of B2B brands, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter work perfectly.

While in both, influencer marketing and digital marketing, the product (service) is marketed to the target audience through digital / online world, however the approaches used are very different from each other. Influencer marketing utilizes the brand association leverage strategy i.e. the trust on the social media influencers by his/her followers. However, in case of digital marketing, organic (SEO, SMO) and inorganic (SEM, PPC) methods are used to reach the target audience.

Being the best influencer marketing agency in India, we provide numerous benefits of Influencer marketing tour clients. It helps brand reach a highly targeted audience, which benefits brands in numerous ways such as- • More leads • Better conversion rate • Better online brand presence • Relevant website traffic • Brand association leverage.

Influencer Marketing Helps Brands to Build Trust & Credibility

Influencers spend years building a long-lasting relationship with their followers by engaging with them and providing value in their content – this helped in earning trust of their audience. Brands also strive to gain the attention of their target market by providing customer satisfaction and value in their products & services. Thus, when influencers show a credible affinity for a brand and its products, it can have significant positive sway on the attitudes of their audiences.

When brands approach their target audience through an influencer, the Influencer’s credibility subsequently transfers to the Brand. This is the most sought-after benefit of influencer marketing for brands.

Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Effectively Reach a Targeted Audience

Social media influencers create categorical content targeted to a specific audience, who actively engages with their posts – this is precisely what brands want to leverage. Marketers have spent considerable time, effort & capital finding and testing their target audience. But with influencer marketing, brands get easy access to a fascinating consumer segment as netizens now spend more time engaging with digital media than traditional media. Statista states that 37% of internet users on average utilized ad blockers which affected the reach of advertisers. The digital environment is getting restrictive. However, Influencers enable brands to traverse barriers of owned media and advertising to connect with their desired audience on multiple online channels.

Influencer marketing gives brands access to influencers from diversified niches (beauty, fashion, health & fitness, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, food, comedy, dance, DIY, automobile, etc.), which helps reach specific target markets and generate significant impact through increased engagements. For example, several top brands such as Parachute, Colgate, and Mamaearth leveraged regional and micro-influencers for region-focused activities geared towards building regional relevance and reach. Their approach helped develop stronger connections with their target audiences and create value by using local nuances and relatable content. It is clear that, accessing and persuading an interested audience is another fantastic influencer marketing benefit.

Influencer Marketing Augments Brands’ Content Strategy

Content strategy is, without a doubt, a considerable part of any marketing campaign. But continually creating innovative content which appeals to the audience is not easy for marketers. However, through influencer marketing, brands can enrich their content strategy using the Influencer’s insights and create refreshing content that compels their audience to engage. Collaborating with key opinion leaders improves the quality of brand content and makes it more user-centric. Such content is more liable to find traction among a target audience.

Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most effective and robust procedures to gain new customers and fill the gaps in your content strategy. Brands can work with influencers and create a content strategy that will serve the campaign’s purpose.

Influencer Marketing Helps Generate Brand Awareness

Before, celebrities were key trendsetters of any industry status; however, Influencers have taken over the mantel in this era. People closely follow the influencers and respect their opinions, especially regarding new brands or products. This consumer trait presents enormous leverage for brands to create brand awareness, online presence, and position themselves superior in the market.

Brand awareness is another critical benefit of influencer marketing where mavens are used to present a business to a novel group of consumers. According to Annons survey, the most common goals of influencer marketing campaigns are;

  1. Raising Brand Awareness (86%)
  2. Reaching New or Targeted Audiences (74%)
  3. Improving Brand Advocacy (69%)
  4. Increasing Sales Conversions (49%)

Influencer Marketing Helps Brands in Lead Generation

Lead generation is the most essential part of any marketing campaign, and influencers do a great job connecting brands to their customers in the online marketplace. Why? Because social media platforms are an easy way for an interested audience to express their interest in a brand and its products & services. According to a survey by Businesswire, 82% of consumers have researched, purchased, or considered buying a product or service after seeing posts from peers and influencers.

Influencer marketing benefits a brand by helping them get quality leads. But you must remember to choose an influencer who falls under the same niche as your Brand.

The whole process can be achieved through our best influencer marketing platform in India that has a network of top social media influencers and can help brands reach their marketing goals through “word of mouth recommendations.”

Influencer Marketing Helps Brands Grow By Leveraging Social Commerce

Social commerce is redefining how consumers shop online by integrating points of inspiration with points of purchase. According to Deloitte, direct purchasing via social media platforms in the US will continue to grow annually, with an estimated double-digit growth rate from $36.6 billion in 2021 to $79.6 billion by 2025.

Influencers are empowered by the digitized innovative, interactive features of critical social media platforms that allow them to interact and build lasting relationships with their audience. Brands can capitalize on this aspect to generate social foci, contiguity, interaction frequency, and self-disclosure.

For example, an international cosmetics retailer ran a campaign in Malaysia with a series of Instagram Live events compered by beauty content creators and achieved an 8x return on ad spend (ROAS). Retailers and brands in the US also leverage social commerce because of augmented marketing and sales effectiveness, along with new, diversified revenue channels.

Hence, influencer marketing helps brands through direct contact with consumers; through targeted and authentic messaging to enable a seamless purchase experience. Hire our social media influencer agency today!

Influencer Marketing Helps You Get Backlinks

Influencers are the optimal choice for new businesses with lower domain authority to rank their website content. Why? Quality backlinks are one of the many factors that help search engine algorithms assign domain ranking to websites. As such, a single guest post on a relevant Influencers’ blog with a link to the business website is a sign of authenticity. Furthermore, since influencers are trusted by their readers, audiences will share the post via multiple digital outlets, generating even more backlinks.

An influencer marketing campaign geared towards backlinks can include maven collaboration for guest posting, product reviews, and other types of partnerships that successfully result in new backlinks to the Brand’s site. More content from influencer marketing presents more chances for building a repository of quality backlinks to rank a brand higher in Google searches.

Influencer Marketing Helps You Boost Your SEO

It aids, unswervingly and circuitously, your search engine optimization. 86% of promoters use influencer marketing to authorize their marketing campaigns, and 57% state its performance surpasses the other brand-created content. As doyens have many loyal followers, collaborating with them will help you reach more audiences than doing SEO activities alone.

Influencer Marketing Assists a Brand’s Search Engine Optimization Efforts:

According to a study from Quicksprout verified that social media interactions could, indirectly or directly, enhance SEO signals. Hence, creating more and more content through influencer marketing will increase the likelihood of ranking your Brand higher in Google search results.

Influencer Marketing is Cost-Effective!

It is suitable for all businesses unrelatedly of their scale or industry. For instance, an optimized, low-cost strategy employed with micro-influencers is more appropriate for small businesses. According to SEMrush, word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are one of the top traffic sources for small companies that affiliate marketing. On the other hand, large corporations with sizable budgets can work with celebrities/multiple Influencers on campaigns that need comprehensive planning. Hire our affordable KOL agency today!

Our top influencer marketing platform connects your brand to Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomer, and Generation Alpha—Targeting all levels of Consumers for all types of brands.

  • Baby Boomers (Born 1946-1964)-Boomers spend more time on social media than Millennials according to Pixlee report. Facebook is the generations most preferred platform, however researchers also found them searching vlogs, online articles watching videos about products and services on YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. Baby Boomers love Facebook to be in contact with family and friend and as per KPMG report they follow influential people and groups, with 52% of consumers from this generation making their buying decisions based on online reviews.
  • Generation X (Born 1965-1980)-73 percent of Gen Xers watch YouTube videos to clarify new things. Sproutsocial research shows that 65 percent choose Facebook as their favourite platform. Furthermore, 48 percent of Gen Xers own a Twitter account. If a brand is trying to reach Generation X, producing high-quality and informative content is crucial. Research shows that Gen Xers watch 1.5 billion videos daily, and 75% of these videos are related to the past as per Targetmarketingmag article. With the right campaign formulated by our influencer campaign platform, you can respond to these nostalgic feelings.
  • Millennials (Born 1981-1996)-They engage more with mavens and connect more profoundly with brands than any other generation. Millennials can be found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc., as this generation is always on top of the latest and most significant trends.
  • Gen Z (Born 1997-2012) —they make up 40% of consumers as per Mckinsey survey. 72% of Gen Z and Millennial regulars follow influencers, and 56% have bought a product after seeing a post from somebody they follow. In fact, according to the Delloite survey, Gen Z and Millennial women say influencers are how they most often learn about new products to buy. This generation spends more than three hours daily on social media, consuming and creating content. This group has less regard for traditional marketing maneuvers than any generation before, so influencer marketing is vibrant for brands trying to reach them.
  • Generation Alpha (Born 2010-2025) –We cannot ignore this group as well. Children under age twelve are involved in $500 billion yearly expenditure on everyday acquisitions. They want to buy a product if their favourite YouTube or Instagram influencer uses or wears it.

Hence if you are considering appealing to any generation, influencer marketing is all but essential in today’s digital-first realm. Hire one of the top influencer marketing agencies and influencer search platform now!

All kinds of marketing & business goals can be achieved through it. For example- if a brand wants to create brand awareness, this can be done through content amplification on meme pages. However, if a food brand wants to make more sales, then it can be promoted through a food influencer.

Let’s illustrate this through an example- If a fitness brand wants to promote & sell their gym equipment, it can be promoted through a fitness influencer on YouTube, wherein the influencer will thoroughly share his opinion on the equipment and encourage his followers to buy it.

Let us illustrate this through an example- If a brand wants to promote its mobile app, it can be promoted through a tech influencer on Facebook / Instagram wherein they can share the features & benefits as well as encourage their followers to install the app.

Yes, influencer marketing is productive for all business types, including start- ups, SMEs and large businesses. For example- start-up, who have limited financial assistance can achieve better results (maximum reach) from influencer marketing due to its cost- effectiveness. SMEs can achieve better online brand presence through this (or may be a product launch) and large businesses can use it to maintain their market share.

Influencer marketing campaigns’ cost starts from 10k to 20k INR and may go up to crores (INR) depending upon the social media influencer as well as the platform selected. Our KOL marketing agency is cost efficient and we are the preferred digital influencer marketing agency for start-ups, SMEs, B2B, B2C, MNCs etc.