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Top 16 Indian Gamers on Youtube 2019 [Updated List]

Top Indian Gamers on youtube

Each and everyone one of us has played some sort of a game in our childhood and some of the game lovers were huge fond of video games as well. However, now Indian gaming industry has transformed to the next level with the explosion and expansion of social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok. More and more Indian gamers are evolving to present the games on these mediums at another level. Many of the Indian gaming enthusiasts have become top gaming youtubers now.

Brands which make games are already leveraging this potential to market their games online through top gamers and showcase their unique selling propagations of their products.

Who are gaming youtubers?

Gaming youtubers are the social media influencers who records the videos of games while playing video games in reality hence showcasing how he/she is playing that game.

Brands which make games are already leveraging this potential to market their games online through top gamers and showcase their unique selling propagations of their products.

What is the purpose of gaming influencers in India?

There are various goals of gamers which include:-

  • To acquire publicity in their niche
  • To grab attention of the public
  • For entertaining themselves as well as their followers
  • For grabbing the attention of game manufacturing brands for promotion

Top Indian gamers are also famous for live streaming i.e. in which they play video games online and stream it live on the internet majorly through youtube and their followers enjoy their journey. Many of them also gain cashbacks from various cashback applications through great playing.

So, let’s explore the most exhaustive list of top Indian gamers on Youtube whom you should follow in 2019 to stay ahead in the gaming community:-

Dynamo Gaming
Name: Dynamo Gaming
Subscribers: 5.14M
Channel: Dynamo Gaming

Aditya Sawant or as he likes to call himself as “Adii Dynamo Sawant” likes to play and stream various games like PUBG, GTA , Dota2, BF1, BF3, BF4 and many others. He is one of the most loved gaming youtubers.He is from Mumbai and uploads video daily. USP – Vegetarian recipes

mortal gaming
Name: Mortal
Subscribers: 3.02M
Channel: MortaL

Naman is an enthusiastic gaming youtuber who represented India in a California based competition of PUBG as a part of team soul.

Carry is Live
Name: Carry is Live
Subscribers: 2.71M
Channel: CarryisLive

Carry Minati transformed the online gaming by streaming the live videos while playing the games. He was amongst the first ones to start the live streaming while playing, and then the other youtubers followed him. He plays various types of games.

Name: BeastBoyShub
Subscribers: 2.24M
Channel: BeastBoyShub

Shubh is a unique gaming youtuber who makes videos by playing games and while playing the games he also entertains his audience by saying funny things. His mode of speaking is Hindi. He is a full time youtuber and uploads videos daily.

Name: ODVUT 10
Subscribers: 2.12M
Channel: ODVUT 10

A great Indian gaming youtuber.

Hindustan Gamer
Name: Hindustan Gamer
Subscribers: 1.95M
Channel: Hindustan Gamer

This hilarious youtuber is an Indian version of Pewdiepie who while enjoying playing video games entertains his audience with funny Hindi and Urdu commentary.

One Spot Gaming
Name: One Spot Gaming
Subscribers: 1.41M
Channel: One Spot Gaming

OneSPot gaming youtube channel majorly focus on creating amazing GTA5 and GTA videos. In their content, they do comparisons, funny things, epic stunts and much more!

cooking shooking
Name: Gyan Gaming
Subscribers: 1.21M
Channel: Gyan Gaming

Yaman Agarwal from cooking shooking youtube channel is food enthusiast. He loves to make and teach about food recipes with a professional touch. USP - Made with Professionalism

Sunil Gamer
Name: Sunil Gamer
Subscribers: 1.16M
Channel: Sunil Gamer

Sunil majorly plays PUBG however also makes great videos about other games as well.

Software Hindi
Name: Software Hindi
Subscribers: 920K
Channel: Software Hindi

Shyam is a great gaming youtuber of the youtube channel – software hindi , who enjoy playing mostly PUBG. He also gives awesome tricks and tips.

Paid Android Gaming
Name: Paid Android Gaming
Subscribers: 779K
Channel: Paid Android Gaming

Sukhchain Singh through channel gives android games latest news, tips, tricks while playing and creating amazing videos.

Name: Kinganbru
Subscribers: 682K
Channel: KingAnBru

Sup #KABGang , an Indian gaming youtuber makes hilarious comedy and very entertaining face cam gaming commentaries in Hindi. Apart from PUBG, he loves to play horror games. He calls youtube as his BAE and uploads video on youtuber daily.

Name: Gamexpro
Subscribers: 642K
Channel: Gamexpro

Ravi Rawat host this amazing youtube channel

Techno Gamerz
Name: Techno Gamerz
Subscribers: 430K
Channel: Techno Gamerz

Ujjwal host this amazing youtube channel

Name: Maxtern
Subscribers: 403K
Channel: Maxtern

The elite custom gaming player was awarded the no. 1 in crew challenge qualifier in May 2019 and asia’s 11 in crew challenge qualifier. He loves to play PUBG and the videos are filmed in Hindi language.

Name: Sikhwarrior
Subscribers: 106K
Channel: Sikhwarrior

With only 106K subscribers on his youtube channel, Sikh warrior get amazing number of views as he also educates his followers to how to as well where to buy the games. He has been awarded gaming influencer of the year in 2018 and is a fulltime gaming live steamer and video creator since his start from 2018.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top Gaming influencers in India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.