Motherhood is the epitome of multitasking, a balancing act that requires unparalleled skill, patience, and resilience. Mothers are the super-beings who manage not only the household and children but often juggle work-from-home responsibilities, all while nurturing their personal growth and ambitions.

They are the architects of the home, building a foundation of love, discipline, and values. Whether it's preparing meals, helping with homework, attending virtual meetings, or finding time for self-care, mothers seem to have an innate ability to be successful in everything they do. Their grace under pressure, their ability to find joy in the chaos, and their unwavering commitment to their family's well-being make them the unsung heroes of daily life.

It's a role that demands everything and promises nothing in return, yet mothers across the globe rise to the challenge with a smile, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Indeed, Motherhood is a never-ending task, involving; endeavouring different responsibilities like proper child care, nutrition & education, psychological support, challenges, relationship satisfaction, child outcomes, parent-child interactions, and parental stress. Top mom influencers in India, create content that includes comprehensive solutions to the problems a mother face. Many represent their day-to-day life hacks, baby-care product shopping, grandma’s formulas, and practices to effectively raise a healthy child, and manage stress. First-time mothers with substantial demands from a newborn child pose a sense of social support from them and achieve better maternal health.

According to the report by ‘The Times of India’, mothers spend 2-3 hours daily on Instagram. Moreover, according to us, 68% of moms prefer reviews of mom influencers to make their purchase decisions. Capitalizing on the power of their amplified voices, brands are leveraging them to introduce new products and services, bringing back the consumer base to an existing one and tapping into new markets.

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List of Top Mom Influencers on Instagram In India (2024)

Best Mom Influencers in India

  • Garima Bansal

    1. Garima Bansal

    Instagram: @mommylilworld


    Master mom who has integrated lifestyle and parenting together.

    Garima Bansal is on top among mom influencers India. She identifies herself as Digital creator and Lifestyle parenting Indian mom influencer. Her content revolves in niches like lifestyle, Food, parenting, education, and travelling. She is exclusively available for paid collaborations for businesses like store visits, Event reviews, Brand association, and Kids Lifestyle.

    Garima Bansal has curated her Instagram highlights which consists of Firstcry code, Yippie, A&A, brand Videos, Klay, Featured Videos, Vega City Mall, Domino’s, Angel & Rocket, Terrace BLR, 1131 Indiranagar, Lego, Unlimited stores, Feature 2022, Amazon, Mini Fashionista, Mr Muscle event, etc.

    Garima Bansal has done various paid partnership collaborations with brands like Life KArts, Sunpure Oil, Lego, etc. She has also uploaded guides which consist of Parenting Tips and Tricks and Lil Fashionista.

  • Sneha Paliwal

    2. Sneha Paliwal

    Instagram: @highstreetmommy


    Fashion designer by profession and fun loving parenting mom

    Sneha Paliwal is considered as one of the best mom influencers on Instagram. She associates herself with digital creators, Digital marketers, and Fashion Designers. She has been rated and positioned among Top mom Instagram Influencers. She has worked with more than 850 brands till now, some of them are LuvLap, Zingavita, Amazon, etc.

    Sneha Paliwal has set her Instagram highlights as Hamleys, Cordelia Cruise, Bhoot pret, Guess collab, L'affaire 2020, MyGlamm, VLCC, Camlin, Westin, KAya, JFW Event, Pampers Event, Weight Loss, Pediasure event, Amway Event, Travel, Urban Clap Spa, Thyroid event, Christmas, Club Factory, etc.

  • Sulata Mitra

    3. Sulata Mitra

    Instagram: @mommyandvihaan


    Mom who loves to travel and manages parenting phase with ease

    Sulata Mitra is among the top Indian Mom influencers on Instagram. She is Bangalore based and has been credited among top mom influencers in Bangalore by BabyChakra. She identifies herself as a Public figure and mom influencers India. She produces her content among niches like Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, and Parenting.

    Sulata Mitra has curated her Instagram highlights which consists of topics like Earthitects, MEdia Coverage, Shimoga, Grand Mercure, Vikat Anushka, Goa, Wayanad, Kosh Nandi Hills, Ottera, Novotel, Goa, ITC Maratha, Wilderness, Kerala, Vihu’s Birthday, Brahmi Wellness, Cordelia Cruises, Gujrat Kutch, etc.

  • Satrupa Sharma

    4. Satrupa Sharma

    Instagram: @diapers_and_lipsticks


    Expert across Family, Fashion, Feminism, and Fitness

    Satrupa Sharma is one of the best in mom influencers India category. She identifies herself as a public figure. She creates her content with a purpose. Her content revolves around Family, Fashion, Feminism, and Fitness. She is an active partner of MSocial - A Social App for Mothers.

    Satrup Sharma has arranged her Instagram highlights as Shadi parts, Thai Bachelors, Engagement, Delhi Meet and Greet, Dubai Trip, Lakshadweep, Cordelia Cruise, Media, Fan Love, Recognition, Shop Local, UNICEF/WHO, Links, Rudi VIstaRoom, Insights, JW MArriott, Baby Food, Workout, Baby Books, Featured, etc.

  • Shilpa Kamdar

    5. Shilpa Kamdar

    Instagram: @momandtoddlers


    Learn various challenges faced by mom and its solutions

    Shilpa Kamdar is one of the best mom influencers in India. She identifies herself as a Digital creator. Her content revolves around content niches like Parenting, Lifestyle, and Travel. She has been awarded numerous times for creating social media impact as a parent and coach. She has also created a guide on the topic “7 Challenges faced by Mom of a 7 year old”.

    Shilpa Kamdar has arranged her Instagram highlights which consists of Tab Restaurant, Thai Naam, Rann of kutch, Guest of honour, Delhi wali dost, Sofitel brunch, Woop, Singapore, Cordelia Cruise, Novotel Hotel, Locitoot, Hyatt Juhu, Shott Mumbai, Nehamrit, PVR cinema, Aam Panna, Panchmel Dal, Masala Khichdi, Eggless Pancake, etc.

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    6. Jhilmil Bhansali

    Instagram: @hellomommyinme


    Multi talented mom who has rich expertise in finance as well as parenting

    Jhilmil Bhansali is one of the top mom influencers in India. She is a blogger who blogs about being a mom and in finance. Her content revolves around niches like Parenting, finance, and education. She has been featured on numerous platforms like Top 100 Mom Influencers, Social Samosa, LBB, QNA, DAily Hunt, etc.

    Jhilmil Bhansali has curated her Highlights which are Story books, easy Finance, Paintings, Andaman diary, Ask me Anything, Crafty Stories, Collaborations, Our Moments, My sketches, Leh trips, France Trip, Meghalaya Trip, Creative play, etc.

  • Vivin Mathias

    7. Vivin Mathias

    Instagram: @supergalviv


    She is one of the most popular mom blogger and guide expert

    Vivin Mathias is one of the top mom influencers on instagram in India. She identifies herself as a public figure and curates her content across niches like parenting, lifestyle, and fashion. She has won numerous awards and accolades some of them are Popular Momblogger Midday 22 ,KSP '23,BOI winner.

    Vivin Mathias highlights on her Instagram handle is about Skincare, viral reels, Insta Growth, fashion, Vion, Brand Collab, Coupon code, Viara Stories 2+, featured, Amazon store, Ukulele, Viara Stories, Cooking, Collaboration, Love, motherhood, Q & A, Baby routine, Sangeeth, Travel, etc.

  • Deepali Soam

    8. Deepali Soam

    Instagram: @myteenytot


    Credited for creating books for children

    Deepali Soam is one of India’s top mom Influencers. She is a digital creator and produces content across niches like lifestyle, Motherhood, fashion, and fun. She also has another account related to food named as ‘teeny cookbook’ and currently she is invested in building ‘Teeny Workbook’.

    Deepali Soam has 2 instagram highlights which are Thailand and Media /features. She has created guides for Recipes- Easy and health and collaborations. She has collaborated with brands for paid partnership. The brands are HP Google chrome, Azafran, Johnson’s, Littlelooms, Cuemath, etc.

  • Afsha Galar

    9. Afsha Galar

    Instagram: @beingmomtastic


    Provides various guides and tips for parenting.

    Afsha Galar is one of the top mom Instagrammers in India. She is a digital creator and presents her content about motherhood and lifestyle. She is based in Bangalore and presents various contents. She also has created guides on topics like School Talk and Photo/Video editing.

    Afsha Galar instagram highlights consists of Links, Pune, Meetup 2022, Dubai, kids Products, haniya, Skygram, Friday Cleanse, Online Classes, Home, BTS, Gulmarg 2021, coffee, Story Of My life, Nandi hills, Le Meridien, collabs, Random, Road Trip, Pray, Eid Ul adha, Rotis with me, Eid, Ramadan, etc.

  • Snehalata Jain

    10. Snehalata Jain

    Instagram: @sneha_261013


    Won numerous awards for best parenting mom influencer

    Snehalata Jain features at top strata among Mom influencers India. She has been awarded various times and recently she was Awarded as best Parenting influencer by Exchange4media. She curates her content across platforms like parenting, Travel, and lifestyle. She is a microbiologist by profession.

    Snehalata Jain instagram highlights consists of topics like Baday wishes, Featured, Cordelia, Nykaa, Highlights, Sony, Thanks for, Flipkart, Creta, Imagica, Amazon Latest, Lego at rcity, Amazon, Inox, design Cafe, Organic India, Amazing, FoxyTale, Monteria, cordelia Cruise, Phoenix, Philips, Ekta Kapoor, Tru Naturelle, etc.

  • Harpreeth Suri

    11. Harpreeth Suri

    Instagram: @momwearsprada


    most searched Indian mom Blogger on Google

    Harpreeth Suri is considered as the best mom influencers in India. She is a public figure and an official TedX Speaker. She is a multi talented mom. She associates with mentors, Advisor, Investors, and influencers. She also mentors Femina Mrs. India. She is among ET inspiring women and one of most searched Indian mom Blogger on Google.

    Harpreeth Suri Instagram highlights consists of topics like impact, Sadhguru, thailand 23, META, Outfits, Style Icon Awards, Mukteshwar, Phuket Wedding, Roundup 22, MWP Recommended, Performance, Outfits- Weddings, CSR Initiative, Press, Couture Weekend, Dharamsala, my 40th, Naad Wellness, etc.

  • Teejay Sidhu

    12. Teejay Sidhu

    Instagram: @bombaysunshine


    Mother of 3 balancing personal and professional life.

    Teejay Sidhu features in top mother influencers in India. She is a digital creator, Professional staycationer, wandering spirit, and TV host. She is a mother of 3 and describes her world as beautiful chaos. She has curated multiple reels which gathers thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

    Teejay Sidhu being among mom influencers India has curated highlights which consists of topics like Baby Moments, Mothers day, Sri LAnka, Alibaugh, Press, Shoots, nepal, etc.