Top Indian Mom Bloggers on Instagram to follow in 2021

Top Indian Mom Bloggers on Instagram to follow in 2020

Motherhood is a huge part of a woman’s life, but it is not the only thing in their lives. They juggle a full- time career, household chores, recreational activities, all this along motherhood, breaking the bar and proving women can be amazing mothers and a lot more!

With this inspirational spirit at heart, today we decided to explore the top mom influencers on Instagram that you should definitely follow in 2020.

For those who do not understand who are mom Instagrammers / bloggers in a true sense, let us give some clarity.

Who are exactly mom bloggers / Instagrammers?

By helping out their viewers, tech influencers on Instagram have managed to build a community for their content and hold a certain power over their viewer’s buying decisions. This relationship between tech influencers and their viewers has not missed the eye of tech brands.

Well, mom bloggers are just every day mothers who manage to pursue their careers fiercely, travel, enjoy their favorite hobbies and also, embrace motherhood completely and blog their journey for other people to follow. These top Indian mom bloggers on Instagram are quirky, fashion- savvy, creative, and most of all – inspiring.

How do mom bloggers help people?

The journey of becoming a mother and the consequent motherhood can be daunting and overwhelming for some women and they lose their identities and sense of self in the process.

Mom bloggers help such mothers, by discussing the challenges faced by them as well as best tips and tricks to make pregnancy as well as motherhood easier and more enjoyable, in a safe space.

This allows them to create an intimate bond with their audience and hence, allows them to hold a certain influence over their audience’s buying decisions. Brands leverage this power of top mom influencers and tie up with an influencer marketing agency to promote their products & services through the top mom blogs / Instagram posts / Instagram stories / videos.

Top Indian Mom Bloggers on Instagram 2020

Harpreet Suri

Harpreet Suri

With an Instagram handle that immediately draws attention- “mom wears prada”, Harpreet Suri sure knows how to keep the focus of her audience. She is also a fashion & luxury influencer, apart from being a dedicated mother to her two children.

Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Saru Mukherjee Sharma is proving every step of the way that “women are more than just moms” and her Instagram handle name is representative of this. Her content focuses on fitness, fashion as well as motherhood & parenting. Saru is a mother to one child.

nupriya Kapur

Anupriya Kapur

A single mother, fitness- oriented woman, with a super- passion for running – is exactly what describes this mom perfectly. Her content is all about motherhood, fitness and fashion. She is also an entrepreneur, co- founder of Imbue Naturals – an organic intimate hygiene products brand.

Harnit Khatri

Haajra Fareen | The Mommy Blog

As soon as you land on this mom’s Instagram page, the profile picture – an adorable picture representing her three kids, steals away all you focus. Haajra is a teacher as well as a dedicated teacher. Her Instagram page is full of picture- perfect moments captured beautifully as well as valuable information for new moms.



  • Followers: 100K
  • Instagram: ritcha

Ritcha is a full- time corporate professional and mother to a lovely daughter Aryaa. She also has one of the most popular mom blogs. On her Instagram page, you can find travel, fashion and all things motherhood & parenting.

Teejay Sidhu

Teejay Sidhu

A successful actress and a devoted mother to her two kids- Vienna and Raya, Teejay Sidhu is the epitome of a striving woman. On her mom blog on Instagram, you can find glimpses of her personal life as a wife and mother and occasional parenting tips.

Juhi Bansal

Juhi Bansal

Associate Director at Ahmedabad University, a fashionista and a travel enthusiast, also a mother – Juhi Bansal is a lot of things! On her Instagram mom blog, you can find her uncommon travel experiences with her husband and child. She is among the top Instagram mom bloggers.

Ishna Batra

Ishna Batra

Ishna Batra has a certain quality that makes her stand out as a diva mom and at the same time makes her relatable to all the mother out there. She has a kick- ass fashion sense and her twinning pictures with her adorable daughter are definitely the highlight of her mom blog.

Simrun Chopra

Simrun Chopra

Mohammad Ruhez, is popularly known as the tech influencer, “Techno Ruhez” among his viewers. Through his content, Ruhez aims to intrigue his viewers by sharing unique tricks for beginners as well as supreme tricks for competent technology users. You can also find latest reviews about new smartphones, laptops, TVs and other tech gadgets on this tech channel.

Komal Narang

Komal Narang

Komal Narang of “my happinesz” is makes sure to share her happiness with her 244k followers. She is a loving mother as well as a beauty & makeup enthusiast. On her Instagram mom blog, you can find tips, tricks & tutorials for make up as well as parenting & motherhood.

I hope you found this as a relevant list of top Indian tech influencers on Instagram to follow in 2020.

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