We offer award-winning digital campaigns to amplify your brand story at scale and reach millions of potential clienteles. With more than 5 years of experience in celebrity and film star management, we offer your company unprecedented access to technology and talent---An edge over the competitors!

Grynow adds colossal value and online presence to your brand.

We understand that when you’re capitalizing on the trend, you expect ROI. We offer a complete gamut of celebrity influencer marketing and film stars management solutions, counting researching the right celebrity influencer for your brand, ensuring appropriate cost negotiations for our clients to providing strategies. We ensure that the brand partnership is thoughtfully considered & meticulously planned and the influencer amalgams naturally with the content of your campaign. We make the hand-picked influencer to produce targeted & high-quality content, thereby reaching a larger target market who drives through your sales funnel to direct product acquisition all at the highest turnover with the lowest price guaranteed.

Our USPs (How we are different from others)

Target Audience, Demographic and Interest Research for Brand

Power of Vetting Celebrity Influencers

Hiring and Contracting Celebs

Celebrity-brand Relationship Management

Influencer Strategy Development

50,000+ Influencers on Board

5+ Years of Experience

200+ Brands Trust Us

Devoted Outreach Specialist to Guarantee Brand Standards

24/7 Customer