Top 100 Beauty Instagrammers (Influencers) in India to Follow in 2024

  • Posted On : 2022-12-07
Top 100 Beauty Instagrammers (Influencers) in India to Follow in 2024

Beauty exists in every individual; all they need is someone to bring it out in full glory. That task rests with experts possessing specific skill sets. Through their talents, Top Indian beauty influencers on Instagram help clients attain the best version of themselves. These individuals influence a large audience base with their makeup tips, natural skin care remedies, and product recommendations. Moreover, because of their reach, Beauty influencers serve as a brand’s gateway to its audience.

Multiple forces have worked together to make India an immense beauty & personal care market. Presently, the country is ranked fourth with a revenue of $22.3 Million – social media has undoubtedly played its part. In their line of work, Indian makeup influencers utilize products from domestic and international labels. Beauty influencers in India regularly feature their work on social media – thus reaching hundreds of thousands of netizens in the process. Furthermore, style doyens release their cosmetics lines by partnering with brands looking for ambassadors. Lucrative collaborations demand a lot of work; thankfully, the one who acts as the linchpin and makes it possible is the top influencer marketing agency in the world – GRYNOW.

At the agency, we are dedicated to working with renowned beauty influencers in the country. We also actively seek new talents that emerge in the highly dynamic digital environment. This article will discuss 204 of the best beauty influencers in India that dominate the niche.

Who are Beauty Influencers?

Beauty influencers are people with substantial social media following. They hold the power to greatly influence their follower’s beauty products and service-related purchases. This is because they can engage and hold onto their audience’s interest levels. They could be sharing makeup tips, makeup tutorials, product reviews, and endorsing products and brands through her blogs, vlogs, videos and other social media content. While these beauty influencers are not trained makeup artists or beauty experts, they can garner a good following because of the sincerity and genuineness in their digital content. Beauty influencers also regularly utilize social media to converse with their audience, answer queries, etc., to keep the spirit of the engagement.

Women have always loved beauty products, which is precisely what beauty brands concentrate on when they market and promote their products and services. With the social media channels like Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok becoming a rage amongst internet users today, it makes perfect business sense for brands to engage and associate with top beauty influencers and target their audiences. Instagram is leading as far as social media influencer marketing is concerned. Top beauty influencers on Instagram are approached by the top-of-the-line premium beauty and cosmetic brands to make their presence felt amongst target markets that are yet to be covered.

In the Indian context, beauty influencers at the moment are in high demand – from their audiences to brands who wish to partner with them. Why is it so? Because most of these influencers are ordinary citizens with a front that is relatable and reliable – so when they promote a niche product, their followers listen to them and are motivated to go on and make a purchase.

List of top 100 Indian Beauty Influencer

  • Mrunal Panchal

    1. Mrunal Panchal

    Instagram: mrunu

    USP: Mrunal was among the few female content creators to win the "Digital Entertainer Award" and "Iconic Female Influencer Award" in 2020.

    Mrunal Panchal aka "mrunu" is a makeup artist and stylist from Gujarat, India. She is known for flaunting her dazzling looks on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook. She began her social media journey as a TikTok lip-sync artist but transitioned to Instagram after the former's ban in India. Mrunal is one of the top beauty influencers in India who loves to travel. She often gives a glimpse of how makeup is done in different settings like photoshoots, movies, etc. On Instagram Mrunal enjoys a hefty following of 4.1M. Despite a large audience base she has one of the best engagement rates among her peers i.e 3.75%. On average, her posts receive 154K likes and 750 comments, putting the ratio between the two at 240:1. Addition to a mountain of makeup and beauty content Mrunal also has a funny bone and occasionally uploads hilarious posts. The reel with her boyfriend received 29.3M plays from 22.6M unique users, earning 1.3M likes and 3559 comments. Mrunal also has a YouTube channel, named "Gujju Unicorn". She has reserved the platform for travel vlogs, hair tips, seasonal skin care essentials and face care tutorials.

  • Parul Garg

    2. Parul Garg

    Instagram: parulgargmakeup

    USP: Parul Garg is a popular makeup artist and one of the best beauty influencers in India with features in popular television and news outlets.

    Parul Garg is a makeup artist, educator and former lawyer from Gurgaon, New Delhi, India. She offers Pan India/global makeup and hair-styling in service. Her packages include bridal, fashion, occasional, Editorial Makeup and makeovers. Parul has been lauded by her clientele for her ability to make them look radiant on their big day by hiding pimple marks, patchy skins, dark circles, blemishes and hyper pigmentations on their faces. Parul understands their needs and comes up with customized beauty solutions for every joyous occasion. As one of the top beauty influencers in India her work has been featured in notable media outlets like Hindustan Times, Times of India and Deccan Chronicles. Moreover Parul was on the receiving end of awards presented by Bollywood stars like Karishma Kapoor, Malaika Arora and Amisha Patel. The doyen also runs an Academy where she offers self-grooming, professional makeup and hairstyle courses.

    Parul has 2.3M followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 1.9%. Majority of her posts feature jewellery, bridal sarees, makeup, photoshoots, Indian Street fashion etc. Parul also showcases makeup and outfit choices for popular Indian occasions like Diwali and Karva Chauth. Netizens love Parul videos as the influencer does not disappoint by bringing exciting content every week. The top reel on her IG handle features a happy couple getting married. The video got 2.7M plays from 1.7M unique views, along with 117K likes and 283 comments.

  • Kritika Khurana Chhabra

    3. Kritika Khurana Chhabra

    Instagram: thatbohogirl

    USP: She will make you addicted to her high-quality content related to various topics including beauty tips or recommendations

    There are days when we stand in front of the mirror, having internalised all of the nonsense beauty standards, and we look at ourselves through the prism of those same standards. Our self-esteem deteriorates, affecting every aspect of our lives. The same thing happened to Kritika Khurana, dubbed the boho girl, but she made sure to turn everything around, which she accomplished. Kritika Khurana is amongst the top Indian beauty influencers, travel bloggers and YouTubers. Kritika was born in New Delhi on June 19, 1993. She's an Internet star who rose to prominence thanks to her fashion and lifestyle blog, That Boho Girl. The 27-year-Instagram old's account has over 1.7 million followers, and she uses it to share photographs of her style and trends, beauty tips and tutorials, and travel adventures with her fans. Her Instagram account reflects an engagement rate of 11% which is amazing and just reflects the kind of relationship she has been able to maintain with her audience and how much invested they are in her. The Indian makeup influencers’ reels are often in the trending section and get over a million views easily. The quality of content she posts is never dull and always surpasses the quality of the previous one. This becomes the reason she is so popular among audience and brands looking for collaborations. She was also awarded lifestyle of the year award by cosmos India.

  • Komal Pandey

    4. Komal Pandey

    Instagram: komalpandeyofficial

    USP: Komal Pandey is one of the few beauty influencers in India with multiple accolades to her name. She has won several awards for her amazing contribution to the beauty industry like cosmopolitan award and #influencEX22.

    With her amazing change throughout the years, Komal Pandey has indisputably upended the fashion or beauty industry. Komal can experiment with various cosmetic looks and wear a single item of clothes ten different ways. Komal has been feeling quite confident lately, and her beauty choices are undoubtedly winning hearts. She has no qualms about experimenting with her striking attire. Her films are all on how to dress appropriately and make yourself look your best. Komal Pandey has an engagement rate of 7.09%. She often talks about the importance of skin care and also recommends the right products for you in her reels, etc , making her appear in the trending section every now and then. She has partnered with top beauty brands for several product launches. Moreover as one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram in India, whatever she wears or uses, becomes an in-demand option for everyone, and her videos getting over 5 million plays and thousands of comments is just a testament to that.

  • Beautiful You Tips

    5. Beautiful You Tips

    Instagram: beautifulyoutips

    USP: one of the top Indian beauty Influencers with expertise in skin Care, hair Care, makeup and fitness.

    The Instagram page, Beautiful You Tips is dedicated to providing skin care, health Care, make up, skin care, beauty, Lifestyle and fashion content to its followers. The IG page has an astounding 1.5M following with an impressive engagement rate of 1.6%. The beauty influencer uploads new content almost everyday. Her efforts have bore fruit as she receives 15K likes and 197 comments on average per post. On Beautiful you tips, videos take precedence over pictures. Videos bring 168.3K views, while reels bring 321.3K views on average. The influencer covers wide area topics including weight loss, DIY, face wash, skin care hacks, natural skin remedies, hair styling tips, Makeup reviews, product hauls etc. The Influencers remedy for turning gray hair black is the most engaged post on the feed with 15.6M views, 233K likes and 3165 comments. She is also active on YouTube where she caters to a subscriber base of 142K. The beauty influencer has uploaded a total of 183 videos which has brought 33.9M views to her channel. She posted 46 times in the last 30 days.

  • Anmol Bhatia

    6. Anmol Bhatia

    Instagram: anmolbhatia_

    USP: Get makeup tutorials and tips in high-quality, like something out of a film from one of the best beauty influencers in India.

    Makeup is a confidence booster for many women. Many of you are probably not used to leaving the house without any makeup on. Many women, in fact, do not want anyone to see them until they have applied cosmetics. While many women agree that cosmetics makes them feel more confident, many others believe that even minimal makeup is sufficient. As a result, the amount of makeup needed to promote confidence varies a lot from one woman to the next. You must learn it thoroughly in order to have an idea of how much would look good on you or how to apply it effectively. And Anmol might just be the right person to help you with that.

    Anmol Bhatia was an Indian Tik Tok celebrity. She's a model who's appeared in a number of videos. She is known for her Amazing Personality, Beautiful Looks, and Cute Smile. She's now a well-known alongside top Indian beauty influencers who posts cosmetics tutorials, advice, and recommendations, as well as diverse styles for you to be inspired by. She has a following of 1 million and an engagement rate of 0.84% with her reels getting an amazing amount of views. Check out her Instagram for some fantastically useful information.

  • Swati Verma

    7. Swati Verma

    Instagram: swativerma

    USP: Swati is a highly recognised and recommended Pro makeup artist with 7+ years of experience under her belt.

    Swati Verma, a global makeup artist who completed her studies in London before coming back home to start her own practice. She has acquired knowledge from some of the best in the industry. Swati''s skill in eye makeup is second to none. She has proved her mettle by demonstrating her art on famous clientele, creating breaktaking complexions in her wake. She loves working with brides and aims to be an aspiration for women across the globe. Swati takes pride in getting her clients ready for their special day. She holds master classes all over India, training the next generation of makeup artists. Her students get to learn skills like draping, nail polish change, hair-styling, Airbrush makeup and guest makeup from one of the top beauty Influencers in India. Swati Verma has 869K dedicated IG users and an engagement rate of 0.8%. She shares content around beauty hacks, makeup tips, hair-styling techniques and colour combinations. She also runs a blog where she updates her audience on the latest happenings in the beauty industry. According to our analysis, Swati reaches an average of 210.2K users from each post. The doyens top reel is a preview of her upcoming product launches. The video got 394.5K views, 34.3K likes and 749 comments till date.

  • Aashna Shroff

    8. Aashna Shroff

    Instagram: aashnashroff

    USP: An amazing beauty influencer making her audience gain knowledge and best products in their budget

    Aashna shroff is a famous or one of the best beauty influencers in India as she is as authentic as one can be, shares amazing tips or recommendations which are budget friendly, Interacts with her audience and solves any query they have. Her feed is carefully planned to give her audience an amazing experience navigating through. She has a following of 938k and an average video views of 25.3k. Make sure you give her a follow!

  • Fizza Abdi

    9. Fizza Abdi

    Instagram: faby_makeupartist

    USP: Fiza Abdi is counted amongst the top beauty influencers in India and in-depth knowledge on beauty product and styling techniques.

    Indian makeup artist Fiza Abdi is unknown for creating content around makeup, beauty products, transformation, skin care hairstyle, eye makeup etc. Admired for her bold look, style and personality, Fiza has been picked to represent top fashion and lifestyle brands throughout the years. She has built a dedicated following on Instagram, Snapchat , TikTok and YouTube by inspiring others to follow their passion. Fiza HD has 876K followers on Instagram. She is frequently uploading new content for viewers and enjoys an engagement rate of 1.5%. Nail Arts, Makeovers, skin care routines, beauty tutorials Assam of the content Fiza posts regularly. Additionally she is also a fitness enthusiast and emphasizes on the importance of leading a healthy life. She spends much of her free time in the gym or doing yoga. As one of the best Indian beauty Influencers, Fiza's content can reach 241.5K IG users. On average her posts got 12.9K likes and 85 comments (like to comment ratio stands at 153 : 1). Reels perform well when it comes to getting a message across to her audience. The medium brings an average of 73.7K views to the profile. Fiza personal transformation makeup reel was a massive hit, garnering 2.6M views, 101K comments and 146 comments. The doyen is also active on YouTube, trusted by 210K subscribers.

  • Guneet Virdi

    10. Guneet Virdi

    Instagram: guneetvirdimua

    USP: Guneet is the most sought after makeup artist for fashion shows, weddings and other high-profile events.

    Guneet is a renowned celebrity and wedding makeup artist from Delhi NCR. She is known for bridal makeup, hair-care and hair-styling, airbrush makeup, party makeup, wedding makeup, draping and nail services. With exclusive makeover solutions, Guneet helps her clients stand out from the rest. She creates Magic with every brush stroke, mascara and lashes to make her clientele look striking for any occasion. The secret of Guneets ability is the art of highlighting the best facial features for a glamorous look. The top Indian beauty influencer has been featured in the Bombay times on multiple instances. Guneet has built a substantial following of 850K on Instagram. On average she receives 22.5K likes and 180 comments (ratio of 82 to 1), putting her engagement rate at 2.7%. She maintains a good balance between videos and pictures. The dynamic graphic medium contributes 191.8 K average views to her IG handle. She also utilizes reels to showcase fashionable outfits and makeup skills. Guneet's latest update is a carousel post of the influencer wearing a pastel-colored dress. The content received 5,426 likes and 89 comments within an hour.

  • Leena Bhushan

    11. Leena Bhushan

    Instagram: facestoriesbyleenabhushan

    USP: Leena Bhushan is one of the best beauty Influencers in India. She won the "Lifestyle Achievement Award for leading makeup artist category".

    Leena Bhushan is a makeup artist who is famous for bringing the best version of her clients on their special day. The special day can be a wedding ceremony, Valentine's day, reception party or any high-profile event. She also has a keen Lifestyle/fashion sense and can put the best outfit together while providing unmatched styling tips to her clientele. Top beauty brand like Forever 52 have teamed up with Leena Bhushan to launch their customised makeup range. Leena has 777K followers on Instagram, with an impressive engagement rate of 1.4%. She updates her IG feed with at least two posts everyday. On average, her posts get 10.9K likes and 140 comments keeping the ratio at 13 : 1. Lenna's content is centered around skincare, hair-styling and makeup. Like any expert Indian makeup influencers, Leena uploads pictures featuring new brides, after she has worked her magic on their outlook. Leena's posts are capable of reaching an average of 265.2K users. The influencer maintains a balance between videos and pictures - Leena's IG handle gets 60.8k average video views.

  • Himanshi Tekwani

    12. Himanshi Tekwani

    Instagram: thatglamgirl__

    USP: She will provide you with great beauty tutorials and tips.

    Himanshi Tekwani is the real name of that Glam Girl. She's a well-known YouTuber, model and Beauty influencer on Instagram. Her spouse Rishi Athwani is well-known on social media for his amusing prank videos, lifestyle vlogs, beauty advice, and cosmetic lessons. Himanshi Tekwani started filming YouTube videos in September 2016, and as of 2022, she has about 5 million subscribers. She also has 725k Instagram followers. She has quickly established herself as one of India's most well-known social media superstars, with a constantly rising fan base. She reflects an engagement rate of 3.35% and her reels are often in the trending section and often cross the million mark for ex- Her dancing video crossed over 10 million views, her audience is always in awe of her as she has an amazing fun loving personality and quality in each of her content pieces which are of high-quality. She motivates a lot of girls that they can start like her and become big as well. If you are into beautification, proper styling motivation with entertainment on the side, this account should be on your followers list.

  • Meenakshi Dutt

    13. Meenakshi Dutt

    Instagram: meenakshiduttmdm

    USP: Global Artists seeks Meenakshi's talents for their photoshoots, television, print advertisement, music videos, fashion events, exclusive launches and reality show projects. She is the first choice for leading fashion designers, photographers, and modelling agencies.

    Meenakshi Dutt is one of the best makeup artists in Delhi. She has been raking applause worldwide due to her impeccable talent with the brush. Meenakshi always strives to be on the forefront of cosmetics, hair-styling and accessories and uses everything at her disposal to bring out sleek beauty and style. Meenakshi has been a top player in the niche since 1997. Throughout her career she has created some of the top red carpet worthy Bollywood and Hollywood looks. The beauty influencer has also made a name for herself as an educator. Her master classes in cities like Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Bikaner, Patna, Meerut, Jammu, Chandigarh and Agra are attended by thousands. One of leading Indian beauty Influencers stands strong with the following of 682K. She gets 2.9K likes and 61 comments on average per post. She shares beauty tips, creates tutorials, posts her students' work, recommends/reviews products, uploads bridal snapshots etc. Meenakshi's top reel demonstrates a hack for bright pink pouty lips. The video has 237.4K views, 5161 likes and 69 comments. Reels bring an average of 46.3K views to Meenakshi's IG handle. Her content can reach at least 133.3K IG users.

  • Kriti Dhir

    14. Kriti Dhir

    Instagram: kritids

    USP: She can make you a master in the art of makeup through her highly informative content.

    Makeup is an art form, and like many other types of art, it's also a lot of fun. You can experiment with numerous styles with cosmetics, change yourself into an entirely different person, or simply look different from the day before. You can easily learn this technique with patience and practise, and if something goes wrong during the procedure, you can always wash the makeup off your face and start over. But to nail it every time, you need to learn it and it has never been easier as there are many Indian beauty influencers on Instagram who can teach you all of it creatively. one such influencer is Kriti Dhir. Kriti Dhir is a Delhi-based artist. She is well-known for her talent, style, and beauty. On Instagram, she is currently trending. She has a sizable fan base in India, primarily on Instagram. She frequently uploads her cosmetic tutorials and videos to her account. She has a following of 661k and a great engagement rate which gets her over 200k views easily. If you want amazing makeup tips, this can be the ideal one for you.

  • Bhumika Bahl

    15. Bhumika Bahl

    Instagram: bhumikabansalofficial

    USP: Bhumika Bahl is a self-made makeup artist who has worked with several celebrities and holds International certifications for her skills.

    Very few in the fashion and glamour industry don't know about Bhumika Bahl. She is a celebrity makeup artist, glamologist, image consultant and grooming expert from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. She is renowned for creating signature looks for celebrities and newly weds. Bhumika will utilise the top-notch products from renowned brands to make the special day memorable. As one of the top beauty influencers in India Bhumika possesses a sophisticated skillset in her arsenal. She specializes in makeup, jewellery, clothing, hairstyle and lip care. Furthermore, Bhumika has helped many realize their dreams. She has spearheaded several online tutorials and offline classes for budding makeup artists. She addresses skin care, hair-styling, shampoo, drapings, Nails, extensions, makeup tips and hacks during her lectures. Bhumika has a hefty following of 563K on Instagram. She uses the platform to post about her work, organize giveaways and updates. Overall Bhumika has an engagement rate of 0.58% with 3,131 likes and 112 comments on average. The doyen uploads at least three new posts everyday, attracting viewers in large numbers to her IG handle.

  • Malvika Sitlani Aryan

    16. Malvika Sitlani Aryan

    Instagram: malvikasitlaniofficial

    USP: She will provide you with the best beauty tips to implement.

    Malvika Sitlani is a well-known model. On August 1, 1992, she was born in India to a South Indian family. She completed her education in Mumbai. She graduated from Mumbai University with a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) degree. She also competed in Pond's Femina Miss India in 2013 during her undergraduate years. Malvika was a contestant on India's Next Top Model's inaugural season. She is reported to be one of India's wealthiest models. She also acknowledged having a cosmetics addiction. She was also seen in Miss Malini. She also appeared in Meri Pyaari Bindu, a Bollywood film. She is one of the best beauty influencers in India with 551k followers and a good engagement rate which gets her over 500k views on each of her reels while some get in the million club as well. She also owns a brand known as masic beauty which has products related to cosmetics or beauty and personal care.

  • Vitasta Bhat

    17. Vitasta Bhat

    Instagram: vitastabhat

    USP: A fun loving personality spreading knowledge and happiness through her content.

    We pay attention to Indian beauty influencers on Instagram because they are fascinating. They express themselves through their postings, demonstrating their knowledge and distinct personalities. They show us their vulnerability, which increases our confidence in them. They make us laugh, therefore we consider them pals. (And the finest ones become friends with you.) They respond to questions posted in comments, direct messages, and tags (as long as the questions and remarks are suitable). The right influences can teach you a lot. Vitasta is one such influencer (who is known for her amazing fashion sense, beauty and personality), with a lovely feed exhibiting honesty in each of her posts, as well as fantastic suggestions and insights. She has a total of 538k followers on Instagram and a good engagement rate which gets her 500k views on her reels easily. We are always looking for top makeup Instagram influencers with a strong personality and great expertise whom we can rely on every time, if you are too this account can be just that for you, make sure you follow authentic accounts like hers.

  • Tehseen Khan Zafar

    18. Tehseen Khan Zafar

    Instagram: makeupbytehseenzaff

    USP: Follow Tehseen Khan Zafar for great fashion, Lifestyle, beauty and travel content.

    Tehseen Khan Jafar is one of the most followed beauty Influencers and makeup artists from India. She currently resides in Mumbai but loves to travel. Her audience can follow her latest excursions on YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram where she uploads new content almost everyday. Tehseen loves to flaunt her makeup looks via pictures, reels and videos. She also utilizes the latest trends and music to keep things lively and entertaining. Tehseen has 511.4K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.7%. On average she gets 4K likes and 27 comments per post and has an audience reach of 102.9K. Tehseen is consistent; at present she has a total of 64 posts. The top post on the doyens feed is a travel reel where the beauty influencer is adorned in a gorgeous red dress. The video received 118K views, 7,737 likes and 88 comments. Additionally, she reviews makeup products and provides beauty tutorials. On average the Influencer brings 37.4K views through reels and 38.7K views through videos. She has 12 times more videos than pictures.

  • Preeti Gera

    19. Preeti Gera

    Instagram: makeupbytehseenzaff

    USP: Creator of glamorous looks that can make people envy you.

    Preeti Gera is hands down the best influencer to follow if you want to get a glimpse of what goes into creating those looks that can make people turn their heads. She has 526K followers on Instagram and her count is still growing every day. Her posts are filled with stunning makeovers which is a treat to watch for her fans. What we love about her is that her techniques for creating those gorgeous looks are flawless and beyond perfection. Some of her makeup hacks are so unique that no one could have thought of them. If you have always wanted to learn the technique of creating ombre lips and gradient eyes, then make sure to check out her posts. The way she transforms the look is unbelievable. Her makeovers are sure to inspire you in your beauty journey and experiment with looks you never imagined before. She also has her academy where she provides amazing courses at affordable rates. If makeup is your passion and becoming an artist is your dream then join her academy today. You can easily learn how to create a super glam look for a wedding or a special event and surprise your loved ones with your amazing transformation. Preeti has surpassed other Indian beauty influencers on Instagram and is truly an artist in every way!

  • Shreya Jain

    20. Shreya Jain

    Instagram: shreyajain26

    USP: Shreya Jain is the first beauty vlogger from India to launch her line of products.

    Shreya Jain is a fashion stylist, YouTuber, blogger and one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram in India. She always had an impeccable taste for personal styling and grooming. Shreya has worked her magic as a stylist during Amazon India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week. She also styled models for editorial photoshoots for renowned fashion magazines. Shreya unveils her valuable insights on her blog "beauty in the third world". Shyam made her debut on YouTube in 2010 with the video titled "DIY facial mask-fuller earth (2010)". Since then she has expanded her influence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The Indian beauty influencers on Instagram has 456.6K followers and boasts an engagement rate of 2.0%. On average her posts get 8.9K likes and 95 comments, putting her reach at 151.2K. She uploads content flaunting different makeup looks and reviews/recommends beauty products for her audience. The top reel showcases Shreya's bridal look; the post accumulated an overwhelming response of 2.1M views, 68.9K likes and 305 comments. Additionally, the Influencer talks about chemical exfoliation, skin care routines/dupes, hair-styling, eye-styling, budget friendly products, DIY ideas etc. Shreya has frequently recreated looks of popular Bollywood celebs like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

  • Mehak Kawatra

    21. Mehak Kawatra

    Instagram: mehakkawatramakeupartist

    USP: A really knowledgeable professional makeup artist providing everything from cosmetics to masterclasses to help her audience.

    It has been six years, Mehak has ruled the bridal cosmetics industry. She considers herself to be defined by her makeup rather than by her job, and she views success as flawlessly creating each appearance rather than leading a luxurious lifestyle. Mehak began the process of realising her aspirations by enrolling in the London School of Make-Up, where she received the training necessary to work as a professional makeup artist. She has always thought that young girls should be encouraged to appreciate their natural beauty since confidence, not makeup, is what gives a person their overall best appearance. She developed her own brand, "GLAM-O-HOLIC," which offers an exclusive line of Professional Make-up Brushes and Hypnotic 3D-Mink Eyelashes, after mastering the skill of makeup and hair artistry. She founded a new company called Mehba Cosmetics with her husband and brother. It specialises in all different types of foreign beauty brands and has a retail location in Ludhiana. She routinely holds masterclasses and seminars for aspiring makeup artists and beauty influencers in order to foster their creativity and provide them with ideas. Make sure you follow her as she shares amazing tips and tricks on it as well!

  • Shalini Samuel

    22. Shalini Samuel

    Instagram: knot_me_pretty

    USP: She makes sure your hair, skin and beauty related aspects stay perfect.

    Shalini Samuel is a well-known model, YouTuber, Digital Content Creator, TikTok Star, Fashion, Lifestyle, Fitness Influencer, and Freelance Hairstylist, as well as the founder of Knot Me Pretty. She manages the knot me pretty Instagram account, which features updates on the newest fashion trends, places to visit, product reviews, and more. Her Beautiful Looks, Adorable Glow, Style, and Personality are well-known. She has been the face of a number of well-known businesses. She is an Instagram celebrity who is also well-known on Snapchat. Her Instagram is where she usually posts her stylish clothing and beauty tips. She enjoys acting, dancing, travelling, blogging, modelling, and beauty-related activities.

    Top beauty influencers on Instagram in India has a following of 430k on Instagram and a good engagement rate which often gets her 100k views on her reels. If you are facing issues with your hair or are not able to take care of your skin and are not really aware of how to do makeup, she can be a perfect influencer for you, make sure you follow her. She also has a youtube channel on which she posts frequently about styling, beauty, etc as well, she is about to cross a million subscribers on it. (This is what you get if you are authentic and good with your content)

  • Neha Menghwani

    23. Neha Menghwani

    Instagram: neha_menghwani

    USP: One of the top beauty influencers on Instagram, Neha Menghwani has worked with 150+ brands from travel, Lifestyle, luxury, and fashion niches.

    Neha Menghwani is a fashion, beauty, Lifestyle and travel creator from Bombay, Maharashtra, India. She is renowned for her blog "Stylessential '' where she shares her take on fashion, beauty, life and travel. Neha is capable of creating extravagant looks for her clients. She is responsible for the looks many Bollywood superstars Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Ranveer Singh flaunt on the red carpet and Fashion ramps. Neha won the "InfluencEx22 MakeUp and Beauty influencer of the Year award" hosted in Kerala. She is an inspiration for many who want to make a name for themselves in the beauty niche. Neha is amongst the top Indian beauty influences who are active on multiple social media platforms. She has uploaded colourful posts on Pinterest depicting fashion accessories, nail art outfits etc. On YouTube she posts make-up reviews, tutorials and hair-styling/skincare routine. However, Instagram is Neha's go-to platform to engage with her audience. The beauty influencer uploads new content almost everyday. She has an engagement rate of 1.5% resulting from an average of 33.4K views, 6.5K likes and 22 comments. IG reels have proven to be an effective medium to get Neha's message across to her followers. Her top reel features throwback clips from her trip to Kerala. The post received 417K views, 8500 likes and 21 comments.

  • Kripa Patel Joshi

    24. Kripa Patel Joshi

    Instagram: kripapateljoshi_official

    USP: Kripa Patel Joshi is one of the highly recommended Indian beauty influencers on Instagram for makeup tips/ hacks, skincare advice, hair-styling tips, fashion advice etc.

    Indian Born Kripa Patel Joshi is a makeup artist, blogger, digital creator and influencer, currently residing in New York city United States of America. She gained recognition for her skin care routine, nail art, fashion and style content on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. Kripa is one of the best beauty Influencers in the world which is reflected in her engagement rate of 3.64%. She has uploaded 2.3K content till date On average, Kripa Patel Joshi enjoys 12,065 likes and 108 comments per post. She is known for showcasing trendings fashion, seasonal and city outfits and providing makeup tips/tutorials for beginners. She also talks about the things to do while in New York City. Kripa is active on multiple social media platforms. She has 16.1K subscribers on YouTube and 1.2M followers on TikTok. Reels bring a whopping 129.5K average views to the page. In one of her reels Kripa takes the challenge of removing a face mask. The video received 1.5M hits, along with 31.2K likes and 277 comments. Kripa also does unboxing videos of popular makeup brands like Nova beauty and Maybelline.

  • Sheena J Kaur

    25. Sheena J Kaur

    Instagram: sheenakaurmakeovers

    USP: Celebrity Makeup Artist, YouTuber, and Dreamer.

    Sheena J Kaur, one of the best beauty influencers in India, is a celebrity makeup artist from Jaipur. She started working in 2016 and since then has built a huge community of 255K followers on Instagram and more than 13K subscribers on YouTube. Her passion to bring out the best in every individual and enhance their beauty is visible in her work. Her Instagram posts are filled with the amazing makeovers she has created over the years. She also shares her tips and tricks so that you can learn how to look your best from the comfort of your home. Some of the most difficult hacks of makeup such as how to remove dark circles while applying makeup and which technique is more effective—orange corrector or dark concealer, have been explained in detail. Sheena believes that money can’t buy skills. If you want to become good at makeup, you will have to practice every day. The best thing about her is that she captures her looks while she gets ready for a function or event and posts them on Instagram. The step-by-step posts give a clear understanding of how to prep your skin before applying getting ready and how to do makeup to achieve a particular look.

  • Rowi Singh

    26. Rowi Singh

    Instagram: rowisingh

    USP: Rowi Singh is amongst the Indian beauty influencers on Instagram who have collaborated with international brands like Nike, Puma, The Body Shop, Mecca, Beverly hills, Swarovski and fenty beauty. She was also featured on the cover of Vogue India.

    Rowi Singh is an Australian-born beauty content creator of Indian origin, currently residing in Sydney Australia. She lives to empower and inspire those who want to make a career in the industry. Back when she had nothing, Rowi Singh had a 50 shade pallet that enabled her to bring her colour imaginations to life. Rowi doesn't work on others, rather her body is a canvas upon which she performs her art. Her skills are an amalgamation of cultures, color and ideas. Rowi Singh has a following of 393K on Instagram with engagement rate of 2.1%. There are more pictures than videos on her IG fees. Rowi is amongst the best Indian makeup influencers possessing a peculiar theme. She uploads pictures where she experiments with different colour palettes to bring forth dreamy eyes. The reel with 299K views, 33.9K likes and 133 comments shows a glimpse of her talents. On average the beauty influencer enjoys an average of 8.1K likes, 38.3K views and 52 comments. She can reach at least 113.5K IG users from a single post.

  • Namrata Pathania

    27. Namrata Pathania

    Instagram: namrata_pathania

    USP: She is consistent with her quality and content.

    Namrata Pathania is amongst the prominent Fashion, Fitness and Beauty Influencer in India, She is an Instagram Model and Video Creator. Her Beautiful Looks, Adorable Glow, Style, and Personality are well-known. She has been the face of a number of well-known brands. She is an Instagram celebrity with a large following base in India. She uses Instagram to show off her stylish clothing as well as images, beauty product recommendations, and tips. She enjoys acting, dancing, travelling, blogging, modelling, and other beauty-related activities. She is particularly enthusiastic about the subject of beauty. Namrata Pathania has worked with a number of well-known and respected brands. As a top beauty influencers on Instagram, her fans and followers adore her for the unique and educational information she produces. On Instagram, Namrata Pathania has over 367K followers and an impressive engagement rate which makes her garner millions of views one some of her reels for example - on her video recommending hairstyles, she garnered over 3.3 million views. If you are inclined towards fashion or beauty, this influencer can really add value to it, head over to her account now!

  • Fatimah Sayyed

    28. Fatimah Sayyed

    Instagram: fatimasayyedmakeoversfsm

    USP: One of the best makeup influencers in India, providing wide range of services.

    Fatimah Sayyed is a pro makeup artist and hair stylist residing in Mumbai, India. She is a makeover expert who can create unique looks for any festival or event. One of the best beauty Influencers in India is also an educator who organizes workshops throughout the country. Fatimah has collaborated with multiple stakeholders in the industry and has received wonderful feedback for her work. Applying the makeup in the correct manner boosts confidence and the same can be said for hairstyles. The first and foremost reason to select a good hairstyle is because they can enhance their look and personality by using the right hairstyles. But where can you get such services or learn? This beauty influencer is the answer, she is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist providing her services at the best prices. Fatimah Sayyed has 379.2K followers on Instagram and enjoys the engagement rate of 1.60%. She has uploaded almost 2300 posts which together bring an average of 3.5K likes and 48 comments, putting the like to comment ratio at 74 to 1. Fatima shares makeup work done by her students during her masterclass. Dictionary secrets tutorials on Instagram and YouTube when she demonstrates eye, face, hair and lip styling. She has more pictures than videos. Reels bring an average of 37.9K views while videos bring 47.7K. In one of her reels Fatimah features a bride ready for her big day. The post received 334K views and 16K likes. She has more amazing content along the same lines.

  • Preeti

    29. Preeti

    Instagram: preeti_rekha.mua

    USP: Following her will be like a makeup learning crash course as she shares amazing advices and results she brings for her clients.

    Makeup is dismissed as superficial and frivolous. But it has an influence. Some see it as armour. Some people use it to express themselves. A highlighter may be more than just a highlighter, just as a foundation can be more than just a foundation. They may change, offer protection, and more. You may be dubious of the importance of cosmetics, but we can assure you that it is there. Think beyond yourself, even if it doesn't seem vital to you. While you may think that skin care is more important than makeup, others depend on cosmetics to improve their emotions and sense of confidence. And one such expert or top beauty influencers in India providing her services and teaching the same is preeti rekha. She has a following of 370k and a good engagement rate. Make sure you follow her!

  • Bijal Gada Makeovers

    30. Bijal Gada Makeovers

    Instagram: bijalgadamakeovers

    USP: Bijal is a top celebrity and bridal makeup artist with a keen style sense. India’s Transformation Guru and Awardee of Vishwa Nari Garima 2018.

    Bijal Gada is a amongst the renowned beauty influencers in India with 13 years of experience in makeup and fashion niches. She has 18 certifications under her belt from top institutions in Dubai, London, New York and Russia. She has won multiple accolades, including the "Vishwanari Garima award for the best makeup artist" and "International "WEE" award for the excellent performance on international makeup look" in 2018. The "Midday excellence award for top makeup artist" in 2019. Bijal is also an educator; she organizes workshops all over India and in cities like Dubai and Bangkok. Bijals forte is bridal makeup; she has a team of highly skilled professionals ready to get a bride looking ravishing on their big day. Hee services come in customized to make up and hair packages. Bijal frequently posts about makeup tips and hacks. Her content brings an engagement date of 1.3%, courtesy of 4.7K likes and 66 comments on average. She has maintained a perfect balance between pictures and videos. Reels being an average of 45.7K views to the Indian makeup influencers handle. The reel demonstrating eyeliner application, received 190K plays, 9178 likes and 128 comments.

  • Saima

    31. Saima

    Instagram: shystyles2109

    USP: She is a fun loving personality who is on a mission to teach you everything about beautification in the most creative way.

    You may effortlessly conceal all those complexion-related difficulties that are bothering you with the use of makeup. Makeup can easily conceal everything from acne to dark circles to an uneven skin tone. However, applying makeup correctly is the only method to get a supposedly clear complexion. Your skin will appear clear and free of blemishes and discoloration in this manner. and one way you can learn it is through the best beauty influencers, one of them is Saima Saima Qadri is a well-known make-up artist, fashion stylist, and beauty influencers who was born in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, on July 21, 1995. Saima is recognised for posting videos of cosmetic instructions to her Instagram account. Her insta account has 335k followers and an amazing engagement rate which often gets her in the trending section. Her video showing the height difference etc between she and her husband has over 25 million views. Her audience is always in awe of her unique and consistent content. She also runs the "Shy Styles" YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers.

  • Lisha Batta

    32. Lisha Batta

    Instagram: lishabatta

    USP: A passionate women who will make you passionate about all things beauty and fashion.

    "Making it huge" means different things to different people. It's about being able to stand on stage and perform in front of loving fans for some folks. Others want readers to cling to every word they read in their books. Others may consider having a popular YouTube channel with devoted followers who watch your vlogs every week. For some, it's all about making a lot of money or pleasing their parents. Starting small and working your way up the success ladder. It's all about doing what they love and keeping their readers wanting more for our favourites! Lisha Batta is another top beauty influencers in India who has carved out a niche for herself because of her passion for product reviews and skincare. Lisha Batta is a famous fashion and beauty blogger and the proprietor of Heart Bows & Makeup. She's come a long way from being a tomboy to becoming a well-known influencer. Her tale is as relatable as that of any other modern middle-class girl. She identifies as a Traveler-Scatter Brain-Makeupholic.

    She is particularly interested in fashion and beauty and enjoys keeping up with the latest trends. She has a strong understanding of the field and a lot of experience in it. She has been doing it for a long time and is now an expert. She has now been verified as a social media influencer. With a following of 355k and a good engagement rate which even makes her garner more than 500k views on some of her reels. Her audience loves her for her candid photos and interactions. She has even won the award for best beauty vlogger.

  • Kompal Matta Kapoor

    33. Kompal Matta Kapoor

    Instagram: lishabatta

    USP: Kompal has participated in fashion weeks and has acquired a lot of experience under some notable fashion designers. This makes her an authority on everything Lifestyle fashion and beauty.

    Kompal Matta Kapoor is an Indian beauty influencer, Tiktoker, Fitness enthusiast and fashion content creator, currently residing in New York, United States of America. Kompal caught the public's attention through her fashion blog. Kompal has been blowing up the internet since with her mesmerizing outfits, fashion accessories and dazzling looks. Kompal loves dancing, singing, travelling, modelling and acting. She also uploads style trends and travel vlogs. Kompal flaunts a beautiful face and flawless body. Top brands have a line up to work with compel on multiple projects. Throughout the years Kompal has worked to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle. The beauty Influencers efforts resulted in 354K followers on Instagram. Kompal has an engagement rate of 11.8%, with an average of 41.4K and 242 comments per post. Kompal maintains a good mix of pictures and videos on her profile. The lifestyle vloggers videos get an average of 364.2K views while reels bring 553.8K. Kompal created a reel to demonstrate her husband's styling of her saree. The video has more than 14.4M views, 468K likes and 283 comments. The fashionista's content can reach almost 1.6M IG users.

  • Manveen Kaur

    34. Manveen Kaur

    Instagram: mbm_makeup_studio

    USP: Indian makeup influencers, Manveen Kaur is an expert in her field who can make you learn so much around beautification in the most creative way.

    Just as makeup has the strange power to make you look older, it also has the uncanny ability to make you look younger, especially if you know the tips and tricks for looking younger with makeup. There are a variety of cosmetic products available that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, making you appear younger. They can also be used to enhance your features. If you have dreamy eyes, you can make them even more gorgeous by concentrating most of your makeup on your eyes, but you must first understand everything there is to know about it, which is where one of the best beauty influencers, Manveen comes in. Manveen Kaur is the founder of MBM Makeup Studio & Academy, which is located in Pitampura, Delhi, and Patiala. She is a Makeup Artist, Educator, and Bridal Stylist. She is well-known for her stunning abilities, unique style, and beautiful artwork. In India, she has a sizable fan base, primarily on Instagram where she has over 332k followers and an engagement rate of 1.29% . Her Instagram profile is where she generally posts her trendy clothing and cosmetic tutorials. Make sure you check out her account right away!

  • Kashish Jain

    35. Kashish Jain

    Instagram: kashishjain613

    USP: Kashish is a certified professional who has received multiple accolades at National and international levels for setting new trends in the makeup world.

    Kashish Jain from Rajasthan India is a professional bridal makeup artist and founder of PK makeup studio and Academy. Kashish is one of the top beauty influencers in India who got her start in 2015. She is the second generation beauty expert from her family, following in the footsteps of her mother Priya. She is an expert and uses top-notch makeup products from brands like Bobby Brown and Mac to get a bride ready for her big day. Additionally she has collaborated with top celebrities like Fiza Khan, Afsha Khan and Nagma Mirajkar. Now, Kashish aims to take the experience she accumulated over the years and pass it over to the next generation. Kashish has an exceptional engagement rate of 7.4% on Instagram with 15K likes and 80 comments on average. She uploads hair, nail, skin care, contouring, makeup and bridal content almost everyday. The beauty influencer can reach an estimated 563.8K users per post. Reels bring the most engagement to the profile, clocking at an average 248.1K views. The top reel is titled "TRANSFORMATION OF THE WEEK" ; the video received 5.5M views, 7200 likes and 298 comments.

  • Ankita Srivastava

    36. Ankita Srivastava

    Instagram: kashishjain613

    USP: A passionate beauty influencer on a mission to provide the best tips, tricks, tutorials and recommendations.

    Ankita, a Mumbai resident and beauty fanatic, launched her blog, "Corallista," in January 2011 while earning her bachelor's degree at IIT Bombay to share her passion with the online world. When she started her blog, the coral colour craze that had swept the beauty industry by storm inspired her to develop the term "Corallista"! As a hobby that quickly turned into a passion, she worked full time to create Corallista, a one-stop shop for beauty enthusiasts seeking in-depth reviews, looks, and tutorials online, after earning her engineering degree in 2012. On Instagram, where she tests and recommends the newest product lines that would look gorgeous on anyone's skin, you can find her. Her dedication towards making a change is what makes her one of the top beauty influencers in India.

  • Aarushi Oswal

    37. Aarushi Oswal

    Instagram: aarushimakeupartist

    USP: IAO (International Accreditation Certification) certified Beauty influencer.

    Aarushi Oswal is one of the top beauty influencer in India. She specializes in bridal and wedding makeup. The services Aarushi offers come in packages and include airbrush makeup, soft glam makeup, nail polish/cleaning, hair styling, Trial, Eye lashes and draping. She posts tutorials about the same on Instagram and YouTube. Aarushi quickly became a go to professional in town because of her ability to incorporate the latest trends emerging in the makeup and skin care industry in her work. Aarushi strives for natural beauty, hence, instead of layers of makeup, she places strong emphasis on a few striking features of her clients. Aarushi also holds zoom sessions where she replicates celebrity looks. Her skills quickly made her one of the best beauty Influencers in India with 305K followers on Instagram. She flaunts an engagement at 1.57% with 5K likes and 14 comments on average. Majority of her posts feature tutorial videos and photos glammed up brides, ready for their big day. Aarushi's transition reel from her trip to Spain got 975K plays with 19.4K likes and 51 comments. Moreover, her IG content can reach an average of 156.8K users.

  • Debasree Banerjee

    38. Debasree Banerjee

    Instagram: debasreee

    USP: Debashree has worked with notable brands and also won the "Cosmopolitan India's Best Beauty Blogger" Award for her work.

    Debashree Banerjee from Dibrugarh, Assam, India is a beauty, fashion and Lifestyle content creator. Debashree is the founder of lifestyle blog "All she needs". The beauty influencer resorted to makeup to express her emotions via color. Her approach resonated with her audience and as a result she has an army of dedicated social media followers at her back. With the love and support from her fans Debashree was empowered to start a company with an aim to produces gender fluid, fun, 100% vegan and animal cruelty free beauty products. She is also an active voice that promotes feminine hygiene and safety in Indian villages as part of UNICEF. Debashree has partnered with beauty brands like Nykaa for product launches. She also worked with LakmeIndia and Myntra to promote their shopping festival. Debasree has 306K followers on Instagram and usually likes to post about travels, makeup, fitness, skin care products, nail art, beauty serums and eyeliners. She has two times more pictures on her feed then videos. Overall she has an engagement date of 0.5% with an average reach of 37.9K. Debashree gets 1.4k likes and 26 comments on average per post, bringing the ratio between the two at 68 to 1.

  • Bhumika Thakkar

    39. Bhumika Thakkar

    Instagram: bhumika_t

    USP: Authentic recommendations and amazing quality content.

    A fashion and beauty icon's usual philosophy is to be stylish and set trends. Fashion and beauty influencers in India have discovered a new way to showcase their style statement thanks to the rise of social media. The number of beauty icons is increasing, as is the level of competition. Their distinctiveness, relatable and attainable ideas and methods, contemporary and fashionable material, entertaining and diversified topics, and regular flow of information are what set them apart. Bhumika Thakkar is one such influencer. Her skincare, cosmetics, and fashion blog New Love, as well as her self-titled YouTube channel, among her most well-known works. Her product evaluations, hauls, tutorials, and clothing ideas, among other things, have made her famous on Instagram. She reflects over 302k followers along with a good engagement rate which makes her garner even 1.7 million views on some of her reels. The Indian beauty influencers was also Awarded among 'Top 50 Most Influential Content Marketing Professionals in India' by Content Marketing Summit. There is something candid and authentic abouther which makes her audience growth tremendable, make sure you follow her account.

  • Uv Ghai

    40. Uv Ghai

    Instagram: uvghai

    USP: Uv Ghai can get you party ready in no time by extruding your natural beauty.

    Uv Ghai is a professional hair and makeup artist from Ludhiana, Simbal, Punjab. He is skilled in airbrush makeup, bridal makeup, party makeup, nail polish change, engagement makeup, fake lashes and draping. Uv is also an educator who has organized beauty master classes in cities like Pune, Nagpur, Panipat, Delhi and Mumbai. He aims to bring out a natural transformation by enhancing the strong features of his clients without going overboard with the makeup. Uv frequently post tutorials on hairstyleing, nude makeup and eye makeup on Instagram. As one of the leading Indian beauty influencers on Instagram, he has received ton of positive feedback from is clients and students for his exceptional skills. He boasts an engagement rate of 1.0% with an average reach of 15.4K. Majority of Uv's posts are pictures, but reel also contribute to the overall engagement on the IG handle. On average the beauty Influencer receives 2.7K likes and 40 comments. The top reel showcase a beauty transformation of a soon to be bride; the post received 187.5K views, 14.1K likes and 45 comments.

  • Megha Gupta

    41. Megha Gupta

    Instagram: themeghagupta

    USP: She will make beautification simple and fun for you.

    Are beauty doyens are at the top of their game? That appears to be the case. Beauty influencers in India, more than any other form of social media influencer, have made it big, with large contracts and promotional arrangements with cosmetic businesses. Some cosmetic manufacturers, such as MAC, have even collaborated with influencers to create entirely new makeup collections. Megha Gupta is one such incredible beauty influencer. Upon being asked what drives her to be a beauty influencer said, “Since I was a child, I've had a strong interest in cosmetics and skincare. I've read about skincare and applied cosmetics on my own over the years. I began writing blogs for well-known Indian blogs and soon realised that I could do it for myself under my own name. That's when I decided to dedicate my Instagram profile to beauty and subsequently expanded my content to include fashion and lifestyle. But BEAUTY is and always will be my specialty (makeup and skincare)” The makeup influencers on Instagram has achieved all that she wanted through her account as she stands at a following of 261k with an engagement rate of 3.92%. Her reels often cross the 100k mark owing to her amazing quality of content and consistency. If you want the best beauty product recommendations, motivation for styling then this is the account to head towards.

  • Sakshi Gupta

    42. Sakshi Gupta

    Instagram: sakshigupta_makeup_studio

    USP: Sakshi is louded for her professionalism and ability to deliver timely results while servicing multiple clients.

    Sakshi Gupta is amongst the top Indian makeup influencers, known for providing high standard services to unveil the best version of her clients during key festivities. The experts consider the theme of the celebration to produce relevant looks. Sakshi provides the complete package. She excels in bridal makeup, pedicure, extension, airbrush makeup, hair styling, draping, false lashes extensions, HD makeup, party makeup, engagement makeup and Manicure. Additionally Sakshi runs a makeup studio Academy. She and her companions provide all the details regarding makeup products and their application on the skin. Sakshi has 272K followers on Instagram with engagement rate of 1.8%. She works simultaneously on the eyes, lips, hair and face to produce impeccable results. She demonstrates the process via videos which she uploads on her IG handle. As of the best beauty influences in India her content reaches thousands across the country. On average a post receives 3K likes and 51 comments, putting her like to comment ratio at 45 to 1. Sakshi's preferred medium of choice are Reels. The top reel featuring Sakshi demonstrating a look at her Nagpur master class received 221K views, 6298 likes and 38 comments.

  • Priya

    43. Priya

    Instagram: cute.girl_mahi

    USP: Certified beauty influencer with exceptional makeup skills.

    Looking for an amazing beauty expert to help you achieve the look you always wanted? How about following Priya, one of the best beauty influencers in India? Her feed is filled with stunning images of party and bridal makeovers. Makeup is an art and it takes practice and the right knowledge to create a look that seems perfect and flawless. Priya is adept at bringing out transformations that look astonishingly different but also real at the same time. For example, if a bride is wearing false eyelashes to create a dramatic effect, Priya makes sure that it looks as natural as possible. False eyelashes do not have a perfect fit and if an artist is using a product that has a visible lash band, then it can spoil the whole look. Priya uses only those fake eyelashes on her clients that have an invisible band and she trims them to the right size to look real. Similarly, she uses many other beauty products to give the most natural and extraordinary look to her clients. For many artists, implementing techniques is not enough, you need to be good at it. Priya works hard to make her clients feel that they are in good hands.

  • Ria Amin

    44. Ria Amin

    Instagram: theriaamin

    USP: one of the top beauty influencers in India, Ria Amin shares detailed tips on hair body and skin care.

    Ria Amin is a beauty content creator, influencer, skin care enthusiast and blogger known for makeup, fashion, Lifestyle posts. People go to Ria in great numbers for her recommendations and consultation. Ria considers her clients facial features before providing personalized hacks and tips to make their day special. Moreover, Ria has collaborated with multiple brands to endorse their products. Riya has 269.3K followers on Instagram; She regularly creates content around aesthetic dress makeup and nail art. Some of her videos include tonic for hair growth, hair mask and natural face care tips, night skin care routine, eyeliner hacks DIY body scrub, eyebrow hacks, natural face pack, pigment removal hacks, Korean makeup tutorials, desi makeup guide, pouty lips hack etc. Ria receives an engagement rate of 9.3% on Instagram with average 21.5K likes and 65 comments. Ria is one of the most trusted Indian beauty Influencers in the industry with a reach of almost 132.3K IG users. Using the Instagram reel, Ria created a tutorial demonstrating a middle part pony hair styling hack. The video has 3.5M views, 71.4K likes and 105 comments till date. Ria also maintains are YouTube channel to vlog and showcase her beauty talents.

  • Sarah Khan

    45. Sarah Khan

    Instagram: the_game_of_makeup

    USP: Sara Khan is a top notch beauty artist and educator with the latest knowledge in makeup techniques and products.

    Sarah Khan is a professional makeup artist who runs a very successful Studio and Academy. She primarily operates in Lucknow and Indira Nagar. She has a range of makeup products from brands like Anastasia, Beverly hills, Bobby Brown, Makeup Forever, Huda, Juvius, Laura Mercier, Christian Dior, YSL etc at her disposal. Wedding, mehndi, roka, Sangeet, reception, photoshoots, get togethers - no matter the event, Sarah will provide her services at any location of her clients choosing. Sarah Khan goes beyond limits to give her clientele the makeovers they deserve on their special day. Sarah is one of the top beauty influencers India with a following of 248K and engagement rate of 13.2K. She has the most reach amongst any beauty Influencers in our list, i.e 494.3K. Sarah posts high quality videos with bridal makeup demonstrations. Videos bring an average of 421K views while reels get 106.7K. Overall she receives 31.9K likes and 343 comments per post. Sarah's top reel features a super easy contouring routine using products from ofra cosmetics, nuboo lifestyle and rufa beauty. The post has received 2.5M views, 134,126 likes and 926 comments since the upload.

  • Siddharth Batra

    46. Siddharth Batra

    Instagram: siddharth93batra

    USP: He is someone who is perfect in the beautification game and the game of teaching you the same.

    Siddharth is somebody to watch out for. He is eccentric, carefree, and brimming with life. From normalising ordinary cosmetics to his quirky sense of style, he creates. Siddharth has really raised the bar for everyone. Every guy should remember his male grooming and beauty advice if they want to have that properly defined and crisp appearance. He has a following of 245K with an engagement rate of 18% which is really impressive along with his views he gets on reels being even more surreal. Make sure you check out his account!

  • Neetu Josh

    47. Neetu Josh

    Instagram: neetujosh_artco

    USP: Hair and makeup artist with online courses to recreate her signature glam.

    Neetu Josh has racked up 229K followers and her count is incrementing every day making her one of the top Indian beauty influencers. She is a creative makeup artist who can amaze her audience with her innovative makeover skills. She shares tons of secret hacks professional makeup artists use. Moreover, her teaching skill is simple enough to grasp even for women who do not know the difference between eyeliner and mascara. So, if you have always wanted to learn the correct techniques of applying a foundation that does not look patchy or cakey, then Neetu is the perfect artist to follow. Additionally, if you already know a lot about makeup, you can still find many professional hacks that you have never heard of before. Her Instagram posts are filled with stunning images of her makeovers which have already been liked by thousands on the platform. If you want to be a bride with smokey blue eyes and a perfect sleek priyridal bun, Neetu is the only artist who can provide you with that perfect glam! She and her team also provide online courses to teach professional beauty tips and tricks to recreate their signature looks. So, you can now create the classic Hollywood waves and the sultry green eyes from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that amazing?

  • Pritika Keswani

    48. Pritika Keswani

    Instagram: makeupbypritikakeswani

    USP: Pritika has the potential to bring the best version of her clients to light.

    Pritika Keswani is based in Connaught place Central Delhi but has her operations set up in cities like Ashok Vihar and Chandigarh. Lauded as one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram Pritika, is patronized by young brides-to-be for their dream look on their special day. Pritika is a professional makeup artist who believes in natural beauty. She is known for utilizing the latest techniques together with cosmetic products from global brands to bring her clients desired look to life. Pratika has also launched her Beauty cosmetic and personal care brand called "Lashablelashes" and introduces customized makeup brushes, eyelashes and eyeliners for beauty fanatics.

    Pritika has a substantial following of 226K followers as a testament to her skills. The beauty influencer is active on Instagram and frequently shares makeup tips and hacks for her viewers. Majority of the Indian beauty influencer’s content features her clients and her work. She receives an engagement rate of 0.6% with an average reach of 56.7K. On average her posts get 1.3K likes and 18 comments, clocking the like to comment ratio at 134 to 1. Photos are Pritika's primary medium of choice - she also uploads reels and longer videos. Reel on average bring 15.9K views; the top reel got 97.6K plays, 246 likes and 25 comments.

  • Divya Sharmai

    49. Divya Sharma

    Instagram: idivyaa

    USP: With the philosophy of simple and straightforward in whatever she does, she teaches concepts in the same manner.

    Don’t we all want things straightforward and simple in life? Well this beauty influencer has applied it in makeup, along with a professional makeup artist she makes sure her audience gains some value by following her so she teaches the elements of perfecting hair, makeup and more through easy, straightforward and simple to learn tutorials or reels. Bringing this element has helped her garner over 226k followers and an engagement rate of 4.53%. Some of her reels often touch 10 million plays and thousands of comments. make sure you become part of her community for diving into the pool of correct makeup skills.

  • Ankush Bhaguna

    50. Ankush Bhaguna

    Instagram: wingitwithankush

    USP: He is breaking stereotypes and providing amazing makeup or beauty related content.

    Mermaid, unicorn, and constellation, no these aren't the names of characters. Ankush Bahuguna, an actor and content developer, created these eye make-up variations. He created an Instagram make-up account, Wing It with Ankush, in November. Red lips, smoky eyes, and hacks aren't the only things on display. Bahuguna's virtuosity with shimmering eyeshadows and colourful eyeliners will transport you—a beauty enthusiast's Disneyland. He makes films of himself applying make-up to his mother, siblings, and friends and shares them on social media. In addition, there are short tutorials of Bahuguna explaining how he conceals his dark circles or contours his nose. In this way, the Indian makeup influencers works with a wide range of faces and produces looks that are free of the normal trappings of seasonal trends or bridal make-up.

    "Wing It With Ankush is a passion project, to put it simply. I'm recording my journey to becoming a professional make-up artist while having a good time doing it. I'll be able to go back in five years and see the complete process," he says. His account has a following of 187k with an engagement rate of 11% which is amazing. The top Indian beauty influencers’ reels often cross the 1 million mark which doesn’t come as a surprise as he is consistently provides quality and value to his audience. Make sure you follow his account for amazing beauty tips, recommendations and more!

  • Cyruss Mathew

    51. Cyruss Mathew

    Instagram: cyruss_mathew_makeovers

    USP: Cyruss Mathew is the recipient of the Millennium brilliance award in 2017.

    Cyruss Mathew is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist from NCR Delhi. He developed a passion for the industry at a very young age. Now, with 19 + years of experience under his belt, Cyruss is the country's foremost authority on bridal makeup, hair cutting, colour treatment, massage, styling, therapy, skin treatment, pedicures, facials, manicure etc. Cyruss is considered one of the best beauty influencers in India. He helms a team of experts who consider their clients face shape, skin type, features, product suitability etc, before working on the best hairstyle and skin care for a radiant look. Cyruss and his colleagues have access to several branded National and International brands - Lily's cosmetics, Blue Eyes cosmetics, Adam cosmetics, Sigma Makeup tool to name a few. Cyrus Mathew has a lively Instagram feed with posts of beautiful brides ready for their special day. The top Indian beauty influencer also utilizes reels to showcase the before and after version of his work. On average, Cyruss receives 14.9K views 274 likes and 13 comments per upload. He has an average reach of 18.9K users and engagement rate of 0.2%. The top reel on the feed is a walkthrough of key moments from one of Cyruss's workshops. The video received 132K views, 2231 likes and 107 comments.

  • Ravi Kumar

    52. Ravi Kumar

    Instagram: ravi_hair__makeup_artist

    USP: Ravi offers customized packages to get brides all dolled up for their special day. He has an arsenal of products from top-notch brands like Nykaa, Smashbox, Maybelline, L'Oreal, MAC, HUDA, Bobby brown, Chanel and Sephora.

    Ravi Kumar is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist from Delhi, India. He has received nationwide acclamation for his ability to produce refined makeup looks and hairstyles for pre and post bridal functions. Ravi aims to produce a natural look by highlighting his clients best features. Hence instead of going overboard with layers of makeup, he begins by understanding each individual's skin-type and tone before proceeding with his craft. Ravi Kumar is a highly skilled makeup artist, with scores of students attending his online courses. He has built a substantial following of 202K on Instagram. As one of the best beauty Influencers in India, Ravi boasts an engagement rate of 2.28%. He receives 5K likes and 40 comments on average per post, putting his like to comment ratio at 116 to 1. The doyen posts 5 times more pictures than videos. Overall, the top Instagram makeup influencer’s posts brings 17.2K views to the profile. Ravi frequently utilizes reels to demonstrate his skills as a pro makeup artist. In his videos he displays braids, makeovers, eye-lashes, jewellery, Nail art, bridal makeup etc. The most watched reel demonstrates the technique of setting "maang tikka" on a bride's forehead. The video was viewed 2.1M times and received 150K likes and 179 comments.

  • Saloni Gupta

    53. Saloni Gupta

    Instagram: saloniguptaa

    USP: Saloni Gupta considers her clients personality, skin, tone and texture before crafting the most elegant makeovers ever seen.

    Saloni Gupta is a bridal makeup artist who has a strong customer base in Indore and Delhi. The makeup expert holds multiple International certifications. Saloni has perfect her craft with explicable talent and skills. She has worked with many brides throughout her career. Saloni takes extra care in ensuring that her clients have their dream wedding. Keeping her finger on the most prevalent industry trends is one of Saloni's most unique traits. Moreover, she can travel anywhere in the city to provide her services. Regular/party/HD makeup, hair styling/extensions are some of the services Saloni offers. Saloni Gupta has 198K followers on Instagram and engagement rate of 1.0%. See uses the platform to share pictures of brides with glowing natural looks. On average she receives 1.9K likes, 3 comments per post with a reach of 95.3K. Reels also bring a substantial engagement to Saloni's IG profile. One of Saloni's reels feature Makeup, Jewellery, Outfit and Bride ready for her wedding day. The post has received over 333K views, 2868 likes and 3 comments.

  • Amit Kumar

    54. Amit Kumar

    Instagram: amit_hair_makeup_artist

    USP: Amit is a professional makeup artist and educator with fans from every corner of India.

    Amit Kumar hails from Delhi, India and is one of the highly rated professional hair and makeup artists. People seek his assistance for events like weddings or mehndi ceremonies. His work has received widespread acclamation amongst the international community. He is also an educator and holds workshops in different cities across India - for instance Kolkata Lucknow Bangalore Amritsar, Hyderabad and Delhi. Amit Kumar has 195K followers on Instagram. He posts at least four times every week, thus encouraging interaction from his audience. Amit is counted amongst the top beauty influencers in India and receives an engagement rate of 0.49% on average his content association likes to comment ratio at 110 to 1. He uses Instagram to provide the upcoming workshop updates and glimpses from his Pan India classes. His posts cover hairstyle tips, makeovers, nail arts and bridal makeup. The Indian beauty influencer’s videos bring an average of 16.8K views while reels get 12K. Reel featuring hair styling tutorial from a masterclass received 67K views, 3290 likes and 30 comments and presently is the most watched content on the Influencers feed. Amit reaches an average of 33K IG users from a single post.

  • Shubhangi Anand

    55. Shubhangi Anand

    Instagram: shubhangi_anand__

    USP: Shubhangi Anand is one of the best beauty influencers in India who has worked with many renowned global brands. She loved by her audience for her insightful social media content.

    Shubhangi Anand is a makeup, skin care Lifestyle, Fashion and dance content creator, predominantly active on Instagram and YouTube. Want to know the best serums for healthy hair, tips for vibrant eye lashes or top outfit combinations? Then follow this beauty influencer as she takes you through her explicit makeup, fashion and skin care routine. Shubhangi's videos are detailed and aim to better the lives of her viewers. She talks about products best suited for your face, lips, eyebrows etc and recommends consumables for a radiant, healthy outer look. The Maven also organizes one day workshops where she teaches glam up looks. During her lectures, she covers concepts like colouring, eye make and face contour. Shubhangi Anand has an engagement rate of 2.32 % on Instagram with average interaction per post at 4,722 likes and 53 comments. She maintains consistent variations between videos and pictures. Shubhangi. The influencer uploads at least 3 times per day; photos and reel make the majority of the Indian makeup influencers’ posts.

  • Sahil Narang

    56. Sahil Narang

    Instagram: sahilnarang21

    USP: He will give you authentic recommendations and enjoyable beauty content.

    In the era where digital media is prominent, we are bound to interact with Indian beauty influencers on Instagram directly or indirectly. Many of them leave an impact on us as well which makes us explore more about them and after a point of time really follow them whole heartedly. One such influencer who will make you instantly like him through his insanely authentic and quality content is Sahil Narang. Sahil Narang is a social media influencer, model, actor, and beauty. He rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV show "MTV Love School Season 4", but he was unable to win the competition and was ousted in the ninth episode. Now he is one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram and other platforms. He also began filming Youtube videos on topics such as food, fashion, and lifestyle vlogs.

    Sahil Narang graduated from Delhi University with a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, but he has always been interested in the fashion, modelling, and beauty industries. With a following of 190k and reels easily approaching the 100k mark, he has attained his dream. He now posts wonderful beauty tips, recommendations, fashion motivation, and much more.

  • Siddhi Mehta

    57. Siddhi Mehta

    Instagram: thedreamctchr

    USP: She will provide you as unique of a content as her username.

    Social media platforms have transformed the beauty business over the years, and they are now considered to play a significant influence in creating today's beauty norms. Beauty influencers are always looking to keep up with the latest trends in makeup, skincare, and sometimes even hair care to cater to an audience that follows them for their opinion, skills, and beauty knowledge. With trends like thick brows or clean makeup products going viral every day, beauty influencers are always looking to keep up with the latest trends in makeup, skincare, and sometimes even hair care to cater to an audience that follows them for their opinion, skills, and beauty knowledge. But one influencer has nailed it; as distinct as her username, Siddhi consistently produces distinctive and relevant material for her audience, earning her a loyal following. She has a following of 173k and her reels often cross the 100k mark owing to her amazing consistency and amazing candid personality. It's reasonable to assume that top Indian beauty influencers favourite pastime is discovering and discussing new makeup products, and this channel can offer you with all of that and more. Check out her account now!

  • Anshita Juneja

    58. Anshita Juneja

    Instagram: anshitajunejaa

    USP: She is an expert who knows how to imbibe knowledge correctly.

    Delhi-based With her blog page Vanity No Apologies, Anshita is the editor and creator of one of the greatest cosmetics and beauty bloggers in India. While earning her Bachelor of Business Economics at Delhi University, she launched the blog as a break. Vanity No Apologies is her top priority as she keeps producing dependable content for her readers now that she has finished her MBA. She is one of the most well-known beauty bloggers in India and is renowned for her in-depth analyses of nail polishes and lipsticks. Ask her what products will work best for your skin type, and she will give you detailed instructions. With frequent reels and posts on her Instagram account, @anshitajunejaa, she has currently established herself as one of the best beauty influencers in India. She has won several awards in the category of beauty and makeup as well.

  • Hemaxi Patel

    59. Hemaxi Patel

    Instagram: hemaxi_beauty_bridal_studio

    USP: Pro makeup artist appreciated for giving stunning makeovers.

    Hemaxi Patel is a talented makeup artist famous for giving stunning makeovers to her clients. She is one of the top makeup influencers on Instagram. This can be easily seen in her followers count. She has gathered 165k followers with 813 posts on her feed. That’s huge! If you have always wanted to look at the best version of yourself but had no opportunity or time, choose Hemaxi Patel for the transformation now. She will try her best to give a makeover much beyond your expectation. She is a famous makeup artist based in varachha, Surat. Her feed is filled with beautiful images of her clients who took her help to transform themselves completely for the special events. Their mesmerizing looks have been highly appreciated by the audience. Hemaxi Patel specializes in bridal makeovers. So if you are going to be a bride or you know someone going to get married, then make sure to choose Hemaxi for the services. Choosing experienced hands gives astounding results. Moreover, Hemaxi keeps herself updated with the latest beauty trends. This ensures that the makeovers she provides relate to the latest beauty standards. Any investment you make is sure going to be worth it.

  • Gia Kashyap

    60. Gia Kashyap

    Instagram: giasaysthat

    USP: Gia recommends the best accessories in fashion. She is the go-to source for beauty and Lifestyle advice.

    Gia Kashyap has been simplifying skin care fashion and lifestyle for beauty enthusiasts across the globe. Gia, one of the top Indian beauty influencers found her calling after going through careers as a graphic designer and content creator. She has always been fascinated by colours, textures and compilations and what she could create from them. Gia has gone on to partner with some of the most notable brands in the world and currently runs a successful fashion blog called Giasaysthat. Gia also promotes a series fashion accessories including ornaments and makeup products. Gia covers varied topics on her IG handle which is 159K followers strong. She provides Body care hacks, skin care, makeup tips, outfit recommendations, hair-styling tips, fitness tips, product recommendations etc. Her posts reach an average of 27.7K users. Gia posts two times more pictures than videos. The beauty Influencers reel talking about sunscreens that do not leave white casts got 107K views, 1500 likes and 18 comments. Gia boasts an engagement of 0.3% with an average of 14 comments and 531 likes. 1.2K people follow Gia on Myntra studio.

  • Swagata Dev

    61. Swagata Dev

    Instagram: swagata_dev

    USP: As one of the top beauty influencers in India, Swagata Dev makes sure she is the best with what she provides in the form of quality content.

    You can become a pioneer for people to look up to if you put in a lot of effort, have a lot of talent, have a good business sense, and a little luck. Swagata Dev, a Guwahati-based entrepreneur and fashion blogger, has succeeded in achieving this goal. Swagata Dev began working as a freelance fashion blogger in 2016, while still in college. She struggled to acquire a footing in the arena of social media influencing during that time. Resources were limited, and the Indian fashion blogging and social media entrepreneurship scene was still in its infancy. "My buddy and partner, Rahul Hazarika, exposed me to the various possibilities of fashion or beauty blogging through platforms like Instagram," Swagata Dev adds. Swagata gradually mastered the ropes of the company. "Very few people knew about the type of work I was going into," she says, referring to her origins in the country's north eastern region. Beauty influencer had this to say about her early days, "I spent the first few days teaching what I do." She did, however, have the opportunity to be a pioneer in her industry, particularly in North-East India. This is just what she did! Her hard work and determination paid off as she entered the year 2020, after nearly four years in the fashion and beauty blogging sector. Swagata Dev has tens of thousands of Instagram followers, including some die-hard admirers! Filmfare awards 2020 even invited her as a creator on the red carpet.

  • Jatin J.

    62. Jatin J.

    Instagram: thestyledoodler

    USP: He is really knowledgeable in what he does and knows exactly how to share it.

    Fashion on Jay's profile can be summed up by straightforward, everyday ensembles that have a unique, quirky charm. His Instagram account is sufficient for those looking for trendy, young, and daily looks. With more than 152K Instagram followers, he prefers the moniker "The Style Doodler." He excels in fashion doodling, whether it's a warm yellow jacket for the dark monsoons or a lovely garment with butterfly designs. With his modest advice on skincare, men's fashion, and style assemblages, mon-slaying is now easier.

  • Shabnam Khan

    63. Shabnam Khan

    Instagram: makeover_by_miss.khan_academ

    USP: Shabnam Khan is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. She has her academy where she teaches aspiring makeup artists beauty lessons. She is best known for the amazing transformations she gives to her clients on their wedding days.

    Shabnam Khan is a professional makeup artist based in Mumbai, India. She is one of the best beauty influencers in India. Her charming transformations are sure to bewitch anyone going through her Instagram feed. The before and after transition looks are loved by her audiences. She also has her makeup academy in Mumbai, where she teaches aspiring artists about the correct techniques to achieve a glamorous look. Shabnam has 140 K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.80%. She consistently posts videos of stunning bridal makeovers she provides to her clients. Her makeup courses at the academy are quite popular. She provides 20 days of makeup course for beginners, 30 days advance and professional makeup and hairstyle course, and 30 days of professional and international course. Her average interaction per post is 1149 likes and 5 comments. Her top-performing reel is “Royal Nikah look”. The glittery eyes, turquoise blue eyeliner, and false dramatic eyelashes created a magical effect. The unique combination captivated her viewers. The post received 23,792 likes and 74 comments!

  • Sophia

    64. Sophia

    Instagram: sophiamakeupartist

    USP: Sophia is one of the few Indian beauty influencers with unmatched expertise in beauty and Lifestyle.

    Sophia is a bridal makeup artist, lifestyle influencer and content creator from Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. She is known for her art and ability to give insightful styling tips to her audience. She also has a cosmetic store where she promotes wide array of beauty sponges, brushes, lip balm, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, skincare and lash collection. Sophia has an engagement date of 2.3% Instagram. She draws inspiration from different sources. Sophia regularly showcases her work via pictures, videos and reels. Additionally Sophia also features multiple face, hair, eyes, teeth products and demonstrates their usage. She has maintained a perfect balance between different mediums. Reels bring 14.5K average views while videos get 12.9K. The top post is a behind the scene footage of her family. The video received 2.7M views, 119K likes and 264 comments. The Indian makeup influencer’s posts can reach almost 17K IG users. Overall the Indian beauty influencer on Instagram receives 3.1K likes and 77 comments on average, putting her like to comment ratio at 40 to 1.

  • Shubham Saxena

    65. Shubham Saxena

    Instagram: shubhamsaxenamua

    USP: One of the top beauty influencers in India providing best makeup and hairstyling tips.

    Shubham Saxena is a Delhi-based professional makeup artist, hair stylist and a licensed zumba instructor, possessing global reach. Shubham is known for providing industry specific makeup tutorials to his viewers. He has been featured on the beauty artist exclusive magazine "unzoned", alongside notable personalities like Leena Bhushan and Gomit Chopra. Shubham demonstrates bridal/seasonal makeup, does brush reviews and teaches professional makeup techniques. Part of Shubham's expertise include colour corrections, foundation application, powder setting and blush shading. The beauty influencer takes his audience through different makeup apparatuses and preparation steps before starting the process. According to our expert analysis, the beauty influencer has maintained a steady engagement rate throughout his social media journey. He uploads new posts everyday, primarily pictures. Shubham has an engagement rate of 2.81% on Instagram. He receives an average of 3K likes and 266 comments, putting his overall reach at 20.2K. The Indian makeup influencers’ top reel is makeup tutorial, which received 227K plays from 139.8K IG users. Additionally, the doyen utilizes IG to organize giveaways and holds live sessions for zumba.

  • Sakshi Sabharwal and Urvashi Salaria

    66. Sakshi Sabharwal and Urvashi Salaria

    Instagram: sakshiurvashi

    USP: The duo has been lauded for creating mesmerizing makeovers and introducing new innovations in the niche.

    Sakshi and Urvashi, the founders of "Sakshi and Urvashi Beauty studio" are amongst the best Indian beauty influencers, servicing clients from across the globe. The duo can get to any location on a short notice.They are professionals who consider outfits, facial features and type of occasion to produce best results. The entrepreneur's provide a range of services ranging from regular makeup, HD makeup, nail extensions, hair extensions/styling, group makeup, Airbrush makeup, Draping etc. Sakshi and Urvashi have customized courses teaching their students how to create bridal looks with minimalistic products, clear pigmented skin problems, produce signature reverse cut crease bridal look and the basics of makeup. Sakshi Sabharwal and Urvashi Salaria combined have 130K followers on their IG handle. They upload new content frequently, creating a feed that is a beautiful representation of their skills. They enjoy an engagement rate of 0.5% with 892 likes and 11 comments on average. Overall as one of the leading Indian beauty influencers on Instagram Sakshi reaches at most 20K uses per upload. The top reel demonstrates the right way of layering morning skin care. The post received 112.1K plays from 61.6K unique users together with 4217 likes and 86 comments.

  • Gayatri

    67. Gayatri

    Instagram: makeup.vitamins

    USP: Learn makeup with easy tutorials through her account.

    Self-esteem or one's own perception of oneself, and aesthetic appearance all have a significant impact on the society to which we all belong and the one that is developing for the future. The social image is the basis for measuring success and pleasure in life, and for women, cosmetics plays a significant part in this. However, other women are enthusiastic about it and may even use cosmetics as a pastime, a kind of relaxation, or a means to boost their self-esteem. However, if you use it without first understanding the fundamentals, it won't be effective. And to know the basics you need a beauty influencer who knows the art inside out and can teach you well. Gayatri is exactly that, a professional makeup artist and an educator. She makes sure to provide value to their audience from time to time by sharing amazing tutorials or easy to understand topics around makeup making her one of the top beauty influencers on instagram. She has a following of 112k and a good engagement rate which gets her over a million views on many of her reels. You’re in for a treat if you follow her!

  • Skin_Care_Tips

    68. Skin_Care_Tips

    Instagram: skin_care_tips4u

    USP: Gungun creates some of the best beauty, skin and hair care content in Hindi.

    Gungun is amongst the most followed Indian beauty Influencers on Instagram. How content is all about health, beauty and daily makeup tips. Gungun curates their content for Hindi speaking audiences. She talks about natural skin care remedies for face and hair, natural peel off masks, weight loss tips, oily skin prevention hacks, how to make nails strong, homemade hair serum etc. More than 122K IG users follow Gungun on Instagram. She has an engagement rate of 1.3% with an average of 1.5K likes, 9 comments and 48.9K reach. The beauty Influencer strikes a balance between pictures and videos. Moreover, she uploads new content almost everyday. Her top post is an image featuring at three step guide for glowing skin. The post has received 7221 likes and 51 comments. Videos bring 33.6K views, while reels get 31.4K views on average. The most watched reel demonstrate pedicure at home. Since the upload the video has received 129K view ms, 2961 likes and 7 comments.

  • Priya/Nidhi

    69. Priya/Nidhi

    Instagram: be_natural10_

    USP: This account will provide you with informative content regarding the skin, hair, etc affecting our daily lives.

    Beyond just looking attractive, taking good care of your skin is crucial. Your skin is vital to your overall health because it is the biggest organ you have. It can assist and take care of you if you take care of it. This is why having a well-planned skin care routine is so crucial. Daily skin care is something that is definitely worth your time and effort. A person is more likely to make healthy decisions throughout the day if they wash their face in the morning and at night. A thorough oral hygiene practice and a hair care programme can coexist with skin care. Making all of these changes could inspire you to eat healthier and exercise. It adds up to making you healthy. This instagram account is all about it, with a mission to make you healthy inside out. They often suggest products that are good for you. This being the reason, their audience just adores them. They have a following of 121k and a good engagement rate. Most of their reels appear in the trending section and cross 100k views making them one of the best Indian beauty influencers. Make sure you give them a follow!

  • Namrata Kumari

    70. Namrata Kumari

    Instagram: my_closetdiary

    USP: Top 20 versatile Fashion Blogger 2018 and Mrs. Bihar 2021-2022.

    Namrata is not just a beauty queen but she is also a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger too. She is a multi-talented woman and has accomplished a lot compared to others beauty influencers in India. From being a telecom engineer to a financial analyst and then adopting the world of fashion, she has mastered many skills within a short time frame. She is a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty enthusiast who owns “My Closet Diary”, where she shares her fascination for outfits, shoes, bags, accessories, and makeup. She is not picky about the location as she firmly believes that making a personal style statement should be your own choice and it shouldn’t matter whether you buy items from a mall or a street. You just need to look your best, be comfortable and wear confidence like no one. Namrata loves wearing both ethnic as well as western wear. She believes in wearing dresses that enhance the inner beauty of a woman. Whether it’s sarees, jeans, or skirts, wear anything that makes you proud of being a woman. The Indian beauty influencers doesn’t approve of following trends that can burn a hole in your pockets. Her take on fashion is easy, affordable, and yet chic at the same time.

  • Triloki Prasad

    71. Triloki Prasad

    Instagram: trilokiprasadmakeovers

    USP: A professional makeup artist and trainer who is on a mission to share his knowledge in the easiest way possible.

    Triloki prasad is one of the finest male beauty influencers in India and is an expert in bridal makeup, he has precision in his skills which can be seen from his feed showcasing his work on her clients. He is an educator as well as he believes in sharing the knowledge that he has so you can see informational content including posts, videos or reels teaching the crucial aspects of makeup and how to master it just like him. He has a following of 93.2k and a rising engagement rate which gets him over 200k views on most of his reels. Make sure you give him a follow!

  • Aarya Menon

    72. Aarya Menon

    Instagram: aaryamenon_nails

    USP: A nail artist making nails her canvas and spreading beautiful creativity on it.

    Forget the traditional (and dull) red nail; during the past few years, nail art has evolved into much more than just nail polish. It's now recognised as a boundary-pushing form of self-expression and creativity, much like makeup. And Aarya is amongst the few beauty influencers pioneering the niche. Whether we're seeing cutting-edge trends, discovering novel ways to perform our manicures at home, or awe-inspiring the sculpted works of art produced on those tiny canvases, the nail art industry is always bubbling with innovation. Without the contributions of nail technicians from all over the world, who are continually redefining how we view nails, that ingenuity would not exist. It's amazing how nail technicians can transfer your or their vision onto 10 fingernails, giving their clients even another form of self-expression. One of the finest beauty influencers in India is Aarya whose feed is filled with her amazing creativity on nails which just makes her audience gush over her. She has a following of 117k and a good engagement rate which gets her reels into the trending section much often. Her reels cross a million views frequently. If you are someone who wants to get motivation to do your nails, this is the perfect account for you!

  • Devina Malhotra Chadha

    73. Devina Malhotra Chadha

    Instagram: guiltybytes

    USP: An amazing beauty influencer sharing her honesty opinions on the best products for you, tutorials and much more.

    A self-described makeup blogger, baker, and army brat, 'GuiltyBytes' is one of India's most well-liked beauty and fashion websites. She enjoys writing, reading celebrity rumours, shopping, and taking pictures of food. She has always had a gift for writing; she has contributed to Tehelka, Hindustan Times, and a few more periodicals. She enjoyed reading blogs and websites from around the world, but she often pondered why small, thin females end up advising curvaceous women on what to dress and how to style oneself when they don't actually understand that body type! She is active on Instagram under the handle @guiltybytes, where you can read, watch, and enjoy all about her lifestyle in addition to the beauty and related DIY hacks. She also provides her readers with frank opinions of shopping destinations, wedding inspiration, and beauty products. She is one of the top Indian beauty influencers on Instagram.

  • Shritama Mukherjee

    74. Shritama Mukherjee

    Instagram: mukherjeeshri

    USP: She is imparting knowledge and providing the best organic beauty products through her brand.

    The days of learning about cosmetic trends from your friends at a sleepover or from beauty magazines are long gone. Top Indian beauty influencers on Instagram who share photos and videos on social media increasingly provide cosmetic advice and suggestions to their followers. These influencers have also aided in the diversification and development of the sector. As a result, in recent years, several fashion and beauty companies have invested extensively in influencer marketing. Despite the fact that cosmetic companies are the most likely to hire beauty influencers to work with or represent their brands, other industries can benefit from collaborating with beauty and makeup influencers by reaching a new audience who frequently seek advice and suggestions from these influencers. One such influencer who is a boon to audience and brands are shritama, she is filled with so much knowledge and expertise that she always wishes to channel it in the right way due to which she is building her beauty brand through which she seeks to provide amazing organic products for her brand. She has a following of 113k and is growing everyday in each aspect. Make sure you follow her for beauty tips and much more!

  • Abhinav Mathur

    75. Abhinav Mathur

    Instagram: _abix_

    USP: He is unique and consistent with his content making his audience admire him to the core

    Digital content producer Abhinav Mathur posts fashionable, beauty images and glimpses into his daily life on Instagram. His writings frequently discuss various appearances and styles that one may wear for various events, and he is renowned for providing advice on how to look sharp every single day. Additionally, you can hear him speak about the many cosmetic items he uses to nurture his skin and obtain immaculate appearances making him one of the top male beauty influencers in India.

  • Jasmeen Kaur

    76. Jasmeen Kaur

    Instagram: jasmeenkaurmakeovers

    USP: Professional makeup artist with specialization in HD Makeup

    Jasmeen Kaur is regarded as one of the best Indian beauty influencers. She is a talented makeup artist who has amassed more than 100K followers on Instagram! Whether it’s a bridal makeover or a simple how-to post, Jasmeen knows how to captivate her audience with her impeccable skills. She is a freelance makeup artist from Delhi who uses only high-quality makeup brands for her clients. Estee Lauder, NARS, Huda Beauty, and Anastasia are just to name a few. She also teaches basic to advanced makeup courses to aspiring makeup artists. Some of her posts on Before-After images are so strikingly different, that it’s hard to fathom they belong to the same individual. The final look she creates is beyond perfection. Recently she created a makeover on an acid attack victim, Khusboo Devi, who was attacked by her father. This became quite a sensation on the platform. The post received hundreds of comments and more than three thousand likes. The real-life warrior became emotional and appreciated the beautiful transition. Jameen Kaur is truly deserving of recognition for her work. She has worked with some of the top beauty influencers in India and is well equipped with knowledge of the latest makeup trends. Book her today to get a makeover that creates a lasting impression!

  • Lavisha Arora

    77. Lavisha Arora

    Instagram: lavisha.arora

    USP: Lavisha Arora is one of the few beauty experts providing effective makeup tips and makeup for all ages.

    Lavisha Arora is one of the top Indian makeup influencers and educator. She frequently uploads makeup tips, hacks and tutorials for beginners who want to polish their skills or make a career in the field. Additionally the beauty influencer also has an online store where she features her collection of lipsticks, travel beauty kits, cosmetic products, makeup essentials, skin care products, dress collection etc. Lavisha Arora has a budding community on Instagram and YouTube. She uploads more pictures than videos. The type of content she creates include ways to prevent acne scars, makeup product recommendations, makeup fundamentals, facial hair, acne removing tips, cost efficient skin care products, serums, lip gloss, setting spray hacks, teenager makeup tips, long lasting makeup tips etc. She also does comparison videos. The top reel features a comparison between NARS longwear foundation Vs Maybelline Superstay foundation. At present the Indian beauty influencers’ video has 354K views, 11.1K likes and 106 comments. The Indian beauty influencer has an engagement rate of 2.8% on Instagram with an average reach of 16.5K. She receives 3K likes, 58 comments on average per post, putting the like to comment ratio at 48 to 1.

  • Sondarya

    78. Sondarya

    Instagram: sondaryaaaa

    USP: She will make you love makeup with her amazing content.

    A beauty influencer, often known as a "beauty vlogger" or "beauty guru," is someone who creates and uploads videos on YouTube about fashion, cosmetics, haircuts, nail art, or makeup advice. It is not necessary for these beauty influencers in India to be experts; they can gain a large number of followers/subscribers by offering fresh digital content to their viewers. They also communicate with their audience on a regular basis via social media profiles, answer queries, and so on, in order to keep the commitment alive. What if we tell you that there is an influencer who is a self-taught specialist, a phenomenal digital creator and reflects amazing engagement with the audience as well? wouldn't that be the ideal account? Well, we’ve found it for you. Sondarya reflects amazingly well planned tutorials, photos, tips and a certain tone to her whole profile making it perfect. She has a following of 101k along with an engagement rate of 20%. One of the Indian beauty influencers’ most famous reels has over 3.4 million views. Her audience is mesmerised with her, which makes her favourite among brands to collaborate and benefit. You can benefit from her knowledge as well, make sure to follow her!

  • Simran Sadh

    79. Simran Sadh

    Instagram: makemeupsimran

    USP: Follow Simran for cost-effective product recommendation, beauty hacks and hair-styling tips.

    Simran Sadh is a professional makeup artist and beauty content creator from Delhi, India. Simran runs a very successful blog called the World of Faces where she shares Lips, Eyes, Face, Skin and Nail hacks. She also creates "how to" content and suggests accessories. Simran Sadh has 105K followers on Instagram. On average she receives 3.3K likes and 197 comments per post with an engagement rate of 3.3%. According to our expert analysis the beauty Influencers content can reach almost 17.7K IG users. Simran creates content on multiple topics including tan removal steps, makeup tutorials, product reviews, contouring, seasonal makeup, filters, concealers, interview makeup, DIY skin care hacks, Baby shower makeup, face cleaning routine, Nail trends, celebrity style makeovers, Bollywood actress-inspired makeup ideas etc. Videos make the majority of Simran's content; the medium brings 12.2K views on average to Simrans IG handle. Simran's top post provides beginner tips for using spray and blender". For the demonstration, the beauty expert used a contour stick from makeup revolution India, concealer from a Swiss beauty official and Liquid Concealer from Light Moyen. The video has received 780K views, 13.3K likes and 72 comments till date.

  • Tanya Sharma Bajaj

    80. Tanya Sharma Bajaj

    Instagram: whattanyawore

    USP: Incredible talented who works magic in makeup and styling.

    The common concept of a fashion and beauty icon is to be fashionable and establish trends. Thanks to the growth of social media, fashion and beauty influencers have discovered a new method to exhibit their style statement. The number of beauty icons, as well as the level of competition, is growing. What sets them apart is their uniqueness, relevant and approachable ideas and approaches, current and fashionable content, engaging and diverse themes, and consistent flow of information. One such influencer is Tanya. Tanya Sharma Bajaj is a well-known make-up and fashion artist. She is one of Delhi's best makeup influencers on Instagram. She has worked with a number of Bollywood and Punjabi actresses. She has a following of 105k, on several of her videos, she displays 20k views. Her product reviews, hauls, tutorials, and wardrobe ideas have made her popular on Instagram, among other things.

    Tanya Sharma Bajaj is also a freelance makeup artist and stylist. You can obtain yourself a stunning wedding look, and we're confident that she'll be perfect for your big day. You definitely need to look your best and faultless, and with her, you won't have to worry about it. She'll make sure you appear stunning as a bride and emerge as a diva. You will appear as beautiful as ever thanks to her sorcery, and your bridal style will undoubtedly be a trend-setter. It's incredible how she can create the ideal bridal look with only a few brush strokes.

  • Darshana Patel

    81. Darshana Patel

    Instagram: rupathesalon

    USP: A famous Makeup artist showcasing her work and teaching you the tricks of the trade with it.

    One needs an artistic vision to see the potential and beauty in each face. The art of making you feel at ease throughout the entire process, from talking about the specific timeline for your wedding day to working with you to develop a stunning makeup look that will stand the test of time, is taught to professional makeup artists in addition to their training in applying flawless, long-lasting makeup. A professional is also aware of all the many factors that might influence how you look. For instance, cosmetics worn daily and makeup used for photography are very different. Have you ever seen a wedding photo when the bride just didn't seem right? Possibly her skin was uneven or greasy, or her eyes lacked a particular pop. Professional makeup artists help you avoid that. One such expert is Darshana and her feed full of posts and videos of her clients having amazing makeup done on them is a testament to that.

    She has a following of 98.9K and a good engagement rate which gets her over 100k views on her reels frequently and her reels are often seen in the trending page owing to the knowledge she shares along with the beautiful work done by her. As one of the top Indian beauty influencers on Instagram Darshana makes sure to project herself in the best way possible as well as being a professional makeup artist is a combination of skill and personality and her award for Mrs. Charming face 2019 just proves that. Make sure you give her a follow!

  • Alisha

    82. Alisha

    Instagram: alisha_artistary

    USP: She spreads magic through her makeup skills and way of teaching the same.

    Though they may not have previously considered it, many people have come to the realisation that there are other haircuts that suit them better. If the wearer works in the entertainment industry, a fashionable, current hairdo can suit them. On the other hand, office workers could look better with a professional hairdo. If the hairstyle is chosen correctly, it will undoubtedly enhance the wearer's personality and may even assist them in doing so. Makeup is no different. But to do it perfectly you either have to hire the services of a professional or learn, you can do both with this beauty influencer. She along with an expert makeup artist is an educator as well, she shares her recommendations or advice on her Instagram due to which she has a following of 104k which is rapidly rising along with her engagement rate. Make sure you follow her!

  • Wafiya Gour

    83. Wafiya Gour

    Instagram: wafiya_gour

    USP: Wafiya Gour is one of the best beauty Influencers in India with expertise in bridal hair grooming and makeup.

    Wafiya Gour is a makeup artist and hair stylist. She owns the makeup salon chain called Haven located in Jogeshwari and Mumbai Central. Her specialities lie Beauty, cosmetics and personal care. Wafiya can get get brides dolled up for their special day. As one of the top beauty Influencers in India, Wafiya has lot of followers eager to learn her art. She caters to an audience of 103K on Instagram and has an engagement rate of 0.8%. She has posted 3 times more pictures then videos. Moreover, Wafiya's content can reach an average of 5.3K IG users. Moreover, she garners 711 likes and 3 comments per post, putting her like to comment ratio at 273 to 1. Wafiya practices what she preaches. She frequently uploads posts where she works her makeup and hairstyle skills on herself. Reels bring in average of 3.3K views while videos bring 9.8K. The top reel on her page got 26.2K plays from 17.5K unique user, in addition to 251 likes. The highly interected carousel post featuring a happy couple received 602 likes and 3 comments.

  • Sonam

    84. Sonam

    Instagram: glowupwithsonaa

    USP: Skincare, makeup tutorials with affordable product recommendations.

    Makeup isn't just another skill that can be picked up on the go. While the majority of people believe this, it is apparent that this is not the case. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to apply makeup. However, owing to fantastic beauty influencers, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. With the number of Indian beauty influencers on Instagram are on the rise, there are a select specialists who we go to for our daily dose of beauty content. One such amazing influencer is sonam Sonam's Instagram account is full of material centred on her candid evaluations of beauty products, skincare suggestions, and cosmetic tutorials. Her content is educational, up-to-date, trending, and unique. We're intrigued by the information, which ranges from how to create different cosmetic looks to her private night skincare routine. Sonam's beauty game is always on point, whether she's wearing winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, or doing skincare before makeup.

    She reflects a following of 96.3k along with an amazing engagement rate which has got her over 633k views on one of her most famous reels. "Your makeup can't be ten if your skincare is two," she says, and she makes sure to influence her audience by teaching skincare routines and skin-friendly materials. The best part is that you can expect new beauty stuff from her every day! Make sure you follow her account.

  • Bushra Imtiyaz

    85. Bushra Imtiyaz

    Instagram: makeupbybushraimtiyaz

    USP: Bushra Imtiyaz offers classic makeup services tailored towards each client. She has a firm grasp on beauty techniques and recommends solutions after understanding the core problems in key facial areas.

    Bushra Imtiyaz is bridal makeup expert based in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. She is a well-renowned beauty blogger and influencer who operates on a global scale. Her makeup services include regular, Airbrush, party, family a nd friends makeup, fake eyelashes, nail care, draping, hair-styling and extensions. Bushra's services also come with the added benefit of free trials. Bushra is a makeover expert that brings the best version of a bride. She assures results that align with the wishes and demands of her clientele. Bushra Imtiaz has 104.3K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.8%. She frequently posts photos of brides dazzling in their makeup, garments and ornaments. The top reel on the page is a before and after transition video of soon to be bride. Since the upload the reel received 83.9K views 7289 likes and 11 comments. Reels bring an average of 6.2K views for Bushra. The Indian beauty influencer's reach goes beyond 5.3K IG users. According to our expert estimates, Bushra gets an average of 32.6K views, 859 likes and 4 comments.

  • Akansha

    86. Akansha

    Instagram: _akanshaaaaa_

    UUSP: She is a certified makeup artist teaching you this art one day at a time.

    A beauty influencer is someone who has a large social media following and has a significant influence on her followers' purchases of beauty products and services. This is due to the fact that this social media user is able to engage and maintain the attention of her followers. Through her blogs, vlogs, videos, and other social media content, she may be giving makeup tips, tutorials, product reviews, and supporting items and brands. While these beauty influencers in India do not have to be trained makeup artists or beauty gurus, they are able to attract a large following due to the genuineness and authenticity of their digital material. They also communicate with their fans on a daily basis through their social media sites, answering questions, and so on to keep engagement soaring. And one of the makeup influencers on Instagram who has mastered it is Akansha. Her feed is filled with amazing content, bond with followers, great recommendations and much more. She has a following of 98.3k along with her reels often crossing 100k views, one of her most famous reels has crossed 2.3 Million views. If you are interested in the field of beauty, you should definitely follow this account.

  • AL Kauser

    87. AL Kauser

    Instagram: alkausermakeovers

    USP: Her followers are increasing at an exponential rate because her reviews from consumers are too good. Her make-up team is very co-operative, caring, supportive and they make you look best version of yourself on your big day. From party makeup, engagement makeup, haldi/mehndi, reception make ups to using the best products available in India, she is winning hearts as a top make-up artist and beauty influencer in India.

    Al Kauser is an old Delhi based professional makeup artist who operates on a global scale. She received countrywide acclamation for her royal bridal looks. She believes in natural beauty; armed with extensive knowledge of skin tone, makeup products and their application Al Kauser enhances her client’s eyes and face features. The makeup specialist and hair stylist provides premium services at her client’s doorstep as well. Besides wedding she also offers party and engagement makeup services. She has created multiple makeup packages by adhering to her client’s needs and budget. Moreover, Al Kauser is one of the best destination wedding makeup specialists with resources to travel to every corner of the country at her clients' behest. AL Kauser has 102K followers on Instagram however she also boasts one of the best engagement rates amongst fellow beauty influencers’ i.e 3.3%. She uses the platform to feature her work and brides ready in their best wedding Avatar. Her content can reach an average of 38.4K IG users. Photos are her medium of choice. The top content on her feed is a self-makeup post with 298 K likes and 1311 comments. Also has a YouTube channel where she uploads makeup demos for her audience.

  • Kanka Das

    88. Kanka Das

    Instagram: kankadas

    USP: Authentic recommendations and quality content.

    From their followers to marketers eager to partner with them, beauty influencers are in great demand in India right now. Because the bulk of these influencers are regular women who present a girl-next-door image, this is the case. The job of a beauty influencer is to promote products, provide beauty advice, and influence purchasing decisions. The bulk of today's Indian beauty influencers on Instagram are professionals in the cosmetics and fashion industries. They have the skills and experience to create stuff that is both entertaining and effective. These influencers are also quite personable and relatable, according to us. As a result, when they advocate a specialised product or service, their followers pay attention and are encouraged to purchase. In response to the demand, the number of beauty experts is increasing daily, yet only a few are commendable and Kanka Das is definitely on the list. Her feed is itself a piece of art, it is filled with beauty tips or recommendations, amazing outfits and more. She has a following of 101k and a good engagement rate which even gets her 1.3 million views on some of her reels.

  • Divya

    89. Divya

    Instagram: ohmyyglow

    USP: Divya is a famous beauty blogger on Instagram. Her awesome makeup tips are quite a craze among her followers. She has extensive knowledge of varied beauty products and loves to share them with her fans.

    Divya is one of the best beauty influencers in India. Her informative lessons on makeup are quite popular on the platform. She gives correct tips and techniques for applying makeup that can stay for a long time and does not look fake. She also posts videos on trendy makeup hacks and helps her fans to know which ones to follow and which ones are a big NO! Divya has 99.7 K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 4.79%. She consistently posts videos of makeup tips and tricks that can help create gorgeous looks. Her talent is reflected in her content. The majority of her videos emphasize the best ways to achieve glam makeovers by using the best products. Her step-by-step techniques and high-quality content are loved by her audience. This is why they love to interact with her. Her average interaction per post is 5080 likes and 80 comments. Her top-performing reel is the most requested “Black smokey eye makeup tutorial in Hindi”. The breathtaking and dramatic eye makeover became a huge hit. It explained in detail how to slay a smokey eye like a pro. The video received 500,403 views, 33,878 likes, and 251 comments!

  • Muskaan Kapoor

    90. Muskaan Kapoor

    Instagram: makeoversbymuskan

    USP: An experienced makeup artist making you learn all of it one post at a time.

    A Delhi-based makeup artist with more than two years of experience in the industry launched Muskan Kapoor Makeovers. In order to maximise client happiness and win the hearts of numerous brides whom she has transformed with her talents and aptitude, she has been offering high-quality services. You have the ideal one if you're seeking for a professional makeup artist in the area who can perform for your wedding and all of its associated events. With a base in Delhi, Muskan Kapoor is able to travel anywhere both inside and outside of the city to perform her services and make sure that you, your family, and friends all look faultless and stunning. She exclusively employs high-end, internationally popular cosmetics brands and products to create the ideal appearance for you. You may use her services for a range of events, such as your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding festivities. However for people who can’t avail her services or want to learn from her, her instagram account is the ideal place for you. She makes sure to share the final look of each of her clients, she gives recommendations or tips and much more. She has a following of 100k with a good engagement rate owing to the great quality she provides making her one of the best indian beauty influencers. Her reels often cross 50k views and are really fun to watch. Make sure you give her a follow!

  • Surreal Bridal Makeovers

    91. Surreal Bridal Makeovers

    Instagram: surrealbridalmakeovers

    USP: Best Bridal Makeup Artist to create the most amazing surreal looks.

    Surreal Bridal Makeovers is a professional team of Indian beauty influencers. They are creative makeup artists who work hard to provide the most surreal looks to the brides at their weddings. But it doesn’t mean that they specialize only in bridal makeovers. For any kind of makeover that requires professional help, you can easily choose Surreal Bridal Makeovers without batting an eyelid. The team is exceptional in its services. Whether it’s an engagement ceremony, birthday, a naming ceremony for newborn babies, corporate parties, or other social functions, the team will give the transformation based on the event so that you do not feel out of place. You will look unique and amazing with the transformation. Admiration and appreciation of such kind of ravishing looks do not take a lot of time. So if you have always wanted to be the center of attention, then this is it. Hire Surreal Bridal Makeovers and let them help you in converting your dreams into reality. Still, doubt in your mind? Why not look at the count of followers they have? 97.3K people are their fans! It's social proof that they are highly appreciated for their services. Amazing, isn’t it?

  • Chetali Chadha

    92. Chetali Chadha

    Instagram: chetalichadha

    USP: Chetali Chadha is one of the top beauty, travel, wedding Lifestyle and skin care Influencers of Indian origin.

    Chetali Chadha is a skin care reviewer, makeup lover and fashion enthusiast from India. Before making a name for herself in the beauty niche, she forged her talents in the corporate world. Today she loves to clear doubts, answer questions, create makeup looks and review fashion products. Chetali Chadda has 95.3K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 2.6%. The beauty Influencers posts on average receive 2.3K likes and 31 comments. She can reach almost 104.7K IG users per upload. Some of Chetali's video titles include top 5 clean beauty brands, five current skin care obsessions, Amazon finds, eyeshadow art, affordable bb/cc creams, acne removal hacks, moisturizers, lip gloss tips, baby skin care essentials and Mascara hacks. Chetali also does comparison videos between two or more beauty brands. Chetali's top beauty reel got 4.5K likes and 61 comments till date. Chaitali Chadda has a YouTube channel with 420K subscribers. She has uploaded almost 300 videos which together have brought 37.9M views. Chetali is an active content creator; she has uploaded 20 times in the last 30 days. The beauty vlogger uploads new videos every Tuesday and Friday. The channel grew by 20 videos and 1.3M views in the last month.



    Instagram: fkmakeupartist

    USP: Professional Makeup Artist with excellent airbrush techniques.

    Fatima Khan, one of the best Indian makeup influencers, is a professional makeup artist based in Hyderabad. Her transformation looks on Instagram has already gathered 95K followers and the count is increasing every day. She is specialized in providing glamorous wedding looks which involve flawless makeup and elegant bridal hairstyles. She is capable of creating any looks you desire, so you can always witness your imagination turning into reality when you hire her for the services. Her forte is airbrush makeup. If you have never heard of an airbrush, then it is a tool that uses compressed air to spray a uniform layer of makeup on your face. The result is smooth and flawless skin that does not look fake. Your makeup will never look cakey and also last for a much longer time than the one done by using brushes and beauty blenders. Although this never-ending skin perfection is becoming a rage in the beauty world, not all makeup artists are airbrush professionals. It takes time to be perfect and Fatima Khan has already done that. The Indian beauty influencers feed on Instagram is proof of that. So, if you want to achieve a glowing, radiant and flawless look, you know where to look for.

  • Vijay Basetiya

    94. Vijay Basetiya

    Instagram: vijay_makeovers

    USP: A expert makeup artist with precision or perfection in the service he provides and teaches.

    Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day since it is the occasion that has the most significance for her throughout her whole life. However, in past times, the bride's family, relatives, and close friends assisted in grooming her with her makeup, clothes, jewellery, and other accessories. But nowadays, along with the bride's wedding attire and hairstyle, the task of bridal makeup is frequently delegated to makeup artists. Vijay besatiya is one such expert makeup artist who is in-demand right now and has been told to have magic in his hands, apart from providing such expert services, you can learn the art of applying makeup correctly through his instagram account where he is an educator making him one of the top male beauty influencers in India.

  • Anita Chaudhary

    95. Anita Chaudhary

    Instagram: anita_chaudhary__

    USP: A makeup expert winning audience with her quality content filled with knowledge .

    The reason why women are so preoccupied with makeup is no longer a mystery. It can be used immediately and effectively. When women wear cosmetics, they feel strong, cheerful, and confident. One advantage of applying makeup is that it enables women to cover pimples and other facial defects. Additionally aids in highlighting face characteristics that might not normally be as defined without makeup. There are countless items lined up on the shelves that cover flaws and suit various skin tones, skin textures, face shapes, and sizes. According to research, elderly women who wore cosmetics were less likely to fall and had better posture than those who wore it infrequently or never. According to statistics, 67 percent of women experienced better treatment from other people when they wore makeup. So it is concluded that knowing makeup is important for everyone, now you can too from the best beauty bloggers on Instagram India and one of them Anita. She has a following of 91.5k and a great engagement rate which gets her over 19 million views on some of her videos as well. Make sure you follow her for amazing tips and beauty recommendations. She conducts masterclasses as well!

  • Misha Vig

    96. Misha Vig

    Instagram: mishavigmakeup

    USP: Misha Vig is blessed with unparalleled skills and the passion to chase excellence. Her work made its way to the magazine covers of Lofficial, FHM and in the hearts of popular celebrities.

    Misha Vig is a renowned makeup artist based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. She is one of the top beauty influencers in India. Misha is an award-winning bridal artist, trained by the London School of Makeup and MUFE Paris. She went on to work for brands like Inglot, Makeup Forever and Makeup Studio before becoming one of the leading Indian beauty Influencers on Instagram. Today Misha Vig is the most sought after makeup artist for brides living in and around Delhi and Gurgaon. She is completely against applying layers of makeup. Instead, she wants to bring out natural beauty by focusing on a few key features of her clients. She is renowned for hearing her client's wishes and bringing their imagination to life. Chanel, Inglot, Temptu, NARS and Laura Mercier are some of Misha's most preferred beauty brands. Misha’s Instagram feed is filled with posts of captivating flawless makeovers. She believes that any exceptional look can only be achieved if pre-designed efficiently. Her posts on Instagram are proof. Each look is thoughtfully created to reflect the personality of the clients and achieve the perfection desired by them. She has 2502 posts on Instagram which receives an average of 973 likes and 4 comments. Misha uploads self-snapshots as well as pictures of brides to showcase her makeup skills. Additionally, she also has tutorials for her audience. People that collaborated with Misha have nothing but phrases for the makeup doyen. Misha boasts an engagement rate of 1.0% and reach of 5.3K. Reels bring 4.9K average views while videos get 3.4K.

  • Papri Ganguly

    97. Papri Ganguly

    Instagram: throughmypinkwindow

    USP: A larger than life person helping you beautify in the right way.

    Tutorials, beauty regimens, fresh makeup trends, advice, makeovers, and cosmetic product reviews are just some of the things you'll find on the top Indian beauty influencers IG handle. These influencers have multiple arrows in their quiver! They are truly passionate about all things linked to beauty and like sharing their knowledge with their communities. Fans are following their every move on all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and so on). Beauty influencers, like other types of digital influencers, play an important role in the cosmetics industry's marketing strategy. Papri Ganugly aka throughmypinkwindow is one such influencer who is propelling the business ahead. She is a focused influencer who always strives to make her content better with each post, she has the best recommendations which has made her gain over 90k followers and her reels often cross the 50k mark. Even after being an underrated creator, her audience is just in awe of her candidness and amazingly portrayed beauty tutorials and much more. Make sure you check out her channel if you are interested in beauty.

  • Preethi Raj

    98. Preethi Raj

    Instagram: pree.xx

    USP: You can keep your hair and skin beautiful with the beauty influencers amazing recommendations and tutorials.

    More than just your appearance depends on how well you take care of your skin. Your skin, being your largest organ, is critical to your overall health. It can assist you in taking care of yourself if you take care of it. This is why having a well-thought-out skin care routine is critical. Taking care of your skin on a regular basis is well worth the time and effort. Hair maintenance has a slew of advantages that encourage both good hygiene and self-esteem. Maintaining your hair, on the other hand, can help you live longer by reducing the risk of premature hair loss. But how can you learn how to take good care of them, well there are many great influencers for it, one of them is preethi. Her feed is filled with informative content and great recommendations that will help you a lot. Preethi Raj has a following of 85.7K. The Indian beauty influencers reels often crossing 100k, one of her most famous reels have crossed 5 million views which shows the quality content and consistency she shows which makes her gain the perfect engagement. Make sure you follow her account for keeping yourself healthy and beautiful.

  • afsha_sparkle

    99. Afsha’s Sparkle

    Instagram: Afsha's Sparkle



    Afsha is a self-taught makeup artist who has turned her passion for beauty into a rewarding career. Her artistic makeup tutorials have helped her gain immense fame and followers on Instagram.

    Afsha is a creative self-taught makeup artist on Instagram. She is one of the best beauty influencers in India. Her charming makeovers are sure to captivate anyone going through her Instagram feed. Her tips and tricks on achieving glamorous looks with minimal products are loved by her audience. She also posts amazing makeovers with step-by-step instructions so that anyone can recreate the look from the comfort of their home.

    Afsha has 82.6 K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 2.16%. She consistently posts videos on makeup hacks that can give stunning makeovers without investing a lot of time. Her makeup lessons such as blush techniques, quick eyeliner hack, and Selena Gomez’s mascara hack are some of the popular posts that can even motivate beginners who feel intimidated by complex makeovers. Her average interaction per post is 1.73K likes and 22 comments. Her top-performing reel is “Glitter Smokey eyes look” which captivated her fans. This makeover is quite innovative and has a unique combination. The post received 32,286 likes and 154 comments!

  • makeoverby shbafiya

    100. Shafiya

    Instagram: makeoverby_shafiya



    Shafiya is amongst the highly recommended Indian makeup influencers with reasonable pricing for her services. She uses quality products and is flexible with the time and place.

    Shafiya is a certified professional makeup artist from Bangalore Karnataka India with a well-established makeup studio and Academy. Beauty enthusiasts flock to her in droves to learn and experience her skill first-hand. Sophia has worked her magic on over 50 brides since 2019. She always uses high-end, branded cosmetic products to bring out the best version of her clients. The Indian beauty influencer on Instagram provides a trial run of her services. Additionally, the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of Shafiya's Salon puts her clients at ease as they go through an extravagant makeover.

    Shafiya is going strong on Instagram with an engagement rate of 2.5%. She has 81.3K followers and has uploaded over 1190 posts. Her content has an average of 1.4K likes, 10 comments with a reach of 7.5K. One of the best beauty influencers has maintained a balance between pictures and videos: the latter brings 20.5K views on average. Shafiya utilizes reels to feature work done by her students. She also uploads transition videos of brides getting ready for their big day. The top makeover post has 1.4K likes, while the most viewed reel has 429.5K views, 14K likes and 28 comments.