Top Indian Comedy Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2024

  • Posted On : 2023-05-18
Top Indian Comedy Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2024

Do you want to add a little humour to your brand and make your customers smile? In any case, Instagram comedians are here to slay, and this is exactly why over 93% of marketers make use of influencer marketing as per socialpubli. Comedy Influencers in India have made a big splash in the world of digital marketing or have become such powerful marketing tools thanks to their large fan bases, insanely engaging content, and high consumption rates, among other things.

No matter what industry your brand falls under, you can always use these comedy influencers in India to increase brand recognition and reach local as well as international prospects. The ease with which they promote your brand is one of the additional advantages of using comedy influencers on Instagram for your brand campaign.

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“Humanity has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century, but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand. — Mark Twain”

In a kind of complex world scenario, comedians provide us jokes to laugh and elevate our mental equilibrium. Laughing is to share happiness among everyone. Laughs are contagious and have great benefits from physical to mental health.

The use of social media increased the rate of engagement between people. This benefited everyone but the most beautiful benefit happened with people and comedy Influencers on Instagram. Comedy Instagrammers got the platform to showcase their art and people got some warm moments to pound their hearts.

For people who do not know what a comedy Instagrammer is, let’s first understand who they are exactly.

Who are Comedy Instagrammers?

Instagram comedians produce comedic vlogs, spoofs, sketches, and stand-up comedy to amuse and make their viewers laugh uncontrollably. Additionally, they offer a humorous interpretation of events or take a satirical stance on any current socio-economic situation.

This enables them to establish a connection with their audience and sway their decision to make a purchase. By working with our agency and identifying the ideal comedy influencers for their brand, entertainment brands can take advantage of the influence of well-known Indian comedians on Instagram.

Comedy Instagrammers are people with a heightened sense of wit and expertise in social media platforms mainly Instagram. These Instagrammers are highly social and good with jokes, sense of humour, sarcasm, thoughts, etc. They create a string of witted thoughts and create memorable and hilarious moments for their viewership.

Types of Comedy Influencers on Instagram

Comedy influencers on Instagram vary from different niches of comedy. Let’s see some types of comedy influencers on Instagram:

  • Stand-up: The major comedy influencers are stand up comedian who create their content and jokes from varied field and present it front of audience to evoke a contagious laughing environment.
  • Situational: there are moments in everyone’s life which are very hilarious. The situational comedian presents their situations of great fun and share it with the audience.
  • Dark comedy: Dark as the name suggest is not for child. In a grim and serious situation, like death, war, and crime and create jokes about them.
  • Parody: parody is the comic version of a regular film, series, character, etc and present a rather comical version which evoke laughter in the audience.
  • Observational: Everyone faces some situation where they observe anybody and notices their actions, words, etc. find that it is rather absurd sometimes. And this makes the whole observational comedy so great.

Here is a List of Best Indian Comedy Influencers That You Should Definitely Follow in 2024

  • Ashish Chanchlani

    1. Ashish Chanchlani

    Instagram Account: @ashishchanchlani


    Mimicry specialist, teaser and prank expert.

    Ashish chanchlani is one of top comedy influencers in India. He identifies himself as an artist and digital content creator. He has worked hard and gradually built his loyal followers base. Back in 2018, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke international film festival award for ‘best Digital influencer’. He also got featured in Forbes India 30 under 30 and also won ‘best comedy influencer’ on Instagram award at the first edition of world bloggers award held at Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

    Ashish Chanchlani has highlighted scammers, NWH RED CARPET, Akshay kumar, lets and fights, helpline, farmers relief, suryavanshi, america, MIB cameo, meme page, fake ids, 10 million subscribers, ranveer singh, highlights, etc. He has also made a cameo in hollywood movie Men In Black: International.

    Ashish chanchlani has acted in TV shows, he made his debut with pyaar tune kya kiya in 2016. He is also present on several other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. he is underpaid collaborations with various brands like playground global, amazon mini tv, etc.

  • Zakir Khan

    2. Zakir Khan

    Instagram Account: @zakirkhan_208


    Beautiful poet, Great human being and hardcore Sakht Launda.

    Zakir Khan is one of most followed instagram comedian and comedy influencer. He is well respected by his followers and praised a lot by everyone. He identifies himself as a comedian. Back in 2012 he rose to popularity after comedy central. He has been part of numerous shows like news comedy shows, on AIR with AIB, etc.

    Zakir khan has released several long stand up comic stand up acts like Haq Se Single, Kaksha Gyarvi, and tathastu on Amazon prime video. He is also a very beautiful poet. He has penned down numerous poems. Some of his poems are ‘Main soonya pe sawar hoon’, ‘apne aapke bhi piche khara hoon main’, ‘bus ka intezar karte huye’.

    Zakir khan has also acted in Amazon prime video chacha vidhayak hai humare, The great Indian Laughter Challenge, humorously yours, one mic stand, farzi mushaira,etc. Zakir has highlights like mehfil biryani, highlights, USA, Australia, Amritsar, Noise, Too Yumm, avengers, Highlights, etc.

    Zakir khan has won numerous awards and accolades. He was applauded by NDTV Prime as ‘The rising stars of comedy’. He featured as a judge on amazon prime’s ‘Comicstan season 2’. He is an animal lover and has a dog.

  • Anubhav Singh Bassi

    3. Anubhav Singh Bassi

    Instagram Account: @be_a_bassi


    Eye watering real life comic situations. Catchy slangs and dialogues.

    Anubhav Singh Bassi is the true top comedy influencer in India. His acts are so great that each video went viral. Anubhav singh bassi was recently seen in the movie Tu Jhooti Main Makkar alongside ranbir kapoor and shraddha kapoor. He has also delivered Ted talks as key speaker.

    Anubhav Singh Bassi has a huge fan base and higher engagement rate with his followers. The highlights of his Instagram page are Question routine, ticket link, live shows, media coverage, waxing video, upcoming shows, 2019, 2018 best shows, etc. he is also present on several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

    Anubhav singh Bassi was a professional lawyer and graduated from National Law University. He initially pursued his career in law but he lost interest. He always wanted to do something that made him happy. Later he started doing open mic and soon he rose to prominence. His first youtube video ‘Cheating’ was a viral hit. This video alone has 76M views.

    Anubhav Singh Bassi recently uploaded his first show on Amazon prime named ‘Bas Kar Bassi’. He was also a UPSC aspirant, a lawyer, and an entrepreneur

  • Aishwarya mohanraj

    4. Aishwarya mohanraj

    Instagram Account: @aishwaryamrj


    unapologetic sarcasm and female perspective of comic world

    Aishwarya Mohanraj is one of the best Indian comedy Influencers. She is a great personality who understands self-love and self-care that is why she titled herself as queen of the world. She was one of top 10 contestants of the show of comicstan, a comedy stand up competitive show.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj further worked with popular shows like son of Abish, Behti Naak, on AIR with AIB, comicstan season 2, one mic stand, etc. she is highly educated and has degrees in pharmacy, master of business administration.she worked with multinational company but she soon became restless and wanted to pursue her passion.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj quit her job at Nielsen and participated in Comicstan and after that her prominence only rose higher and higher. She is also present on various social media platforms. Facebook, Youtube, twitter, etc. She regularly uploads videos on youTube. She also appeared on Amazon funnies, a miniseries featuring top 14 comedy influencers of India.

    Aishwarya Mohanraj was very curious and tended to learn everything. She is a great dancer in classical dances, singing, debating, etc. SHe is active on multiple podcasts too and has participated with various brands for paid promotions.

  • Abhishek upmanyu

    5. Abhishek upmanyu

    Instagram Account: @aupmanyu


    Effortless delivery and humongous entertainment

    Abhishek Upmanyu is one of top comedy influencers on Instagram. He identifies himself as a comedian and truly he is one of top Instagram Comedians. He has kept his highlights short with only 3 highlights namely neuroleap, Meow, and Burn. He launched his first video titled “Indian insults and comebacks”. It was highly cherished by the audience.

    Abhishek Upmanyu was working with major multinational corporations like Ranbaxy, engineers India limited, HPCL-mittal energy ltd, Grail research, Bain and company, etc before leaving his corporate life and dedicating himself completely in the stand up arena. He has also worked as a writer for ‘On AIR with AIB’.

    Abhishek Upmanyu dis comedy shows like ‘Thoda Saaf bol’ and ‘Jealous of Sabjiwala’ which turned out to be hits. He loves cats very much and also has a cat named ‘Mitch Hedberg’. He has done various national and international shows. Recently he released a new video named ‘Animals’.

    Animal Upmanyu is a highly enriched humour instagram influencer. He has registered his presence on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. When we consider best Indian comedy influencers he surely shows on top of the list.

  • Nick

    6. Nick

    Instagram Account: @beyounick


    Relatable and funny comic situations

    BeyouNick real name is Nikunj Lotia. Be YouNick is a wordplay which means ‘Be unique’. His instagram handle is one of highly followed comedy instagram accounts. He is widely known as a comedy Instagrammers and digital comedy content maker. He holds a degree in architecture from a prestigious institute.

    Be YouNick is present on several platforms like facebook, YouTube, etc. Some of his videos titled, When You Live in Dombivli, First Date, Men will Be men, If pablo escobar was India, Job interview gone wrong, etc. he has shared the frame with great personalities like Raj Kumar rao, Dawayne johnson, Amanda Cerni, boman irani, etc.

    Be YouNick has put highlights on his Instagram handle consisting Sri Lanka, KRA launch, Social Nation, NUsta tokyo, LA, QandA, Euro trip, Goa, Shakira reply, #nustaSanFran, #NustaBali, etc. Nick has been in partnership with various brands for paid collaboration.

    Be YouNick is considered as top comedy Instagrammers in India. He represented India as the only Digital creator from the country at Vidcon 2019 US.

  • RJ abhinav

    7. RJ abhinav

    Instagram Account: @rjabhinavv


    Unforgettable charms, spells, and catchy slangs

    RJ Abhinav is considered as the top of best Indian comedy influencers in India. He identifies himself as a video creator and comedy instagrammer. He is widely popular as RJ and Faad magician. He regularly uploads new and hilarious content on his instagram handle. He has devised various catchy parody phrases of Harry potter and uses it in his videos.

    RJ Abhinav has created highlights mentioning Cannes FF 2022, Amalfi-Milan, Rome, Croatia, Faad Kicks, Yatha ki Katha, Spiti and more, Time lapses, coldplay berlin, singapore, Kinshuk, YT golden button, man vs wild, Andamans, thailand 2018, etc.

    RJ Abhinav’s complete name is Abhinav singh. He is a mimicry specialist and has done a lot of parodies. He has partnered with many brands for paid collaborations, some of the brands are Kitkat for cat a break campaign, The apollo hospitals, ET Money Official, First Games by PayTM, etc.

    Rj Abhinav is also present on several social media platforms. Some of them are YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc. he earlier used to work as Radio Jockey hence his name RJ.

  • Danish Sait

    8. Danish Sait

    Instagram Account: @danishsait


    Hilarious mimicry and parodies

    Danish sait is one of top comedy influencers in India and most followed Instagram comedian. He identifies himself as an artist. He has a variety of roles to serve. He is a comedy influencer, stand up comedian, television host, radio jockey, actor, and writes for Kannada cinema. He was radio jockey for Fever 104 FM.

    Danish Sait has been part of bangalore based comedy group The improv. He has hosted pro kabbadi league, cricket world cup, etc. he has made his film debut from kannada movie Humble politician Nograj. He is known for his sketch comedy and parody interviews. He has been part of films like Afsos, french biryani, one cut two cut, sold, 777 charlie, etc.

    Danish sait highlights are about Nograj, sacha, decade, roomies, My1st Film, etc. he is a hardcore humour influencer. He has won numerous awards and accolades like Outlook social media awards for breakout star of the year, wow awards asia: live quotients award for best master of ceremonies for corporate and lifestyle events- male, 8th south asian indian international movie awards for best debutant actor for the movie Humble politician Nograj, and he was nominated for 10th south asian indian International movie awards for best actor for the movie French Biryani.

  • Aakash Gupta

    9. Aakash Gupta

    Instagram Account: @theskygupta


    He will make you laugh at extremely relatable things

    Aakash is a stand-up comic from Delhi. He was a peculiar performer who had a gift for getting people to laugh. One of the best comedy Instagrammers began his comic career by imitating his maasi during family gatherings since he was desperate for laughs. Fortunately, since then, the trajectory has been upward.

    One of the unique qualities of Aakash is the fact that he utilises his gestures, movements, and relatable examples to make sure people connect with his story on a deeper level, making him extremely funny. On his Instagram account, you will find a lot of comedy reels which he exclusively uploads on Instagram. He also posts updates regarding his shows and how the previous shows went.

    You will find him interacting with the audience frequently on his account and sharing a lot of the stories where he is mentioned. This helps in making the audience feel more connected to him or loyal to him. One of the best comedy influencers on Instagram has a following of over 1.1 million along with an engagement rate of 7.14% which is incredible. His average views are also above 531K. This makes him one of the most ideal influencers for companies looking for collaboration.

  • Viraj Ghelani

    10. Viraj Ghelani

    Instagram Account: @viraj_ghelani


    His comedy reels will make you drool in laughter

    Viraj Ghelani is one of the most popular Instagram influencers today. If you follow comedy on the platform, you must have seen his videos. His ability to churn out comedy videos on some of the most trending or relatable topics is unmatched. This ability has given the finest comedy Instagram influencer a following of over 1 million and an engagement rate of 10.26%. His average views are also unmatched, touching a whopping 682k views. This just shows the amount of loyalty he has been able to create with his quality content, consistency, and interactions with his followers.

    He has been so successful in his reach that he recently did a movie with Dharma known as Govinda naam mera. He gained a lot more following due to it and appreciation for his acting and comic timing. He also partners with a lot of celebrities ranging from those in movies, cricket, etc. This gives one of the most followed Instagram comedians a lot of authority in the space. You will find the finest brands collaborating with him time and again as well.

    If you want to partner with a comedy influencer who can increase your awareness, get instant conversions, and also add a lot of creativity with the agency to take the campaign to the next level, then he is the ideal influencer to choose!

  • rahul-subramaniam

    11. Rahul Subramaniam

    Instagram Account: @rahulsubramanic


    A comedian who is quick in his witty replies

    Rahul Subramanian is a former brand manager turned comedian. This comedian from Mumbai has been performing since 2014 when he made his debut by teaming up with his friend Kumar Varun to win the first-ever YouTube Comedy Hunt (sketch video competition), Virgin Pants, and Canvas Laugh Club (all-India open-mic competitions). This gives one of the finest comedy influencers insane credibility in the space.

    On his Instagram, you will find a lot of unseen footage of his standups, updates about his shows, etc. He also interacts with his audience consistently and has some of the wittiest things to say. He recently released his crowd interaction special on Prime video which is being loved by all. His ability to stay respectful and witty at the same time makes his comedy a favourite amongst all. This also makes him one of the most loved comedy influencers in India.

    He has a following of 852k along with an engagement rate of 13.14% which is higher than most celebrities. This shows the loyal fanbase he has made. This also makes him an ideal influencer for collaboration. You can easily do that with the help of an influencer marketing agency like Grynow.

  • Shivam Sharma

    12. Shivam Sharma

    Instagram Account: @swaggersharmaa


    One of the most famous comedians with an unmatched engagement rate

    Shivam sharma aka swagger sharma is one of the smartest Instagram comedians as he knows what people want to see or are more likely to engage in. He creates a movie-like experience with his comedy skits and shows his skill with subtle taunts or digs at different people, etc.

    On his Instagram account, you will find a lot of content that is exclusive to the platform, he also shares about the new videos that he uploads consistently and gives a sneak peek into his personal life. This helps him make a good connection with his audience. His following of 556k and a huge engagement rate of 26.61% just reflect that one of the finest humour Instagram influencers has been successful in his efforts.

    His average views are over 1 million which makes him one of the best influencers to partner with for unmatched results in minimum investment as he can bring in millions of people who are interested in your product or service. To partner with one of the top comedy influencers at the ideal cost and get the most creative campaign, you can get in touch with an influencer marketing agency like Grynow.

  • Naved Khan

    13. Naved Khan

    Instagram Account: @rjnaved


    Great wit and hilarious situational comedy

    Naved is one of the first entertainers for many of us. He is known for his show “Delhi ka don” on the radio where he pranks people with fake calls and his comedy timing is to die for. On his Instagram account, he frequently posts clips of these comedic interactions which get a lot of engagement. The humour influencer knows how to stay respectful towards others and still extract the funniest reactions which makes it so funny and something that you can see with anybody.

    This makes him have an incredible reach and 600k average views on his account. He has been there in the entertainment industry for so long now that he knows exactly what works in it, how to make a connection with his audience, how to trend with relatable topics, etc. This makes one of the finest Instagram comedians a great choice for brands for collaboration. He can provide his valuable insights and get the best results for you in the most creative way possible.

    He has also been authentic since he started which gives him amazing credibility and great influence in his recommendations.

  • Mallika dua

    14. Mallika dua

    Instagram Account: @mallikadua


    Wonderful poet, great comedian and very humble personality.

    Mallika dua identifies herself as an artist. She is one of the top Indian Comedy instagrammer. She is a comedian, actress and writer. She shot to fame after her video titled ‘Shit people say: Sarojini nagar edition’ went viral. She is the daughter of padma shri award winning journalist Vinod Dua.

    Mallika dua has been part of various films and web series like hindi medium, namaste england, Zero, Indoo ki Jawani, the trip, the great Indian laughter challenge, midnight misadventures with mallika dua, the trip season 2, myntra Fashion superstar, the office (Indian TV series), comedy premier league, etc.

    Mallika dua has put on highlights about Feshun4, home, FamilyFalooda, fluffooz, feyshun 3, lyfsux, kittan, london, homedecor, kerala, coronadaze, thukpa, patrick, rants, nightingale 2, magicpoddridge, luckycoin, nasheelealoo, coronadaze, zenzu, Bali2, random, munchooz, koshinz, savagepaaji, theofficeindia, etc.

    Mallika Dua has registered her presence on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. She has collaborated with brands like zomato, sprite India, HCGOncology, etc.

  • Harsh Beniwal

    15. Harsh Beniwal

    Instagram Account: @harshbeniwal


    Highly catchy slangs and dialogues. Hilarious storytelling and videos.

    Harsh Beniwal identifies himself as an actor and famous comedy instagrammers. He rose into prominence for his great comedy videos. He recently acted in the movie ‘Student of the year 2’ as Puggi, the friend of the lead actor. He has won many awards like silver creator award, gold creator awards, all round comedy creator of the year, etc.

    Harsh Beniwal has created highlights which consists of barfi, dubai, discord, shonty poplu, ainwai, drake ki video, highlights, why bread?, etc. he started his acting career in 2015. He has curated content regarding Indian family situations in a hilarious and comic way. He is active on various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

    Harsh Beniwal has partnered with various brands for paid collaborations like iQOO, playground global, amazon minitv, etc. he is a passionate animal lover. He started his YouTube channel in 2015 and has amassed 15.3M subscribers. His YouTube channel has more than 1.75 billion views.

  • Purav Jha

    16.Purav Jha

    Instagram Account: @puravjha


    Great actor and superb witty timings

    Purav Jha identifies himself as a video creator, actor, and instagram influencer. He has put on highlights like COCO, Kicks, And action, poplu, snapcode etc. He works closely with harsh beniwal. He always wanted to be an actor. While in graduation he met Harsh Beniwal and started a video together.

    Purav Jha enjoys playing games and travelling. He has been in paid collaborations with various brands like wildstone, Fairplay India, sony max, etc. his first video was school PTM. He also showcases his gaming skills and started a YouTube channel for this purpose.

    Purav jha is soon going to be seen in an upcoming web series on Jiocinema’s show Ishq next door. He loves to travel, cycle, and swim. He also appeared in harsh beniwal’s short film Who killed Jessica? He has done videos with top instagram influencers too.