Top 100 Finance YouTubers in India - Finance YouTube Channels, 2023

  • Posted On : 2022-11-15
Top Finance YouTubers in India

Money is important in everybody’s life and so is its management! You must have asked many questions in your life like "How do I earn more money? or How can I save more?" then you will realize and take it deeper and can ask "How do I create a Demat account?", "How do I generate a passive income?” and then you realize that stocks can be a good option for passive income and you can further ask - “How to pick profitable stocks?” and on and on…

For all these questions, people have approached various financial advisors and chartered accountants to these needs, however, this is a need of every man(woman) whether he/she is from below poverty line group or to the richest people on the earth.

However, everybody can’t afford the hefty fees of these consultants and the majority cannot understand the touch terms but everybody wants to understand the finance and wants better money management.

So, you may have also searched for the answers through multiple resources, and to solve this one of the biggest need, top finance YouTubers in India are here to rescue us and solve everybody’s problem.

Finance YouTubers make financial terms easy to understand and implement as we grasp information in native languages and through interactive videos.

Earning, investing, and saving money in the best possible way requires profound knowledge and skills. These financial content creators also help investors with the practical financial education to invest wisely with informed decision.

Founders, Start-ups and SMEs also comprehend the strategic and profound financial management skills through these finance YouTubers to attain financial sustainability and grow at scale. MNCs and big SMEs definitely have big finance teams to tackle.

So, what exactly are these finance creators and who are them not? Let’s explain in detail!

Who are Finance YouTubers?

Finance YouTubers are the ones who make you financially aware & literate and fills the void of financial literacy. They give the ordinary investor information and guidance on an array of financial issues such as stock market trading, loan management, personal finance, mutual funds, creating monthly budget & more.

Top Finance YouTube channels in India provide financial literacy that ultimately gives profound knowledge of financial education and various strategies that are fundamental for financial growth and success. W

When you have control over your finances by learning its principles, your monetary decisions will be backed by comprehensive economic ideas, strategic & sound financial management and stability.

According to Emplifi’s social insights, finance creators produce more than 5x as many videos on YouTube and nearly gain double the number of subscribers compared to other influencers on the podium. They experienced nearly 8% median growth rate between January and August 2022.

Why you should hire Indian finance youTubers from Grynow?

We are the top influencer marketing agency in the country for financial brands. We are having 6 years of experience working with some of the best finance youTubers in India and have helped many finance brands in the influencer marketing journey.

Before we get to the list, let us help you identify the type of finance YouTubers available as every finance influencer is suited for a different set of target audience.

Types of Finance YouTubers

The finance sector is vast and can span into multiple verticals and subcategories. However, to help you understand better, we have grouped them into five categories.

1. Finance YouTubers for Personal Finance

These creators help you with personal finance help by managing individual/household spending. They help you pick the right insurance plans (life/health/house/car), manage your leisure spending, plan budgets (for the month/year) and save necessary funds for emergency/retirement.

2. Finance YouTubers for Banking

These creators create content for students who aspire to appear for competitive exams majorly SSC/Bank PO. The viewers can be students of business schools, law schools, or finding jobs for bank , clerks, and government services.

3. Finance YouTubers for Investment management

Investment management involves helping you understand different asset classes and invest wisely after analyzing the risks and benefits associated. The assets question can be from real estate, shares, mutual funds, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

These are one of the best financial YouTubers in India that help you acquire and hold your assets with long and short-term strategies. Before making any investments or getting started, you get to know the interest rates, tax codes, duties, price levels, diversification, market trends, and risks.

4. Finance YouTubers for Accounting

Bookkeepers, students, and business owners can benefit from these types of finance YouTube channels as they cover topics like Taxation, auditing, cost/financial/managerial/advanced accounting, etc.

5. Finance YouTubers for Digital Finance

Advancement in digital technology has made it easy to access real-time data (anywhere/anytime) before making vital financial decisions. You no longer need heaps of paper - you need a smartphone, and you are good to go. However, as you pursue your financial goals, you may need to learn advanced software or integrate multiple technologies, and this is where finance creators on YouTube (specializing in digital finance) can help.

Now as you have understood in depth that who are financial creators and their types, here’s the most comprehensive list for you to explore!

Top 100 Indian Finance YouTubers in 2023

  • PR Sundar

    PR Sundar

    YouTube: PRSundar64


    PR Sundar has more than 30 years’ experience dealing in the stock market. He has been invited on Sun news and Vartha Ulagam. Additionally, Sundar has been honoured by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for his charity work.

    We have the best option traders and analysts to ever grace the niche. That is, PR Sundar, a finance guru who has built authority on stock market related subjects through his expert understanding of numbers.

    PR Sundar is well-respected amongst the vibrant finance community of India. The financial expert has a track record of successful countrywide workshops on hedging and options trading. Furthermore, thousands visit his blog everyday to read the influencers updates on stock market update.

    PR Sundar started his YouTube journey in June, 2009. Since then he has built a subscriber base of 1.01M. The financial expert has created more than many videos dedicated to stock market, option strategies, investments, hedging, options selling, trading, cryptocurrency, trading psychology, retail trading, stock analysis, stock recommendations and taxation. Sundar's videos have brought 132M views to his channel. He uploaded 40 videos in November 2022, adding 3.72M more views. Moreover, Sundar's average video views clocks in at 50.2K. The Indian financial YouTubers videos on "how he made 45 Lakhs in 6 days by trading", got 2M views 40.3K likes and 2.87M comments.

  • Pranjal Kamra

    Pranjal Kamra

    YouTube: Pranjal Kamra


    Pranjal is one of India's top financial advisors on youtube who was featured on the covers of business today magazine.

    Pranjal Kamra is a financial Guru and YouTuber with a loyal community. He founded finology ventures private limited to provide value added finance, investment and stock market education. The educator holds a Bachelor's degree of law from Hidayatullah National Law University and Investment and Security Certification from National Institute Of Securities Markets (NISM). Moreover, Pranjal authored the best-seller book titled "Investonomy: The Stock Market Guide That Makes You Rich".

    Pranjal Kamra created his YouTube channel in May, 2011. He has uploaded quality videos dedicated to topics like stock market for beginners, investing, mutual funds, share markets, IPOs, entrepreneurship, insurance planning, financial planning, future and options etc.

    One of the attractive traits of the financial YouTuber is his ability to mix fun with knowledge to engage his audience. For instance, Pranjal's series is called "Business games".

    Pranjal Kamra has a huge following on YouTube because of his ability to provide value through his content. As one of the best financial youtubers in the country, Pranjal has an engagement rate of 2.19%. He uploaded 7 videos in November 2022. Pranjal's top video titled "Stock Market for Beginners | How can Beginners Start Investing in Share Market | Hindi" has 10.7M views, 654K likes and 11.8K comments. Moreover, Pranjal attracts and delights his viewers with his high resolution thumbnails, captions, end screen, info card and hearted comments

  • Labour Law Advisor

    Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill

    YouTube: Labour Law Advisor


    Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill are amongst the best finance YouTubers in India known for creating insightful content that help employees make smart decisions with their money.

    Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill are personal finance, taxation, and investment experts helping employees get their finances right. Both colleagues have different traits and expertise that compliment each other. Mandeep Gill helps you in taxation planning, Zerodha use, Life insurance selection, health insurance tips, CA assisted ITR filing, File ITR with Quicko, consultancy from expert Labour lawyers and cost efficient courses. Rishabh's lessons on the other hand are divided into insurance and investment sections.

    Rishabh and Mandeep created their Labour Law advisor channel in August 2017. So far the youtube channel has 3.76M subscribers and is loaded with educational videos. Last month, the two finance Youtubers uploaded 32 new content while gaining 48.4M additional views. The topics Rishabh and Mandeep cover include freelancing, choosing the best life insurance, fixed income investments, personal finance, mutual funds guide, how to select the best debt funds, gold investments, health insurance guide, Life insurance and much more. Rishabh and Mandeep also like to pick important points from CNBC TV 18 and cover them on their channel

    The finance gurus get an engagement rate of 1.08% from their audience. The most popular video on the channel with 13.5M views, 966K likes and 1.78K comments explains the entire PF withdrawal process online. Likewise, Rishabh's and Mandeep's videos also get shared on other social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, WhatsApp etc

  • Rachna Phadke Ranade

    CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

    YouTube: CA Rachna Phadke Ranade


    Rachana Phadke Ranade is a go to Finance creators on YouTube for beginners who want to build financial discipline and gain familiarity with stock markets and financial concepts.

    Rachna is a chartered accountant with Bachelor's degree in commerce, Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Masters In Business study. The finance influencer is armed with more than 10 years of experience. Moreover, she had a lucrative career where she helped more than 5,00,000 students achieve their financial goals.

    In pursuit of localisation and globalization, Rachna maintains two channels to spread financial literacy in two languages - CA Rachna Phadke Ranade for English and CA Rachna Ranade for Marathi.

    Rachna Ranade has 4.11M subscribers on her main channel. The YouTuber creates videos on topics like stock market, finance, audit, chartered accounting, mutual funds, technical analysis, fundamental analysis forensic audit, budget, cryptocurrency, metaverse, investment, personal finance and IPOs. 3.8M users follow Rachana on YouTube, bringing her engagement right at 1.07%.

    As one of the top finance creators in India Rachna is consistent in her updates. She uploads at least one video every day. The chartered accountants content has amassed 188M+ views for her channel. "Basics of Stock Market For Beginners Lecture 1 By CA Rachana Phadke Ranade '', is the top video on the channel with 21.8M views, 555K likes and 29K comments.

  • Ankur Warikoo

    Ankur Warikoo

    YouTube: Warikoo


    Ankur Warikoo created his channel to talk about entrepreneurship, self-development and personal finance. He mentored multiple start-ups in India.

    Ankur Warikoo Is amongst India's top entrepreneurs, angel investors, author and public speakers with 4 + years of content creating experience. He has been featured on "Fortune magazine's 40 under 40 list", "India's Top Executives under 40 list", "LinkedIn India's Power profiles list" and "LinkedIn India's spotlight list".

    Ankur's entrepreneurial journey dates back to 2008. Back when he founded Groupon and led the company for many years. Ankur also worked as a CEO of Nearbuy until 2019. Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur Ankur picked up vital business building, fundraising and investing skills. Eventually he started dabbling in consumer behaviour, which helped him discover how people think, why they do what they do and what motivates them. Ankur speaks at length about his experience at various public speaking events across India. India's top mentor published a book called "Do Epic Shit" which went on to become a number one bestseller on Amazon.

    Ankur created "Warikoo" in August 2017. Currently, the financial YouTube channel has 2.36M subscribers and quality videos on motivation, entrepreneurship, inspiration, public speaking, growth mindset, Finance, cryptocurrency, book recommendations, personal finance, investing, stock market, assets, passive incomes, metaverse, money traps, markets and much more. The youtuber has an engagement rate of 2.50%. The channel has amassed 128M views from all uploaded content. Ankur likes to create longer, detailed content. The average length of his videos is 21 minutes and 33 seconds, averaging 137.1K views. In one of his videos, Ankur explains how he made money using credit cards. The video has 3.01M views, 46.9K likes and 4.15K comments with 10.0K shares on Facebook.

  • Asset Yogi

    Asset Yogi

    YouTube: Asset Yogi


    The financial market is a risky business where we have to lose before we earn. Thankfully, with asset Yogi you can learn how to make money while being aware of the risks. Join the channel to avail the best knowledge and tools for success.

    Asset Yogi comprises a group of Finance experts who provide a complete guide to everything related to money investment and business. There is also an app called asset yogi that aims to spread financial literacy in the language that is understood by everyone.

    The channel Asset Yogi covers everything about finance, real estate, personal finance, loans, insurance, tax startups, and mutual funds, stock market value investing, savings, asset Management, entrepreneurship, taxes, yield, IPOs, growth, investments, business and money making assets in detail. Asset Yogi has 3.48M subscribers and an engagement rate of 1.26%. Asset Yogi's videos account for 192M views. 5 videos came in November 2022. Moreover, the one of India's top financial youtubers receive 95K views on average.

    Asset Yogi creates longer, detailed content. His video titled "Zerodha Kite Trading Tutorial with Buy, Sell Process | Zerodha App कैसे Use करें?| Intraday, GTT" has 6.48M views 184K likes and 5.99K comments. The channel has a good SEO score and upholds YouTube best practices like clear thumbnails, info cards, chapters and captions.

  • Booming Bulls

    Booming Bulls

    YouTube: Booming Bulls


    Booming Bulls is an unbiased entity with a neutral mind set. The organization has been featured on media outlets like Yahoo News, NYK daily, Hindustan Times the statesman, Zee news India today economic Times Outlook business today BW education, Forbes education APN news and the economic Times.

    Booming bulls helmed by Anish Singh Thakur, is an Academy dedicated to training the young generation in trading and financial literacy. The company looks beyond analyzing charts and strategies. They help their students design trading plans with entry and exit strategies. Booming bulls is the place for intraday and option and positional traders.

    Booming Bulls created their finance YouTube channel in November, 2019. Here you will gain skills and knowledge needed by successful trading. Their videos are centered on the stock market, fundamental analysis, trading strategies, future and options, psychology of trading, cryptocurrency learning, market analysis, forex analysis, live trading and much more. Together the videos have brought 99.9M views in the channel's lifetime. More than 55 posts have been added in November 2022. The most engaged video on the channel is a YT short on "how resistance becomes a support in stock trading". The short video has received 5.51M views, 259K likes and 559 comments. Overall the channel has an engagement rate of 0.47%.

  • Manoj Kumar Jain

    Manoj Kumar Jain

    YouTube: ManojkumarJain


    A knowledgeable CA who will make you smarter with money.

    Manoj Kumar Jain is a chartered accountant who possesses unparalleled expertise in subjects of economy. The educator was a north India's topper in CA competitive exams.

    Manoj is on a mission to make his audience financially literate and help them to make better decisions financially. To that end, he has started a YouTube channel where covers every topic in detail to guide you in the right direction

    His method of teaching is loved by all and is easy to follow. This has brought him hundreds of thousands of subscribers and scaled his engagement rate to 1.20%. His most watched video covers the reason for the increase and decrease in share prices. The video has received 1.05M views, 1.43K comments and 38.1K likes . Do watch his content and grow!

  • Akshat Shrivastava

    Akshat Shrivastava

    YouTube: AkshatShrivastavaZayn


    Akshat Shrivtastava has been named in Forbes list of top 100 Digital Stars. One of the top Finance YouTubers in India has been a recurring guest at institutions like Stanford, University of Leeds, Berkeley, Indian School of Business, National University of Singapore etc.

    Akshat Srivastava from New Delhi, India is a teacher, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur and youtuber who is recognized for his career development, management consulting, stock market, investment options and finance related content. Moreover, Akshat is the founder of companies Next EdVentures and INSEAD worth millions of dollars. The Influencer believes in hard work and encourages his audience to do the same. He feels that in this world you need to take risks to keep the money you earn.

    Akshat Shrivtastav has an engagement rate of 1.64% on his YouTube channel. He covers topics like real estate, economics, microeconomics, stock market, metaverse, NFTs, bonds, taxation mutual funds, cryptocurrency etc. The educator also shares career tips, MBA guides and effective communication hacks. You can also find step-by-step breakdown of popular case studies. Furthermore, Akshat likes to keep his audience one step ahead of the curve. Recently, he uploaded a video on assets to buy in 2023. The video received 170K views, 8.09K likes and 1.06K comments within one day of upload. The influencer also has 192.6K followers on Twitter, 112K on Instagram and 3.95K on LinkedIn.

  • Kunal Saraogi

    Kunal Saraogi

    YouTube: Kunal Saraogi


    Kunal Saraogi can help you become an independent market trader with cutting edge professional advice and techniques.

    Kunal Saraogi is amongst the top financial YouTubers and stock market specialists In India. He founded equity rush which focuses on technical analysis and interpretation of the market. The company has been lauded for providing research advice to professional investors and brokerage houses. They even have professional technical analysis courses for market professionals and traders. More than 2000 traders, analysts, professors, lecturers, teachers, trainers and media professionals have availed their services and have provided satisfactory testimonials. With professional help, the students have acquired practical deep understanding on capital markets and trading intricacies.

    Kunal Saraogi has an engagement rate of 0.08% on YouTube. The content creator has uploaded videos around stock market, share market, technical analysis, point and figure charting, trading and workshop. Intraday options trading, trade recording, investing psychology etc. The channel has amassed a view count of 37.6M till date. Kunal's videos receive 46.2K views on. The video on Bank Nifty weekly options buying strategy has crossed 1.01M views 53.7K likes and 2.70K comments.

  • Sunil Minglani

    Sunil Minglani

    YouTube: Sunil Minglani


    Sunil Minglani is a recurring guest on Zee business and enjoys a loyal following of finance enthusiasts throughout the country. The stock market expert has also been invited to give talks at prestigious institutes in India like Indian Institute Of Technology and SRCC.

    Sunil Minglani India's one and only stock market psychologist. He has more than 15 years of stock market experience which includes chart pattern analysis, technical analysis and psychological aspects of trading. Sunil has anchored a very successful TV program called "Bazaar Shastra" which completed hundred episodes with high TRP ratings. The financial expert also started his YouTube series called "Bazaar Bites" to teach beginners in the art of trading. Sunil Minglani is a treasure trove of financial knowledge forever he still believes and continuous learning to provide the best for his audience.

    Mr Sunil Minglani started his very successful YouTube channel in 2014. People love the YouTubers' content because of his innate ability to convey complex topics with humour and deep meaning. GST, share market, intraday trading, swing trading, Nifty, Sensex and stock market trading are some of the topics Sunil covers on his channel. Furthermore, Sunil likes to pick vital clips from everyday bulletins and talk about them in depth. Sunil has uploaded a total of 608 videos on his channel which have brought in 109M views till date. He uploaded four times in the last 30 days. The financial YouTubers average view count from the last 90 days is 199.8K. Sunil's YT short from his stock market for beginners’ series received 4.9M views, 119K likes and 311 comments.

  • Subasish Pani

    Subasish Pani



    Power of stocks cuts through the clutter to focus only on trading. The YouTuber gives value to his subscriber’s time.

    Subasish Pani is a full time trader, investor and trader. When Subasish first started trading, he lost a lot of money because of insufficient insight. Hence, he founded the power of stocks as a means to guide newcomers on the journey to trading. The finance YouTuber spends a lot of time developing strategies before investing his resources. He considers trading as the most rewarding business. As such, Subasish is disciplined and adopts the best risk management practices.

    Power of stocks was created on April 12 2018 and currently it has 1.19M subscribers. Subhasish has produced 1.06K videos on trading, chart reading, live market learning, advanced stock market course, option trading series, intraday trading, positional ideas, daily Nifty analysis, live trading, IPOs, technical analysis, trading blueprint etc. The YouTuber also recommends books that can help new traders. The average length of the channel's content is 9 minutes and 23 seconds with a view count of 103.4K. Subasish uploaded 23 videos last month adding 4.14M views. The video titled "How to Trade with RSI Learn with me Episode-1" has 1.05M views 29.5K likes and 120 comments.

  • Vivek Bajaj

    Vivek Bajaj

    YouTube: Vivek Bajaj


    Vivek Bajaj has been a pioneer in the Indian derivatives market.

    Vivek Bajaj is investor, entrepreneur and mentor with an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management Indore. He also hold masters in commerce degree and associate chartered accountant certification. Vivek Bajaj has been active in the industries since 2002, however he likes to keep up with the changing market scenario by adapting to the occasion. The finance expert founded Krident with the goal of simplifying market data.

    Vivek Bajaj has 696K subscribers on YouTube with more than 478 videos covering concepts like stock market, financial planning, financial education, investing, market, mutual fund, trading, derivatives, commodities, options trading, wealth Management, money management, currency trading, online trading, investment, stock market basics etc. Moreover, finance Youtubers videos and talk series on the stock market are a hit with he viewers.

    The finance expert comes with new videos every Wednesday and Sunday. He also organizes live sessions on Saturdays to address audience queries. Viveks video on how to start trading in the stock market has 1.82M views, 72.9K likes and 3.92K comments. Overall the youtuber has an engagement rate of 0.15%. Vivek's recent 30 videos clocked a view count of 16.3K. Vivek uploaded 41 times in the last 30 days adding 1.5M more views to his channel.

  • Anant Ladha

    14. Anant Ladha

    YouTube: Invest Aaj For kal


    Anant Ladha was featured in prominent media outlets like Times, ET NOW, Bloomberg, Quint and Money Life. He keeps track of emerging market trends and applies it in his practices. Moreover, Anant's articles are featured in Outlook Money, Times of India, Dalal Street Investment and other magazines and newspapers.

    Anand Ladha is a CFA (chartered financial analyst), CA (chartered accountant), CFP (certified financial planner) and LLB from India. He founded "Invest Aaj For Kal" as a financial advisory firm. Anand has organized more than 200 financial literacy sessions with 100000 + financial enthusiasts.

    Anant created the channel Invest Aaj For Kal on 14th August 2013. The YouTuber uploads new content every day. Last month he posted 61 videos and added 21.6M. 1.65K videos have brought 127M views in the channel's lifetime. Invest Aaj for Kal has an engagement rate of 0.13%. Anant covers interesting topics in his videos, for instance International investing, future and options in crypto, stock analysis, bonds, share trading strategies, option selling, money making secrets, investor behavior analysis, IPO/OFS/issues, trading, government policies, fraud prevention, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), well creation tips, mutual funds, equity etc. Ankur created YT short with the purpose of spreading awareness for unfair trade practices under section 2 subsection 1 of consumer protection act of 1986. The video has 4.51M views, 322K likes and 1.04K comments till date.

  • Parimal Ade

    Parimal Ade

    YouTube: InvestYadnya


    Follow Invest Yadnya to attain unbiased, neutral financial literacy on complex finance concepts.

    Yadnya investment Academy consists of a group of financial professionals on a mission to educate and simplify personal finance concepts. As the name suggests, Yadnya is a highly ethical society dedicated to financial literacy upliftment in India. The company has no affiliations with any financial institutions, the audience are assured unbiased, transparent, simple and honest reason based teaching from experts.

    Yadnya Investment Academy is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Spotify. The Youtubers create easy to understand videos for the masses. The topics they cover include personal finance, investment, mutual funds, stock market, taxation, IPOs, Foreign stock analysis, economic concepts, bonds, debt, SIP, HUF, cryptocurrency, model portfolio, stock portfolio and financial planning. The Indian financial YouTubers reserve every day of the week to cover a specific financial concept for instance tax on Thursdays, mutual funds on Monday, stocks on Wednesday and retail investments on Saturdays. The channel has 1.93K breaking 57.9M views. 74 videos came in the last 30 days with an additional 1.43M views. After evaluating the last 30 videos we estimate 10.8K to be the average view count. The channel's video explaining systematic investment planning (SIP) has received 697K views, 7.62K likes and 383 comments. Overall invest Yadnya's engagement rate holds strong at 0.29%.

  • Sahil Bhadviya

    Sahil Bhadviya

    YouTube: SahilBhadviya


    Learn everything about money management in the simplest way possible.

    Sahil Bhadviya is a personal finance coach from Udaipur, Rajasthan India with 6 + years of experience working as a data analytics consultant. He founded an academy where he teaches everything about market analysis, financial planning, retirement planning, money management, stock market, insurance, tax planning, stock portfolio research report, and investment strategies. Upon enrolling students get 1 year unlimited access to 100 + videos, 25 + hours of content and downloadable PDF chapters.

    Sahil Bhadviya created his channel in 2019 with the goal of spreading financial knowledge to help people make informed investment decisions. The knowledge in his videos help avoid financial traps. Sahil Bhadviya discusses a wide array of topics including company stocks, gold, taxation, mutual funds, insurance, IPOs, future growth prospects, NFO etc. He also compares stocks, provides cool finance hacks, covers latest finance news, organizes Q&A sessions and reviews popular case studies. The top Indian Finance YouTubers best video shows top 8 stocks where you can invest blindly for long term gains. The video has received 924K views, 1.81K comments and 22.8K likes. Sahil uses YouTube best practices like high-resolution thumbnails, pinned comments, hearted comments, info cards, end screens and captions.

  • Prasad Lendwe

    Prasad Lendwe

    YouTube: Convey By FinnovationZ


    The financial YouTubers can show their audience ways to trade stocks, earn passive income and invest in lucrative Ventures.

    Convey by innovation Z has 700 + videos dedicated to teaching stock market for beginners and intermediate investment, value investing, taxation, budget, IPO analysis, fundamental analysis, mutual fund, Book summary, stock analysis, taxation, scam prevention and much more. The channel started is journey on Jan 13 2014 and has changed the life of many Indian youth, helping them become financially literate and independent.

    The YouTube channel has 2.08M subscribers till date and engagement rate of 0.45%. They cover topics like dark money, stock market, cryptocurrency, fundamental analysis, financial scams, mutual fund IPO analysis, share market technical analysis etc. They also share famous success stories for motivation. In one of the videos, the Indian finance YouTubers explained the Harshad Mehta scam of 1992. The video received an overwhelming response garnering 6.13M views, 125K likes and 4.89K comments. It received 644 likes on Facebook and 13 up votes on reddit. Furthermore, our experts conclude the content's SEO score to be 75 out of 100. The channel received 7 videos in the last 30 days averaging 175.1K views during that period. Overall, the uploaded content has brought 37.8M total views.

  • Stock Market का Commando

    Stock Market का Commando

    YouTube: Stock Market का Commando


    Stock Market का Commando brings the latest stock market knowledge and news in Hindi.

    Stock Market का Commando is established by a Finance YouTubers in India who likes to give his take on stock market and shares. By subscribing to this channel viewers can get the most relevant stock market knowledge, updates, news, tips, fundamental analysis, technical analysis and beginner friendly guidance.

    Stock Market का Commando was created on July 16, 2018. The channel has 5.90K videos around mutual funds, stocks, business news, Nifty, equity, Sensex, investing, multibagger stocks, penny stocks, portfolio management, dividend result analysis, Demat accounts, Forex trading etc, which have brought 427M views till date. 11 minutes and 43 second is the average length of the videos and 58.5K is the average view count. The finance youtubers uploaded 168 videos in the last 30 days bringing 12.0M views to the channel. The most viewed video on Stock Market का Commando talks about best penny stocks to buy below rupees 10 in 2020. The post has 908K views, 27.8K likes and 1.24K comments with 26 shares on Facebook.

  • Siddharth-Bhanushali

    Mukul Agrawal

    YouTube: MukulAgrawal


    Mukul possesses unparalleled expertise over market, futures MCX (multi commodity exchange of India), currency, intraday trading, BTST (buy today, sell tomorrow), STBT (sell today, buy tomorrow), swing trading and short and long term positional trading. He has created one of India's best mentorship programs.

    Mukul Agrawal is investor, freedom finance coach, entrepreneur, Tedx speaker, technical analyst and motivational speaker from India. He is a foremost authority on stock market education from basic to advanced level. Mukul provides multi conformation based studies on advance prediction, stock selection and technical analysis with 24/7 mentorship and study material.

    Mukul has uploaded 3334 + videos on his channel and has raked in 162.6M views. He posted 87 new videos in the last 30 days with an additional 4.53M views. He talks about different types of stocks, long term investments, IPOs, NSE, BSE, Nifty sensex, news, stock market tips, mutual funds, technical analysis, Nifty predictions, cryptocurrency etc. The finance YouTuber enjoys an engagement rate of 0.23%. Mukul creates video to share tips on how to save money and earn cashback by using a Uni card. The post has 2.69M views 532 comments and 13.6K likes the video also got 49 shares on Facebook and 5 upvotes on Reddit. Mukul subscribers can expect new videos every day at 7:30 p.m. The YouTuber also holds live sessions at 8:30 p.m every day. Additionally, Mukul is an active blogger and consistently uploads content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and telegram.

  • Pushkar Raj Thakur

    Pushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach

    YouTube: PushkarRajThakurOfficial


    One of the top finance youtubers in India, Pushkar Raj Thakur is on a journey to making India financially independent. Pushkar holds the Guinness world record for the largest social media marketing lesson at Talkatora stadium, New Delhi, India.

    Meet Pushkar Raj Thakur, one of the top financial educators, motivational speakers, and business coaches in India. He has a substantial community on multiple social media platforms and is lauded for his mastery of personal finance, sales, human psychology and business development concepts. Pushkar Thakur is on the mission of making Bharat go self-mode.

    Pushkar Raj Thakur has a whopping 6.71M subscribers on YouTube and an engagement rate of 0.21%. India's top finance YouTuber has produced more than 1.05K videos covering option trading, chart patterns, insurances, real estate, IPOs, candlestick patterns, fundamental analysis, online earning, life coaching, technical analysis, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, share market mastery, human psychology, financial education, personality development, network marketing and motivational speeches. Pushkar uploaded 22 new videos in the last 30 days, averaging 124.6K views. 22 minutes and 30 seconds is the average length of his content. Pushkar video titled "Unboxing Uni Cards Package | Credit Cards Ka Baap" has 14.4M views, 1.52K comments and 64.2K likes. The post received 11k likes on Facebook and currently has an SEO score of 85. The finance Guru is also active on telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Wealth SaGa Global

    Wealth SaGa Global

    Youtube: WealthSaGaGlobal


    Weath Saga provides honest truth on multiple investment avenues. Here you can find the best knowledge on Indian and US stock markets. They empower you with the right financial knowledge and tools to make calculated investment decisions.

    Wealth Saga can get you started on investing with small capital. The company is NSE certified and is backed by qualified individuals experienced in trading, analysis and chart reading. At Wealth saga you can find beginner, intermediate to advanced level courses on stock Market, option trading, swing trading, technical analysis, Personal Finance, Pro investment etc.

    Wealth SaGa Global YouTube channel was created on 1st August 2020. They have created valuable content on Price action, stock market, stock reviews, intraday trading, option trading, currency and commodity, long term investments, multibagger, penny stocks, Nifty/Bank Nifty, online trading, quarter results, fiance management, market news, broking, IPOs intraday trading and many others. In one of the videos the finance YouTubers covered the Intraday trading strategy called long strangle option strategy. The video has received 115K views, 4.75K likes and 881 comments. Overall the channel has an engagement rate of 1.36%. Moreover, Wealth Saga Global has 59.3K followers on Instagram.

  • Goela-School-of-Finance-LLP

    Goela School of Finance LLP

    YouTube: Goela School of Finance LLP


    Best Finance Educators on Stock Markets and Personal Finance. Educated 2,00,000+ people over 27+ countries!

    Goela School of Finance LLP is founded by two brothers with a common love: Stock Markets. They are the best financial advisors on YouTube and have conducted sessions in 100 colleges, 27 schools, and 18 corporates in India. Additionally, the brothers have educated 2,00,000+ people in over 27+ countries related to stock markets and personal finance. They create videos on finance and also upload podcast interviews to enlighten people about making the right investments in stock markets. If you are interested in buying potential stocks at an affordable rate then check out their video on ‘top 5 stocks to buy under Rs 300’. Their YouTube channel already has 209k subscribers and the count is growing every day! Make sure to subscribe to the channel and get the latest updates on stock analysis.

  • Intellectual Indies

    Intellectual Indies

    YouTube: Intellectual Indies


    This channel will make each of your concepts in the share market clear.

    Were you always interested in the business or finance side of things and wanted to pursue it but couldn’t? Well with changing times, now you can learn about anything for free i.e business in this case. Intellectual Indies is a well-planned out channel with various topics regarding finance or business being covered. It helps you stay updated with the terms or concepts and news regarding the industry.

    The hook of the channel is its ability to make you understand even the most complex subjects in the easiest manner. This is the reason it has garnered a subscriber base of 1.16 million and its most watched video titled "youngest billionaire: kylie Jenner case study" has crossed over 1.6 million views!

  • Aryaa Money


    YouTube: AryaaMoney


    They will help you earn huge profits in stock market through their informative videos.

    Aryaa Money PVT LTD is an investment counselling and training institute that offers training, consulting, and trading in the stock, commodity, and forex markets.

    One of the finest methods to earn enormous earnings is through stock market investing. It may, however, also be the quickest way to lose money if done incorrectly. Years of experience, careful planning, and thorough study into the stock market's characteristics are often what lead to profitable stock market returns. No matter how alluring and simple share trading may appear to a novice investor, it is suggested that in order to genuinely make any money, one must have a particular degree of expertise and technicality. And Aryaamoney can help you with that through their team of experts. They have a variety of videos on stock market that are really easy to follow. Make sure you follow one of the top finance YouTubers in India.

  • Invest Mindset

    Invest Mindset

    YouTube: InvestMindset


    Want to live a long, stress free life without worrying about money? Then follow invest mindset today.

    Invest Mindset is a channel that believes that knowledge can help anyone achieve Financial freedom and success. The administrator urges their subscribers to apply what they learn in real life and share it with others. The YouTubers consider gold, real estate and fixed deposits to be the only safe investment options. They believe that money can buy time which is the most valuable resource we have. One cannot enjoy the happiness of life when they struggle to earn money.

    Invest Mindset was created on June 14, 2020 and presently the channel has 764K subscribers and an engagement rate of 1.40%. 87 videos have brought 37.3M views to the channel. The youtubers have uploaded three times in the last 30 days adding 1.71M additional views. Topics like investing, stock market, mutual fund, share market basics, investing book summaries, cryptocurrency, personal Finance, investment psychology etc are covered on this channel. YT short titled "The Dividend vs Salary (BOSS vs EMPLOYEE)" is the most engaged content on the channel with 5.37M views, 404K likes and 354 comments. 143.4K is the average view count on the videos uploaded in the last 90 days.

  • Trading with Vivek

    Trading with Vivek

    YouTube: Trading with Vivek


    This channel will make each of your concepts in the share market clear.

    Investment or trading is one of the best ways to make sure your money grows with time as it’s returns are always higher than the inflation rate. But to make the right decisions or to time the market, you need to have the correct knowledge. Trading with Vivek is one such channel that can provide you with knowledge regarding it with real-life examples and in a language that you will easily understand.

    Each topic from basic to advanced level is covered on it to even help you make a career out of it. Vivek the owner of the channel makes sure he is consistent with his content and he solves each and every doubt that the audience might have, giving him immense authority.

  • Dropout engineer

    Dropout engineer

    YouTube: Dropout Engineer


    This channel will teach you what you need to become a trader and grow your money.

    As the name suggests, Akash who is the owner of the channel left his engineering to become a full-time trader. To complete this journey, he took up various courses, learned a lot about each and every concept of trading, and got experience by trying out different strategies. With the objective of teaching you all of it free in an even easier manner than he learned it in, Akash has started this channel.

    You will be able to make well-informed decisions or will be able to minimize loss by watching each of his videos which have in-depth explanations in the easiest language. This is the reason it has over 415k subscribers and its most-watched video has crossed 683k views which is on "how to make profits daily in trading".

  • Neeraj joshi

    Neeraj joshi

    Youtube: Neerajjoshi


    Subscribe to Neeraj Joshi if you want to get practical share market and money making tips.

    Neeraj Joshi is an advocate, stock market expert, social media influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur from Dehradun, Uttarakhand India who equips students in the ways of share market, finance, trading and money making. Through relentless commitment and hard work Neeraj has established a strong presence on Instagram Twitter Facebook and YouTube, thus rightfully becoming one of the best finance Youtubers in India.

    You can find 283 + highly informative videos on financial concepts which have brought 118M views in the channel's lifetime. Neeraj Joshi can teach you a lot of things. You can learn about starting your business, stock Market, trading, stares, IPOs, mutual funds, fundamental and technical analysis, investments, trading strategies, chart patterns, portfolio management, intraday trading, penny stocks, global market trading indicators and other similar topics. The top video on the channel teaches options trading for beginner level traders. The video has received 6.95M views, 254K likes and 7.13K comments. The channel has an engagement rate of 1.32%. Neeraj creates quality content which are on average 13 minutes and 44 seconds in length. Furthermore, the top Indian Finance YouTubers receives atleast 117.5K views per post.

    Besides strong presence on YouTube, Neeraj Joshi has 9.5K followers on Facebook, 3.78K on Twitter and 89.5K on Instagram.

  • Anurag-Aggarwal

    Anurag Aggarwal

    Youtube: anuragthecoach


    Anurag Aggarwal won the best "Business Coach Award in 2018". He was also the recipient of the "The Most Promising Business Trainer and Motivational Speaker" Award In 2019 organized in Dubai. Moreover Anurag has a blog called "" which is ranked 32nd in the list of top hundred blogs in the world. Furthermore, the The influencer has won 105+ awards for his varied contribution to society.

    Anurag Aggarwal is a business coach, public speaker and author from Delhi India. Anurag has 23 + years’ experience in the field of public speaking. He has authored three bestseller books and has a strong social media presence. Throughout his career Anurag has trained 22000 + students which also include International diplomats. Hundreds of thousands of people attend his seminars.

    Anuradha Aggarwal has a YouTube channel with 3.69M subscribers. He is a top finance YouTubers in India with impeccable consistency. Anurag uploads two videos every day. The topics he covers include public speaking, confidence, table manners, etiquette, business training, political topics, motivation, and business. In his top video Anurag Aggarwal explains the reason for iPhone's high prices. The video has received 32.9M views, 2.31M likes and 10.2K comments. Anurag Agarwal has an engagement rate of 2.14% which is one the highest in our list of Finance YouTubers in India.

    Global brands like Genpact, Supertech, Tata, Wipro, India showrooms, KPMG, Sona, Aricent, Su-Kam, Reliance, Accenture, British Council, Deloitte, DLF, Airtel, Earth, Ericsson, ESPN HCL, Hero, Jet Airways, Minda etc work with one of the best Finance YouTubers in India.

  • Siddharth Bhanushali

    Siddharth Bhanushali



    Siddharth's stock markets and financial planning helps financial enthusiasts achieve their goals. Learn from the best to survive in the dynamic market while enjoying maximum returns.

    Siddharth Bhanushali is a trader, investor and entrepreneur from India. He founded Siddharth Bhanushali advisory private limited, a company that manages money and client portfolio with risk management. Furthermore, the company handles Portfolio restructuring, financial planning, trading, investing and personal consultation. His expertise has helped Siddharth structured multiple courses around the stock market. The finance expert believes that success depends on discipline rather than strategy.

    Siddharth Bhanushali has built a subscriber base of 959K on YouTube. The one of the top finance YouTuber covers a wide array of topics including technical analysis, candlesticks, stock market basics, money making strategies, stock market secrets, swing trading, intraday trading etc. Siddharth hotel of 131 videos which account for 35.6M channel views. 16 videos came in the last 30 days. The average view count per post calculated from the recent 30 videos is 59.6K. 0.34% is the average engagement rate on the channel. The 38 minute 57 second video titled "Intraday Trading Strategy | Day Trading | Earn Money In Stock Market | By Siddharth Bhanushali" has 4.25M views 162K likes and 7.26K comments. Siddharth frequently holds life Q And A live-stream sessions on YouTube to clear doubts surrounding the stock market. The finance Guru wants to impact 1 crore lives financially before 2026.

  • Nitin Bhatia

    Nitin Bhatia

    YouTube: Nitin Bhatia


    Nitin Bhatia teaches you how to make money the right way while not falling for scams.

    Nitin Bhatia is a finance YouTubers in India and world's first option chain analyst. Nitin's life revolves around money and strives to cover every aspect linked to it. He shares his experience on YouTube, challenges typical understanding of money, talks about the volatile nature of the economic ecosystem. The financial Guru runs a very successful blog called where he covers everything related to stocks, personal finance and real estate.

    Nitin covers a plethora of topics on YouTube including stock market, trading, investment, intraday trading, swing trading real estate personal finance, loans, property, income tax, mutual funds, credit score, money, business, commodity trading, investment strategy, future and options, trading psychology, stock statistics, scam preventions etc. Nitin is known for creating longer content. The average length of his videos (calculated from the last 30 updates) is 1 hour 15 minutes and 22 seconds. 16.8K is the average views on his videos. Nitin enjoys the engagement rate of 0.3% from his 995K subscribers. He has uploaded a total of 1.3K posts till date. "Stock Market Career - Earn 1 Crore in a Year Without Any Investment [HINDI]", is the most watched video on Nitin's channel with 1.5M views, 27.7K likes and 1.61K comments.

  • Sharique Samsudheen

    Sharique Samsudheen

    YouTube: ShariqueSamsudheen


    Sharique Samsudheen is amongst the youngest entrepreneurs in Kerala. He founded marketfeed, a platform where finance enthusiasts can learn about stock Market Trading. Marketfeed was nominated for the YC S21 batch of the world famous startup incubators. Sharique has also appeared as a TedXSpeaker inspiring many to follow in his footsteps.

    Sharique Samsudheen is a Malayali startup stock market and personal finance expert. He is an NIT Jamshedpur graduate. The YouTuber possesses combined insights from three bestselling books - Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk. Sharique has a YouTube channel centered on financial literacy, personal Finance, and Stock Market roadblocks.

    Sharique Samsudheen created his finance YouTube channel on May 15, 2014 and has produced 438 + finance videos in Malayalam. The YouTuber has an engagement rate of 0.31%. He creates content around finance, money advice, motivation, education, Business, startups, entrepreneurship, stock market, mutual funds, personal finance, intraday trading, share market, fund folio, cryptocurrency market stories, technical analysis, multi-level marketing, economics etc. Overall the channel has 76.6M views in total - 2.98M came in the last 30 days. The video on "What is Stock Market and How does it work'' has 2.63M views, 116K likes and 12.8K comments. Our experts put the video's SEO score at 90.

  • Market Gurukul

    Market Gurukul

    YouTube: Market Gurukul


    By subscribing to this channel you can get complete oversight on technical and fundamental analysis. Access to tool strategies and indicators for better market understanding. Steps for creating your first demat account at zero cost. Unbiased product reviews relevant to trading. Mobile application to track, analyse, trade and study on the move.

    Market Gurukul is one of India best finance YouTube channels dedicated to technical analysis. The YouTubers aim to make every financial enthusiast experts in stock, commodity and forex trading in any market. The channel creates content on hard core technical analysis, trading divergence, investing psychology, money management etc.

    Market Gurukul stands strong with 510K subscribers, 184 + videos and 26.8M views. The channel has an engagement date of 0.35%. Majority of the content covers stock market basics/advance training, forex trading, options and futures, Indian stocks, candlestick analysis, chart reading, indicators, epoxy ideas etc. The most engaging video is 7 minutes 41 seconds long and talks about candlestick analysis in Hindi. The post has 2.28M views, 83.9K likes and 4.16K comments.

  • Sagar Dodeja

    Sagar Dodeja



    Sagar dodeja has created the best channel for youngsters to pick important life lessons, skills, and tips.

    Sagar Dodeja is an IES officer with a track record of training 35000 + students till date. He is on a mission to give students the tools necessary to be successful in the current market era. Sagar created Civil Beings to be a non-profit YouTube channel for practical tips and in-depth analysis.

    Civil beings started on April 4th 2017 and by the end of the year completed 1 million subscribers. Sagar uploaded his first video on 13th April 2017 and presently have 200 + content centered around technology, science, IAS, IES, IPS, IFSC interviews, inspirations, motivation, life changing quotes, personality development, money making finance tips, earning and life. The Finance YouTubers audience can expect new videos every Friday at 8:00 a.m. Sagar has a must 113 am views till date 5:36K came in the last month 18.8K is the average length of his content, calculated from the YouTube activities in the last 90 days. Sagar's most engage video is titled "STUDY EVERYTHING IN LESS TIME! 1 DAY/NIGHT BEFORE EXAM | HoW to complete syllabus,Student Motivation". The post currently has 14.0M views, 577K likes and 23.1K comments, in addition to 1.20K likes on Facebook.

  • Avadhut Sathe

    Avadhut Sathe

    YouTube: Avadhut Sathe Trading Academy


    Avadhut Sathe has been an active trader since 1991. He is an expert on bull and bear markets. As one of the top finance YouTubers in India, Avdhut has helped notable individuals manage their equity, future and options and commodities.

    Avadhut Sathe is one of the seeded traders and investors from India with years of experience under his belt. He has traded on the US markets since 2001 and dabbled in the Indian futures and options market since 2007. Hundreds of thousands of finance enthusiasts come to Avadhut's workshops to hear this Maestro talk about stock market, price actions, F&O's and advanced stock market concepts. The YouTuber is an avid storyteller with the potential of conveying knowledge in the easiest way possible. "Become a pro, money will flow" - that is Avadhut's motto in life.

    Avadhut created his YouTube channel on October 6, 2015. Since then he has published 323 videos on crucial topics like ASTA and FFD, stock market, trading Bombay Stock exchange, Nifty, sensex etc. The finance guru also organizes live sessions and uploads glimpses from his seminar programs. Avadhut enjoys an engagement rate of 0.28% on YouTube. The channel has amassed 12.5M views till date and average video count of 14.9K. Avadhut posted about a 12 year old stock market trader's journey as inspiration. The video received 2.67M views, 39.4K likes and 1.98K comments.

  • Abhishek Kar

    Abhishek Kar

    YouTube: Abhishek Kar


    One of the best channels to learn the niched concepts of share market and trading.

    One of India's top traders and investor Abhishek Kar is also a passionate educator. He created a YouTube channel to guide youngsters around subjects like stock market, finance and business. The youtuber lives by the motto "Keep Learning, Keep Growing".

    Abhishek started his YouTube journey on 1st August 2017. He has currently uploaded 528 videos accounting for 47.2M views. Last month he posted five times adding 1.86M views to the pool. The channel has an engagement right 1.61% and an average view count of 45.1K (from recent 30 videos). The Indian finance YouTuber has posted 30+ times in the last 30 days. Abhishek focuses on topics like option selling, intraday trading, swing trading, live trading, stock trading, investing, stock market beginner to advanced, how to invest, health insurance, personal finance, mutual funds, trade mistakes, scams and much more. He also discusses top traders, business case studies and books. The top video on the channel is option trading life free workshop session featuring Abid Hasan. The post is 1 hour 70 minutes and 32 seconds long and covers charting, indicators, derivatives equity etc. The video has 1.17M views, 68.0K likes and 3.81K comments.

  • ProCapital.MohdFaiz


    YouTube: ProCapital.MohdFaiz


    The channel explains different ways to create passive income and live A comfortable life.

    Mohammad Faiz is one of the top financial youtubers in India dedicated to helping people create wealth and live a prosperous life. He is the founder of pro capital, a company dedicated to trading calls, advisory, Portfolio Management services, equity, future and options currency, commodity and PMS in any segment.

    Mohammad Faiz has built a YouTube channel with 12.2K videos contributing to 414M Total views. He has uploaded 117 videos in the last month adding another 2.61M views. The average length of the financial experts' content is 9 minutes and 19 seconds. The topic he covers includes technical analysis, commodity market, share market basics, stock market basics, how to open demat account and trading account, latest stock market trends, positional trading strategies, mutual funds, intraday trading strategies etc. We conclude 15.6K to be the average view count on Mohammad's content (calculated from his recent 30 videos). The channel top video explains three mistakes one should avoid when acquiring a systematic investment plan in mutual funds. The content has acquired 3.27M views and 55.6K likes, together with 180 shares on Facebook.

  • Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

    Elearnmarkets by StockEdge

    YouTube: Elearnmarkets by StockEdge


    Elearnmarkets by stock edge has helped hundreds of thousands of Finance enthusiasts grasp the nityy-gritty finance in simplest ways. Elearnmarkets by stock edge aim to combine their expertise to empower retail traders and investors in India.

    Elearnmarkets by StockEdge is a channel dedicated to financial market training. The finance YouTubers aim to simplify finance by taking every step necessary to equip youngsters with needed stock market tools, techniques and applications. Elearnmarkets provide financial knowledge relevant to the stock market ecosystem in India. The channel has everything from day trading, forex trading (on BSE/NSE) to live charts, stock market news to make the best portfolio decisions.

    Elearnmarkets by StockEdge has a subscriber base of 875K and an engagement rate of 0.09%. famous finance gurus like Sivakumar Jayachandran, Premal Parekh, Souradeep Dey, Chetan Panchamia, Saanando Das, Kaushik Akiwatkar, Vivek Bajaj regularly feature in the videos. The channel addresses stock insights, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, financial concepts, investing, businesses, economic fundamentals, equity analysis, financial literacy, stock markets, media coverage, RSI, mutual funds, trading, derivatives, macroeconomics option trading budgeting decision, Hedging, indicators, candlesticks etc. The channel content tend to be longer 26 minute and 36 seconds is the average length of the videos (calculated from the recent 30 uploads). Videos combined have broad 58.8M views, averaging 17.9K views per post. The most interacted video on the channel is 1 hour long and touches on concepts of future and options. The post has 2.66M views, 76.9K likes and 4.87K comments with an SEO score of 100.

  • Super Trader Lakshya

    Super Trader Lakshya

    YouTube: Super Trader Lakshya


    Educates people about the Stock Market, Career, Jobs, Business, and Economic Issues around the Globe.

    Sanju Lakshya is an entrepreneur and trader from India. He has been an active stock market investor since 2008. Armed with years of experience, Lakshya teaches you how to generate part-time/full-time income through trading.

    Lakshya is the founder of STL Academy. This is a space where he and his team of professionals teach trading in the most effective and efficient ways. 12 + years of experience have empowered the academy to create strategies that yield positive results.

    Lakshya created super trader Lakshay in 2018 and amassed 347K subscribers through its high-quality videos on the stock market, future options, hedging, financial education success principles, trading, mentorship, cryptocurrency, Bank Nifty, and other content. Super Trader Lakshya is one of the best financial advisors on YouTube. The channel has an engagement rate of 1.02%. The YouTubers video on intraday trading has received 1.28M views, 50.2K likes and 495 comments. Furthermore, you will get a lot of market prediction videos that can help you make the best decision while buying and selling stocks that generate huge profits!

  • Nifty Prediction

    Nifty Prediction

    YouTube: Nifty Prediction


    Learn everything about options buying and selling, on this channel.

    As the name suggests, Nifty predictions brings you content on Bank/Bank Nifty predictions to keep you one step ahead in trading.

    Nifty predictions have 357 + subscribers and have uploaded 65 videos on option/buying, selling, stocks and Nifty. The most popular video on the channel shows day wise analysis to determine the strike price for call and put options. The video was detailed and informative, receiving 207K views, 17.9K likes and 1.68K comments. The video also received Facebook shares, reddit upvotes and Twitter mentions. You can also find comparison videos between options buying versus selling. Fine tips to become an independent trader. And get daily stock updates.

    According to expert estimates, 11 minutes and 59 seconds is the average length of the channel's videos and 36.8K the average views. Overall, Nifty Prediction has an engagement rate of 1.19%.

  • The Alpha Trader

    Umar Punjabi

    YouTube: TheAlphaTrader


    Alpha Trader is one of the foremost authorities to acquire forex and cryptocurrency knowledge.

    Umar Punjabi is amongst the youngest traders in India with 5 + years of experience. You ca catch Indian finance YouTubers journey on YouTube.

    Umar acquired knowledge from multiple sources and after compiling his vast insights, he has created well-structured courses for investors at any level. Umar wants to guide you as you take your first steps into trading.

    Umar Punjabi has a YouTube channel that is 135K subscribers strong. He's uploaded 128 + videos on trading, profit and loss, market analysis, option trading, price action trading essentials, fundamentals/technical analysis, cryptocurrency, candlesticks, BankNifty/Nifty, share market news etc. He also recommends books and interviews some of the top traders and entrepreneurs in India. In his most popular video Umar shows how one can master trading psychology. The video has received 395K views, 23.2K likes and 943 comments. As one of the best finance YouTubers in India Umar creates detailed content for his audience. The average length of his videos (calculated from the last 30 uploads) is 18 minutes and 19 seconds. You can find at least four new videos every month. Furthermore, Umar has built a following of 47.5K on Instagram.

  • Shakti Bahl

    Shakti Bahl

    YouTube: conceptualtrading


    Follow this channel to learn the art of trading psychology.

    Shakti Bahl the trader and investor who had a rocky start. He enrolled in many courses and tried understanding complex strategies. But even after his strenuous journey Shakti incurred significant losses. However, he never gave up and through hard work and perseverance became one of the most followed finance YouTubers in India. For him the key was having the right mind-set and that is exactly what Shakti wants to teach his students.

    There is no easy route in the stock market. It's easy to lose money without planning. Hence, the channel conceptual trading is aimed at helping new traders build a right mindset before investing their resources. The Indian financial Youtubers content on position switching, trading psychology, Nifty predictions, intraday trading, Okta strategy, market sentiments, hedging/spread, and option trading are very insightful. They also talk about stock Market mistakes to avoid, trading myths and risk versus reward. The channel's most popular video highlights ways to become professional traders. The post has acquired 523K views, 258 comments and 9.45K likes. Moreover the channel is 281K subscribers strong and has amassed 42.6M views (from 672+ videos) in the channel's lifetime.

  • Baap of chart

    MD Nasir

    YouTube: Baap of Chart


    Become an expert trader without depending on charts and numbers.

    The channel's name is "Baap of chart" but the content primarily focuses on trading without using any charts. Confused? Don't be. Some of the best Indian finance YouTubers' are aiming to give non-finance candidates the power to become successful traders using cutting-edge technology. To that end, Nasir empowers anyone with basic mathematics and trading knowledge to trade successfully. He wants to show the world that possible trading is possible without complex charts and indicators.

    Baap of Chart came to existence on May 22, 2020. Nasir uploads videos on strategies related to Index calling, which are hedging or unidirectional. These strategies are formulated by Nasir through his personal experience in index trading. The content Nasir creates is free from complex charts and numbers. His methodologies can be followed by individuals at any stage of learning. Here you can learn about chart scalping strategies, loss recovery, advanced Hedging strategies, volatility index, Bank Nifty lunch strategy, option selling and much more.

    In one of his videos Nasir showed how he made 2 crore + profit in a day. The video has gone viral, receiving 361K views, 148 comments and 9.28K likes. Moreover, the channel has an engagement rate of 1.94%.

  • Swati Kumari

    Swati Kumari

    YouTube:B Wealthy


    Get expert financial advice from Swati Kumari based on her personal opinions and experience.

    Swati Kumari is one of India's top financial YouTubers with expertise in personal Finance. She had dedicated her channel to help people on their journey to attain financial freedom. Swati founded B Wealthy to provide investment, saving, mutual fund, insurance, tax, stock market, returns and earning knowledge. The youtuber has spent almost a decade working with some of the top minds in the industry.

    Swati Kumari created B Wealthy on July 27 2017. Throughout the years she has uploaded more than 373 videos which have brought 25.5 M views to the channel. Swati talks on different topics like cryptocurrency, budget, portfolio management, stock market, loans, mutual funds, insurance plans, investments, retirement planning, get rich tips, tax, equity, debt, KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra), NSC (national saving certificate), fixed deposit, NPS (National pension system), PPS (positive system), EPF (employee provident fund), SIP (systematic investment planning) etc. Swati has 481K subscribers on YouTube and enjoys the engagement rate of 0.20%. 21.6K is the average view count on her recent 30 videos. The Finance YouTuber uploaded seven times in the last month. The video explaining how to save 30 lakhs on a home loan of 50 lakhs got 1.37M views, 54.3K likes and 4.80K comments.

  • K.S Kishore Kumar

    K.S Kishore Kumar

    YouTube: Trade Achievers


    Mr Kishore and his team of seeded professionals have helped thousands of finance enthusiasts get rich. He provides quality education, coaching and advising in Tamil, with real-world trading strategies.

    Trade achievers is the brainchild of Mr KS Kishore Kumar. Kishore uses the Academy as an outlet to share his knowledge and experience, combined with the potential to show students how to trade in a real market environment. Kishore has reached many people and has given means to plan and achieve financial freedom. Many associate trading with gambling, part of Kishore wants to break this misconception.

    Mr K.S Kishore Kumar started his YouTube channel on June 5 2015. He is created 395 + videos in Tamil around concepts like profit and loss, trading, Stock Market, Nifty analysis, share market, brokerage, Demat, intraday trading, tutorials, share market basics for beginners, stock picks, forex market predictions, cryptocurrency, option selling, retail trading, candlesticks patterns, midcap stocks, bank frauds, trading psychology, technical analysis, commodity trading, portfolio management etc. The top video on Trade Achievers introduces candlestick patterns; the content has 856K views, 20.7K likes and 1.24K comments. Kishore videos have brought 15M views to the channel, putting the engagement rate of 0.15%. From the recent 30 videos we estimate 32K average video views per content.

  • Trading-Chanakaya

    Trading Chanakya

    YouTube: Trading-Chanakaya


    Trading Chanakya simplifies the best market Concept in Hindi.

    Trading Chanakya is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the best stock market technical analysis knowledge for beginners and pros. Viewers can find the best content and strategies applicable for smarter trading. The financial youtubers produce detailed content for Hindi speaking audiences. They also endorse the largest stock broker platform in India, Zerodha and Upstox.

    Trading Chanakya has 418K subscribers on YouTube. The finance experts have uploaded more than 980 videos which account for 32.2M views. The channel received 8 videos last month with an additional 435K views. Subscribers can learn a lot about intraday trading, profit strategies, trading techniques, stock market beginner lessons, trend analysis, stochastic strategy, MCX and commodity trading strategies, option trading, taxation on financial market, swing trading strategy, harmonic patterns, multibagger trading, fundamental analysis, SIP investment candlestick analysis, IPOs, renko chart, Ichimoku indicator etc. Trading Chanakya has an engagement rate of 0.12%. The average length of their videos is 15 minutes and 50 seconds with the view count of 7.3K. The channel has a thriving community of financial enthusiasts. The video "intraday trading with atp technique (100%working)" has 935 ke total views 13.8 likes and 694 comments. It received 81 shares on Facebook and mentions on Twitter.

  • Varun Malhotra

    Varun Malhotra

    YouTube: VarunMalhotraEIFS


    Varun teaches everything you need to know for investing in stock markets. The finance Guru takes his students on an exciting journey of wealth creation.

    Varun Malhotra started investing when he was 17. He is passionate about spreading his financial insights to fellow Indians. The Youtuber believes that financial literacy is needed to take the country forward. During his 8+ years of operation, Varun has successfully spread his ideals to 4,00,000 + investors. He wants the youngsters to invest in the Indian economy, thereby creating wealth for themselves and the country.

    Varun Malhotra has a following of 389K subscribers on YouTube. The youtuber has uploaded 63 videos which have brought 11.9M views to the channel. After evaluating his recent 30 videos we estimate 74.9K to be the average view count on his posts. Varun creates longer duration content; the average length of his videos is 17 minutes and 58 seconds. Varuns channel has an engagement rate of 0.82%. The investor has created tons of content on concepts like stock market, GDP, National schemes, mutual funds, currency Nifty index funds, cryptocurrency, stock market investments, personal habits, financial literacy programs, trading, passive earning, etc. Varun picks quotes from famous investors like Warren buffet to help understand today's market. Occasionally, he also comes live to address the current market scenarios. The top video on the channel explains how newcomers can start investing in the stock market. The post has 2.87M views, 54.7K likes and 2.06K comments.

  • Ghanshyam Tech

    Ghanshyam Tech

    YouTube: GhanshyamTech


    Ghanshyam Tech creates valuable content in Hindi.

    Ghanshyam created his YouTube channel with the goal of teaching finance enthusiasts how to perform technical analysis in share market and commodity market in the language of their choosing. He uploads two videos every week. Ghanshyam covers some vital topics around technical analysis in every video.

    As one of the best financial education YouTube channels, Ghanshyam Tech has 395K subscribers and 2.46K videos dedicated to trading, mutual funds, intraday trading, stocks, technical analysis, chart analysis, Bank Nifty options, option trading, psychology of trading, art of trading, trendlines, stock market for beginners, IPOs, Candlestick patterns, Nifty trading etc. The channel has an engagement of 1.19%. Overall the videos has raked in 32.9M views, 746K came in the last 30 days. By analysing videos uploaded in the last nighty day we estimate 49.4K to be the average view count of Ghanshyam's content. 9 minutes and 11 seconds is the average length of the videos. The video titled "BEST MUTUAL FUND portfolio FOR 20 YEARS" is almost 50 minutes long and has 350K views, 6.65K likes, and 393 comments. Ghanshyam is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Pravin Khetan

    Pravin Khetan

    YouTube: pravinkhetan


    Pravin Khetan holds expertise in CFA, FRM stock market, commodity trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and risk management. He is a master of price action strategies, value investing and has trained 15000 + students. Praveen makes frequent appearances at the National Stock exchange.

    Pravin Khetan is an entrepreneur anal list consultant active investor and trader in stock market with 10 + years of experience. Pravin founded I plan education and has created courses on CFA, FRM (financial risk management), Forex trading, financial modeling, trading and stock market. The institution has won the "best stock market Institute award" 8 times since 2010. Pravin has helped finance enthusiasts from 26 states and 20 + countries.

    Pravin Khetan has an engagement rate of 0.25% on YouTube. The youtuber has created 170 + videos covering concepts around fundamental analysis, IPOs, investments, cryptocurrency, bond trading, trading psychology, FRM (financial risk management), mutual funds option strategies, derivatives, value investing, market updates, technical analysis, intraday trading etc. In the highest grossing video on the channel Pravin unveils option trading strategies that allow traders to make 45 lakh from 5000, in one day. Video has 2.36M views, 90.5K likes and 2.31K comments. Pravin uses quality thumbnails, pins comments, hearts replies, inserts infocards, end screens and captions. Our agency expert give the video an SEO score of 75.

  • Deepak Kumar

    Deepak Kumar

    YouTube: Invest For Wealth


    By subscribing to invest for wealth newcomers can gain knowledge on commodity Market, MCX (multi commodity exchange), ICEX (Indian commodity exchange limited), NSE (National Stock exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock exchange) and Forex.

    Deepak Kumar is an expert in trading investing, set up and strategies. He started his YouTube journey on Jan 14, 2019 and provides daily market analysis. Become a professional trader by learning from one of the best finance YouTubers in India.

    Invest for wealth has 23.5M views from 1.75K videos. The channel has an engagement rate of 0.57%. Deepak Kumar talks about RSI indicators, Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty, options, stock market, live Trading, Intraday Trading, trading psychology, stock market beginners to advance, candlestick analysis, risk management, short straddle, compound investing, price action, risk reward ratio trading, IPOs, commodity trading, trading affirmation, cryptocurrency, option chain analysis, box pattern strategy, weekly market analysis, forex trading, mistakes, swing trading etc. Deepak video on best penny stock below Rs.1 has 318K views, 13.7K likes and 890 comments. The average length of the YouTubers content is 15 minutes and 56 seconds with 1.2K being the average view count. Besides YouTube Deepak Kumar is also active on Instagram. He organizes frequent giveaways, provides ebooks and conducts webinars for his audience.

  • Rohit Rohra

    Rohit Rohra



    Rohit Rohra guides and mentors budding traders by mending the gap created by lack of sufficient market know-how. VP financial is the only channel in India sharing tips to read the trading naked charts.

    Rohit Rohra is Indian stock market trader and trainer. He started trading at a very young age by self-learning every vertical of trading. The acquired insights helped Rohit create a tangible and effective approach to the stock market. The YouTuber has 10 + years of experience in the niche. He created VP financial as a means to impart knowledge and skills to his fellow finance enthusiasts. VP financial is a channel dedicated to intraday trading, live trading, swing trading, Bank Nifty trading and price action trading. Rohit strives to give traders the right head start towards a lucrative career in today's market.

    Rohit Rohra created his YouTube channel on August 4, 2015. He has uploaded 777 videos which have broad 254.8M use to the platform. Last month the finance youtuber posted three new videos adding 125K views to the mix. The topics Rohit covers include Nifty and bank Nifty analysis, options strategy, intraday trading, live trading, technical analysis, stock ideas etc. Rohit also brings instances from the past so that his subscribers can learn from his mistakes. Digital creta has an engagement rate of 0.81% on YouTube. The average length of his content is 10 minutes and 59 seconds with an average view count of 14.8K. The top video on the channel highlights how to find breakout stocks. The post has 356K view, 12.3K likes and 89 comments till date.

  • Chetan Mirani & Bhavesh Bhavsar

    Chetan Mirani & Bhavesh Bhavsar

    YouTube: PaisaToBanega


    Chetan Morani is an economics, business and stock market enthusiast, while Bhavesh Bhavsar is passionate about stock market, business and music. Chetan and Bhavesh want provide Indian youngsters best insights on investment and trading. By subscribing to the channel, you will get access to a plethora of unbiased knowledge applicable in real market scenarios.

    Chetan Mirani & Bhavesh Bhavsar vyanjak into the stock up market industry at a very young age both finance youtubers faced lots of ups and down in their careers. The duo made a lot of mistakes, this empowered them to help their audience avoid making them. Chetan and Bhavesh have grown by helping and learning from one another. They understand the dark side of stock market and entrepreneurship. Chetan and Bhavesh are here to provide money, business and wealth knowledge not available in classrooms.

    Paisa to Banega completed 207K subscribers this month and has an engagement rate of 0.06%. The YouTuber duo have created at 898 videos on topics like options training, hedging strategy, weekend market analysis, mathematics of candlesticks, intraday trading, technical analysis, IPOs, wealth building, trading psychology, mutual funds, investments, EOD strategy analysis, market learning, stock selection etc. The video explaining a strategy on how to earn fixed monthly income from the stock market has gained 849K views, 30.5K likes and 171 comments.

  • Reyaansh Upadhyay

    Reyaansh Upadhyay

    YouTube: Theta Gainers


    Reyaansh Upadhyay can help you learn and earn from stock market through option selling.

    Reyaansh Upadhyay is a derivative trader, index trader, positional options seller and strategist with 8 + years of trading experience. Hey wishes to empower his fellow finance peers to acquire the best stock market knowledge. Reyaansh created his YouTube channel on June, 12 2014 and uploads a new video every Friday.

    Reyaansh has produced 250 + videos on options analysis, live trading, intraday trading, options selling/analysis, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Nifty weekly range, weekly options, regular monthly income strategy Bank Nifty, selling strategies etc. The finance YouTuber has an engagement rate of 0.34%. He prefers creating lengthier video content; the average length of his videos is 18 minutes and 32 seconds and view count of 11.3K. Theta Gainers top video is about the safest weekly option selling strategy. The post has 401K views, 10.9K likes and 58 comments. The video appeared 8 of 20 times in the viewer recommendation section. Moreover, our experts give the content an SEO score of 90. Reyaansh uses quality video thumbnails, inserts infocards/end-screens and responds to his audience in the comment section.

  • Kundan Kishore

    Kundan Kishore

    YouTube: Kundan Kishore


    Kundan Kishore has 15 + years of experience dealing with the Indian stock market. The YouTuber worked at Morgan stanley's Barclays capital and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Today, Kundan aims to spread awareness and financial literacy amongst his Indian peers.

    Kundan Kishore is a top investor and trader from India. He has helped many realise their dreams through his well curated complete course on Indian stock market in English and Hindi. Kundan's lessons can be taken by anyone; from stock market beginners, investor traders to those seeking knowledge, advice and career in the field. New traders lose a lot of money by depending on traditional investors. Hence, Kundan wants to bypass the monopoly created by few by making the best knowledge available to the masses.

    Kundan Kishore has 165K on YouTube. He is also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter. The finance YouTuber has uploaded 96 videos around finance, stock market, trading, investing, behavioural Finance, Indian economy, IPOs, market awareness, doubt sessions, live sessions with industry experts, options selling, technical analysis, price action, intraday profit etc. His videos have brought 8.30M views in the channel's lifetime. The highest performing content on the channel is the introductory video for the complete course on Indian stock market. The post has 1.41M views, 338 likes and 109 comments.

  • Nitish Kumar Singh

    Nitish Kumar Singh

    YouTube: NK StockTalk


    Nitish Kumar Singh is a finance youtuber from India with unparalleled expertise on trading, stock market, investing strategies, portfolio management and option selling.

    Nitish Kumar Singh created his YouTube channel on 23rd August 2011. He goes by a famous Hindi quote "Baki Sab Moh Maya Hai". Presently, Nitish has uploaded 78 videos which have brought 8.68M views to the channel. He uploaded 2 videos in the last 30 days adding 248K views. The topics the YouTuber covers include Finance, stocks, option buying/selling, hedging, technical/fundamental analysis, equity, portfolio, trading strategies, low capital strategy, multibagger investing, long term investing, positional trading, portfolio hedge, scalping, algo and many more. Nitish comes live frequently for Q&A sessions. He has also created YouTube series like "Chai Pe Charcha" and "Moh Maya Se Tukka" for fellow traders and investors. The youtuber has one of the highest engagement rates amongst his peers, i.e 2.82%. Nitish great longer duration content; the average length of his videos (calculated from the YouTubers recent 30 uploads) is 32 minutes and 35 seconds. Moreover, 77K is the average view count on the channel videos. The video on trading and investing super systems has got 563K views, 14.4K likes and 675 comments.

  • CA Ravinder Vats

    CA Ravinder Vats

    YouTube: CA Ravinder Vats


    Learn top stock market concepts from one of the best finance gurus in India.

    Ravindra Vats is a certified chartered accountant, stock market expert and analyst who lives by the Motto "In investing what is comfortable is rarely profitable". He conducts stock market classes in Delhi which are attended by hundreds of thousands of budding finance enthusiasts.

    Ravindra Vats created his channel on June 7, 2019 but started actively creating content from 2017. Videos on Stock Market, option selling, result analysis interest rate, concepts of detailed analysis, Bank Nifty, call analysis, IPOs, launch valuation and expansion of stocks, technical analysis, investor secrets, short covering, fresh buying, wealth creation, passive income opportunities, fundamental analysis, logical analysis, stock market mistakes, rules of trading etc. 898 videos have brought 11.4M views to the channel, bringing the engagement rate to 0.31%. Ravindra's top video on IDFC first bank exclusive is 25 minutes 15 seconds long. The post has received 245K views, 5.91K likes and 99 comments, in addition to 10 Facebook shares and 5 upvotes on Reddit. The finance YouTuber uploaded 45 videos in the last 30 days, averaging 3.5K views.

  • Praveen Dilliwala

    Praveen Dilliwala

    YouTube: Praveen Dilliwala


    Praveen Dilliwala is the financial youtuber to follow when you want to expand your financial horizons and pick up monetizable skills.

    Praveen Dilliwala is a youtuber and content creator who strives to educate Indian youth on economics, Market entrepreneurship and finance. The financial YouTuber provides unbiased and accurate insights to his audience. Under his guidance the future of India will be more financially literate and equipped to take educated decisions.

    Praveen has a YouTube community of 3.47M. He is renowned for creating content on financial certifications, investment banking, education, interesting facts, jobs and careers, high paying skills, cryptocurrency, part-time income, self-improvement and online earning. The digital creator is consistent in his online activities. Praveen created his channel on May 29, 2017 and has uploaded 1.43K videos till date. The videos have brought 226M views in the channel's lifetime, 2.99M came in the last 30 days. The YouTuber averages 41.4K views per month. Praveen's video titled "Biggest Job Scam on Youtube | Earn 1600/Day Free? | Work From Home Job | Earn Money Online" has crossed over 7M views, 10.3K comments and 126K likes. The digital creator adheres to youtube best practices in his videos like having high resolution thumbnails, pinned comment, hearted comments, info cards, end screens etc.

  • The Urban Fight

    Sugandh Rakha and Taskeen Fatima Basha

    YouTube: The Urban Fight


    Get all the skills necessary to survive in the job and financial market.

    The duo of Sugandh Rakha and Taskeen Fatima Basha are here to help you again confidence and become better at decision making. Sugandh is an angel investor specializing in machine learning, cloud computing, financial Technology and product management. Taskeen is a financial expert who simplifies careers, personal finance and interview preparation for her audience. Subscribers can enjoy the best of both by following "The Urban Fight".

    2.98M users are subscribed to Sugandh and Taskeen on YouTube. The duo creates content on a variety of topic including how to crack interviews, career guidance, finance talk, health talks, interview preparation, job market, travel, workout and communication skills. The Urban Fight has an engagement rate of 0.02% with 166 videos accounting for 104M views. The channel gained 1.55M views the previous month. Sugandh and Taskeen are also active on Instagram and Twitter. The financial youtubers have a very active audience. The video titled "Interview Question: Tell Me About Yourself | Best Answer for Freshers & Experienced People'' has 17.6M views, 1.05M likes and 9.44K comments. They follow YouTube best practices like hearted comments, pinned comment, high resolution thumbnails, info card, end screen, Facebook shares, captions and chapters.

  • Vikram Aditya

    Vikram Aditya

    YouTube: Vikram Aditya


    Vikramaditya conveys stories from the past, events of the present and knowledge of the future in his videos.

    Vikram Aditya a YouTuber from India brings the most exclusive and interesting content in Telugu with added English subtitles. He uploads new videos every week on Facebook and YouTube.

    Vikram created his channel on September 17, 2015. Since then he has uploaded 377 videos which have brought 248M views. Almost all of the YouTube content is in Telugu. He covers multiple topics including entertainment education, amazing facts, reasons, world mystery, inspiration mythology, stock market, share market, loans, credit card scams, demat account, technology, money making series, LIC, IPO, artificial intelligence etc. Vikram Aditya as a subscriber based on 2.1M and an engagement right of 0.21%. On average the finance youtuber gets 22.3K views - estimated from his recent 30 videos. The top video on his channel is titled "TOP 10 HORRIFIC STORIES | Terrific Stories in the World | Angel Statue | Vikram Aditya | EP#48". The content has 6.1 3M views, 73.9K likes and 5.90K comments. Our experts give it an SEO score of 100. Vikramaditya has qualities thumbnails, captions, info cards and end screens. He also shares his videos on Facebook, pins comments and engages with his audience.

  • Arun Surya Teja

    Arun Surya Teja

    YouTube: ArunSuryaTejaMannam


    Arun's channel is an ideal place to consume knowledge and avoid array of topics, including finance in Telugu.

    Arun Surya Teja manages a Telugu channel centered around amazing facts, mysteries, scientific discoveries, Technology, Gadgets, top 10 list, history and Finance. The youtuber uses hand-drawings and realistic visuals to help his viewers understand concepts clearly.

    Arun Surya Teja Mannam has 1.66M subscribers on YouTube. He has uploaded 165 videos in total amassing 190M views in the channel's lifetime. The average length of the finance Youtubers content is 10 minutes and 55 seconds. Arun averaged 806.5K views from his YouTube activity in the last 90 days. With 1.82%, Arun has one of the highest engagement rates amongst his peers. The youtuber have a plethora of content on his channel including stock market series, biographies, conspiracy theories, mythologies, current affairs, world history, politics, Indian history, scientific facts and much more. Arun top video is 15 minutes long and covers the life of Indira Gandhi. The post has 16.5M views, 279K likes and 6.04K comments. Additionally, the video also got 4K likes on Facebook. Arun is also in the process of growing his Instagram presence. He has 16.9K followers on IG, with an engagement rate of 22.5%. On average, his posts receive 3.7K likes and 98 comments.

  • Groww


    YouTube: Groww


    An investing platform making sure you make informed decisions through their explanations of various concepts.

    In India, there has been a considerable growth in the number of digital investing platforms and the release of new apps. People are seeking for different ways to increase their wealth as the globe tries to cope to the recent changes brought on by the present pandemic crisis.

    The Groww App is a straightforward and user-friendly investing platform in India that was established in 2016. With ratings of over 4.4 and 4.5 stars, it is one of the top-rated apps in the Play Store and App Store, respectively. The firm provides stock, mutual fund, SIP, and now IPO investments via the Groww app and online platform, all with safe, secure, and high levels of encryption. They teach various concepts on their youtube channel which has given them a following of over 1.61 million. Make sure you follow them!.

  • Basic Gyaan

    Basic Gyaan

    YouTube: BasicGyaan


    They will help you gain a basic knowledge of the important concepts in finance.

    Nowadays, a growing number of people are concerned about their general knowledge. Modern society places a premium on information since it's necessary for many everyday abilities including intellect, problem-solving, communication, and open-mindedness. From a social perspective, our personality is frequently assessed based on our level of education. Lack of common knowledge makes it difficult to be self-assured, convey unambiguous thoughts, and leave a positive impression.

    Lifelong learning is not just a fad; it is a tool for keeping up with a world that is always changing. Gaining more general knowledge can benefit you in all aspect of your life. It improves your relationships, social skills, wellbeing, and career. It also promotes your confidence and social abilities.

    Basicgyaan has the same mission, to make you aware of all the basics of handling your finances well. This being the reason they have a subscriber count of 860k and a growing engagement rate. Make sure you follow finance Youtubers in India like these.

  • Money-Purse

    Money Purse

    YouTube: MoneyPurse


    They will make you financially literate with amazingly planned videos.

    You should be financially literate since it will provide you the information and abilities to handle your money wisely. In the absence of the same, your actions and decisions about savings and investments would lack a solid foundation. However, financial literacy will assist you to manage your money effectively by improving your grasp of financial principles. Additionally, it will aid you in making wise financial decisions, managing your money effectively, and reaching financial stability.

    Money Purse is one such YouTube channel which provides you an in-depth knowledge of all the concepts surrounding finance that will make you smarter. They have a subscriber base of over 834k and an increasing engagement rate. Their most watched youtube video has over 2.6 million views talking about the abcd of stock market. Make sure you follow one of the best finance youtubers in India.

  • Ravi Kant Yadav

    Ravi Kant Yadav

    YouTube: Ravi Kant Yadav


    Ravi Kant Yadav is a finance enthusiast and creates videos to help you gain financial knowledge and freedom.

    Do you want to know about the best Life Insurance plan in India? Are you looking for an insurance plan that helps you generate monthly income? If yes, then you should subscribe to ‘Ravi Kant Yadav’. He is one of the best financial advisors on YouTube and already has 537k followers. His advice on personal finance, investment, schemes, insurance, etc., will help you achieve financial freedom very early on in your life. Moreover, his recent video on Airtel safe pay will help you avoid increasing online fraud. The extra layer of security in the feature will keep your money safe in the transactions. The video received more than 76k views!

  • Fund Guruji

    Fund Guruji

    YouTube: FundGuruji


    This channel will help you understand stock market inside out.

    Indians are renowned for their sophisticated financial reasoning, yet there is a severe lack of information and investment appetite when it comes to comprehending investing and financial diversification. Young professionals find it challenging to file their taxes, comprehend the equity markets, or engage in trading and investing since schools and colleges did not place enough focus on teaching pupils about these potentially significant life-subjects.

    As millennials, we have always been told that investing in equities is the riskiest and that doing so will result in financial loss.

    Less than 10% of Indian families participate in alternative assets like mutual funds or equities, the bulk of which choose to preserve their money in bank accounts. To change this and make you knowledgeable in stock market, fund guruji has a plethora of videos to make you understand the market and to help you earn huge profits. Make sure you follow the best finance youtubers in India.



    YouTube: SAN TECH


    San Tech YouTube channel covers a wide array of topics including smartphone, reviews, Android applications, game reviews, blogging, stock market, Demat accounts option trading etc. Moreover, the videos are produced in Hindi.

    San tech was created on September 22 2018 since then 274 videos have brought 38.2M views in the channel's lifetime. San tech begin as a tech review channel but eventually transition into Finance the topic the channel has includes Zerodha money withdrawal, dividends, option trading, penny stocks, future and options, LIC IPOs, option trading, GTT order, investing, Demat accounts, Bank Nifty, Upstox earning, share market frauds, stock market scams, swing trading, paper trading, low risk high reward strategies long term investments, brokerage and much more. The most engaging video on the channel is titled "Option Trading for beginners | call and put options explained in hindi | live options trading". The post has 2.48M views, 78.6K likes and 2.26K comments with an SEO score of 95. The finance youtubers heart comments, pin comments, add info cards/end screens, chapters and good quality thumbnails. The average length of the videos is 7 minutes and 41 seconds. According to activities in the last 90 days, average video count on the channel's videos is 8.6K.

  • Stock Marathi

    Stock Marathi

    YouTube: Stock Marathi


    Subscribe to this channel for the best stock market learning in Marathi.

    Stock Marathi, as the name suggests is the YouTube channel dedicated to providing the best stock market knowledge in Marathi. Mahesh Patil teaches technical analysis, fundamental analysis, swing trading, multibagger trading, moneycontrol value pick, SIP etc.

    Mahesh Patil created his channel on October 5th, 2016. The finance YouTube enjoy Sunny engagement rate of 0.77%. yes uploaded 2.61 case videos which have brought 38.2M views Mahesh is an active content creator. Uploaded 54 new videos in the last 30 days. The channel covers interedi trading, swing trading, multibagger investing, trading secrets, NSE, BSE, profits, money making tips, value picking, mutual funds, SIP, long term investments, Fibonacci patterns, RSI, Nifty, sensex etc. In one of his videos Mahesh talks about a Rs. 3 IT share which will be valued at Rs. 390 in the future. The video has 617K views, 12.0K likes and 93 comments. The post received 10 shares on Facebook and 5 upvotes on Reddit. Moreover the youtuber also talks about famous stock market gurus like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala , Vijay Kedia and Dolly Khanna and takes inspiration from their lives. Vikramaditya has a substantial following of 69.7K on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.97%. His posts averages 642 likes and 9 comments and has a reach of 5K.

  • Pritika


    YouTube: CaptainPritika


    She will increase your knowledge to make you able minded in money.

    Pritika is a knowledgeable influencer whose main mission is to help you improve in each aspect, she shares various business ideas in depth and primarily focuses on women so that they can revive their careers easily. To do this she makes sure she is consistent with her content and is putting out extraordinary quality. She has a following of 358k and a good engagement rate. Her most weatched video has over 2.8 million views.

    If you want to become smarter with money, get ideas on busines or just want to improve yourself in different aspects like communication skills, etc this is the channel to follow.

  • Dhruv Rathee

    Dhruv Rathee

    YouTube: dhruvrathee


    He will make you a master in your finances through easy to follow videos.

    Dhruv Rathee, an Indian YouTuber residing in Germany, was born on October 8, 1994. He creates videos on a variety of subjects, including the environment, personal finance, economics, society, history, and modern politics.

    He also blogs on YouTube, and he has a separate channel called Dhruv Rathee Vlogs where he blogs. He provides travel videos to Deutsche Welle's DW Travel and hosts the podcast Maha Bharat with Dhruv Rathee, which is only available on Spotify. Dhruv’s area of expertise is in the creation of instructional and enlightening material that offers impartial, succinct, and spelled-out explanations of challenging concepts on a range of topics. He is a great proponent of speaking truth to power and uses my films to spread progressive principles like democracy, freedom, rationality, and critical thinking.

    Dhruv holds a master's degree in mechanical and renewable energy engineering, which explains his background. His love, however, is in the subjects of political science and economics, where he pursued a second bachelor's degree. Make sure you follow one of the top finance YouTubers in India.

  • Shwetabh Gangwar

    Shwetabh Gangwar

    YouTube: Shwetabh Gangwar


    Shwetabh has dedicated his existence to helping people lead a fulfilling life that includes teaching them how to be financially independent.

    Shwetabh Gangwar is from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh, but presently operating from New Delhi India. He is a man with an abundance of talent. He is a philosopher, YouTuber, public speaker and self-proclaimed professional problem solver. Shwetabh has authored a national bestseller book called the "Rudest Book Ever".

    Shwetabh started his YouTube channel on September 1st, 2016. He has produced content on a variety of topics including motivation, how to generate passive income, roadblocks to earning etc. The finance influencer takes videos of professional entrepreneurs and provides a step by step breakdown. Shwetabh is brutally honest and does not cut corners when he is trying to drive a point home. Shwetabh has built a subscriber base of 1.3M on YouTube and enjoys an engagement rate of 0.48%. He has uploaded a total of 340 videos which have broad 104M views to his channel. According to expert analysis, the average length of the YouTubers' videos (calculated from his last 30 uploads) is 14 minutes and 23 seconds. Shwetabh has received 121.7K average view's in the last 90 days. With 2.93M views 7.05K comments and 211K likes, the video titled "The Most Unique Way to Study and Become a Topper | Powerful Studying Technique" is the most engaged video on Shwetabh's channel.

  • Bazar Ke Pandit

    Bazar Ke Pandit



    As the name suggests, he will clear each doubt of yours in finance and will make you financially smarter.

    While there is nothing wrong with keeping money in bank accounts, there is a real possibility that the value could eventually decline due to inflation. This highlights the necessity of early instruction in stock trading and investing, educating kids about the ideas of compounding, the stock market, portfolio diversification, and much more that may make them more financially literate as adults.

    Why therefore should parents and educational institutions teach their young children about trading and investing? College students have an advantage over traditional adults who begin investing in their 30s since they are youthful, active, and have the passage of time on their side. While that is not happening, channels like these can be your school to start with the journey and earn much money. Make sure you follow one of the top finance youtubers in India!

  • voice of market

    Voice of Market

    YouTube: Voice of Market


    By subscribing to voice of market viewers get the latest share market news, short term stock picks, medium term stock picks, long term stock picks, positional stock picks, intraday stock picks, latest stock market videos and much more.

    Voice of market previously known as "Stock market Adda" is a channel dedicated to stock market education. The YouTubers give the best knowledge that helps Finance enthusiasts make informed trading decisions.

    Voice of market was created on January, 12 2019. The finance youtubers create long duration content. The average length of the videos is 11 minutes and 30 seconds with 4.3K view count ( estimated from the recent 30 videos). Videos cover live portfolio review Nifty predictions IPO details, share market basics, long term stocks/shares investments, finance news, best stocks to buy, commodities, sensex Nifty Bank, multibagger shares, penny stocks/shares, indicators etc. The channel has 4.26K videos which bring 52.5M views. Last month, the youtubers produced 18 videos and added 106K views. Overall, "Voice Of Market" has an engagement rate of 0.15%. The highest performing video on the channel talks about 20 stocks with potential to yield high returns in the next 10 years. The post has amassed 338K views, 12.1K likes and 178 comments.

  • Money Bee Institute Pvt. Ltd

    Money Bee Institute Pvt. Ltd

    YouTube: Money Bee Institute Pvt. Ltd


    Best financial Institute that has trained 1,00,000+ people through investor awareness programs, classroom, and online sessions.

    Money Bee Institute Pvt. Ltd is one of the top finance channels on YouTube. It is a Nagpur-based training institute that educates students and investors about finance and investments. All the trainers are NISM certified and have years of experience in the market. They have also developed content for NISM, BSE, and NSE. The YouTube channel has already attracted 276k subscribers and imparts knowledge on the stock market, budget analysis, retirement planning, investments, mutual funds, and financial planning. They post videos on weekly market analysis, macro-economic updates, weekly sectoral analysis, candle stick study, RBI Financial Stability report, Corporate Governance, Taxation, and Technical chart analysis. Subscribe to the channel now to get sound financial knowledge and make the right investments.

  • Trade Tak

    Trade Tak

    YouTube: Trade Tak


    Unbiased content on finance, stock market, and investment to help you make maximum profits from your hard-earned money.

    Trade Tak is one of the best YouTube channels for finance. You will learn about stock market fundamental analysis, technical analysis, Mutual Funds, IPO, and many other useful financial knowledge to make the right investment. Additionally, they also share daily stock market updates to help you get acquainted with the market fluctuations and the volatility of different stocks. Trade Tak has 266k subscribers and has a mission to make all the investment schemes easily accessible to everyone. Proper knowledge and guideline about the stock market in India are necessary to become a successful full-time investor or even generate a good income as a side hustle.

  • Earn With RK.

    Earn With RK

    YouTube: Earn With RK


    Earn with RK is a channel that focuses on crypto news updates and chart analysis.

    Which crypto will boom in 2022? Will Bitcoin rise again? There are so many questions that need a proper answer before you go and invest your money in digital assets. Earn with RK will give you updates on the crypto news and teach you how to do proper chart analysis for crypto. Rk Gupta, one of the top financial YouTubers, knows the importance of reading cryptocurrency charts. It gives an insight for traders to find the best opportunities in the market and predict the future price movements of an asset. The channel helps 251k followers to make well-informed decisions when it comes to long-term crypto investment.

  • Earn With Sapna

    Earn With Sapna

    YouTube: Earn With Sapna


    Sapna Singh is a software engineer by profession and posts financial videos related to Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency.

    Sapna Singh is the founder of "Earn with Sapna", one of the top finance channels on YouTube. The software engineer turned YouTuber creates videos to educate people about Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency. She has been working in Crypto since 2015 and wants to share her years of experience with the world. You will also get updates on Crypto news, hardware wallet reviews, coins reviews, etc. Sapna is quite consistent with her uploads and has 251k followers on the platform. Her recent video on the top 10 cryptos for long-term investment is sure to enlighten you to become a big investor. Make sure not to miss that video!

  • Tech Plus

    Tech Plus

    YouTube: Tech Plus


    Generate a good income with the best finance investing ideas, the right stocks to buy, mutual funds, IPO reviews, and many more.

    Tech Plus is the best YouTube channel to learn finance. They create videos to help you get good knowledge about the stock markets and different financial investments. Taking advice from experts in the industry will help you avoid mistakes while making short-term and long-term investments. Moreover, if you want to become a full-time investor, you need to subscribe to the channel to get good hints about the market fluctuations and how and where to invest when the value of the share plummets. The channel has already garnered more than 247k subscribers. Recently, they uploaded a video on the 2 best penny stocks under Rs. 20 that can help you become a millionaire in the future. Such valuable suggestions are extremely helpful in making long-term investments.

  • Long term Shares LTP

    Long term Shares LTP

    YouTube: LongtermsharesLTS


    They will provide you with the best stocks for long term investing to build your wealth.

    Market volatility is one of the key issues with any sort of investing. Volatility gauges how much prices fluctuate over time. Price swings are another way to conceive of volatility. The volatility of an investment increases with the size and frequency of its price movements. Due to their fluctuating pricing, investments with high volatility carry a significant level of risk.

    The correlation between volatility and time reveals the benefit of long-term investing. Longer-term investments often have less volatility than shorter-term investments. The longer you invest, the better your chances are of surviving downturns in the market.

    And to help you choose the best stocks for long term investing, this channel has a variety of videos. Make sure you follow finance youtubers in India like these.

  • Fantastic Nifty

    Fantastic Nifty

    YouTube: Fantastic Nifty


    Get the latest share market tips and predictions, stock market analysis, and all mid-cap, small-cap, and large-cap stocks.

    Koustav Chowdhury is the founder of ‘Fantastic Nifty’, the best YouTube channel for stock market in hindi. He is an ex-TATA group employee and a NISM certified Research Analyst. The B.Tech engineer creates videos to get all the news and updates on the stock market, analysis of revenue, net profit, debt-equity ratio, and cheap evaluation. As a beginner, you will get to know about the right stocks to invest in and the best advice on long-term Multibagger shares. Technical chart analysis of the market is also shared on the platform to help investors make the right decisions while dealing with stocks. Recently, Koustav posted a video on 2 unknown Micro cap stocks. He advised his 226k subscribers to invest as it had the potential to become a multibagger stock in the future. The video received 1.3k views in mere 17 hours!

  • Sanchit


    YouTube: MrScalper1998


    He will teach you all about trading to grow your money exponentially.

    There are several high probability trade possibilities emerging due to the current Coronavirus scenario and its economic effects. They don't occur frequently, but when they do, if you know what you're doing, they may speed up the process of building money for you.

    To help you employ the best techniques and avoid traps, sanchit brings each and every concept easily explained through his channel Mrscalper. His consistency and quality is adored by all. This being the reason he has over 227k subscribers and a growing engagement rate. His most popular video has over 831k views where he suggests best penny stocks. Make sure you follow him!

  • CA Puneet Jajoo

    CA Puneet Jajoo

    YouTube: CAPuneetJajoo


    Puneet will make you an expert in the stock market leading you to build huge wealth.

    This common method of saving money is frequently the cause of the youth's tendency to choose unorthodox methods of saving. Seeing their elders veer off the risky route, they themselves lack the interest in and expertise in investing and instead choose the saving strategy.

    According to an AMFI poll, 72% of people have no idea how much money they need to invest to become financially independent. A further 56% of them lack the skills to manage their own affairs, and over 76% think that financial planning education is urgently needed.

    To help you learn about stock market in the correct manner, this channel has a variety of videos that will make each concept clear and will make you confident in investing in the stock market. Make sure you follow this channel!

  • Tech Ranjan

    Tech Ranjan

    YouTube: Tech Ranjan


    Get Crypto latest news, updates, and everyday predictions to make the best move while investing in digital assets.

    Ravi Ranjan is the founder of Tech Ranjan, a YouTube channel with more than 166k subscribers. He is one of the top financial YouTubers in India with expertise in Cryptocurrency investments. You will get the latest news and updates on cryptocurrencies as well as predictions on which coin to buy for the maximum profit. You will also find other useful finance-related content that can help you make the right move for other investments. Recently, he uploaded a video on the best future trading tips and how they can help traders to earn $100 to $200 daily. Ravi also received an award for the best Binance Crypto Influencer 2022. His subscribers appreciated the fact that his hard work and perseverance paid off.

  • Convey Updates

    Convey Updates

    YouTube: Convey Updates


    Get acquainted with the events happening in the finance sector and equip yourself with the latest news from the business world.

    Financial investments are done after a lot of consideration and this is why it’s best to take advice from experts who already have years of experience in the industry. Convey Updates is one of the top financial channels on YouTube in Hindi that believes in simplified knowledge. They aim to help people get the latest news and updates from the finance and business world in easy-to-understand language. They have more than 162k subscribers! You just need to invest 5 to 10 mins of your time daily to equip yourself with enough knowledge before investing your money. Their recent video on company analysis of ‘Tata Power’ and ‘Adani Power’ will give you a clear picture of which one to choose for investment. Subscribe to the channel now for more valuable videos.

  • Ayushman Pandita

    Ayushman Pandita

    YouTube: Ayushman Pandita


    He will make you smart enough to make money and earn profits on it!

    Are you in your early 20s or a college student? Are you interested in learning how to make money? Are you unsure about how to invest and manage your finances? No more worries! Ayushman discusses a variety of subjects on this channel, including how to make money, how to gain new skills, investment, stock market, public speaking, startups, careers, and much more.

    He has over 160k subscribers and a growing engagement rate, his most popular video has over 2 million views in which he talks about ways to earn money at home as a part time. Make sure you follow him!

  • Prabhat Trading Service

    Prabhat Trading Service

    YouTube: Prabhat Trading service


    Become a profitable trader and investor with the right knowledge and technical analysis of stock markets.

    Prabhat Kumar is the founder of ‘Prabhat Trading Service’, the best YouTube channel for stock market in hindi. He creates videos on the best stocks to buy for short-term or Intraday trading. His predictions hardly go wrong and this is the reason why the channel has amassed 151k subscribers in a short period. If you are a newbie or someone looking for the best affordable equipment and software to start trading, then check out the video on the ‘Complete guide for Stock Market Beginners’. You will get a detailed knowledge of how the market works and how to battle fluctuations to make great profits. Sounds interesting? Subscribe now and make a lucrative career.

  • Samjha Do Bhaiya

    Samjha Do Bhaiya

    YouTube: Samjha Do Bhaiya


    Best informative content for Crypto Traders and Entrepreneurs to earn maximum profits from investments.

    Samjha Do Bhaiya is one of the top YouTube finance channels that will help you become a successful Crypto trader and entrepreneur. Since Bitcoin is immune to inflation unlike world currencies, more and more people are getting attracted to digital currencies. Investing in crypto assets is extremely profitable but it is also highly risky. A wrong decision can make you lose all your money. If you are interested in cryptocurrency investment, it is essential to get the latest news and updates to make the right move at the right time. This will help you avoid losing money with the market fluctuations.

  • Crypto Crown

    Crypto Crown

    YouTube: Crypto Crown


    Learn which cryptocurrency is best to invest in and how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency.

    Crypto Crown is one of the top finance channels on YouTube that has garnered 137k subscribers. They focus on teaching the cryptocurrency market in a way that is easy to understand. If you are a beginner, having the right information leads to correct decision-making skills and faster results. All your doubts related to cryptocurrencies will get clear. For example, ‘’Which cryptocurrency is best to invest in?’, ‘Which Crypto to buy today?’, ‘How to trade and invest in cryptocurrency?’, ‘Safest way to hold Crypto Coins’, etc. Recently, the finance YouTube channel uploaded a video on the top 5 Coins for Indian Traders in 2022. The video received more than 7.5k views and 415 likes.

  • Crypto King Keyur

    Crypto King Keyur

    YouTube: CryptoKingKeyur


    As the name suggests he will make you a king incrytp to benefit from this amazing opportunity.

    Cryptocurrency trading involves a high degree of risk and might not be appropriate for all investors. You should carefully examine your financial goals, degree of experience, and risk tolerance before considering to trade cryptocurrencies. You should be informed of all the dangers involved with trading cryptocurrencies. The most in-depth videos are provided on this channel to help you understand everything and the methods that will undoubtedly work.

    It has over 135k subscribers and an engagement rate of 0.50%. THe most popular video has over 1 million viewers showing the amount of connect he has made with his consistent quality content. Make sure you follow one of the finest finance YouTubers in India.

  • Harshubh Shah

    Harshubh Shah

    YouTube:Impulse Technical


    He will make you a genius in the stock market enabling you to earn well.

    Harshubh Shah, a former engineering student who became a successful stock trader with 13 years of expertise in the financial markets, owns and operates Impulse Technical. With a starting amount of $5,000, he began trading stocks in 2008. He trades the Nifty full-time and is adamant that consistency is more important than accuracy.

    He has a following of over 134k on his channel with an engagement rate of 1.48% which reflects he is going in the right direction. His most popular video has over 284k views which is on the problems faced when you begin in stock market and the solutions for them. Gain financial independence by following one of the best finance YouTubers in India.

  • Gomathi Shankar

    Gomathi Shankar (CPR BY KGS)

    YouTube: Gomathi Shankar


    The finance Guruplayed his part in creating indicators, CPR by kgs and SMS by kgs, which are utilized by 10000 + traders worldwide.

    Gomathi Shankar, a stock market expert and trainer from Chennai has educated 2000 + retail traders worldwide via 1 on 1 personalized training. The YouTuber created the first Indian channel to reveal CPR(Central Pivot Range) strategies to the world. Gomathi's subscribers enjoy real time price action trading experience and CPR indications. Gomathi has created several beginner to advanced level courses in English and Tamil. His lessons cover stock market basics and price action for NSE, NFO, MCX, CDS and Forex.

    Gomathi Shankar's YouTube channel is 108K subscribers strong. He has uploaded 195 + videos on CPR indicators, stock market, Bank Nifty, IPOs, Forex etc. As one of the top Finance youtubers in India Gomathi has engagement rate of 0.49%. uploaded for videos in the last 30 days gaining 111K views. Overall the channel has 5.73M views with average view count of 6.7K per video. The most interactive video on the channel talks about CPR indicator pivot point trading strategy. The post has 361K views, 13.2K likes and 692 comments. Our experts give it an SEO score of 80.

  • Badshai Trading

    Badshai Trading

    YouTube: Badshaitrading


    Investors can generate huge profits by using simple yet effective trading strategies presented by Mr Alex.

    Mr Alex is a world class trader here to help newcomers enter the facility world of stock market investing. The finance YouTuber creates insightful content in Hindi. He lives by the Motto - "Market Is Not Dangerous Lack Of Knowledge Is Dangerous".

    Mr Alex created his YouTube channel on March 25th 2012. Presently he has a strong subscriber base of 108K. Alex has uploaded 673 videos 17 in the last 30 days generating 7.7M total views. The YouTuber covers intraday trading, stock market strategies, Bank Nifty trading, stock market basics, option chain analysis, price action trading strategy, trading mindset/psychology, top weightage stocks, candlestick analysis, indicators, trading secrets, profits, money management, position sizing etc. He also organizes YouTube live sessions to address queries, mistakes and stock market scams. Badshai Trading has an engagement rate of 1.26%. The highest grossing video titled "1 Minute Scalping Trading Strategy | 3.05 Lakhs + Live Option Trading Profits -Simple But Effective" has 86.7K views 3.26K likes and 170 comments. Our strategists give it an SEO score of 95. Alex uses good quality thumbnails, hearts comments, infocards, end screens and chapters.

  • Trade With Nikhil

    Nikhil Arora

    YouTube: Trade With Nikhil


    Nikhil Arora is a youtuber and stock market trader from Delhi. He has expertise in predicting Nifty options for the future. Nikhil has produced ton of social media content that has helped many achieve financial literacy and freedom.

    Trade with Nikhil has 365 videos bringing in 3.68M views. Last month the YouTuber uploaded 23 times adding 310K views to the bundle. Nikhil has an engagement rate of 0.52% and average view count of 10.5K (calculator from his last 30 videos). The average length of the traders content is 9 minutes and 36 seconds. The finance YouTuber talks about Bank Nifty options intraday trading, options strategy, future predictions, live trading, price action market analysis, range bound market, profits, option analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, stock markets scams etc. The top video on the channel covers bank Nifty option trade in July. The post has 32.3K views 1.63K likes and 169 comments Nikhil utilizes high resolution thumbnails, pins comments, inserts infocards, end screens, chapters and communicates with his audience in the comments. Nikhil has a budding Instagram community of 7,944. He posts new content almost every day and garners an engagement rate of 6.8%. The finance experts posts can reach an average of 7.1K IG users.

  • Stock Market Funda

    Stock Market Funda

    YouTube: StockMarket Funda


    One of the best finance YouTube channels in India with insights to build your net worth. Learn about momentum calls, intraday calls and Portfolio stocks by following this channel.

    Stock market Funda is administered by a professional trader and trainer with 10 + years of experience in the field. He has built a channel to provide knowledge surrounding the stock market and its various real-time behaviour. The finance youtuber undertakes detailed analysis to identify short and long term shares for purchase.

    Stock market Funda was created on November 2019 and presently has 2.10K videos on stock market, short term targets, stock news, Nifty, technical analysis, forex market, market trading tips, intraday trading strategies, mutual funds, economy news, upcoming IPOs, finance news, share review, MACD signals, candlestick patterns etc. Stock market Funda has an engagement rate of 0.18% and has completed a total of 6.91M views. From the recent 30 videos we estimate 14 minutes and 7 seconds to be the average length of the videos with 2.2K average views. The video on the best penny Pharma stocks under Rs 15 has received 44.2K views, 1.17K likes and 75 comments.

  • Shivansh Bhasin

    Shivansh Bhasin

    YouTube: ShivanshBhasin


    He is an expert who will make you financially independent.

    Everything from fundamentals of the stock market to the most sophisticated technical Charts & Patterns may be found on this channel. In essence, you get everything you need to advance from a total beginner to a skilled trader who makes lakhs each month! The way each and every concept is explained is really easy to grasp. The video is also seen to be of high quality be it videography or the content. This being the reason the channel has over 86.2k subscribers and an engagement rate of 0.08%.

    His most popular video has over 218k views in which he suggested penny stocks that can be a multibagger. Make sure you follow him!

  • Ashwani Gujral

    Ashwani Gujral

    YouTube: Ashwani Gujral


    Ashwani Gujral is known as "Stock market Guru" by his peers. Ashwini is considered a foremost authority on trading. He has contributed to top US business magazines. The trader's deep knowledge is available on CNBC India. He empowers youngsters to create income opportunities by following their passions and dreams without hesitation.

    Ashwani Gujral from New Delhi India is a SEBI licensed portfolio manager, stock market expert, chief market strategist, Bank Nifty trader and intraday trader. The finance Guru has 25 + years experience as a futures and options trader. He authored Amazon best selling books like "How To Make Money In Intraday trading", "How To Make Money Trading With Charts", "How To Make Money Trading Derivatives" etc.

    Ashwani Gujaral has 69.5K subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded 1006 videos till date. The average length of his content is 11 minutes and 16 seconds, averaging 3.3K views (estimated from the recent 30 videos). The channel has an engagement rate of 0.39%. the stock market Guru talks about Nifty, bank Nifty market momentum, trading discipline, commodities, pre market reports, Global markets and much more. Ashwini's video on mastering a simple strategy to make money has received 124K views, 4.14K likes along with 43 shares on Facebook.

  • Trade Brains

    Trade Brains

    YouTube: Trade Brains


    Join Trade Brains for informative market and trading concept videos. The investors believe that anyone can earn high returns from the stock market with dedicated time and effort.

    Trade brains is a business and economic channel dedicated to spreading finance, investing, stock market analytics and finance education. The channel is derived from a startup of the same name that addresses everyday investor queries in India. The finance youtubers have been helping hundreds of thousands of people enter the world of stock market with their cutting edge education, updated articles, detailed blogs, videos, stock research websites, premium and free courses, discussion forum, financial calculators and much more. The digital creators also have a personalized app on Google Play Store.

    Trade Brains have garnered 2.86M views In the channel's lifetime from 379 videos. The YouTubers have uploaded 15 videos last month and enjoy an engagement rate of 0.33%. the topics they cover include Indian business option trading, mutual fund basic, technical analysis, stock market valuation basics, fundamental analysis, futures and options trading, transactions fixed deposit, payment aggregators, investing concepts, recession, inflation IPOs, multibagger stocks, value investing, personal Finance, money making, money myths etc. The video titled "How to trade in Options Using Zerodha Kite? (Options Trading Demo) | Trade Brains", has 321K views, 2.89K likes and 144 comments. The market experts are also active on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

  • TSD Tricks

    TSD Tricks

    YouTube: TSDTricks


    One of the best finance YouTube channels will teach you all about crypto so you can diversify your investment and earn huge amounts.

    Since its launch in 2009, cryptocurrency trading has swept the financial industry by storm. India is also quickly catching on to the appeal of digital money. According to Chainalysis, a blockchain analytics company, India recently placed second globally in terms of usage of cryptocurrencies.

    Due to the fundamentally decentralised nature of cryptocurrency trading, you have complete control over who owns and controls where your funds are kept. Since neither the exchange nor a middleman determines the value of the assets, traders are free to benefit as much as possible from the current exchange rates.

    This channel will help you learn all about crypto and make the right decisions. It has over 51.2k subscribers and a growing engagement rate owing to the quality content consistently produced. Make sure you follow one of the top finance youtubers in India.

  • Yagnesh Patel

    Yagnesh Patel

    YouTube: Yagnesh Patel


    Yagnesh Patel is a top finance YouTuber who creates videos related to the stock market and Technical Analysis.

    It takes immense knowledge and skill as a stockholder to make profitable returns from stock trading. The market keeps on fluctuating and the decision to buy and sell stocks is more complicated in reality than it seems to be. Yagnesh Patel is one of the top finance YouTubers with more than 11 years of experience in the stock market. With the help of high-quality videos on his channel, you can always avoid losing your money even when the value of your share plummets. His valuable Technical Analysis and suggestions have helped him garner 51.5k subscribers. Additionally, the stock market expert also comes regularly live on the CNBC channel and other regional channels for sharing his views on Index and stocks.

  • Tamil Crypto School

    Tamil Crypto School

    YouTube: TamilCryptoSchool


    This school will bring you immense wealth, all you have to do is pay attention.

    Due to its higher volatility than traditional markets like stocks and FX, cryptocurrencies typically provide more chances. If you're an investor who wants to hold, keep in mind that doing so only results in profit if the price of the cryptocurrency increases. Trading enables you to take advantage of both up and down markets to build successful positions.

    For traders trying to make investments in choppy markets, learning to trade cryptocurrency has grown in popularity. Bitcoin trading has become a more lucrative potential in recent years due to volatility than many other opportunities found in traditional markets.

    And to help you learn the same, tamil crypto school has bought in-depth videos for you to learn everything. The consistency and quality of this channel has bought over 48.6k subscribers and a growing engagement rate. Make sure you follow this channel!

  • Crypto City Tamil

    Crypto City Tamil

    YouTube: Crypto City Tamil


    Crypto City Tamil is a hub for financial education related to cryptocurrency, market analysis, and the latest updates on crypto investment.

    S. Dhamodharan is the owner of ‘Crypto City Tamil’, one of the top finance YouTube channels in Tamil with 37.8k subscribers. If you are interested in the crypto tutorial for learning about how to make investments in digital assets, you will get amazing informative videos explained easily. Additionally, if you are already an investor, the crypto price prediction videos will help to make the right decisions. Recently, Crypto City Tamil uploaded a video predicting the next move of Bitcoin. Whether it’s going to reach $22000 or is the next move going to be Bull or Bear? Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more latest news and updates on cryptocurrencies.

  • Sasi Wealth Creator

    Sasi Wealth Creator

    YouTube: Sasi Wealth Creator


    Sasi Wealth Creator is a YouTube channel that emphasizes Intraday and F&O strategies to make huge monetary benefits.

    Are you looking for profitable short-term stocks or for various strategies to increase your wealth? If yes, then subscribing to ‘Sasi Wealth Creator’ is the best option for you. This channel will give you Fundamental and technical analysis of the market, and learn Intraday and F&O strategies to make money as a trader. Sasi Wealth Creator is one of the top finance YouTube channels in Telugu. The channel has 37.6k active subscribers. You will get good knowledge about the kind of stocks to trade with. Additionally, since the market keeps on changing, the suggestions provided by Sasi Wealth Creator can help you buy the best stocks to make huge profits. The recent video on ‘5 positive stocks to buy now’ received 1.9k views and 128 likes!

  • Jadden Oxford

    Jadden Oxford

    YouTube: Jadden oxford


    Jadden Oxford is a cryptocurrency expert and creates videos to help people make the right investments.

    Jadden Oxford is one of the best financial advisors on YouTube in the cryptocurrency niche. The last 1 year has been a roller coaster ride for cryptocurrencies but this created a good opportunity for the Shiba Inu Coin. The Ethereum-based altcoin is taking over the crypto market and proving itself an excellent choice for investors. By watching the videos on the ‘Jadden Oxford’ channel, you will learn a lot about why the Shiba Inu coin has been in the limelight for a while and how the price trajectory will behave in the future. The channel has already attracted 28.1k followers with its high-quality content and is bound to expand more with time. Make sure to subscribe for the latest updates on cryptocurrency investments.

  • Intraday With Shahid

    Intraday With Shahid

    YouTube: Intraday with Shahid


    Shahid is a finance enthusiast and creates videos to help you get updates on Intraday stocks and companies’ quarterly report analyses.

    Intraday trading requires skill to make great profits. A newbie or someone trying to make a career as an intraday trader should possess enough knowledge to make the best decision while buying and selling stocks. It’s best to get advice from a person who has years of experience in the industry. "Intraday with Shahid" is the best YouTube channel for the stock market in hindi. Shahid is a financial expert who creates amazing videos that provide updates on Intraday/ Day trading. Additionally, he also gives a detailed analysis of the company’s quarterly reports to help you make the best decision for trading with stocks. The channel already has 25.4k subscribers and the count is growing every day!

  • Crypto Kavi

    Crypto Kavi

    YouTube: Crypto Kavi


    Investing in cryptocurrencies is not the same as investing in stocks. Learn the factors you should consider to make it a successful venture.

    It requires skill and the right knowledge to invest in cryptocurrencies. Crypto Kavi will teach you about the factors you should consider before investing your time and effort in the digital asset. The channel already has 24.5k subscribers and is expanding its reach because of the high-quality content. It is one of the best YouTube channels for finance in Tamil. Here, you will learn all about making the right investments and getting amazing suggestions to create wealth. Many people assume that investing in stocks and crypto is the same thing but this is not true. Many factors create fluctuations in the value of digital assets. Crypto Kavi will guide you through your journey and help you fight the volatility of Crypto.

  • OptinInfluencers


    YouTube: OptinInfluencers


    From crypto, blockchain, finance to all the latest news in finance, this channel will provide you all.

    You may achieve significant financial goals by investing. You will make more money over the long run and more quickly if your investments are yielding a better rate of return than a savings account. You may utilise this investment return to help you achieve important financial objectives like buying a home, a vehicle, starting your own business, or paying for your children's education.

    However, in order to perform it correctly, you must be up to speed on current news and have a thorough understanding of all the principles. And this channel can get you all of that in one place. It has a plethora of well-explained videos on everything around finance. Make sure you follow it!

  • Harshit Garg

    Harshit Garg

    YouTube: Hg Tech Official


    Harshit Garg creates videos on highly profitable cryptocurrency and stock market investments.

    Interested in earning lakhs with cryptocurrency or stock market trading? Harshit Garg is one of the top finance YouTubers in India who has immense knowledge about profitable investments through trading. His recent video on the Luxurious Pro Network Token Price (LPNT) business plan can help you earn 1 lakh to 2 lakhs monthly! The video received more than 6k views and 320 likes. A few days ago, Harshit also shared a video on the new updates on LPNT and the good news for all LPNT holders. He makes sure to give detailed information on the current updates so that it becomes easier for his followers to make the right move.

  • Market & IPO Guru

    Market & IPO Guru

    YouTube: Market & IPO Guru


    Market & IPO Guru is all about the share market and the latest news on recent and upcoming IPOs.

    Want to know which IPO is best to buy in India? One of the best mediums to get the right updates on IPO is subscribing to the ‘Market & IPO Guru’ YouTube channel. It is one of the top finance channels on YouTube. You will get details about IPO grey market premium (IPO GMP) and subscription start and close date, listing date, etc. Additionally, the channel provides information on the latest news about the share market so that traders can make the right decisions when buying and selling stocks. IPO stock can be a good investment but the volatile price fluctuations are the biggest downside. With ‘Market & IPO Guru’, you will get the right information at the right time!

  • Cryptocurrency Tamil Guru

    Cryptocurrency Tamil Guru

    YouTube: Cryptocurrency Tamil Guru


    A channel which will provide you with all you need to know about crypto to benefit from it.

    Unavoidably, the world economy is transitioning to a digital eco-system. Everything is becoming paperless, including investments and money transfers. Cryptocurrencies are the newest and most exciting advancement in the field of digital payments.

    A cryptocurrency is a sort of money similar to traditional ones like the US dollar, but it was created specifically for the exchange of digital data. According to, cryptocurrency is a decentralised "digital or virtual money that employs cryptography for security," making it hard to forge. Governments are not able to take it away from you because it was not issued by a central authority. And there are a tonne of possibilities to make a tonne of money.

    This channel will help you in the journey of that through the well-explained videos on even the minute concepts. Make sure you follow one of the top finance youtubers in India.

  • Ayush Choudhari

    Ayush Choudhari

    YouTube: Ayush Choudhari


    He will make stock market a smooth ride for you.

    He thinks it's quite easy to profit from the stock market. But the majority of individuals lose money because they are uneducated and ignorant. The three elements listed above—"education, experience, and extra cash"—are crucial for success in this industry. So he reasoned that he might use his degree and expertise to help others.

    He makes films on different stocks and other financial issues to achieve this. He makes an effort to assess situations using a variety of ways to help consumers comprehend stock markets as simply as feasible.

    He has a following of over 10.4k and a growing engagement rate. His most popular video has over 208k views. Make sure you follow one of the growing finance YouTubers in India.

  • Sanjay-Mishra

    Sanjay Mishra

    YouTube: CryptoInsiderTA


    He will make you experienced in the crypto field to earn huge.

    Warren Buffett, a renowned investor, has shared his two fundamental investment guidelines. Never losing money is the first rule. Rule two: Recall rule one at all times. It sounds simple, right? Okay, so it's not.

    When you trade or invest in the financial markets, you will experience significant wins and losses. If there were a secret to consistently succeeding in the market, we would all be quite wealthy by now. The true trick is to have a win/loss ratio that is positive, meaning that your wins stand out more than your defeats.

    And to help yuo with the same, Sanjay through his channel brings easy to understand concepts to make your journey of investing smooth. This being the reason, he has a subscriber base of 9.78k and a growing engagement rate. Make sure you follow him!

  • Market Info Tamil

    Market Info Tamil

    YouTube: Market Info Tamil


    Get the latest news and updates on Bitcoin, Trading, Stock market, Forex Trading, and Investment ideas in Tamil.

    Are you interested in Forex Trading? If yes, then you should know that it is not an easy way to become rich. Any kind of trading requires knowledge of the market and a system to handle risk. When you equip yourself with the latest updates and news on the market, it becomes easier for you to make profitable decisions. "Market Info Tamil" is one of the best YouTube channels for finance in Tamil. It has 5.75k subscribers and the channel has videos on the news and updates on trading, bitcoin, and stocks. Recently, they uploaded a video on full details of the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Coin. The video received more than 3k views and 183 likes so far. Subscribe to the channel for more information on good investments.

  • Bharath Shankar

    Bharath Shankar

    Youtube: aceinkBharathShankar


    Bharat can clear all your market confusions and help you build strong portfolio for long term investments.

    Bharat Shankar a renowned business consultant, price strategy expert and educator from Mumbai Maharashtra India provides the best financial tips derived from personal interpretations and research.

    By subscribing to ACEink you can find quality content on high potential stocks, small cap stocks, cryptocurrency, future and options, midcap stocks, Monopoly stock analysis, SIP, mutual funds, market portfolio, EV stocks, IPOs, personal finance, investment strategies, technical/fundamental analysis, trading etc. Bharath talks about 5 shares for long term investments in his highest grossing video. The post has received 2.24M views, 64.5K likes and 1.20K comments. Moreover, the finance youtubers keep your updated with the latest stock news.

  • Art of Trading

    Art of Trading

    Youtube: Crypto artoftradingbanknifty


    Learn about live market, stock market, chart reading, option trading and much more from Ghanshyam Yadav.

    Stock market trader Ghanshyam Yadav from Navi Mumbai India can help you become a profitable trader with a determined mind set. Owing to his plethora of knowledge, Josh Talks invited Ghanshyam as a guest speaker. Moreover, the YouTuber endorses the trading platform, UPSTOX.

    Ghanshyam created his YouTube channel, the "Art of Trading" for finance enthusiasts who want to learn more about share market, commodity market and trading in the language of their choice. He uploads two videos every week where he discusses key technical analysis concepts. By subscribing to Ghanshyam's channel you will get your daily dose of stock market, IPO, trading psychology, candlestick patterns, Bank Nifty/Nifty, chart reading and multibagger stock related content. The Indian Finance Youtubers' top video covers the best mutual fund portfolio for 20 years. The video has amassed 356K views, 6.83K likes and 393 comments since its upload. Ghanshyam Yadav has also built a strong following of 21.6K on Twitter and 43.1K on Instagram.

  • Apna Trader

    Apna Trader

    Youtube: ApnaTrader


    Every budding trader and investor in India can find valuable content in Hindi by subscribing to this channel. The finance youtubers can get you up to speed on the National stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange.

    The YouTuber apna trader from Pune, Maharashtra India provides information about trading and investment options.

    The channel Apna Trader has 189K subscribers on YouTube. One of the top finance YouTubers in India regularly posts content about margin trading facility, option trading, cryptocurrency, money making, taxation, option strategies, commodity trading, share market, currency trading, candlestick patterns, investment tips, IPOs and other crucial financial concepts. The YouTubers also share pre-market and live market updates. Apna trader carefully highlighted how to apply stop loss in zerodha in his popular video. The video has 1.07M views, 20.6K likes and 493 comments.

  • Pankaj Jain

    Pankaj Jain

    Youtube: PankajJainMONEYGURU


    Pankaj Jain pioneered stock market education for Indians. He gives research backed practical training for stock market trading and investments.

    Pankaj Jain from Indore Madhya Pradesh created his channel in April 2010. He has been active in the industries since 2010. Pankaj possesses 18+ years’ experience in stock market trading, MCX commodity and currency forex. Born from his experience is Speed Learning - Institute of money management (IMM). Here Pankaj provides knowledge on intraday trading, Nifty/Bank Nifty, future and options etc. to his students.

    Pankaj Jain has uploaded 1.95K videos on his channel which account for 19.6M views in total. The finance YouTuber shares content on stock market, share market trading, options trading, Finance, online trading, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, sensex, multibagger stocks, swing trading, commodity trading, portfolio management, and more. 4 years ago Pankaj created a video explaining how to make 2% profit daily in just 5 to 10 minutes of day trading stocks. The video has high engagement with 650K views, 8.39K likes and 386 comments.

  • Kritika Yadav

    Kritika Yadav

    Youtube: KritikaYadav


    Get the best content on share market mutual fund and economy from Kritika Yadav.

    Kritika Yadav is a certified financial planner and SEBI certified investment researcher and advisor. She empowers you to make well informed decisions and invest and build your wealth. By following this finance Youtuber you can learn a lot about mutual funds, share market and Finance. You also gain knowledge on money management, taxation, investing, financial literacy, budgeting and saving.

    Kritika Yadav has 629K subscribers on YouTube. She is known for creating highly detailed content in Hindi. Kritika covers penny stocks, Nifty/Bank Nifty, IPOs, share market, Foreign exchange, tech stocks etc. Her video on top 3 high return penny stocks in India starting with Rs 10 has amassed 1.13M views, 32.8K likes and 1.30K comments. Har channel has an engagement rate of 1.36% and receives an average of 2469 views per day.

  • Stock Market With Ankit Gupta

    Stock Market With Ankit Gupta

    YouTube: stockmarketwithankitgupta


    Get the best swing, intraday, positional trading advice from Ankit Gupta. You can also find long term investment calls and Breakout share tips from the financial YouTuber.

    Ankit Gupta from Jaipur, Rajasthan India is an account teacher, investor, entrepreneur and YouTuber. He has been a full time investor in the stock market since 2008. He is well-versed in money making, Investment, Trading stock analysis etc. Moreover, he conveys his knowledge in a language that even a beginner can understand.

    Ankit Gupta created his YouTube channel on December 27, 2017 with the goal of improving financial literacy amongst Indians. His videos cover topics like share analysis, mid Cap stocks, portfolio management, finance goals, business analysis, fundamental/technical analysis etc. Ankit talked about share analysis for long term targets in one of his videos. The post currently has 204K views, 7.96K likes and 282 comments. Ankit also presents the latest finance news on his social media handles.

  • Trade Swings

    Trade Swings

    YouTube: TradeSwings


    The channel is dedicated to providing necessary learning and motivation for stock market traders in India.

    The finance YouTubers in Trade swings share their learnings, findings and experience from the share market. Their content is tailored for beginner level Finance enthusiasts. Trade dwings cover a wide array of financial concepts. But their expertise in swing trading strategies and intraday trading is unmatched. The Finance YouTubers produce content in English and Marathi. Their goal is to spread positivity, education, discipline, perfection, logic and confidence amongst the masses.

    Trade Swings was created on April 7 2021. The channel has amassed 209K subscribers within a year. They have valuable content on stop loss hunting, forex trading, future and options trading, intraday trading, Bank Nifty, technical analysis, crypto currency, swing trading, MA strategy etc. They also regularly share market breaking news. The top video on the channel addresses intraday trading strategies. The video has brought 511K views, 17.4K likes and 473 comments.