Top Indian Health YouTubers & Fitness YouTubers to follow in 2024

  • Posted On : 07-06-2023
Top Indian Health YouTubers & Fitness YouTubers to follow in 2024

“For Millennials, fitness is an everyday, active pursuit. They’re exercising more, eating smarter, and smoking less than former generations. And this is one space where they’re enthusiastic to spend money on compelling brands.”

-- “Goldman Sachs”

In today’s time, millennials, as well as other age group people, desire personalization, problem-solving content, interactions, and experiences over material things. Their lively approach towards getting into their best shapes - to attain their fitness goals, learn new technology & key fitness practices, and grander commitment to digital and community-led exercises, sound social media usage has facilitated the significant growth of top health & fitness YouTubers.

Empowered by technology and free-of-cost YouTube usage, people are retrieving useful information through them. They can make better fitness adoptions as compared to the times in the past when earlier generations solely depend on their doctors to make those picks for them.

Many people today know who fitness YouTubers are and what they do but for those who are not familiar with their work let’s understand it!

Who are Health YouTubers?

Health niche is one of vital element of YouTube platform. The content creation is done to uplift the status of physical, mental, and overall health of demography. Rising in consciousness of being fit and health has led to more consumption of health-related content.

Health YouTubers curate content around various sub-niche topics like diets, exercise, fitness regimes and routines, self-help, mental care, etc. They provide various videos where they discuss about the topics, show right approaches and strategies, create simultaneous work plans for viewership’s, etc. Health Youtubers has a big role in uplifting the overall health status of a populous country like India.

Who are Fitness YouTubers?

Fitness YouTubers are content creators who make fitness related videos like virtual workouts, sporting goods, Yoga or gym-based exercises, bodybuilding & weightlifting, championships, outdoor classes, aerobics, MMA, kickboxing, diet plans (Keto, gluten-free, vegan etc.), nutrition services, resistance training, Zumba, aerial yoga, Pilates, how to maintain active lifestyles, familiarize a line of apparel, etc. and upload them on their YouTube channel. They present the latest fitness trends & technology by posting their daily/weekly fitness routines, diet and goal achievements.

Markedly, the admiration of fitness has led to a 311% augmentation (As per Zippia) in on-demand workout video usage and a 971% rise in live-streaming workout videos.

They would not only share fitness related information with their audience, but they would also share comparable stuff with their fans. The capacity to effect is how one's influence is determined.

Let’s see how these fitness creators & health creators are helping brands to grow.

How Brands Are Leveraging Top Fitness YouTubers in India to Grow?

The fitness market in India is flourishing! Fitness enthusiasts or consumers are no more monolithic blocs with lockstep penchants. Fitness enthusiasts are regulars who enthusiastically follow the best Indian fitness YouTubers and brands, to comprehend the finest fitness regimes, track new product launches, and make informed purchasing decisions. They love to keep spending more on products that improve their fitness, nutrition, looks, sleep, and mindfulness.

Therefore, brands developing products and services in the fitness category have been investing in educating consumers on YouTube, (where they spend most of the time-consuming content) about the features and benefits of their products & services - particular fitness regimes, apps, wearable technology like smartwatches, and other requirements with the intention of moulding customer preference towards them with the help of digital-fitness juggernauts.

Transmuting this incredible human capital into a competitive advantage, fitness brands can drive performance by capitalizing on the reach, content, digital communities, and purposeful engagements of Indian fitness YouTubers to drive their key objectives of sales, awareness, qualified leads, etc.

How Brands are Leveraging Top Health YouTubers in India to Grow?

Health niche is one aspect which directly impacts various other niches, be it lifestyle, fashion, travel, beauty, gaming, comedy, etc. A good health is synonym to a healthy and creative mind. Everyone gives their due credence to keep themselves healthy.

Brands understand this intricately. They are tying up with health creators to promote the content and create a cross channelling of products. Health YouTubers and brands are co-creating content that is suitable for major demography base.

Brands must employ the right content creator who are their best fit and resonate realistically with their target consumer base across the social channel.

As, the key determinant of a YouTuber’s impact is an enthusiastic and committed audience. Therefore, when looking for a fitness creator or Health creator, it's critical to consider their target audience. Do you recall the names of the most well-known Indian YouTube celebrities in the fitness niche and health niche?

If not, then below is the list of top Indian health YouTubers & fitness YouTubers, curated by the top YouTube influencer marketing agency in India for fitness and health brands with a diverse range of content and who have made a name for themselves by creating their own fitness YouTube channels and creating amazing content for their audience

Types of Health YouTube Channels

  • Digestive health: A healthy stomach is synonym for a healthy body and mind. These YouTube channels enlighten us with positive diet culture for a health body.
  • Skincare: Skin is the largest and tangible organ that human possess. It has its due importance and to take care of it, multiple YouTube channels discuss about natural and artificial ways to keep your skin visually striking. Many of the dermatologists, like Dr. Ankur & Dr. Jushya Sarin consistently use YouTube to promote their services.
  • Reproductive health: an equitable number of viewers are female. For their benefits, YouTube channels create content to support reproductive and associated mental health videos.
  • Body care: With age and experiences, many ill elements infuse our body. It can vary from body aches, back pains, knees issues, etc. These YouTube channels provide methodological cures and activities to keep viewers fit.

Types of Fitness YouTube Channels

  • Virtual workouts: the concept of virtual workout mainly got popularised during pandemic. Earlier it was in circulation like Shilpa Shetty work out CDS, Bipasha Basu works out, etc. Now, it has become quite common and people love to engage and better their life with online learning.
  • Yoga: Yoga is an ancient practise and it very relevant today also. People love to do yoga to get connect with their consciousness and sub-consciousness. To learn more, they visit YouTube channels and learn.
  • MMA and Kickboxing: MMA and kickboxing have many subvariants. Now it serves as a cluster platform for various regional martial arts ranging from Muay Thai, Kalaripayattu, Capoeira, Ji-jitsu etc.
  • Diet plans: for every successful routine there exist a customised diet plan to support the physical body to function well in adverse conditions. Diet plan are very important in order to gain right physique and health.
  • Zumba: For people who loves to enjoy and during their enjoyment they want to keep their body fit, then Zumba is the right choice. Filled with too much fun, dancing, groovy music, etc. It is top choice of housemakers (but not primarily) and other like-minded people to keep themselves fit.

List of Top Health YouTubers and Fitness YouTubers in India

  • Gaurav Taneja

    1. Gaurav Taneja

    YouTube Channel: Gaurav Taneja

    Popularly known as "The Flying Beast," he leads his way among the Top 50 Indian Health and fitness Youtuber. This YouTuber produces content that is so authentic that people adore watching his videos again and again. Born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Gaurav Taneja is a 35-year-old hard-hitting multi-talented personality who dominates as Vlogger, Pilot, fitness freak, and promising lawyer. Gaurav Taneja married Rani, famously known as the "Power couple." He started his journey on YouTube in December 2017, and Today, Gaurav is the inspiration of many people because of his enthusiasm and passion for fitness. Despite being a professional pilot, he rose to fame with his YouTube channels. With millions of subscribers on YouTube, there is no full stop to his successful journey on YouTube.

  • Vivek Mittal

    2. Vivek Mittal

    YouTube Channel: Vivek Mittal

    Vivek Mittal is popularly known as Fit Tuber for his YouTube Channel, attracting many fitness freaks. He provides health tips, popular product reviews, quick healthy recipes, motivational videos, workout videos, etc. As he shares reviews of products, whether it is good or bad, people follow him to get aware of products, and they trust his suggestions.


  • Rohit Khatri

    3. Rohit Khatri

    YouTube Channel: Rohit Khatri

    Rohit is well known as a fitness instructor and nutritionist for sports science. He demonstrates his fitness workouts and shares all his exercise routines, and also gives reviews on products on his YouTube channel. In addition, he aims to motivate and share his knowledge on fitness and nutrition by offering to coach people. Rohit hails from New Delhi and has always had the vision of success in his mission to provide quality content. Since he started his YouTube channel in 2016, there has been no looking back for him. He inspired many with proper coaching and guidance in bodybuilding.

  • Jeet Selal

    4. Jeet Selal

    YouTube Channel: JeetSelalAesthetics

    Jeet Selal is an immensely popular YouTuber, and many people are inspired by his way of sharing knowledge and producing quality content representing the sports fitness industry. He has become the Youth Icon for many people crazy about Fitness and Gym. His Amazing physique, character, and experience have made people fall in love with him. Jeet was born in Uttarakhand but settled in Australia with his wife. People are also inspired by his take on the drug-free India campaign, and he opened his company Himalayan Stallion to create awareness of drugs. Jeet promotes many sports brands and also owns a Gym in Surat.

  • Sahil Khan

    5. Sahil Khan

    YouTube Channel: SahilKhanview

    Sahil Khan claims to be the first Bollywood actor to own a YouTube channel. Embarking on his career through Bollywood movies is now a famous fitness Entrepreneur. Sahil khan's videos show his work on fitness, bodybuilding, health, travel, food, fashion, and many motivational contents. This fitness icon was born in Kolkata and became famous for his luxury lifestyle and dashing fitness. However, his commitment to bodybuilding and how he deals with his life make people excited to follow him. Sahil khan's Net worth is 6 Million in 2022, and he endorses some of the famous brands in India. The young generation is getting inspired by his way of lifestyle and fitness.

  • Ranvir Allahbadia

    6. Ranvir Allahbadia

    YouTube Channel: Ranvir Allahbadia

    He is an entrepreneur, social media Influencer, motivational speaker, leadership coach. In 2015 he started the YouTube channel Beerbiceps, and now he has a huge fan following. He also runs a podcast, "The Ranvir show." With his regular motivational speech on YouTube, people are getting inspired, and they follow him. Mainly the channel focuses on self-improvement and entrepreneurship.


  • Guru Mann

    7. Guru Mann

    YouTube Channel: Guru Mann

    Guru Mann is the world's first fitness professional to launch 50+ free fitness programs with exercise and nutrition videos. This famous YouTuber is a fitness trainer, motivator, model, CEO, and founder. He also wrote many books on Nutrition and Fitness. Guru Mann, in his channel, gives the best plans for people who want to build muscles, weight loss, healthy diets, and fitness routines. Guru Mann has also collaborated with T-series to launch his fitness videos, which attracts people on YouTube, and many people love to follow him.

  • Rubal Dhankar

    8. Rubal Dhankar

    YouTube Channel: Rubal Dhankar

    Rubal Dhankar is a Delhi Police Constable, Fitness Model, and now a famous YouTuber who has a huge fan following after he was shot to fame in 2016 appearing on the famous reality show Roadies X4. His dashing body transformation and hard workouts in the Gym grab many youth's attention. As a result, his channels started giving valuable suggestions to followers on bodybuilding, muscle building, and many more fitness and health programs. And being an X Roadie, the young generation loves to know more about his lifestyle.

  • Aadil Khan

    9. Aadil Khan

    YouTube Channel: Aadil Khan

    Aadil Khan is a well-known multi-talented star, and he excels as a YouTube star, choreographer, fitness blogger, and actor. He is also known as Nasar. His choreography videos in collaboration with different celebrities attract people on YouTube. Aadil Khan is from Delhi and single; his content on YouTube attracts people who love dancing and are inspired by his fitness. He rose to popularity with a dance video on Guru Randhawa's song.

  • Amit Panghal

    10. Amit Panghal

    YouTube Channel: Amit Panghal

    He is popularly known as Subedar Amit Panghal, an Indian Army Junior Commissioned Officer and Amateur Boxer. He is a Gold medalist in the Asian Games and has won many boxing championships. Amit Panghal is from Delhi, known for his bodybuilding, and is a famous YouTuber, so his many achievements inspire people to know more about life. His channel focuses on working out in Gym, fitness goals, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yash Anand

    11. Yash Anand

    YouTube Channel: Yash Anand

    Yash Anand is highly famous for his incredible body transformation. This handsome hunk has started making a high impact on social media and getting famous day by day. He started his YouTube channel in June 2017, intending to help every man become a better version of himself, and from that time, there has been no looking back for this young influencer on YouTube. The channel has helped beginners and has kept motivating them for bodybuilding and weight loss.

  • Abhinav Mahajan

    12. Abhinav Mahajan

    YouTube Channel: Abhinav Mahajan

    Abhinav Mahajan is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and natural transformation specialist. His knowledge of fashion, fitness, health and grooming inspires his followers. He loves to guide people and motivates them to achieve a perfect body and maintain good health by creating amazing YouTube videos. Abinav was born in Delhi and started his career in modeling, and soon he became a renowned fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur. Having worked with big names like Manish Malhotra and traveled overseas for various projects, he now inspires many with his YouTube channel. In addition, he is a vegan and provides coaching for nutrition and lifestyle. Abhinav is also the founder of "Strength Upgrade." In addition, he is known as one of the successful YouTube stars. You can see him providing the best nutrition plans, exercise charts, and workout plans.

  • Rajveer Shishodia

    13. Rajveer Shishodia

    YouTube Channel: Rajveer Shishodia

    Rajveer is a Certified Fitness Coach, Professional bodybuilder, YouTube content creator, and Social media influencer. In 2018, Rajveer began his first YouTube Channel. He started helping people by giving tips on health, weight loss, workout videos, and healthy recipes. The latest we heard now is, Rajveeer is currently in jail on rape charges. So this YouTuber's life has now become controversial.

  • Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh

    14. Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh

    YouTube Channel: Bhupendra Dhawan and Mukesh

    Bhupendra Dhawan is an Indian weightlifter and Coach. He is also a recipient of the Dhronacharya Award for his excellent contribution to bodybuilding. He was also 4 times holder of the Mr. India Award. Along with renowned professionals in bodybuilding, Mr. India Mukesh Singh is together in the Fitness business. The fans follow him for his excellent training tips on bodybuilding and fitness.

  • Tarun Gill

    15. Tarun Gill

    YouTube Channel: Tarun Gill

    He is famous as India's leading Fitness marketing expert and the founder of TG Talks, India's biggest fitness media platform. This famous YouTuber is also making an impact as Amazon's bestselling fitness Author. His fans love to follow him on YouTube because he gives the best Gym techniques, fitness programs and keeps inspiring them.

  • Satish Kushwaha

    16. Satish Kushwaha

    YouTube Channel: Satish Kushwaha

    Satish Kushwaha is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, and YouTube content creator. He received YouTube Play-Button Award five times because of his super talent in content creation, mostly on inspiration, Infotainment, and lifestyle. On his channel, fans love his contribution to sharing videos on online opportunities, Ideas on making money, and improving health and lifestyle. And also, there is a collection of inspiring videos of some successful personalities.

  • Natasha Noel

    17. Natasha Noel

    YouTube Channel: Natasha Noel

    This charismatic girl made her impact on YouTube with her passion for "Yoga." She is a yoga instructor, dancer, and media personality. BBC included her name in BBC's 100 women in 2019. After knowing how she overcame personal tragedy during her childhood days, people get inspired by her. Despite facing a lot of struggles, she is now a professional Yoga instructor and dancer, and people follow her for her fitness commitments.

  • Vijaya Tupurani

    18. Vijaya Tupurani

    YouTube Channel: Vijaya Tupurani

    Vijaya Tupurani promises to deliver content with joy and easy fitness for everyone with a healthy lifestyle. In her videos, we can also see her passion for dance, and she has been sensational with various dance moves. She is from Hyderabad and is well known as a Zumba fitness instructor. Her Zumba classes are found to be entertaining, and many people follow her on YouTube. So if you are an individual looking for some fun in the workout, you must follow her.

  • Atul Kumar Verma

    19. Atul Kumar Verma

    YouTube Channel: Atul Kumar Verma

    Atul Kumar Verma is an International certified Yoga teacher and Founder of Fitness Rockers. He provides online coaching and consultation as well. He also organizes corporate yoga sessions, yoga workshops in the corporate world. Since he has worked in the corporate field for more than 12 years, he knows the value of adapting yoga will bring definite change in health issues. His channel is immensely popular as it gives valuable tips on health issues, fitness, bodybuilding, home remedies, yoga, diet plans, and many more.

  • Preeti Sharma

    20. Preeti Sharma

    YouTube Channel: Preeti Sharma

    Preeti Sharma is from Himachal Pradesh, and she is famous for her fashion, beauty tips, and lifestyle vlogs. Being a social media influencer from Himachal, she likes to post videos of her daily activities and keeps entertaining her fans with her traveling plans, yoga, and dance.

  • Nisha Arora

    21. Nisha Arora

    YouTube Channel: Nisha Arora

    Nisha Arora is a Certified Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, YouTuber, and Social media influencer. She launched her channel in 2020. In just a few months, Nisha started creating magic with her strong fan following. She is from Rajasthan, owns a Gym, and provides online consultations. Her unique fitness training, weight loss plans, nutrition, and diet plans videos inspire people to follow her. She assists and motivates mostly the people who are helpless and needy.

  • Yash Sharma

    22. Yash Sharma

    YouTube Channel: Yash Sharma

    Yash Sharma has been sensational on YouTube as a Health Influencer, Bodybuilder, Content creator, and fitness coach. He aims to provide quality education to his followers on their fitness and make them a better version. He started as a state-level football player and then became a fitness coach and entrepreneur. His channel provides the best exercises for bodybuilding and fitness. He possesses 8 years of experience in strength training and transformed 1000's people.

  • Sangram Chugaole

    23. Sangram Chugaole

    YouTube Channel: Sangram Chugaole

    Sangram Chougale is the most celebrated fitness YouTuber known for his bodybuilding. We can see him posting content mostly on bodybuilding, fitness, and lifestyle on his channel. He won many titles, including Mr.Universe in 2012 and 2014. He was born in Kolhapur, now settled in Pune. His workout videos on YouTube gave him a chance to showcase his talent, and people are inspired to follow him for his dedication to bodybuilding.

  • Akash Chopra

    24. Akash Chopra

    YouTube Channel: Akash Chopra

    Akash Chopra is the founder of We R Stupid. He is a health and fitness expert, also an ex IAF Pilot, author, writer, and motivational speaker. We R Stupid is the most research-based channel in India. It offers the most powerful online fitness programs, and it's now available in apps in 40+ countries.

  • Sapna Vyas

    25. Sapna Vyas

    YouTube Channel: Sapna Vyas

    Sapna Vyas is a famous fitness model, motivational speaker, and YouTube blogger. She is also the daughter of Mr. Jas Vyas Patel, Health Minister of Gujarat. Her videos on YouTube are an inspiration for people who want to lose weight. She stood as the best example for persons who suffer from obesity as she lost more than 33 kg. On her YouTube channel, you can find content on food and drinks, fitness, and lifestyles. Sapna Vyas is from Gujarat, and she guides people on weight loss plans and being healthier without taking any pills.

  • Rohit Gollena

    26. Rohit Gollena

    YouTube Channel: Rohit Gollena

    Rohit Gollena is from Hyderabad, and he is a certified fitness expert, personal trainer for a well-known global fitness studio in Hyderabad. Rohit came up with the plan of starting his channel so that he could showcase his talent in bodybuilding, muscle building, and fat loss, and his videos started making people interested and were highly motivated from there on; Rohit became a rising YouTube star who also helps people to make them understand about fitness in regional language Telugu.

  • Daman Singh

    27. Daman Singh

    YouTube Channel: Daman Singh

    Daman Singh is a personal trainer and certified international nutritionist. Also, he writes articles in famous newspapers and magazines. In addition, he provides services through online consultation for people. Daman Singh is from Punjab, and his channel promotes steroid-free muscles training and strength building and gives genuine tips on bodybuilding, health, and fitness maintenance.

  • Prem Mishra

    28. Prem Mishra

    YouTube Channel: Prem Mishra

    Prem Mishra became famous for his sheer talent as a trainer in fitness, blogging, economics, and accounts teacher. Initially, the channel was started to provide fitness knowledge, but people started connecting well with Prem, and then he decided to give support by teaching and motivation. Prem Mishra Fitness channel also gives prompt reviews on products, but most of the content is on motivating youths and inspiring them for bodybuilding and fitness programs.

  • M.Saleem

    29. M.Saleem

    YouTube Channel: M.Saleem

    M.Saleem is a certified diet consultant and certified fitness consultant from Kanpur. He is also known as a sports teacher. He is the founder of Weight Loss TV and has done excellent work delivering fitness and health content. To help people with weight loss, belly fat, obesity, this channel was launched and gained lots of attention from viewers, and they started following. M Saleem's hard work can motivate people to lose weight and have a perfectly healthy life in his videos.

  • Luke Coutinho

    30. Luke Coutinho

    YouTube Channel: Luke Coutinho

    Luke Coutinho is known for providing the most expensive fitness package globally. He is an expert in Fitness and Nutrition guidelines. He runs a company known as Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing systems Pvt Ltd. It has a team of professionals from various medicine, health, and coaching. Luke's family is from India, and he has been in India since he was 7 years old. Luke provides the solution in his channel for people looking for good health tips, nutrition, yoga, meditation, lifestyle, and medicine.

  • Brijesh Pasi

    31. Brijesh Pasi

    YouTube Channel: Brijesh Pasi

    Brijesh Pasi started this YouTube channel, "Health and Wealth Tips with Pasi," in 2014. To help people with fitness and sports knowledge. Since Brijesh is a Taekwondo commonwealth player and professional fitness coach, it inspired many people to follow his lifestyle. Apart from bodybuilding, fitness, and health, this channel helps people find jobs in India and abroad. The channel is now committed to providing employment opportunities all over the world.

  • nipun-agarwal

    32. Nipun Agarwal

    YouTube Channel: Nipun Agarwal

    Nipun Agarwal is a social media influencer. With the help of his channel "All About Fitness Stories," he fulfills his follower's dreams of bodybuilding and motivates young people who want to be fit and make body transformations. This YouTube channel show workouts at the gym and diet plans. This channel has gained fans only by spreading motivation and positive intent on workouts and encouraging youths to achieve their dreams.

  • Shreyas Kamath

    33. Shreyas Kamath

    YouTube Channel: Shreyas Kamath

    Shreyas Kamath is a professional fitness coach and has experience of more than 10 years in this field. He always had a vision of providing the best fitness plans and guidance to people who have health-related issues, weight loss problems, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His fan following has been increasing from day to day as his channel has all that content that a person is looking for, right from suggestions on working out in the Gym to maintaining a proper diet. Also, it highlights what people often make mistakes in a workout and other plans.

  • Azra Khan

    34. Azra Khan

    YouTube Channel: Azra Khan

    Azra Khan is well known for her diet plans and weight loss management. Providing the best results and people started trusting her. She is a certified diet consultant and nutritionist. The channel Azra Khan Fitness is about weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. She has handled her responsibility well, providing good suggestions for people who want to lose weight. In addition, she has proven her talent by inspiring people with her way of lifestyle, her day-to-day activities, and that motivates people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ritu Kaur Nanda

    35. Ritu Kaur Nanda

    YouTube Channel: Ritu Kaur Nanda

    Ritu Kaur Nanda inspires many from her Weight loss journey, from 125 kg to fitness YouTuber. Her videos guide people on weight loss and fitness workout routines, diets and trains people towards their weight loss goals. With her weight loss journey stories, people are inspired to follow her guidelines right from fitness to lifestyle, beauty, clothing, food, and drinks.

  • Radhika Bose

    36. Radhika Bose

    YouTube Channel: Radhika Bose

    Radhika Bose leads her way in yoga, and people call her Instagram Yogi and tag her as Superwoman. She is a Yoga Enthusiast and fitness blogger. Being a famous YouTuber Influencer, she guides people with her yoga classes, fitness routines, and skincare plans. Radhika Bose is from Delhi, and she became famous with her Brand "Yogasini," which guides yoga and healthy lifestyles. Also, she loves to post on traveling and Photography.

  • Raghav Pande

    37. Raghav Pande

    YouTube Channel: Raghav Pande

    Raghav Pande is an online fitness consultant, certified senior fitness trainer, and specialist in performance nutrition. This dashing YouTuber guarantees you tips for the fastest way of losing weight, belly fat, and six-pack abs, just with some simple techniques for transforming the body. With his premium services and workout programs, he is gaining more popularity on YouTube.

  • Namrata Purohit

    38. Namrata Purohit

    YouTube Channel: Namrata Purohit

    Namrata Purohit is well known certified pilates fitness instructor, Pole fitness, boogie bounce, and Barre instructor. Namrata is the co-founder of Pilates and Altitude Training Studio, where she gives training to some famous sports personalities and Bollywood celebrities. She is among the youngest trained stott pilates trainers in the world. We can find many videos of her workouts without any equipment, target area exercises, fitness fashion, etc.

  • Nidhi Mohan Kamal

    39. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

    YouTube Channel: Nidhi Mohan Kamal

    Nidhi Mohan Kamal is also known as a food scientist, as she has a specialization in nutrition and sports-specific nutrition and a degree in food and chemical engineering. Her YouTube followers keep increasing as she provides the best weight loss plans, fitness routines, and Yoga classes. Nidhi is from Delhi, and she is a registered Yoga teacher who keeps guiding her followers on YouTube with the best Yoga techniques to maintain health and proper fitness. Also, she likes to post on foods and drinks and keep inspiring people with her travel experience.

  • Yasmin Karachiwala

    40. Yasmin Karachiwala

    YouTube Channel: Yasmin Karachiwala

    Yasmin Karachiwala is Fitness Trainer for Bollywood and Sports Celebrities. She is famous for her popular fitness center in Mumbai, "Yasmin's Body Image." Although she is from the USA, she settled in India and provided the best Pilates training. Her channel guides for an amazing pilates and fitness workout step by step and gives easy ways to make it understood for people who are new and find it difficult to maintain. She has worked with many Bollywood celebrities like Katrina, Alia, Malaika, and this attracts her fans to follow her tips on her channel.

  • Akshat Mathur

    41. Akshat Mathur

    YouTube Channel: Akshat Mathur

    Akshat Mathur proudly holds on with ISSA Certified Trainer and Nutritionist and helps people set realistic goals on weight loss journey and gives a better lifestyle. In 2015, Akshat launched his YouTube channel to provide valuable content to people on diets, supplements, fitness, and workouts. His videos show hardcore workouts on bodybuilding which raises passion in youths to transform their bodies and develop their fitness levels.

  • Snehal Adsule

    42. Snehal Adsule

    YouTube Channel: Snehal Adsule

    Snehal Adsule is a famous dietician, obesity specialist, and homeopathy in Mumbai. She loves to help women to lose weight and provides online consultation. She is also well known as the "Most Trusted Dietician 2019". She launched her YouTube channel in 2019, and within a few years, she gained an immense fan following on social media. Her vision is to help 10,00,000 women lose weight and achieve body transformation goals. Her followers love her healthy recipes and admire her for giving genuine fitness tips.

  • Murali Vijayakumar

    43. Murali Vijayakumar

    YouTube Channel: Murali Vijayakumar

    Murali Vijayakumar is also popularly known as "Biglee Murali." A Bodybuilder who won many titles, including Mr. Tamilnadu. He inspires many with his vast knowledge of bodybuilding, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. Murali Vijayakumar is from Chennai, and he worked as a fitness trainer model and keeps providing quality content to his followers on YouTube, mostly on health, fat loss, weight gain, and informs on the latest news trends in the fitness industry. So people, especially those looking for weight loss and fitness, follow him genuinely.

  • Pranit Shilimkar

    44. Pranit Shilimkar

    YouTube Channel: Pranit Shilimkar

    Pranit is that hardcore talented YouTuber who commits to transforming people's health and lifestyle. He is an entrepreneur, master trainer, and vlogger. He is the founder of Fitnesstalk. Pranit, on his channel, promises to share his knowledge, motivate and keep his fans entertained. His weekly vlogs and podcasts have inspired many people looking for proper guidance in health and lifestyle.

  • Anupriya Kapur

    45. Anupriya Kapur

    YouTube Channel: Anupriya Kapur

    Anupriya Kapur is known for her strong fight back and how she overcame all barriers in being a single mother. Many women, especially mothers, have been inspired by her way of living a healthy life. She is a blogger, mother, traveler, and businesswoman. Anupriya shows her lovely journey on her channel, giving inspiration to many struggling women and keeps motivating them by showing positive intent in life. Her traveling experience makes her fan hopes alive.

  • Kirti Shastry

    46. Kirti Shastry

    YouTube Channel: Kirti Shastry

    She is a Social Media Influencer, Fitness Coach, and Bikini Competitor. She loves helping coaches and brands to find their clients with her apt content strategy. Kirti tries to inspire people with her workouts and goals. From weight loss plans to a healthy lifestyle, she has become an expert and has gained lots of fan following. People are highly motivated by her workout plans and tips. She assures her followers to give the best healthy lifestyle.

  • Hariharan

    47. Hariharan

    YouTube Channel: Hariharan

    Hariharan is from Chennai and is Managing Director of Act Academy in India, which offers exceptional guidance and support to the fitness professionals in Tamilnadu. Hariharan holds 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and promises to give youths the best techniques and guidance to uplift their career. His channel inspired many people in Tamilnadu and Hariharan started gaining attention as an inspiring YouTuber for giving quality content on Bodybuilding and Fitness.

  • Sonali Swami

    48. Sonali Swami

    YouTube Channel: Sonali Swami

    Sonali Swami has been quietly gaining fame with her rising talent from her fitness, workouts, and dance. She is very well recognized as an Instructor for Zumba, bokwa, TRX Suspension, and aerobics. On her YouTube channel, she has various platforms, right from fitness and health videos to her Travelling experiences, dancing, and food recipes.

  • Aastha Sharma

    49. Aastha Sharma

    YouTube Channel: Aastha Sharma

    Aastha Sharma is a registered Pharmacist but loves to impress people by showcasing her talent on various platforms, from health and wellness to mental health. She also shares her knowledge gained in pharmacy and helps people know about medicines.

  • Vipin Yadav

    50. Vipin Yadav

    YouTube Channel: Vipin Yadav

    This famous YouTuber's personality is making an impact on today's youth. He is among the rising desi fitness icons in India. He has participated in many fitness competitions and has won many medals. Vipin has become one of the strongest influencers on YouTube as he shares lots of his content on working out at the backdrops of some villages and inspires people with his desi workout styles. By providing lots of bodybuilding and fitness programs, Vipin has gained a lot of fan following.