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Top 10 Indian Travel Influencers on Instagram to follow in 2020

Top Indian travel influencers

Travel influencers have their own channels on various social media platforms creating content in the form of blogs, vlogs and videos that revolve around travel, tourism, culture, customs etc. Most of them cover their own travel and personal stories, artfully and articulately presented to their audience. Whether they cover their destination and travel exploits in a glamourous manner or in a matter-of-fact style, the community of these influencers admire almost every word said by the influencer. The travel domain, in recent years has seen a spurt of travel influencers who have been literally covering the globe and sharing their experiences on their social media platform.

Top Indian Travel Influencers on Instagram:-

Most of the top travel influencers in India tie-up with leading hotel chains, destinations and tourism boards to promote them and carry out reviews on their social media channels. The top ten Indian travel influencers on Instagram that have created their own say in the travel domain are mentioned here: -

Here are the top travel influencers on Instagram in the Indian domain.

Diipa Büller-Khosla
Name: Diipa Büller-Khosla
Followers: 994K
Insta ID Diipakhosla

Diipa has been awarded the Influencer of the Year 2019 by Vogue & Elle. Studied in Law, Diipa loves fashion and today is a well-respected fashion influencer and consultant based out of UK and Amsterdam, sharing here personal styles with her online followers.

Nikhil Sharma
Name: Nikhil Sharma
Followers: 955K
Insta ID nikkkhil

Nikhil is an actor by profession. He is much loved on Instagram and YouTube as a lifestyle and travel blogger and vlogger.

Nitibha Kaul
Name: Nitibha Kaul
Followers: 744K
Insta ID nitibhakaul

She worked with Google before she became part of Big Boss 10. She entered the contest as a commoner but left it as a celebrity. She now shares her styles, travel outings on her social media channels and also endorses few brands.

Aakriti Rana
Name: Aakriti Rana
Followers: 610K
Insta ID Aakritiranaofficial

Aakriti is a blogger and a YouTuber who extensively covers the genre of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel through her blogs and vlogs. She is a trained model and has worked internationally with fashion designers. She started blogging in 2014 and besides preparing content for her social media channels, Aakriti loves to indulge in photography.

Somya Gupta
Name: Somya Gupta
Followers: 612K
Insta ID thesassthing_

Somya loves to dibble in fashion and shares her modelling photos as well her daily lifestyle related images on her social media channel. She has also been associated with Maybelline India for their beauty products.

Savi and Vid
Name: Savi and Vid
Followers: 397K
Insta ID bruisedpassports

Savi and Vid love to call themselves dreamers and travelers out to explore different countries together. They have till date travelled to 90 nations of this planet over a period of 12 years. Having travelled far and near together for seven years, they discovered their calling and started to share their travel diaries with the world on social media. They work as a team to photograph and write about places that they visit.

Larissa D’Sa
Name: Larissa D’Sa
Followers: 397K
Insta ID larissa_wlc

Larissa is a blogger and vlogger with interest in beauty, DIY techniques and travel. She is a graphics designer but is immensely popular on social media for sharing her beauty and makeup tips and also lifestyle blogs.

Gaurav Taneja
Name: Gaurav Taneja
Followers: 674K
Insta ID taneja.gaurav

Gaurav is a bodybuilder and a pilot. He also owns 2 YouTube channels called Flying beast and Fit muscle TV. He is into fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and also a much-acclaimed travel blogger.

Juhi Godambe
Name: Juhi Godambe
Followers: 327K
Insta ID juhigodambe

Juhi is mostly into fashion and as a blogger showcases her designer outfits and beauty products. She travels to exotic locations and has herself photographed there which she then shares on her social media channels.

Siddhi Karwa Varun Agrawal
Name: Siddhi Karwa and Varun Agrawal
Followers: 137K
Insta ID settlesubtle

Friends, Siddhi and Varun shared common interest in fashion, lifestyle and travel. Now together they travel the world and share their snippets in the most interesting manner. They also live up to their belief that subtleties are what this world needs at the moment for peace.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top Travel influencers in India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.