Top Travel Influencers in India - Travel Instagrammers (2024)

  • Posted On : 2023-05-04
Top Travel Influencers in India - Travel Instagrammers (2024)

Travelling excites every soul. It enriches us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. To travel is to uplift the self-love and reward yourself with the beautiful offerings of nature and mankind.

To be in the presence of nature, where mother nature gently accepts you in her lap and showers you with the aromas, sounds, visual delights, and immense love. One can connect with the contentment when they stand under the roof of clouds, sit on the patio of mountains, shower in oceans, drink nectar of rivers, listen to the music of harmony, and consume the warmth of sun. To feel it, people go to various destinations and enjoy the moments.

People travel to de-stress from the busy working life. Travelling helps us to explore new cultures, things, food, destinations, different people, language and give an experience which will help us take our mind off from the stressful life.

Whenever we go to a new place, city or country to explore we always need someone who can guide us and make us experience things which we will not be able to experience on our own.

Hence, there is always a need of a monitor who can guide us on our journey and in today’s digital world this need can easily be fulfilled by travel influencers.

We are here talking about travel influencers in India. Many of you might know who are them but for the newbies let’s first explain who are exactly travel Instagrammers.

Who are Travel Instagrammers?

Few people have the courage to convert the passion and love for travelling as their full-time occupation and share their experience of travelling by creating and sharing videos/pictures on social media to educate and guide about various places. These people are known as travel influencers.

Travel influencers are those personalities who travel to various locations and regularly update their Instagram with posts. They influence their followers to undertake journeys and live their life to fullest.

Top Indian travel Instagrammers have defied the rival concept of job and travel. They regularly undertake journeys and create memories, not only limited to themselves but extended towards their followers also.

The trend further increased after pandemic and lot of travel Instagrammer realized to initiate their full-blown journey in the world of travel.

Types OF Travel Influencers (Instagrammers)

  • Motorcycle travel Influencers – These people explore the world with their bikes and share their experience with all the travel enthusiast who also want to see the world with their bike.
  • Offbeat Travel Influencers – For the people who want to explore the different kind of world, these people explore offbeat places and share their experience of offbeat travelling.
  • Budget friendly Travel Influencers – These people give you the best budget friendly tips to travel around the world within the budget of most people. Tips being on stays, travelling, tickets etc.
  • Luxury Travel Influencers – People who love luxury, these people visit luxurious restaurants, palaces, hotels, places and share their experience on social media platforms.
  • Food Travel Influencers – People who love to try new cuisines and share their experiences while travelling to new places.
  • Couple Travel Influencers – two people that can be husband-wife or two friends travel together and share their joint experience.
  • Solo Travel Influencers- People who explore the world alone without any partner and share their experience of solo travelling.

Grynow, the top influencer marketing agency for travel brands presents to you the most famous travel Influencers list to make the masses and brand more aware about them.

Top Travel Influencers in India (2024)

  • Isa Khan

    1. Isa Khan

    Instagram Account: @khan.isa


    Beautiful photography and videography and skills to improve it.

    Isa khan is a former Economics Teacher and now a travel influencer. He was in the teaching profession for 8 years and later realized his passion for travelling and decided to invest all his time in building a career in his passion, i.e., Travelling. His aim is to show his followers and the world, how beautiful India is.

    Isa khan is also involved in photography and videography. He actively provides photos of Himalayas, his journeys and short videos of vlogs on his Instagram handle. He has featured content about wallpapers, alfaz, reel ideas, vlogs, destinations, meetup, media, etc.

    Isa khan's Instagram portfolio is filled with beautiful photos and reels from his travels. He also shares beautiful ideas for photos and videos. He also provides information about cameras and lenses. He is the best travel influencer on Instagram who suggests you about your next destination. He covers major tourist destinations and small but very beautiful locations which are still undiscovered.

    Isa Khan recently got married in April 2023. He has uploaded his photos and videos on his Insta handles. His followers' engagement is high and regular. He has done paid partnership projects. Nexa Experience and MyPulsarofficial have collaborated with him for the launch of the latest vehicle and motorbikes. Isa Khan is also active on various social media platforms. On YouTube he has 50.8K subscribers and he is also active on Facebook.

  • Shivya

    2. Shivya

    Instagram Account: @shivya


    A climate activist, talks about sustainability and better future.

    Shivya is one of top female travel Instagrammers. She identifies herself as a travel writer, sustainability speaker and consultant. Through her Instagram handle she talks about mindful travel, climate change, sustainability, my book, veganism, slow fashion, low waste, various destinations and countries, book reviews, and writing tips.

    Shivya believes in the transformative power of travel. In 2011 she quit her job and decided to pursue her passion. Two years later she left her home and started living as a nomad. In 2018 she published her first book titled, “The Shooting star”. She founded Climate Conscious Travel, a consultancy firm to integrate community-centric climate action in tourism.

    Shivya has Collaborated with several companies for paid promotions, Hyundai India is one of them. She is one of the top travel Instagram influencers hired by the Switzerland government to spread the beauty of Switzerland through her Instagram handle.

    Shivya was featured in the finalist list of Most Impactful Piece of Travel Writing of The Bessie Awards. She has several future plans, one dominant one being Climate Emergency Declaration and Action Plan. It consists of 5 commitments which are, developing a climate action plan, sharing her commitment and progress publicly, cutting her carbon emissions, working with the tourism industry, and advocating for a better tourism industry for a better future.

  • Larissa D’sa

    3. Larissa D’sa

    Instagram Account: @larissa_wlc


    Lavish and Glorious lifestyle, winner of numerous awards.

    Larissa D’sa is an entrepreneur and one of the leading travel influencers. Recently on March 31, 2023 She won Travel Influencer of The Year awards in Popular choice and Editor’s choice, Organized by Cosmopolitan. She has won 8 times Travel influencer awards. She is also GoPro India’s Ambassador. She was featured in Forbes Top 100 list.

    Larissa D’sa loves to travel and her Instagram handle is filled with photos, reels and short videos of various destinations and journeys. She is interested in adventure sports, travelling, food, and Fashion. She has visited various places in India and The World.

    Larissa d’sa loves to talk about books, travels, bikes, countries, art, destination, festivals, crafts, architecture, workout and fashion. She has also delivered Speech at TedX. She has collaborated with many brands for paid collaborations, some of them are schwarzkopfin, Lancomeofficial, maybelline, flipkartlifestyle etc.

    Larissa D’sa is also active on various social media platforms. She is active on YouTube, Facebook, twitter and has her own website. On YouTube she has 588K subscribers. She regularly uploads vlogs of her journey and destinations. She has more than 76M views on her YouTube Platform.

  • Abhinav Chandel

    4. Abhinav Chandel

    Instagram Account: @abhiandnow


    Beautiful soul, pours poetry like nectar for travelers.

    Abhinav Chandel identifies himself as a writer first and travel Instagrammer later. He loves to write on various topic along his travels. He amuses himself with poetry, quotes on events, seasons, nature, etc. He also works as a travel consultant and content creator. He is based in Himachal Pradesh.

    Abhinav Chandel other than writing and travelling loves to spend his time in trekking, adventure sports, and other Pahadi activities. He has set up his camps in far daunting corners of Himalayas and produced some heart throbbing images. He also has an immense passion for photography and videography.

    Abhinav Chandel’s poems and Writing evokes goosebumps in the readers. It evokes them to pack their bags and just storm out to nature only to melt themselves there in the beauty of nature. Abhinav also helps tourists to go on trekking and acts as guide.

    Abhinav Chandel has partnered with many brands for paid promotions. He has partnered with flawed by anubhiti and Techno mobile India for promotion of the mobile phone. Abhinav loves to talk about a host of topics, some of them are poetry, bali, vietnam, wallpapers, destinations, travel itineraries, seasons, proses, etc.

  • Shramona Poddar

    5. Shramona Poddar

    Instagram Account: @mishti.and. meat


    Entrepreneur, Writer, and Traveler at the heart.

    Shramona Poddar identifies herself as an entrepreneur and loves to weave stories about adventure, food, people and culture through her travels. She got featured in Forbes top 100 digital stars. She is based in Bangalore, India. She is one of most known travel Instagrammers among travel influencers. Other than Forbes she got featured in Lonely Planet Magazine India and indulgxpress.

    Shramona Poddar has been to various destinations, from local to global. She expresses her love for travel through photos, videos of her travels. She actively talks about editing tips, quarantine, meetups, states, festivals, foods, musing and artworks.

    Shramona Poddar has tied up with various paid collaborator brands. Mokobara, loreal, Philips home living India, instax camera, etc. she constantly indulges in travelling and loves to meet new people and weave their stories. She also has a boutique named Amrapali boutique. She is a philosopher and engages within thought of complexities of the human mind. She was engaged in a 9-5 work but during her 2 hours commute she realized her passion and soon quit her job and went all out to become one of top travel influencers in 2024.

    Shramona Poddar has also delivered TedX talks. She is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Shramona Poddar exemplifies the concept of Feminism and financial independence just like the ideals of Virginia's Woolf book, A room of one's own.

  • Aakash Malhotra

    6. Aakash Malhotra

    Instagram Account: @wanderwithsky


    He provides all the details about a place that he visits so that his followers can go there being informed.

    Aakash Malhotra, also known as WanderWithSky, is an Influencer with over 756k followers who enjoys traveling and creating content. What distinguishes Aakash is his talent for capturing the character of the places he travels through his lens and his relatable writing style.

    WanderWithSky's feed is a visual treat that highlights the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the various locations he travels to. The images taken by one of the finest travel influencers are not only beautiful to look at but also convey a narrative. He frequently personalizes his captions by relating his experiences and feelings from his travels. By doing so, he forges closer ties with his followers and allows them to see into the heart of the place.

    WanderWithSky's love of unusual places is one of his unique characteristics. He travels to remote locations, lesser-travelled trails, and hidden gems that are off the beaten path. He differs from other travel bloggers in this way, who frequently cover well-known tourist attractions. The explorations of Aakash inspire his followers to leave their comfort zones and explore the uncharted.

    WanderWithSky not only enjoys travelling but also participates in adventure sports. Videos and images of him engaging in activities like scuba diving, hiking, and paragliding are frequently included. His followers are motivated to try out these sports by his contagious enthusiasm for them.

  • Sharanya Iyer

    7. Sharanya Iyer

    Instagram Account: trulynomadly


    She will act as a visual world tour for you as she captures the essence of a place beautifully

    Sharanya Iyer, also known as Trulynomadly, is a top travel influencer and blogger with over 364k followers on Instagram. Her visually stunning photographs and captivating storytelling reflect her enthusiasm for visiting new places and getting to know other people's cultures.

    Her focus on slow travel sets Trulynomadly apart from other travel influencers. She encourages her followers to take their time and fully enjoy the places they travel to. She encourages getting to know the locals, trying local cuisine, and engaging with the culture more deeply rather than just checking off tourist attractions. Her style of travelling encourages her followers to see the beauty of the journey as well as the final destination.

    The dedication of one of the best travel Instagrammers to sustainability and responsible travel is another distinctive feature of her content. She encourages her followers to travel in an environmentally friendly manner by providing advice on best practices. She also promotes responsible tourism and local businesses to protect the cultural heritage of the places she travels.

    The travel industry has taken notice of Sharanya Iyer's extraordinary talent as an influencer. Her recent inclusion in Forbes' Top 100 Creators list is evidence of both her creative talent and her capacity to captivate an audience. Her inclusion on the list is a noteworthy accomplishment in her career as it recognized her as one of the most promising creators in the digital sphere.

    In addition to being acknowledged as a top creator, Sharanya has been chosen to represent GoPro and PADI TV as a brand ambassador. Sharanya has played a key role in promoting GoPro's action cameras and accessories while on the road as a brand ambassador for the company. Many of her followers have purchased GoPro cameras after being inspired by her captivating content and stunning visuals.

    Sharanya has been promoting scuba diving and marine conservation as a brand ambassador for PADI TV. Her photographs and captions demonstrate her love of the oceans and marine life, and her work has contributed to a greater understanding of the value of protecting our underwater ecosystems.

  • Savi and Vid

    8. Savi and Vid

    Instagram Account: bruisedpassports


    They will teach you how to make the most out of your trips no matter what the location is.

    Savi and Vid are not just any ordinary couple, they are a dynamic duo who have taken the world of travel by storm. Millions of people all over the world have been influenced by the top travel influencers 2024’s contagious energy, thirst for adventure, and creative flair to discover new places, cultures, and experiences.

    Their shared love of travel and desire to experience life outside of corporate America led them on their first adventure. They gave up their jobs, packed their belongings, and left on a journey that would forever alter their lives. They captured their journey through beautiful photography and captivating storytelling on social media as they travelled.

    They are among the most well-known travel influencers on Instagram thanks to their 1.2 million+ follower Instagram account, Bruised Passports. Their feed is a visual feast, showcasing stunning natural settings, vibrant cultures, and delectable food from around the globe.

    Savi and Vid, however, are authors in addition to being influencers. Their travel memoir, "Bruised Passports: Travelling the World as Digital Nomads," details their experience as nomads in the digital age. It presents a distinctive viewpoint on the way of life of digital nomads, offering helpful tips and motivating tales to anyone who wants to travel and work remotely.

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    9. Siddhartha Joshi

    Instagram Account: siddharthajoshi


    He will take you on a journey to seek sustainable and unique travel experiences

    Instagram travel posts by Siddhartha Joshi aim to do more than just highlight stunning locales and popular attractions. Additionally, he depicts a location's character as seen by the locals. He frequently highlights the locals, their customs, and their way of life so that his followers can have a more genuine and in-depth experience of a place.

    One of the best travel Influencers on Instagram emphasis on sustainable tourism goes beyond simply encouraging environmentally friendly travel habits. He also emphasizes how tourism affects regional economies and social structures. To entice his followers to support them, he frequently highlights small businesses, regional artisans, and community-based tourism initiatives.

    Siddhartha's emphasis on travel as a means of personal development and self-discovery is one of the things that makes him unique. He is interested in experiencing the local culture, discovering new things, and broadening his horizons rather than just checking off destinations from his bucket list. This philosophy is reflected in his writing, which exhorts his audience to travel for a reason and look for memorable experiences.

    Siddhartha is a successful writer and director in addition to being a travel influencer. He has written two travel books and made a number of travel documentaries that highlight the allure of lesser-known locations in India and elsewhere. Leading publications and media outlets from all over the world have featured his work.

  • Aakanksha Monga

    10. Aakanksha Monga

    Instagram Account: aakanksha.monga


    She will act as your travel coach and help you make trips in a budget

    Travel influencer, author, and content creator Aakanksha Monga has been travelling since she was 18 years old. She has established herself as a prominent voice in the travel industry with more than 596k Instagram followers.

    Aakanksha developed a love of travel early on, setting out on her own to see the world and tell others about her adventures. She left her finance job at the young age of 22 to pursue a career in the travel industry because she was so passionate about travelling. She thought that travelling was more than just a pastime and wished to influence the lives of other travellers.

    One of the best travel Influencers on Instagram’s content is authenticity, with an emphasis on a destination's local culture, cuisine, and undiscovered attractions. She inspires her followers to travel and explore the world with a sense of purpose and wonder by capturing the essence of a place through her stunning visuals and storytelling.

    Aakanksha is a writer as well who uses her blog and social media platforms to share her experiences and insights. Her writing is enlightening and uplifting, offering helpful advice and recommendations to other travellers.

    She has also built a successful brand around her travel content and has collaborated with various brands and tourism boards. Her success has paved the way for other young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and build a career in the travel industry.

  • Ankita Kumar

    11. Ankita Kumar

    Instagram Account:


    She has a knack for unusual destinations and food items which gives you a unique perspective of the world

    Top Travel influencer Ankita Kumar, also known as on Instagram, has succeeded in standing out in the crowded field of social media. Ankita is special because she has a fearless attitude and can show off travel in a way that her followers can understand and relate to.

    One of the most famous travel influencers' contents consists of more than just glitzy images taken in far-off places. She uses her platform to encourage her fans to step outside of their comfort zones and go on their own, no matter how big or small, adventures. She inspires her followers to travel confidently by offering helpful advice on low-cost vacations, solo travel, and unusual locations.

    Ankita's emphasis on local experiences is another characteristic of her work that sets it apart. She travels outside of the popular tourist destinations to find the often-overlooked hidden gems because she thinks that a place's people and culture are what give it its true character. Her writing beautifully combines adventure, culture, and human connection while showcasing the diversity and beauty of our world.

    She has been featured on platforms like BBC, Nat geo, and Google giving her incredible credibility in her recommendations, etc. This makes her the ideal travel influencer to collaborate with.

  • Flexcia D'Souza

    12.Flexcia D'Souza

    Instagram Account: flexcia_dsouza


    She will provide you with a whole experience having travelling, adventure, fitness, etc

    Flexcia D'souza is a leading travel influencer who has been inspiring her 126k followers with her breath-taking travel content on Instagram. She has travelled to some of the most stunning places on earth thanks to her passion for discovering new places and getting to know other cultures.

    Flexcia D'souza's emphasis on adventure travel is one of her distinctive qualities. She enjoys hiking a lot and going on outdoor adventures. Her posts are full of breath-taking images of forests, mountains, and waterfalls that highlight the splendour and majesty of the natural world.

    Flexcia is also a strong advocate for solo female travel. She urges her followers to go on their own solo adventures because she thinks that travel can empower anybody, especially women.

    One of the finest travel Instagrammers uses her platform to share her love of fitness and wellness in addition to her travel. She thinks that travelling and staying in shape go hand in hand, so she frequently includes yoga and other physical activities in her journeys. Her writing is a helpful reminder that vacationing can be enjoyable and healthy.

    Last but not least, Flexcia stands out from other travel influencers thanks to her creativity and storytelling abilities. She has a distinctive viewpoint on travel and isn't afraid to express her open thoughts and personal experiences. Her writing is interesting and provocative, offering a new perspective on the travel sector.

  • Anunay Sood

    13. Anunay Sood

    Instagram Account: anunaysood


    One of the most popular travel influencers who set trends with his activities

    Anunay Sood is an Instagram sensation and a multi-talented travel influencer. In addition to being a travel photographer, he is also a marketing professional, a business owner, and a blogger. He is a master of all trades who has many hats and is a jack of all trades.

    Every post that Anunay shares reflect his passion for the outdoors and the mountains. As he travels the globe, his camera is his faithful travel companion. He uses it to capture breath-taking landscapes and shares them with his 1 million+ Instagram followers. His amusing posts have attracted a sizable following and encouraged many people to pursue their travel aspirations.

    Anunay has demonstrated that it is possible to travel the world without quitting your day job, which is one of the most inspirational things about him. He has successfully juggled his career as a marketing professional and business owner with his love of travel. He has even worked with well-known companies like Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz, showcasing his abilities as a marketer and influencer.

    One of the biggest travel influencers is well known for his photographs, but he also has a successful career. Millions of views and thousands of comments have been attracted by his flawlessly edited and shot reels, which frequently appear in the trending section. He has grown to be one of India's most in-demand travel influencers and even received the Cosmopolitan Travel Influencer of the Year honour.

    Anunay and Brinda Sharma, another travel influencer, have also become close friends as a result of Anunay's love of travel. Together, the two of them have travelled the world, inspiring others to embark on similar journeys.

  • Prakriti Varshney

    14. Prakriti Varshney

    Instagram Account: itisinthename


    She will help you explore the best places that are less known and beautiful

    Prakriti Varshney is a travel influencer who combines her love for fashion and design with her passion for traveling. Her followers have been inspired by her stunning photos and motivational travel narratives. Prakriti, who has over 145k followers, is well known for her artistic and creative posts that take her audience to the breath-taking mountain landscapes she travels to.

    One of the best Instagram travel influencers has a keen eye for detail and aesthetics as a fashion and graphic designer, and this can be seen in her travel posts. She creates a distinctive and lovely visual story by capturing the essence of every place she travels to and adding a little of her own style to each photograph.

    Prakriti has a comprehensive understanding of what goes into developing a successful campaign as a freelance designer and fashion industry expert. Her knowledge of design and marketing enables her to bring a unique viewpoint to every project, and her capacity for interaction with brands ensures that the content she creates is in line with their objectives.

    Prakriti is a valuable asset for brands looking to appeal to a younger, trend-conscious audience due to her understanding of design trends and her capacity to seamlessly incorporate fashion into her travel content.

  • Brinda Sharma

    15. Brinda Sharma

    Instagram Account: brindasharma


    One of the most influential travel influencers who knows how to make quality content

    Brinda Sharma is an influential traveller who loves to see the world and tell her 816k followers about it. Her followers are transported to various locations around the world by her breath-taking photos and captivating captions, which encourages them to cross off more places on their travel wish list.

    One of the most famous travel Instagrammers, however, is more than just a travel influencer; she also blazes new paths for the sector. She was recognized as the Exhibit Travel Influencer of the Year in 2022, solidifying her place among the top game creators. And that's not all: Forbes most recently placed her at #15 on their list of the Top 100 Creators, a remarkable achievement that attests to her impact and influence.

    What sets Brinda apart is her unique approach to travel. She truly lives and breathes the #LiveandLetTravel mantra, which is evident in the way she captures the essence of every destination she visits. Her photographs and videos are not just visually stunning, but they also tell a story. Her followers can experience the journey along with her, from the highs of scaling a mountain peak to the quiet moments of introspection by a serene lake.

    Collaborating with Brinda is a dream for any travel or lifestyle brand. Her creativity and eye for detail make her the perfect partner for brands looking to showcase their products in a unique and memorable way. Any endeavour with her is certain to be a success due to her innate talent for storytelling and capacity to connect with her audience.

    Anunay Sood and Brinda's travel adventures have become legendary, and her followers eagerly anticipate each new post. The couple's adventures are always a visual and emotional feast for the senses, whether they are trekking through the remote wilderness or exploring the winding streets of a busy city.

  • Tanya Khanijow

    16. Tanya Khanijow

    Instagram Account: tanyakhanijow


    A forbes top 100 creator providing exceptional travel content and knowledge regarding different places to her audience

    Tanya is one of the most well-known travel influencers today with a following of over 682k. Even after having a whole career laid out in front of her as a business analyst, she chose to follow her passion for travelling which she developed since childhood as she had to stay in different cities due to her defence background and used to love it. The little things that other people find too be tiresome like planning destinations, packing smartly, booking tickets at the best price, etc, Tanya loves them and has become a master of them now that she has been travelling for years.

    In her content, she makes sure to educate her audience regarding how to get the best deals right from flights to hotel bookings, how to plan your itinerary, etc. She is currently on a world tour as well and plans to cover each and every country so that she can provide you with information regarding all of them In addition to writing about travel, Tanya is well known for her philanthropic work. In order to advance causes like women's emancipation, healthcare, and education, she has worked with a number of NGOs in India, including the Smile Foundation.

    Along with producing travel-related content, Tanya has worked with a variety of well-known businesses and tourism boards, such as Mercedes-Benz, Airbnb, and the Maldives Ministry of Tourism. Her work has been recognized and appreciated by numerous media outlets, including BBC Travel, Forbes, and Condé Nast Traveller.

  • Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

    17. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar

    Instagram Account: lakshyarajsinghmewar


    Royal member showing the royalty of our country through his lens

    Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar isn't your ordinary travel influencer. He is not simply another traveller who visits far-off places, snaps a few photos, and uploads them to social media. Being a member of the Udaipur royal family, he has had a variety of interesting and culturally varied travel experiences.

    Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the 76th custodian of the House of Mewar, one of the oldest families in history, is the father of Lakshyaraj. He is the prince of Udaipur, a city renowned for its stunning lakes, palaces, and forts in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. His travel writing reflects his strong ties to the environment and people of his home state.

    Lakshyaraj's love of travel started when he was a little child and would go on vacations with his parents. As he travels the world and updates his fans on his exploits, his passion for travel has developed into a full-fledged business.

    One of the major things that attract the audience towards what he as one of the best travel influencers has to offer is his authenticity, how he keeps his feed as natural as possible, tries to bring the essence to life through his photos, etc. so make sure you check out his content as it is truly addictive!

  • Vishakha Fulsunge

    18. Vishakha Fulsunge

    Instagram Account: ridergirlvishakha


    First female moto vlogger that lets you in on a drive full of beautiful places and adventure

    Vishakha is one of the most famous travel influencers who has 5 Guinness World Records to her name. Vishakha Fulsunge has accomplished a lot, including riding nonstop from Mumbai to Vishakhapatnam, being the first woman to travel by motorcycle to the Andaman Islands, and setting a record for the fastest female rider to complete the Narmada parikrama.

    She is one of the first women who started moto vlogging in India and till today follows her passion and travels to the most difficult locations in it. Now her content is not some cliche ones showing you the same things or telling you the same things that you could have found out on Google. She has something unique to offer in each of her videos, she lets you in on her experience as to how are people there, which cafes to visit, which places to visit, when to visit, etc.

    She has also been involved in a lot of causes right from “Save the Himalayas” to promoting cleanliness wherever you travel. Her vlogs especially are a treat to watch as they feature adventures done by her that will give you goosebumps, it will make you feel as if you are experiencing those things with her. This being the reason, she also has a family of over 1 million on YouTube. She has also partnered with some of the top travel brands and gotten them some eye-opening results

  • Ajay Prakash

    19. Ajay Prakash

    Instagram Account: valmakry


    A highly creative person sharing his travel experience and life story consistently and beautifully

    One of the top travel Instagram influencers Ajay Prakash, also known as @valmakry on Instagram, is well-known for his stunning photography, spirit of adventure, and love of exploration. Ajay, who is based in India, has visited over 30 nations and experienced the diverse cultures, cuisines, and landscapes there.

    Ajay's Instagram account is a visual feast, chock-full of gorgeous images that perfectly capture the spirit of the places he travels. Ajay's photographs are a window into the world, inspiring his followers to travel to new places and take on new experiences. They range from the Himalayan mountains' snow-capped peaks to the vibrant streets of Tokyo. His distinctive photographic style focuses on capturing the beauty of the natural world through landscape and nature photography.

    Apart from his travel content, Ajay is really into comics and has a full page dedicated to it called Valkyat where he and her wife write about their experiences or stories in the form of short copies, it is loved by over 16k people and is a great way for them to be closer to their followers gaining them credibility. It is also one of the main reasons why they are a great fit for brands looking for influencers having a loyal audience.

  • Prerna & Harsh

    20. Prerna & Harsh

    Instagram Account: wanderershub


    A duo providing entertainment and travel experiences together

    One of the most famous Travel influencers Prerna and Harsh, also known as WanderersHub, has been travelling the globe together for a very long time. They are based in India and have visited over 15 nations, sharing their travels and learnings with their online fans.

    The ability of Prerna and Harsh to combine luxury travel with adventure is what sets them apart. In addition to undertaking extreme activities like mountain climbing and scuba diving, they also partake in pricey pursuits like helicopter tours, five-star resorts, and Michelin-starred dining. Numerous followers, from thrill-seekers to those who value finer things in life, are drawn to this duality in their travel philosophy.

    They frequently layout entertaining challenges that inspire their fans to take part and share their own stories, fostering a sense of community and interaction. Additionally, they include memes and pop culture references in their posts, which adds a humorous and relatable quality that appeals to a younger audience.

    This becomes a great distinctive factor of them and makes them great influencers to go with when it comes to collaborations as they will make sure your product or services comes in front of the audience in the most interesting way possible.

  • Himansh Kohli

    21. Himansh Kohli

    Instagram Account: kohlihimansh


    A travel influencer and actor seeking the best places in the world

    Himansh Kohli - a name that you must have heard of or seen in movies, but did you know he has become one of the leading travel influencers as well? He travels to some of the most exotic and luxurious locations and shares the visuals of it with his audience. He also shoots a lot of music videos at locations that he finds too beautiful.

    He is also into adventures when it comes to travelling, right from scuba diving to horse riding, etc. These things add to the variety of content to offer, moreover, he makes sure to interact with his audience in the comments section or through a live session to know what the audience is expecting of him, and where they want him to travel or do. This makes him have a great connection with his audience which is evident as well as he has over 3 million followers which is one of the highest seen with a travel influencer

    Himansh is a great choice for brands as he covers two types of audiences in his arsenal - Bollywood lovers and travel lovers, making his reach quite wide and influential. His previous campaigns with brands have also been really successful which gives him credibility as well.

  • KyatGirl

    22. KyatGirl

    Instagram Account: kyatgirl


    She will help you make informed decisions when it comes to travelling

    Kyatgirl is a biggest travel influencer who has drawn a lot of followers thanks to her gorgeous photography and engaging travel posts. The emphasis on exploration and adventure in Kyatgirl's content is one of its distinguishing qualities. She frequently talks about conquering difficult terrain, swimming in pristine waters, and embracing the challenges and thrills of travel.

    She also offers practical advice for those looking to go on their own adventures, her content includes packing lists, suggested itineraries, and safety recommendations.

    Kyatgirl's travel also demonstrates her admiration for regional customs and cultures. She has a strong desire to get to know the local culture and learn about the customs, beliefs, and practices of the people she encounters while traveling. Her writing provides a window into the fascinating and diverse world in which we live by showcasing the beauty and complexity of various cultures and societies.

    She is the wife of Valmakry or Ajay Prakash, another travel influencer. They travel together and also write comics together depicting their journey and their travel experiences. Such a concept has not been seen with any other influencer making it a great hook for the audience to subscribe to one of the best travel Instagrammers on Instagram and hop on the journey with them.

  • Sudhir Shivaram

    23. Sudhir Shivaram

    Instagram Account: sudhirshivaram


    One of the top travel influencers and wildlife photographers with many awards to his name

    Travel influencer, wildlife photographer, and conservationist Sudhir Shivaram have won the admiration and devotion of his followers with his breath-taking images and motivating travel content. Sudhir's content is both beautiful and meaningful, showcasing the natural beauty of the world we live in while also bringing attention to the significance of protecting it. Sudhir has a deep passion for wildlife and a commitment to conservation.

    The beauty and majesty of the world's wildlife are beautifully and majestically captured in Sudhir's content, which is one of its most notable aspects. His images are stunning, capturing the minute details and distinctive personalities of each animal he captures. Sudhir's photographs take his viewers to some of the most beautiful places in the world, from the expansive savannahs of Africa to the luscious Indian jungles.

    In addition to being a skilled wildlife and travel photographer, Sudhir Shivaram is also regarded as an authority in his field. His workshops and online courses are just a couple of the ways he spreads his expertise and love of photography.

    The individualized feedback and support one of the top travel influencers 2024 offers to students during his online courses are one of their distinguishing qualities. In addition to participating in online forums to answer queries and offer advice, he provides one-on-one feedback on assignments. This has given him a devoted following who believes in his recommendations and makes him a great choice for marketing collaborations

  • Rashmee & Anant

    24. Rashmee & Anant

    Instagram Account: travelwithsearats


    they will make you fall in love with lesser-known places

    Travelling is not just about seeing new places; it's also about the experiences and memories we make along the way. Rashmee and Anant, the dynamic duo behind the travel account Travelwithsearats, follow this philosophy.

    Rashmee and Anant are not typical travel influencers. Their content reflects their passion for travel and adventure as a couple. Their social media pages are flooded with breath-taking images and captivating storytelling that take their followers to the places they travel to. But what distinguishes them is the way they travel.

    Rashmee and Anant support immersive travel, in which travellers fully ingratiate themselves with the local way of life, culture, and traditions. This strategy has encouraged them to take part in regional celebrations, eat food from the street, and even learn new crafts like pottery-making and traditional dance.

    Along with being adventurous travellers, Rashmee and Anant of Travelwithsearats are also very funny, which makes it more interesting to watch their content.

    Their content is distinctive and energizing because of this humorous approach to travelling. They engage their followers through humour and give them a sense of inclusion in their adventures. Their followers laugh aloud at their funny and relatable captions and stories, which keep them waiting for the next video. They also make sure to engage with their audience which just makes them one of the top travel influencers to collaborate with for brands.

  • Deepti Chandak

    25. Deepti Chandak

    Instagram Account: jivewithdeepti


    A global Indian ruling everything from travelling content to entrepreneurship

    Deepti Chandak is one of the most prominent women when it comes to the industry of travel. She has been on a journey to explore the beauty of this world since 2012 and has been writing and showcasing her experiences regularly. Moreover, she is a successful entrepreneur and founder of luxpresso magazine which allows her to travel all across the globe throughout the year and showcase the best of luxuries to her audience.

    The way she has maintained work life balance is something that is commendable. Due to her extensive experience and genuine information and recommendations on different locations, she has become an expert who has appeared in many interviews, tv shows, etc giving her great credibility.

    She is also a big supporter of fitness and practices yoga and motivates her audience to be fit. By engaging in these activities, she covers three industries powerfully namely business, travel, and fitness making her an influencer having great reach. This also makes her ideal for marketing your product or service, and the brands who have done so earlier have also received amazing results and continue to be in long-term partnerships with her.