Top Entertainment YouTubers: Entertainment YouTube Channels in India (2024)

  • Posted On : 02-06-2023
Top Entertainment YouTubers: Entertainment YouTube Channels in India (2024)

“I liked the imaginary people on the entertainment feed way more than I liked real ones, but you can’t have one without the other.” – Martha Wells, All Systems Red

Entertainment is an important aspect of a joyful lifestyle. It enriches us on various fronts and strengthens us to live every day to its fullest. But, the aspects of entertainment will surely vary from person to person. Fascinating content that keeps you entertained and delighted can be tricky.

Now, in the digital world it is not like that. A person can be entertained the way he/she likes as much as they like on a single command of a click. The various possibilities of social media provide us this access. The major platform used to watch entertainment videos is YouTube. YouTube is filled with top entertainment YouTubers of various niches who provide content of various niches.

But what are entertainment YouTubers? Let’s discuss that briefly.

Who are Entertainment YouTubers?

Entertainment YouTubers are YouTube personalities who employ in creating various videos of niches like experiment, comedy, Situational moments, etc that have the ability to engage the viewers and uplift their mental consciousness to an elevated stage where they feel refreshed and recharged.

The entertainers on YouTubers create various videos which are highly relatable and emotions evoking. The videos grab the attention of the viewers and help them in spending their time either individually or with friends and family.

Types of Entertainment YouTube Channels

As stated above the niche of these top entertainment YouTubers vary in vast scope. To categorise them would be much relatable and easier to access.

  • Comic entertainment YouTube channels: The platform creates fun and delight evoking videos, where the viewers engage to grab some laughs and moments with friends and family.
  • Gaming entertainment YouTube Channels: The platform provides a subversive experience in the gaming arena where people view gameplays, various hacks and tricks, etc.
  • Short series entertainment YouTube channels: Short series are a great way to engage and entertain when the time is of dearth. A storytelling encompassed and compressed with high entertaining potential.
  • Music videos entertainment YouTube Channels: Music is a great way to relax and get refreshed. There are numerous YouTube channels which provide various music content for their audience.

Below is the list of the best entertainment YouTubers in India curated by the leading influencer marketing agency in India.

Here is list of Best Indian Entertainment YouTubers (2024)

  • CarryMinati


    YouTube: CarryMinati


    Hilarious comments and entertaining persona makes him more engaging and interesting.

    Carryminati ,popularly known as Ajey Nagar identifies himself as entertainer, comedian, gamer and rapper. He is one of the best entertainment youtubers in India. He has been active on YouTube for many years . He used to create spoof or roast videos while he was a teenager. Much of his initial videos did not get many likes or responses but his determination remained and soon his videos were getting attention.

    Carryminati created his YouTube channel on 30 oct 2014 and from that time his entertainment YouTube channel has gathered more than 3.23 billion views. His playlists consist of Quarantine and Chill, Latest on Carry is live, You want a partner?, Wrong with Indian Schools, Indian rap, Awesome Indian Music, Answering Your questions.

    Carryminati has till now uploaded more than 182 videos and numerous YouTube Channels. His music video Yalgaar has a whooping 336M views and still counting. Carryminati has other channels which are Carryislive, Carryminati Productions official.

    Carryminati has his presence registered on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. His Instagram handle has 17.5 million followers. Carryminati regularly collaborates with other best entertaining youtube channels and creates videos for his subscribers base.

  • Ashish chanchlani

    Ashish chanchlani

    YouTube: ashishchanchlanivines


    Witty and lively persona. Can make any situation delightful

    Ashish Chanchlani identifies himself as anchor, actor, content creator and one of top entertainment youtubers. He always wanted to create a career in the acting arena. From the very beginning he started acting and creating small videos with his friends. After he joined facebook, his talent got recognition and made his channels as best entertainment YouTube Channels.

    Ashish Chanchlani joined YouTube on 7 july 2009 and till now his channel has more than 4.31 billion views. He has created playlists for accessibility efficiency namely, Sasta series, OTP the lottery, Best of 2021 | Ashish Chanchlani, Milestones, ACV Hatke, Best of 2019 | Ashish Chanchlani, Ashish with family, Ashish Chanchlani at YTFF, Brand Integrations | Ashish Chnchlani, Bolly/ hollywood with Ashish, Ashish chanchlani Dubs, Festive videos | Ashish Chanchlani, Ted Talk.

    Ashish Chanchlani with his videos has acquired one of the highest engagement rates. He is truly one of the best entertainment YouTubers. His video titled “Tuition classes aur bache | Ashish Chanchlani” is the highest viewed and liked video. The video has 147 M views.

    Ashish Chanchlani has been awarded for his creativity and innovation in his content Creation. He has his presence registered on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. On his Instagram platform he has 14.5 M followers.

  • Round2hell


    YouTube: Round2hell


    Content regarding daily situations and bonding between friendship and family

    Round2hell is one of the famous entertainment YouTubers. The channel is run by 3 people – Zayn Saifi, Wasim Ahmad, Nazim Ahmad. The trio creates various niche videos for their subscribers base. This entertaining YouTube channel was created on 20 oct 2016 and till now it has more than 3 billion views.

    Round2hell has created compelling videos from varied fields and organised in playlists namely YouTube Fanfest, Dirty Politics, Events- live shows, Interviews, Dumb Blind Deaf (series), Serious, School Life, QNA, Parallel World, Cricket, Spoofs, etc.

    Round2hell’s video ALADDIN | round2hell | R2h video is the most watched video and has 113 M views. The Indian entertainment YouTubers channel has made his presence recognised on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. till now the entertaining YouTube channel has uploaded 67 videos.

    Round2hell has another channel named Round2hell vlog. The round2hell channel owners are philanthropic personalities. They distributed their first income from YouTube among poor and needy persons. The subscribers and followers love and cherish them for their original and creative content.

  • BB ki vines

    BB ki vines

    YouTube: BBKiVines


    Creativity and content creation at its best. Breaking social barriers and engaging followers to their utmost.

    BB ki Vines is one of the best entertainment youtube channels run by one of the best YouTube entertainers Bhuvan Bam. He has created all his videos on his own. Playing different iconic characters which became very hit among his subscribers base and was very much appreciated.

    BB ki vines joined YouTube platform on 20 Jun 2015 and till now the channel has 4.7 billion views. He has created playlist like rafta Rafta – Amazon mini TV, Interviews, Taaza Khabar, Dhindora, Binge watch this during quarantine, Titu Talks – chat Show, Titu Mama, Mr. Hola – The menace, Maa baap ko ye wali dikhao, #askBB episodes, Angrezi masterji series, Sameer collection, Bhauvan Bam’s original music, eye openers, Vlogs: Jag Ghumeya.

    BB ki vines identifies himself as actor, song-writer, comedian and entrepreneur. He has his merchandise brand named ‘Youthiapa’ he has been featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list. He has his presence registered on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. On his Instagram platform he has 17M followers.

    BB ki vines has another channel named BB ki vines Productions. Till now he has uploaded 190 videos. He is truly one of the leading entertainment YouTubers. His videos are characterised with creativity, comic, and entertaining.

  • Amit Badhana

    Amit Badhana

    YouTube: AmitBhadana


    Truly comic videos filled with wits and catchy lines.

    Amit Badhana identifies himself as a content creator, artist, and an actor. His entertaining youTube channel was created on 24 oct 2012 and till now has 2.36 billion views. His videos consist of parodies of friends, families, singers, actors, and various celebrities. He has been part of various music videos. He himself has created many music videos.

    Amit Badhana created a dub of Eminem’s song and another music video was a reply to Adele’s Song ‘Hello’. Back in 2018 his one video was featured in Global top 10 videos. He is considered as the wealthiest Entertainment Youtubers in India. He has till now created 101 videos.

    Amit Badhana has another channel named “Amit badhana dwitiya”. His music video “Parichay” is the highest viewed video on YouTube. It has a whopping 94 M views. The other top grossing entertainment videos youtube are Types of people in a bus – Amit Badhaana, School ke wo din – Amit Badhana has a combined view of 129 m views.

    Amit badhana has a presence over other platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter. On Instagram he has 9 M followers. He is one of the best Indian entertainment YouTuber. He was brand ambassador for Mobile Premier League.

  • Harsh beniwal

    Harsh beniwal

    YouTube: TheHarshBeniwal


    Fun and engaging content revolving around friends and families.

    Harsh beniwal identifies himself as an actor, an artist, and an entertainment YouTuber. He has joined Youtube Platform on 6 may 2015 and till now this Indian entertainment youtubers has garnered 1.75 billion views. His videos revolve around content about family and relationships humour.

    Harsh Beniwal has 2 items on his playlist namely Barfi and who killed Jessica?. He has uploaded 163 videos on his entertaining youtube channel. His video titled A day with Cringe TikToker | Harsh Beniwal is the most viewed Video which has been viewed by 44M users. His 4 most viewed videos have a combined views of 128 M views.

    Harsh Beniwal’s recent upcoming video named “Checkmate” is a suspenseful thriller. He has been active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchant, etc. On Instagram he has 5.8 M followers. He is a leading entertainment Youtuber in the comic videos category.

    Harsh Beniwal has uploaded many short videos and reels on his youTube handle. They are highly engaging and entertaining. The shorts called “ *use earphones* haryanvi guys ordering food | Harsh beniwal” has been viewed 4.4 million times.

  • Mr. Indian HACKER

    Mr. Indian HACKER



    Interesting experiments and out of box thinking

    Mr. Indian Hacker real name is Dilraj Singh. He upload contents in experimental and educational niches. His entertaining youTube channels are filled with curiosity and awe. He joined the Youtube platform on 21 June 2012 and till now it has 5.56 billion views. He adorably calls his subscribers the “Titanium Army”.

    Mr Indian Hacker has created a playlist which consists of only one item named best projects ever – Mr Indian hacker. His video titled Running bike on water – 100% working trick is the most viewed video. It has 71 million views. He has other channels named Dilraj singh, mr. Titanium, Mr. Indian Hacker shorts, Mr. Indian Hacker Vlogs.

    Mr Indian Hacker has created many videos which are fun and very engaging to watch. He did all sorts of experiments from various niches. He can be seen burying a car, making a tunnel swimming pool, firing the biggest skyrocket firecrackers, flying the biggest hot air balloon, flying numerous RC drones, playing with fevi kwik, creating haunting videos, etc.

  • Filtercopy


    YouTube: FilterCopy


    Unique content around day-to-day situations

    Filtercopy is one of the best entertaining youTube channels. It is a subsidiary of PocketAces group. The other sister platforms are Dice media and gobble. The channel was created on 4 sept 2015 and till now the channel has over 4 billion views. Filtercopy is a multi personality youtube entertainers platform.

    Filtercopy has put on numerous videos and segregated them in playlists namelely, Arranged patch up, filtercopy short series, Dil se Hero, Poker Showdown, Filtercopy’s honest videos, How much we love our parents, Filtercopy School Fun, relationship/Partner, Dil Ki Suno 2.0, Thoughts we all have, Filtercopy something sketchy, etc are the lists.

    Filtercopy video titled “Filtercopy | things we’ve all learnt in childhood” is the most watched video with views more than 93M. They regularly upload various short videos and reels too. The short video titled “Filtercopy shorts | Vibe check | Ft @Manish Kharage | #shorts” has a whooping 124M views.

    Filtercopy is its presence registered on various social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. On Instagram the best entertaining YouTube channel has more than 4.1 Million followers.