In the digital world, the education landscape has undergone a transformative shift, with the traditional classroom settings are no longer the sole medium of learning. India, a country with a humongous population and thirst for knowledge has witnessed remarkable evolution in access and diffusion of education.

At the forefront of this revolution are Indian education YouTubers, individuals who have harnessed the expertise in distributing pedagogy with informative, engaging, and omni-age content online. These pioneers are establishing themselves as reshaping and evolving educational content.

With the advent of National Education Policy 2019 by the Kasturirangan Committee, the education scenario is bound to change considerably. On The parallel scale, The Indian education YouTubers known for their interactive and lively classes can help the country as a whole to uplift the standard of education.

The Innovation in Education Industry

Indian online education youtubers are testament of the rapid dynamics in the Pedagogical environment. YouTube has now become the first go to destination for learning. As YouTube has become the biggest depository of audio-visual knowledge for very diverse subjects. Tutors on YouTube have prepared various courses, sometimes free and sometimes paid, which are very simple and plain in understanding. Ultimately giving them huge recognition. One of the prime examples of Top Indian education YouTubers is Khan Sir.

Khan Sir is known for democratizing digital education. On a TV show, he explained the reason for this act is the sheer poverty that he faced and which became a milestone in his learning. He determined that he would try all his might to outreach the education to all for free.

Education is a tool for self as well as generational upliftment, empowerment, and fostering creativity and higher thinking. To serve the purpose various Edutainment channels India have arisen. Spreading the warmth of education through various newer and innovative approaches.

The Indian e-learning YouTubers have brought these more closely to the digital denizen. Some of the Best educational YouTube channels India are Xylem SSLC and Leeza Mangaldas and the list is long so we have prepared a list of top education YouTubers in India . But, before that let’s take a brief look over Indian YouTube education community channel types.

Types of Education YouTube Channels in India

  • Course Curriculum YouTube Channels: School and colleges are filled with numerous students and many times it became reasons for improper understanding of concepts. Through these YouTube channels students can get deeper and clearer concept clarity.
  • Competitive Examination YouTube channels: The Great Indian passion for Government jobs is majorly present in demography. Getting a government is considered very prestigious and uplifting but it is highly competitive. These YouTube channels utilize their resources to find trends, exam patterns, best practices, previous year question papers, etc to help the students.
  • Finance related YouTube channels: The often registered drawback of school and college curriculum is lack of financial education understanding pedagogy. It is but obvious that theoretical knowledge is disseminated but finance is risky for someone who has never had any practical experiences. To solve the crisis, various Indian YouTube educators prepared content regarding Stock market, NSE, SEBI, RBI, etc. to help the followers build a sound knowledge in the finance domain.
  • Brain-development YouTube Channels: A well educated mind and a well formed mind are completely different things. To have a well-developed mind, one must churn their brain to keep it sharp and powerful. These Youtubers create various mental exercises and provide tricky questions to help the audiences.

There are alot of education creators out there, but which one is the best for your brand? Being the best influencer marketing company in the Education sector, we have created a list of best educational YouTube channels in India.
Find the list below:

Best Education YouTubers in India (2024)

  • Xylem SSLC

    1. Xylem SSLC

    YouTube: @XylemSSLC2023


    Dedicated channel for the preparation of SSLC exams

    Xylem SSLC is an exclusive Indian education content creation channel dedicated to the preparation of the SSLC exam. It offers live classes, answers doubts, curates important lecture videos, and shares necessary questions with the students preparing for the SSLC exam. The channel is a savior for the students preparing for boards because, apart from CBSE, all the other significant boards issue the SLCC certificate in India.

    The board exams in high and secondary school are essential in the education system because they determine the future career path of the students. Thus, SSLC issued by the school authorities is extremely important for students to focus on and give their best. That’s why Xylem SSLC is among the best online education experts on YouTube, with an average of 23.6K views.

    The team at Xylem SSLC is a group of enthusiasts who are on a mission to provide students with the best and most authentic information free of charge. They publish around 5-6 videos daily in order to help students cover necessary topics and prepare for the exams. Their efforts and dedication have helped millions of students score well in the SSLC exam and associate with them.

    They have developed an app named Xylem App, where they run the ASTHRA batch, where students get more advanced classes from the top instructors in India. They also provide PDFs of handwritten notes and slides, key updates, revision plans, and model exam questions to solidify students' preparations.

    They also run the Great Indian Battles so that students from all over India can compete among themselves, boost their confidence, and help each other. Through such fantastic work and determination, Xylem SSLC has built a strong Indian YouTube education community.

  • Leeza Mangaldas

    2. Leeza Mangaldas

    YouTube: @Leezamangaldas1


    Positive Education towards sexual health and body positivity

    Leeza Mangaldas is a ‘Sexuality Educator’ who is among the pioneers of spreading positivity towards sexual health and body positivity. Being a woman, she has also faced issues and overcome struggles with society’s conservative norms. She should be one of the brand ambassadors of Learning from Indian YouTubers, as she has changed many lives through her content.

    Leeza aims to educate people about all the phenomena related to our reproductive health and break the taboos around them. She wants to build a world where it is customary to converse around topics such as sexuality, sexual health, gender identity, relationships, and the overall body without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. A world where there is sexual security and it is consensual, safe, and pleasurable.

    Stepping forward on her mission, she founded a brand called Leezu’s, a joyful personal care and intimacy brand. She has also published a book named The Sex Book to help people, especially women, navigate their journey of self-discovery with relevant information and Indian YouTube teaching resources. She has covered many untouched topics that many people are unaware of, like Testicular Thermal Contraception, Understanding Abortion in India, etc.

    The best part about Leeza’s content is that she curates it keeping in mind her Hindi and English preferred audiences. She is among the top Indian online education YouTubers who have taken the step to educate people on sensitive topics. And through her educational content, she has benefited her viewers around the world. Thus, she has millions of followers and an average of 421K views on YouTube.

  • Examपुर

    3. Examपुर

    YouTube: @Exampur__Official


    Indian YouTube teaching resources for every competitive exam in India

    Examपुर Teaching Schools is one of the most prominent Indian YouTube teaching resource providers and was started in 2018. The channel is a medium to support and empower engaged minds towards achieving their goals. Vivek is among the most trusted India's exam preparation YouTubers who run such a beneficial platform as Examपुर.

    Under the guidance of Mr. Vivek, Examपुर has become one of the best educational YouTube channels India. It has become a magnificent platform for online e-learning with daily live classes, doubt sessions, mock test papers, daily current affairs, marathon classes, test series, and much more.

    Examपुर is one of the best exam preparation channels and apps that provide hybrid mode teaching focusing on Tier II, III, and IV cities. It covers various government exam preparations, including SSC, Teaching, Banking, Railway, UPSC and State PCS, defence and State Service, ESE and GATE, State Board Exams, and Other Government Examinations.

    Examपुर has 25+ YouTube channels discussing different content categories and exams, with subscribers ranging from 100K to over 10 million and more than 1.1 billion views on live and video classes collectively.

  • Fun with Shikshaa

    4. Fun with Shikshaa

    YouTube: @funwithshikshaa


    Delivering Facts with a gist of humour and mystery

    Fun with Shikshaa is one of the best educational YouTube channels India, where you will find the most exciting videos. The channel consists of educational videos that are fact-based and fun to watch. Apart from that, one can find videos in varied niches such as horror, mystery, science, factual, and funny. The channel is famous among people speaking Hindi, due to which its most popular videos have between 108 and 102 million views.

    The channel consists of short-form videos, yet the content is specific, understandable, and enjoyable to watch. As the channel's name indicates, it is about providing the experience of learning with fun in a way other than conventional ways of education. As we all know, knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world that can help people make a good life for themselves and enrich society.

    Fun with Shikshaa is among the edutainment channels India that stick by its name. Edutainment means the intent to present various content to be both educational and enjoyable, which is true about this channel. The channel is bound to provide the best educational content to its viewers so they can learn more and succeed in life.

  • Pawan Wagh Academy

    5. Pawan Wagh Academy

    YouTube: @PawanWaghAcademy


    Providing relevant information with the basics of NCERT

    Pawan Wagh Academy is among India's learning content creators on YouTube who are doing an excellent job in the field of online education. The founder of PWA, Mr. Pawan Wagh, is a mathematics fanatic with over 20 years of experience in teaching. He is one of India's academic YouTube stars because of his efforts to upskill students.

    He covers NCERT topics from 10th to 12th grade, discussing every topic in detail so that he can clear all the doubts of his students. He wants to help students overcome their mathematics phobia and enjoy solving problems. He also focuses on important competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, CET, etc. Through such dedication, he has garnered an average of 2 million views on YouTube.

    Besides Pawan Wagh, there are other YouTube tutors from India as well in the PWA team who curate detailed videos around different topics. The channel has a dedicated playlist for physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, commerce, etc., available in an organised manner.

    Through the channel, Pawan Wagh also provides important updates, news, and motivation to boost the morale of the students. Therefore, he is positioned among India's exam preparation YouTubers.

  • Mission All Exams

    6. Mission All Exams

    YouTube: @missionallexamsglobal


    All exams online education experts on YouTube

    Mission All Exams channel is among India's academic YouTube stars and is a saviour for students preparing for government exams. With such a hefty increase in competition for government jobs, students look for resources where they can find relevant information related to their exams that can help them with their preparations.

    The channel consists of different playlists for various competitive exams such as SSC (SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS), Railways (RRB NTPC, RRB Group D, RRB ALP), Banking, CPF, CDS, NDA, Delhi Police, Bihar SI, Bihar Police, Bihar Teacher, and All Central & State Level Exams. There is a Telegram channel as well where all the notes, essential books, and study materials are available free of charge.

    Mission All Exams is one of the best educational YouTube channels India and has been a medium for guidance and support for students all over the country. Through such effective content, the channel has garnered a substantial following, with an average of 2 million views on YouTube.

  • Aditya Saini

    7. Aditya Saini

    YouTube: @theadityasaini


    Teaching finance and business analysis on one click

    Aditya Saini is among India's learning content creators on YouTube and curates content around finance and business. He is a finance influencer who educates his audience about how mega companies work and decodes their business plans.

    He is one of the leading Indian YouTube educators who has dedicated his channel to topics about Business, Finance, startups, Marketing, and Communication Skills.

    His interesting way of explaining things, excellent content, and presentation style have captivated millions of viewers, with an average of 325K views on YouTube.

    Aditya has quite a fan base because of how his content has helped many people understand finance and business.

    Some of the most popular videos on the channels are ‘HOW THEY FOOLED EVERYONE?’ and ‘Byju's SCAM: How Byju's is Killing The Youth?’, which have garnered over 6.4 and 5.8 million views, respectively.

  • Eyecon Facts

    8. Eyecon Facts

    YouTube: @Eyeconfacts


    Fascinating the world with mind-tweaking information

    Eyecon Facts channel is a source of interesting facts presented in the most hilarious way. It is a one-stop destination for people looking for well-researched, fact-based content that is engaging in its own way. It is an ocean of unlimited knowledge covering different niches, including science, history, technology, and mythology.

    Eyecon is run by a team of young Indian e-learning YouTubers who are dedicated to providing amazing information scattered over the internet in one place. They deliver mind-blowing content while simultaneously tickling our funny bones.

    With the authentic and latest information around topics such as devotion, science, social, fun, and excitement, they have captivated millions of people and acquired a place among the renowned education YouTubers India. With such lively and astounding content, it has acquired an average of 13K views on YouTube.

  • Tamil One

    9. Tamil One

    YouTube: @tamiloneofficial


    Showcasing astonishing facts across the world in a regional language

    Tamil One is one of the best educational YouTube channels India and is famous among Tamil-speaking communities. The content uploaded to the channel is intriguing to watch and shocks the brain out.

    The videos are curated around topics like historical, mysterious, supernatural activities, paranormal, ghosts, aliens, space, science, and more worldwide. The level of research they put into their videos portrays their dedication to educating the world with amazing facts and information.

    Tamil One is among India's academic YouTube stars that mostly structure videos in the format of top 5 or top 10 lists around the world. The videos are fascinating, thrilling, tricky to watch, and based on true events. The videos are so enthralling that they will blow your mind. With such mysterious videos, the channel has garnered an average of 1K views on YouTube.

  • discover-agriculture

    10. Discover Agriculture

    YouTube: @DiscoverAgriculture


    Agriculture and farming made easy with relevant market insights

    Discover Agriculture is a great example of learning from Indian YouTubers, as it is a source of all the theoretical and practical knowledge related to agriculture. This channel is a rescuer for farmers and agriculture enthusiasts who are seeking agriculture-related information.

    Discover Agriculture was founded in 2019 by Roshan Shetty and Harshith Bhandary with the aim of providing valuable information about agriculture, such as crop production, animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices, and entrepreneurship development.

    The top Indian education YouTubers visit fields, farms, test machines, etc., and create insightful videos around them to provide assistance to agriculture startups and companies. Their mission is to help farmers and enhance the growth of the agricultural community. Therefore, they have garnered a massive following, with an average of 3 million views on YouTube.

  • Fact FC

    11. Fact FC

    YouTube: @FactFC


    Daily dose of astounding information with amazing visuals

    As the name suggests, Fact FC is a fact-stating channel run by a bunch of fact fanatics. They upload videos daily to provide excellent knowledge to their viewers and keep them entertained. The content revolves around fascinating facts, unusual topics, adventures, unbelievable phenomena, etc.

    Founded by some established Indian e-learning YouTubers, Fact FC shares astonishing realities about our bodies, nature, surroundings, different countries, and much more. The videos are in Hindi, making it easier for a vast number of people from India to understand them.

    The most popular video on the channel is 30 Interesting Facts About Titanic, with almost 6 million views. The team at Fact FC is among India's learning content creators on YouTube, with an average of 1K views.

  • Study for Dreams

    12. Study for Dreams

    YouTube: @Studyfordreams


    Fulfilling millions of dreams with one video at a time

    Study for Dreams is an educational YouTube channel created by Awadhesh Chowdhary to help fellow students prepare for competitive exams. He is one of the Indian online education YouTubers who has a passion for teaching and assisting people.

    The channel is dedicated to helping students prepare for several competitive exams, such as SSC (SSC CPO, SSC GD, SSC CGL, SSC MTS Defence, Para Military), UPSC, CDS, NDA, Army, Air Force, Navy Haryana State Exams, HSSC Group D, State Police Bihar State Exams, BPSC Exam CISF HC Constable, IB Security Assistant, etc.

    Study for Dreams is a platform that has helped many students achieve their dreams; thus, the channel has acquired a massive following with an average of 20K views on YouTube.

  • Village Vihari

    13. Village Vihari

    YouTube: @VillageViharichannel


    Explores jaw-dropping places to make captivating content

    Village Vihari is an interesting YouTube channel that uploads videos about several historical finds, ancient sites, and famous monuments. The channel was founded by Narendra and Shahid Mersel, who explored these ancient places and showcased their discoveries and outcomes.

    Both of them are Top Indian education YouTubers who are curious to know about historical things and educate other people about them. The channel has more than 308 videos, the most popular one being “Most Adventurous Caves in INDIA”, with almost 6 million views.

    This channel is quite fascinating for people who love studying ancient events and discoveries. The duo explores astonishing places all over India and presents mind-blowing facts and findings to their followers.

  • SKT Official

    14. SKT Official

    YouTube: @thesktofficial


    Teaching business analytics to enhance entrepreneurial growth

    SKT Official is a business and finance-related channel run by top YouTube tutors from India. It was started with the aim of helping people who are seeking guidance for succeeding in the field of business.

    SKT Official helps people structure their goals, provides them with the necessary assistance, and motivates them to achieve their objectives. The channel has helped millions of people dream and achieve their goals.

    The purpose of their videos is to spread greatness in the world, which is why several people have connected with them. With such inspiring thoughts and deeds, SKT Official has acquired an average of 835K views on YouTube.

  • Active Archu

    15. Active Archu

    YouTube: @Active_Archu


    Stating interesting facts with short form of content

    Active Archu is one of the best channels among the best Indian YouTube education communities. It is founded by Archana Pandit, who is curious and loves exploring different niches. She creates videos about several interesting things she finds and shares them with her viewers.

    Archana Pandit is among the leading online education experts on YouTube because of the extraordinary facts she reveals on her channel. Through her fantastic content, she has garnered millions of subscribers with an average of 1.2K views on YouTube.