The list is dedicated to fitness brands to help them connect with the right fitness influencer for their Influencer marketing campaign.

Fitness is a dream admired by many and achieved by some. The desire for chiselled abs, big biceps, protruded chest, well toned calves, and muscular thighs fuels fitness freaks to sweat till they collapse. It needs sheer grit, humongous patience, utmost dedication, and unquestionable motivation to achieve it.

  • A World Health organisation report on physical activity reported that more than 80% of adolescents and 27% of adults do not meet the recommended level set by WHO.

In a world, where the numbers suggest a grim situation for global physical health, few personalities showcase and inspire the demography to undertake physical exercise. They are none other than fitness Influencers.

Through their contents like reels, photos, and live sessions on Instagram they deliver awareness about fitness routines, exercises, diets, supplements, nutrition, workout equipment, recovery methods, etc. They target to increase physical exercise awareness and impact Global physical health, which holds a lot of promise for a sustainable world.

But before actually discussing them, let’s first understand who fitness influencers actually are?

Who are fitness Influencers on Instagram?

Fitness influencers are the key opinion leaders of the fitness niche, where through their personal experience and regimes they guide their followers to achieve physical fitness.

Fitness is the summation of the determination, courage, grit, morals, and ethics of the involved person and a key element of a fit lifestyle. Running, Gymming, Cardios, exercises, etc. can help people to elevate their lifestyle both mentally and physically. In these challenging situations fitness influencers motivate their followers to guide about all these activities, have a healthy routine, good physique and keep going.

Fitness influencers in India have gained mass popularity for their opinions, suggestions, routine, etc. They actively suggest their followers about best practices, diets, correct exercises, etc. So, let’s now uncover what are their types!

Types of Fitness Instagrammers

1. Personal trainer:

Personal trainers help individuals reach their target fitness objective. Through their video content and personal lessons they support the involved individual.

2. Fitness Equipment Trainers / Gym Trainers :

Fitness equipment is one of the basic tenets of realising goals in the fitness arena. The creators help people with the equipment with its correct use and to get muscles toned/gain strength.

3. Creators Guiding Weight loss:

Higher body mass index is one of the major deteriorating factors of global health. To control it and get fit, the influencers either through personal experience or textbook approach try to it.

4. Yoga Trainers:

Yoga is considered for its physical and mental benefits. It helps in fighting a lot of ill elements like deteriorating mental health, ill physical state, improving consciousness, enhancing focus, etc.

Best Indian Fitness Influencers on Instagram

  • Sahil khan

    1. Sahil khan

    Instagram Account: sahilkhan


    Most intense physical fitness routine and motivation.

    Sahil khan is considered as India’s Youth and Fitness icon. Sahil khan is now a fitness Instagrammer and considered as the most popular fitness influencer. He is also a movie star and fitness entrepreneur. He has worked in films like Style, excuse me, etc. Sahil Khan has partnered with brands like @myfitness, @usadivinenutrition, @thelionbook247, and @nowyouknowclothing.

    Sahil Khan loves to travel. He is a gym devotee and most popular fitness influencers. He has created playlist of different events on his Instagram media handle, OLYMPIA, Africa, Hunk water, BUYCEPS, Divine, Surat, Las Vegas, Bhopal, Malibu, LA, 2020, Taj mahal, UK, Ibiza, Dubai, Kolkata, Phuket, etc.

    Sahil Khan rules the bodybuilding world on Instagram. He was always a bodybuilder first and actor later. From very early in his career he was actively engaged in body building. Some reports suggest that his fat to muscle ratio is less than 10% which is very great for any Indian fitness Influencers. A gym personality can understand what it means.

    Sahil khan is also an entrepreneur. He has invested in several gym and fitness brands. One in particular is Muscle and Beach and Goa is India’s first open air Gym. Sahil Khan is the owner of the Gym. Sahil khan also holds a Guinness world record for breaking 525 Kg of concrete block with a hammer in a single strike.

  • Prince Yuvika Narula

    2. Prince Yuvika Narula

    Instagram Account: princenarula


    Involved in a range of activities and shows. Talks about routine to keep oneself fit.

    Prince Yuvika Narula identifies himself as an actor. He rose to fame as a famous fitness Instagrammer from Roadies and splitsvilla. He has been a part of various shows like Nach Baliye 9, roadies X2, Splitsvilla 8, Big Boss 9, etc. He also acted in Badho Bahu. He was the winner of roadies X2, MTV Splitsvilla 8 and bigg boss 9 in the same year 2015.

    Prince Yuvika Narula is active on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, twitter, etc. Prince Narula’s idols are Akshay Kumar and Ranvijay Singh. He is married to Yuvika Chaudhary whom he met on Bigg Boss 9 sets and fell in love.

    Prince Yuvika Narula hails from Chandigarh and in 2014 he rose to fame after becoming 2nd runner up in PTC Punjabi’s Mr. Punjab. Prince is now a fitness instagrammer, host and gang leader of roadies. He has also starred in many music videos like Hello hello, Zero figure tera, Burnout, Jai Veeru, Roadies anthem, zindagi, Outta reach, etc.

    Prince Yuvika Narula has collaborated with various brands in paid partnerships, like Spotify India, Apollo tyres etc. He has created two playlists on his Instagram handle about business and Highlights.

  • Bani J

    3. Bani J

    Instagram Account: banij


    An epitome of determination, boldness and courage.

    Bani J identifies herself as a storyteller collector of Ink, a student of life. She is one of the top best female fitness influencers on Instagram. She is active on other social media platforms like twitter and YouTube. She loves the gym and gives very importance to her fitness. She is a shining light for a lot of girls who want to rise and break away the shackles of society.

    Bani J's real name is Gurbani judge. She first appeared on MTV roadies 4. Later she appeared on various shows like MTV roadies 5, fear factor: khatron ke Khiladi 4, etc. She also acted in several Thikka and aap ka suroor – The real love story. She appeared on Amazon Prime’s show Four more shots please.

    Bani J also appeared on Khiladi 4 and Bigg boss 10. She hails from Chandigarh. She promotes nutrition brands and products like Myprotein, fitness app Mobiefit BODY and people truly follow their fitness Instagram influencer for her suggestions. She has featured in music videos at tera yaar and Miss Judged. She is also a dog lover and regularly uploads video with her dog.

    Bani J also has a podcast channel where she shares tips and tricks about fitness and lifestyle. The podcast name is Bare by Bani J. Bani J shares a passion for inked tattoos. She has more than 15 tattoos on her body.

  • Yasmin Karachiwala

    4. Yasmin Karachiwala

    Instagram Account: yasminkarachiwala


    Talks about all the latest trends and best fitness regime.

    Yasmin Karachiwala identifies herself as a celebrity fitness instructor and digital creator. She is the owner and CEO of @yasminbodyimage. She strives to make BEING FIT EASY and accessible to everyone and this quality truly makes her the best women fitness Instagrammers. She is active in various niches like fitness, lifestyle, travel and inspiration.

    Yasmin Karachiwala has created a list of highlights on her Instagram. Corporate events, masterclass, PFI 4.0, celebrities, where am I?, what I offer, me and my life, Pilates and me. She is a personal body trainer for various sports celebrities and film celebrities.

    Yasmin Karachiwala has an advanced fitness certification as trainer from the “American council on exercise”. She is also India’s first BASI Pilates Instructor in India and has been revolutionising Pilates in India since 2006. She run’s her own gym named, “Yasmin’s body Image” and has branches in Dhaka, America, etc.

    Yasmin Karachiwala in 2015 published her book named, ‘Sculpt and shape- the Pilates way’. She is a very famous fitness instagrammer and has trained numerous celebrities like Katrina kaif, Malika Arora khan, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon, Karena Kapoor, Karan Johar, etc.

  • Namrata Purohit

    5. Namrata Purohit

    Instagram Account: namratapurohit


    Holistic fitness development. Physically, mentally, and environmentally.

    Namrata Purohit identifies herself as a fitness trainer. She is a mindful movement practitioner, sports nutritionist, author, entrepreneur and founder, and these qualities makes her one of most popular fitness influencers. She has a Pilates studio in Mumbai and the Instagram handle is @thepilatesstudiomumbai. She also has other Instagram handles like @theearthcircle, @equinereform.

    Namrata Purohit also has a website. He authored the book The Lazy Girl’s Guide to being Fit. She provides training sessions to various celebrities, sports personalities, film stars, and other media related celebrities. She has trained personalities like Kangana Ranaut, Jacqueline Fernandez, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Aditya roy Kapoor, Nargis Fakiri, Neha Dhupia, Lauren Gauttileb, Shibani Dhandekar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, etc.

    Namrata Purohit, a famous fitness Instagrammer was the official fitness partner in the “Femina miss India organisation”, and official fitness partner to “Miss Diva” in the year 2013 and 2014. She started “The Pilates and altitude training studio” with her father. She has partnered with many brands for paid collaborations.

    Namrata Purohit has partnered with Adidas India, California nuts India, Dyson India etc. In 2017 Namrata won the Elle Beauty award. After an accident at an age of 16 years she started Pilates and now she leads in Pilates training.

  • Ranveer Allahbadia

    6. Ranveer Allahbadia

    Instagram Account: beerbiceps


    Fitness advocate and holistic development persona.

    Ranveer Allahbadia identifies himself as an entrepreneur. He is co-founder of various platforms like monk entertainment, level: mind body sleep journal, big brain media, the Ranveer Show. He has created highlights on his Instagram handle namely be positive, workout vibe, aesthetics, blessings, funny shizzle, outfit ideas, work vibe 2, men’s style, dear meditation, adventures, doggos, depth, addiction story, relationship, lockdown recordings, etc.

    Ranveer Allahbadia is quite a famous fitness instagrammer and media personality among various niches. He has a very famous YouTube channel named, Beer Biceps. He is a big food lover. He is an avid dog lover. He loves to travel also. He joined engineering after his schooling and it was a turning point decision in his life. As his mother and father, both were doctors. After engineering he joined a multinational corporation but he could not see himself as in a 9 to 5 job. So, he ventured out to be an entrepreneur and during promotion of his startup he initiated his social media presence.

    Ranveer Allahbadia is one of the guest writers for the magazine “aesthetic India” which is India’s first fitness magazine which is free. He is also a TEDx speaker. He spoke at TEDx Bandra.

  • Shweta Mehta

    7. Shweta Mehta

    Instagram Account: theshwetamehta


    Leading women fitness instagrammer and physical health advocate

    Shweta Mehta identifies herself as a public figure who is also an actor , athlete and entrepreneur. She was a participant and winner of Roadies. She is the founder of Hope by tsm and an epitome of best women fitness instagrammers. She has kept the highlights as on her Instagram media handles as Australia, Roadies winner, QnA, events, must explore, growth, portraits, ads, GYM, goa, kaikumama, news updates, ajay gadu, truth, santaram, kadiyaan, comeback, on stage, speaker, mag covers, and fun with dialogues.

    Shweta Mehta won roadies in 2017. She endorses and is in paid collaboration with Neulife/ procel and adidas. She faced many hardships in her life. She did her engineering and started working. She changed a lot of careers but nothing was giving her peace of mind. Finally, she got hold of roadies rising and it changed her career forever. Another turning point came in her life in July 2021. She met with an accident on a trampoline and faced many fractures.

    Shweta Mehta worked very hard to recover and now actively engages herself in gymming and established herself as the best fitness influencer on Instagram. She hails from Haryana. She also featured in the song video of “Chitta suit”. She also participated in Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster (season 2) and represented team India.

  • Sonali swami

    8. Sonali swami

    Instagram Account: sonali_swami


    India representative on global platform and inspiration to millions of people.

    Sonali Swami identifies herself as a sportsperson. She is an international athlete and Asian bronze medalist. She is the winner of numerous awards. Few honourable mentions are laurel wreath in Asian’s championship in 2016, match issue at Body Power India 2014, Muscle mania India 2014 Model and fitness class, international TV reality show participant Spartan X, and best dancer mantri otsav city.

    Sonali swami has also delivered lectures as a speaker in TEDx too. She has formed highlights on her Instagram handle like Q&A, dance, catzzzzz, gym life, 5AM club, my diet, giveaway, my story, me, we learn we grow, skitlezz, fat loss, protein: learn, dad, etc.

    Sonali swami is a mother of two and she has been married since 1999. She has partnered with brands for paid collaborations in multiple niches as a famous fitness Instagrammer. Some of the brands are tiger balm India, macho global, orient bell, cult sport, adidas, Nike, etc.

    Sonali swami is an animal lover and she holds great deal of compassion for the environment, food, animals, etc. She is truly the best women fitness influencer instagrammer in India.

  • Shweta Pal

    9. Shweta Pal

    Instagram Account: shwetaapal


    A digital creator of various niche, priority of fitness in every sector.

    Shweta Pal identifies herself as a digital creator from fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel niche. She is the ambassador of Fit India. She is among the best women fitness instagrammers. She has kept the highlights on her Instagram handle for user friendly interactions. Some of them are my protein, Fit India, Limca, MG Motors, Phuket, Amazon,Myntra, Mahindra, Abu Dhabi, Monster energy, IIFA 22, Urbanic, FitBit, Dubai, Himalaya, PHILIPS, Reliance Trends, Goa, Dabur, Coca Cola, flipkart, Josh App, etc.

    Shweta Pal has collaborated with numerous brands for paid promotions. Some of them are Hyundai, Saffola, Samsung, Toyota, HIPI, melorra, HRX, Chings, etc. Shweta actively participates in audience engagement and shares her routine, food habits, exercises, relaxation tips, etc.

    Shweta Pal focuses on attributes of a personality. She informs that only running, gymming, sweating and repeating would not bring results. It is the consistency, patience and determination that can bring results. She also speaks about days on which a person has to devote to a particular exercise to hone their muscle and gain best results.

    Shweta Pal has emerged as a big name and most popular fitness influencer on the social media platforms. She is commonly known as iron heads among her folks for her resilience and sheer focus on objectives.

  • Deanne Pandey

    10. Deanne Pandey

    Instagram Account: deanne pandey


    Author, Fitness trainer, and lifestyle expert.

    Deanne Pandey identifies herself as a fitness instagrammer and beauty expert. She was a model and always an fitness enthusiast. She featured on the cover of Femina Magazine. She has undergone fitness expert coaching from Australia. She has released several DVDs of fitness programmes. One of the DVDs featured her with Bipasha Basu, titled “Unleash”.

    Deanne Pandey is quite popular among her followers. Being a high profile influencer, her humbleness and caring attitude has knit a loving community of her. She has highlighted one of her Instagram handles. The highlights are Yoga and Peach, Praya, Media, Le Meridien, Fitness app, Soneva Kiri, Chiang Mai, Balance, Turkey, Bodrum, cappadocia, shut up and train, Book reviews, niraamaya, etc.

    Deanne Pandey rose to fame after she released book titles, “I am not stressed” and “Shut up and train”. She has trained big celebrities like Bipasha basu, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Lara dutta, Preity Zinda among others. Back in 2000, she trained models of Femina Miss India in just 4 weeks, which is a remarkable feat in the fitness arena.

    Deanne Pandey has won “Elle Fitness expert award” for her work and contribution to the fitness world. She started her career as a model and after that she switched to training instructor. She initially used to train personally. She was engaged in personal training for 6 years and after that she opened her own gym and started hiring the best fitness experts to work under her and provide services to the clients.

  • Ajaz Khan

    11. Ajaz Khan

    Instagram Account: imajazkhan


    Entertainment expert, jolly fellow and fitness advocate-cum-coach.

    Ajaz Khan became a household name after his stint in Bigg Boss 7. He is an actor, fitness influencer, and controversy expert. Ajaz Khan worked as a taxi driver in London before he made into the acting world. Ajaz khan has made several stints in various shows like Fear factor: Khatron ke Khiladi 5, Bharat ki shaan Let’s dance, Bigg boss 7, Bigg Boss 8 Halla bol, etc. he was thrown out of Big boss house after he was caught up in controversy with Ali quli Mirza.

    Ajaz khan has acted in several movies like Lakeer ka fakeer, Dookudu, Naayak, ek.. the power of one, Lamhaa, allah ke bandey, Rakta Charita 2, etc. he has also acted in daily soaps like Rahey tera aashirwad, Kahani hamarey mahabharat ki, kya hoga nimmo ka, karam apna apna, etc.

    Ajaz Khan has created highlights on his social media handle displaying, Bigg Boss 8, South Movie, YouTube Channel, Contract Killer, Police, System Update, meri dabagai, Big Boss 7, Ohh maa, Palpal, yar ab, Love day, Snapchat, Highlights and others.

    Ajaz Khan has been in many controversies like twitter arguments with rishi Kapoor over Salman Khan, promoting objectionable content, Possession of illegal substances, etc. He is popular among his followers for his robust and short-tempered attitude.

  • Gaurav Taneja

    12. Gaurav Taneja

    Instagram Account: taneja.gaurav


    Prodigy of fitness, education, career, and lifestyle.

    Gaurav Taneja is widely known from his popular name “Flying Beast”. He identifies himself as a video creator. He is a pilot and faculty of Law in Delhi university. He completed training for A320 type rating from CAE Madrid from a flight school in Spain in 2011.

    Gaurav Taneja started his YouTube channel in 2016 and from that time he registered his presence on various social media platforms. He started his career as a pilot from IndiGo as a first officer. Later he switched to AirAsia. Gaurav is an ardent fan of cricket and much bigger fan of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

    Gaurav Taneja has put highlights on his Instagram handle. The list goes like #Deshkadhoni, Cricket, Khushi, Rashi and dad, Imp events, T20 world cup, USA 2022, old memories, smart jodi, Abu dhabi, delts, mau, skyline dubai, etc.

    Gaurav Taneja is currently on a mission under #Deshkadhoni to cycle from Delhi to Chennai. He has a popular YouTube channel “FitmuscleTV '' through which he constantly upload videos about fitness.

  • Sapna Vyas

    13. Sapna Vyas

    Instagram Account: coachsapna


    Weight loss routine, tricks and exercises. Diet and supplement expert.

    Sapna Vyas identifies herself as an actor, fitness coach, and fitness event planner. She is fitness brand ambassador of India and she has been on the Forbes creator list of 2022. She has won numerous awards like, creators united 2024 awards for exceptional health creator of the year, SIBA Ahmedabad’s social media personality of the year, Gujrati Iconic film award, healthcare heroes awards, and she is in best fitness influencer 2024, etc.

    Sapna Vyas has highlighted content on his Instagram platform as Awards, S V Troop, qualification, Gujrati Videos, Josh App, work, Life, Fitness and news. She has been in paid partnership for promotions of various brands like Oppo, Gym Lounge India etc.

    Sapna Vyas is an example of sheer grit, commitment and determination. She exercised and lost 33 Kgs in a year. She is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, twitter, etc. she is one of best women fitness influencers. She has also delivered many motivational sessions to fitness enthusiasts.

  • Sunit Jadhav

    14. Sunit Jadhav

    Instagram Account: sunitjadhavofficial


    Representing India on a global platform. Hardcore bodybuilder.

    Sunit Jadhav is Mr India 2017. He is a body building enthusiast. He won the championship held in 2014 for federation cup overall. He also won Mumbai shree in 2014, Maharashtra shree in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Mr. Dubai International 2016, Mr. Asia title in 2018.

    Sunit Jadhav IFBB professional. He has partnered with various fitness products brands for paid collaborations. Some of them are Evogen Nutrition, Gorilla wear India, Into wellness India, Intellectual fitness and sports academy, and peanut butter.

    Sunit Jadhav is trained under one of the biggest trainers of the world, named Hany rambod. Sunit loves to talk about fitness, exercise, routine, diets, and mental fitness. His courage, dedication, grit has truly bore results for him. He wants to represent India on a global body building platform. Till now he has made many efforts to raise the flag of India and in many places he has succeeded.

    Sunit Jadhav devotes a lot of time to gymming and practising. He further wants to win Mr. Olympia. His Instagram highlights talks about Evogen, Mr. Olympia, quail lodge, nutrition palac, new year eve, Portugal pro, Germany trip, FIBO trip, Philippines, etc.

  • Rohit Khatri

    15. Rohit Khatri

    Instagram Account: rohitkhatrifitness


    A story which touches the heart. Struggle, determination, courage, hope, and grit led to his success.

    Rohit khatri is a public figure and fitness instagrammer. He identifies himself as a sports science nutritionist, Indian fitness instructor, and social media star. He loves to watch movies, travel, gym, and photoshoots. He also engages in giving online gym education to people in need of that.

    Rohit khatri has registered his presence on various social media platforms. Predominantly, on Instagram he started putting up photos during his early days while he was still in the infant body building stage. He faced many criticisms but kept on going on.

    Rohit Khatri has his presence on YouTube, Facebook, twitter, and snapchat. He regularly interacts with his follower’s base and exchanges ideas. He is also loved for his struggle. Being from a middle-class family and without a father, he fought hard to reach where he is now. His story is truly inspirational and commendable.

    Rohit Khatri regularly uploads videos on his YouTube channels regarding his physical exercise, diet plans, routine, etc. His YouTube channels are Rohit Khatri fitness, Rohit Khatri lifestyle, Rohit Sonia vlogs, etc.

  • Radhika Bose

    16. Radhika Bose

    Instagram Account: yogasini


    Radhika Bose has some of the best home workout tips and tutorials on social media.

    Meet Radhika Bose, a prominent yoga instructor and fitness influencer in India who has created a niche by sharing her fitness journey. Radhika has a strong following on Instagram, where she posts about her workout routines, yoga practices, diet plans, and fitness routines. She has been featured in magazines like Delhi Times, Magic Pin, and Midday for her work. Furthermore, Femina India named Radhika in their list of most famous female yoga Influencers of India. You can catch her fitness care challenges, full body workouts, Leg workouts, ab routine, and arm workouts on Instagram and YouTube.

    Fitness enthusiasts nationwide tune into Radhika's online handles for their daily dose of fitness content. The influencer has an engagement rate of 7.0% on Instagram, with an average audience reach of 959. Radhika Bose motivates thousands daily to lead a fit, stress-free lifestyle through motivational quotes, fitness care tips, and yoga tutorials. She also stresses the importance of mental health and self-love.

    Radhika has a well-thought-out nutrition plan that keeps her fit and active. As one of India's best fitness influencers, Radhika tests every product before recommending them to her audience. Radhika helped promote brands like Otrivin India, Aveeno India, Sofit, B Green, Fittr with Squats, Cult Fit, etc.

  • Shweta Rathore

    17. Shweta Rathore

    Instagram Account: ishwetarathor


    Shweta Rathore became the First female bodybuilder from India to win a medal at the WBPF World Championship. Other notable accolades include Miss Fitness's physique, Miss India's sports physique champion, and international fitness diva.

    International fitness athlete Shweta Rathore is an avid fitness influencer promoting fitness and wellness through her social media platforms. She has secured her place amongst India's most popular fitness influencers through her hard work and dedication to her passion. Shweta's fitness journey began at a young age and has inspired many. News outlets like Times of India, India Today, and Hindustan Times featured Shweta for her many accomplishments.

    The diva is actively competing as an international physique athlete representing India. Moreover, she judges fitness shows across the country. Currently, she is a proud brand ambassador for Muscletech and Avatar.

    Shweta started her journey on Instagram, intending to help others achieve their dream body through her fitness mantra. The fitness influencer has uploaded 2100 + posts and an engagement rate of 1.4%. The Indian fitness influencer shares tips on muscle building and weight loss through good eating diet plans and workout routines. Moreover, she helps spread awareness about different body types. Shweta's content is easy to follow and can be viewed by beginners or advanced fitness enthusiasts.

  • Varun Verma

    18. Varun Verma

    Instagram Account: varunverrma


    Varun won some of the most prestigious awards in the Indian fitness industry.

    Varun Verma is a prominent fitness athlete, model, and actor from Delhi, India. The journey of this fitness influencer started through modelling, where he worked with some of the top fashion brands in India. Varun maintained a fit physique for his photoshoots which eventually saw him appearing in different fashion events. Who would have thought that a software engineer would grab the public spotlight instantly, which Varun did when he won the titles of "Mr. India Perfect Body 2016 " and "One of The Most Desirable Men of 2017"? Since then, the sky has been the limit for Varun. Varun dedicated his time and energy to fitness and won the prestigious "Mr. India Supranatural" in 2019. Brands worldwide swarmed over him for his endorsement. Living up to his reputation as one of India's most popular fitness influences, Varun has represented renowned enterprises like Van Heusen, Gillette Volkswagen, Blackberries, infinix, Duroflex, Revital, Swisse, Vodafone, Monster Energy Under Armor, and many others. Furthermore, he is the brand ambassador for Muscleblaze, Myntra, and HK Vitals.

    Varun's passion for fitness is well-known to his followers. The fitness influencer never skips gym day and shares his diet plans, workout routines, recipes, and nutrition hacks on social media. Fitness enthusiasts have benefited immensely from the titbits Varun provides every day. Varun has recorded one of the highest engagement rates on this list, capping at 10.8%.

  • Jeet Selal

    19. Jeet Selal

    Instagram Account: jeet_selal


    Jeet Selal is a pioneer in the world of natural bodybuilding. He has coached hundreds of fitness athletes to compete at top levels.

    Entrepreneur, fitness coach, and bodybuilder Jeet Selal is one of the most famous fitness Instagrammers of Indian origin. He acquired his Sports management and sports science degree from the United Kingdom and went on to found his brand Himalayan Stallion in Australia. Himalayan Stallion is a company that promotes natural bodybuilding and fitness - free from performance enhancers. The brand also spreads awareness about the consequences of drug abuse among youth.

    Jeet Selal started lifting weights at an early age at a local gym. He was passionate about leading a fit lifestyle. Jeet's passion became an obsession, and he started taking bodybuilding seriously. He competed at various bodybuilding competitions and bagged multiple awards.

    Jeet Selal, one of the leading fitness influencers, has a vibrant social media community, mainly on Instagram and YouTube. People associate with this fitness influencer because of his vast knowledge, experience, top-notch physique, and informative content. He regularly shares posts on workout tips, bulk programs, exercise variations, nutritious eating, natural bodybuilding, conditioning, supplement information, and muscle building. His free programs are designed for teenagers, students, and adults. Jeet also shares motivational videos where he encourages his viewers to start taking action to make a difference. Fitness enthusiasts love him and regularly interact with his posts, which has brought his engagement rate to 8.7%.

  • Asmita Arora

    20. Asmita Arora

    Instagram Account: asmitarora


    learn how to be fit in any body type from one of the best fitness Instagrammers in India

    Food, fitness, and fashion describe Ashmita, and it's something she loves to preach. She has established a brand by providing valuable knowledge about the three F's. Asmita Arora is an active creator in the fitness industry. She has earned the appreciation of fitness enthusiasts for her living. People are in awe of her incredible physique and dedication to her passion.

    As one of the top fitness influencers in India, Asmita has a solid presence on Instagram and Facebook. The recent entrant to the 3 million followers club has been named in the Forbes list of top 100 digital creators. Indeed Asmita has been a trailblazer in empowering women on the road to fitness.

    The Indian fashion influencer has an engagement rate of 1.7% and uploads new content regularly. Follow Asmita on Instagram and Facebook for fitness content, workout routine, diet plans, and motivational content. There is a misconception that people with a broader frame cannot be fit. Asmita is trying to change that through her actions. Asmita's work featured her in magazines and publications like the bnb closet, urban swag, Delhi Times, Societal, and Sports Business.

  • Natasha Noel

    21. Natasha Noel

    Instagram Account: natashanoel001


    A woman breaking stereotypes and making exercise easier for you

    One of the most popular Indian fitness influencers, author, and speaker Natasha Noel has motivated millions of people all over the world with her uplifting messages about self-acceptance, mental strength and physical fitness. She currently has more than 396k Instagram followers and has established herself as a leading voice in the wellness sector, using her platform to advocate for body positivity, mindfulness.

    Natasha Noel promotes a balanced approach to fitness, highlighting the significance of physical, mental, and emotional well-being as a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She shares her struggles with anxiety, depression, and body image issues in an effort to encourage others to take control of their own fitness.

    The influence of Natasha Noel has not gone unnoticed. Numerous media outlets and publications have featured her, including Cosmopolitan India, Elle India, and Vogue India, among others. She has also received praise for her efforts in the wellness sector, taking home prizes like Femina magazine's Influential Women of the Year award.

    As she reflects authenticity throughout, she has a lot of engagement on her profile making it ideal for any brand looking to get amazing results from a collaboration. Make sure you check out her content

  • Ankita Singh

    22. Ankita Singh

    Instagram Account: ankita_extreme


    One of the most muscular female athletes who promotes nutritious living with practical tips

    Ankita Singh is one of the most well-known fitness Instagrammers from India who has motivated tens of thousands of people to live good lives. Her knowledge in the area of fitness and wellness has elevated her to a prominent position in the industry. She is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist.

    Ankita shares her knowledge and experience on a variety of topics pertaining to fitness as a fitness influencer. She offers workout plans, menu suggestions, and advice on how to live a balanced way of living. She also uses her platform to promote body positivity, urging people to celebrate their bodies and embrace their individuality.

    In addition, she won Miss India 2021 where she represented the fitness sector and was one of the few who did it.

    She is also an advocate of animal welfare and promotes adoption rather than buying. Supporting causes like these make her even more influential.

    Ankita is known to be transparent with her audience regarding everything, moreover, she interacts with them from time to time, and this has made her gain an incredible amount of credibility. She is also known for her quality collaborations where she gets incredible results for the brands.

  • Junaid Kaliwala

    23. Junaid Kaliwala

    Instagram Account: ifbbpro_jkaliwala


    A pro athlete who is on a journey to make everybody fit

    Junaid is one of the biggest names in the fitness industry. He is a certified professional, fitness model, and bodybuilder. He has the biggest titles like IFBB Pro to his name which gives each of his recommendations or advice insane credibility.

    Even after a flexible diet, he maintains his physique throughout the year and motivates others to do the same with his hacks. He also provides online coaching which is almost always full in slots as he gets you results effectively that too in your budget.

    Even after having the best of achievements, Junaid is known for his down to earth personality where he makes sure each and every query that he gets from the audience are answered. This has resulted in him having a loyal following of over 333k

    He makes sure that whenever he collaborates with a brand, he is promoting something which is good and safe for the audience. One of the best fitness influencers 2024 does so by trying out the product or service himself and when he is sure of its quality, he advises them to his audience. This makes each of his collaborations a massive success.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    24. Rajesh Kumar

    Instagram Account: mrindiarajeshmonga


    A bodybuilder and trainer guiding everybody correctly

    Rajesh Monga, a well-known bodybuilder and fitness expert from India, is well-known in the world of competitive bodybuilding. He has won the prestigious Mr. India title in the 90kg division four times in total. But Rajesh's success extends beyond the realm of competition; as a committed coach, he aids others in achieving their fitness objectives and realising their full potential.

    One of the most popular fitness influencers is truly unique because of his capacity to uplift and encourage those around him. Along with his impressive physique and accomplishments, his Instagram profile highlights his passion for encouraging and supporting others on their fitness journeys. He frequently provides advice and tips based on his own experiences and insights, covering everything from diet and exercise to mindset and motivation

    Rajesh's creativity and willingness to think outside the box, however, are what really set him apart. Whether it's experimenting with unorthodox training techniques or teaming up with other fitness influencers and athletes, he constantly pushes himself to try new things and explore new possibilities. He is a true trailblazer for others to follow in the fitness industry.

  • Anupriya

    25. Anupriya

    Instagram Account: anupriyakapur


    She will help you achieve your fitness goals with flexibility

    With her emphasis on flexible dieting and better way of living, Anupriya Kapur, a well-known fitness influencer and certified nutritionist, has had a significant impact on the wellness sector. Anupriya's approach to fitness and nutrition is popular with people from all walks of life, as evidenced by her 248k Instagram followers.

    Anupriya's Instagram account is a goldmine of diet and exercise tips. She encourages her followers to adopt a sustainable approach to fitness and advocates flexible dieting, which entails consuming a variety of foods while still meeting nutritional requirements. Her followers can relate to her on a deeper level because she frequently shares her own fitness journey and struggles.

    One of the best women fitness Instagrammers also maintains a blog called Mom on the Run where she writes about everything from at-home workout routines to delicious recipes. Her blog serves as proof of her dedication to assisting others in leading fit and more fulfilling lives.

    Anupriya stands out due to her emphasis on interacting with her audience. She frequently hosts Q&A sessions, answers comments, and gives thorough responses to any inquiries her followers may have. Her eagerness to engage with her audience demonstrates her commitment to giving her followers useful and educational content.

  • Abhinav Mahajan

    26. Abhinav Mahajan

    Instagram Account: abhinavmahajanlife


    He focuses on a sustainable fit lifestyle rather than quick results

    Abhinav Mahajan is an Indian bodybuilder who is well-known in the fitness world. In addition to being a Certified Coach and Sports Nutritionist, he is also an athlete and a Men's Grooming Expert, making him a multifaceted influencer with a broad range of skills.

    Through his coaching services, which have aided millions of people in leading better way of living , active lives, Abhinav's passion for fitness and wellness is clear. He has also appeared as a fitness model on the covers of popular fitness publications in India like Men's Health and FITMAG.

    Numerous prestigious publications, including Indian Express, Times of India, Hindustan Times, News18, Lifestyle Asia, and Man's World India, have praised Abhinav's work. He is one of the best fitness, grooming, and lifestyle experts in the nation thanks to his commitment, experience, and knowledge.

    Abhinav posts about his fitness journey, workout routines, nutrition advice, and grooming suggestions on his Instagram account. His posts encourage his followers to take their fitness and wellness seriously by being both educational and inspirational.

    Some of the top celebrities like Kapil Sharma, beer biceps, etc follow him for his valuable content on fitness just adding to the credibility. Make sure you check out his content!

  • Nidhi Mohan kamal

    27. Nidhi Mohan kamal

    Instagram Account: nidhimohankamal


    She provides detailed videos on every pain point of a fitness enthusiast

    Nidhi is one of those revolutionary fitness influencers that are doing everything right. She shares everything from workout routines to yoga asanas that can help you achieve your fitness goals. She also makes videos on pain points that fitness enthusiasts have. For example - recently she made a video on if protein powders are dangerous in the long run.

    She is also the co-founder of nidsun wellness where she provides treatments like fat freezing, etc at minimal cost. Her audience has been getting amazing results thanks to her practical advice and clarification of all doubts in her detailed videos. Her quality content and experience have been recognized by brands like Puma for whom she is a trainer as well.

    She also promotes a plant based diet as she believes the myth of non-veg being necessary for adequate protein is absolutely wrong. Moreover, she has recipes of her favourite food dishes as well which just makes her profile complete for any fitness enthusiast.

    Over the years, she has gained amazing credibility to whatever she shares or posts making her the ideal fitness influencers to collaborate with to get amazing results. Make sure you check out the content of one of the most famous fitness Instagrammers!