Top Instagram Influencers in India - Top Instagrammers of 2021

Top Instagrammers of 2020 – Explore here the top Instagram influencers in India which you should follow in 2020.

Top Instagram Influencers in India

Marketing through influencers on Instagram is doing wonders for brands and that is why brands are pouring more and more amount into it for their ultimate online presence. Ever wondered why brands are focussing on it? Here’s the secret - Brands can reach and connect with their target audience directly one to one through it and have an honest feedback to improve their services. And that’s why, bears better fruit as compared to traditional ways of advertisement and promotions.

The idea of influencer marketing on Instagram has evolved because of the fact that the content creators on Instagram or more popularly known as, Instagrammars, have managed to create a genuine bond and trust with their followers by sharing enticing moments from their personal lives and interacting with their audience regularly. This way people who follow their mentors develop an extraordinary relationship and are influenced deeply. Hence, now, you can imagine the value of top Instagram influencers in India or more over the top Instagrammers who help all of us in making an informed decision about a particular niche product.

Top Instagram Influencers in India (2021)

diipa khosla

Diipa Khosla

  • Profile: Diipa Khosla
  • Followers: 1.3 Million
  • Niche:Fashion & Beauty

Diipa Khosla is a 29-year-old Fashion & Beauty influencer from New Delhi, India. She is regarded as a global Indian fashion influencer. She began her fashion influencing journey by blogging and ultimately started an Instagram profile. Diipa is known for her incomparable style and incredible fashion sense.

aashna shroff

Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff is a 26-year-old Fashion Instagram influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She began her career by launching an online fashion store- The Snob Shop. She, then went on to start her own blog- The Snob Journal, wherein she shared her travel experiences and fashion. Aashna has collaborated with several brands including L’Oréal Paris, NYKAA, Maybelline and Estee Lauder.

kusha kapila

Kusha Kapila

  • Profile: Kusha Kapila
  • Followers: 1.7 Million
  • Niche:Comedy & Entertainment

Kusha Kapila is a 30-year-old comedy & entertainment content creator on Instagram from New Delhi, India. She creates videos wherein she parodies South Delhi girls, Saas-Bahu relationship etc. and plays characters such as Billi Maasi and Nayna. Kapila is also a fashion editor with iDiva. She made her Bollywood debut with Ghost Stories.

nitibha kaul

Nitibha Kaul

Nitibha Kaul is a 28-year-old Fashion Influencer form New Delhi, India. She was also a contestant on reality TV show Bigg Boss season 10. Nitibha Kaul is known for her impeccable style and elegant fashion looks. She has participated in various beauty pageant including 2015 Miss India Beauty pageant.

komal pandey

Komal Pandey

  • Profile: Komal Pandey
  • Followers: 1.4 Million
  • Niche:Fashion

Komal Pandey is a 26-year-old fashion blogger and YouTuber from New Delhi, India. She began her fashion influencer career in 2012 by launching her own blog- The College Culture. She then went on to work with POPxo as a fashion video coordinator. As of June 2020, Komal has been working as a video producer with India Today.

dolly singh

Dolly Singh

  • Profile: Dolly Singh
  • Followers: 1.3 Million
  • Niche:Comedy & Entertainment

Dolly Singh is an Indian comedy & entertainment creator on Instagram. She is wildly popular for he satirical and comical take on the conventions of a middle-class Indian society. Singh attended the National Institute for Fashion Technology, Delhi. She is also a famous fashion blogger known for her very practical outfits.

anam darbar

Anam Darbar

  • Profile: Anam Darbar
  • Followers: 2.3 Million
  • Niche:Content Creator

Anam Darbar is a 21-year-old content creator from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is also active on popular social media platforms such as YouTube and Tik Tok. She is a part of on Instagram. She has collaborated with huge brands such as Amazon and Fossil. She is known for her dance and entertainment videos.

masoom minawala

Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala is a Fashion influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She began her fashion influencer journey by starting her own blog. She then went on to set up her own fashion portal- Miss Style Fiesta. Minawala has collaborated with many big brands including Jimmy Choo, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Estee Lauder to name a few.

that boho girl

That Boho Girl

  • Profile: That Boho Girl
  • Followers: 1.2 Million
  • Niche:Fashion & Beauty, Travel

That Boho Girl, or Kritika Khurana, is a 27-year-old fashion and travel Influencer from India. She began her career by launching her own fashion & beauty and travel blog called That Boho Girl. She is known for sharing trendy looks and latest fashion on her Instagram channel. She has also modelled for Pantene India.



Riya Jain, or better known as, caught in a cuff, is a 26-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger and influencer on Instagram. She began her career as a blogger in 2014, when she launched her blog- Caught in a cuff. She is popular for her personalised fashion looks. She has collaborated with many brans including L’Oréal Paris, Dusk perfumes, Forever 21 and many more.

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