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Our Instagram Marketing Services include

Being the leading Instagram influencer company in India, GryNow aims to aid brands in meeting their marketing goals through trusted influencers on Instagram in just 5 simple steps

Analyzing the marketing goals

Before we begin designing the marketing campaign, we analyze and understand the marketing goals of the brand, whether it is driving sales, gaining more website traffic or creating brand awareness and subsequently analyze the brand message in order to understand the brand sentiment.

Analyzing the target audience and the product

Along with thoroughly understanding the marketing goals of the brand, we analyze the target audience, to understand their needs & wants. By doing so, we understand how to create original content that connects with the target audience and inspire them to buy the product / service..

Choosing the right Instagram Influencer

Being one of the top Instagram influencer companies in India, GryNow has a huge network of influencers. After analysing the target audience of the brand, we find the right influencer with a similar audience - demographics and behavioural characteristics in order to position the brand in the best way.

Designing and executing the campaign

After choosing the right Instagram influencer in terms of engagement, reach and audience demographics, our team of experts along with the brand design an Instagram marketing campaign while keeping in mind the ultimate goal. Original content is created that reflects the brand value and connects to people on a personal level.

Achieving the goal and good ROI

Our creators share the original and engaging content on their accounts in order to tell a story and ultimately inspire people to buy the product / service. We define a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track the progress of the campaign and the ultimate success in terms of better brand awareness, more potential leads, better conversion and better sales!

What makes us the top Instagram influencer marketing platform in India and how we are different from others?


GryNow has a network of 5000+ top Instagram influencers ranging from mega influencers to nano influencers.


Our team of experts understands the sentimental value in the brand message and draws personalized marketing campaigns.


Our experts help our creators in creating original content of utmost quality that adds value to the marketing campaign.


We are committed towards providing the most cost-effective ROI, by positioning the brands in the best possible way aided by the right Instagram Influencer.

So do you want to skyrocket your brand sales through Instagram influencer marketing? Hire us!