Top Entertainment Instagrammers (Influencers) in India in 2022

Top Entertainment Instagrammers (Influencers) in India in 2021

When we get quality entertainment, our brain releases endorphins, hormones that are responsible for feeling good. Today, we all use Instagram to get entertained primarily, where the top entertainment Instagram influencers in India are stealing everyone’s heart to stay more on the platform. And not surprisingly, India has more than 230.25 million Instagram consumers (according to Statista) -- the largest Instagram audience in the world. In India, Instagram influences society and culture dramatically in the way individuals think, live, eat, dress, travel and purchase, where an average Indian devotes about 45 minutes on Instagram every day.

Who are Instagram Entertainment Influencers?

Entertainment Influencers create enjoyable content on Instagram—which is the panacea for unbeatable success that brands are after. They are helping marketers to boost their businesses and convert potential clients into loyal customers. So, when it comes to promoting and selling your products online, they are the best choice to get your target customers reach you.

How Brands Are Leveraging Entertainment Instagram Influencers’ Fame to promote their Products in India in 2022?

India is one of the largest content producers in the realm, where entertainment is one of the largest employer, The Indian Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is a booming sector for the economy, backed by mounting consumer demand and enlightening advertising revenue. The Indian Media and entertainment market, has grown 17% in 2022 and reached $5.2 Billion It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to reach $30.9bn by 2024.

In accordance with BCG report, it will grow between US$ 55-70 billion by 2030. Today’s consumers’ purchasing decisions are subjective to market trends – which entertainment influencers attain the power to regulate. Presently, 90% of people on Instagram follow a business. The platform plays an incredible role of bridging the gap between brands and consumers and over ⅔ of users agree. Moreover, 75 per cent of users have had a good shopping experience on Instagram with the majority of users expected to shop again from the same brand. Domestic companies are testing out the waters with the top entertainment Instagram influencers authorized by the best influencer marketing agency in India.

From a business perspective, Grynow is a treasure trove of all influencer marketing needs. Never before had brands been able to connect with their target consumers at a visionary level until now.

Top Entertainment Instagram Influencers in India 2022

1. Jannat Zubair

Followers: 42M Instagram: jannatzubair29

USP: Jannat Zubair has a highly engaging audience. The influencer has worked with prominent figures across the entertainment niche. She is an ideal candidate to help businesses get a foothold in untapped markets.

Jannat Zubair Rehmani, born on 19th August 2001, is a prominent Indian TV personality, lip-sync artist, singer and dancer appearing in Hindi soaps and movies. She has had an illustrious career in the industry securing nomination for the "Indian Telly award for the best child actor in 2011" and winning of "Gold awards for the best debut of the year in 2018".

TikTok provided a platform where Jannat could express her inner dancer. She has produced multiple videos on the application and later brought her talents over to IG Reels. Overtime Jannat amassed a massive following of 42 M on Instagram. She started her social media safari in 2010 in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye where she played the cameo role of a young beautiful patient Tamanna. Then she got another break, through Imagine TV's Kashi – Ab Na Rahe Tera Kagaz Kora and Colors TV's Phulwa in 2010 & 2011. She played the role of Young Phool Kanwar in Bharat Ka Veer Putra–Maharana Pratap and Pankti Sharma in Tu Aashiqui. After this she soon become the heart-beat of many fans. Later, she played a small but good role in the Bollywood film Hichki starring Rani Mukherji, as a student. She loves her younger brother, Ayan Zubair Rahmani, who is making incredible prints into show business as a developing star. Her best relaxations count sharing tongue twisters with family. Jannat and Mr. Faisu's sweltering chemistry always creates magical on screens making fans question again and again if they are actually dating. Nonetheless, the two cleared up that they are just friends and are not dating. She receives an average engagement rate of 1.34% on her posts with average likes and comments holding up at 545K and 4357. She has 86.3K follwers on twitter Jannat is also active on YouTube where she posts vlogs, fashion, lifestyle and beauty content for her 3.4M subscribers. Since 2016 the channel has garnered more than 316,130,990 views. Also, she has has worked with 30+ brands including Apple, Nykaa, Amazon, Nivea, Dream 11, Vivo, Flipkart etc.

2. Sayyed Arishfa Khan

Followers: 28.3M Instagram: arishfakhan138

USP: Arishfa Khan enjoys the backing of a loyal following. She effectively convinces her audience to consider the products or services of a particular brand.

Arshifa Khan, born on 3 April 2003, in Mumbai, is an actor, model and social media Influencer from Shahjahanpur, Lucknow, India. She was one of the most followed creators on TikTok when the podium was at its peak in India. Before the ban, she had more than 28M followers. She has been a part of prevalent television shows including Veera, Uttaran and Baal Veer. Arishfa revealed that her mother, who was a stunt woman in movies, made many sacrifices to make her a star. She is inspired her to become an actress. Arishfa is a very active Instagram influencer and posts videos and pictures in similar concentrations. She uploads at least once every day, mostly at midnight She has a huge following of 28.3M with an engagement rate of 0.63%. On average Arishfa receives 551K views, 174k likes and 3K comments; for every comment there are 58 likes. She uploads dance, music, lip-syncs, humour, and promotional fashion-orientated content on her IG feed. As short video content, greater Orissa uploads Reel all the time. The top reel on the page is a funny voice over on Hindi parody; the video has 501K likes, 5,366 comments and 5M plays. Arshifa Khan also has a YouTube channel with 2.53M subscribers; she has uploaded 121 videos, which have amassed 175M views to date. She vlogs, provides makeup tips and performs pranks to entertain her YouTube audience.

3. Faisal Shaikh

Followers: 27M Instagram: mr_faisu_07

USP: Faisal Sheikh has a known track record of delivering results for Businesses. He is especially effective when working in conjunction with other influencers.

Faisal Shaikh aka Mr Faisu is one of the most revered actor, comedian, influencer and model from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He has a huge social media following spanning multiple platforms. On Josh, Faisal has a fanbase of 46.1M with 400.5M hearts. He got his initial shot at fame when his funny TikTok videos started making rounds on the internet. Faisal has a behemoth 27M following on Instagram and an equally impressive 1.3% engagement rate. He posts at least twice every day; most often at 1 P.M. The top entertainment influencer in India gets 1M views, 332k likes and 6K comments on average, putting the ratio between likes per comment at 53:1. Besides being a short video creator, Mr Faisu is also a fitness model, thus uploading tons of workout content and pictures in designer outfits. Faisal's top post shows him in traditional Indian attire on the auspicious occasion of Jummah - the picture received 571K likes and 11.8K comments. Videos get 927.6K and reel 1.1M views on average. Faisal entertains his audience by dancing, singing and performing comical lip syncs. His most popular reel is a celebrity FaceTime prank. The video was played 11.2M times and received 665K likes and 5,554 comments.

Mr Faisu has endorsed sports betting app called "FairPlay" in one office Instagram post. 1XBET is the official sponsor of Mr faisu. Faisal also collaborated with influencers like Adnaan Shaikh to promote the Hollywood movie "Uncharted".

4. Riyaz Aly

Followers: 26.6M Instagram: riyaz.14

Riyaz Ali is a lip-sync artist, content creator and internet celebrity from Maharashtra, India. He is popular among netizens for his keen sense of fashion and entertaining videos. Initially Riyaz was actively posting on Instagram; however it was TikTok that provided his career a much needed boost. In 2017, he was posting at least 3-4 videos daily on the micro-video sharing application. Today, he does the same on his official IG handle. His posts receive an engagement rate of 1.77%, which includes an average of 449K likes and 10163 comments. Riyaz created a YouTube channel in 2019, which currently hosts 368K subscribers. TikTok complications, vlogs and interviews make up the content on uploaded till date. "New TikTok Videos of Riza with Riyaz | Riya With Riyaz On TikTok" has been streamed 6.3M times; the channel has garnered 43,498,029 views. Riyaz has worked with Bollywood celebrities and appeared as the lead character in many Hindi medium music videos. He has partnered with some of the top lifestyle and tech companies like Gucci, Apple, Amazon prime, Tinder, Oppo, Vivo, OLX, Pepsi, etc.

5. Rohit Zinjurke

Followers: 22.1M Instagram: rohittt_09

USP: Rohit Zinjurke has a strong footing in multiple niches. Owing to an extensive reach, the influencer can generate awareness for a brand faster than most of his social media counterparts.

Rohit Zinjurke "reaction boi" is one of the few doyens out there with the power to influence the opinions of a large target segment. By producing content addressing multiple topics, the TikTok star from Surat has been making his mark on Instagram and YouTube. Rohit has 22M followers on Instagram. He possesses a very interactive audience base, which has brought his average engagement rate to 5.8%. The top entertainment influencer in India uploads motivational, romantic, comedy, music and dance-related content on his IG handle. On average his post gets 7M views, 1M likes and 18K comments, putting his likes to comments ratio at 71:1. Video gets a whopping 3.8M views, whereas, the shorter variant of the medium gets 4.4M views on average. Besides short videos, Rohit uploads his street, catalogue, runway, Glamour photos and behind the scenes moments on Instagram. Rohit's top reel is him rocking a black tuxedo on the song "Kabiraa". The post was viewed 23M times and currently has 2.5M likes and 19K comments. There is also an athlete side to Rohit; he spends his leisure time in the gym or on the basketball court. The influencer has more than one way to entertain his audience. In 2020, Rohit started a YouTube channel for vlogging and pranks. The channel has 3.01M subscribers and 73 videos. His content together has brought 179 M views.

6. Awez Darbar

Followers: 19.4M Instagram: awez_darbar

Awez Darbar, is a content creator widely known for entertaining his audience with his dance moves. He frequently appears in Hindi medium music videos and is one of the most popular Reel stars in India. The entertainment Instagram influencer has 2300 uploads on his official ID. He boasts an astounding engagement rate of 3.37%, coupled with an average of 3M views, 630K likes and 3K comments on each post - there is one comment per 188 likes. Awez uploads one content every alternate day and reaches an average of 10M users. There are a number of videos as there are pictures on his feed. Videos bring an incredible 1.4M views on average, whereas Reels clock in at 4.2M. The entertainment Influencers content is not restricted to dance or choreography. He also likes to travel, create motivational content, collaborate with fellow influencers on lip-sync videos and share moments with his fans. Awez Darbar has partnered with the fashion and Lifestyle brand spykar on their #YoungAndRestless campaign. Bollywood director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali wants the dancer to do choreography for his movies. Chocolate and bubble gum manufacturer Mars Wrigley in collaboration with Songfest India sought Awez for their music series "Doublemint FreshTake".

7. Ajey Nagar

Followers: 15.4M Instagram: carryminati

Famous YouTuber, Gamer, Roaster, Rapper and Content Creator, Ajey Nagar (aka Carryminati) needs no introduction. With 35M subscribers, CarryMinati is the most subscribed solo youtuber in India. Ajay was already famous, but he really started hitting his strides after his video titled "TikTok Vs YouTube: The End" went viral. Since then he has broadened his horizon to explore additional verticals, for instance, Rap. The song, "YALGAAR - CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy" has been viewed 288M times, making it the most streamed video on the channel. Ajay enjoys a modest engagement rate of 11.85% on his IG content. He uses Instagram as an outlet to keep his audience updated on his upcoming live events, music releases, and videos. Carry primarily caters to Gamers as more than 50% of his content on Instagram is related to video games. He receives an average of 1.75M likes and 14,941 comments per post. The roaster never ceases to entertain his audience with his quirky jokes and friendly humour. Ajey is the official brand ambassador for Arctic Fox. The young influencer has been recruited for campaigns by top brands like Apple, Huawei, Oneplus, Lenovo, Zomato, Flipkart, Winzo and Balle Baazi.

8. Angel Rai

Followers: 16.9M Instagram: rohittt_09

USP: Angel Rai has a strong foothold in multiple genres of entertainment. She caters to a loyal following that interacts with her content. The top entertainment influencer in India can change the perception of your target audience towards your offerings for good.

Angel Rai, Mumbai-born singer, actor, lip-sync Artist and model, shot to stardom after her TikTok videos went viral. Before the ban, the influencer had 14.3M followers on the micro-video sharing platform. At present, she is active on multiple social media platforms and has a loyal fanbase of millions. Angel also pursues her music career and has released several songs.

With 26.1M, Angel Rai has the most followers on MX TakaTak. She also has a huge following of 16.4M on Instagram. Angel uploads at least one post every day, predominantly videos. For the number of followers she has an impressive engagement rate of 2.64%. On average her posts get 4M views, 476K likes and 4K comments - for every comment there a 150 likes. Reels are the most popular content on her IG handle. According to our analysis the medium on average gets 4.2M views. The top reel got 872K likes, 5,421 comments and was viewed 13.2M times by 10.7M users. The entertainment Influencer recreates funny Instagram trends, performs comical skits, dances, shares moments with fans, does lip-sync on popular bollywood music, performs challenges, posts lifestyle tips and keeps her followers updated on her upcoming ventures. Angel Rai has 1M subscribers on YouTube. Her channel has amassed 379M in views and has 209 videos till date. The doyens vlogs and uploads YT shorts.

9. Bhuvan Bam

Followers: 14.3M Instagram: bhuvan.bam22

Bhuvan gained widespread recognition for his funny skits delivered through his multiple on-screen personas. His audience can't help getting attached to his characters as Bhavan has created unique personalities for each of them. The entertainer is known to pen his scripts. His YouTube exclusive series "Dhindhora '' received much love from his fans. The influencer is said to make his OTT debut in Disney + Hotstar's, Taza Khabar. Additionally, Bhuvan Bam recently won the Mid-days Hit List OTT award for "Best Online Sensation". Bhuvan has uploaded 184 videos on his YouTube channel and has amassed 4.72 B views. "BB Ki Vines currently has 25.4M subscribers. On Twitter, Bhuvan Bam has a following of 3.9M.

Bhuvan has a loyal fan base of 14.3M on Instagram. His posts behind the scenes content and updates related to upcoming YouTube video original soundtracks or exclusive events. The entertainment influencer boasts an impressive engagement rate of 5.83%. He uploads new content at least twice a week, preferably at 12:00 A.M. When IG reels entered the scene, Bhuvan Bam used a medium to share short snippets of his work to generate Buzz around his original project. The Reels feature funny dialogues and scenes performed by the multiple personas Bhuvan assumes in his YouTube videos. The comedy influencers' content gets consistent traction. The first Reel Bhuvan ever uploaded currently has 36.5M views, 696K likes, and 2,311 comments. On average, Bhuvan receives 2M views, 831K likes, and 4K comments on all his posts.

10. Siddharth Nigam

Followers: 10.4M Instagram: bhuvan.bam22

Born and Raised in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Siddharth Nigam is a multi talented personality who caught fame at an early age. He made his big debut by starring in Dhoom 3 and later went on to make a name for himself in television. Siddharth appeared as the lead roles in many music videos. The top entertainment influencer in India has been on the receiving end of many accolades like "People's favourite TV actor" and nominations for the "Best Child Artist" award. Siddharth is making his entry in the music niche with the release of his first single "Tum Mili". The 10.3M followers on Instagram are fan of his work. These users interact with Siddharth's content frequently, bringing the young superstar's engagement rate to 1.07% with average likes and comments at 110K and 1048 respectively. Siddharth has collaborated with famous tik tok influencers for dance and lip-sync video's. Additionally, he posts about his travels, personal life, workout routine, on set/behind the scene moments, professional photo shoots etc. Siddharth Nigam has worked with Flipkart, Apple, zoom, Amazon, Vivo, Koovs on high profile campaigns. Lays has recruited Siddharth Nigam as the official brand ambassador. The youngster was also part of Tata sky social media campaign for brand awareness.

11. Garima Chaurasia

Followers: 14.3M Instagram: rohittt_09

USP: Garima Chaurasia innovates with different content types, to bring something new to the table every time.

Garima Chaurasia aka Gima ashi or Rugima is a famous content creator and influencer from Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. She first grabbed the spotlight by posting short comedy and romantic lip-sync videos, on now banned social media application, Tiktok. Garima captured millions of hearts with her humble personality, cute smile and extravagant fashion sense. Garima is one of the most followed influences on Instagram - she has 14.2M followers and counting. She posts comical lyrical and dance lip-sync videos almost regularly. She has an engagement rate of 1.0%, putting her average reach at 1.5M. She also shares fitness tips and uploads travel content. Overall her posts get an average of 128K views, 12K likes and 2K comments - the ratio between comments and likes stand at 105:1. Garima posts twice as many photos as videos. Videos get 573K views on average, Reels get 528.5K. The top reel on the page is a dance video played 16.4M times by 13.5M IG users - It currently has 1.4M likes and 6726 comments.

12. Ashish Chanchlani

Followers: 13.9M Instagram: rohittt_09

Ashish Chanchlani is an Indian Content Creator based in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. He became a fan favourite due to his ability to adorn multiple personalities and produce outstanding expression befitting his characters. Ashish is a team player; he displays excellent chemistry with his on-screen cast, who appears in majority of his YT videos. "ashish chanchlani vines" is one of the most followed YT channels in the country with 27.8M subscribers. Since 2009, the channel has managed to pull in well over 3,828,562,316 in views. In 2020, Ashish won the ITA (Indian Television Academy award) for Popular Digital Influencer.

The comedian Influencer is active on Instagram as well, flaunting an impressive engagement rate of 11.74%, with each post receiving an average of 1.55M likes and 10250 comments. His content on the platform include teasers and Behind the scene posts of upcoming YouTube videos. Ashish is a huge fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and franchise’s official brand ambassador in India. He recently collaborated with MCU for the promotion of their latest release - "Spiderman: No Way Home". Likewise, he has worked with many Bollywood celebrities as part of their promotional campaigns. Brands like Vivo, Flipkart, Apple, MPL, Oneplus, Swiggy are some of the entertainment Influencer's recurring partners.

13. Hasnain Khan

Followers: 12.8M Instagram: hasnaink07

USP: Hasnain Khan has collaborated with other influences on multiple campaigns. He recently promoted the movie "Uncharted" along with mavens, Adnan Shaikh and Faisal Shaikh. To help people affected by the pandemic, Hasnain teamed up with Josh in promoting their "Blue ribbon campaign". Hasnain Khan aka "Hassu" is a well-established social media influencer, actor, content creator and model hailing from Bombay, Maharashtra India. The Influencer is part of team 07 which comprises notable personalities like Mr Faisu and Adnaan 07.

The 24 year old is an avid traveller and shares glimpses of his travel experiences with his followers. During his excursions, he creates short videos of comical lip-syncs, dance and motivational quotes. Hasnain also posts collages of the places he visits. Hasnain uploads at least four new pieces of content every week. You can catch his latest updates at 3:00 P.M. The entertainment influencer enjoys an average engagement rate of 1.58%. Combined his posts average at 545K views, 199K likes and 4K comments, bringing his comment to like ratio at 50:1. Hasnain has maintained a balance between photos and videos. Videos bring 553.2K and reels 421.2K views on average. The top reel on the page is a funny lip-sync video featuring fellow influencer Sana Khan. The post was viewed 4.2M times and has amassed 616K likes and 4,566 comments. Hasnain is also a popular name on YouTube. His channel has 256K subscribers and 239 videos till date. He uploads compilations of his popular IG reels and original music.

14. Adnaan Shaikh

Followers: 10.9M Instagram: adnaan_07dz

USP: Adnaan is an extended arm of his team. Together, they are capable of multiplying the reach of any business.

Adnaan Shaikh is an entertainment influencer, YouTuber, content creator, fitness model, dancer, and lip-sync artist from Mumbai Maharashtra India. He is a key member of Team 07 along with Faisal Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch, and Shadan Farooqui. At his height, Adnaan has 13.5M followers on TikTok. He transitioned to other social media platforms after the ban on the micro-video sharing application. Adnan has starred in several music videos; even producing rap songs. Over the years Adnaan has accumulated a large following of 10.7M on Instagram, comfortably putting his engagement rate to 1.23%. He has over 3319 posts, with a 2:1 photo/video ratio. The influencer receives an average of 110.7K likes, 276K views, and 1.9K comments per post. Every time Adnaan uploads new content, he is able to reach 900.6K viewers in one form interaction or another. Reels pull in an average of 320.1K views. Adnaan's content includes lip-sync, dance, pranks, parodies, and humor. He also posts behind-the-scenes, fashion, and fitness photoshoots.

15. Sameeksha Sud

Followers: 10.4M Instagram: sameeksha.sud

USP: Sameeksha holds one of the most active fan bases. The influencer's reach can effectively generate enhanced credibility and integrity for any brand.

Sameeksha Sud is an Influencer, actor and content creator from India. She got into the entertainment scene by starring in TV dramas like Baalveer. Before the untimely ban on the application in India, Sameeksha Sud had more than 20M followers on tik tok. She is still going strong on other social media platforms and her fans are with her all the way. Sameeksha performs dance, latest Instagram trends, song lip-syncs etc to keep her audience entertained. She also posts pictures in colourful dresses, vlogs about her travels, and shares behind the scene content from her personal and professional life. She actively uploads Reels; Sameeksha's top reel features her trip to a hair salon. The video was played 3.3M times and has received 245K likes, 2,637 comments from 2.2M viewers. The top entertainment influencer in India has an engagement rate of 0.9% and reach of 1.4M. Sameeksha has a strong following of 1.1M on YouTube. She has uploaded 368 videos which have brought 691M views till date. Vine YT shorts makeup the majority of the content on the channel. In the last 30 days Sameeksha Sud has received 30.9M views.

Tata sky has roped in Sameeksha for their "Har Ghar Ki Khidki" social media campaign. The project was carried out using IG reels. Sameeksha (alongside other doyens) brought almost 10M in overall engagement with average views amounting to 8M.

16. Vishal Pandey

Followers: 10M Instagram: vishalpandey_21

USP: Vishal is a team player with an extensive reach in multiple market segments. The influencer has collaborated with fashion brands on multiple campaigns. He can work well with fellow Influencers towards achieving a brand desired objective. .

Vishal is one of the members of the "Teen Tigada" along with Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud. He often creates content with them and the fans can't get enough. With 10M followers, the doyen is the second highest followed member of the trio. Before the ban on the micro video sharing application, Vishal had 11.1M followers on tik tok. Vishal is on his way to regaining the Tiktok numbers and he is succeeding. Currently the entertainment influencer in India has 10.1M followers on Instagram. He also has a substantial following of 29M on Josh. Vishal produces dance, fashion, comical and musical content for his followers. He has collaborated with Influencers like Adnaan Shaikh, Aashika Bhatia and Aliya Hamidi, but the ones that feature most in his videos are Bhavin Bhanushali and Sameeksha Sud. Vishal has an engagement rate of 1.02%. He gets an average of 630K views, 101k likes and 1K comments, putting his reach well over 1.3M. There is a 42:1 ratio between likes and comments. Vishal's reel brings views in large numbers. The top reel on the page got 221K likes, 2,165 comments and was viewed 2.4M times by 1.7M users.

17. Rupesh Dewasi

Followers: 10.7M Instagram: superstar_dewasi99

USP: Rupesh Devasi possesses an active audience base that Is open to new concepts and ideas. The Influencer is known for bringing traction to a brand offering owing to his extensive reach.

Rupesh devasi a resident of Kota, Rajasthan, India is a popular lip-sync artist, model, influencer and content creator. The young lad had millions in following before the eventual ban on Tiktok. Since then has taken his talents to Instagram, MX takatak, Zilli, Snapchat YouTube etc and posted consistent content for his viewer's consumption. Rupesh has built a modest IG following of 10.3M by uploading lip sync, funny, musical and dance videos. He is frequently collaborating with Influencers like Angel Rai and Aryan Rai. Together the entertainers have released a song titled "Teri Fikr", which has amassed 6.1M views in a month. Rupesh uploads new content almost everyday. He enjoys an engagement rate of 5.36% which is rare for influencers of his following. Each post from Rupesh has the potential of reaching 11.1M users. He receives 1.4 average views on his videos. The entertainment influencer uploads more pictures than videos. According to our analysis, Rupesh receives 5M views, 584K likes and 3K comments on average, bringing his likes to come at a ratio of 175:1. Superstar Dewasi started his YouTube channel on June 14 2020. Rupees likes to vlog, upload trailers of upcoming videos and create comical YT shorts. The channel has 24 videos till date amounting to 12.5M views.

18. Faiz Baloch

Followers: 9M Instagram: faizbaloch_07

USP: Faiz Baloch is one of the few Influencers who are active on more than two social media platforms. He maintains variations in his content, thus ensuring steady growth in engagement levels.

Faiz Baloch is another popular tik tok star who has made his presence felt on Instagram. The influencer gained recognition when his comical, musical and dancing videos went viral. Since his shot to fame, Faiz has also dabbled in the surreal art of music creation. He released a song in 2019, titled "Nazar Na lag Jaye", which was well-received by his fans. Faiz has brought his talents over to Instagram, currently entertaining his audience by performing voiceovers, skits and dances to popular Bollywood songs. The entertainment influencer flaunts an engagement rate of 1.56%. His content receives an average of 451K views, 140K likes and 1K comments. According to our analysis, there are 107 likes for each comment. Faiz Baloch uploads new content almost every day. The top Reel on his feed is a collaboration with Bollywood star Ajay Devgan. The post has received a massive reaction from the audience garnering 727K likes, 1,894 comments and 7.2M views. The Entertainer is also active on YouTube. Faiz uploads YT shorts, vlogs, pranks and PUBG gameplays on his channel. Currently, 272 videos are accounting for the 2.92M platform views. Besides YouTube, Faiz has 20.7M fans on Josh, 256K subscribers on Snapchat and 21.9K followers on Twitter.

19. Beauty Khan

Followers: 9M Instagram: cuty_beauty_ Khan

USP: Beauty khan is growing in influence on several social media platforms. Mamuda Khatun also known as Cuty beauty Khan is a short video creator, lip-sync artist, dancer and influencer from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has a huge social media following and creates entertaining content.

Beauty Khan has 9M followers on Instagram, averaging 745K views, 100K likes and 1K comments from all her posts - The ratio between likes and comments is 107:1. Combined, the numbers put her engagement rate at 1.14%. Mamuda Khatun is a famous lip-sync artist; she does voice-over on Hindi songs and funny/romantic dialogues. She is also a dancer and loves to show her moves on hit Bollywood single tracks. After Tiktok, beauty Khan saw reels as a viable alternative to showcase her talents. She uploads new content almost every day - 8:00 A.M. bring the peak time. The most-watched reel on the page is a dance video layered over a famous Bhojpuri song. The post got 179K likes, and 1437 comments and was viewed 2.4M times by 1.5M unique watchers. Reels get 545.4K and Videos 572.1K views on average. Beauty Khan also has a YouTube channel with 758K subscribers. She utilizes the platform to vlog, share short videos and upload her music. Mamuda has uploaded 89 videos, which account for 116M views. In the last 30 days, the entertainment Influencer has uploaded 10 videos and the channel bloated with an additional 12.1M views.

20. Ashnoor Kaur

Followers: 8.7M Instagram: ashnoorkaur

In 2020, Ashnoor won the International iconic awards for "Style icon of India 2020". In 2021, she bagged the international iconic award for youngest Diva of India 2021. She also won the "Most Versatile Actress of The Year" the same year. In March 2022, the Instagram entertainment influencer won the Lords of trendz award for the "Most Influential Youth Icon". Ashnoor does dances, music, trending challenges, product demonstrations, clothing hauls, beauty tutorials, yoga and provides Lifestyle tips. Ashnoor also shares glimpses of the activities she does in her leisure time. The top entertainment Influencer in India receives an engagement rate of 1.51%. She has an 8.7M loyal IG following that drops in frequently dropping to view her content. As result, Ashnoor's interaction with her audience brings, on average 132K likes and 1214 comments per post.

21. Amit Bhadana

Followers: 8.2M Instagram: theamitbhadana

Amit Bhadana is a content creator, musician and youtuber from Delhi. In 2019 he bagged his diamond play button for reaching the 10M subscriber milestone. Fast forward to 2022, Amit has amassed more than 23.9M subscribers on his channel, making him one of the most subscribed youtuber in India. Unlike other popular content creators, Amit Bhadana maintains consistency in his uploads, while not compromising on the quality. He produces family-friendly comedy videos which everyone can enjoy together. Amit Bhadana has uploaded 5600 + posts on his official IG handle. He boasts an engagement rate of 4.9% with average likes and comments sitting at 394K and 5673 respectively. Since YouTube is his primary network of choice, Amit uses Instagram as a medium to provide behind the scene footage and sneak peeks on his upcoming YT videos. Amit recently collaborated with Amazon mini TV to produce a series with him as a host, called "Yaar Pyar Aur Boss''. Moreover, large conglomerates like Apple, Winzo, Armani, Bata, Vodafone, Aaj Tak, Nokia etc have worked with the entertainment Instagram influencer in the past.

22. Sonam Bajwa

Followers: 8.2M Instagram: sonambajwa

USP: Sonam has a strong foothold in the beauty and lifestyle industry. Brands approach her for a unique sense of fashion. From traditional Punjabi attire to trendy runway apparel, the influencer knows to own the style. Sonampreet aka Sonam Bajwa was born in Nainital, Uttarakhand and predominantly appears in Punjabi medium cinema. She also worked in Tamil and Telugu medium movies. Sonam won the PTC Punjabi film awards for best actress in 2020.

The actress has a huge Instagram following of 7M and receives 343K views, 186k likes and 962 comments per post. There is a 194 to 1 ratio between likes and comments. The majority of the influencer's content features exclusive fashion attire, movie promos, fashion photoshoots, beauty product endorsements etc. Sonam uploads one content every alternate day; which can potentially reach 2.4M users. There exists a right balance between images and videos. The latter gets 273.2K plays. But Reel steal the show with an average of 1.1M views. The most popular reel on Sonam’s feed features a traditional Punjabi attire. Since the upload, the content has managed to attract 10.6M unique eyes which together contribute to 24.8M total views. Sonam has worked with L'oreal to promote the new hair colour range. She recently collaborated with Red Tape for their footwear promotion.

23. Krystle D'Souza

Followers: 7.3M Instagram: Krystledsouza

Born in the entertainment centre of India, Mumbai based Krystle D'Souza, ventured into television at a very young age. She has more than a decade experience riding on her shoulders with multiple accolades for her work in the facet of the industry. Times of India listed Krystle as the "5th most disable women on Indian Television 2017". Although a major portion of her career was spent working in show biz, she is set to make a famous silver screen debut with the film "Chehre''. The title features famous bollywood celebs like Amitabh Bachchan and Imran Hashmi.

In 2017, Krystle launched an app called escape x; the idea was to create a platform where she could exclusively engage with her fans and share updates on her personal and professional life. She also uses the app to occasionally organize contests and meet-ups with her followers. Krystle's official Instagram has more than 7.1M followers - courtesy of her lucrative acting carrier. The handle features almost 3000 posts. She uploads a wide range of content including professional photoshoots, beauty products, lifestyle accessories, movie promotions and behind the scenes. The entertainment diva enjoys an engagement rate of 0.65% with an average 46.8k likes and 219 comments per post. Pond's has recruited Krystle as their official brand ambassador. She was also part of GoKwiks promotional campaign for the three day shopping festival. The top entertainment influencer has collaborated with brands like Bumble, Nykaa, MI, Apple Starbucks, urbanclap, Big basket etc.

24. Sagar Pop

Followers: 7.2M Instagram: sagar_pop02

Sagar Sabraniya aks Sagar pop is a top Instagram influencer with millions in followers. Sagar was born in Alwar Rajasthan and was quick to ride on the popularity of IG reels. The comedian boasts an impressive 3.28% engagement rate on Instagram. He uploads at least two posts per day and has a reach of 2.2M. Sagar predominantly uploads videos; the medium has brought 1.3M average views to his page. Reels are not for behind capping at 7:34K views. Overall the influencer receives 824K views, 239K likes and 1K comments on average - For every comment there are 202 likes. Sagar rarely picks audios from other creators and prefers to record his own voice. Viewers are guaranteed a good laugh after watching his videos. Sagar is also in the process of growing his following on Josh. He currently has 1.1M fans on the platform and 4.7M hearts.

25. Khushi Choudhary

Followers: 7.3M Instagram: khushi.vivekchoudhary

Khushi Choudhary a model, actor, and social media influencer, was born in New Delhi India. She is recognized for her dance, comedy, romantic and lip-sync videos on YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram. Khushi has a massive following of 7M on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.8%. She's frequently seen doing lip-sync, dance, comedy and romantic skits with her husband. Additionally, she has collaborated with Punjabi Influencers on multiple posts. IG reels are the Indian entertainment Influencers content of choice. She posts at least four times everyday; primarily at 10:00 A.M. Most of her videos have brought millions in views. The top reel on khushi's IG feed won 35.4M views, 1.9M likes and 1,936 comments. This was a romantic video with her husband Vivek Chaudhary, over a mashup of the song "Let Me Down Slowly". Khushi also likes to share the moments with her family and events from her travels. Besides Instagram, Khushi is active on YouTube. She created "Khushi Choudhary" on 28th, April 2021. The channel has 574K subscribers and 19M views till date. Khushi consistently produces challenge, reaction, and hack videos. Khushi and her husband Vivek, jointly produce content for their channel "Mr and Mrs Chaudhary". India's largest coupon and cashback application CashKaro has roped Khushi for their affiliate programs. She promotes the application and shares discount links on YouTube and Instagram.

26. Shirley Setia

Followers: 7.1M Instagram: shirleysetia

Shirley Setia is a singer, YouTuber and Radio Jockey from India who went from singing in her bedroom to performing at live events across the country. She gained recognition for her music. Many top National and International media outlets have applauded Shirley for the work. In 2016, Forbes magazine named her "Bollywood's next Big singing sensation", Hindustan Times recognised Shirley as "India's YouTube sensation" and TVNZ crowned her as "One of New Zealand biggest International artists".

Shirley has well over 1212 posts on her Instagram handle. This is the platform where she uploads Reels on makeup, songs, outdoor activities, holiday destinations, concert scenes, live gigs, dance, lip-sync etc. Thanks to her efforts, the entertainment Instagram influencer enjoys a massive following of 7M. She receives an engagement rate of 2.14%, with 150K and 609 average likes and comments. The singer also has a YouTube channel with 3.8M subscribers. Shirley creates original music and song covers on popular Hindi, Telugu or English soundtracks. Shirley also utilizes YT shorts to share her travel experience and throwbacks. Together, her videos brought 347,198,344 views. Shirley Setia has worked on social media campaigns for brands like Amazon, Vivo, Apple, bookmyshow, MTV, L'Oréal, Bata etc.

27. Nisha Guragain

Followers: 7.1M Instagram: iamnishaguragain

USP: Nisha has worked alongside top brands and Influencers on multiple online projects. She has been lauded for delivering desired results for businesses - i.e brand awareness, engagement and sales.

Nisha Guragain, is an actor, model, dancer and singer, born in Kathmandu, Nepal but currently residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Like most short video creators, Nisha gained recognition from TikTok. Before making the much anticipated transition to Instagram reels, the influencer had 21.6M followers on TikTok. Nisha is an expert dancer and presents herself gracefully in front of her audience. Her talents are on full display in several hit music videos. Nisha is active on several social media applications. On Instagram she has 7.1M followers and she posts new content everyday. Nisha Guragain has an engagement rate of 2.1% which is good considering the size of the influencers following. She uploads content related to lifestyle and entertainment. Nisha does lip-sync dance and glamour photoshoots. The entertainment Influencer maintained consistency during her time on tik tok - the trend she continues on IG reels. The most popular reel on the page received 2M from 1.4M unique users. Overall Nisha gets 583K views, 150K likes and 2K comments - for each comment there are 98 likes.

28. Bharti Singh

Followers: 6.4M Instagram: bharti.laughterqueen

Bharti Singh is comedian, actress, judge and host from Amritsar Punjab India. Popularly dubbed as the "Queen of Comedy", Bharti has been honoured with The "Golden Petal Award for best comedian 2017". Few years back she got the "Indian television Academy award for the best actress", "Best Actress in a comic role" and "Big Star Award For Most Entertaining Jury/host". Bharti is one of the top entertainment Influencers in India with 6M Instagram followers to show for it. She has uploaded more than 5000 posts on her handle which together receive an engagement rate of 6.21%. She also gets an impressive average of 375K likes and 2153 comments per post. As a popular comic in the country, her content reflects her unparalleled humour and funny demeanor. She keeps her audience entertained with her dialogues, dance or interactions with fellow cast members and Bollywood celebrities.

Bharti and her husband endorsed Big Bazaar on their social media profiles. The comedy influencer is a prominent voice against body shaming, hence she chooses to partner with firms that help women feel confident. She is a proud ambassador for Joy honey and almond body lotion. Moreover Domino's, Go Airless India, Oppo, Flipkart, Maruti Suzuki are some of Bharti's recurring brand partners.

29. Lucky Dancer

Followers: 6.2M Instagram: btwitslucky

USP: Arhan has made a mark in the entertainment and lifestyle industry at a very young age and thus he is a figure of authority amongst a younger crowd. In 2020, he was nominated for the "Godrej L’AFFAIRE IWMBuzz Style Awards for the Most Stylish Hair (Male)".

Arhan Khan also known as lucky dancer is a famous dancer, choreographer, influencer, Tik-Toker and content creator from New Delhi, India. He gained prominence after his lip-sync and dance videos on TikTok went viral. After the ban, Indian entertainment influencer has been active on other social media platforms like MX takatak, Instagram and Josh. Arhan Khan has 6.2M followers on Instagram with an engagement date of 2.4%. He uploads new content almost every day; almost all of them are videos. Arhan posts about fitness, shopping, travel, dance and music - 9:00 A.M. is his usual posting time. Together, his content averaged 751K views, 138k likes and 3K comments. There is a 26 to 1 ratio between likes and comments. Arhans preferred content of choice is reels and he has tons of those on his IG page. The video format gets him an average of 705.3K views. The top reel on his feed is a lip-sync on the popular Hindi song, Pasoori. The video has 531K likes, 4,262 comments and was played 7.8M Times.

Arhan Khan is a top influencer with a keen sense of fashion. He can Rock almost any style and is loved by fans across the globe. He has worked with brands like club factory, Lay's, Flipkart and Set wet on multiple social media campaigns.

30. Aashika Bhatia

Followers: 6.2M Instagram: _aashikabhatia_

USP: Aashika is straightforward and is an influencer who doesn't like to mince words. Aashika's audience trusts her to provide valuable information.

Ashika is an actress, model, singer and influencer, born in Surat, Gujarat India. She got country-wide acclamation from TikTok, however, she got a foothold in the entertainment niche years before that. Before becoming one of the country's prominent social media personalities, Aashika worked as a child artist in the Indian television industry. Aashika Bhatia has 6M followers on Instagram with a 1.1% engagement rate. She boasts an average of 338K views, 54K likes and 305 comments per post - for every comment there are 181 likes. Ashika uploads a wide variety of content on her feed starting with photoshoots, selfies, bloopers, dance, funny lip-syncs, latest trends, skits and promotional posts. Ashika also likes to travel and uses Instagram to share her experience with her followers After TikTok, IG Reels proved to be a viable alternative for the Indian entertainment influencer - the medium brings 464.7K average views. The most-watched reel on the page was played 2.3M times and received 158K likes and 1,104 comments. Aashika joined YouTube in 2017 and has 109 videos up. In its lifetime, the channel has brought 15.7M views to the platform. Aashika primarily upload vlogs and YT shorts. She has posted 29 times, in the last 30 days. Aashika Bhatia has promoted the online trading platform, Binomo on Instagram.

31. Jumana Khan

Followers: 5.6M Instagram: jumana_khan

Indian born Jumana Khan is currently based in Dubai, UAE; however the Influencer enjoys a substantial fanbase in India, thanks to her Hindi medium content. Jumana receives an average of 60.3K likes and 348 comments per post, putting her engagement rate at 1.05% with respect to her 5.6M followers. She predominantly creates lip-sync Tiktok and IG Reel videos on famous bollywood songs and humour voiceovers. Moreover, her portfolio includes fashion, beauty, lifestyle posts. Jumana has a budding fighter inside her; she recently knocked out fellow influencer, Sarleena at the first ever female influence fight at social knockout 2.

The entertainment Influencer also has a YouTube channel with 173K subscribers. Jumana's YT short on the viral song "Kacha Badam" has grossed 761K views in less than a month. Besides shorts, the influencer uploads travel/food vlogs, behind the scenes, dance and music videos. Jumana prefers endorsing products that help her audience maintain a healthy, radiant looking skin. She has worked with notable names like Oppo, Tanishq, Master Card, Tanishq, Lenovo, Amazon Prime, Boost, Mercedes etc.

32. Nisha Bhatt

Followers: 5.4M Instagram: nishabhattofficial77

USP: Nisha is armed with a beautiful face, bright smile and charming personality that attracts the audience in droves to her content.

Nisha Bhatt is a model, content creator, lip-sync artist, TikToker and social media influencer, born in new Mohali Punjab India. She has predominantly worked in the Punjabi Movie, television and music industry. Nisha came on the public's radar after her TikTok videos started gaining traction. The maven had more than 10M followers when the micro-video sharing platform was at its peak in the country. After the ban, Nisha has taken her talents over to other social media platforms. Apart from Instagram, Nisha is active on Tiki, MX Takatak, Josh and YouTube. She has also featured in the hit YouTube music videos that have brought millions in views.

The singer has 5.4M followers on Instagram. She produces lip-sync content on popular Hindi/Punjabi songs and funny dialogues. The top entertainment Influencer in India has a following of 5.4M on Instagram. She has an engagement rate of 1.68% with an average reach of 808.6K. She has a sizable collection of pictures flaunting traditional and designer outfits. Nisha uploads new content almost every day. After Instagram introduced IG reels, the influencer has made the most of the medium. The short video format brings 248K views on average to her IG handle. Her top reel is lip-sync on the popular rap song "Khatam Hue Waande" by Emiway Bantai. The post has 1.5M views from 929.9K users.

33. Ansh Pandit

Followers: 5M Instagram: ianshpandit

Hailing from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, Ansh Pandit is a famous short video creator and influencer with a huge following. He is primarily known for uploading poems which serve as a source of inspiration, motivation and entertainment for many. The doyen has also featured in several music videos.

Ansh pandit uploads shayaris that are funny, comical, romantic and motivational. He has an impressive engagement date of 6.90%, boasting a reach of 3.6M. Before utilising reels, the entertainment Influencer uploaded tons of pictures, mostly commemorating his milestone achievements, travel experiences or moments with his fans. Overall his posts get 2M views, 347K likes and 2K comments; the ratio between likes and comments is 54 to 1. Ansh usually uploads new content every alternate day at 6:00 A.M. Videos get an average of 1.2M and Reels 929.2K views on average. The top post on the influencer IG feed is a funny reel featuring a dog. The content got 952.7K likes, 2.8K comments and 10.7M plays from 6.1M unique viewers. USP: Ansh has a loyal following because his audience trusts him for his sincerity. He writes dialogues by drawing inspiration from events in his life. The influencer maintains his composure and body language in all his videos.

34. Bhavin Bhanushali

Followers: 4.9M Instagram: bhavin_333

USP: Bhavin has a history of promoting fashion, lifestyle and sports Brands. He can get business products or services in-front of the right eyes.

Bhavin Bhanushali is an actor, singer, composer and content creator from Mumbai, Maharashtra India. His popularity skyrocketed after he lip-sync videos on Tiktok went viral. Bhavin featured in several TV shows and films alongside popular Bollywood celebrities. He had more than 9M followers on Tiktok before the platform was banned in India. Bhavin has been seen doing frequent collaborations with fellow Indian entertainment Instagrammers Sameeksha Sud and Vishal Pandey. He has amassed 5M followers on Instagram by posting lip-sync, dance, skits and funny content on his handle. Bhavin has a substantial engagement rate of 0.62%. He gets an average of 29K likes and 1K comments and enjoys a reach of 480.2K - for each comment, there are 21 likes. For Bhavin, IG reels became an alternative medium to showcase his talent and entertain his audience. Bhavin also has a YouTube channel with 139K subscribers. The influencer uploads YT shorts, behind the scenes, vlogs, movie teasers and music. The channel has 44.6M views from 266 videos. In the last month, the channel received 23 new videos and 8.5M views. Bhavin has endorsed earbuds from a truly wireless brand, Trukeind using IG Reels. Bhavin is also the official ambassador for sportswear brand "SPORTIFF".

35. Sunil Grover

Followers: 4.9M Instagram: whosunilgrover

Meet Sunil Grover, an actor, comedian, and social media influencer from India. Many know Sunil from his portrayal of the character Gutthi from "Comedy nights with Kapil. His roles as Rinku Bhabhi and Doctor Mashoor Gulati from the "Kapil Sharma Show" were also well received by the masses. Throughout the years, the comedy influencer has starred in multiple Bollywood movies. The comedian has 4.8M followers on Instagram with an outstanding engagement rate of 1.8% on average. Each of Sunil's posts get an average 613 comments, 86.1k likes (166:1) and 423K views, putting his reach comfortably at 1M. The Indian comedy Influencer posts five times more pictures than videos. The latter brings an average of 351.5K views. Introduction of reels helped Sunil extend his influence. Currently, reels bring 292.4K average views on IG. The influencer is very active on Instagram, posting every second day. Most of his content is uploaded at 12:00 AM. Reels are an ideal medium for Sunil to share funny clips from the show, travel vlogs, and behind the scenes from exclusive live events.

36. Monish Raja

Followers: 4.6M Instagram: monish_raja

USP: Monish is one of the few Influencers that create original audio for his videos. He has one of the most loyal audience bases in the social media space.

Mr Monish Raja is a popular short video creator, freestyle dialogue artist and influencer from Bundi City, Rajasthan India. He belongs to the category of mavens who do not sing or dance, but instead use their unique talent for words to engage with their audience. Monish is one of the few social media creators with engagement rates in double digits. According to our experts, the entertainment Influencer boasts an impressive engagement rate of 12.81%. Monish uploads at least two posts every day, usually at 8:00 A.M. Majority of his content include quirky and comical dialogues. The influencer averages 2M views, 581K likes and 4K comments; for each comment, there are 134 likes. Monish is a Maestro with words, hence posts more videos than pictures. The dynamic medium gets an average of 244.7K views. Reels is another popular content of choice which gets 1.9M average views. The top post with 29.5M views, 2M likes and 4,660 comments is a motivational short video.

Monish Raja is determined to expand his influence on other social media platforms. He created a YouTube channel on 24th February 2021, which immediately became a massive hit. Mr Monish Raja frequently uploads YT shorts and vlogs about his personal life. He has uploaded a total of 938 videos, which together brought 2.17M views.

37. Gungun Gupta

Followers: 4.6M Instagram: gungungupta

USP: Gungun Gupta has a charming personality that manages to capture the hearts of many.

Gungun Gupta is a notable social media personality who gained recognition for her dancing. The entertainment influencer has captured the hearts of many through her unique moves and great personality. Gungun utilizes the reach of IG reals to showcase her dance to the world. However, apart from dancing the influencer also does lip-sync on popular Bollywood music and dubs trending voiceovers. Her efforts have gained her a following of 4.5M on Instagram. She posts at least six times per day, usually at 10:00 A.M. She has an engagement rate of 1.31%, resulting from 165K views, 58K likes and 2K comments on average on all her posts. The ratio between likes and comments is 25 to 1. Gungun's reels are quite popular, averaging 167.5K in views. The top reel on Gungun's profile was watched 782.8K times by an audience of 433.8K. The video has 110K likes and 1,182 comments. In 2020, the influencer started a YouTube channel named after her. In just two years Gungun has managed to build a following of 29.8K and amass 266K views. She utilizes the platform for vlogs and short videos.

38. Dr Sonia Maan

Followers: 3.7M Instagram: soniamann01

USP: Gungun Gupta has a charming personality that manages to capture the hearts of many.

USP: As a notable personality in the nation Sonia understands her responsibilities to society. She shares content which helps raise awareness about the unethical practices happening across the country. She is cautious about her environment and presents herself accordingly.

Dr Sonia Maan is a popular actress and model born and raised in Haldwani, Uttarakhand India. She started her career by working in the Malayalam movie industry and later transitioned to Punjabi. The entertainer acquired stardom through frequent appearances in Punjabi movies and music videos. Sonia's popularity as an actress and model got her 4M followers on Instagram. She uploads every alternate day with 11:00 A.M. being the most popular posting time. She gives equal preference to pictures and videos, getting a towering 3.6% engagement rate. The result of the high number is an equally engaging audience who on average gives 896K views, 89K likes and 186 comments. For each comment, there are 476 likes. Sonia will brighten your feed with mesmerizing glamour photoshoots, mesmerizing attires, fitness motivation, funny lip-sync and energetic dance moves. The Reel showcasing Sonia’s workout routine is currently the most viewed reel on her page with 2.4M plays from 2.1M IG users. Dr Sonia Maan is a proud ambassador for "Dhaagey creations" - a retail store for ladies’ wear. She has been recruited by several brands in Punjab to represent their products and services.

39. Nandani Sharma

Followers: 3.4M Instagram: nandanisharma512

USP: Nandani Sharma creates content that incorporates elements of fashion and lifestyle with music. She extrudes the vibe of a runway model while dancing to the beats of a Bollywood track.

Nandani Sharma is an actor, content creator, model, and influencer from Delhi India. She gained initial recognition from her modelling days and became a renowned social media star after her TikTok videos on dance, humour and music went viral. Nandani is now active on Instagram and regularly posts videos and photos for her audience. Nandani is one of the top creators on Instagram with a following of 3.4M. She posts at least twice every day, most notably at 8:00 A.M. Her content primarily involves dance, acts or lip-sync over popular Bollywood music. Nandani gets 209K views, 49K likes and 771 comments on average, putting her engagement rate comfortably at 1.45%. IG reels are the entertainment Influencer's content of choice. The most-watched reel on Nandani's feed has received 10.2M views, 570K likes and 3,080 comments. The post was a well-choreographed dance and act on Jubin Nautiyal's song "Mast Nazron Se". She has created more similar content with similar levels of engagement. The doyen also recreates popular Instagram trends and shares behind scene moments with family and friends. Additionally, Nandani posts fashion photoshoots in luxurious outfits.

40. Krish Gawali

Followers: 3.3M Instagram: krishhhhnna

USP: Acting, Editing

On Instagram, he has over 3.3 million followers and a 5.13 per cent engagement rate. On Instagram, he shares some gorgeous photographs. Krish also shared some of his TikTok popular videos on Instagram. He also has excellent editing talents, having worked on a number of Bollywood and Hollywood film posters. KG Creations has been watermarked on all of his modified photos. Jagga Jasoos, Civil War, Shivaay, Kaabil, Dear Zindagi, and Judwaa 2 are among the films he has altered posters for.

41. Sahil & Ananya

Followers: 3.2M Instagram: sahilgambhir_

USP: Authenticity & Personality

What were you like at the age of five? Most likely, a small child playing with toys or running about with your loved ones. If you look at today's youngsters, you'll see how smart they've gotten as the world has changed. Ananya Gambhir, also known as the expression queen on Instagram, is one such adorable youngster. Her videos on social media have frequently left everyone speechless. She was born with the ability to act, and she has been blessed with the acting talent that she has been showing on the internet. It all started when Ananya's uncle, digital creator and actor Sahil Gambhir, put her in one of her films. The rest is history, as observed by everyone on social media. Sahil's decision to be a part of the video was based on a spontaneous notion, and the film went on to receive millions of views. Ananya Gambhir's videos feature her adorable emotions, which have caught the internet's attention.

42. Pearle Maaney

Followers: 3.2M Instagram: pearlemaany

USP: Pearle holds tremendous influence over her audience (on and off-screen). She promoted multiple talent shows and movies on her official social media handles. The social media influencer is known to create awareness for brands she associates with.

Pearle Maaney is an actress, lyricist, YouTuber, and influencer from Kerala India. She became a renowned name in the engagement industry after appearing in numerous television shows and movies in the Malayalam medium. Pearle's on-screen fame led to the creation of an online community, highly dedicated to the Influencer. Pearl has also featured in hit Tamil and Malayali music videos. Pearle has 3.3M Instagram followers and counting. She has an extensive reach of 2.3M, with a whopping average engagement rate of 7.58%. Pearle prefers to post pictures. Most of Pearle's feed is cluttered with pictures of her adorable family, movie promos, work buddies and merchandise. The Indian entertainment influencer also doesn't shy away from showing her dance moves. Pearle dancing with her husband on a popular English song got 6.6M views, 477K likes and 1,486 comments. The influencer also has a YouTube channel "Pearle Maaney" with 2.1M subscribers. She uses the platform to upload vlogs, interviews with celebrities, parodies, promotions, music videos, behind the scenes and cooking tips. She has more than 180 videos on her channel amounting to 313M views. The channel was bolstered with 16.2M views and 5 new content in the last month.

43. Priya Tiwari

Followers: 3.1M Instagram: priya_a08

USP: Acting, connect with audience

Priya Tiwari is a social media influencer, actor, dancer, and fashion model. She began her career on the TikTok short video app, where she rose to fame by posting short lip-sync dancing and comedy videos. She began generating stuff on Instagram and Youtube shorts when TikTok was prohibited in India. Her Instagram account now has over 3.1 million followers and a 9.51 per cent interaction rate after just 251 posts. Her most current reel has 427K views, and most of her reels have over a million views.

44. Sahil Choudhary

Followers: 3M Instagram: sahil.031

USP: Style, Fun-loving attitude

Sahil Chaudhary was an Indian Tik Tok celebrity. His great beauty, charming smile, style, and chocolate Huiate boy demeanour have made him famous. And now, because to his compelling clips, which have received millions of views on Instagram, he has earned the same fan base. He has a 3 million-strong following and a 4.47 percent engagement rate.

45. Zoya Jaan

Followers: 3M Instagram: zoya__jaan_

USP: Style, Fun-loving attitude

Zoya Jaan from Mumbai is a popular social media personality, model, content creator, actor, dancer and lip-sync artist active on Instagram. Additionally, she has also built a substantial fan base on MX Takatak and Moj. Zoya has an engagement rate of 7.45% which is one of the highest amongst influencers. She posts at least five times every week. The top post on Zoya's feed is a reel, produced in collaboration with fellow influencer Angel Rai. The video has managed to pull 661K likes, 7,639 comments and 7.7M views from 6.5M users. The Indian entertainment influencer utilizes the features available on the platform to produce funny, romantic, musical and emotional content for her audience. On average, her posts get 2M views, 255K likes and 4K comments, bringing her like to comment ratio at 62 to 1. Each post from Zoya has the potential of reaching 6.2M users. Our expert analysis shows that the maven posts more videos than pictures. The former gets an average of 632.7K views.

46. Shadab Khan

Followers: 3M Instagram: beingshadabkhan.27

USP: Creates persuasive content. He is consistent in his work. He is well known for making short lip-syn videos. Promotes brands in most organic manner. His love for his wife and daughter is admired by the individuals.

Shadab khan, born 1998, in Mumbai, is a famous Indian entertainment influencer, former TikToker and vlogger. He gets loads of love from his fans. His short videos get immense views, likes and comments because of the originality content present in them. His way of expressing organic as well as branded content is by far one of the best influencer marketing show. People love him for being him as he never keeps secrets from his audience. His following is growing at an exponential rate because of his killer looks, amazing personality and consistency. He also has 995K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

47. Rehman Malik

Followers: 2.9M Instagram: rehmanmalik_99

USP: Connect with audience, consistency

Rehman Malik is a social media influencer and a TikTok celebrity. He was born in Surat, Gujarat, in the year 1998. Gujarat University was where he earned his bachelor's degree. Rehman Malik prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. His professional life, on the other hand, is all documented on Instagram, where he has 2.9 million followers. He has a total of 628 posts and a 7.64 per cent engagement rate. The majority of his reels are in the million-dollar range. His most recent clip has been seen 724K times. His entire profile is made up of reels and beautifully clicked photographs.

48. Ritika Singh

Followers: 2.8M Instagram: ritika_offl

USP: Ritika is one of the few that performs beyond the standard norms of entertainment. She can make martial Arts look as entertaining as dancing or singing.

Ritika Singh is a former Mix Martial Artist turned actress. Born in Mumbai Maharashtra, India, she gained recognition for her work in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu movies. She won the "Filmfare Award for the best actress (Tamil)" and the "Filmfare Award for the best female debut" in 2017. The following year she bagged the "Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress in South cinema". Ritika has a following of 2.8M with an engagement rate of 3.29%. According to our analysis, she uploads almost every day. She is mainly active at 2:00 P.M. The actress receives an average of 294K views, 97K likes and 303 comments per post - For each comment, there are 320 likes. Ritika maintains variation in her posting patterns. She posts about martial arts, fitness, movies, music, dance, tours, behind the scenes etc. to keep things lively. Reels make up a substantial portion of the engagement. Ritika's dance on Badshah’s “Jungru” song got 13.7M views, 890K likes and 4,083 comments.

49. Alisha Rajput

Followers: 2.6M Instagram: alisharajput_22

USP: Acting

Alisha Rajput is a well-known Tiktoker, model, actress, and social media influencer. Tiktok was where Alisha Rajput began his career. Tiktok then halted in India in 2020 and began concentrating on Instagram and Youtube. With her beautiful personality and acting talents, she has established authority on Instagram, where she has over 2.6 million followers and a 5.66 percent engagement rate with just 961 total posts. You may argue that her reels part is the most popular. Her lighthearted approach to her audience helps people enjoy her, and businesses frequently tap on this in collaborations. This being the reason they have over 3.2 million followers and an engagement rate of 3.7%. He has over 1.4 million followers with his reels trending on Instagram frequently making him a great choice for brands

50. Shanmukh Jaswanth Kandregula

Followers: 2.6M Instagram: shannu_7

USP: Genuineness & Entertaining

Shanmukh Jaswanth Kandregula is a YouTuber, TV personality, Biggboss contestant, actor, and Instagram celebrity from India. He is well recognised for his roles as "Shannu" in The Software DevLOVEper on YouTube, as "Surya" in Surya, and as "Agent Anand Santhosh" in Agent Anand Santhosh. Because of his ability to connect with audiences through genuine photographs and entertaining reels, he has 2.6 million Instagram followers and a 16 percent engagement rate as of February 2022. All of his reels tops the other in terms of views i.e in millions. He is among the favourite influencer to collaborate with.

51. Rakshan Vj

Followers: 2.6M Instagram: rakshan_vj

USP: Rakshan is great at communicating with people. As an anchor, Rakshan is one of few that can mediate between different elements of the South entertainment industry.

Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Rakshan Vijay is an actor, video jockey, television host, and anchor, predominantly working in the South industry. The Influencer is most active at 4:00 A.M. and posts at least three times a week. Rakshan receives an average of 1M views, 205K likes and 730 comments on his contents - there are 280 likes per comment. The ratio between photos and videos clocks in at 1:1, indicating a balance between the mediums. Reels get an astounding 646.5K average views. Most of his uploads include his moments as a host of television shows. He also provides behind the scene glimpses of popular South celebrities. Recently, he uploaded a picture with Dulquar Salmaan in the background. Rakshan Vijay won the "Vijay Television Awards 2022, for best anchor (Male)". His picture holding the honour received 322.6K likes and 1.4K comments.

52. Aas Khan

Followers: 2.4M Instagram: rakshan_vj

USP: Aas is the full package; he produces a variety of content by collaborating with Influencers from different verticals of entertainment.

Aas Khan aka "Aashu" is an influencer born in Mumbai Maharashtra India. Thanks to TikTok the year between 2016 to 2020 saw the rise of content creators, - Aas Khan was one of them. Back then the application was known as Before the country-wide ban, Aas posted funny, humorous, inspirational and entertainment content daily, resulting in a TikTok following of 5.4M. Currently, Aas is an active content creator on Instagram, Snapchat and MX Takatak. He has 2.4M followers on Instagram and uploads new content at least two times a week, mostly at 4:00 P.M. The Indian entertainment influencer enjoys an engagement rate of 0.96%. He receives 21K views, 23K likes and 898 comments on average, putting his likes to comment ratio at 25 to 1. Aas considers IG reels a viable alternative to TikTok. He posts inspirational, motivational and religious posts for his audience. He also dances and performs lip-sync over trending Hindi songs. The top IG reel on Aas feed is it dance video with fellow influencer Ambika Kohli. The video has 3.4M views to date, amassing 326K likes and 134 comments.

53. Muskan Siddiqui

Followers: 2.3M Instagram: muskan_siddiqui9556

USP: Consistency and Connect with the audience

Muskan Siddiqui is a well-known social media influencer and Instagram model. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and charming smile. She is well-known on social media sites such as Instagram. She enjoys acting, dancing, travelling, blogging, modelling, and other activities. Muskan Siddiqui, who is only 18 years old, has amassed over 2.3 million Instagram followers. She has an amazing engagement rate of 17% and a total of just 41 posts. her most famous reel has 24 million views. She is always among the trending section of reels. And her pictures are loved by all. This makes her the perfect influencer for brand collaborations.

54. Yashraj Mukhate

Followers: 2.3M Instagram: yashrajmukhate

USP: Consistency and Connect with the audience

The musician's key selling point is his unique composition style where he mixes famous celebrities voiceovers with funky beats resulting in songs that are entertaining and funny. In fact, he came in the public's radar after a song featuring a former Big Boss contestant Shehnaaz Gill. The video is currently the most streamed post on his IG handle with an 2.48M average views. Yashraj has amassed a sizable following of 2.35M in just three years. He has 500+ posts (predominantly music mixes), with an eye boggling engagement rate of 15.48%. With an average of 361K likes and 2899 comments, Yashraj is without doubt a very influential celebrity among the netizens.

55. Ashima Chaudhary

Followers: 2.3M Instagram: ashima.chaudhary24

USP: Style & Consistency

She is a rising fashion model, Instagram influencer or social media personality, a YouTuber now and a former tiktok star. by posting amazing reactions, singing, dancing, pranks and lip-sync she rose to fame on tik-tok and once it was banned, she gained prominence on YT and Instagram. Talking about her Instagram, she has over 2.3 million followers and an engagement rate of 3.23% with a total of 555 posts. Her reels are trendy and display millions of views usually. her most recent reel has garnered 411K views.

56. Prabh Kaur

Followers: 2.2M Instagram: prabh.ka.ur

USP: Dancing & Acting

Prabh was born in Una, Himachal Pradesh, India, on February 11, 1998. She is now 23 years old. She then returned to her hometown to finish her education. She then began modelling and auditioning for films and television series. She is a well-known Tik Tok celebrity who often posts lip-sync videos on her Instagram account. She acted as a model in a number of Punjabi music videos. Best Friend, Gallan Tere Nal Raja, Mehndi Jajbati Bande, Put-Put Kardi, and others are some of her songs. Her Instagram account has a 6.43 per cent interaction rate and over 1.5k photos, many of which have over 100k views and several of which have millions of views.

57. Round2hell

Followers: 2.2M Instagram: round2hell

USP: Uniqueness & Authenticity

Three closest friends decided to join together in 2015 and start creating YouTube videos about everything from comedy to science fiction. Round2hell was the name of their channel, and all they wanted to do was become famous. Not only did they become renowned, but their revenues have also increased as a result of the unusual films they produce, with their channel currently boasting 11.2 million followers with only 57 videos. As a consequence, they currently have over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and a 17 percent interaction rate which is amazing. all of their reels cross the million mark easily which makes them the top choice for brands when it comes to collaboration.

58. Payal Ghosh

Followers: 2.2M Instagram: iampayalghosh

USP: Payal holds much influence over an audience that prefers using natural products. Moreover, Payal only promotes products after self usage.

Payal Ghosh is an actress and politician born in Kolkata, West Bengal. She has amassed a large social media following thanks to her work in the television and movie industry. This year, she won the "Asian Excellence Award for Glam and style icon of the year". Payal Ghosh has 2M followers on Instagram. She uploads at least twice a week, most preferably at 7:00 A.M. Her content includes fashion/glamour photoshoots, exclusive event behind the scenes, magazine covers, dance, travel, latest IG trends and movie updates. The Entertainment Influencer in India gets an average engagement rate of 2.17%, with a reach of 67.8K. On average, each post gets 39K likes and 240 comments - the disparity between the two is 188:1. Payal uploads more pictures than videos; videos get 104.5K average views, while reels hold strong at 2.6K. The most popular reel on Payal's page has 48.1K likes and 204 comments.

Payal Ghosh aims for a preservatives free lifestyle, hence endorses natural Nutramantra face care and hair products. She has also worked with hospitality brand's like Future Choice. Payal is the brand ambassador of NGE future energies - an organization that generates bio-chemical gas by processing waste.

59. Ranveer Allahbadia

Followers: 2.2M Instagram: beerbiceps

USP: Ranveer Allahbadia is an honest individual who commands a lot of trust from his audience. He always strives to provide value through his content and hopes to make a positive impact on society.

Ranveer Allahbadia also known as Beerbiceps is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and podcast host. He is one of the few opinion leaders that don't shy away from sharing their vulnerable side. Ranveer likes to experiment with different content types with the goal of presenting something new for his audience. People flock in droves to hear Ranveer share his motivational thoughts. He also frequently invites notable personalities to his podcast sessions - this is Ranveer's attempt to gain some valuable insights from experts which can help his audience. He calls athletes, ex-soldiers, musicians, actors and motivational speakers for one-on-one interviews. The top influencer ensures quality in his content, hence maintaining healthy pacing between posts. Ranveer boasts an engagement rate of 6.10%. There is a proper concentration of photos and videos on his IG feed. The influencer clocks 415K views, 110K likes and 585 comments on average. On average, videos bring 254.3K and reels 242.3K views. The most-watched reel on beer biceps is a motivational video directed at men's mental health. The post got 1.2M views, 130k likes and 837 comments. Music streaming application Spotify has picked Ranveer Allahbadia to be their first Indian independent Creator to host podcasts on its platform. Several fashion and lifestyle brands have ripped the doyen for their online campaigns.

60. Ayantika Kar

Followers: 1.9M Instagram: ayantika_281

USP: Consistency

Ayantika Kar is a social media influencer, dancer, and actress. Her career began on TikTok, where she created short lip-sync, comedy, and Transition videos. She now has millions of TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook followers and has established herself as a well-known social media personality. She also has a 200K-subscriber Youtube channel where she teaches novice content creators how to make videos and apply effects to them. On February 16, 2003, Ayantika Kar was born and raised in a middle-class Bengali Hindu household in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. As of 2022, she is 19 years old. Talking about her instagram, she boasts a following of 1.8 million, an engagement rate of 7.87% and 578 total posts. most of her reels have crossed a million views. She is an ideal influencer for brands looking for collaboration.

61. Sunny Chopra

Followers: 1.9M Instagram: ssunnychoppra

USP: consistency, style

Sunny Chopra is a model and aspiring Bollywood actor who is most known for his TikTok account of the same name. He's also known for his work as a Lip Sync Artist, a Fitness Model and Influencer, a Dancer, and a Choreographer. He has a large following on Instagram, with over 1.8 million followers and a fantastic engagement rate of 16 per cent, making him a favourite among brands for collaboration. Most of his reels have over a million views, and his most recent reels have over 18 million!

62. Jasleen Arora

Followers: 1.7M Instagram: missjasleenarora

USP: personality, dance

Jasleen Arora was a popular Tik Tok star who is now a well-known Indian model and Instagram personality. She is recognised for her Amazing Personality, Beautiful Looks, and Cute Smile. Her Acts made her famous. In India, she has a sizable fan base. She is most known for her dance videos and lip-sync performances. Her Instagram is where she generally posts her stylish attire and modelling images.She reflects a following of 1.7 million and a engagement rate of 6.56% with just 655 total posts. her reels cross a million views easily and is kind of a short movie in itself making them unique and always on trending page.

63. Shahnoor Shah

Followers: 1.6M Instagram: mrshayer_07

USP: Acting

Shahnoor, as unique as the name sound so is his content on Instagram, his looks or personality and videos which are really gripping has made him an instagram personality with over 1.6 million followers and an engagement rate of 9.46%. Many of his reels are in the million club. Many other influencers wish to collaborate with him and same is the situation with top brands.

64. Anjali

Followers: 1.6M Instagram: mrshayer_07

USP: Professional clicks, acting

Anjali Dalal is a well-known Indian model and Tik Tok star. She is recognised for her Amazing Personality, Beautiful Looks, and Cute Smile. Her Acts made her famous. In India, she has a sizable fan base. She is most known for her dance videos and lip-sync performances on TikTok. Her Instagram is where she generally posts her stylish attire and modelling images. She's even won the coveted credential of being a top comic. And he's now been dubbed a "muser." She has a 0.67 per cent engagement rate. One of her most well-known reels has had over 4 million views.

65. Sohail Shaikh

Followers: 1.6M Instagram: mr_sohu

USP: Stylish, Keeps himself updated about trends

Sohail Shaikh is an Indian social media celebrity who rose to prominence thanks to the TikTok lip-syncing app. Sohail Shaikh was one of India's most successful TikTok stars, with over 4.3 million followers. He is well-known not just on the lip-syncing app, but also on the photo-sharing platform Instagram, where he has over 1.5 million followers and frequently shares trendy and lifestyle photographs. He has a 3.31 per cent engagement rate and a total of 2.6K posts.

66. Minakshi Dey

Followers: 1.6M Instagram: official_dreamgirl666

USP: A seasoned creator with a good grasp of her audience's expectations. Furthermore, she interacts with her followers frequently via comments.

Meenakshi Dey also known as "Dream Girl" is an Instagram creator, tik toker, actor, model and influencer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. To summarise her I'm one sentence, Meenakshi is a charming personality, with great looks and a beautiful smile. You can catch her videos on Instagram and MX Takatak. Meenakshi maintains variety in her posts. She produces lip-sync videos on funny dialogues, provides her reactions to trolls, shares her travel experience and creates trendy content. She has a following of 1.5M on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.8%. The entertainment influencer works hard to upload five posts every day - noon is her most preferred posting time. She receives 138K views, 12K likes and 176 comments on average. As per our calculations, there are 39 likes for each comment. A reaction reel is a top post on the page which was watched 467.5K times by 334.3K viewers. The video currently has 29.1K likes and 253 comments.

67. Dr Kumar Vishvas

Followers: 1.6M Instagram: kumarvishwas

Kumar Vishwas is a poet, writer, politician and farmer from Uttar Pradesh. The entertainer likes to perform his poetries in Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu languages. Kumar's work is well received in countries like Japan, Singapore, The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Oman and Dubai. The writer has provided his talents to Bollywood, writing songs for high grossing movies like "Veer Bhagat Singh" and "Parmanu". Kumar has also appeared as a judge in several Indian talent shows.

Kumar Vishvas uploads twice as many pictures as videos. His content gets an average engagement rate of 1.01%. The average views, like and comment count stands at 69K, 16K and 130 respectively; Kumar receives 120 likes per comment. He uses Instagram to talk about his upcoming events, shows and post behind the scenes content from his personal life. The entertainment influencer enjoys an average reach of 368.7K. Reels get 167.1K views on average - the medium is a tool to share his poetry, music and quotes. The top reel on his IG handle was played 735.5K times by 432.5K unique viewers.

68. Shalini Suryavanshi

Followers: 1.5M Instagram: beingshalinisuryavanshi27

USP: She posts lip-syncs, entertaining videos and attractive captures on Instagram.

Shalini Suryavanshi, born on 10 May 1998 in Himachal Pradesh, India is a famous model, vlogger, fashion blogger, singer, dancer, Tiktok star and social media influencer. She has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She was fascinated in fashion designing since childhood and accomplished fashion designing success and fame in a very short time. She is popular for her celebrity like looks. She is married to Shadab Khan and is often seen in his posts with daughter. Fans love their content and frequently engage with them. They both also welcome brands for collaborations and own great profiles for brands to reach and rule different market like; fashion, clothing, beauty-make-up, home décor-accessories, parenting and more. They both are all-rounders and that is why we have placed them in the list of top entertainment influencers in India, 2022.

69. Swati Tiwari

Followers: 1.4M Instagram: fairytale_swati

USP: Acting, Dancing

Swati Tiwari is a model and a well-known social media influencer who also works for the government. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and charming smile. She is well-known on social media sites such as Instagram, where she has over 1.4 million followers and a 1.29 per cent engagement rate. She enjoys performing, dancing, travelling, and writing, among other things. She is really enthusiastic about acting. Swati Tiwari has worked with a number of well-known and respected businesses. Aside from that, she promoted numerous kinds of beauty items.

70. Girjesh Goud

Followers: 1.4M Instagram: goldenuniqueboy

USP: Fashion sense, acting

Girjesh Goud is a well-known social media influencer and actor. His social media platforms have millions of followers and a large fan base. Girjesh Goud rose to prominence when his YouTube videos went viral. He also shared videos on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. In India, Girjesh Goud was born. Girjesh Goud prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight. He's also noted for his fashion sense. At an early age, he began making all of his impressions through his movies. He's not only brilliant at producing current amusing films, but he's also good at teaching. Girjesh Goud posts his stylish clothing and modelling images on Instagram on a daily basis.

71. Sweety Mishra

Followers: 1.4M Instagram: sweety_mishra_19_24

USP: Sweety Mishra has an explosive personality that successfully appeals to an audience who prefers different modes of entertainment.

Sweety Mishra is a popular lip-sync artist, content and influencer born and raised in Surat, Gujarat, India. She started her social media journey a year back and It didn't take long for the influencer to grow in popularity. Sweety got her start from TikTok but migrated to Instagram after the former application was banned in the country. Sweety Mishra has starred in many music videos mostly in Hindi and Gujarati mediums. Sweety Mishra has a following of 1.4M on Instagram. She has a substantial fan base, thanks to her viral IG reels. After her platform transition Sweety collaborated with several IG stars. The Indian entertainment influencer produces lip-sync on funny dialogues, Bollywood music, motivational quotes etc. Additionally, she dances and writes her dialogues. Sweety has a substantial engagement rate of 2.01%, comfortably putting her reach over 231.4K. On average the doyen receives 104K views, 29K likes and 452 comments - the like to comment ratio is 65 to 1. Sweety prefers to upload more videos than photos. Videos get 238.3K and Reels 70.6K views on average. The top reel on her IG page is a slow-motion, transition video on a famous Hindi song "Meri Jaan". Sweety is also active on other social media platforms like Snapchat MX Takatak and YouTube.

72. Kanishka Sharma

Followers: 1.4M Instagram: kanishka_7222

USP: Acting, sweet personality

Kanishka Sharma is a famous Instagram star, former TikTok star, fashion blogger, actress, and model who is 17 years old. Her viral lip sync videos and short video material have made her famous. Kanishka Sharma has over a million Instagram followers and has been in a number of shows and music videos. She is currently a top social media personality and influencer. Her material, such as reels, consistently appears in the trending area, indicating a 6.97 percent engagement rate.

73. Harija

Followers: 1.3M Instagram: harijaofficial

USP: Great connect with the audience

Harija is an actress who is most known for her work on the YouTube channel 'Eruma Saani.' She grew up in Tamil Nadu after being born in Kerala. She went to Ooty for school and Coimbatore for college. Harija has a sizable fan base on social media, and reviewers praise her acting abilities. Harija made her film debut in Odavum Mudiyathu Oliyavum Mudiyathu, a Tamil film. She has a 2.21 per cent interaction rate and 1.4 thousand posts, including promotions, lovely photographs, and reels. Her most recent reel has 142k views while many of her reels have millions of views.

74. Sharon Gaikwad

Followers: 1.3M Instagram: aye__its__sharon

USP: Sharon Gaikwad has worked with brands like Amazon Myntra and Snapdeal. She has been part of the commercial campaigns for several Beauty and Lifestyle firms. Her fans adore her for her beautiful looks, bold outlook and unique fashion sense.

Sharon Gaikwad, a resident of Mumbai Maharashtra India, is an influencer, content creator, actor, dancer and model. Her followers on all social media platforms amount to millions. She gained initial recognition from TikTok and later became a successful celerity on Instagram. Sharon produces lip-sync content over popular Hindi/English music, famous celebrity dialogues or existing audios of content creators. She also uploads dance, fashion, inspirational, motivational and comical posts on her feed. The top entertainment influencer in India is serious about fitness. She routinely shares her workout and yoga tips with her viewers. Sharon is an active influencer and posts at least twice every day. She gets an average of 124K views, 37K likes and 266 comments, getting her engagement to 3.0%; for every comment, there are 137 likes. The doyen’s top post is a 15-second inspirational reel which has managed to bring 135K likes, 325 comments and 1.7M plays from 718.7K viewers. Sharon has also started expanding her social media presence on other platforms. For instance, the short video sharing application, Zili, where she has 10.4K followers and 73.7K likes. On TikTok she has a fanbase of 1.5M with 48.5M likes.

75. Winii

Followers: 1.3M Instagram: wini.on

USP: Winni is a humble person who aims to entertain his audience via funny skits, emotional dialogues and shayaris.

Winni also known as "Winni On" is a Delhi born Instagram star, model content creator and influencer with a strong following on TikTok, MX Takatak, YouTube and Instagram. He is a multipurpose creator who is involved in various verticals of entertainment like acting, lip-sync and shayaris. Winni gained popularity for his original dialogues. The inclusion of the short video format (Reels) by Instagram has helped the Influencer weave his words to create dynamic, engaging content. He produced tons of videos, usually around inspirational, emotional, romantic and friendly themes. Reels bring an average of 300.2K views to Winni's IG handle. The most popular Reel created by Winnie is an emotional message to a friend. The fifteen-second post has amassed 217K likes, 3948 comments and 1.5M views. Additionally, the entertainment influencer on Instagram has a whopping 8.25% engagement rate, owing to an average of 371K views, 111K likes and 3K comments - there are 43 likes per comment. Winni posts at least once every day. The budding actor also has a YouTube channel with 179K subscribers. Winni uses the videos streaming platform to vlog, create parodies and upload short comical videos. The channel has more than 150 videos, resulting in 34.8M views.

76. makapa_anand

Followers: 1.3M Instagram: wini.on

USP: Authentic, Consistent

Ma Ka Pa Anand is a South Indian anchor and actor who is most well-known for his work on Vijay Television. He is also a generous man who has introduced many brilliant artists to Tamil film. Ma Ka Pa also takes the lead in special events and other shows. Ma Ka Pa began his career in BPO before landing a job as a radio jockey at Radio Mirchi 98.3 in the United Arab Emirates. Then, in the same firm, he was relocated from Dubai to Coimbatore. He worked for 6 years at Radio Mirchi before making his Vijay Tv debut as a Video Jockey for the show "Cinema Kaaram Coffee," which he co-hosted with debutant co-anchor Priyanka Deshpande.

Following his successful performances, Ma Ka Pa made his film debut as the second hero in "Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (2014)." His Instagram is a clear indication of his stardom with over 1.7m followers, an engagement rate of 2.43%, and a total of 826 posts. His reels are mostly trending on Instagram which makes him a great option for brands to collaborate and reap benefits.

77. Muskan Malik

Followers: 1.4M Instagram: maan_forever99

USP: Style, Great engagement rate, Acting

Muskan Malik is a well-known social media influencer and Instagram model. She is well-known for her attractive appearance and charming smile. She is well-known on social media sites such as Instagram. She enjoys acting, dancing, travelling, blogging, modelling, and other activities. Modeling is something she is incredibly enthusiastic about. Muskan Malik has worked with a number of well-known and respected businesses. On her social media sites, she has amassed a sizable fan base. Her fans and followers adore her for the unique and educational information she produces. Muskan Malik has over 1.4 million Instagram followers and an engagement rate of 9.74% .

78. ibrahim_soul

Followers: 1.2M Instagram: ibrahim_soul

USP: Acting

You must know this account if you have ever seen tiktok as he was one of the most famous tiktoker. Now he has amassed the same amazing following on Instagram, where he publishes trendy reels and amazing pictures. He projects an engagement rate of 8.48% and reels displaying millions of views.

79. Pranavi Manukonda

Followers: 1.2M Instagram: pranavi_manukonda

USP: Pranavi is an actor and influencer. She frequently collaborates with popular celebrities from showbiz and fellow social media creators.

Pranavi is a young actress, content creator and social media celebrity from Telangana, Hyderabad, India. She achieved fame and recognition for acting in Telugu movies and making lip-sync videos on Tik Tok. It did not take long for the influencer to have a social media following of millions. Pranavi has also featured in music videos of different languages. Several fashion, beauty and Lifestyle brands have partnered with the doyen for their social media campaigns. Pranavi promotes businesses by tagging them in her posts. She does lip-syncs and dances over popular Hindi, English and Telugu songs. She also mimics funny dialogues from movies or from other creators. The entertainment Influencer from India posts at least two times every week, most preferably at 8:00 A.M. She has an engagement rate of 4.9%, with average 333K views, 62K likes and 253 comments. Pranavi has a highly interactive fan base, resulting in 253 likes per comment. She created a lip-sync + dance reel on the famous song "Manike Mage Hithe" by Yohani. The video was viewed 4.7M times and received 271K likes and 620 comments. Besides Instagram, the social media star also creates content on Moj. She has a following of 4.9M on the platform with 24.8M likes.

80. Deepshikha Nagpal

Followers: 1.1M Instagram: deepshikha.nagpal

USP: Consistent, Makes engaging reels

Deepshikha Nagpal, better known by her stage name Deepshikha, is an Indian actress and filmmaker. Only after the release of Koyla did she acquire appreciation in the Hindi cinema business. She also starred alongside Satish Kaushik in the Bollywood film Dhoom Dhadaka. She's also appeared in a number of Tamil films and TV shows. Yeh Dooriyan, her first film as a filmmaker, was released in August 2011. In 2014, she was a contestant on Bigg Boss 8. the list just doesn't end here, she has a really extensive career With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, a 0.19 percent engagement rate, a total of 4.3K posts, and several of her reels reaching 1 lakh views, she is a very famous star.

81. Resham Singh Anmol

Followers: 1M Instagram: reshamsinghanmol

USP: Amazing stage presence

Resham Singh Anmol is a multi-talented vocalist with a strong onstage presence. He wrote the lyrics, composed the music, and produced some of the songs on his most recent albums. Anmol, who was born and reared in the hamlet of Nakatpur (Ambala), has always loved music and singing. He began his singing career when he was 11 years old when he sang for the first time on stage alongside renowned vocalist Surinder Shinda. He has an amazing following on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.68% and a total of 2.7K posts. He posts reels regularly giving an insight into his life with many of them surpassing 250k views.

82. Deep Jandu

Followers: 1M Instagram: deepjandu

USP: Strong hold on the niche

Deepjot Singh Jandu is Deep Jandu's true name. He works in the Punjabi music business as a vocalist and music director. He was born on December 21, 1990, in Toronto, Canada. He went to school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He had a strong passion in music since he was a youngster, and he frequently skipped lessons to produce music beats at home. He could sing 'Boliyan' and 'Shers' well. Ustad Jagdish Singh Virdi and Pandit Mahesh Mulwani were Jandu's music teachers. He is one of the most popular, as seen by his Instagram account, which has a million followers and a 0.53 percent interaction rate with only 81 posts. His most popular reel has surpassed 1.1 million views!

83. Shikha Singh Shah

Followers: 1M Instagram: shikhasingh

USP: Authentic, Reflects a free-spirited vibe

Shikha Singh Shah is a well-known Indian actress in the Indian television business. If you've ever watched a serial, you'll be familiar with her. As Cadet Aakriti Bhat in Left Right Left, Singh began acting. She next appeared in Meri Doli Tere Angana on Zee TV and Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan. In 2010, she starred as Amba Sangwan in Colors TV's social drama Na Aana Is Des Laado, which she left in 2011. For Phulwa, Singh teamed with Colors TV for the third time. She began 2013 as Shahana Malik in Life OK's 26/12 and then went on to bag Adaalat. Then she came in Mahabharat, kumkum bhagya, kundali bhagya, laal ishq, and recently in Naagin 6. The list just goes on and on. we can say the same for her followers list on Instagram, she reflects an engagement rate of 2.72% among her 1 million followers with many of her reels surpassing the banner of 1 million views.


Followers: 1M Instagram: vihaann09

USP: Style, Comedy

Vihaan is an Indian Tik Tok star, Youtuber, and Instagram personality. His great looks, adorable grin, style, and Chocolate Boy personality have made him famous. In India, he has a sizable fan base. He'll be appearing in modelling assignments shortly. He is most known for releasing comedic video snippets and lip-syncs and duets. Before TikTok was outlawed, he even won the coveted badges for being an amazing comic and style guru. He is, however, no less popular on Instagram, where he has over a million followers and a 17 percent interaction rate. No wonder he is getting amazing deals from fashion shows and brands as he has an impeccable connect with his audience.

85. Priyadarshi Pulikonda

Followers: 699K Instagram: preyadarshe

USP: Great connect with audience, authentic

Priyadarshi Pulikonda (born August 25, 1989) is a Telugu actor and comedian. He became well-known for his part in Pelli Choopulu (2016). Priyadarshi has starred in films such as Mallesham (2019), Mithai (2019), and Mail in addition to supporting parts (2021). His performance in Mallesham (2019) was named one of Film Companion's "100 Greatest Performances of the Decade." He was also recognised for his deft handling of the Telangana Baasha. He has appeared in the online series Loser, in which he played a rifle shooter. Critics praised him for his performance. In an interview with The Hindu, he claimed that seeing Sagara Sangamam motivated him to pursue acting and that it was a "paradigm change" for him. Actors Kamal Haasan and Chiranjeevi, as well as filmmakers K. Balachander, K. Viswanath, and Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, are among his favourites. He also has a large Instagram following, with a 3.43 percent interaction rate, which is impressive considering his total postings of 433. his most famous reel has over 4.2 million views!


Followers: 674K Instagram: xx_mr_swag_xx

USP: Great connect with audience, authentic

He is a video creator whose profile is filled with reels depicting different stories and making a movie of its own. Such a different concept has made him acquire an engagement rate of 4.74% in just 586 posts. Many of his reels are in the 100k range while many have crossed the million bar. His recent reel has around 50k views.

87. Jagjeet Sandhu

Followers: 644K Instagram: ijagjeetsandhu

USP: gives a really cool vibe, good engagement with audience

Jagjeet Sandhu is a Punjabi film actor and theatrical performer who works in India. In 2015, he began his career with the biopic Rupinder Gandhi. Sandhu is most recognised for his roles as "Bhola" in the Rupinder Gandhi film series and "Romi Gill" in Dakuaan Da Munda, with his portrayal as "Tarsem" in Sufna being his biggest part to date. Sandhu was born in 1990/1991 to a Jat Sikh family in the tiny village of Himmatgarh Chhanna, Fatehgarh district, Punjab, India. Panjab University in Chandigarh awarded him a Master of Arts in Indian Theatre degree. All of his hard work is paying off today, as he has a sizable Instagram following and a 9.37 percent engagement rate with only 889 posts.

88. Bhavesh Balchandani

Followers: 777K Instagram: bhavesh_roxx

USP: Funny reels, Good engagement

Bhavesh Balchandani is an Indian television actor who rose to prominence after starring in the serial Ek Veer Ki Ardas Veera as Ranvijay Singh. He worked in the Hindi film business and in the Bollywood film Ek thi Dayan. He has appeared on CID, Surya Putra Karan, crime petrol, Tenali Rama, and many more shows. He's worked on more than 50 commercials. And his Instagram is a clear reason why he is favourite amongst brands. He has over 776K followers and a massive engagement rate of 42%!. Many of his reels even cross the 10 million mark and his audience is just mad over him. he has been able to achieve all of this at a mere age of 21 years.

89. Sobhita Dhulipala

Followers: 704K Instagram: sobhitad

USP: Posts with high quality and high authenticness

Sobhita Dhulipala (born May 31, 1992) is an Indian actress, voice actor, fashion model, and classical dancer who has worked in Bollywood (Hindi), Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, as well as critically praised films that have screened at international film festivals. She has been recognised for her efforts at Indian award ceremonies, and her debut film Raman Raghav 2.0 earned her a nomination for critics' choice best-supporting actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. She has a sizable Instagram following and a 5.02 percent interaction rate, which is extremely good for just a total of 584 posts. Her reels have crossed the 2 million mark many a times.

90. Dharti Gadhiya

Followers: 543K Instagram: dharti_gadhiya_official

USP: Taps into all the trends on reels

An actor and YouTuber with over 543k followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 1.05% with 1.4k posts in total. She loves making short videos and reels and is a witness to it as many of her videos are trending on it and surpassing 1 lakh views. She has a second id as well which is also dedicated towards greatly shot reels. She has definitely mastered the art of making an impression on the platform which makes her the ideal influencer to collaborate for brands.

91. Prateik Babbar

Followers: 529K Instagram: _prat

USP: Keeps everything transparent and raw

Prateik Babbar is an Indian actor and martial artist who is most known for his roles in Hindi cinema. He began his career as a production assistant before pursuing an acting career. He is the son of actress Smita Patil and actor Raj Babbar. Babbar made his cinematic debut after being recommended by filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar to feature in television commercials for a range of companies, including Nestle KitKat. Babbar has garnered awards such as the Filmfare Award and the Stardust Award since his start in Bollywood. Prateik also dabbles in mixed martial arts. In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a white belt with two stripes Babbar made his acting debut in the 2008 drama Coming of Age. Jaane Tu... ya Jaane Na. Darbar marked his first appearance in Tamil language. he has an engagement rate of 2.77% with a total of 763 posts gathering him over 529K followers where they can see his recent projects he’s doing, an insight into his personal life and much more.

92. Ahmed Meeran

Followers: 521K Instagram: ahmedmeeranoffl

USP: Unique and engaging content, consistency

Ahmed Meeran is a dynamic artist and performer who specialises in Tamil song covers and also dabbles in spoofing TV series in other regional languages. He began making material in his spare time while waiting for his IIM Kashipur selection results, but he gradually got passionate about his career as a 'content producer.' His song covers have also been shared by celebrities, but his ultimate objective is to not just be a passing cloud in the industry, but to make it large. He began his career by posting short format videos on Instagram which has over 522k followers now, but over time, he expanded his reach to include a YouTube channel, which now has over 600,000 subscribers. He has an engagement rate of 3.71% which is higher than many celebrities with a total of just 127 posts. His most popular reel has 1 million views i.e the cover version of the song Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai (Adithya Varma) in his voice.

93. Ria (swarnali) Dey

Followers: 476K Instagram: riya_dey91

USP: Good engagement with the audience, Mastered the art of reels

Swarnali Dey, better known by her screen name Riya Dey, is an Indian actress, model, and television personality who is best known for her Odia cinema roles. Prema Adhei Akhyara won an Odisha State Film Award, one of her many honours. She has a following of over 471K and an engagement rate of 2.18% with a total of 710 posts. Her profile is full of pictures and reels giving an update of her recent work and personal life. her most famous reels have over 1 million views.

94. Kunwar Amarjeet Singh

Followers: 470K Instagram: kunwar08

USP: Great engagement, Consistent

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh is a television actor and contemporary dancer from India. He is most known for his role as Reyansh Singhania in Dil Dosti Dance, a famous dance-based youth programme. In September 2014, he competed in Dare 2 Dance, a dance and stunt-based reality show that aired on Life OK. He has starred alongside Charlie Chauhan on the reality dance show Nach Baliye 5. He has appeared in episodes of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (TV series) on Zing (TV channel) and Yeh Hai Aashiqui on Bindass. In 2016, he played Aladdin alias Kabir in the hit TV programme Naamkaran. He has over 470k followers on his instagram with an engagement rate of 3.32 % and total of 1k posts. Many of his reels have crossed the 1 million mark and most of them reach the 1 lakh mark easily. Many brands can benefit from him due to the same

95. Zack Knight

Followers: 470K Instagram: iamzackknight

USP: Great engagement, Consistent

Zack Knight, formerly known as "Zeekay", is a British-Pakistani singer who achieved worldwide acclaim for his work in the Bollywood music industry. He won the "International Indian film association award (IIFA) for best music direction" in 2019 and has fans all across the globe. Zack has a multilingual background, which has helped him compose music in different languages. He takes the best elements from Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, English, and Arabic songs and remixes then with a touch of RnB. Zach has 2.52M subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded more than 162 videos. The channel "iamzackknight", has accumulated 524M views since the time of its conception.

Zack Knight is one of the top artists on Spotify; at the end of 2021, he had 55M streams for his music, from 8M listeners, across 178 countries. Zack also has an impressive engagement rate of 4.93% on Instagram. The musician posts two times a week and receives an average of 124K views, 22K likes and 124K views on all his content. As you can guess, Zack uploads his singing demos, live tour photos, music/album covers etc on his IG page. His top reel is a lyrical video of his song "Stand With You"; the video was viewed 626.2K times and has 41.1K likes and 1,016 comments. Zack has toured countries like the USA, Kenya, South Africa and Wales. He is also set to collaborate with English singer-songwriter Conor Maynard during his live tour in Dubai. Moreover, the top entertainment influencer has worked with several artists from the BBC Asian network industry.

96. Gaelyn Mendonca

Followers: 419K Instagram: vjgaelyn

USP: Amazing communication skills, Authentic

Gaelyn Mendonca is an Indian actress, model, and MTV India VJ. She was born on November 5, 1998. Do you recognize the presenter of WWE Now India and MTV Hustle? It certainly does, we believe. While attending St. Xavier's College, Mendonca began her modeling career. She's walked for a number of different companies, including Lakme Fashion Week. She commenced her broadcasting career with Good Times on the show Cool Quotient after graduating from college. Mendonca and Sunanda Wong took home the MTV VJ Hunt in 2013. She made her Bollywood debut with Rohan Sippy's Nautanki Saala the next year. She has presented a number of shows as a VJ, including the 2011 Cricket World Cup, which she covered. In 2016, she began presenting MTV Roadies and MTV Hustle, a reality rap show.

Mendonca joined World Wrestling Entertainment in 2019 as a host for WWE Now India, a show that covers wrestling news for Indian audiences. Gaelyn is popular on Instagram as well with over 416k followers and an engagement rate of 0.93%. Many of her reels have surpassed 1 million views owing to her amazing presentation or communication skills and the ability to connect with the audience!

97. Shanoo Sharma

Followers: 389K Instagram: shanoosharmarahihai

USP: Keeps it raw and transparent

‘Are you familiar with Shanoo Sharma?' A want to be actress asked us a few years back. We answered, "Nope, never heard of her." 'She works for Yashraj Films as a casting director,' We were told. we've heard her name referenced numerous times in the previous two years, typically by struggling performers in reverent tones. We've heard a lot of things about her. She has a habit of not answering her phone. How much more difficult it was to contact her than Obama. How she was YRF's most powerful lady and how she could turn an unknown into a celebrity in an instant. And she's had a lot of different jobs. She is the hope in a country of 1.25 billion people where every third person wants to be an actor. She is one of the most famous casting director who has a great following on instagram as well with an engagement rate of 0.41% and a toal of 453 posts.

98. Mohammad Nazim Khilji

Followers: 374K Instagram: khilji_nazim

USP: Keeps it professional, makes interesting reels

Mohammad Nazim Khilji is a model and actor from India who is most known for his work on Hindi television. With Shaurya Aur Suhani, he made his television debut. He rose to notoriety as Ahem Parag Modi and Jaggi Parag Modi in the iconic Star Plus serial opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (2010–17), one of India's longest-running series. In order to promote the programme, Nazim resumed his double act in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 in 2020. He has a huge Instagram following, with 374k followers, a 4.85 percent interaction rate, and 743 total posts. Every aspect of his life is included on his profile. His reels are frequently trending, with several of them surpassing a million views, making him a powerful influencer in the industry to collaborate

99. Ekta Jain

Followers: 374K Instagram: ekujain11

USP: Engaging reels, good connect with audience

Ekta Jain is a dubbing artist, actor, and anchor. Shagun, Inspector Vijay, Naina, and Family No. 1 are among her over 25 serials. Ek Thi Rajkumari, Apun To Bus Vaise Hi, Gayatri Mahima, Kahin Diya Jale Kahin Jiya, Kahin Diya Jale Kahin Jiya, Kahin Diya Jale Kahin Jiya, Kahin Diya Jale Kahin Jiya, Kahin Diya Jale Vishnu Puraan, Maa Shakti, Shaktimaan Durga (telefilm), and Hame Tumse Pyaar Hua Chupke Chupke are some of the TV series she has dubbed for (Film). She is also a social worker who works with Prem Sadan N.G.O. Malad, Baal Bhavan, and other organisations. She has worked in public relations for a variety of celebrities, films, serials, albums, singers, politicians, athletes, comedians, yesteryear artists, Cyclothons, Marathons, Walk-a-thons, award functions, product launches, location launches, and new openings. #Recently completed Yaatra 300 book launch of Ratna sunder Surishwar ji Maharaj, which was launched by Honorable "P.M. shri Narendra Modi." She has an engagement rate of 0.08% and a following of over 354k. her profile is an insight of her personal life and full of fun reels.

100. Shweta Gulati

Followers: 247K Instagram: ishwetagulati

USP: Posts high-quality candid content

Shweta Gulati is an Indian television actress best known for her roles in Remix and Dill Mill Gayye as Tia Ahuja and Dr. Nikita Malhotra, respectively. Shweta has worked in films, online series, and television advertisements in addition to television shows. Before becoming an actress, she worked at a call centre. Shweta began her career in 2003 with the television show Shagun, and she has gone a long way since then, with a large following on social media sites such as Instagram, where she has a 0.73 percent interaction rate and 2.6K posts. Her profile is brimming with stunning photos, videos, and reels. Her most famous reel has 698k views.


So, above were some of the many talented entertainment influencers on Instagram who share content that is worth watching.

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