Top Finance Influencers (Instagrammers) in India 2023

  • Posted On : 2022-12-27
Top Finance Influencers in India

India is a booming economy subjected to constant changes. India’s financial services sector characterizes the growth and opportunity of its economy. The sector will develop speedily out to 2035, driven by top finance Instagrammers in India presenting; ways to grow incomes via investments, digital adoption, amplified government efforts on financial inclusion and more. The Top Finance Influencers in India reveals, how the Indian mutual fund industry grew from INR 6.8 trillion to INR 38.04 trillion in just ten years (source: amfiindia). The breakdown of assets owned puts corporate investors at $168 Billion, retail investors at $79 billion, and wealthy individuals at $124 billion, according to Statista. Real estate is another sector that has seen massive investments according to finance Instagrammers; the industry by 2030 will surpass $1 trillion, as stated by ibef, this is an enormous jump from $200 billion clocked in 2021. People made significant fortunes in the previous decade, and more will follow suit in the coming years with the right choice.

“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “.

In a dynamic financial sector, there are ample ways to make your assets work. The currency we hold can potentially grow in value in the coming years. You can get access to loans at a minimum discount rate. You can make smart investment choices for long-term benefits. In 2022, Businesses are set to invest many resources towards their vision, operations, and stakeholder expectations, according to Deloitte report. Across sectors, financial organizations can ascend to new heights by highlighting digital transformation, ESG initiatives, and influencer marketing. On the other hand, people can follow finance influencers to dense their pockets. It’s time for financial leaders, brands and investors to think beyond out-of-date bottom-line metrics and cultivate approaches that serve both business and consumer needs by putting goals and trust at the priority.

As, huge futuristic opportunities go amiss due to a lack of timely action. People fail to act because most of us lack the necessary know-how when managing our finances. But what if you had mentors who could take you baby steps into the entire process? The top influencer marketing agency in India has just the right individuals for you.

Who are Indian Finance Instagrammers?

Consumers can do many things with their monetary resources regarding financing. They can invest their hard-earned money in assets, mutual funds, shares, cryptocurrency, real estate, annuities, bonds, etc. – anything that ensures them higher returns. On the flip side, some may want to earn passive income, procure loans at lower interest rates or save money on their purchases. This is where the Indian Finance Instagrammers come in. They are qualified professionals who invest and teach others to make better financial decisions by guiding them through their Instagram posts. Additionally, the Indian finance gurus are well-versed with the country’s economic laws, hence is an authority to assist investors with their knowledge.

Top Finance Influencers in India (2023)

  • Sharan Hegde

    1.Sharan Hegde

    Instagram Handle: financewithsharan


    Sharan is widely regarded as one of the top financial Gurus in India. He can help you save money and invest it in the right assets.

    Sharan Hegde is a financial speaker, influencer, management consultant and content creator from Bangalore, Karnataka, India, known for providing investment insights to millions on social media platforms. News outlets like Times of India, Mint and the News Minute have featured the influencer on their pages. Sharan made an appearance on ETnow, where he stressed on the importance of educating Gen-Z about their finances.

    Sharan is popular because he makes use of Instagram filters and various props to provide crucial financial insights. He takes references from his personal life, movies and popular sitcom shows to keep his audience engaged. The topics Sharan covers include tax, insurance, home loans, credit card, crypto, NFT, mutual funds, real estate and stock market. He also shares tips on safe investments and smart savings. The Indian finance influencer has a good engagement rate of 3.61%. On average, Sharan receives 676K views, 58K likes and 453 comments, putting his like to comment ratio at 129:1. Sharan explains the concept with humor so that it is easily adaptive.

    The post that covers the topic of “Buying gold in Dubai“, was viewed 12.3M times and received 536K likes and 1,385 comments. Sharan Hegde has also been associated with Policybazaar and Groww and created content for them on YouTube.

  • Neha Nagar

    2.Neha Nagar

    Instagram Handle: iamnehanagar


    Neha empowers young women to take up careers in the finance field.

    Neha Nagar is a financial advisor, wealth manager and founder of taxation, a firm that helps startups with their financial needs.

    Neha is in a league of her own. She creates quality finance oriented content regularly by pooling together knowledge from years of experience. This has made the influencer a celebrity in the niche, earning her respect and recognition from finance enthusiasts worldwide. Even top media outlets are attracted to Neha’s passion and dedication to her work. For instance, NewsX invited Neha to share her thoughts on cryptocurrency. The insight Neha shade during the interview has helped clear many doubts one harbours towards digital currency.

    Wait there’s more. The finance influencer got featured on FEMINA for her content on finance and taxation. In 2021, CNBC featured the influencer for her take on stock market dips and when to purchase shares. Simply put there is no end to the plethora of knowledge Neha brings along with her. Owing to this, top institutions frequently invite the digital creator to address their students. Neha was invited as a guest speaker at Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology. Her session on the “Rise In Era of Fintech” got the crowd standing on their feets, followed by roars of cheers and applause. Furthermore, Neha experienced something similar when she appeared as a guest speaker at “STEM and Financial Literacy for Young Women”, organised by UNICEF India.

    Neha Nagar is one of the prominent voices when it comes to IPO, LIC, stock Market, mutual funds, income tax, cryptocurrency, NFT and financial planning. Which stocks to invest in? Why are company’s stocks falling? Which is the next biggest IPO in India? Which stocks to buy? What is cryptocurrency tax? How to save tax on trading? Top coins with huge potential? Etc. You will get answers to these and much more on Neha’s money and finance IG a/c. Neha has created over 500 videos covering various verticals of finance. The doyen has a great engagement rate of 5.95%. Audiences get three new posts from Neha every week. The post receives 953K views 54K likes and 439 comments on average.

  • Rachana Phadke Ranade

    3.Rachana Phadke Ranade

    Instagram Handle: ca_rachanaranade


    Rachana Ranade can help you in developing financial discipline and invest wisely with the best stock market trading tips.

    Rachana Phadke Ranade is an Indian entrepreneur, chartered accountant, teacher, YouTuber, investor and venture capitalist. The Indian finance influencer is known for creating content on stock markets, investment strategies, financial concepts, business models and much more. On Instagram, Rachana creates content that teaches the audience how to calculate their taxes/capital gains, how to choose loans, how mutual funds work, basics of finance, Life insurance facts, how to invest in unlisted stocks, technical analysis etc and scrutinizes companies to provide better insights to her audiences. The knowledge attained leads to smarter investment decisions.

    She runs a finance savvy Instagram account which receives an engagement rate of 1.28%. She uploads new content on every alternate day – Videos are her primary content of choice. The Reel on the “Psychology Of Money” in collaboration with Sharan Hegde got 1.3M views, 74.4K likes and 639 comments. Her videos are aimed at making complex financial topics simple to understand.

    Rachana promoted the event on Instagram in which she partnered with Unacademy, one of India’s largest learning platforms, to share her CA journey. It was a free session that anyone could unlock by using a special code.



    Instagram Handle: iamlegalbaba


    Ashish helps his audience deal with their financial and personal legalities.

    Ashish Dawar is legal advisor, digital content creator and advocate who helps people tackle their legal problems. Ashish got featured on news outlets like Outlook, News 18 and Indian Express for creating awareness amongst youngsters.

    The knowledge and wisdom of Ashish is unmatched by many others in the industry. The educators enthusiasm and zeal to equip his students with the right tools and mindset for success has resulted in a growing fanbase loyal to the influencer. The reputation and respect Ashish has garnered over the years has attracted attention from world renowned brands that are eager to work with the Influencer.

    As an advocate and influencer for financial advice, Ashish has helped change many lives for the better. He makes his audience aware of secure property transfer, loan repayments, real estate investments, laws of the land, individual rights, currency laws etc. He uploads photos, videos and motivational posts on his feed. There is new content almost every day, most noticeably at 8:00 A.M. On average, the financial Instagram account gets an engagement rate of 1.02% with 20K likes, 160K views and 253 comments. The Influencer utilizes videos to share his knowledge. The IG page gets 126.6K average video views. Ashish has an extensive reach of 930K per post. Reels also bring sizable viewers. The most watched reel was viewed 691.3K times by 506.5K users.

  • Raj Shamani

    5.Raj Shamani

    Instagram Handle: rajshamani


    Raj can change your mindset positively and make you financially smarter

    Shamani is a young and brilliant business expert who, via his speaking engagements and personal encounters, has worked in practically every field. Much of his past knowledge comes from working with second-generation company owners who run their businesses with their family. Shamani is a firm believer in bringing a family company mentality to huge organisations. Shamani is a three-time Tedx speaker and is among the top financial speakers. At the age of 21, he was responsible for delivering 100 keynote presentations in 23 different countries. Shamani was designated as a United Nations representative as a frequent speaker and presenter. He is one of the youngest Indian representatives to ever address before the United Nations in Vienna.

    The majority of his speaking engagements revolve around the concepts of reaching worldwide audiences, embracing opportunities to be the greatest, and stratospheric growth and sales. He’s given talks on how to become a business influencer and how company owners may benefit directly from their hobbies by growing their firms over time. He is also an Instagram celebrity who frequently shares videos and articles related to money or making you more financially smart. He has over a million followers and a 2.78 percent engagement rate. You must have seen him in the trending reels section as most of his reels cross the million mark easily. To learn finance smartly and easily, this is the account to go for.

  • Shivanshu Agrawal

    6.Shivanshu Agrawal

    Instagram Handle: marketingshivanshu


    He will make your mind tuned to all the concepts of finance

    Shivanshu Agrawal is one of the fastest growing finance influencers with quality social media content. His success is attributed to his ability to come up with unique concepts and experiments with them while educating his audience. Shivanshu’s interest in the finance or business side of things is what motivated him to leave his job a year back and start creating content for other likeminded people who want to be updated with each and every concept, finance news, market future etc. to help you make informed decisions.

    In less than a year, he managed to garner more than 170 million views and his reels on decoding famous brand’s business or how they manage their finances for eg – Colgate’s business strategy or Bisleri’s marketing strategy to gain ROI is a big hit amongst the audience as according to them it makes their mindset more tuned to how things work. This is why his engagement rate is one of the highest in the niche and why forbes has listed him in their list of top 100 digital creators. If you are in search of a finance influencer who can teach you all about finance in depth, he is the ideal person to choose!

  • Financialsimplified


    Instagram Handle: financialsimplified


    Financial simplified is your number one source for financial knowledge.

    Want to get all the juicy tips on finance, business and income? then look no further, financial simplified is your ideal outlet for future financial and investment insights. This page teaches you how to master money, save your income, self educate yourself on money, Master necessary skills needed for side hustle, reinvest your earnings into multiple revenue streams and automate the entire process to become financially independent.

    Financialsimplified is 1M+ followers strong. The page has new content everyday for wealth builders – primarily at 6:00 P.M. The creators follow a simple font format and colour palette to keep the feed lively and vibrant. You can find content for topics like entrepreneurship, personal growth, necessary skill sets, motivation, life lessons, money lessons, confidence hacks, productivity etc. Financial simplified utilizes reels to quote famous personalities who have conquered milestones in their personal and professional lives. The top reel features a professor who addresses a group of students and imparts important life lessons via demonstrations. The post has been viewed 13.9M times by 5.6M unique users. Additionally, you will find book suggestions for budding entrepreneurs. Financialsimplified receives an engagement rate of 1.33%. On average the page gets 91K views, 14K likes and 217 comments, putting it’s like to comment ratio at 65:1.

  • Business Insider India

    8.Business Insider India

    Instagram Handle: businessinsiderin


    One of the most trustworthy accounts where you can get everything from news to knowledge regarding finance concepts

    Henry Blodget, the former No. 1 ranked Internet analyst, founded Business Insider six years ago. With more than 25 million readers each month, it has quickly emerged as the go-to digital news source for the next generation of business leaders. They have come up with their own accounts where they frequently share what is going on in the world of finance or business or keeps you updated so that you can make smarter decisions.

    A variety of cutting-edge business and technology happenings, entrepreneurial endeavors, creative exchanges, lifestyle concepts, and leadership insights can be found on Business Insider India. The country’s leading business figures, from start-ups to seasoned veterans across industries, are featured in the Indian edition.

    Their team of experts bringing in finance topics in the easiest manner possible and giving a supreme experience to their audience with quizzes, how-to videos, etc has led them to become one of the biggest or top finance Instagrammers in India with a great following and engagement rate.

    If you are in search of a medium where you can get verified news and trustworthy advice or tutorials regarding finance, Business Insider India is one of the top finance accounts for you to consider!

  • Stock Market Times

    9.Stock Market Times

    Instagram Handle: stockmarket_times


    Informative, Finance, Unique method of teaching

    In simple words, inflation is a rise in the cost of goods and services. It lowers the value of your money and lowers your purchasing power. When the rate of inflation increases, you can buy fewer products for the same amount of money. The rate of inflation is beyond your control. If you want to remain ahead of inflation, you’ll need more money to buy the items you want to buy in the future with the money you have now. Money, on the other hand, does not grow by itself. If you want your money to expand, it must earn returns. You must invest to obtain profits. And to invest, you need to follow the right channels one of them is stock market times. Stock Market Times is a popular Indian stock market or finance Instagram account that posts stock market news, information, inspiring quotes, memes, and more. You may discover information in a graphical format that is laced with comedy, which is safe to claim that a person will appreciate and comprehend the facts more easier than any other source. They also give stock market and current news suggestions on a variety of topics. If you want to understand about the ups and downs of the Indian stock market, you should keep an eye on this account.

  • Ankur Warikoo

    10.Ankur Warikoo

    Instagram Handle: ankurwarikoo


    Ankur can help bring balance to work and personal life with the right skills and habits.

    Ankur Warikoo is public speaker, teacher, Entrepreneur and content creator from India. Teaching followers ways to make the best of their time, energy, and money is one of the Influencers’ areas of expertise. Ankur helps his audience become productive in their everyday life. This eventually helps them become more financially stable. Ankur covers topics like time management, saving money, startups, talent and skills, good habits, failures, friendship and stability. Reels get 240.5K views on average. In one of his reels, Ankur recommended three books that can help people change their perspective on life and work. The post received an overly positive response from his followers. At present the video has 1.3M views, 78.8K likes and 303 comments. Majority of his content is dedicated to growth hacks, life lessons, books, personal growth tips, motivational quotes, ways to improve productivity, mistakes to avoid, Do’s/Don’t of money, much needed skills etc. Ankur uploads at least four new content everyday, preferably at 8 A.M. The doyen has two times more pictures than videos. His posts receive an engagement rate of 0.89%, with an average of 111K views, 15K likes and 210 comments – the ratio between likes and comments caps at 93:1.

  • Financial Professional

    11.Financial Professional

    Instagram Handle: financialprofessional


    want to achieve your financial goals? Then look no further. finance professional is your number one resource for discovering new investment after opportunities.

    Financial literacy is defined as the capacity to comprehend and use a wide range of financial abilities, such as personal financial management, budgeting, and investing. It also entails understanding financial ideas and principles including the time worth of money, compound interest, debt management, and financial planning. Financial literacy may assist people in avoiding poor financial decisions, becoming self-sufficient, and achieving financial stability. With the mission of imbibing the same in their audience, a Financial professional Instagram account makes sure that you are up-to-date with what is happening on the finance side and make the right decisions when it comes to investing.

    Its goal is to teach you about money through interesting infographics and tales, quizzes, e-books and what not. To say the least, the amount of detail they can fit into a single Instagram post is incredible. It has a following of 849K followers and with reels crossing 100k views easily as it keeps the audience hooked due to which many related brands often collaborate with them. Instagram is a platform where either you can scroll for leisure or make use of the time by learning something valuable or that too in an interesting manner. If you choose the latter this account is the way to head for.

  • Nidhi Nagori

    12.Nidhi Nagori

    Instagram Handle: nidhinagori29


    Finance, Helps in career opportunities and courses to earn higher.

    You’re not alone if you’re having trouble deciding what you want to do after graduation. Millions of college students and new graduates face the same challenge. And people who have figured it out, don’t know how to get a decent job. To solve this major issue, one of the best influencer Nidhi Nagori has taken the stand. Nidhi Nagori is a YouTube sensation, and Instagram sensation. Nidhi Nagori is a lifestyle influencer from India who rose to prominence thanks to her Instagram account. She uses her international expertise (as being a CA she has worked with the top companies worldwide) to raise awareness about global prospects and to assist over thousands immigrants in finding their ideal jobs. Nidhi Nagori is one of the most prominent influencers, with loyal followers and an engagement rate of 1.97% . Her Youtube channel has almost 170,000 followers.

    She also gives an insight on which country is offering the highest scholarship ,which college you should choose, how you can crack the interviews of big companies, best work from home opportunities, certificate courses that will help you get better and higher paying jobs, finance and what not. In uncertain times like these, she has been one of the most helpful influencers. Her Audience believes in what she says due to which many brands collaborate with her and get an amazing ROI.

  • Stock Market India

    13.Stock Market India

    Instagram Handle: thestockmarketindia


    Get the latest market news from one place. Grow smarter every day with detailed infographics, quotes, memes and market facts.

    To be financially literate, you must understand how to manage your finances. This entails understanding how to pay your expenses, borrow and save money safely, and invest and prepare for retirement. Start with the fundamentals of money management and work your way up to becoming a wise spender by taking the initiative to self-educate and expand your financial knowledge. Investing time in your financial development will help you make better savings and investment decisions. You can construct a long-term nest egg by utilising factors such as age, talent, money, and the capacity to form healthy habits. And following the appropriate account can assist you in this endeavour and stock market India is one of them. This is an Instagram account dedicated to the stock market that you should absolutely follow if you want to stay up to date on all things relating to the Indian stock market. It has a team dedicated to research that provides useful information and advice. Above Stocks also has a mobile application where you can get daily stock market advice, IPO updates, stock market news, and much more. It also provides daily Nifty and Indian Stock Market analyses. It has a substantial following with an engagement rate of 0.65%.

  • Shreyaa Kapoor

    14.Shreyaa Kapoor

    Instagram Handle: shreyaakapoor_


    She can make you smarter with money one reel at a time.

    Shreyaa Kapoor is a finance major and former Bain & Company consultant. She resigned her full-time work about a year ago to begin her effort to simplify everything financial through her Instagram clips. Her reels are on making wise financial decisions, investing, and stock markets, among other things and due to her amazing acting skills and the ability to teach complex concepts in an interesting and funny way, she often climbs into the trending section of reels with millions of views. Along with finance she masters in the art of Instagram as well, she makes sure to be as consistent as possible, shares healthy challenges like waking up at 5 am, reading a book every month, makes the audience involved in stories frequently, often collaborate with the best finance influencers like financewithsharan, CA rachna Ranade, etc and much more which has helped her reach to close to 200K followers in no time with an engagement rate of 6.43% and a toal of 309 posts. Many finance related brands are approaching her owing to her connect with the audience and her creative way of plugging in the sponsors. If you are someone who wants to get financially literate easily. She is one of the best finance savvy Instagram account you can follow.

  • Ujjwal D Gadhvi

    15.Ujjwal D Gadhvi

    Instagram Handle: finspire_ujjwal


    Ujjwal brings his experience from multiple niches to help you grow your personal wealth, secure your money and achieve financial freedom.

    We are always in awe of the plethora of knowledge the Finance Influencers in India can bring to the table. One of notable personalities that fit the description is a chartered accountant Ujjwal D Gadhvi who is helping shape the life of many finance enthusiasts with his real-time financial teachings.

    The IIM and IIT alumni had a lucrative career as a business analyst before turning into anchor, speaker and coach. Ujjwal prides himself for creating content and videos that make people think. His content is well scripted, detailed and clearly understood by viewers. Owing to his expertise on the subjects finance, business and marketing Ujjwal was invited as a TEDX speaker at several prominent institutions. The finance guru also makes frequent appearances at Josh talks to share his experiences.

    Ujjwal has produced a ton of valuable content for his audience on Instagram and YouTube. Do visit his profiles to gain key insights on subjects like insurance claims, discount, government schemes, business news, tech, money making, scam prevention, credit card, business etc. In addition to a wider finance market, Ujjwal also addresses events (involving money) in your personal life. In fact in one of his videos Ujjwal talks at length about how you can claim insurance in case of a cylinder explosion. He used the caption to detail the entire procedure for the claim, plus highlighted the damages the insurance covers. We can tell the video was helpful, looking at the 436.3K likes and 533 comments the media currently has. Ujjwal has left no stones unturned to cover topics that can positively impact his audience.

    Ujjwal D Gadhvi has an impressive engagement rate of 4.2% on Instagram. The finance influencer uploads at least one short video everyday. So rest you will grow richer in knowledge each time you watch Ujjwal’s content.

  • Anushka Rathod

    16.Anushka Rathod

    Instagram Handle: anushkarathod98


    Anushka has one of the highest engagement rates amongst her peers. She is an ideal influencer to keep you updated on changing market conditions.

    Anushka Rathore from Gujarat India is a well-known financial influencer and content creator. Anushka has built a sizable following by consistently uploading content around business stories, personal finance, economics, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Travel hacks etc. She has collaborated with several Influencers from our list to provide 360° insight on complex financial topics. Want to learn more about mutual funds, insurance or smart investments? Then look no further, Anushka is your guide. She also shares money saving tips a user may seldom know. Anushka created a reel showing how to save money on cancelled flight tickets. The video got 1.8M views, 166K likes and 284 comments. The Indian finance influencer uploads once everyday. On average Anushka gets 438K views, 32K likes and 105 comments, comfortably putting her engagement rate at 7.65%. She has also upped her postings on YouTube. Currently, her channel has 16K subscribers and 28 videos which account for 129K views. Anushka has worked with brands like ICICI Bank, Coinswitch, Jupiter, Groww, Internshala, Spenny, Nutshell, Smallcase and many more.

  • Bekifaayati


    Instagram Handle: bekifaayati


    Bekifaayati is an ideal piece to get the best financial advice for smarter investments.

    Bekifaayati, a brainchild of Shavir Bansal, is a financial service company to help you make smarter investment decisions with your personal finances. Manu Bist, the content creator for bekifaayati is an actor, writer, and engineer. She has put her talents to good use. Manu uses humor to summarise complex financial topics into a format that is entertaining and easy to consume. The company got featured on Social Ketchup, alongside other notable personalities.

    Bekifaayati has 593K followers on Instagram. The topics Manu covers include health insurance, house loans, assets investment, bank transactions, money control, car insurance tax, savings, cryptocurrency, NFT, share market, smart living, investment hacks etc. She also discusses products available at discount prices. The Instagram page has new content every alternate day, most popularly at 6 PM. Bekifaayati has an engagement rate of 2.06%. On average the page gets 97K views, 12K likes and 78 comments. Manu’s reel on “Free Meals at Airport” got 6M plays, 398K likes and 461 comments. The YouTube channel is 704K subscribers strong. You can find videos on mutual funds, real estate, credit cards, banking, saving tax, early retirement planning, financial planning, and insurance, grouped together into playlists. The channel has amassed 106M views, from 180 videos. In the last 30 days “Bekifaayati” grew by 30 new uploads and 29.6M views.

  • Pranjal Kamra

    18.Pranjal Kamra

    Instagram Handle: pranjalkamra


    Pranjal can get you up to speed on financial planning and profitable investments.

    Pranjal Kamra is an Indian finance advisor investment Guru, bestselling author, content creator, Investor and founder of Finology Ventures Private Limited. The company has collaborated with the likes of Business Today, Times of India, Moneycontrol, ETNow, CNBC TV18, India Today, The economic Times, Financial Express and Your Story. Pranjal was featured alongside Ankur Warikoo and Rachana Phadke on the August cover of Business Today. On Instagram pranjali talks about IPOs, insurance planning, tax, stocks, debit cards, market analysis, future and options, financial planning, mutual funds analysis, Entrepreneurship, books, cryptocurrency, startups, business analysis, companies, assets and smart investments. Pranjal’s dedication to his trade has won him a substantial following of 347K. The Influencers finance savvy Instagram account records an engagement rate of 6.5%. On average his posts receive 138K views, 22K likes and 96 comments. Pranjal updates his IG feed with new content almost every day. His latest post addresses the question of “Why Politicians Build 5 Star Hotels”. The Reel received 182K views, 21.9K and 48 comments in less than a day. Furthermore, Pranjal also collaborates with influencers like Raj Shamani for podcasts where he addresses key financial topics. You can catch his sessions on the Apple podcast.

  • Bhanu Pathak

    19.Bhanu Pathak

    Instagram Handle: bhanu_pathak


    Find in &depth content on your prefered subjects and more by following Bhanu Pathak.

    Here we have one of the top finance Influencers in India who has made it his life’s mission to simplify finance for you. His name is Bhanu Pathak. He’s here to give you the best finance knowledge you can find on the internet.

    The management consultant and Finance Guru has built a loyal following on social media with his very insightful content. Bhanu enjoys engagement at 1.2% which is not surprising considering how active his fanbase is. People love his content on business, EMI, cryptocurrency, dividend, trading, share market, bank, IPOs, loans, scam, UPI, money tricks, stocks, Mutual Funds, SIP and much more. Bhanu Pathak also talks about major investments by top brands and how it affects the employees. The finance influencer is friendly and always interacts with his audience with a bright smile and positive energy. That’s not all. Although Bhanu specializes in finance subjects he collaborates with Influencers from concurrent niche like career building to provide additional value to his viewers.

    The finance influencer collaborated with CA Swaraj Jain to address queries consumers have when buying a bank auction property. The duo addressed precautions like outstanding dues, electricity bills, municipal taxes, society dues, etc attached to the properties. Video went viral receiving 553K views, 22.4K likes and 45 comments. Likewise, you are guaranteed to learn something new everyday by following Bhanu Pathak on social media.

  • Unfinance


    Instagram Handle: unfinance


    The influencer makes complex financial topics easier to understand. Kunwar Raj is a go to source to become successful long-term investors.

    Kunwar Raj Sethi, the founder of unfinance shows ways to simplify your finances. Renowned news outlets like scoopwhoop and Indian express has featured the influencer for his achievement and expertise in the niche. Furthermore, more than 750K investors trust the company for making crucial monetary decisions. Kunwar has a hefty following of 517k on Instagram. He is an authority on tax saving, smart money making, investing hacks, insurance, market strategies, gold investment etc. You also show you ways to acquire branded products at low rates and acquire high performing stocks at discounted prices. In his posts, the Indian finance influencer talks about online tools that can help you manage your money. He keeps you updated with the latest business trends and news. In one of his reels Kunwar talks about Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his 370 crore investment in real estate. The video was viewed 445.4K times by 248.3K users. The doyen has an engagement rate of 1.4% with 65K views, 7K likes and 50 comments on average. Last year Kunwar Raj created a YouTube channel to educate the masses on personal finance and financial freedom. He usually posts bite size information via YT shorts.

  • InvestyWise


    Instagram Handle: stockmarket.infomania


    Informative Infographics Investing Knowledge.

    A solid grasp of financial principles can aid people in comprehending and navigating the financial landscape, as well as managing financial risks and avoiding financial errors. Financial literacy will assist you in developing money, attaining goals, safeguarding yourself in the event of an emergency, securing the future of your family, and making retirement plans, allowing you to live a stress-free life. It’s difficult to keep track of money pouring in and out, due dates, finance charges and fees linked to invoices and bills, and the overall burden of consistently making the proper decisions about important purchases and investments. Because the stakes are so great, you’d think this would be a skill taught in high school (or even before), yet it isn’t. There are many genuine accounts which are dedicated to teaching you all of it in an interesting manner straight from home, one such account is Investywise

    Investywise presents the facts to you in the form of a meme, which is fantastic. They share the portfolios of big investors, which might help you increase your portfolio and understand market conditions. They also offer statements from significant investors in the business to pique your curiosity and encourage you to take a chance in the stock market. They categorise and distribute the best-performing stocks. It has a large following with an engagement rate of 1.54%, their guides and reels are highly popular and trending.

  • Stock Market Info Mania

    22.Stock Market Info Mania

    Instagram Handle: stockmarket.infomania


    Financial literacy through amazingly formed content

    Regardless of whether or not they invest in stocks, the stock market’s success affects everyone in society. Low stock prices affect those with pension funds and retirement accounts since the value of their accounts is linked to the stock market. Companies may also lower employee benefits (pensions) if they can no longer afford to do so, hence delaying retirement. Furthermore, when a company’s stock price falls, it has an impact on job security since companies curtail spending and many individuals may lose their employment. The stock market also has an influence on the government’s tax and interest rates. As a result, learning more about it is critical. And which is a perfect place where you can? The answer is stock market infomania.

    StockMarket Infomania is a media company that aims to spread financial market news throughout the world. They seek to offer essential financial and stock market news from a variety of reliable sources, and to do it at a rapid pace. Their goal is to filter out the noise in the market and only publish news that is trustworthy, backed up by data, and valuable to you. StockMarket infomania or one of the top finance Instagram accounts reflects a huge following with an engagement rate of 0.84%, it’s most famous reel has over 446k views.

  • The Stock Market Live

    23.The Stock Market Live

    Instagram Handle: thestockmarketlive


    Learn various ways to grow your money and become financially independent

    The vision of the stock market live is to help you become proficient in financial investments. As the name suggests, they provide basic knowledge and updates on stock markets and other investments. Being one of the most popular Indian finance influencers, 484k followers have already put their trust in them to gain an insight into growing their money that can lead to financial freedom in the future. If you are just a beginner and have not yet started your investment journey, then this can be a great place to learn and grow. The stock market live covers interesting finance-related case studies that can help you gain a range of perspectives on a particular subject thereby reducing the potential for any biased opinion. Targeted and niche-specific case studies will enable you to fast-track your way to becoming a thoughtful and adept investor. Thanks to their valuable lessons, planning the finances and investing to secure the future is no longer a complicated task. Moreover, their content will help you stay up-to-date with financial news so that you do not miss out on any opportunity that can prove to be a worthy investment. Having the right information at the right time is crucial to avoiding errors in financial decisions.

  • Indian Economic Updates

    Indian Economic Updates

    Instagram Handle: indian_economic_updates


    Indian economic updates have the latest insights on stock markets, companies and business sectors.

    Indian economic updates is one of the most followed Instagram pages in India. The IG handle specializes in finance, stock market updates, regular business insights and In-depth companies/sector research. The Indian Economic Updates covers success stories, LIC IPO, startups news, large investments, high-profile deals, valuable assets, franchise, money management, stock market, Indian economy, real estate and much more. The admin uploads six new posts everyday which puts the engagement rate at 0.57%. On average, the content gets 25K views, 3K likes and 15 comments. The page has three times more pictures than videos. Videos bring an average of 54.8K views. Reels also contribute to a significant proportion of overall engagement. On average the 15-minute video format get 51.2K views. The reel featuring Mukesh Ambani and business tycoons estate investments across the globe got 681K views, 23.8K likes and 43 comments. Each post has the probability of reaching an audience of 43.8K. The Instagram page has a YouTube counterpart that goes by “Finance covered”. The channel has amassed 270K views with 11 videos. Subscribers can learn about the stock market (functionality, logic, facts and analysis) and get daily updates.

  • Chandralekha


    Instagram Handle: financewizardcl


    One of the most well-versed finance influencers who is discussing the secrets of mastering finance

    Chandralekha is a Big 4 Risk Consultant who is a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Internal Auditor. On her Instagram account, she discusses investing, insurance, and taxes. She presents finance in an interesting way while simplifying it due to which she has been able to gain a great amount of following and engagement rate in no time.

    The skills or knowledge of one of the best finance influencers India can be seen from his feed where in each reel she’s been seen playing with some of the most complex topics with such ease and each audience member irrespective of which stream, etc they belong to is able to understand it so well.

    He has been able to impact such a great amount of people with their money management skills, investing methods, saving methods or just earning better that it has helped her gain a great amount of authority.

    She has been so successful in her approach that even the top finance influencers come to her account to seek motivation for their content. She has also been the face of some of the top finance brands through collaobrations and has been able to give unprecedented results to them.

  • Sanjay Jaswani

    26.Sanjay Jaswani

    Instagram Handle: author_sanjay


    One of the best finance Influencers in India with a wealth of knowledge you need to manage and better your finances.

    India has been blessed with one of the top investing and trading experts in Sanjay Jaiswani. He is a financial Maestro who advocates the importance of investing over savings. His teachings have been adopted by top experts across the country.

    Many prominent media outlets like Zee News, Times of India, IMDb, CNBC, Economic Times etc have interviewed the finance influencer for his expertise. He was invited to deliver a speech at United Nations. Moreover, IIT Jammu honoured Sanjay Jaswani for his speech on financial literacy.

    Sanjay’s advice has helped many become financially independent with accurate stock market investments. When asked about his motivation behind educating the masses, Sanjay replied by saying that he envisions a future where everyone has the right knowledge and skills to succeed in stock markets. This was his primary motivation behind founding “Target Accounts”. An institution (offline and online) that aims to empower financial enthusiasts with the right mindset and skill sets.

    Sanjay Jaiswani aka “The Thursday King” has a huge social media following of people who want to learn. The finance influencer has an engagement rate of 2.2% analysis and averages 9.2K likes and 56 comments per post. His content addresses topics of money making, money management, fixed deposit, schemes, insurance, loans, ESOP, cryptocurrency, Personal Finance, UPI, taxation, investing, budgeting, credit score and finance management. In one of his videos Sanjay talked at length about how you can earn money on bank mistakes. In the video Sanjay addressed important topics like interactive voice response, dedicated email ID, internet banking, mobile application, credit cards and account closure. The post was a massive hit, receiving 1.7M views, 107K likes and 118 comments.

  • Jay Kapoor

    27.Jay Kapoor

    Instagram Handle: jaykapoor.24


    He comes up with unique and latest finance topics and explains them in the most interesting way possible

    Jay has been interested in the finance and tech field since he was 14 years of age. He has always had that spark to learn more regarding it. With time, he got an idea to take it one step further and share all of his knowledge with the audience to make them understand all of it too. But before doing that he made sure to understand how he can make all of this information fun and interesting.

    After decoding it, now he uploads a new and exciting finance topic everyday in the form of reels and sparks curiosity in the minds of hid audience leading to them being loyal to his account. He has also gained a massive amount of following and a great engagement rate as he has been consistent with his content and maintained the required amount fo quality as well. For this, he has been recognized by forbes as well amongst the top finance creators.

    If you are searching for a finance influencer who can teach you all from the basic concepts to the advanced ones through easy examples or in creative ways, then jay is exactly what you have been looking for!

  • Stocklopedia


    Instagram Handle: stocklopedia


    Master the art of earning passive income from stock trading from the experts at stocklopedia. Become financial literate and independent with research-backed information and data.

    Stock market can be a complex subject but fret not as Stocklopedia is here to teach you ways to simplify your finances and invest wisely. After all, profitability depends on the investors ability to learn and analyse multiple market metrics and trends. However learning can take time and can be costly. This is why money investors skip the learning phase which incur heavy losses in the process. Abhishek Kumar and Mohit Jain want to help you avoid finding yourself in a similar predicament.

    By learning from the finance gurus at Stocklopedia you can avoid taking unwanted risks. They want to empower you with the best information. And to do that they undertake extensive research on the stock market before creating quality content. They use videos, articles and blogs to provide data that can help you and they do that on multiple platforms. The insights they provide can persuade you to look at investment as more than gambling.

    One of the top Finance influencers in India have changed many lives with their stock stories, saving hacks, gold, futuristic multibaggers, business, Mutual fund, trading, real estate hacks and tips. People love what they see which has brought Stocklopedia engagement rate on Instagram to 5.0%. The digital creators have covered complex financial concepts in detail in their videos. The youtubers talk at length about REIT (real estate investment trust) a company that invests in real estate and how it shares the revenue from rent as dividend. The short video is going strong with 276K likes and 662 comments.

  • Vikas Gawri

    29.Vikas Gawri

    Instagram Handle: marketians


    One of the most experienced influencer who is on a mission to make his audience financially literate

    Vikas gawri is one of the top finance Instagrammers in India who has been in the space of finance, business or marketing for over 4 years now. He has been able to rise to the top in no time owing to the fact that he understood all the concepts from the grassroot levels and knew how to apply it to make his financial journey independent and easy. He has also been on a mission to help others become financially literate so he has taken all of his knowledge and broken it down into simple terms for explaining it to the audience through his account or creative reels as the main barrier according to him for so much financial illiteracy was usage of technical terms, not proper platforms for it or expensive courses.

    You will find a new and helpful finance topic being covered almost everyday which will also include the suggestions given by you. Moreover, he comes up with different concepts, quizzes to test your knowledge and Q&A’s to take up any doubts that you might have which takes up his authoritativeness to the next level in the field.

  • Rahul Bhatnagar

    30.Rahul Bhatnagar

    Instagram Handle: raool27


    He will make your business-minded and financially smarter

    In this competitive business, you must be loud and confident in your activities in order to get noticed. It makes no difference if you’re in the crowd. If you’re serious about making a lifestyle change, it’s time to take the stage and be the finest orator in the room. This is when Rahul Bhatnagar enters the picture. Rahul Bhatnagar is a burgeoning entrepreneur, globe traveller, life coach, professional speaker, and mentor who strives to make a positive difference in the lives of those around him. He urges the kids to dream large as a successful entrepreneur, a dreamer, a supporter, and a doer. Public speaking is a passion for Rahul Bhatnagar, and it keeps him moving ahead in life. Despite this, he has conducted over 125 inspirational lectures in over 50 countries, inspiring over 30,000 people globally. By modifying their strategy, Rahul has helped countless businesses significantly increase their income. But you can’t be there everytime to listen to his seminar, to solve this Rahul Bhatnagar has opened a finance savvy Instagram account where he shares his wisdom and makes you financially smarter one step at a time. His profile reflects a huge following with an engagement rate of 0.88%. He gets an average of 20-30K on each of his reels (which is all about making you understand how business works) while some crosses the 100k mark easily.