Top Regional Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Grynow is the leading regional influencer marketing platform in India, with a network of 1500+ regional influencers on board. These influencers stem from various niches including, travel, food, fitness, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, mom bloggers, etc., as well as from different vernaculars, including Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Kannada, Odia, Marathi, Manipuri, Bengali, and more. Our approach to regional marketing is best described as selectively penetrating and targeting via language & culture to reach the key demographic.

Who are Regional Influencers?

Regional Influencers are creators who gather traction and trust of audience of a particular region by creating content in their regional language and dialect. These creators have massive popularity in their region by creating valuable content, which brands leverage for themselves through brand association leverage strategy.

Why go for Regional Influencer Marketing?

Why go for Regional Influencer Marketing?

Priceless Local Connection

Brands today want to penetrate into the most niche markets and regions of India. Given that there 22 scheduled languages, only 43.66% of the population speaks Hindi. This is where regional influencer marketing comes into the picture! Regional creators create content in their geographical language which helps them connect with the audience of that region on a much more intimate level. We help brands leverage this priceless connection between the two parties to their own benefit by employing brand association leverage strategy.

Enhancing Content Strategy

Enhancing Content Strategy

Mass targeting was the pursuit of brands a decade ago. Today, they are walking a different road. Brands are going for deep penetration into regional India. More than 210 million Internet Users consume content in vernacular languages. Where brands lack in speaking the right tone while connecting with regional customers, regional influencers prove to the huge turning point in the brands content strategy. Regional influencer marketing contributes immensely in creating the right marketing pitch, and the Grynow team is extremely adept at tapping into the stronghold of these influential creators.

Deeper & Wider Reach

Deeper & Wider Reach

Currently, there are 450 million active internet users which will increase to 636 million in the next three years, out of which more than 70% of the users speak in different vernaculars. With the right regional influencer strategy, brands can effectively connect with this growing internet audience and expand their reach far deeper into the roots of India. You know your brand has won when people stop connecting your product to a particular region of the country.

Statistics hint a new trend

Statistics hint a new trend Statistics hint a new trend

If we take a brief look at the recent behavioural data of internet users, we see a new trend building amongst the Indian audience. Since 2016, 68% Internet users consider local language digital content to be more reliable than English! Moreover, 88% of Indian language internet users are more likely to respond to a digital advertisement in their local language as compared to English. This data clearly shows how Indian audience is becoming more inclined towards their regional language as compared to English or any other language.

Regional Creators are on a Boom

Statistics hint a new trend

While the consumption of content in vernacular language is rapidly escalating, so is the requirement for regional creators! Currently growing their reach & influencer at an exponential rate, these creators are making their own space in the influencer marketing industry. Not only the add a personal touch to your brand’s content, the audience also trusts them immensely. Since people only buy from the people they trust, these creators are your winning ticket, and we, the Grynow team will build you a winning campaign.

Top Regional Influencers in India

Aisha Rizwan Malik

  • Username - @aishazwan
  • Niche - Fashion
  • Followers - 53.8K
  • Region - Chennai, Tamil Nadu


  • Username - @saffrontrail
  • Niche - Food
  • Followers - 79.5K
  • Region - Bangalore, Karnataka

Srijita Mitra

  • Username - @srijitamitraofficial
  • Niche - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Followers - 720K
  • Region - Kolkata, West Bengal

Priya Prakash Varrier

  • Username - @priya.p.varrier
  • Niche - Entertainment
  • Followers - 7.2M
  • Region - Thrissur, Kerala

What Makes Grynow the Best Regional Influencer Platform in India?

Expertise in Influencer Management

The Grynow team has special expertise in managing relations with influencers, how to approach them, how to strike a lucrative deal which is win for both parties, and how to make the best of their authority in their niche. This makes us the best regional influencer marketing agency in India.

Several years of experience in industry

We have 5+ years of experience working for regional marketing, helping regional brands to grow. Moreover, our unique team has also understood different patterns observed in regional marketing and best ways to break the waters in a new region for a brand through creators.

Varied Network of Influencers

We have spent numerous years scanning the internet multiverse and picking the most lucrative regional creators to add to our elite network of influencers. We are also always on the lookout for new & rising creators in different regions. Our network pertains to various niches as well as vernaculars.

Employing only the Best Practices

With Voice, Video, and Vernacular (The 3 Vs) being the basis of how Indian internet users now interact with this multiverse of content, our practices seek to make the best out of our regional campaigns. Moreover, we are constantly improvising and innovating our effort to keep up with market trends and make the best out of current situations.

Ingenious Marketers in Team

The Grynow team consists of marketers with relevant industry experience, who are not afraid to experiment! With leaders from prestigious institutes of IIM and IIT, they bring in their world-class experience and visionary marketing techniques. This makes us the leading regional influencer platform in India.

Multiple Successful Campaigns

With 5+ years in regional influencer marketing industry, our team has produced multiple successful resulted oriented influencer campaigns. We put our heart & soul into each campaign we design & execute, which results in definite success. We are already trusted by 100+ brands!