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Grynow is the leading Influencer Marketing agency in Philippines backed by a strong network of mega, macro, micro as well as nano social influencers who create original and engaging content. We are a trusted influencer marketing platform which bring together brands, visionary marketers and credible social media influencers to help brands achieve their marketing goals in Philippines through remarkable influencer marketing campaigns.

How our social media influencer marketing agency in Philippines can help brands?

At GryNow, we go all out for brands and influencers, by creating an atmosphere of support, allowing brands to clearly lay out their goals and aspirations as well as helping influencers to create a credible content strategy to aid the influencer campaign.

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Brands achieve their goals through our influencer marketing strategy in 5 simple steps

Brand’s marketing goals

Our process begins with analyzing the brand’s goals, their products & services as well as the brand message in order to determine what kind of influencer marketing campaign / influencers / platform will best suit the needs of brand.

Choosing Perfect Influencers

Influencers become the face and voice of a campaign and hence, it is crucial that we find a niche influencer on the best social media platform, whose persona resonates with that of the brand. Grynow has a huge network of trending influencers which allows us to find the perfect fit for brands in Philippines.

Influencer Campaign Planning

Moving forward, after finding the right Filipino influencer for the brand, we help brands and influencers co- create an enriching content strategy according to the goals and target audience for maximizing the reach and sales.

Influencer Campaign Execution

Creative influencer campaign is executed through the influencer’s channels at the right time. We go a step further and guide brands & influencers through the process.

Delivering Results

At Grynow, we believe in creating goals and result- oriented campaigns in order to provide real- time results to the brands. For this, we track the progress of the campaign through latest tools & software.

Find influencers in Philippines through our social media influencer platform

Ranked among the best influencer marketing agencies in Philippines, Grynow boasts a huge and ever- growing network of verified social media influencers

Mega Influencers

The self- made internet celebrities, mega influencers have a following of up to 1 million people. As per the pyramid of influence, mega influencers have the highest reach among other influencers. Hence, brands looking in need of some exposure turn to mega influencers

Mega Influencers In Philippines

Ryle Paolo Tan

Zsa Zsa Padila

  • Niche - Music & Entertainment
  • Followers - 891K
  • Profile Link - Zsa Zsa Padila

Lou Yanong

  • Niche - Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Followers - 889K
  • Profile Link - Lou Yanong

Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are individuals who are experts in a particular niche and have a following of somewhere between 100,000 to 1 million people. Brands work with macro influencers when they wish to reach only a particular kind of audience.

Macro Influencers in Philippines

Bella Racelis

  • Niche - Beauty, Fashion, Art
  • Followers - 534K
  • Profile Link - Bella Racelis

Marlon Stockinger

Maggie Wilson

Micro Influencers

Often regarded as industry or niche- experts, micro influencers have a relatively less reach as compared to mega influencers or macro influencers, while on the other hand, micro influencers have a much higher engagement on their channel.

Micro Influencers in Philippines

Deanna Wong

  • Niche - Sports
  • Followers - 317K
  • Profile Link - Deanna Wong

Cebu Pacific Air


  • Niche - Beauty & Makeup
  • Followers - 317K
  • Profile Link - MadamKilay

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers come in at the very bottom of the pyramid of influence. According to the pyramid of influence, nano influencers have the smallest reach and yet the highest engagement. Brands collaborate with nano influencers when they wish to target a highly- specific audience.

Nano Influencers in Philippines

Alex Medina

  • Niche - Music & Entertainment
  • Followers - 102K
  • Profile Link - Alex Medina

Angel Yeo

  • Niche - Lifestyle
  • Followers - 102K
  • Profile Link - Angel Yeo

Kris Lumagui

  • Niche - Mom Blogger, Beauty, Travel
  • Followers - 102K
  • Profile Link - Kris Lumagui

Top YouTube Influencer Platform in Philippines

GryNow is the top YouTube influencer agency in Philippines, boasting a YouTube influencer network of verified influencers pertaining to all major niches, and from mega influencers to nano influencers.

Find YouTube Influencers For Your Brand In Philippines

Ranz Kyle

  • Niche - Entertainment
  • Subscribers - 13.1 Million
  • Channel Link - Ranz Kyle

Ivana Alawi

  • Niche - Music Vlogs
  • Subscribers - 9.68 Million
  • Channel Link - Ivana Alawi

Cong TV

  • Niche - Comedy
  • Subscribers - 6.98 Million
  • Channel Link - Cong TV

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Top Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency in Philippines

GryNow has built a credible network of verified Instagram influencers across Philippines from all major categories including food, gaming, tech, lifestyle, beauty, fitness and many more, making it the best Instagram influencer agency in Philippines.

Find Influencers For Your Brand Through Our Instagram Influencer Database In Philippines

Anne Curtis

  • Niche - Celebrity
  • Followers - 15.8 Million
  • Profile Link - Anne Curtis

Pia Wurtzbach

  • Niche - Fashion & Modelling
  • Followers - 11.4 Million
  • Profile Link - Pia Wurtzbach

Catriona Gray

  • Niche - Music
  • Followers - 10.6 Million
  • Profile Link - Catriona Gray

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What makes us the Top Influencer Marketing Platform in Philippines?


Grynow has more than 5 years of experience in executing influencer marketing campaigns

Prowess & Proficiency

GryNow strives for brilliance and this is reflected well through carefully- designed influencer campaigns.

Network of trustworthy influencers

GryNow boasts a network of ingenious influencers in Philippines verified by our influencer marketing specialist.

Best practices

The visionary executives at GryNow are well- versed with the trends of influencer marketing and keep up with the best practices.

Client Retention

Client satisfaction is the top priority at GryNow which has allowed us to build a huge client retention ratio.

Hassle- free Payment Methods

At GryNow, we have set up hassle- free yet affordable influencer marketing agency pricing plans for brands.

What goals can brands achieve through our Influencer Marketing Services in Philippines?

Builds Brand Loyalty

If brands continue to work with a few fixed social media influencers, they will be able to secure a loyal customer base amongst the followers of those influencers.

Higher Conversion Rates

When brands use influencers for marketing, they reach a targeted audience and hence gain much more potential leads as compared to traditional marketing, and consequently, higher conversion rates.

Boosts Website Ranking

When influencers promote a certain brand on their channel, they divert traffic towards the brand’s social media handles as well as website, resulting in boost in the website’s ranking, which will in turn result in more traffic on brand’s website.

Increased Brand Awareness

When influencers talk about a certain brand, their followers listen and engage with them as they trust influencers. This results in increased brand awareness.

Reaching New Audiences

Through influencers, brands not only create brand loyalty among previous customers but also reach new audiences and gain potential leads for their products & services.

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