Top Food Influencers in India 2021 [Updated List]

Top Food Influencers in India 2021

Who are Food Influencers

A food influencer gives honest reviews about the food. He expresses his reviews in the form of written text i.e. Blogs or in the form of engaging videos i.e. vlogs. Food influencers already have established fan following who follows and listens to his/her views(reviews) about the food because of his/her already established authority in his(her) niche.

So, let’s uncover the most comprehensive and the latest list of top food influencers in India that are worth following

nisha madhulika

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is probably the most famous youtuber who makes videos of food recipes. She makes and teaches diverse variety of dishes that can be made in homes easily. USP – Vegetarian recipes

grandpa kitchen

Grandpa Kitchen

Grandma Kitchen is a very unique channel that makes very large amount of food dishes majorly for orphan kids. They feed orphans twice a week. Recently the channel celebrated 2nd anniversary . USP – Makes very large amount of tasty food.

kabita's kitchen

Kabita's Kitchen

Kabita through her channel loves to cook Indian cuisine. Majorly she focusses on the dishes that can be cooked within homes with easily available ingredients.

bharat kitchen

Bharat Kitchen

Bharat Kitchen is a sophisticated youtube channel that apart from making delicious recipes, it also educates the science behind the cooking. USP – They explore and teach about science behind cooking For e.g. Baking powder and baking soda difference.

sanjeev kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is renowned chef and TV personality famous for making and exploring new food recipes. He is an entrepreneur, has started various restaurant chains and cutlery/utensils brand USP – Make new innovative recipes and gives modern touch to the old ones.

viwa food world

Viwa Food world

Viwa food world is a great channel that solves unique food challenges through delicious food recipes. USP – They make entertaining videos about food challenges.

cook with parul

Cook with Parul

Cook with Parul is a great Indian youtube channel on which Parul Gupta enjoys teaching and cooking tasty Indian vegetarian food. She focusses majorly on the recipes that can be made using ingredients available easily at home. USP - Vegetarian Food Channel.

cooking shooking

Cooking Shooking

Yaman Agarwal from cooking shooking youtube channel is food enthusiast. He loves to make and teach about food recipes with a professional touch. USP - Made with Professionalism.

dilse foodie official

Dilse Foodie official

Karan Dua from Dil se foodie channel loves to explore the street food and gives unique points of selling / tastes of various small to big street food restaurants. USP – Explore street food.

hungary food

Hungry Birds

Hungry birds is an awesome channel that solves food challenges while entertaining the followers. USP – Resolving Food challenges.

tiny food

Tiny Food

  • Subscribers: 2.72 Million
  • Channel: Tiny Food

Ram and Valar of Tiny food youtube channel entertain their followers with hilarious and entertaining food videos with small idols. They make food in very tiny utensils.

priyanka tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari

Priyanka Tiwari through her youtube channel explores food through travelling various cities. USP – Explore food through travelling.

seema smart kitchen

Seema's Smart Kitchen

The aim of this channel is to spread knowledge, experience and passion of cooking. Seema aims to bring together like minded people into a community. USP- Easy and interesting vegetarian recipes.

chef ranveer

Chef Ranveer

The official channel of celebrity chef Ranveer Brar. Chef Ranveer shares recipes ranging from spicy snacks for evening to super delicious deserts to compliment your dinner. USP- Inclined more towards the Indian cuisine.