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Grynow is the top meme marketing agency in India that offers marketing and branding through the power of memes.
At Grynow, the top meme marketing agency, we skillfully incorporate your brand into humorous and widely-shared meme videos, paving the way for your branding to go viral seamlessly.

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Why Should Brands Go for Meme Marketing?

  • Simple and precise delivery with humor

    Simple and precise delivery with humor

    Meme Marketing offers simple and quick delivery of messages. The social relevance is very high and it quickly and quirky connects with the audiences. Meme marketing services leverage the prevailing and popular meme to act as the ship to deliver precise information. See More

  • Top-notch creativity and artisanal innovations

    Every day, users engage with an astonishing number of memes, making memes an innovative and effective medium for marketers to capture and retain the audience's attention. See More

  • Leverage massive reach and high virality

    Memes have become a formidable tool for marketers due to their ability to convey stories succinctly and their potential to spread rapidly across the internet, much like wildfires. With the expert guidance of meme marketing services, memes can reach and resonate with audiences beyond traditional marketing methods. See More

  • Efficient, effective,
    and everlasting

    Being cost-effective, simple to create, and offering a substantial ROI, meme marketing has revitalized advertising, sparking a revolution in digital marketing. If you're asking, "How can we reach and connect with millennials?", the answer lies with meme marketing experts. The meme market has carved its own niche in the digital landscape as viral meme marketing continues to deliver impressive results, bringing valuable leads. See More

As a leading meme marketing company in India, we're fully harnessing the power of memes for marketing and branding. Our team of experts in meme marketing knows how to craft and curate memes that not only entertain but also effectively promote your brand, making meme marketing services an essential part of your digital strategy.

How Are Brands Leveraging The Power Of The Meme Culture?

Brands are continuously evolving their marketing strategies, adapting to the latest trends and technologies. Nowadays, many brands are recalibrating their approaches to incorporate meme marketing into their marketing arsenal.
With the meme culture in India booming and quickly reaching millions of people, brands are seizing this opportunity to connect with their audience in a unique and engaging manner.
Despite the surge of advertisements presented to today's youth, many are dismissed. However, a well-crafted and strategically placed meme, created by meme marketing professionals, can resonate strongly with this demographic.
Memes, due to their relatable nature, aid brands in establishing a personal connection with millennials.
Given their high engagement ratio, an increasing number of brands, including Nescafe and Netflix, are employing meme jacking as a part of their marketing strategy, often executed by professional meme experts.
That's the beauty of meme marketing - it continues to push boundaries, becoming increasingly humorous and creative.
The youth have bestowed immense influence on the meme culture, and brands, with the help of meme marketing experts, are tactically harnessing this power to their advantage.
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The Best Meme Marketing Company in India: USPs

Selecting the best meme marketing company can be the difference between a campaign that falls flat and one that resonates, drives engagement, and promotes your brand in viral capacity. Grynow is among the industry's leading meme marketing service providers and for good reasons.

Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

Grynow's team is composed of highly skilled meme marketing experts who understand the nuances of meme culture. We are well-versed in what type of content resonates with different audiences, and our extensive experience allows us to craft creative campaigns that not only entertain but also effectively promote your brand. See More

Understanding of Meme Culture

Understanding of Meme Culture

The success of a meme marketing campaign largely depends on understanding and respecting meme culture. Grynow's meme marketing experts are not only aware of the latest trends in meme culture but are also adept at predicting upcoming trends, ensuring your brand remains ahead of the curve. See More

Unique, Customized Approach

Grynow believes that every brand is unique and requires a unique approach. With our amusing, compelling & artistic meme marketing services, we ensure that the memes used align with your brand's image, values, and target audience, leading to a more successful and engaging campaign. See More

Legally Compliant

Legally Compliant

Grynow is well aware of the legal considerations associated with memes and copyright issues. We ensure that all memes created and used are legally compliant, protecting your brand from any potential copyright infringement. See More

Results Driven

Results Driven

Grynow's meme marketing services are results-oriented. We continuously track the performance of your campaign, making adjustments as necessary to maximize engagement and reach. Choosing Grynow means opting for a comprehensive, expert-driven approach to meme marketing. With our team of meme marketing professionals from renowned universities like IITs, NITs, and IITs, you can be confident that your brand is not only leveraging the viral potential of memes but doing so in a way that is effective, engaging, and legally compliant. See More

Trust Grynow to take your brand to the next level with meme marketing!!

How We Devise Our Meme Marketing Campaigns

It all begins with understanding the brand’s needs. Decoding and breaking down their goal into smaller agendas to understand what form of meme marketing will work best and drawing up a marketing strategy by analyzing the target audience to achieve the end game. Moving forward, the next step involves the creation of memes in accordance with our campaign. These memes should enclose the brand’s message outlined with humor, keeping in mind our target audience so that they resonate well with our campaign. As part of our final step, we carefully examine the platforms with an audience similar to our target audience to maximize the engagement, leads and sales. These social media platforms form the means to reach our end i.e. our target audience. See More

What Makes Us The “Best Meme Marketing Agency In India”?

Let us show through our recent campaign

Case Study: MOJ

Moj is one of the world's most famous short video streaming applications. The platform supports multiple languages and allows users to customize their videos with stickers, animations, emoticons, and other effects. Furthermore, Moj has introduced live commerce capabilities to enable users to interact and shop on the platform.
The representatives from Moj approached us intending to appeal to mass audiences in the most organic format, maximizing interaction with platform users and generating exposure for their new trends and hashtags every week.
Grynow's meme creating expert team began working on a strategy with 80 Influencers from entertainment, dance, Bollywood, and travel niches, instructed to promote trends and hashtags through meme campaigns. We made the memes go viral by coat-tailing the latest trends combined with compelling calls to action. The campaigns ran for two months, and during the duration, we brought 20 million + views on Instagram and YouTube.

Case study: HELO APP campaign

Helo App is an Indian Social Media App that enables its users to watch and share viral and funny content along with daily news with their friends and family. GryNow helped Helo App to create awareness by building their brand image and devising a campaign that helped them to tap into their target audience and maximize their sales and ROI. Through our marketing strategies, Helo App received over 12 million views in just within 7 days. This was achieved through our carefully designed memes, keeping in mind the agenda and through content amplification via meme pages with an audience similar to our target audience.


A meme (pronounced as ‘meem’) is a concept or idea of communicating instant humor to your audience through images, customized phrases, gifs or even vines. Memes are easily understood, retained and the quickest way to convey your emotions.
The culture of memes has been around for a long time but the past decade observed a boom in the meme market and doesn’t show signs of slowing down because they are generic, literally anyone can create them.
Memes have become a source for the millennials to learn about the happenings all over the world. They have become the perfect combination of information and entertainment i.e. infotainment and we as a top meme marketing agency in India utilize memes in marketing and branding for products / services.

There's no doubt that we often find ourselves entranced by the gravitational pull of memes, regardless of which social media platform we frequent - be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or even Pinterest.
Memes have gained such popularity that entire social media profiles, run by dedicated 'memers', are devoted to crafting and sharing these infectious units of culture. Over the years, these social media 'memers' have amassed a vast following, thanks to their distinctive sense of humor.
Recognizing this, the meme culture has emerged as a massive, untapped avenue for marketers, offering a novel way to boost brand advocacy. Meme marketing has evolved to become an integral part of viral marketing strategies.
With the broad reach of memes in mind, brands are now targeting the meme community to bolster brand awareness. This strategy, provided by meme marketing experts, is often referred to as memejacking in marketing circles. It entails the strategic use of memes to amplify brand advocacy, leveraging these social media catalysts for maximum impact.

Several forward-thinking brands have leveraged meme marketing to reach and engage their audience, including Denny's, Gucci, Netflix, Wendy's, and Spotify.
These brands have worked with meme marketing specialists to curate content that resonates with their audience.
Other notable examples include BarkBox, a pet supplies company known for its humorous dog-related memes, and Old Spice, which has also used the expertise of meme marketing experts in their digital advertising campaigns.

Absolutely, brands can use meme marketing to promote their products or services. Meme marketing experts can help brands tap into a pre-existing community of meme enthusiasts, fostering organic sharing and engagement.
Memes often carry a sense of humor and can make a brand appear more human and relatable, thereby making the promotion more effective.
However, the memes used should align with the brand's image and should resonate with the target audience.

Memes can potentially face copyright issues. Often, they are created using images, videos, or other content that someone else owns the rights to.
When a brand is working with meme marketing services, it's important to ensure that the meme marketing experts are aware of these legal considerations and work within them.
If a meme is used for commercial purposes, the copyright holder might have a claim for infringement. It's recommended that brands consult with a legal expert/agency when using memes to ensure they are not infringing on anyone's copyright.

Yes, meme marketing can be a highly successful tool for brands when done correctly. It provides a unique way to resonate with younger audiences who are deeply involved in internet culture.
Experts of meme marketing allow brands to show a more informal, playful side, enhancing relatability. Memes are shareable and have the potential to go viral, giving brands an opportunity to reach a wider audience.
Companies such as Netflix have successfully used meme marketing experts to promote their shows and engage their audiences.

Higher Engagement: With the assistance of meme marketing services, brands can create highly shareable content that leads to organic engagement.
Reach Younger Audiences: Millennials and Gen Z are heavily involved in meme culture. With the help of meme marketing experts, brands can reach and engage these younger demographics more effectively.
Brand Humanization: Memes can make a brand appear more human, approachable, and relatable, helping to build a stronger connection with its audience.
Cost-Effective: Engaging meme marketing services is often less expensive than traditional advertising mediums, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.