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Grynow is the top meme marketing agency in India that offers marketing and branding through the power of memes. We utilize the sense of humor and the reach of the meme videos and blend your brand in the video seamlessly which helps in your branding become viral.

What is a MEME?

A meme (pronounced as ‘meem’) is a concept or idea of communicating instant humor to your audience through images, customized phrases, gifs or even vines. Memes are easily understood, retained and the quickest way to convey your emotions.

The culture of memes has been around for a long time but the past decade observed a boom in the meme market and doesn’t show signs of slowing down because they are generic, literally anyone can create them. Memes have become a source for the millennials to learn about the happenings all over the world. They have become the perfect combination of information and entertainment i.e. infotainment and we as a top meme marketing agency in India utilize memes in marketing and branding for products / services.

What is Meme Marketing?

It is no denying that we often find ourselves dragged into the whirlpool of memes, no matter what social media platform we are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or even Pinterest.

Memes have become so popular on social media that there are social media profiles completely dedicated towards creating and sharing memes with their followers. Such social media ‘memers’ have managed to gather a huge following over the years through their humor.

Like so, the meme culture has become a huge untapped opportunity for the marketers to increase brand advocacy. Meme marketing has become an extension of viral marketing. Keeping in mind the reachability of memes, brands are now targeting the meme community to create brand awareness.

This is more commonly termed as memejacking among the marketers. It simply means the use of memes in order to maximize brand advocacy by placing them carefully on these social media stimulants.

Why should you go for Meme Marketing?

Users consume huge quantities of memes on daily basis; hence, memes make a great way by which marketers can catch and keep audience’s attention. They have become the latest weapon for marketers because of its ability to communicate the story without the use of many words and their ability to spread fast throughout the internet like forest fires. Memes reach and connect with audience beyond the conventional methods.

Being cost effective, easy to create and offering a good ROI, meme marketing has given the much-needed glow up to advertising, bringing about a revolution in digital marketing.

Meme marketing is the answer to- “How to reach and connect with the millennials?”. The meme market now has its own place in the digital market as viral meme marketing continues to win and bring the prize (leads) home. And we as the leading meme marketing agency in India is fully leveraging the power of memes in marketing and branding.


How are Brands leveraging the power of the meme culture?

Brands keep changing their marketing strategies, to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Today brands changing their algorithm to accommodate meme marketing in their strategy.

The meme culture in India is rapidly growing, reaching millions of people really fast. Brands use this fact to their advantage. No matter how many ads we try to shove down the youth’s feed they will ignore them all. But a good humored and carefully placed meme will resonate well with them.

Since memes are relatable, they help brands connect with the millennials on a personal level. Given their high engagement ratio, more and more brands are now resorting to meme jacking to market their product, even Nescafe and Netflix are on board.

That’s the thing about meme marketing, it can always get even more humorous and creative. The youth placed a lot of power in the hands of the meme culture, and brands are strategically leveraging this power in their favor.

How we devise our Brand Campaigns

It all begins with understanding the brand’s needs. Decoding and breaking down their goal into smaller agendas to understand what form meme marketing will work best and drawing up a marketing strategy by analyzing the target audience to achieve the end game.

Moving forward, the next step involves the creation of memes in accordance with our campaign. These memes should enclose the brand’s message outlined with humor, keeping in mind our target audience so that they resonate well with our campaign.

As part of our final step, we carefully examine the platforms with audience similar to our target audience to maximize the engagement, leads and sales. These social media platforms form the means to reach our end i.e. our target audience.

What makes us the “Best meme marketing agency in India” ?

Let us show through our recent campaign -

Case study: HELO APP campaign

Helo App is an Indian Social Media App that enables its users to watch and share viral and funny content along with daily news with their friends and family. GryNow helped Helo App to create awareness by building their brand image and devising a campaign that helped them to tap into their target audience and maximizing their sales and ROI. Through our marketing strategies, Helo App received over 12 million views in just within 7 days. This was achieved through our carefully designed memes, keeping in mind the agenda and through content amplification via meme pages with audience similar to our target audience.

For example- videos provided by helo app for amplification on meme pages

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