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GryNow is the leading influencer marketing platform in Dubai with an ever- growing network of verified mega influencers, macro influencers, micro influencers and nano influencers who create original & engaging content from all niches.

At GryNow, we strive to create a platform of immense potential, to bring together insightful marketers and creative social media influencers, to help brands achieve their various marketing goals through influencer marketing campaigns.

How our social media influencer marketing agency in Dubai,
UAE can help brands?

Identifying the marketing Goal

the marketing Goal

Choosing influencers strategically

Choosing influencers strategically

Devising the strategy

the strategy

Implementing in campaign

Implementing in campaign

Powerful results

Powerful results

At Grynow, we not only bring together brands with suitable social influencers, but we also help them
connect and co- create in order to spin out the most creative and credible influencer marketing campaigns
in Dubai, designed to efficiently reach the target audience and goal- driven.

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Brands achieve their goals
through our influencer marketing strategy in 5 simple steps

Setting Marketing KPI

Setting Marketing KPIs

Key Performing Indicators are the main parameters that allow us to track the progress of the influencer campaigns. Hence, we decide the KPIs according to the marketing goals of the brand that allows us to track the progress and quantitatively formulate the results.

Target Audience

Target Audience

We analyse the brand’s target audience to understand their needs & wants and try to match with the audience of the influencer for maximizing the results. Moreover, we analyse the right blend of influencer and social media platform to reach the target audience for the brand.

Find Influencers

Find Influencers

Grynow has an ever- growing network of top influencers from Dubai, UAE to execute the excellent and efficient influencer outreach strategy for the brands. This allows brands to team up with the best & and find suitable influencers whose niche resonates with the niche of brand. At Grynow, we believe in forming ever- lasting relationships with all our stakeholders.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Finding the perfect match for the brand, is consequently followed by curating the right influencer marketing strategy i.e. content strategy, campaign creation & execution. We believing in creating such a creative influencer campaign, that the target audience can resonate with and hence, be interested in engaging with.

Tracking Analytics

Tracking Analytics

At Grynow, we employ latest technological tools that allow us to do real- time tracking of the progress of the influencer campaigns, and quantify the results for a better understanding.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results

We deliver you the results according to brand’s goals and objectives i.e. awareness, leads or sales

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Being the top social media influencer agency in Dubai, GryNow boasts a massive network of trusted influencers including mega, macro, micro as well as nano influencers.


Mega Influencers

Mega influencers have their place at the top of influence pyramid. Mega influencers are considered to be self- made internet celebrities as they have a very wide reach. Brands collaborate with mega influencers to achieve goals such as increased brand awareness, stronger online presence etc.

Mega influencers in Dubai, UAE

Laura Badura
  • Laura Badura

  • Niche - Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 811K
  • Profile Link - Laura Badura
Latifa Al Shamshi
  • Latifa Al Shamshi

  • Niche - Food & Travel
  • Subscribers - 370K
  • Profile Link - Latifa Al Shamshi
  • Sheida

  • Niche - Fashion
  • Subscribers - 622K
  • Profile Link - Sheida

Macro Influencers

Influencers with a following of anywhere between 100,000 and 1 million are usually categorized as macro influencers. Macro influencers usually have a certain type of audience. Hence, brands work with macro influencers when they want to reach only a particular category of audience.

Macro influencers in Dubai, UAE

Deepti Chandak
  • Deepti Chandak

  • Niche - Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 242K
  • Profile Link - Deepti Chandak
  • Nadya

  • Niche - Travel
  • Subscribers - 221K
  • Profile Link - Nadya
Shereen Mitwalli
  • Shereen Mitwalli

  • Niche - Motivation
  • Subscribers - 172K
  • Profile Link - Shereen Mitwalli

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers boast of reach relatively less as compared to mega influencers and macro influencers but at the same time, their content produces much higher engagement. Brands target micro influencers when they want to achieve goals such as lead generation, more sales, etc.

Micro influencers in Dubai, UAE

Leanne Lyn Everett
  • Leanne Lyn Everett

  • Niche - Fashion & Beauty
  • Subscribers - 141K
  • Profile Link - Leanne Lyn Everett
Natalia Shustova
  • Natalia Shustova

  • Niche - Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 139K
  • Profile Link - Natalia Shustova
Aiisha Ramadan
  • Aiisha Ramadan

  • Niche - Motivation & Self- Help
  • Subscribers - 98.3K
  • Profile Link - Aiisha Ramadan

Nano Influencers

As per the pyramid of influence, nano influencers have the lowest reach with a following of only 1000 followers. But on the other hand, nano influencers produce the highest engagement. Hence, brands collaborate with nano influencers when they wish to target a very specific audience.

Nano influencers in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Fashionista
  • Dubai Fashionista

  • Niche - Fashion
  • Subscribers - 21K
  • Profile Link - Dubai Fashionista
Olga Lobanova
  • Olga Lobanova

  • Niche - Travel
  • Subscribers - 14.2K
  • Profile Link - Olga Lobanova
Tala Farah
  • Tala Farah

  • Niche - Mom blogger
  • Subscribers - 7436
  • Profile Link - Tala Farah

Top YouTube Influencer Agency in Dubai, UAE

GryNow is one of the leading YouTube Influencer Marketing Companies in Dubai, UAE, backed by a fast- growing network of YouTube influencers from all major niches including, tech, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, gaming, vlogs, etc.

Find YouTube influencers in Dubai, UAE for your brand

Alexandra Mary Hirschi
Mo Vlogs
  • Mo Vlogs

  • Niche - Music Vlogs
  • Subscribers - 9.92 Million
  • Profile Link - Mo Vlogs
Lana Rose
  • Lana Rose

  • Niche - Music & Entertainment
  • Subscribers - 11.8 Million
  • Profile Link - Lana Rose

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Top Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform in Dubai, UAE

GryNow has a wide Instagram influencer network in Dubai, across all the major categories including gaming, food, music, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, etc., making it the best Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE.

Find Instagram influencers in Dubai, UAE for your brand

Noor Stars
  • Noor Stars

  • Niche - Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 8.7 Million
  • Profile Link - Noor Stars
Rashed Belhasa
  • Rashed Belhasa

  • Niche - Motivation
  • Subscribers - 1.7 Million
  • Profile Link - Rashed Belhasa
Mo Vlogs
  • Mo Vlogs

  • Niche - Music
  • Subscribers - 3.1 Million
  • Profile Link - Mo Vlogs

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What makes us the
Top Local Influencer Marketing Agency in Indonesia?

Digital- Accredited Agency

Digital- Accredited Agency

Backed by visionary executives and empowered by the latest and accurate technological tools, GryNow stands tall as a digital accredited agency.

Best Practices

Best Practices

At GryNow, we keep optimizing our processes through A / B testing in order to identify the latest trends & best practices to create successful influencer campaigns.

Enriching Content Strategy

Enriching Content Strategy

At GryNow, we understand that content is the real MVP when it comes to creating real engagement between a brand and its target audience. Hence, we create a content strategy that highlights the brand message clearly to people.

Result- Oriented Strategies

Result- Oriented Strategies-

We believe in beginning at the end. We determine the end goal first and the desired results and subsequently, come up with solid result- oriented strategies for our clients.

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

At GryNow, we offer the most affordable influencer marketing pricing, enabling even small businesses with little finance to capitalize upon influencers.

Affordable Pricing Packages

Affordable Pricing Packages

Our world- class services come at affordable influencer marketing pricing, making our services easy to access for start- ups as well.

What goals can you achieve through our Influencer Marketing Services in Dubai, UAE?

Quality Lead Generation

Quality Lead Generation

When you approach an audience through an influencer, you reach a highly targeted audience, who will be interested in your brand. Hence, brands acquire quality leads through influencers.

Builds Trust & Credibility

Builds Trust & Credibility

Influencers put in consistent effort and engaging content to build their brand value and when brands leverage this, it also adds to their own value and hence, brands build trust and credibility.

Builds Long- Lasting Partnerships

Builds Long- Lasting Partnerships

While working influencers, brands get the opportunity to build long- lasting and winning partnerships with them. In the long run, these partnerships work in favour of brands.

Provides Value to Potential Customers

Provides Value to Potential Customers

When brands reach their potential customers through an unconventional means and engaging content, it adds value for them and attracts their attention more so.

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