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Grynow is the leading nano influencer marketing agency in India. As a leading nano influencer marketing platform, we have an exemplary team of visionaries that helps brands to reach their goals effectively in record time. Our approach to nano influencer marketing is identified as innovative & progressive, allowing brands to make the most of the current trends and achieve undefined success.

Who are Nano Influencers?

Who are Nano Influencers

These are individuals who have a following of 1000 to 10,000 followers. They are not necessarily known for their reach but for their quality of being “relatable”. More and more brands are progressively finding value in collaborating with them, owing to the fact that they yield the highest average engagement rate among all influencers, i.e., 5.98%, which is almost twice as high as the rest.

Why Nano Influencer Marketing is important for your brand?

Luxury of High Engagement Rates

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Whatever small creators lose in reach, they make up for, in terms of engagement rate. The reason behind this being that they do not have celebrity status, and quite contrary to that, are relatable. Hence, followers don’t feel hesitant while liking or commentating on their content. This quality of being approachable, also works as a big plus for brands as well. As a result, more than 25% brands wish to work with them for their campaigns, as per a study by Linqia, 2021. Today, more and more brands are shifting their focus on small creators, and we are helping them find the right ones!

Excellent Return on Investment

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Another bonus for nano influencer marketing is that this category of influencers comes very cost-effective, as well as cost-friendly! Many such individuals are happy to collaborate with brands in exchange of their products and services only. According to SocialPubli, less than 45% of small creators prefer monetary compensation.

Moreover, 52% of the total social media influencers are small or nano influencers. Thus, brands can work with multiple creators simultaneously and scale their reach effectively without spending a load of money, making this a blessing for small companies and start-ups. Grynow helps brands to segment their target market and personalize their campaigns to end up with success, making it the best nano influencer agency.

Allows Room for Experimentation

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As stated above, collaborating with small creators is highly cost friendly, with great returns on investment. This brings in an unexpected benefit. Being cost friendly allows brands to experiment their marketing strategies through small campaigns. Since, a lot is not on stake, brands put their new and eccentric strategies into play through such campaigns to test the waters, and determine audience reaction and reception to their approach. There are many big brands that have collaborated with creators who have as low as 3000 followers!

Great Trust of Audience

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Small creators invest their time and effort to build a small & personal community of followers. Thus, it is easier for them to connect, identify and engage with them. This results in a one-on-one communication between them, a stronger connection, and a greater trust. This trust that they build with their audience is highly valuable. This also ensures that when they collaborate with brands, they don’t take risks to jeopardize their bond with followers, and deliver extremely amazing content that will not disappoint their audience. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, more than 75% of brands recognize the high quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns. Thus, nano influencer marketing is a win for both the brand and the creator.

Right on Relevancy

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Nano influencers begin by creating content pertaining to very specific niches, so as to attract quality followers, who will definitely engage with their content. this is exactly why brands should collaborate with them, to reach a quality niched audience. For a campaign to be fruitful, the brands should reach the right audience, and this problem is easily solved by nano influencer marketing platform. Executing your strategy through the right creator ensures the relevancy of your efforts. Moreover, brands understand how market, at a larger scale, will receive their product/service. With 65% of companies increasing their spend on influencer marketing, as per a study by MediaKix, it is the best time to leverage this!

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What Makes Grynow the best nano influencer platform in India?

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Large Network of Nano Influencers

We boast a network of 2000+ nano influencers from various niches including, food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, fitness, etc., from all over India. These creators are verified and create quality content that gathers huge engagement from users, and contribute in campaigns to personalize them.

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Expertise working with Brands & Influencers

The Grynow team has over expertise in dealing with brands and creators. We know how to understand the needs & goals of brand’s marketing efforts and how to deliver them in time bound fashion. Moreover, our team is expert at choosing the right creators for a brand.

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Multiple Years of Experience

Grynow boasts of more than 5 years of experience as the best nano influencer platform in India. This allows us to understand how this industry works to the core, how to adapt to trends, and how to track the success of our efforts.

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Several Successful Campaigns

The Grynow team has brought several nano influencer campaigns to fruition, thanks to years of experience and in-depth expertise of the industry. We work to make every campaign a successful one. Already 200+ top brands trust us to being their marketing campaigns to success.

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Keep up with Trends

With years of experience on our hands, we understand how to read the market and observe the surge of trends. We adapt to trends to leverage the most out of them for our clients and achieve their marketing goals.

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Visionary Marketers on Board

The Grynow Team leads with insightfulness and commitment, which allows us to take a result oriented and data driven approach to campaign designing. This makes us the leading nano influencer agency in India.