Top Nano Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Top Nano Influencer Marketing Agency in India

Grynow is the leading Nano influencer marketing agency in India. As a leading Nano influencer marketing platform, we have an exemplary team of visionaries that helps brands to reach their goals effectively in record time. Our approach to Nano influencer marketing is identified as innovative & progressive, allowing brands to make the most of the current trends and achieve undefined success.

Why Collaborating with Nano Influencer Marketing Platform is Crucial for Brands?

Luxury of High Engagement Rates

Celebrities have a range of followers from all over the dwelling; different ages, demographics, incomes, lifestyles, etc. Assume, you’re a face cream company. If a beauty-niche, based Nano-influencer is posting about your product, their audience is previously interested in your product. Contrariwise, if a celebrity posts about your product only a minor division of their followers might be attentive. That small segment, nevertheless, is perhaps not engrossed considering.

Whatever small creators lose in reach, they make up for, in terms of engagement rate. The reason behind this being that they do not have celebrity status, and quite contrary to that, are relatable. Nano influencer marketing agencies like Grynow ensure to make this a winning move for brands. Hence, followers don’t feel hesitant while liking or commentating on their content. According to a report from Later and Fohr, small influencers, specifically those with under 25,000 followers, own the maximum engagement rates at approximately 7%. This superiority of being amenable, also works as a big plus for brands as well. As a result, more than 25% brands wish to work with them for their campaigns, as per Google.

Excellent Return on Investment

Another bonus for Nano influencer marketing is that this category of influencers comes very cost-effective, as well as cost-friendly! Many such individuals are happy to collaborate with brands in exchange of their products and services only. According to SocialPubli, less than 45% of small creators prefer monetary compensation. Thus, Nano-influencer marketing company has found that this has become one the most invested sector in terms of digital marketing. It is the sagacity of personalization that is omitted from other types of digital marketing plans. Moreover, 52% of the total social media influencers are small or Nano influencers. We help brands to segment their target market and personalize their campaigns to end up with success, making it the best Nano influencer agency.

Allows Room for Experimentation

As stated above, collaborating with small creators is highly cost friendly, with great returns on investment. Thus, brands can work with multiple creators simultaneously and scale their reach effectively without spending a load of money, making this a blessing for small companies and start-ups. This brings in an unexpected benefit. Being cost friendly allows brands to experiment their marketing strategies through small campaigns. Since, a lot is not on stake, brands put their new and eccentric strategies into play through such campaigns to test the waters and determine audience reaction and reception to their approach. Thus, Grynow as an nano influencer marketing agency has helped many big brands to collaborate with creators who have as low as 3000 followers!

Great Trust of Audience

Small creators invest their time and effort to build a small & personal community of followers. Thus, it is easier for them to connect, identify and engage with them. This results in a one-on-one communication between them, a stronger connection, and a greater trust. This trust that they build with their audience is highly valuable. This also ensures that when they collaborate with brands, they don’t take risks to jeopardize their bond with followers and deliver extremely amazing content that will not disappoint their audience.

Studies from marketing dive show that 70% of millennial consumers are subjective by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions, which we easily translate to sales. Not only do they have 22.2 times (Source: Google) more conversations weekly about purchasing recommendations matched to an average consumer, but their audience is more likely to trust them when they promote a product that they actually love. According to Google, more than 75% of brands recognize the high quality of customers from influencer marketing campaigns. Thus, Nano influencer marketing is a win for both the brand and the creator.

Right on Relevancy

Customers find user-generated content (UGC) to be 9.8x more influential, according to stackla, than branded content when making a purchase decision. Nano influencers begin by creating content pertaining to very specific niches, so as to attract quality followers, who will definitely engage with their content.

This is exactly why Grynow, as a nano influencer marketing agency, encourages brands to collaborate with nano infuencers, to reach a quality niched audience. For a campaign to be fruitful, the brands should reach the right audience, and this problem is easily solved by Nano influencer marketing platform. Executing your strategy through the right creator ensures the relevancy of your efforts. Moreover, brands understand how market, at a larger scale, will receive their product/service. According to social public, today, 9 out of 10 brands are leveraging some form of influencer marketing, so be a part of the race to success!

Top Nano Influencers in India


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Suman Bhagat

Samreen Siddiqui

What Makes Grynow No. 1 Nano Influencer Marketing Company

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Creating Evergreen Content

We infuse a brand’s value proposition into the campaign strategy by scrutinizing best Nano influencers to create reliable, data & story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign’s lifecycle. We find the best maven who can perfectly present your product/service.

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Managing End to End

Making easy the development of Nano influencer campaigns for brands, Nano influencer & target audience Research, Contracting, Content creation-curation, delivering global creative strategies, negotiating payments, reporting & Analytics, developing long term relationships with influencers and more to help you create unforgettable and successful Nano influencer marketing campaigns.

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Working Across Multiple Channels

We specialise in delivering international creative strategies for influencer marketing campaigns, which are fully optimised to attain our clients’ clear-cut business goals. We work across all social grids, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, Snapchat, Moz, Chingari, etc., and know how to create best content strategy to go viral with a multi-platform approach.

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Helping Brands Frame Buyer Personas

We study of consumer buying behaviour to understand the expectations of the potential customers and convert them successfully. We discover how your target audience feels about your product/service/company and develop campaigns accordingly. It allows you and us to figure out which zones to focus on more in the marketing funnel.

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Capitalizing on the engagement rate

Strong brands have engaged customers who are more probable to leave positive reviews and deliver treasured recommendations for new/existing products. They are more likely to be receptive to new products that your company offers, giving you more prospects to multiply exponentially the success rate. Nano-influencers on our board, interact with your target audience habitually which show customers that you listen to their feedback and act on it. We achieve this through targeted organic practices. Marketers are also calling us the magical convincing and converting tool!

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Turning Brand Value into Revenue

With substantial new-fangled Nano-influencer marketing plans, your business will be viewed as more convincing and reliable. Then, prospects will be more receptive to your marketing exertions, and they'll be more contented to engage with your branded content. These engaged customers will become loyal buyers and repeated transactions are one of the best ways to get sustained revenue growth.

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Leveraging Niche Marketing using Nano influencers

Nano-influencers make their content more niche which is useful for brands that are industry-specific. It’s also a great method to test your products and services within a new niche market and gain traction. We help brands to group consumers in different categories and come up with bespoke influencer marketing solutions and devise personalised marketing and promotional campaigns to target niche consumer segments.

How our Nano Influencer Marketing Platform Can Help Brands?

Verified Network of Influencers

Our hand-picked Nano-influencers, analysts & exemplary team of marketers create exclusive, engaging and entertaining content and formulate successful influencer marketing campaigns to utilize the reliable relationship between influencers and their followers to position your product superior.

Enhancing Your Content Strategy

Adding creative value to your company, we help you reach large, specific or niched audience using the power of Nano-influencers (even multiple mavens), to attract new clients from wherever they are. We are very sharp at matching brands with the right influencers with respect to their genuineness, niche, past collaborations, and engagement.

Covering Gaps in Your Marketing Strategy

We focus on the missing pieces holding back your marketing strategy, we make them come together to help you rise in the ranks, win at search and Snowball your brand’s visibility, awareness, sales ROI, awareness, and leads through inclusive stratagems. The Grynow Team leads with insightfulness and commitment, which allows us to take a result oriented and data driven approach to campaign designing. This makes us the leading Nano influencer agency in India!