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Grynow is the leading influencer marketing agency in Indonesia that offers remarkable influencer marketing campaigns through Indonesian social media influencers. GryNow is the leading influencer marketing platform in Indonesia, with a network of verified social media influencers including mega, macro, micro as well as nano influencers of all categories. We aim to bring together inspired marketers with an inquisitive vision and ingenious influencers on our world- class platform, to help brands in Indonesia achieve their marketing goals, through influencer marketing in Indonesia.

How our influencer marketing agency in Indonesia can help brands?

At Grynow, we believe influencer marketing is more than just connecting brands and social influencers. It is the art of finding the perfect fit for brands and connect them to passionate influencers who genuinely believe in their product and consequently provide valuable contribution in the influencer campaigns.

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Our influencer marketing strategy includes 5 simple steps that allow you to achieve your marketing goals

Determining Goals

We believe success comes with a clear vision. Thus, we determine our end goals first in order to create an effective and creative influencer campaigns.

Product Analysis

We begin by evaluating and analysing your product & services to determine the best course of action for the campaign i.e. blend of right influencer and audience. We understand the brand purpose and brand sentiment to find suitable influencers.

Competitor Analysis

We analyse your brand’s competitors and their performance in similar influencer marketplace, in order to position your brand superior to your competitors by demonstrating your competitive advantage.

Campaign Design & Execution

Bringing everything together, our influencer marketing specialists find relevant influencers and create engaging content strategy to provoke the target audience to take action and design a campaign directed toward the end goals.

Tracking Progress

We don’t leave you high & dry, instead we determine relevant KPIs and track the progress and ultimate success of the influencer marketing campaign in Indonesia.

Delivering results

We deliver you the astonishing results with respect to your business goals – awareness, leads and more sales.

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Being the top social media influencer platform in Indonesia, GryNow boasts a huge network of trusted influencers

Mega Influencers

Sitting atop the pyramid of influence, Mega Influencers have the highest reach with maximum followers. Hence, if you want great exposure and awareness for your brand, we execute your campaign through mega influencers.

Mega Influencers In Indonesia

Atta Halilintar

Rans Entertainment

Abqariyyah Halilintar

Macro Influencers

Influencers with a following of 100,000 to 1 million people are categorized as macro influencers. Brands leverage macro influencers when they need a significant exposure but also want to reach only a certain type of audience.

Macro Influencers in Indonesia

Rafa dhafina

  • Niche - Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 315K
  • Channel Link - Rafa dhafina

Surga Kuliner


  • Niche - Stand Up Comedy
  • Subscribers - 180K
  • Channel Link - Standupindo

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers have a smaller follower base as compared to mega or macro influencers but have much great engagement and relevance. Micro influencers help brands to reach a highly targeted audience and achieve goals like making more sales.

Micro Influencers in Indonesia


  • Niche - Vlogs
  • Subscribers - 91.4K
  • Channel Link - DiTivi

Asik Banget

  • Niche - Food
  • Subscribers - 63.2K
  • Channel Link - Asik Banget

Janine Intansari

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers have a relatively smaller reach, and generally have less than 1000 followers. Brands leverage nano influencers when they have to reach a very narrowed and niched- down audience.

Nano Influencers in Indonesia


  • Niche - Technology
  • Subscribers - 5.39K
  • Channel Link - Ffmagz

Endi Feng

  • Niche - Technology
  • Subscribers - 9.74K
  • Channel Link - Endi Feng

Dead Bachelors

YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform in Indonesia

GryNow is the fastest growing YouTube influencer agency in Indonesia with a network of verified YouTube influencers from mega, macro, micro as well as nano categories.

Find YouTube Influencers For Your Brand

Calon Sarjana

  • Niche - Facts & Education
  • Subscribers - 3.98 Million
  • Channel Link - Calon Sarjana

Trans7 Official

  • Niche - Infotainment
  • Subscribers - 16.8 Million
  • Channel Link - Trans7 Official

The Shiny Peanut

  • Niche - Food, Travel, News
  • Subscribers - 11.8 Million
  • Channel Link - The Shiny Peanut

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency in Indonesia

GryNow has a huge Instagram influencer network in Indonesia from across all major categories, making it the top Instagram influencer agency in Indonesia.

Connect With Influencers On Instagram Through Us

Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina


  • Niche - Lifestyle
  • Subscribers - 34.5 Million
  • Channel Link - Syahrini

Gisella Anastasia

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What makes us the Top Local Influencer Marketing Agency in Indonesia?

Visionary Executives

At GryNow, we strive for brilliance and this is reflected in our work.

Inspired Content Strategy

Brands are what people tell each other it is, and so weave a story for your brand that allows your target audience to resonate with your brand message.

Network of trusted influencers

GryNow has a wide network of YouTube influencers and Instagram influencers in Indonesia.

A / B Testing

We keep optimizing our process in order to deliver successful influencer campaigns.

Following Latest Trends

At GryNow, we follow the best and latest practices in order to achieve desired results.

Affordable Pricing Packages

Our world- class services come at affordable influencer marketing pricing, making our services easy to access for start- ups as well.

What goals can you achieve through our Influencer Marketing Services in Indonesia?

Attracting Potential Customers

Promoting your brand through social media influencers, allows you to reach a targeted audience, and hence, attract more potential customers. This helps brands to make more sales and achieve better conversion ratio.

Enriching Content Strategy

Influencers are known for their original & engaging content and earning audience through their refreshing content. When you promote your products through influencers, it allows brands to fill the gap in their own content strategy.

Stronger Online Brand Presence

Promoting through trending influencers is a great way for building a stronger online presence for your brand. These influencers help brands to create a buzz on social media platforms and hence, larger followers on social media handles of the brand as well as more website traffic.

Brand Association Leverage

The social media influencers create their brand value through hard work and consistent effort. When brands promote through influencer marketing, they leverage the brand value of the influencers for themselves.

Increased Brand Value

Promoting products & services through influencers, allows brands to leverage their brand value through brand association leverage strategy. When brands do so, it reflects well with the target audience and adds to their brand value.

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