Top Gaming Influencers & Gaming Instagrammers in India of 2024

  • Posted On : 26-05-2023
Top Gaming Influencers & Gaming Instagrammers in India of 2024

Games play a vital role in everybody’s life. Offline and online games have a different impact on our hormones and makes us stress free. People love to play as well as watch.

Online gaming industry is on the boom and so are the players. Players showcase their gameplay and perplex the audience, resulting in mass following and gaining a gaming celebrity status. The love towards playing as well as watching games has led to the rise of gaming influencers in India.

The increased consumption of the gaming content and the interaction between gaming Instagrammers and followers has attracted the gaming brands and marketers to promote their funky/Gen-z T-shirts, bags, accessories, gaming software, headsets, mic, speakers and more!

The brotherhood of Indian gamers on Instagram creates a common platform for everyone to express themselves either through gameplay or other acts like, costumes, accessories, display units, etc.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global gaming market is bound to grow at a CAGR of 13.20% to $545.98 Billion during the phase of 2021-028, from the current value of $229.16 Billion.

According to Statista, revenue in the gaming accessories segment currently amounts to US $ 249 Million and the market is forecasted to grow annually at a rate of 5.04% in the year span of 2023-2028.

Hence, over the years, the Indian gaming Instagrammers have managed to create a community, who enthusiastically consume gaming content and aspects related with gaming.

Gamers on Instagram now hold a certain connectivity towards their audience and have an influential power over their audience’s buying decisions. Gaming brands leverage the power of these influential gamers to meet their marketing goals.

Most of you must be knowing about who are the gaming influencers, however for the newbies, let us first explore who are gaming Instagrammers in the truest sense and why people loyally follow them…

Who Are Gaming Instagrammers?

Gaming Instagrammers are individuals who create content on and around gaming, aimed to inspire and entertain their viewers through amazing gaming skills. They do so by either by live-streaming their gameplay videos or just uploading their recorded gaming videos. The unique part is that they share their experiences with hilarious commentary thereby entertaining their viewers simultaneously.

How Gaming Influencers Are Helping Brands Promote Their Products

Gaming influencers have occupied a large market share in the online entertainment and gaming arena. The reach with the varied followers has immense potential for brands. The brands either directly approach Indian gamers on Instagram or contact influencer marketing agency like us which have a vast experience of executing gaming influencer campaigns through top gaming influencers.

Gaming creators help brands by promoting their games such as Mind craft etc. they also advertise stuff such as gaming laptops/desktops, chairs, tables, furniture, gadgets, gaming phones, tablets, watches and more!

Below are listed benefits for brands to promote their product through gaming Instagrammers via us.

    1. Experience of more than 6 years working with gaming content creators
    2. Data-driven approach
    3. Trusted relationships with Indian gamers
    4. Customer centric approach
    5. Collaboration to save time and money
    6. High engagement rate
    7. Understanding of followers strengthens unique selling points
    8. Creative strategists who understand needs better

Top 10 Gaming Influencers in India 2024

  • Ajey Nagar

    Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati)


    Ajey Nagar, more popularly known as CarryMinati, needs no introduction when it comes to Indian gamers on Instagram. He has managed to create a very strong bond with his viewers. His humorous commentary has helped him become wildly popular among the millennials as well as Gen Z.

    Carryminati was listed at 10th position in next generation leaders’ 2019 as well as he was part of Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. Carryminati has created an empire encircling his YouTube and Instagram platform. Recently, he endorsed ‘bigbangsports’ and helped the brand increase their engagement and higher ROI.

    Carryminati is one of prominent gaming influencers, but he is not bounded in only that arena. He also endorses products from varied niches, like watches, diet supplements, travel, etc.

  • Naman Mathur

    Naman Mathur (Mortal)

    Instagram: ig_mortal

    Naman Mathur is quite wildly popular among Gen Z across the country as “Mortal”. He is without a doubt- one of Indian gamer on Instagram. He has earned this title, rightfully so, by representing India in international PUBG matches as a part of Team SOUL.

    Naman Mathur has participated in various competition and has gained fame on international level. Recently, monster energy India approached him to spread information about their product. He also featured in AMD. Together we advance video to create consciousness around the brand.

  • Ajay

    Ajay (Total Gaming)

    Instagram: Total Gaming

    Known to everyone by the name of Total Gaming, this faceless man has created sensation through his epic Hindi commentary on gameplay. Total gaming provides gameplay for all the latest games and an avid player of free fire, call of duty mobile, PUBG, and GTA 5.

    Total gaming has a mass fan base of Garena free fire players. He has single handedly created awareness and increased the number of players through his Instagram handle. He actively leaves hashtags and links for the game.

  • Aaditya D. Sawant

    Aaditya D. Sawant (dynamo gaming)

    Instagram: dynamo__gaming

    Making the best out of a new craze of a game, Aaditya D. Sawant, made sure to ride the storm around PUBG mobile gaming in India and boost his fame through it. Not only is he a remarkable player but also a dope gaming influencer.

    Dynamo gaming has represented India in various competitions which brought laurels to the nation as well as for himself. Gillette India partnered with him to raise awareness around the brand.

  • Payal Dhare

    Payal Dhare (Payalgaming)

    Instagram: Payalgaming

    Payal Dhare is Mumbai based Indian gamer on Instagram. She has amassed a lot of followers after breaking the gaming world stereotypes of gender hindrances. She plays and collaborates with many players. Some of the games that she plays are PUBG, GTA 5, Valorant, etc.

    Payal Dhare outshines the barriers of the gaming world. She wears the persona of courage and determination. She has opened the scope for female gamers to emerge and take up the mantle. She has partnered with many big brands and industry leaders like, YouTube, OnePlus, Microsoft, etc.

  • Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka

    Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka (Two side gamers)

    Instagram: Two side gamers

    Two Side Gamers are duo-team players, they play a lot of games, some of them are Garena free fire, GTA 5, fall guys, and among us. They are part of a sports team called TSG Esports. They provide commentaries in Hindi where they also explore various games for artifacts, giveaways, costumes, etc.

    Two side Gamers actively engage with their fan base. They converse about gaming, the products they endorse, their personal life, etc. They have partnered with a lot of big names, some of them are, artelindia, google India, India officiallfreefire, etc.

  • Ujjawal Chaurasia

    Ujjawal Chaurasia (Techno Gamerz)

    Instagram: Techno Gamerz

    Techno Gamerz plays various android games, as well as the gameplay is uploaded every day about mobile-related games and gaming news. Techno Gamerz is a big name among top gaming influencers in India in various gameplays, also sharing the tactics and tips of games like Minecraft, modern warfare, GTA 5, call of duty mobile, PUBG, etc.


  • Rony Dasgupta

    Rony Dasgupta (The rawknee)

    Instagram: therawknee

    Also known for his out-of-the-box, hilarious background commentary is another one of the biggest top gaming Instagrammer in India – Rony Dasgupta. He undoubtedly has amazing gameplay skills and shoots quite precise shots. You can also find a lot of challenges on his Instagram profile.



  • Shagufta Iqbal

    Shagufta Iqbal (Xyaa)

    Instagram: Xyaalive

    Xyaa is one of the most remarkable players. She has skill sets of top-notch level and she plays games very professionally. She plays many FPS multiplayer games, some of which are PUBG, apex legends, COD: warzone, and story driven games too. She has partnered with other gamers on Instagram to channelize the positive awareness of gaming in life.


  • Aakarsh Chaudhary

    Aakarsh Chaudhary (vivone)

    Instagram: vivonegamer

    Vivone is one of the budding gamers on Instagram. He is very young and plays a lot of games like Valorant, BGMI, Warzone, CODM, Pokémon unite, Fortnite, etc. Vivone started live streaming when he was only 5 years old, currently, he pursues his education and talks about balancing digital and social life for an equilibrium state. Quite a remarkable journey he had.