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UGC Case Studies

Have a look at what we do for our brands

Ajmal Perfume increased 9.2% Engagement with UGC
Ajmal Perfume

Ajmal Perfume UGC Awareness Campaign

Videos 15 Engagement 9.2%
 Just life UGC campaign to promote salon and cleaning service
Just Life

Just life UGC campaign to promote salon and cleaning service

Videos 7 Engagement 9.1% Conversion 12%
 Pantene's Oil Replacement Product Awareness through UGC

Pantene's Oil Replacement Product Awareness through UGC

Videos 10 Engagement 9.4% Conversion 11%
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UGC Videos Services in Dubai UAE

UGC Videos for Brand’s Social Media Accounts

Increase your brand’s digital presence with our strategic and personalized UGC videos for your social media accounts. Our henceforth curated customized influencer-based UGC videos fosters engagement, elevates authenticity, and allows you to harness the power of compelling storytelling.

UGC Video Ads

Utilize our user-generated content company in the MENA region for ranges like testimonials to real life experiences through influencer based UGC video ads. Capture genuine moments, build trust, and connect with targeted audiences in a visually appealing way.

Product Videos

Our UAE UGC strategists transform ordinary narratives into compelling product videos. Leverage authentic content to make your product videos appear more descriptive, human-like, appealing, and genuine.

E-Commerce Marketplaces

With our UGC campaigns in Dubai, explain your products in a better way through influencer/subject matter expert-based videos for your Ecommerce marketplacesx. Audiences can view real users and incline towards consumption.

Videos for Website

Share highly relatable UGC videos on your website to generate more leads, conversions, and sales in the Middle East and abroad.

UGC Videos for Email Marketing

Boost your emails with the help of UAE’s UGC video experts. We will strategize and curate UGC videos for your email campaigns.

Types of User-Generated Content Videos
in the Middle East We Create

Unboxing Videos

Dive deep into the compelling dopamine release of unboxing videos. Our top UGC Ads agency in the MENA and GCC region are adept in preparing compelling mysteries around unboxing videos to keep audiences hooked.

Product Explainer Videos

Unravel your product, get into minute details, and aware audiences about the potential your product possesses.

UGC Ad Campaigns

Collaborate with our top UGC Agency in Dubai and GCC for launching a full-scale and highly penetrative UGC Ads campaigns which transform your brands into a social chattering subject.


Educate, aware, and earn via app demos. Integrate the services of the best UGC video agency in Dubai and the Middle East to get a highly informative app demo video.

How-To Videos

Prepare and post informative UGC professionals curate how-to videos. Help your customers to learn more exclusively about the intricacies of your product or service.

UGC Testimonial Videos

Curate highly agile, trustworthy, and genuine testimonial videos with our UGC video services in Dubai and the Middle East. Share real-life stories of users with your targeted audience.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great approach to showcase your work with new customers as well as current audiences.

Contests & Giveaways!

Create contests and giveaways with the help of our best UGC video agency in the Middle East and MENA region to engage your audience.

UGC Videos for Different Niches

Explore our diverse range of User-Generated Content (UGC) videos, tailored for various niches to enhance your digital presence.

Top UGC Ads Agency
in MENA Region

We specialise in curating strategic UGC video Ads. Our User-generated content Advertisement professionals focus on creating authentic, community-building, and social proof-enforcing videos.

UGC video Ads have numerous benefits and through which brands can establish their credibility and strong foothold in their specific niche.

Hire the best UGC video Ads company today!

Top UGC Ads Agency in MENA Region
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Types of Influencers in Dubai, UAE

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Our UGC Campaigns Process in UAE


Fill out the Form

Fill the contact form with your details. Explain briefly about your project requirements, business information, and any specific requirement for UGC.


Team Consultation

Once you have submitted the form, our UGC experts will contact you to discuss the business goals/ content requirements in detail.


Receive Your Video

We craft your personalized UGC videos tailored to your requirements and improvise according to feedback.

Why Choose the Best User-Generated Content Company in the Middle East?

AI Dashboard for Influencers

We have a comprehensive database of 300M+ social media influencers through which we strategize the campaigns in a better way.

Organic Content Creation

With our UGC videos services in GCC get the most authentic and organic content for your performance boosting.

Data Driven Analytics For Custom UGC Campaigns in UAE

Our top UGC video company in the Middle East leverages data driven analytics to strategize and segment campaigns.

Nuanced Understanding of Regional Market Dynamics

Our UGC video experts in UAEhave an in-depth understanding of the market and its performance.

Modern Technology Integration

Our Dubai's UGC videos expert leverages modern infrastructure and functions in a very sophisticated and tech-savvy way.

Responsive Customer Engagement

Our UGC video services in Dubai, UAE, and Middle East focuses on responsive customer engagement so that respective brands can have more nuanced results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A UGC video generated with in-collaboration of the best UGC video agency in Dubai and GCC showcases real life experiences and creates genuine credibility for your brand.

Our UGC video services in Dubai carefully curates and moderates UGC submissions and ensures that the content aligns with brand values and standards.

Absolutely. UGC videos have a profound impact on online presence, increasing social media engagement, and overall brand awareness. They utilise the power of peer recommendations and influence potential customers.

UGC fosters trust and credibility through authentic and organic perspectives. Customers trust fellow peers' recommendations, showcase real experiences, and create a sense of transparency.

Indeed. UGC videos generated under guidance of Dubai's UGC videos expert ensures seamless integration with other marketing channels and creates a more cohesive strategy.