Networking plays a crucial role in a multitude of aspects like spreading information about brands, increasing sales, collaborations, etc. In a digital dominated world, Linkedin is a professional social media platform well-known for building connections, thought-provoking ideas, and job searching.

Linkedin, a merit based platform has nurtured thought leaders widely known as Linkedin influencers. These leading voices on LinkedIn in India help fellow users with platitudes of ideas. Now, as one of the leading Influential professional platforms, Linkedin has a lot of opportunities, waiting to be unfurled.

Top Linkedin influencers in India hold the highest potential in personal branding on LinkedIn in India. They are being utilized via various brands, individuals, and experts of Influencer marketing on LinkedIn to bring desired results.

However, let us first understand briefly about who LinkedIn influencers are!

Who are LinkedIn Influencers?

Linkedin influencers are expert professionals from diverse industries who utilise Linkedin as a Social platform to connect with like minded and interested people to indulge into discussions, develop skills, mentoring, promotions, for career, partnership, leads, sales and more!

There are various categories of linkedin influencers. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Types of LinkedIn Influencers in India

Linkedin Finance experts:

Influencers who have in-depth knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of finance related fields. They indulge in raising financial awareness through talking about topics related to economy, Share markets, Finance regulations, Current affairs, etc.

Linkedin Technology leaders:

Influencers who are revolutionizing the platform as well as industries through their newer and innovative thoughts. Their content revolves around latest tech developments, new products, tech industry predictive path and pattern.

Linkedin SAAS, B2B, B2C, Ecommerce Experts:

The professionals enroll in providing digital services. Through thick and thin, they have established a solid presence on Linkedin platform, offering products and services from diverse niche to person and business in need. Their content revolves about futures, problem solving, and research analysis.

Linkedin Marketing and Education Experts:

As the industries are registering their omnipresence on digital platforms. The phenomena has opened avenues for continuous and streamlined supply of information. Through their different content formats, they provide information about the concerned field, business, etc. and educate the masses.

Linkedin Motivation Experts

Either Corporate or Public enterprises; each has their share of responsibilities and roles. It often poses different psychological and physiological milestones. To ease the burden and keep the environment positive and friendly; these influencers curate content that uplifts solus and reinvigorates energy and strength.

Why do we need to work in tandem with the best Linkedin Influencers in India?

India is on its rapid ascent to become the economic powerhouse. S&P Global reported that, with the help of youth demographic profile and rapidly rising urban household incomes, India will achieve $ 7.3 trillion GDP surpassing Japan, to become 2nd largest economy in Asia by 2030.

Amid the economic boom, professional networking will play a pivotal role in the expansion of business enterprises. Either you are a B2B brand, B2C brand, B2G brand, C2B brand, D2C brand, or other, without meaningful connections it is hard to avoid market stampede.

The Linkedin-verse offers a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs, change-makers, job seekers, etc. who through personal branding on Linkedin in India have become influential professionals in India. The content that they produce talks about self-improvement, skill learning, latest developments, etc. helping the upcoming or new users in their betterment.

Brands often employ the best linkedin influencers in India to spread awareness or reach out to right demographics, connect with the right decision makers of the industry, launch new products or distribute any specific development. Take for instance, Ryan Reynolds, his Linkedin bio says “Part-time actor, Business owner”. He utilises his popularity to spread brand awareness of his company “MintMobile”.

On the very same note, leading voices on LinkedIn in India include Ankur Warikoo, Akshat Shrivastava, Aditi Sharma, etc. influence people to a very extent. The linkedin influencers belong to a wide array of industries like technology, finance, marketing, and beyond offering mentorship and thought provoking discussions on multitude of topics.

How LinkedIn Influencers Influence their Audience?

Thought Leadership:

Top linkedin influencers in India are from diverse industries. Having invested a lot of time and has gained enriched experiences. They regularly post about their experiences, latest development, etc making them thought leaders on concerned subjects.

Mentorship and Guidance:

Top LinkedIn content creators in India have valuable experiences and they love to share it with others. They offer mentorship and 1v1 guidance to help individuals elevate their Linkedin, personal, and business growth.

Networking and Collaboration:

LinkedIn experts from India understand the benefits of networking and collaborations. They work with fellow linkedin influencers, brands, and individuals to tap into a big user base.

Career Advancement:

Career-focused influencers help others with valuable tips and strategies to navigate the complexity of professional culture. They provide Job searching, interviewing skills, personal branding, etc to elevate personal confidence of followers.

We, being the leading LinkedIn influencer marketing agency, have prepared a well researched list of top linkedin Influencers in India that help you as a brand to reach your target audience and maximize leads/awareness/sales.

List of Best LinkedIn Influencers in India

  • Neha Nagar

    1. Neha Nagar

    LinkedIn: @iamnehanagar


    Expertise in accounting, bookkeeping, financial accounting, tax preparation, and personal tax planning.

    Neha Nagar is among the most influential professionals on LinkedIn, working to promote financial literacy in India. She is a finance influencer who actively shares relevant information and her thoughts about finance on LinkedIn. She puts a lot of effort into making interesting financial videos that are more accessible, understandable, and engaging for her viewers.

    With the commitment to invest in her personal growth, she continues to explore new topics that need to be addressed in finance, read related books, etc. In order to expand her knowledge, she conducts research and enhances her expertise in the ever-evolving finance arena.

    Neha Nagar has 8+ years of expertise in the industry and has worked with India's top wealth management company, IIFL Securities. Realising her proficiency in the field, she founded ‘’, a technology-driven platform offering services that include annual compliances for businesses, accounting, and government registrations.

    She started her content creation journey in 2020, covering a wide range of financial topics using the humour and wit of various film and TV serial characters. She helps people understand complex financial concepts such as stock markets, trading, taxation, cryptocurrency, personal finance, and government schemes and has become one of the leading voices on LinkedIn in India.

    She has become accustomed to navigating the world of content creation in the Indian finance industry. Moreover, with her hard work and engaging content, she has earned many recognitions, such as in August itself, when she won two prestigious awards, one as the Finance Influencer of the Year - Female 2023 at InfluencEX Awards 4.0! and another as a Cultural Ambassador of India by the Ministry of Culture.

  • Ashna Tolkar

    2. Ashna Tolkar

    LinkedIn: @ashna-tolkar


    She is a LinkedIn Expert who will elevate your financial empowerment.

    Ashna Tolkar is a finance influencer and educator committed to helping people understand finance and become well aware of it. She is an enthusiast with a strong background in stock market and personal finance. With her expertise in market analysis, investing, personal finance, and significant efforts in providing financial education and services, she has become one of the best influencers on LinkedIn.

    With convincing experience in finance, Ashna possesses the appropriate skill set to help people make informed financial decisions. She is on a mission to offer the best information to her viewers and guide them into building a wealthy mindset. She wants to empower them to become financially skilled and create a financially secure future for themselves.

    She is familiar with a variety of subjects, including insurance, government initiatives, and the factors that influence both the success and failure of businesses. She uses her all-encompassing approach to answer the "whys" and "hows" of financial decision-making.

    Ashna feels a zeal for fulfilment by guiding people and ensuring that her audience has a thorough awareness of the financial environment. She is one of the notable LinkedIn personalities India who utilises her analysis skills and offers insightful advice to her followers on the stock market.

    Besides LinkedIn, Ashna is highly active on Instagram, where she imparts her wisdom through her instructional content. Through her interactive and engaging content, she has reached a wider audience and increased the accessibility of financial education for people from all walks of life.

  • Palak Rathi

    3. Palak Rathi

    LinkedIn: @palak-rathii


    She has the ability to combine her know-how of finance with any ongoing social media trends.

    Palak Rathi is among the influencers shaping LinkedIn in India with their blended talent and passion. She is a Chartered Accountant by profession and presents her financial expertise through her content. With her diverse skill set and deep understanding of business and finance, she is thriving in the realm of content creation.

    Through her unwavering commitment and effective skills in financial acumen, public speaking, and video production, Palak has become a renowned personality on LinkedIn. She has dominant experience in audit and taxation domains, which she embraces in her content and has carved a niche out of for herself.

    Her content mostly consists of valuable insights on business, finance, and related subjects that are entertaining to watch. Her infotainment videos impart assistance to her viewers through complex financial concepts. With such engaging content and constant efforts, she has garnered a loyal fan base on her media platforms and has become one of the top LinkedIn influencers India.

    Apart from being a finance influencer, Palak is an entrepreneur who started a firm to help people aspire to content creation, like many other leading creators. She is the name behind CreateX, an educational platform that guides people to upskill and monetise their creativity efficiently. She has assisted several individuals in discovering their talent and growing their social media through unique and interesting content.

    Her journey from a CA to an influencer and entrepreneur has been remarkable. She has made a significant impact in the areas of business, finance, and digital media. Known for her financial expertise and versatility in short-video content, LinkedIn has also recognised her in India's first LinkedIn Creators Accelerator Program.

  • Brahmi Kapasi

    4. Brahmi Kapasi

    LinkedIn: @brahmi-kapasi


    Her profound understanding of the banking and finance sectors makes her an invaluable asset in the market.

    Brahmi Kapasi is a banking industry professional with expertise in various facets of finance. She has sharpened her skill sets, including Microsoft Excel, customer service, research, etc., over the years and has become an expert in the field. Moreover, she got into content creation after realising the power of influencer marketing on LinkedIn India.

    She recognised her knack for creating creative content and started curating content on social media, especially LinkedIn. Being an efficient storyteller and creative individual, Brahmi has mounted her growth on the internet, captivating a massive following. She is committed to expanding financial knowledge among her viewers and assisting them significantly.

    She delivers a mix of financial information and humour in her content, explaining complex concepts in a more understandable manner. Her content is knowledgeable, entertaining, and increasingly important in today’s time, where cyber financial frauds are at their peak. Being an expert in various financial areas, she has earned a renowned place among the top LinkedIn content creators in India.

    Brahmi has one of the best Indian LinkedIn profiles because of her research abilities, valuable insights, and excellent customer service. She is a go-to source for people seeking financial guidance in fixed-income investing, personal finances, mutual funds, and any investment-related queries.

    She also has an in-depth knowledge of the topics, including real estate investment, portfolio management, valuation, debt restructuring, and debt management. Furthermore, her understanding of equity research, fundamental analysis, retirement planning, and the stock market makes her a valuable asset.

  • Akshat Shrivastava

    5. Akshat Shrivastava

    LinkedIn: @akshatshrivastavainsead


    His versatility is reflected in financial direction, management consulting, educational consulting, and career development coaching.

    Akshat Shrivastava identifies himself as a dedicated teacher and entrepreneur who has a passion for educating people about finances and investment. He has a keen interest in strategic planning and management consulting; thus, he has garnered over a decade of experience in the same. He is on a mission to build India’s largest investment community at Wisdom Hatch and expand in the respective field.

    By utilising his business strategy skills and underlying expertise in the corporate sector, he has attracted many prominent firms to work with him. He has worked with leading investment organisations such as Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Next EdVentures. Even the Government of India has recognised him as one of the notable LinkedIn personalities India.

    Facing a headwind on his dream of doing an MBA from abroad, he is committed to helping students who share the same vision. He guides and mentors hundreds of students to achieve their goal of attending top MBA programmes in abroad. He assists them thoroughly in venturing into prestigious foreign institutions like Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton, MIT, and Columbia, fostering their talent and education.

    Akshat has gained recognition as one of the LinkedIn experts from India on a global scale for his outstanding contributions to education, innovation, and social impact. As a mentor at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for Youth, he has played a crucial role in positively impacting his audience.

    He has impressive proficiency in areas such as entrepreneurship, public speaking, financial analysis, management consulting, and marketing strategy. Additionally, he reflects on his abilities in team leadership, market research, effective communication, driving innovation, and making informed financial decisions.

  • Bhanu Pathak

    6. Bhanu Pathak

    LinkedIn: @akshatshrivastavainsead


    Helping Fintech startups grow in the realm of influencer marketing on LinkedIn India.

    Bhanu Pathak is one of the most prominent networking experts on LinkedIn India because of his extensive reach to more than 1 million people across different media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. He has established himself as a remarkable finance content creator who shares his knowledge online related to finance and personal wealth management with his viewers.

    He is dedicated to providing accessible financial advice and valuable insights to those seeking them. He shares practical knowledge and tips, referring to his personal experiences and thorough research. His mission is to reach as many people as possible, help them attain their personal financial goals, and make an impact through his content.

    He has worked as an associate consultant, wealth management intern, auditor, analyst, and marketer with renowned businesses. Moreover, through his association with leading organisations like Wipro, Bajaj Capital Ltd., Varun Beverages Ltd., etc., he has gained enough practical experience to utilise his knowledge and benefit people.

    Bhanu Pathak is well-known for his expertise in equity investments, wealth management, financial modelling, and business valuation. His skill sets also include social networking, marketing, public speaking, a learning attitude, leadership roles, innovation, and creativity. Due to his ability to engage with people and build a connection with them, he has successfully done personal branding on LinkedIn in India and other countries.

  • Debonkar Roy

    7. Debonkar Roy

    LinkedIn: @debonkar-roymarketing


    He crafts business case studies in the form of stories, making it interesting to actually read and enjoy.

    Debonkar Roy has become one of the leading voices on LinkedIn in India because of his exceptional content curation and marketing skills. He is an excellent content creator and copywriter who allures viewers through his amazing writing skills. Apart from content writing, his expertise lies in personal branding, social media growth, digital influencer marketing, etc.

    Being in the realm of content creation, Debonkar has attained expertise in content strategy, copywriting, ghostwriting, and technical writing. Moreover, he has also achieved acumen in market research, marketing strategy, social media marketing, lead generation, and increasing brand reach.

    His journey began as a storyteller who was keen to fuse his imaginary world with the real one and captivate people with his narratives. Then, he started working with people from different niches, such as corporations, social media, businesses, startups, etc. He portrays a wide array of content on social media in the form of blogs, articles, stories, media posts, case studies, scripts, listicles, brand campaigns, and much more.

    He has assisted several creators, business founders, and corporate leaders in organically enhancing their growth by 20x and catering to over 30 million+ views. To date, he has collaborated with more than 70 brands, startups, creators, and coaches. He has acquired a place among notable LinkedIn personalities India by providing exceptionally well-written content that has helped them constantly grow.

  • Aniket Dhiman

    8. Aniket Dhiman

    LinkedIn: @aniket0213


    He helps brands build a compelling online presence and leave an everlasting impact on viewers.

    Aniket Dhiman has changed the dynamics of the marketing industry with his insightful writing and creativity. Starting his career as a tech graduate, he seamlessly transitioned into the marketing realm and embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He co-founded this amazing company named Expotent, which provides advertising services and helps businesses grow.

    One of his standout achievements includes his ability to engage with his audience through his posts, seminars, talks, etc., at several colleges and inspire them. Through his hard work and perseverance, he has captivated a strong fan following and clientele base for whom he and his team have generated an incredible 100 million+ impressions through influencer marketing on LinkedIn India.

    His niche audience is mainly youngsters because his content resonates around pre-college and post-college life changes, knick-knacks of content creation, struggles and attainments of startups, and the art of earning money through freelancing. He focuses on young minds and startups that are passionate about leaving a mark in their respective fields.

    He is among the notable LinkedIn personalities India, as he offers a wide range of marketing services, including influencer marketing, social media management (LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube), meme marketing, and SEO. Besides that, he also provides facilities such as video editing, graphic designing, thumbnail designing, and so on.

  • Kanan Bahl

    9. Kanan Bahl

    LinkedIn: @kanan-bahl


    He is a professional expert in providing financial advice and assisting individuals to make sound choices.

    Kanan Bahl is a Chartered Accountant by profession, a finance educator by passion, and an entrepreneur by dedication. Growing up, his CA father exposed him to the world of money management, which ignited a spark in his mind. He was taught about investment, assets, cash flows, and financial experiments.

    He started investing in the stock market right after receiving his first stipend in 2017 through his father’s guidance. And in 2021, he made the profound decision to quit his job and invest fundamentally in booming businesses. This was the turning point of his life, after which he started his company, Rupee Tool, to help people with their personal finances.

    Today, Kanan has become one of the top LinkedIn influencers India, running a prominent media house called Fingrowth Media. He assists renowned finance-based entities and CEOs in achieving their financial goals and optimising their real estate portfolios. He guides his clients towards boosting their systematic investment plans and reducing their loan burden.

    Through his unique approach and honesty, he has garnered personal branding on LinkedIn in India, because of which his clients trust him with their whole hearts. From investing in commercial properties to ensuring that his clients make informed decisions, he keeps track of each of their investments.

  • Raj Kunkolienkar

    10. Raj Kunkolienkar

    LinkedIn: @kunksed


    An educator at heart, he dreams of building a massive community of knowledge-bearers and great mentors.

    Raj Kunkolienkar is among the most influential professionals on LinkedIn because his dream is to make business education accessible and exceptional. He has a passion for learning new things and sharing them with others. He has a strong vision and has dedicated his professional life to providing quality education in India and other developing countries.

    Discarding conventional MBA education, Raj has pioneered an innovative approach to bringing business classes to aspiring students. He has provided an invaluable source of education and knowledge to the learners in the comfort of their homes. Besides empowering so many students with this initiative, he has also offered comprehensive, innovative, and advanced business practices.

    His ulterior motive is just to make education accessible and develop a learning culture in our country. Supporting his initiatives and projects. Appreciating his efforts, many renowned business founders have supported him in his mission by providing some necessary amenities. Some of them include Raveen Sastry (Myntra), Richa Kar (Zivame), Vaibhav Domkundwar (Better Capital), etc., who are navigating LinkedIn with Indian experts.

    Apart from working on business education projects, there are several other projects that he is running to help college students build prominent careers. Some of these projects include Nova Semita,,, Seeker Space,,, and Fascination. Every project has its own relevance, with the common aim of fostering knowledge sharing and a learning environment among the students.

  • Saheli Chatterjee

    11. Saheli Chatterjee

    LinkedIn: @saheli-chatterjee-organic-marketing


    She is exponentially growing her personal brand on LinkedIn and other platforms.

    Saheli Chatterjee is a social media marketing specialist who helps brands organically grow through effective media strategies. She is an expert in crafting customised marketing plans that are unique, easy to implement, and highly impactful. And along with other media platforms, she has also effectively leveraged influencer marketing on LinkedIn India.

    From planning and implementing a strategy to analysing and delivering outstanding results, Saheli has assisted several brands in growing online. She is capable of enhancing the brand’s online presence and converting its target audience into potential clients. Thus, she works with several national and international clients who are either consultants, coaches, or businesses.

    She has created one of the best Indian LinkedIn profiles by portraying her expertise in areas like personal branding and business growth. Her wide range of services includes strategy development, ad Management, content marketing, content creation, and crafting marketing copy that converts into sales.

    One of Saheli's areas of expertise includes amazing video content marketing on social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Through her incredible efforts and perseverance, she has achieved many milestones, like catering to hundreds of leads on media platforms, launching several five- and six-figure courses, and helping clients reach $10K in monthly income.

  • Vedika Bhaia

    12. Vedika Bhaia

    LinkedIn: @vedikabhaia


    She fosters connections between brands and their target audience through real-time learning.

    Vedika Bhaia is among the leading influencers shaping LinkedIn in India through her marketing expertise and knows-about. She identifies herself as an educator, entrepreneur, and content creator passionate about helping people build personal brands online.

    She is a keen learner who likes to brush up on her knowledge occasionally and stay familiar with new marketing trends and evolving concepts. She believes in practical knowledge and often comprehends learning through real-life incidents and scenarios.

    She believes that in order for a business to grow, it needs the power of personal connections. She emphasises on the person-to-person (P2P) model over the conventional B2B or B2C model. She builds interactions for brands to connect with their audience through high-quality content that is creative, engaging, and quirky.

    Vedika’s commitment to helping people work to build their personal brands has catered to many clients from different firms and businesses. One of her clients, Satyam Khandelwal, speaks highly of her knowledge of personal branding and proficiency in LinkedIn profile optimisation.

  • Ananya Narang

    13. Ananya Narang

    LinkedIn: @ananya-narang


    She can provide you with the ultimate guide to succeeding in the realm of content and entrepreneurship.

    Navigating LinkedIn with Indian experts: Ananya Narang is one of the leading marketing experts on LinkedIn and other social media. She is working diligently in the fields of startup consulting and content creation. Through her excellence in the subject of financial acumen, she is working towards guiding individuals and empowering businesses to maximise their potential reach on LinkedIn.

    According to her philosophy, she believes in building such a transforming personality that brands seek us out. Her expertise lies in helping clients accomplish a multitude of goals that include generating business leads, sales conversion, talent recruitment, attracting investors, and cultivating target audiences into potential clients.

    By employing her experience in corporate and investment banking along with an extraordinary skill set, she has become one of the leading influencers shaping LinkedIn in India. Moreover, she has garnered a substantial following across various media platforms and a strong client base. Her LinkedIn posts are a road map, providing valuable insights on community-building strategies, marketing case studies, startup-related topics, and LinkedIn growth tips.

  • Aaina Chopra

    14. Aaina Chopra

    LinkedIn: @aainachopra11


    She is a passionate writer who has the confidence to build brands with her content writing.

    Aaina Chopra is a copywriter and a personal branding strategist who is making a living out of her passion for writing. She is committed to guiding people who are seeking help building their brands. She excels at understanding the requirements of her clients; thus, she structures the plan strategically and customises it according to the client’s goals.

    Her viewers enjoy reading her outstanding content and engage with her through comments and DMs, seeking help or simply appreciating her efforts. She is one of the most influential professionals on LinkedIn, providing a wide array of services, including news and feature writing, website content, editing, proofreading, social media posts, press releases, business plans, LinkedIn profiles, and product descriptions.

    What truly sets Aaina apart is her client-focused approach; that’s why she has attained amazing clients like Rahine Bose. He recognises the excellent strategies and consultation guidance provided by Aaina that have helped him grow and build a strong personal brand in the digital world.

  • Nikhil Mishra

    15. Nikhil Mishra

    LinkedIn: @storytellingwaalebhaiya


    He writes catchy content and guides people to explore the arena of personal branding.

    Nikhil Mishra identifies himself as a content creator, educator, and storyteller. As one of the top LinkedIn content creators in India, he usually focuses on effective communication and personal branding. He believes that everyone, whether CEOs, corporate professionals, sales experts, entrepreneurs, marketers, students, or even actors, should work on personal branding.

    He stresses the importance of having sound communication skills and expressing our talents and abilities to the world. His expertise lies in curating attention-grabbing content, catering to a community of engaged audiences, and thriving in the vast sea of social media, particularly on LinkedIn.

    Nikhil offers an extraordinary range of services, such as one-on-one growth strategy consultations, LinkedIn profile optimisation, corporate sessions, and college workshops on personal branding. Additionally, he has a fantastic track record, through which he has become one of the leading voices working towards personal branding on LinkedIn in India.

  • Dhairya Gangwani

    16. Dhairya Gangwani

    LinkedIn: @dhairya-gangwani


    She can guide you in building your personal brand with the vigour of content creation.

    Dhairya Gangwani identifies herself as a content creator, career coach, management consultant, and engineer. She has attained quite a bit of experience in various fields, including business development, business analysis, content writing & creation, market research, marketing, operations, etc.

    She has a flair for communication, interpersonal and networking skills; thus, she has spoken at more than 500 national and international platforms. She has mentored thousands of individuals, discussing various personal development areas, including LinkedIn profile building, resume building, public speaking, career guidance, job interview preparation, and much more.

    With her excellent talent in content marketing, Dhairya has created one of the best Indian LinkedIn profiles, which has helped her leverage prominent clients.

    She has worked with several corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and renowned businesses, guiding them to build a personal brand on LinkedIn and boost sales conversion.

  • Misley Zehra

    17. Misley Zehra

    LinkedIn: @misleyzehra


    She has a versatile talent for crafting mind-blowing stories that help brands achieve their goals.

    Misley Zehra is among the flagbearers of influencer marketing on LinkedIn India. She specialises in helping startups build a strong online presence through content marketing and copywriting. She has a knack for writing exceptionally good stories and uses her storytelling prowess to craft unique narratives for businesses she works with.

    She challenges the proliferation of video content and ensures that she can drive traffic through her in-depth and well-researched written content. She has curated several captivating stories, articles, blogs, engaging media posts, etc., through which she has attracted and retained readers on her clients' websites and media pages.

    Misley offers diverse services, including brand marketing, LinkedIn personal branding, lead generation, email and newsletter writing, and much more.

  • Vrinda Gupta

    18. Vrinda Gupta

    LinkedIn: @vrindasoftskillcoach


    She has a strong force for transforming lives through soft skills training and inspirational coaching.

    Vrinda Gupta is a career coach and corporate trainer who has a passion for empowering individuals. She helps them enhance comprehensive skills, including communication, interpersonal, leadership, etc. She has guided thousands of national and international students to achieve unparalleled success on both personal and professional grounds.

    She has hosted over 40 live sessions covering various topics and answered hundreds of questions that have helped many people grow worldwide. Being one of the best influencers on LinkedIn, she has an impressive record of assisting leading corporations and businesses like Puma and Dove.

  • Satyam Khandelwal

    19. Satyam Khandelwal

    LinkedIn: @satyamcareercoach


    He has the ability to accelerate individuals’ career growth and bring positive changes in their lives.

    Satyam Khandelwal is a seasoned professional in strategic partnerships and alliances with expertise in ed-tech industry. He is passionate about helping individuals grow in their respective careers and has career-coached thousands of students and professionals.

    He mentors people through video sessions, live seminars, one-on-one coaching, and community learning. He has helped individuals in areas including goal setting, self-awareness, mindful upskilling, profile building, and job applications.

    Moreover, being among the leading voices on LinkedIn in India, he has been invited to renowned institutes like IITs, FMS Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad, Symbiosis International University, and IBS Hyderabad.

  • Neha Malhotra

    20. Neha Malhotra

    LinkedIn: @malhotra-neha


    She is transforming minds with her proficiency and deep understanding of recruiting and career coaching.

    Neha Malhotra is among the influential professionals on LinkedIn who is working at the forefront of different industries, including career coaching, recruiting, writing, content creation & marketing, strategy development, etc.

    She offers various services in resume & cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, HR consulting, resume reviewing, and learning & development coaching. She has mentored thousands of candidates closely in the mentioned areas and assisted them in discovering their potential.

    Neha has dedicated her career to empowering individuals who feel lost in their professional lives and guiding them to identify their true calling and limitless possibilities.