Technology has been a forerunner in today’s world. Every human being is connected with technology one way or another. Concepts like Internet of Things, Artificial reality, Artificial intelligence, etc have become common terminologies. Technology in itself is very big. We can estimate its vastness by the fact that the size of the technology domain is a whopping $9 Trillion and it is predicted that it will achieve $11.50 trillion by 2026, reported MGI research.

Technology is the boon of the 21st century. It allows us to move faster in segments like entertainment, healthcare, agriculture, oceanic studies, environmental sciences, etc. For Instance, Google Launched AI backed eye scanner which can now be used to predict cardiovascular health detection and its prevention.

However, learning about technology can be confusing and confidence shattering if you are not from a science background. The tech gadgets look very cool but very often we struggle to use them to their full potential.

To fill the knowledge gap, technology influencers have devoted their time and energy to increase social technological competency. But let us completely understand who are technology influencers?

Who are Technology Influencers in India on Instagram?

Technology influencers are field experts of science and technology. Technology is defined as the practical application of concepts and ideas. Tech instagrammers literally define the essence of technology through their various content formats in an easy understandable language. They create tutorials videos, product reviews, explainers, in depth analysis, etc to help the viewer to understand the tech and the gadget much better.

Tech influencers also cater to varying needs and wants of the consumers. Through live videos they explain doubts about the topics concerned of the viewers/subscribers. Brands actively leverage best tech influencers on Instagram to explain brand products and its benefits. Let’s explore their types!

Types of Tech Instagrammers in India

1. Product explainers:

Tech influencers in India are very diverse and they create content on various sub domains. The products belong to various niches, these product explainers demonstrate and explain each product which can be smartphone, headsets, etc in detail.

2. Smartphone comparisons:

Smartphones have become an absolute necessity for everyone. Each person carries a smartphone. Now with each passing day the technology is getting updated and so do the consumers. These smartphone comparison tech instagrammers help the audience to know more about phones and find the best one for them.

3. Tech Current affairs:

Technology offers us something new everyday. To keep a track of it can be rigorous and time consuming. These tech influencers on Instagram prepare reports about developments and present it to their audiences.

Let’s learn about these tech Instagrammers with the well researched list presented by the top influencer marketing company in India i.e. Grynow for the tech industry.

Best Technology Influencers in India (2024)

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

    1.Gaurav Chaudhary

    Instagram: Gaurav Chaudhary


    “Chaliye shuru Karte hai” trend creator

    Gaurav Chaudhary identifies himself as a public figure, tech influencer, engineer, entrepreneur, nano-science researcher, and instagram tech creator. He is popularly known by his nickname “Technical guruji”. He provides various contents like reviews, first hand experiences, details about tech products.

    Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the biggest tech influencers on Instagram. He is determined to provide technical awareness and know-how to every netizen. His contents are really valuable and help the consumers to make genuine and sound buying decisions.

  • Manoj Saru

    2.Manoj Saru

    Instagram: Manoj Saru


    Travel and tech speciality. In depth and In detail.

    Manoj Saru, a technology influencer is considered as one of best technology instagrammers in India. He identifies himself as a digital creator and tech influencer on Instagram. He produces informative content around all the latest techs and gadgets.

    Manoj Saru talks about his love for travelling mostly through Instagram Highlights. He has been to various places like Himachal, Vietnam, South Korea, London, Spain, Dubai, Tech, Leh Ladakh, Bangalore, Uttrakhand, Mumbai, Goa, long drive, etc. He has registered his presence on various other social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • Shlok Srivastava

    3.Shlok Srivastava

    Instagram: Shlok Srivastava


    remarkable information delivery. Simple and precise.

    Shlok Srivastava is popularly known through his tech Instagram handle pen name, “Tech Burner”. His contents are full of information and facts. He identifies himself as a technology influencer. He has done various paid collaborations with brands like Overlays Clothing, reliance digital, etc.

    Shlok Srivastava highlights on his Instagram handle is about Overlays, Layer shop, tech, and travel. He creates various content related to top instagram tech, trendy topics, etc. He has registered his presence on various social media platforms like facebook and YouTube.

  • Naman Deshmukh

    4.Naman Deshmukh

    Instagram: Naman Deshmukh


    Best platform to learn about latest Gadgets

    Naman Deshmukh is one of the best technology influencers on Instagram. He associates himself with digital creators, tech influencers, and digital educators. His content revolves around the latest smartphones, gadgets, headsets, etc. He is available on various other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc.

    Naman Deshmukh produces many comparison videos for his followers. His videos are in-depth analysis of tech products. He has undergone various paid collaborations for top notch brands like Tech Plus gadgets, Youngovator, The growth plus, etc.

  • Akash Pal

    5.Akash Pal

    Instagram: Akash Pal


    Dense packet of information in short format reels

    Akash Pal identifies himself as a public figure, tech creator and one of best tech instagrammers in India. He produces various reels and short videos, in which he talks about smartphones, tablets, headphones, etc. He actively interacts with his fellow followers and clears their doubt to the core for better understanding and sound knowledge.

    Akash Pal instagram tech highlights are about Gadgets 1, Gadgets 2, Subscribers, Join telegram, PlayButton, and 100K family. He is popularly known through his Instagram handle name, “Technical Sky”. He is available on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter, etc.

  • Techno Ruhez

    6.Techno Ruhez

    Instagram: Techno Ruhez


    Among the best tech instagrammers in India

    Techno Ruhez identifies himself as a digital creator and technology influencer on Instagram. He has many accolades to his name, few of them being Mumbai's No1 tech creator etc. He has registered his presence on several other platforms like Facebook and Youtube.

    Techno Ruhez highlights talks about gaming, smartphones, cars, headsets, etc. He recently uploaded reels talking about mobile applications, smartphones vs cars,Generative AI tools etc. He has done various paid collaborations for brands like, BGMI India, etc.

  • Dhananjay Bhosale

    7.Dhananjay Bhosale

    Instagram: Dhananjay Bhosale


    deep insights helps audiences to take sound decisions

    Dhananjay Bhosale is one of the best technology instagrammers in India. He identifies himself as a digital creator, quality infotainment creator, tech influencers about various integrated topics like technology, tips, tricks, information, gaming, etc. His highlights talk about giveaways, Jaipur trip, food, Taiwan, Mumbai meet, etc.

    Dhananjay Bhosale has registered his presence on various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, etc. He has done various social media paid collaborations with local and global brands like Tataaigo Official, Unicorn Store, etc.

  • TrakinTech


    Instagram: TrakinTech


    Learn all about various gadgets, tech news, and latest trends.

    TrakinTech is one of the top tech influencers in India. He associates with digital creators and best technology influencers. He talks about behind the scenes, milestones, apple events, WWDC 2022, tech news, ask arun, Upcoming shows, etc. He is available on other social media platforms like Youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.

    TrakinTech is run by Arun prabhudesai. He is considered as one of the best technology influencers of the youtube platform. He has done paid collaborations for tech brands like Armoks media, Motorlain, etc.

  • Rajiv Makhni

    9. Rajiv Makhni

    Instagram: Rajiv Makhni


    Simple and targeted approach to solve followers query

    Rajiv Makhni, aka the gadget guru, is one of the best technology influencers on Instagram, with around 1.1 million followers. He shares his content in Hindi to reach a wider audience; no doubt, he is one of the best technology Instagrammers in India. He has collaborated with brands like JBL India.

    His content generally consists of the latest tech, comparisons between the most popular brands, useful features in smartphones and other gadgets, and the promotion of budget-friendly deals. Besides covering tech gadgets, he also curates content around the latest innovations in the automobile industry. He has an average engagement rate of 7.56%, and an average of 84K likes on Instagram.

  • Beebom

    10. Beebom

    Instagram: Beebom


    No Nonse approach. Detailed analysis of all technicalities involved

    Beebom is one of the top tech influencers on Instagram. This tech instagrammer has amassed massive following on Instagram platform through his informative content. He identifies himself as a digital creator. His content strictly revolves around, “Tech that Matter”.

    Beebom talks about smart locks, tablets, smartphones, keyboards, USB cables, Customizable watches, features of smartphones, car gadgets, etc. he is present on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. He has done various paid collaborations for brands too.

  • TechWiser

    11. TechWiser

    Instagram: TechWiser


    Deep research and sound knowledge makes him wise

    Tech Wiser is a leading tech Instagram account founded by Pratik Rai, who is among the best tech Instagrammers in India. His style of presenting his content is unique, and he always recommends interesting gadgets, websites, software, and hacks to make the most of technology.

    His aspiration and enthusiasm to bring the best tech-related content to his audience are so contagious, you just feel like going on and on while watching his reels. He is one of the best technology influencers on Instagram because he is determined to present his followers with the finest technical content so that they can use technology efficiently. Therefore, he has an average engagement rate of 11.22% and an average number of likes of 43K.

  • Tejas Patel

    12. Tejas Patel

    Instagram: Tejas Patel


    Gadgets geek. Love to play with specifications.

    Tejas Patel is one of the outstanding tech influencers on Instagram and has around 1.2 million followers on his tech Instagram account, namely Elementec. The genre of his content circles around everyday technical tips & tricks, useful features of gadgets, and the latest technology news & information.

    He has made a renowned name among the biggest tech influencers as he creates valuable content for the public. He showcases hidden/unknown features of the gadgets to help users use the technology to its fullest. Tejas has an average of 13K likes and an average engagement rate of 1.06%.

  • Abhinav Ranjan

    13. Abhinav Ranjan

    Instagram: Abhinav Ranjan


    Holistic information deliverer. Talks about smartphones, tech gadgets mainly.

    Abhinav Ranjan is an Indian tech influencer on Instagram with the name Digidoty. He likes to upload content, including the latest gadgets, useful products, the coolest features of any gadget, and awareness regarding any software, website, or gadget.

    Along with educating his audience on topics related to smartphones, technology, and so on, he also explores the areas of electric vehicles, scams, etc. With his diverse content, he has managed to garner an average engagement rate of 2.89%, average likes of 25K, and fame as one of the best tech instagrammers in India.

  • Mani Sandhu

    14. Mani Sandhu

    Instagram: Mani Sandhu


    Surprising and engaging content format

    Mani Sandhu is one of the best technology influencers on Instagram, with a very cool Instagram handle named Mr. Tech Inside. His content consists of information related to the latest technology on the market, unboxing the latest products and PR packages, and ongoing tech scams and how to avoid them.

    Mani is among the best tech influencers because he is aware of his audience's needs regarding the best deals to buy gadgets on a budget. With his intention to make his audience relate to the personal data breach, dangerous extensions, or apps people might be using, he has gained an average engagement rate of 4.54% and average likes of 20K on Instagram.

  • Jai Arora

    15. Jai Arora

    Instagram: Jai Arora


    Live display of the functioning and usage of techs.

    Jai Arora swayed his audience with his charming and entertaining personality and is known for his tech Instagram, Tech_Iela. He uploads content related to how the gadgets we use actually work, tips & tricks for using any technology to its best, mini sketches, and entertaining, educational videos.

    Jai, being one of the top tech influencers, covers every technology, not just smartphones, laptops, software, and apps, but a lot of the latest and most unique lifestyle gadgets available in the market. He has a wide range of followers, from adults to teenagers, who enjoy watching his content; thus, he has an average of 34K likes and an engagement rate of 1.95%.