What is Influencer Marketing: The Most Comprehensive Guide

What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is just an enhanced version or a modern form of celebrity endorsement. Influencers ( Celebrities of the modern internet world – social media ) are the original content creators who have huge fan following on their respective social media accounts / blogs and they have demonstrated power of influencing the followers through their content whether it is a video, a blog or a vlog. Influencers, through their acquired trust and credibility among followers are able to change ( influence ) the perspective of the people for a particular product / service. And being influenced with the influencer, people develop a credible image for that brand through the word of mouth from an already established authoritative person in a specific niche.

Amazing facts of influencer marketing

  • ROI:

    80% of the marketers found that their business achieved good ROI through influencer marketing
  • Conversion:

    71% of the marketers found that the leads coming from the influencer marketing resources were converting better than the leads coming from other resources
  • User:

    More than half of the internet users are influenced by some sort of a leader / influencer
  • Potential Customers:

    49% of the potential buyers are influenced by the influencers for the purchase decision
  • ( Source - Hubspot research and Google trends )
Amazing facts of influencer marketing

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of growth hacking for any type of business to sky rocket the sales within a very short time, so let’s explore the benefits:

  • A huge relevant traffic can be achieved on the website
  • Effective brand awareness
  • Instant lead generation
  • Builds trust among prospects
  • Value propositions for customers

How Influencer marketing is the next phase of marketing for brands

Increase in Sales

Brands just want a way for flourishing their businesses, and influencer marketing is a unique way for brands to have great awareness, leads, ROI and ultimately sales within very short time.

Trust & Relationship

Brands use the power of influencers to market their product / service by collaborating with content creators. With influencer marketing, brands build a more trustful relationship with their potential customers and hence can sell their product / service quickly by a direct engagement.

How Influencer marketing is way superior to other forms of marketing?

Influencer marketing is way superior


People like to listen to people and not from machines / robots as we all are human beings. Through influencer marketing, brands can directly connect with the people who are their target audience instantly through influencers. And, we as emotional human beings are more biased towards the things which our leader use or say that is worthy.

Finding value for your company through influencers

Brands should be very careful in choosing this form of marketing to be effective. Let us explore the things to evaluate and research as a brand before leveraging the power of influencer marketing in India:


Does the influencer have the authority level knowledge in his / her niche industry?


Analyze the previous reach of creator’s content


Does your buyer persona match correctly with this influencer / creator’s followers demographics


Are your buyer persona present on that platform i.e. Facebook or Youtube or Instagram or Tik tok that the influencer is capable of targeting or your target audience is still not on any platform

Form of Content

What form of content your potential customers want to consume – whether video or text or any other form

What not to do through influencers?

As influencers are brands themselves, they have built their own brand name by extreme hard work and have spent enough time in building it in influencing their followers in a specific industry and also cultivating them regularly so it is not the case that any brand can approach any influencer and can convince him / her to say great things about the brand. So the brands should be crystal clear in their approach about connecting with the specific influencer of the influencer marketing agency for the promotion / branding.

How influencer marketing helped Rozdhan mobile app? – Case Study

How influencer marketing helped Rozdhan mobile app

Rozdhan is an in-app referral system in which every new registered user was awarded with INR 30 and a new user using his / her ( already registered user ) referral code was getting INR 5.

How Grynow helped Rozdhan through influencer marketing?

How Grynow helped Rozdhan through influencer marketing


Initially, to educate the target customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities about the app, the app was promoted through one of the tech youtubers. Then for reaching the masses, Grynow tied up with more than 300 youtubers of desired industry and region for an exponentially increase in awareness and installations.


One of the youtubers i.e. Bong Guy from Bengal gave a reach of 1 Million plus as views and helped Rozdhan with more than 40,000 installations ( mobile app downloads ).

And within 3 months of campaign, Rozdhan mobile app got 1 Million plus installs. Isn’t it a crazy level of marketing ? How a one brand new mobile application got 1 million plus downloads in just 3 months and exponentially increased the ROI of a company. Now, that’s the power of doing influencer marketing correctly over normal conventional methodologies / outbound marketing.

Want to leverage your business too and taste the power of content marketing of the future i.e. influencer marketing? We, at Grynow are always ready to help and transform any start up to become a big company, a small company into a big MNC i.e. to exponentially growth hack in your industry with our unique style of influencer marketing.

- Naved Ur Rehman

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