How influencer marketing can boost businesses - Brand Awareness, Leads and Sales

Influencer marketing can skyrocket your PROFITS.

Don’t believe?

You will!

Let’s get dive into in depth that how influencer marketing can transform your small business into a “BIG BRAND”

So, first of all, let us first understand:

What is Brand awareness?

Brand awareness is basically the consciousness of the particular business among its target customers. Brand requires awareness of products (services) so that more consumers will get attracted to buy the product. It is the key factor in any promotion as it justifies the brand’s existence in the market.

Brand awareness is the reason that helped the companies like Coca cola, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Sony, Nike, Xiomi etc. to emerge in the market as great “BRANDS”. They invest in all types of advertisements and keep branding their product to make their target customer aware about them which eventually drive their product’s sales in the market.

Awareness can be done through TV advertisements, online advertisements, hoardings, bill boards, print media, SEO and many more. It’s up to the business that which method it is adopting for promotion.

How Influencer marketing helps in boosting sales?

Influencer marketing companies’ work with businesses for their branding and business also love to work with them because of the astonishing results of return on investment.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to create awareness because the social media influencers can directly influence the people who are the target audience of the businesses (according to their niche). Hence, getting awareness through them is easy because of the direct one to one engagement on the social media platform and which is why it is ultimately creating a huge demand for social media influencers (established authorities in their industry) and bloggers in the market.

There are various ways in which

There are various ways in which a brand can create awareness among its customers. Such as:

Referral Campaigns

There are various mobile application companies, product/service companies that work with referral codes that are sort of discount coupons. They provide these referral codes to the influencers and their audience use these referral codes for availing the product/service in order to get some sort of goody e.g. discount. Grynow as an Influencer Marketing Company has worked with various brands such as Meesho, Rozdhan and many more! These are the mobile applications which got tremendous awareness among their target customers by using the referral codes. This way, they created effective awareness within very short time.

Creative Content

Content is the King and making a great engaging content for your brand is crucial. A great way to promote your brand on web is to deliver the valuable content. Grynow provides content to the influencers for the sponsored brand campaigns. Impressive content is shared quickly on any platform and that makes much easier for the brand to establish authority in their niche and get recognition.

Barter System

This is the newly developed way of creating brand awareness in recent times. Brands adopt the barter system nowadays in which they give their product to the influencer free of cost and in return influencers promote it. Influencers post photographs or make videos on that product to demonstrate the product’s benefits. This is effective yet very economical way to inspire/convince the people about the brand. Influencers have a connection with their audience and hence they would love to use the product used by their favourite influencer (leader).


There are different brands which have given their products to the influencers and also organize for the giveaways (small gifts) for their audience. This is also one of the perfect ways for creating brand awareness. Giveaways can be taken as a new way for promotion.

LinkedIn Publishing

LinkedIn began letting all users publish posts via its publishing tool. If your posts get enough attention, it will appear in the LinkedIn home stream for many users. As an added bonus, having posts attached to your LinkedIn account also helps establish you as an authoritative thought leader. You can also set up a company blog and post there and just make sure you share and promote your posts after publishing them.

Hence, it is evident that influencer marketing has proved to be the most innovative way in creating brand awareness among people (potential customers) within very short time.

- Kratika Chhabra