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Benefits of Influencer Marketing in leveraging your Brand

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Role of content in influencer marketing through social media

The content whether it is video or text is widely promoted on social media using influencer marketing strategy, it acts as an accelerator. The brands use influencer marketing in promoting the content, because the reach of influencers belongs to a particular group. Therefore, when an influencer shares the content, it reaches the audience in more impactful way as there can be a two way communication between the creator and the viewer.
With that in mind, it’s not surprising to see influencer marketing statistics such as these:

  • 74% of consumers trust social networks to guide purchasing decisions
  • 40% of consumers use ad-blocking tech
  • 40% of Twitter users made a purchase based on a tweet
  • 5.2x increase in purchase intent by Twitter influencers
  • 67% of marketers promote content with the help of influencers
(source: hubspot, research, google trends) Influencer Marketing Benefits

While promoting the content, businesses should focus on choosing the right influencer i.e. according to their industry and target potential customers. Influencers whose videos / text have higher reach don’t mean that target audience is high, you’ll even notice that an influencer’s follower engagement decreases with follower growth. If you want to promote your content with influencer marketing, there should be:

  • Influencers who have passionate and engaged follower bases
  • Influencers who are authorities and knowledgeable about the niche
  • Influencers who are familiar with your content

When you run an influencer marketing campaign, value the quality of followers not the quantity.

Also, you should understand what makes an influencer the right influencer for your campaign. The ultimate goal of a campaign is to generate the visitors into paying customers. So, it is important to concentrate on the audience first and observe how they react.

Through evaluating the way in which your brand is perceived by your target audience, you will be in a better position to identify the areas that may not resonate as well that are worthy with your target audience and modify your marketing message accordingly.

We have to give priority to the content created by influencers and reader alike. Greater the content about the brand greater is the visibility on social media, which result in more traffic generation towards the brand. Now a day’s people don’t trust marketers, but trust influencers, that is what makes them influential. To grab the potential customers, you have to get their attention in such a way that they’re open to learning more about what you might sell them.

Whenever you plan the influencer marketing campaign, you should be little thankful to the influencer. When an influencer spread positive word of mouth about your brand, the best thing you can do is to give them reward or compensate them. You cannot always use money but also can give free products, discounts, commission or share their content on your website and even publicly thank them for promoting your brands.

In addition to creating content for your brand, you need to get both influencers and readers to participate in the process of content creation. The biggest brands in the world rely on user-generated content and social media mentions heavily, because it makes them more visible organically.

- Aliya Mushtaq