Top Micro Influencers in India 2021

Top Micro Influencers in India

Do you go down a rabbit hole of never-ending videos and feeds while looking up any information on the web?

If you’re someone who does this every time you have to Google search any information.

I’m sure you are familiar with the age of influencers and also follow a micro-influencer for their relatable content and genuine opinion.

What are the benefits of top Micro- influencers?

  • Micro-influencers tend to create content which is more relatable or genuine to us. We follow them not because they are famous but because we trust and like their personalized niche.
  • Micro-influencers in India have an advantage of gaining followers and audience not only on the topic of content (beauty & fashion, food & travel, tech, comedy, music) but also various regional and language based audience.
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Here are some of the top Micro-influencers in India, you should check out!

1. Neha Mathur ( Whiskaffair ) – Food & Travel Blogger - Instagram

neha mathur

Neha Mathur is a cook and recipe maker of many traditional cuisines across the Indian sub-continent. She travels and has a unique perspective of visiting new and authentic experiences across India. She also has a very detailed and personalized website of her food and travel journeys. Check out her website to try her recipes!

Neha’s delicious food recipes and vibing personality got her featured in HuffPost, Buzzfeed, Taste of Home , NDTV Food and is an exclusive Member of Mediavine Food.

2. Aishwarya Kaushal – Beauty & Makeup - Youtuber

aishwarya kaushal

Aishwarya is the queen of the beauty and make-up YouTube world in India. The honey toned beauty has whiz makeup skills, creating makeup tutorials and beauty vlogs for her followers twice a week or more.

She continuously challenges herself by breaking fashion norms and offering alternative options.

3. Tanish Sharma ( Theforkeddiaries ) –Food Blogger- Instagram

tanish sharma

Tanish has vibrant Instagram page of food across the streets of India. Street food is his favorite muse as he travels around Mumbai, Delhi and Amritsar showing you delicacies of street food in every town. Follow him to join him on his never-ending food journaling journey.

4. Sleep classes– Education – YouTube Channel

sleep classes

Have you been sleepy kid as a student, when important subject like finance, tax, history or politics were taught? Sleepy Classes is the exact opposite of its name. It breaks down boring subjects and makes it interesting and easy to understand. They have 3000 videos covering topics of UPSC exams and 2 minute series on World history, Politics, Economy etc

5. Teekhi_mirchi – Food Blogger and Recipe Maker – Instagram

teekshi mirchi

Dr. Radhika Aggrwal is a foodie by passion, she covers luxury food, street food and homemade recipes her micro-blog on Instagram. She was always a food enthusiast even though she is a doctor by profession. Follow her for authentic home-made food recipes and blogs.

6. Suraj Kumar - Movie Reviews - Youtuber

suraj kumar

Are you a fan of bollywood movies, with a sarcastic sense of humour? If so, Suraj Kumar is your guy! He will take you on a spoof comedy rofl-ing ride with his funny reviews in Hindi on Bollywood Clichés and melodrama. Watch his reviews on YouTube and Laugh- out- Loud for real.

7. CherryBobbo– Choreographers – Tik Tok

cherry bobbo

Cherry Bomb is a Girl Gang of Choreographers. This bomb trio of millennial girls _ Jahnvi Rawat, Smrithi and Santana Roach have a youtube channel ‘Hattke’ with many ‘hattke’ swirls and twirls. They perform in Music Fest and live performances and stage shows across India and are mostly popular on tik tok for their rhythmically poised moves.

8. World Ghoomo – Travel – Youtube Channel

world ghoomo

If you’re looking to checklist your world travel journey, or even in India, World Ghoomo is the perfect guide for you. Sarita and Kamal as couple run a youtube channel which can serve as your one-stop travel guide and encyclopedia. They give you explicit details of budget, country heritage and culture, local festivals, visa-entry and much more. They also have a website of the same name giving you any other details and contacts you need to take the leap on becoming a world traveler.

9. Comic Book Stories – Youtube Channel

comic book stories

Marvel and DC Universe may confuse you with its endless comic book reference which is never explained in the movies. But don’t worry, Comic Book Stories, tells you almost every Marvel and DC comic book story that too in Hindi! Now you can catch up with the next avenger movie plot line on this Channel!

10. Suzanne - Artist– Tik Toker


Suzanne is a Hyderabad based teen lip-sync artist, who rose to fame with her cute charms and acting skills on Tik tok. She interacts and acts in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam making her the lip-sync darling of social media.

A micro-influencer may not always be a micro-influencer. Once they become popular and mainstream some become celebrity influencers. But still, Micro-influencers are trendsetters and go- getters of the social media generation. The digital and social media marketing world is seeing a rise in micro-influencer agency in India.

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