Do TikTok collab in India with top
Tik Tok Influencers

Why is it important to work on collaboration
on Tik Tok?

To attract and convince the customers of tomorrow – the future customers

As majority of the people on TikTok are below the age of 25 years, still they are relevant for brands which makes products / services for this target group.

Brands that understand the significance of the Tik Tok platform are eager and keen for successful collaboration on Tik Tok nowadays. For brands, this means a potential that they can tap to grow and strengthen their online presence.

  • Active Users:

    This social media platform has more than 1.5 billion active users globally. India has the largest number of users with 43% new users.
  • Growth:

    The 2019’s first quarter witnessed Tik Tok being downloaded by almost 108 million fresh users worldwide - a growth of 70% from the 2018’s first quarter.
  • What brands can achieve with top TikTok influencers collaboration?

  • Objective:

    Brands can enhance awareness, presence and market reach by associating and tie up with Top Tik Tok influencers in India.
  • The process:

    The concept is to associate with a likeable influencer through a Tik Tok influencer agency and mutually create content strategy for campaigns that are able to generate great engagement in terms of likes, views, shares and reposts.
  • Irrespective of the type of brand, the product or service category, brands are jumping and joining the bandwagon for Tik Tok collab in India.

    The question of how to collab with someone on Tik Tok in India can be ably answered by us as we are an experienced and leading Tik Tok digital marketing company in India that has the expertise to work with top Tik Tok influencers in the country today.

    How brands can collab on Tik Tok in India?

    Brands can collaborate with influencers on Tik Tok through us as we are a certified TikTok marketing agency for execution of TikTok campaigns.

    Many top brands today in the country have chosen us for strategizing their campaigns and got great results. Few of our work samples:-

    Work India Tik Tok Collab in India
    Smytten India Tik Tok Collab in India

    What type of brands can utilize TikTok influencer marketing?

    From new brands and product launches to promoting Apps, from promoting a daily use item like a toothpaste to marketing premium high-end products like fashion accessories, there is no restriction to what marketers can market on Tik Tok. Brands like Flipkart, Alibaba, Snapdeal, Work India, Nyka, Club factory etc are already spending huge amounts on TikTok for collaboration as well as paid ads.

    The truth is that the platform is universal – the right campaign works in favour of an established brand as well as for a newbie in the market. As long as the content is great, and the question of how to make a collab on Tik Tok is handled well, there can be very few parameters that can put the campaign at risk.

    So why are you waiting ? Start your Tik Tok influencer campaign today and lead from the front with this new platform by utilizing its potential early.