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Hi Tik Toker, Please give your details for Brand collaboration (Sponsorship)

Hi Tik Toker, Please give your details for Brand collaboration (Sponsorship)

Associate with top influencers on Tik Tok to capture untapped markets

Our Tik Tok influencer marketing strategy-

As a brand that caters to the new-age teen and youngster crowd, can you afford to leave out Tik Tok from your marketing strategy? It would definitely not be the wisest things to do. The idea should be to tie-up with Grynow – the top Tik Tok influencer marketing agency in India to reap benefits from this growing user base of the app.

Brands approach us for increasing their awareness, generating leads and sales

We then analyse their business model, their business goals and what they want to achieve through marketing

Then, we make the strategy for targeting their potential customers on Tik Tok

We select Top Tik Tok influencers in India from our experience and Tik Tok influencer marketing dashboard provided by Tik Tok company itself to us for executing the campaigns, and to target the targeted potential audience of the brand, as we are an exclusive and certified TikTok influencer marketing and management company in India

Tik Tok market in India

  • One of the largest user bases of Tik Tok is in India
  • The China-made app was the most downloaded app globally in the first quarter of this year with 188 million downloads. Of this 47% was from India.
  • 50% of India’s population at present is under the age of 25 years. And Tik Tok’s largest user base is between the age of 16 years and 24 years.

Tik Tok influencer marketing in India

With the global social media influencer marketing industry all slated to touch and go beyond the $20 billion mark by 2020, it is not surprising that the Indian influencer industry too is all set to rock in the coming years, And, one platform that will rule the roost is Tik Tok.

Choose us as the right Tik Tok marketing and advertising agency in India to strategize and design the most optimized and cost-effective Tik Tok influencer marketing campaigns in India and abroad is vital here. One of the biggest benefits for brands, besides the market reach, is that promotion and marketing on this platform is way cheaper vis-à-vis conventional methods and even marketing on other social media platforms.

Our Tik Tok Influencer Marketing campaigns in India

Work India Tik Tok Influencer Marketing Campaign

Smytten India Tik Tok Influencer Marketing Campaign

Tik Tok as a platform is new and hence brands are still in an experimental frame tying to see how they can use the platform effectively to their benefit. The hashtag challenge concept is a very popular mode for brands and individuals to make their presence felt on this social media app. While influencers can be used thoughtfully and productively to strengthen user base, brands also should focus on developing their own profiles so that they can indulge in organic advertising methods to get the right kind of attention. If brands are able to create videos that appeal and impress their targeted demographics, Tik Tok can become a major marketing tool in hand with far- reaching results.