About Us

The best influencer
marketing platform

Grynow is a trusted influencer marketing place that connects influencers with brands and agencies. Brands trust us for effective growth hacking and marketing of their Product / Service. We have a personal network of more than 5,000 famous influencers primarily on instagram and youtube.

Our Services


Influencer Discovery

Find the right influencers to communicate the brand's message that syncs with former's content


Branding and Awareness

Creating right marketing strategy to position the brand to the target audience


Campaign Planning and Execution

Optimising the resources to deliver the right communication and generating value over time

The Team

Our group of brand strategists will suggest the correct blend of advertising correspondence, influencer/s required, and limited time content inside your financial limit. We don't simply think of what's cool; we make the message your clients need to hear and one that you can convey on. GryNow guarantees that you can make a positive brand discernment among your clients which will help in their buy choices when they are collaborating with your image.