Tik Tok Collaboration Services in USA

What is Tik Tok Collaboration?

In Tik Tok collaboration, a business or a company uses the brand association leverage strategy by utilizing the influence and impact of the same niche’s top social media influencers on Tik Tok for inspiring the buying decision of the Influencer’s followers in order to attract the potential customers who can ultimately become the future customers for that brand.

Why businesses in USA should do collaboration on Tik Tok as an integral part of their marketing strategy?

For corporates and brands, nothing could be more meaningful than investing in a collab video with a popular influencer in their very own niche. The result – some amazing comments, a spectacular video, chance for the influencer to associate with a sound brand and the potential for the company to reach across to an audience that is just ideal for your brand.

  • Platform:

    Tik Tok is a social media platform that is immensely popular amongst the 16-year and 17-year olds of the United States because of the power of the medium.
  • Downloads:

    According to Prioridata, Tik Tok has been downloaded more than 41 million times in USA
  • Active Users:

    According to Mediakix , 60% of TikTok’s monthly active users are 16 to 24 year old
  • Time Spent:

    Users spent approximately 52 minutes on this app daily
  • Videos Watched:

    More than 1 billion videos were watched daily in 2018 on Tik Tok
  • USA Users:

    According to Digiday, 26.5 million monthly active users on Tik Tok are from USA
  • Visit:

    According to Global webindex, 9 out of 10 Tik Tok users visit the Tik Tok app more than once in a day
  • Session:

    According to Digiday, the average session on Tik Tok is around 5 minutes
  • Explosion:

    And the platform is growing like crazy
  • How to collaborate on Tik Tok with influencers
    to maximize sales?

  • Right Company:

    Grynow is the top Tik Tok influencer marketing and management agency. We have tie ups with top Tik Tok influencers and many of them are exclusive with us.
  • Right Strategy:

    Brands can directly contact us for campaign execution, selection of Tik Tok influencers, strategy making, content optimizing, Tik Tok Ads and more.
  • Why Grynow is the most trusted Tik Tok influencer marketing agency for Tik Tok collaboration in USA?

  • Authorized:

    We are the authorized Tik Tok influencer marketing agency for campaign execution on Tik Tok, certified by Tik Tok – Byte dance group
  • Digital Marketing:

    We are the authorized Tik Tok digital marketing and Ads agency to execute digital ads campaigns on TikTok
  • Expertise:

    We have the exclusive access to the TikTok influencers dashboard provided by the Tik Tok – Byte dance group
  • Experience:

    We have more than 3 years of experience in influencer marketing campaign execution through Youtube and Instagram and now we are on Tik Tok
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