6 Tactics for A Killer YouTube Strategy

YouTube strategy

Video is undeniably a rising star in the field of content marketing that is raising many eyebrows. Cisco states that in the coming future video will account for 82% of all user traffic online, i.e., 15 times more than what it was four years back. At the top influencer marketing platform in India we make the best use of this knowledge to raise brand awareness, generate more traffic, better leads, and increase our clients' conversion rate.

68% of advertisers across the globe boast that video has a higher return on investment than Google ads. 80% would produce more videos if the process were simple. Many brands we have worked with say that the easiest part of content marketing is deciding where to post the video. Of course, when we say video, YouTube is the first platform that comes to mind. Hence, it should be a no brainer to upload the content to the platform.

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But, despite all the many advantages video has to offer, only a small number of businesses are active on YouTube. Why do you think that is considering that YouTube is the second largest search engine with more than 2 billion users. For the most part, marketers do not have a solid marketing strategy for YouTube because they lack sufficient training and experience in video making.

Top Tactics for YouTube Content Strategy


YouTube content strategy

First and foremost, the marketing strategy of YouTube begins with research. Think about if you wouldn't start writing an article without gaining a substantial understanding of what your target audience wants to read or how you should structure your blog right? In the same way, you shouldn't start creating videos without undertaking research first.

Before creating a YouTube marketing strategy for our clients, our expert staff at the agency makes sure to look at what the brand's close rivals are doing to get some inspiration. For example, we look at the type of videos they produced, promoted, how much success they acquired from the content, the consistency level, etc. Of course, before actually creating the video, we compare the data collected with what is popular on the internet and which content should be discarded for a more successful alternative.

Study Top Channels

Top YouTube content strategy

Besides competitors, we have included the practice of taking a look at our client’s YouTube subscription and history as part of our YouTube strategy. When we do this, we pay heed to the methods and formats that can help hold the interest of the desired audience. We ask ourselves some critical questions, for instance, is the something about these channels that keep you coming back for more? To what extent do renowned channels go for attracting viewers and subscribers? Etc.

We believe that we can gain a lot of valuable data from watching popular videos on YouTube that fit our client's niche. We pay careful attention to factors like the length of the videos, the production value of the content uses of special effects or texts, etc. A brand can always avail our agency’s expertise to perform the above task; you can do the same. However, if you want to go at it yourself, here are some suggestions that can help you. Begin by creating a framework for your YouTube content strategy. Are you clear on the kind of content you will be putting out? Do you have a plan that can effectively tell your brand story? Do you want to include tutorials or establish your company as a trendsetter through YouTube? You can have all of the above in your strategy.

Curate Lean Back Videos

Best YouTube content strategy

Thinking that "we can only achieve success from viral content" is widely prevalent among common YouTube myths. We have come across many creators who believe that if they can't make anyone laugh or show a cat getting into a fight with a dog, then they are not cut out to be ranked amongst the elites in the game. Of course, this is not true, especially when you consider that people are changing how they consume online content.

While it's a fact that many users access YouTube from their mobile devices, that shouldn't be grounds for the argument that they only want short, light entertainment. The statement released by Google tells us people consume videos on mobile the same way they do on television. We think it is safe to say that people view longer videos at home to unwind and relax. We at the agency believe that YouTube has other uses besides being an on-the-go entertainment source. That is why we include lean-back content like lengthy videos in the YouTube strategy we design for our clients. These can consist of anything - ranging from entertainment, information, educational content, etc.


Best tactic for YouTube content strategy

After working with many clients, we have understood that consistency is a trait that is shared by most popular YouTube channels. The defining characteristic is the frequency with which videos are uploaded. Some of the most cost popular brands in the world post as frequently as once or twice daily. Although when we say the condition, we do not mean cluttering a channel with irrelevant videos. When brands choose to work with us, we help them maintain a specific format for their content - in other words; we assist in posting the same type of videos. We achieve this by reusing the same characters or revisiting a familiar theme or subject. As a result, our client's target audience becomes more comfortable with the channel because they know what is coming if they continue associating with the channel.

Consistency is essential for the growth of our clients; hence, we develop a YouTube content strategy that outlines how and when videos will be produced and uploaded.

Create Useful Videos

How to create useful videos on YouTube

One of the fundamental pillars of our YouTube content strategy involves understanding why our client's audience is likely to interact with the videos compared to other content types. From our studies, we have uncovered that people consider videos to be more personal and engaging than other mediums. They also think of the entertainment factor, which is on the higher side with videos, compared to traditional formats.

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So how does it affect video producers? One thing that is most important to the creative heads of our organization is to ensure that the content we create is fascinating. As much as users on the platform love watching tutorial content, they are equally likely to quit the video halfway if they find it unappealing. The target audience looking at the products featured in the video is the worst thing that can happen to a brand.

When creating a video, there is an infinite number of topics to pick from. We help our clients create content about their product usage, success stories, company culture, demo videos - literally anything that we can introduce in a lively, straightforward manner comes under our area of specialization.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing for YouTube

In recent years YouTube and influencer marketing have enjoyed a strong partnership, as more and more brands continue to partner with open leaders for more publicity. However, marketing blunders involving top opinion leaders like PewDiePie and Logan Paul have prompted many to reassess their partnership with influences.

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YouTube privacy policy is not robust as one might think. Hence, it is not surprising that brands have chosen to withdraw from the video-sharing platform entirely because some of their ads appear on content promoting violence or profanity. Some stringent rules from YouTube can potentially pull the plug on questionable videos on the platform, inevitably reducing the number of issues marketers face. However, it would be in a brand's best interest to work with our growth experts so that they don't accidentally partner with shady high-profile influencers or those who have come under fire for derogatory or controversial content.

The controversy surrounding doyens like Logan Paul may not have worked in favor of Nike and Pepsi when the companies decided to collaborate with him. But, there is no reason why the YouTube influencer fad won't continue to flourish as long as brands work with our agency professionals to formulate an effective YouTube growth strategy and take necessary precautions from their end. We help our clients' collaborate only with opinion leaders whose ideals align with their companies core values.

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