Top 100 Social Media Influencers in India in 2023

  • Posted On : 2023-01-17
Top 100 Social Media Influencers in India in 2022

Some found their calling by chance, others chose the path for themselves. Nevertheless, social media Influencers have been revolutionary in how people choose to consume content, and we couldn’t be happier. In India, we have got the lion’s share of internet celebrities. Actors, athletes, fitness gurus, motivational speakers, singers, dancers, etc., make up a massive chunk of famous social media Influencers. These individuals have acquired tremendous fame through their actions, and with the fame, a loyal community frequents their social handles to spend hours scrolling through their feeds.

Indian social media Influencers also play their part in keeping the viewers coming back for more. Besides a slew of quality content, Influencers host giveaways and interact with their audience in real-time. Additionally, as more brand consumers migrate online, social media influencers have also assumed roles as brand ambassadors. At the top influencer marketing agency, we have successfully helped marketers attain their objectives by leveraging prominent opinion leaders in their niche. Our work in the industry makes us an authority to reveal 100 of the top social media Influencers that rule the Indian digital space.

Who are Social Media Influencers?

“Social media influencers” is an umbrella term for individuals possessing knowledge and expertise on a subject. This empowers them to educate, entertain and inspire the masses, thus earning their loyalty and trust in return.

Due to their varied traits, social media Influencers have built a loyal community with authority to shape their audience’s perception of a brand or its offerings. People choose to heed suggestions from social media influences, and this opens doors for many possibilities. For starters, according to Neal Schaffer, businesses can now earn upward of $5.20 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing campaigns. Moreover, 80% of consumers have based their purchase decision on an opinion leader recommendation (source: Oberlo).

Benefits associated with social media influencers have created an ecosystem where brands will do anything to get their hands on doyens with a more enormous following. However, it would be wise if marketers looked beyond vanity metrics like following and focused on individuals who can bring value to their brand and grow their business.

Here Is a List of Top 100 Social Media Influencers in India

The Top Social Media Influencers in India are as below:

(Note: we believe that Influencers have more to offer than the following. Hence, our Influencers are numbered based on their impact on the community they influence. Their work has been echoed worldwide, gaining recognition from some top magazines and news outlets.)

  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani

    1. Jannat Zubair Rahmani


    One of the biggest social media influencers who is entertaining her audience through her acting roles, music vidoes, etc

    An Indian actress named Jannat Zubair Rahmani was born on August 29, 2001, and she primarily performs in Hindi-language movies and television programmes. She is well recognised for playing the roles of Pankti in Tu Aashiqui, Phulwa in Phulwa, and Kashi in Kashi – Ab Na Rahe Tera Kagaz Kora.

    She made her acting debut in Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye in 2010, appearing in a brief appearance as a young patient named Tamanna. However, it wasn’t until 2010 and 2011’s Phulwa on Colors TV and Imagine TV that she received widespread attention.

    She was one of the biggest tiktok stars before it was banned as well. However she has made quite the following on Instagram as well. She has over 43.6 million followers and an engagement rate of 1.92%. Each of her reels have atleast more than 2 million views reflecting the brand which jannat is. Make sure you follow one of the biggest social media influencers in India!

  • Anushka Sen

    2. Anushka Sen


    An amazing actress and mondel who is known for consistency and hardowrk at such a young age

    Anushka Sen is a model and television actress from India who is best known for playing Meher in the children’s fantasy programme Baalveer. In the Indian historical drama television series Jhansi Ki Rani, she also portrayed Manikarnika Rao/Rani Lakshmi Bai.

    In 2009, Anushka made her acting debut as a young child in the Zee TV series Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli. Her debut music video Humko hai Aasha was released in the year. She is now studying cinematography at Mumbai’s Thakur College of Science and Commerce.

    Following her partnership with Asia Lab, a South Korean entertainment business devoted to bringing Asian performers under one roof, she is currently spending time in South Korea to make her debut in that nation’s entertainment sector.

    She shares all of it and more on her instagram account making her one of the most loved social media influencers in india. Make sure you give her a follow if you haven’t already!

  • Avneet Kaur

    3. Avneet Kaur


    An actress who has made it big owing to her natural acting skills and consistency that is just growing

    Avneet Kaur is an Indian actress, dancer, and model who was born on October 13, 2001. She is well-known for her performances as Princess Yasmine in Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga and Charumati in Chandra Nandini.

    Kaur’s dancing career began with the dance competition Dance India Dance Li’l Masters on Zee TV. Before the semifinals, she was defeated. Later, she took part in Dance Ke Superstars, where she became a member of the “Dance Challengers” group.

    In Life OK’s Meri Maa (2012), Kaur made her acting debut as Jhilmil. She then appeared in Tedhe Hain Par Tere Mere Hain on SAB TV. Together with Darsheel Safary, Kaur competed in the celebrity dance reality competition Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa on Colors TV in 2012. On this programme, she was the youngest contestant.

    Later, Kaur performed the role of Rajkumari Damyanti in Life OK’s Savitri. Kaur portrayed Pakhi in the August 2013 episode of Ek Mutthi Aasmaan on Zee TV. She also appeared in The Weekly Rap, a news segment on ZeeQ.

    Avneet began her cinematic career in 2014 with Pradeep Sarkar’s Mardaani and has subsequently had supporting roles in a number of other films. Today she is one of the top social media influencers India due to the amazing acting skills she possessed over the years and connect she has with the audience.

  • Sayyed Arishfa Khan

    4. Sayyed Arishfa Khan


    Sayyed Arishfa Khan creates content around multiple verticals and has the power to appeals a huge community.

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan is one of the most followed social media Influencers in India. Arishfa was born in Shahjahanpur Lucknow. The actress came into the LimeLight after her appearance in TV serials like “Papa By Chance” and “Meri Durga”. Eventually she started creating short lip sync videos on Tiktok which brought her country wide recognition.

    Arishfa Khan has continued to entertain her audience on Instagram. The digital creator has a following of 29.3M with an engagement rate of 0.7%. The content Arishfa creates is centred around dance singing, acting, comedy and travel. On average the social media influencer receives 211.4K likes and 3K comments. The actress can reach at least 2.7M IG users per upload. Average real views account for 598K, while longer videos bring 671 K views. Arishfa’s parody video on how grandchildren will speak in the future got viewed 3.2 m times and received 255.1K likes and 2.9K comments. The Diva created her YouTube channel on 27 June 2018; currently she has 2.54M subscribers. Currently she has uploaded 126 videos which account for 180M views. The Indian youtuber usually posts vlogs, beauty, skin care, fashion, health, lifestyle and fitness content for her audience.

  • Faisal Shaikh

    5. Faisal Shaikh


    A social media influencer who is known for his consistent entertaining content

    Due to his interesting material, Faisal Shaikh, also known online as Mr. Faisu, has become a well-known figure on social media. This social media phenom has a staggering 28M Instagram followers, and they support him wholeheartedly. Millions of social media users enjoy his videos and photographs because he understands how to connect with the viewers. Faisal frequently uploads photos and videos to his Instagram account to keep his followers entertained. The fact that this social media celebrity will soon appear in India’s most popular stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi season 12 marks a significant turning point in his career.

    With the help of Hasnain Khan, Adnaan Shaikh, Faiz Baloch, and other members of his group known as “Team 07,” Mr. Faisu began filming films. ‘Team 07’ posted their debut song clip, ‘Tera Jaisa Yaar Kahan,’ to YouTube in 2018.

    The song videos Viah Nai Karauna, Fruity Lagdi Hai, Kaali Meri Gadi, and Nazar Na Lag Jaye all featured Faisal in 2019. He has won several accolades for being India’s top social media influencer.

  • Riyaz Aly

    6. Riyaz Aly


    Riya Aly is a talented video creator who’s creative and innovative posts have become a rage on the platform. He is famous for his amazing hairstyles and lip-sync videos.

    Riyaz Ali is a famous social media influencer in India who loves creating posts with new ideas and sharing them with his fans. He started his journey from TikTok and became a star quite soon with his mind-blowing lip-sync videos. He is just 19 years old but has achieved far greater than any influencers of his age. He has 27.3 million followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.58% which is excellent. Additionally, he loves to engage with his followers and over the years he has established a good rapport with them. His average interaction per post is 426.76k likes and 10.47k comments.

    Riyaz has his hometown in Bhutan and has always been interested in dancing and traveling from a young age. He has also appeared in music videos including “Yaari Hai (2019)”, “Pahadan (2019)”, and “Superstar (2020)”. The best thing that his fans love about him is his unique and trendy hairstyles. Each post he uploads on Instagram stands out from others because of the content and his look. His cuteness and good looks can make any girl go crazy for him. Recently, he uploaded his pic standing in front of Rolls-Royce, and the post received 499k likes and 14.1k comments!

  • Rohit Zinjurke

    7. Rohit Zinjurke


    Rohit Zinjurke has a vibrant personality with a unique set of skills. His short lip sync videos and high-quality content on random topics receive tons of appreciation from his fans.

    Rohit Zinjurke has established himself as a social butterfly and gained immense popularity as a top social media influencer in India. He has been earning a lot of money and respect for his stardom. He is also known as reactionboi and has 23.7M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 4.41% which is excellent.

    With high-quality content and innovative posts, Rohit has managed to capture the attention of a vast majority of social media users. His videos cater to different niches such as fashion, lifestyle, and feel-good content. Since he does not concentrate on only one niche, his viewers are usually those who are interested in multiple niches or simply any sort of interesting random content.

    The reactionboi has received a lot of positive comments from his followers and this motivates him to continue on his journey and impart a strong influence on them. He loves to entertain his fans and brings many smiles regularly. He also has his YouTube channel “Rohit Zinjurke” with 3.29 million subscribers from 83 videos. The music video for “Main Royaa” by Tanveer Evan and Yasser Desai, starring Rohit and Akaisha Vats, was a big hit. The video got 27 million views and 1.2 million likes!

  • Awez Darbar

    8. Awez Darbar


    Awez Darbar is a celebrity dance choreographer and a popular social media influencer from Mumbai, India. His dance moves and expressions are unique and beyond perfection.

    Awez Darbar is the son of the famous Bollywood music composer, Ismail Darbar. Creativity runs in his genes. Since his young age, Awez has been passionate about dancing. He acquired so much finesse in the dancing moves that he went on to become a dance teacher at the prestigious Dance academy of Shiamak Davar. He soon became a famous social media star in India after uploading entertaining dance videos that attracted tons of viewers.

    Awez has 22.4M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 3.22% which is excellent. His average interaction per post is 719.36k likes and 1.31k comments. Together with his brother, Zaid Darbar, he opened a joint venture “BYOU”, a choreography dance academy in Mumbai. He is also the founder of ACE Productions which is a hub for the release and distribution of entertaining videos online.

    Awez Darbar also likes to keep up with the trend. This is the reason why his fans cannot get enough of him. A few days ago he uploaded a video on slow motion signature dance challenge on the song “Kesariya” from the movie “Brahmastra”. His moves were excellent and he received tons of appreciation for his choreography. The post received 656k likes and 5066 comments.

  • Ajey Nagar

    9. Ajey Nagar


    Highest followed indian independent creator who is known for his amazing roasting skills

    One of the most well-known YouTube stars in India is Ajey Nagar, often known as CarryMinati. The young celebrity from Faridabad, who was born on June 12th, 1999, launched a YouTube channel in 2014 and has already amassed more than 36.2 million fans in only eight years. He also has 15.9 million Instagram followers.

    Some Hindi roast and rage videos, presented in CarryMinati’s own manner, are among the videos that have increased his fame. CarryMinati tried all he could to become well-known on YouTube, from roasting celebs to making fun of Bollywood award events and the iconic TV reality programme Bigg Boss. His subscriber count has increased after the success of his diss song “Bye PewDiePie” against Swedish YouTuber pewdiepie. On his second YouTube channel CarryisLive, CarryMinati plays around with video game live streaming in addition to roast and comedy videos.

    He often shares a glimpse of his personal life on his Instagram making him really famous on the platform as well. Make sure you follow one of the biggest social media influencers in India.

  • Bhuvan Bam

    10. Bhuvan Bam


    A talented YouTuber who is said to be synonymous with great comedy, singing and acting by his audience

    Bhuvan Bam is a Delhi-born comedian, author, musician, singer, and YouTuber. The Forbes India 30 Under 30 graduate is well-known for his YouTube humour channel, BB Ki Vines. Bam has produced a number of original songs, appeared in short films, and made a YouTube web series called Dhindhora in addition to making comedic videos that reflect the life of an urban youngster and his absurd chats with friends and family.

    Bhuvan’s early videos were fortunate if they received even 15 views. Nothing, however, prevented him from producing additional stuff. That 15 gradually increased to 300, claims Bhuvan. My films spread to other institutions via campus WhatsApp groups, and I have no idea how, but all of a sudden I was very well-liked at Karachi University! Funny enough, my videos were popular in Pakistan and Bangladesh but not in India. India was slow to accept my videos, he exclaims.

    And now there’s hardly anybody who doesn’t know about this talented star. He has an amazing following on Instagram as well with a rising engagement rate giving him millions of views, likes and comments. Make sure you follow him!

  • Ashish Chanchlani

    11. Ashish Chanchlani


    One of the most subscribed content creator who is known for his amazing comic timing and quality content

    Ashish Chanchlani is a comedian and YouTuber from India who is well-known for his parodies and humorous content. He began his career on Vine, earning the term “ashish chanchlani vines,” before switching to Instagram and then YouTube. The third most subscribed YouTuber from India is Ashish Chanchlani, behind CarryMinati and Amit Bhadana.

    2016 saw Ashish make his television debut on the hit programme Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. His performance earned him a lot of respect. Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kartik Aryan, and many more well-known Indian actors have also been in touch with him to promote their films on a number of times.

    When India was under lockdown, Ashish produced a number of live feeds. But he would also do it before the time but he made the decision to use his Super Chat earnings and his YouTube broadcasting to generate money for Indian farmers and rural workers. He was successful in raising a sizable sum. Bhuvan Bam, who also raised a sizable sum of charity donations for others who had enough back-end financial assistance during the crisis, is said to have followed him in this gesture. Make sure you follow one of the greatest social media influencers in India.

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra

    12. Dr. Vivek Bindra


    Dr. Vivek Bindra is a trusted advisor for 1500 + corporations. He holds 8 Guinness World records, 3 Golden Book of World records and multiple awards and honors for his work. Dr. Vivek Bindra was honored as the “best CEO Coach in India” by Times of India. Best corporate trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki “Best leadership Trainer In Asia” by Marshall Goldsmith. Dr. Vivek Bindra also featured in the Businessworld’s “40 under 40 list”. He has been recognised as one the the “21 technopreneurs to watch out for in 2021” by Digital First Magazine.

    Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well known name in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Dr Vivek Bindra is one of India’s foremost motivational speakers, leadership consultant, inspirational business coach and corporate trainer who inspired generations to follow their goals. The CEO is lauded for training the top 100 CEOs in India. Dr. Vivek Bindra is also an author who has penned 10 high-powered motivational books on business lessons, entrepreneurship and training.

    Dr. Vivek Bindra has a hefty following of 3M on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.33%. His posts reach 178.2K IG users on average. Majority of Dr Vivek Bindra’s content revolves around motivation, business, entrepreneurship, public speaking, business training, coaching, problem solving, corporate leadership, business strategy, sales, marketing etc. In one of his IG reels, Dr. Vivek Bindra shared an important message on how one who  rises after falling wins every battle of life. The post has 771.4K views, 47.5K likes and 152 comments. The social media influencer has 19.4M subscribers on YouTube. He has completed 1.48B views on his channel from his 680 + videos.

  • Hasnain Khan

    13. Hasnain Khan


    Hasnain Khan is a famous digital creator who loves creating short interesting videos. His stunning pics are a rage on the platform as well as the lip-sync videos on popular dialogues.

    Hasnain Khan is mere 24 years old but has shown remarkable progress in his skills and work as compared to other social media influencers on the platform. He has 13M followers with an engagement rate of 1.17% which is excellent. His audience loves to interact with him and their bonding is great. This comes from the fact that Hasnain is quite consistent with his uploads. His creativity and consistency are the two most important factors that have helped him to reach the position he is at present. It’s truly amazing that his average interaction per post is 151.65k likes and 3.11k comments!

    Hasnain Khan is extremely talented when it comes to lip-sync videos. His expressions according to the lines are flawless. Hasnain has tremendous acting skills too and it is evident from the success of his content. Recently he uploaded a video on the popular song “Tumhari adao ko hum jaante hai” and he literally cried while lip-syncing the lines. His viewers got emotional too. The post received 468k likes and 3,767 comments. His swag and his good looks are an added advantage. Any pics he uploads instantly grab the attention of his fans!

  • Adnaan Shaikh

    14. Adnaan Shaikh


    He will keep you entertained with his funny videos, lip-sync and much more

    Adnaan Shaikh is an Indian emerging fashion and fitness model, YouTuber, video content producer, former TikTok celebrity, and social media influencer. He has amassed a large following online by posting videos of himself singing, dancing, reacting to things, playing practical jokes, and lip-syncing. He also has a self-titled YouTube channel where he does lifestyle vlogs, and he has appeared in several music videos, including Mere Humdum, Diamond Ring, Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi, and many others.

    He has signed with many modelling management companies, including Qyuki, due to his success as a maker of video content and an Instagram celebrity. In addition, Adnaan has served as the spokesperson and brand ambassador for a wide range of clothing, skincare, sports, and fashion companies, such as Funky Boys Boutique, Rock Code Clothing Co., Beardo, Deluxe Collection Kurla, and many more. He will most likely be highlighted by a few well-known fashion publications and publications shortly.

    Make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India on Instagram for a fun experience!

  • Sahil Khan

    15. Sahil Khan


      Sahil Khan is the recipient of the “Global excellence Award” for India’s fitness ICON. He was also chosen for the “Youth Icon Of India” Award. Sahil Khan has been featured on Times of India, DNA India and Wishesh.

    Sahil Khan was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He has assumed many roles throughout the years; he was an actor and YouTube but most importantly he is known for sharing his fitness journey and motivating others to follow in his first steps. Sahil stepped into the entertainment industry after his appearance in the music video “Nachange Saari Raat”. The actor later starred in Hindi movies like “Style” and “Xcuse Me”. The fitness influencer is the brand ambassador for Hunk water Sahil has been recruited to endorse fitness brands like Big Muscle nutrition and health XP.

    Sahil Khan has motivated many to lead a healthy life. 10.8M users follow him on Instagram. The fitness enthusiast boasts an engagement rate of 1.4%. He receives 146.3K likes and 999 comments on average per Post with a reach of 1M IG users. He posts content around travel, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, body building tips and fitness. Sahil’s highest viewed reel showcases his time in Dubai. The video has received 2.4M plays, 241K likes and 1215 comments. Sahil has 3.1M subscribers on YouTube. He uploads travel vlog, fitness series, events updates, workouts and music trailers on his channel.

  • Sidhharth Nigam

    16. Sidhharth Nigam


    A talented actor and gymnast who chases perfection in everything he does.

    Actor Siddharth Nigam represents India in both cinema and television. He is well-known for playing young Sahir and Samar in the film Dhoom 3, child Mauryan prince Ashoka in the television series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors, Prince Bindusara in the film Chandra Nandini on StarPlus, and Aladdin in the film Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga on Sony SAB.

    On February 15, 2015, Siddharth Nigam appeared as a guest on a special Mahashivratri edition of Comedy Nights with Kapil. In 2016, Siddharth Nigam made an appearance on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9 as a contestant and then in Peshwa Bajirao as Young Shivaji.

    He is a gymnast as well and he competes in it at the national level, and during the 58th National School Games in Pune, he took home gold in parallel bars and silver in high bars. Siddharth regularly posts regular content around his personal life, exercise, bts of shoots and much more which gives him a following of 10.6 million and counting with a growing engagement rate. Make sure you follow him!

  • Sameeksha Sud

    17. Sameeksha Sud


    Sameeksha Sud is a well-known Indian television actress and a social media influencer. Her innovative lip-sync videos and funny content has attracted tons of followers on Instagram.

    Sameeksha Sud gained her recognition from the television show ‘Bal Veer’. Her prominence as an actress shifted to the social media platform. She started creating funny videos on random topics on Instagram and soon her hard work started to pay off. Her creativity in lip-sync videos and acting skills attracted a lot of viewers.

    Additionally, her bubbly personality and cute smile are hard to ignore. She looks fabulous in any outfit she wears and hence many brands like to collaborate with her to endorse their products. Her OOTD or outfit of the day photos also receives a lot of appreciation from her fans. Recently, she shared her stunning look wearing a pink ethnic dress by ‘Emiraasbyindraani’. The post received 48.6k likes and 802 comments.

    Sameeksha has 10.6M followers with an engagement rate of 0.44%. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 46.6k likes and 620 comments. Some of her fans call her “Expression Queen” because of how flawless she acts to make her content seem real. A few weeks ago, she shared a funny post on how girls simply assume their boyfriends to be different from other boys. Sam performed so well that the post received 370k likes and 1499 comments!

  • Ashnoor Kaur

    18. Ashnoor Kaur


    Ashnoor Kaur won the “Gold Quarantine award for home sweet home star category”. In 2020 she won the International Iconic Style Icon of India award. The same year Ashnoor nagged the “Most Inspiring Women Protagonist of the Year award”.

    Ashnoor Kaur is an Indian actress and social media celebrity known for her roles in Indian sitcoms like “Jhansi Ki Rani” and “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”. Ashnoor’s portfolio also highlights her work in the Punjabi film industry. Throughout her career Ashnoor has appeared in numerous music videos. The actress made her bollywood debut in “Sanju” and eventually worked in “Manmarziyan”.

    Ashnoor usually posts about fitness, acting, Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, makeup, skin care, hair care and health. 9.3M IG users follow the influencer, putting her engagement rate at 1.2%.  Ashnoor receives 111K likes and 1.2K comments on average per post. She can reach an audience of 1.3M. Ashnoor Kaur reenacted the famous “head shoulder knees and toes” trend with Siddharth Nigam. The reel has 3.2M views, 358K likes and 1839 comments till date. Is also active on Facebook Twitter Snapchat and YouTube. Ashnoor’s channel has 542K subscribers and 75 videos. Most of her content includes vlogs, music videos and behind the scene moments.

  • Khushi Choudhary

    19. Khushi Choudhary


    Khushi Choudhary is a creative digital creator and an actress. She is famous for creating couple and family vlogs and gives inspiration to people to live life with happiness and peace.

    Khushi Choudhary is a talented actress and her vlogs have become a rage on the platform. She is a popular social media personality and model from Delhi. The cute woman is loved by her audience not just for her pretty smile and looks but also for the wonderful vlogs she creates consistently on the platform. She rose to fame for her funny, lip sync, and dancing videos on her TikTok account. She also has a YouTube channel “Mr & Mrs. Choudhary” with more than 4.2M subscribers.

    Khushi, along with her husband makes cute romantic videos on couple goals and inspires married people to keep their spark alive. They have a cute son named Raja and their family photo looks adorable beyond limits. Recently, she posted her family pic wearing traditional festive clothes and the post received 128k likes and 701 comments. Khushi emphasizes the importance of family and why to keep them close to your heart forever. She has 7.6M followers with an engagement rate of 1.00% which is quite high. Her average interaction per post is 76.17k likes and 384 comments.

  • Muskan Sharma

    20. Muskan Sharma


    Muskan Sharma is an actress who became famous for her prank, dance, and challenge videos on different social media platforms. The talented beauty also acts in short films and has become an Internet sensation.

    Muskan Sharma rose to fame because of her acting skills. The gorgeous beauty captured the hearts of Indians through her short random videos, especially on dance, challenges, daily vlogs, and pranks. Initially she started her journey from TikTok and then quickly made her way to other social media platforms as well. The beautiful actress is just 25 years old but she has achieved much more than anyone could ever imagine at such a young age. Her acting skills are so natural that it’s hard even for the smartest person to catch that she is playing a prank. Moreover, the concept of her prank videos are also unique and innovative and this is the reason why her fans remain hooked to her channel.

    Recently, she participated in a short film “Section 498A”, directed by Ibrahim Anwar shaikh. The film got released on YouTube and it received tons of positive reviews from the viewers. The actress has also received immense appreciation for the character she played in the movie. Muskan has 7.5M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 2.34% which is excellent. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 175.32k likes and 1.19k comments.

  • Diipa Bu¨ller-Khosla

    21. Diipa Bu¨ller-Khosla


    Diipa Büller-Khosla is a multi-talented woman. The gorgeous beauty is a social media influencer, entrepreneur, model, mother, and wife. She is the founder of indē wild, a popular ayurvedic beauty brand.

    Diipa Büller-Khosla is an award-winning Global influencer. She was born and brought up in India but moved to the Netherlands at the age of 17 to study International Law. Although she did an internship at the United Nation’s International Criminal Court, it was the work at IMA (Influencer Agency in Amsterdam), that completely shifted her focus to social media. Her mesmerizing looks and humble attitude helped her to amass 1.8 million followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.71%. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 12.87k likes and 114 comments.

    Diipa Büller-Khosla is also the founder of Indē wild, an international beauty brand that was first launched in the USA in the year 2021. It soon made its way to Canada followed by the UK.

    Now the successful entrepreneur is proud that her ayurvedic beauty label has entered India. She has launched her brand exclusively on Nykaa. The good news was shared in her IG post and it received tons of appreciation from her fans with 29.6k likes and 410 comments. Diipa is also an advocate for women’s empowerment. She is the co-founder of the NGO, Post for Change, to help women all over the world.

  • Kanika Mann

    22. Kanika Mann


    A talented actress ensuring to entertain her audience through every means possible

    A gifted performer, Kanika Mann made a reputation for herself on the daytime drama Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. With her performance in the action-packed reality series Khatron Ke Khiladi 12, the 22-year-old is capturing viewers’ hearts. The crowd adores her cheerful personality and friendship with host Rohit Shetty, and she always astounds them with her antics.

    Recent appearances by Kanika Mann include the online series Roohaniyat and a music video with Raghav Sachar. Things are progressing for her at a breakneck pace. She expressed her joy over it by saying, “They are moving more quickly than before. Additionally, the competition is fierce. Everything about it is wonderful “‘

    Her following on Instagram is no less with a engagement rate of 1.67%. Her reels are often seen in the trending section and reach a million views easily as it reflects BTS of her shoots, glimpse of her personal life and much more. Make sure you follow her right away for a bunch of entertainment and updates on what shae’s upto foe entertaining you.

  • Riva Arora

    23. Riva Arora


    Riva Arora is a popular Bollywood child actress who is also a famous Instagram influencer. She has been felicitated by IIIA and MIDDAY Award for her remarkable work as an actor and influencer.

    Riva Arora is mere 12 years old but she has achieved a lot in a short period. From being a popular child actress to now being a famous social media influencer in India, it’s been quite a journey! She has tremendous acting skills and has been a part of top movies like MOM, URI, MKDNH, Bharat, Bandish Bandits, and Gunjan Saxena. The talented girl has 7.1M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.85%. Additionally, she is quite consistent with her posts and hence her average interaction per post is 131.35k and 642 comments.

    Riva has recently been awarded by IIIA and MIDDAY for her outstanding work and received the most popular Teen Actor and Influencer Award 2022. She wore a stunning pink outfit at the award function making her look like a fashionable barbie doll. The cute and bubbly girl even captured her dream night in a vlog and published it on her YouTube channel which has 852k subscribers. Her photo on Instagram holding the two awards received 208k likes and 926 comments. The comments were filled with love and appreciation from her well-wishers and how they feel so proud to have such a young talented beauty on the platform.

  • Nagma Mirajkar

    24. Nagma Mirajkar


    An influencer who is doing it all right with her content.

    Nagma Mirajkar is a top social media influencer in India. She has over 6.6 million followers on Instagram and is the founder of the blog, “Nagma’s World.”

    Mirajkar was born in Mumbai, India. She attended Rizvi College, where she studied English literature and psychology. Later she studied at Columbia University in New York City.

    Mirajkar began her career as a fashion model before working as a freelance stylist for various publications and brands. Now, she collaborates with various brands and is highly in-demand amongst brands due to her amazing engagement rate or connect with the audience.

    She is also one of the founders of atrangz, a dancing society as she is really of fond of dancing as well and is one of the best as said by her fans. Her reels appear in the trending section all the time due to the quality she reflects, it doesn’t look any less than a clip directly form a movie. Make sure you follow her!

  • Aashika Bhatia

    25. Aashika Bhatia


    An influencer who beats everything with her hard-work

    One of the most adored young actresses in the entertainment world is Aashika Bhatia. Aashika began her career as a young artist and has since been in several popular TV series. She has even been in a popular Bollywood film. Through her performance and stunning appearance, the young actor has gained a devoted fan following.

    Aashika has a strong online presence and frequently uploads captivating content to Instagram. Aashika recently generated a tonne of excitement on social media as a result of one of her Instagram videos going viral. Aashika responds appropriately to Internet bullies who called her a fato in the Reel. The Reel highlights Aashika’s incredible weight reduction journey as well as her present-day fit appearance. “Huh,” is what Aashika titled her reel.

    With her performance in the Sony TV series Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi, Aashika captured many hearts. Aashika portrayed Shweta Tiwari’s young adolescent daughter in the television programme. The audience adored Aashika’s cute grin and upbeat demeanour.

    Additionally, Aashika has appeared in the TV programmes Ek Shringar – Swabhimaan and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Her performance in the Salman Khan film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo continues to be her career high point. Aashika portrayed Salman Khan’s sister in the hugely successful film. Make sure you follow her on Instagram for entertaining content!

  • Kusha Kapila

    26. Kusha Kapila


    Kusha Kapila has been featured on the magazine cover of Harper’s Bazaar. She has worked a long size popular Bollywood celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Kartik Aaryan, Kiara Advani and Abhishek Bachchan

    Kusha Kapila from New Delhi, is a famous internet celebrity known for her take on fashion and lifestyle. The fashionista worked as fashion writer and analyst before becoming an online content creator. Her work portfolio includes her time as a fashion editor at Times Internet and IDiva. Kusha started her journey by making videos on Facebook, before extending into Instagram and YouTube. Kusha Kapila came into the public radar for her fictional portrayal of character “Billi Masi”. Since then Kusha has fleshed out multiple characters loved by many. The social media influencer is a proud ambassador for Olay India.

    Kusha Kapila has 2.5M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 6.8%. The influencer gets 171.2K likes and 1.1K comments on average per post putting her like to comment ratio at 137:1. Average video views account for 609.7K, while reels bring 1.1M. Overall Kusha kafila can reach 1M IG users per upload. Kusha’s content includes funny skits, fashion photoshoots, interviews, movie promotions and lifestyle hacks. Her top reel showcases hair and makeup by a popular makeup artist, Vishaka. The video has received 12.4M views, 874K likes and 9427 comments.

  • Nisha Bhatt

    27. Nisha Bhatt


    A model and actress who is full of life which reflects in her work as well making her audience gush over her

    Nisha Bhatt is a model and actress. She was born in Mohali, Punjab, India, on September 5, 1996. She stands around 5’4″ tall. She received her diploma from Mohali’s Chandigarh University.

    Gussa Tera, PR, Jatti Da Crush, Khuda by Satbir Aujla, Delete, Priceless by Virasat Sandhu, Kudi Mangi Aa, and Doraemon are just a few of the Punjabi music videos she has contributed to. She contributed to Jatti Da Dream, Taur Ban Jau, Puzzle Life, Tibeyan Da Putt by Sidhu Moose Wala, Never Trust by Gurneet Dosanjh, and the most recent World Trip later in 2020. Additionally, she established Nisha Bhatt Productions as her own production company.

    She has an amazing presence on Instagram owing to the constant entertainment she provides to her audience through posts, reels and stories including BTS of her shoots, well thought out reels promoting her stuff and much more. Make sure you follow her!

  • Shraddha Arya

    28. Shraddha Arya


    Shraddha Arya is one of the notable Indian actresses who has won multiple accolades for her work. She won the “Indian telly award for Best actress in negative role”, “Best Jodi award” by Zee Gold Awards and the “Women Achievers Award”.

    Shraddha Arya is an Indian social media influencer and content creator born in New Delhi. The actress has appeared in several movies across Hindi, Telugu and Tamil industry. Her breakthrough role came in Kalvanin Kadhali, a 2006 Tamil movie. Shraddha Later starred in Shahid Kapoor lead, Pathshala and eventually made her debut in the Telugu industry. Shraddha is known for her appearance in television series like “Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki”, “Dream Girl” and “Tumhari Pakhi”. Shraddha was also a participant on “Nach Baliye season 9”.

    Shraddha Arya has a hefty following of 5.4M on Instagram. The actress flaunts an engagement rate of 4.0% with an average of 21.3K likes and 1.7K comments. Shraddha likes to post the reels on her IG feed. Reels account for Shraddha’s 1.2M platform views. She created a challenge/funny reel with her husband which has accumulated 36.3M views till date, in addition to 1.6M likes and 6,003 comments. On average, the actress can reach 4.2M IG users per post.

  • Sana khan

    29. Sana khan


    An influencer who entertains with her lip-sync reels

    Sana Eslam Khan was born on January 18, 1998, in Howrah, Kolkata, India. She is a dancer, model, social media influencer, and TikToker. Her lip syncing is well renowned. Sana has been a part of several video tracks. Sana has appeared in the video tracks “Bengali Beauty,” “Aukaat,” “Naa Chhaddi,” “Rang Lagaya Tune,” “Private Jatt,” “Bhula Na Teri Baatein,” and “Private Jatt.” She also runs the “Danish & Sana” YouTube channel.

    She has a huge fan following of 5.2 million and an engagement rate of 2.59%. Her reels cross the million mark easily and is filled with comments just aodring her for the quality she provides each and everytime. Make sure you follow one of the best social media influencers in India.

  • Prajakta Koli

    30. Prajakta Koli


    Prajakta got featured on “Forbes list of 30 under 30”, and “Entrepreneurs India’s list of 35 under 35”. The YouTuber was on Cosmopolitan’s youtuber of the year list. She is also on the Outlook business magazine’s list of women of worth. Recently Prajakta was seem on the cover of rolling stone India.

    Prajakta Koli popularly known as Mostlysane is an Indian actress, comedian ,blogger and YouTube known for her relatable comedy videos. Prajakta had her mind set on content creation at a very young age. From a little bump down the road, Prajakta eventually transitioned from a career as radio jockey to a full time YouTuber. The artist released her first video titled “5 types of singles on valentines day” and never looked back since. She is one of the loud voices that speak against body shaming. Prajakta had the opportunity to work with top Bollywood celebs select Hrithik Roshan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vicky Kaushal. The digital creator has recently promoted Ranbir Kapoor’s shamshera on her channel.

    Prajakta Koli received an engagement rate of 5.0% from her 5.1M Instagram followers. On average, the social media influencer gets 249.4K likes and 390 comments, while having the ability to reach an audience of 1.7M. Most of the content is around entertainment and Lifestyle. Prajakta also posts a lot of videos with bollywood celebrities. With 14.2 m views, 1.6 m likes and 5569 comments. The reel featuring Varun Dhawan is the most played video on Prajakta’s IG page. MostlySane has 6.72M subscribers on YouTube. The comedian Indian youtuber plays multiple characters for her funny skits.

  • Viral Bhayani

    31. Viral Bhayani


    The bollywood photographer has become one of the top sources for latest happenings in the Indian entertainment industry.

    Meet India’s top paparazzo, Viral Bayani. When most celebrities tend to stay away from paparazzi LimeLight, Viral Bhayani is welcomed with open arms to click at exclusive events and parties. Besides Bollywood celebs, Viral Bhayani has photographed athletes, singers and other notable personalities. Viral Bhayani manages multiple photographers under the umbrella of his agency.

    The Bollywood photographer’s feed is cluttered with pictures of famous personalities like John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Neha Kakkar, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Dhanush, Shahid Kapoor Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Taapsee Pannu, Rani Mukherjee, Malaika Arora, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh and many more. The digital creator has an engagement date of 0.7%. He receives 31.5K likes and 231 comments on average. Viral Biryani can reach up to 960.7K IG users. As a photographer, Bhayani has more pictures than videos; however the latter also contributes to the engagement. Videos bring 107.1K average use while real accounts for 351.8K. The reel featuring Urfi Javed on a bed of roses has 1.7M views 90.4K likes and 943 comments.

  • Shadab Ali Khan

    32. Shadab Ali Khan


    Shadab Ali Khan is a popular social media influencer, artist, and YouTuber. He consistently posts short engaging videos on the platform about couple goals, lifestyles, and random vlogs.

    Shadab Ali Khan became famous for his unique ideas on daily vlogs. His innovative skill helped him garner 4M followers with an engagement rate of 1.50% which is excellent. He has tremendous acting skills and hence all his videos seem flawless. His song “Ruhani” by Prateek Gandhi, which was released a few weeks ago was very well received with the audience. He got tons of positive reviews along with his co-star Sana Sultan. The song has now reached 2 million views on Youtube!

    Shadab shares a deep bonding with his fans and hence does not hesitate to share about his personal life with them. His breakup with actress Muskaan Sharma created a gloomy atmosphere and many felt sad for the couple. But things changed when he moved on and got married. Shadab is now a dad. Recently, he posted a pic with his daughter and said that nothing in his life made him as proud as being a father. The post received 146k likes and 576 comments. Such posts with touching messages are loved by his audience. Shadab also makes sure to be consistent with his posts and also interacts with his followers regularly. His average interaction per post is 57.6k likes and 250 comments.

  • Mithila Palkar

    33. Mithila Palkar


    A fine or natural actress who is known for her authenticity and various talents

    Indian actress Mithila Palkar, who was born on January 11, 1993, is best known for playing roles in the Netflix series Little Things and the television series Girl in the City. With the release of her Marathi rendition of the “cup song” in March 2016, she gained notoriety. 2014’s Majha Honeymoon, a Marathi-language short film, marked Palkar’s acting debut. Katti Batti, directed by Nikhil Advani, was her debut Bollywood movie. She had a lead role in the 2018 movie Karwaan as well.

    Mithila Palkar, a vivacious internet personality and resident of glamorous Mumbai, has a sizable following.

    When Mithila created her well-known cup song, “Hi Chal Turu Turu,” which reportedly went viral, she only had 5000 Instagram followers. The number of her followers quickly increased to 45000. Many fell in love with this charming woman. And today, thanks to her perseverance and the most recent count, she has amassed up to 3.5 million followers. She frequently posts pictures from shoots, glimpses into her personal life, and other things. Don’t forget to follow her as she is one of the finest social media influencers in India.

  • Jaani

    34. Jaani


    He is one of the best lyricist in the industry and has given many hit songs

    Jaani is a composer and lyricist of Punjabi music. He is the author of the lyrics of several well-known Punjabi songs, including Horn Blow, Oscar, Suicide, Na Ji Na, Mere Kol, Paani, Ghat Boldi, Ik Saal Taara, Bacha, All Black, Joker, and Gabbroo.

    Gidderbaha, a town close to Muktsar Sahib, is where Jaani Johan resides. His education was finished at the SSD Memorial School in Gidderbaha. In 2012, he received his diploma from Rayat and Bahara College in Kharar, Punjab.

    In the year 2012, he launched his career with the holy song Sant Sipahi. However, Hardy Sandhu’s song Soch, which was composed by B Praak, is what made him famous. Arvindr Khaira directed the music video for the song. B Praak, Jaani, Arvindr Khaira, and Hardy Sandhu now collaborate as a team because to that soch song. Many popular Punjabi songs, including Jocker, Backbone, and HornBlow, were produced by this team.

    He often shares a glimpse of his work, poetries, his personal life and much more on Instagram making him one of the top social media influencer India.

  • Gaurav Taneja

    35. Gaurav Taneja


    A vlogger who is famous for family vlogs featuring her wife and daughters and keeping it raw and authentic

    This muscular content creator is a “certified” nutritionist and a former pilot. Gaurav is an Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Civil Engineering graduate. At Delhi University’s Faculty of Law, he is also pursuing a legal education.

    Rasbhari Ke Papa, Fit Muscle TV, and Flying Beast are three of Gaurav’s YouTube channels. His channels are made up of vlogs (video blogs) on the daily activities of his family. Other well-known influences like Technical Guruji, Mumbiker Nikhil, and Slay Point are among those with whom Gaurav has worked. He is undoubtedly a “hot property” in Bollywood thanks to his popularity. Recently, Gaurav has also worked on several intriguing projects with celebrities like Ajay Devgn, Tiger Shroff, R Madhavan, and others.

    His wife Ritu is as well-liked on Instagram as Gaurav, and the duo has a devoted following. Additionally, Ritu and Gaurav took part in the reality programme Smart Jodi. Speaking of popularity, 3.4 million people follow Gaurav’s Instagram profile. Ritu has 1.6 million Instagram followers, in contrast. Make sure you follow him!

  • RJ Karishma

    36. RJ Karishma


    RJ Karishma is a popular social media influencer whose funny posts can make your day. She is very creative and her unique ideas can make her videos worth watching.

    RJ Karishma is a woman popular for her funny and entertaining social media posts. She has tremendous acting skills and makes her character come alive on screen. Her expressions are flawless and this is why she can single-handedly perform multiple tasks.

    The talented creator can portray multiple characters in a single video. She also makes effort in changing her looks for each character she plays. This makes her performance reach beyond perfection. For example, in a recent video, she portrayed the character of a father, mother, daughter, and brother for a rakhi celebration. The concept and her acting were so good that the post received 282k likes and 928 comments.

    RJ Karishma has 3.4 million followers with an engagement rate of 11.38% which is excellent. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 390.98k likes and 2.2k comments. One of her top-performing reels is a funny video she made on how a daughter-in-law takes revenge on her mother-in-law after she gets rude remarks from her. The storyline is so hilarious that it can be hard for anyone to control their laugh. The post received 1.2 million views and more than 9k comments!

  • Rehman Malik

    37. Rehman Malik


    Rahman Malik is a top Internet celebrity who consistently creates engaging content.

    Rahman Malik is a popular lip-sync artist, content creator and Instagram star from Surat, Gujarat India. He is considered gana style icons in the country. Tiktok was Rahman’s ticket to fame. The social media influencer had more than 4M followers before the ban on the application. Rahman teamed up with Muskan to create fashion accessories at affordable prices. He aims to create a unique Identity for himself and his brand on the world stage.

    At present Rahman Malik has 3.1M followers on Instagram. The fashion icon has an engagement rate of 1.9% and receives 55.2k likes and 219 comments on average on his posts. Rahman uploads a wide array of content including humor, lips-sync, romance, fashion and motivation. Rahman loves to travel; He has visited Manali, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The influencer has an average reach of 601.8K users. Rahman’s comedy skit with Muskan Malik has 1.2M views, 150.2K likes and 410 comments. Rahman and Muskan together manage a YouTube channel called “REHKAN OFFICIAL” which has 875K subscribers. The social media Influencers have uploaded 240 videos which resulted in 498M views.

  • Afsha Khan

    38. Afsha Khan


    Afsha Khan looks no less than a princess. Her pics, random vlogs, lip-sync videos and reels are captivating enough for someone to get hooked to her content forever.

    Afsha Khan is a popular social media influencer who first started her career as an air hostess. After working for a few years, she left the job to focus full-time as a video creator. She gained enough recognition for her singing, dancing, reactions, lip-syncs, and pranks. Her innovative ideas and high-quality content helped her videos to reach millions of views.

    The gorgeous beauty has amassed popularity by uploading her attractive videos and photos on the platform. She is just 27 years old. Even though she is now a mother of a toddler, her beautiful figure makes it difficult to guess her age. Moreover, her fan base is quite huge. She has 3M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 1.69% which is quite high. Her average interaction per post is 51.18k likes and 319 comments! Additionally, she also has a different page on Instagram where she uploads pics and cute videos of her baby, Inaaya. The page has accumulated 136k followers so far.

    Afsha collaborates with many brands to endorse their products. She is the digital promoter of companies in various niches like skincare, apparel, fashion, and makeup. Recently, she shared her video wearing a stunning black dress, and the post received 51.9k likes and 378 comments!

  • Neetu L Bisht

    39. Neetu L Bisht


    Neetu L Bisht is a fashion, lifestyle, and travel vlogger. She is a famous model and shares her amazing pics and short videos with her fans.

    Neetu L Bisht is a well-known social media personality. She gained her recognition through TikTok first but then quickly switched to Instagram when the former app got banned in India. The gorgeous beauty has 2.9M followers with an engagement rate of 1.56% which is quite high. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 46.2k likes and 233 comments. She is just 25 years old but her accomplishments surpass her age.

    Neetu L Bisht is talented as a digital creator. Her innovative ideas for the concept and good video editing skills make her reels more entertaining and interesting to watch. She believes that being different is what makes the difference. From her dressing style to the posting of her videos, nothing is similar to what you find on the platform. She is unique and this is why her fans love her style. Recently, she uploaded a funny video on how changing clothes appears to be so smooth and quick in videos but in reality, takes a lot of time. The viewers found it quite hilarious. The post received 51.6k likes and 370 comments. Neetu is also going to get married soon and her fans are eagerly waiting to see her in her bridal attire.

  • Dipika

    40. Dipika


    Dipika is a popular actress and the winner of the Indian Television show Big Boss12. She is married to Shoaib Ibrahim and frequently shares cute couple pics with her fans.

    Dipika is a renowned actress most popularly known for her role as “Simar” in the popular TV serial “Sasural Simak Ka”. The show didn’t just give her recognition but also proved to be a major turning point in her life. She met her future husband, Shoaib Ibrahim, her co-star in the show. The couple fell in love and tied the knot on 22nd February 2018.

    Dipika also won Big Boss 12, a popular reality show in India, and received the prize money of 30 lakhs. A few months ago, Dipika along with her husband starred in a video song “Rab ne milayi Dhadkan” on YouTube produced by Qalb Productions. The song was sung by Devrath Sharma and it received 11 million views and 438k likes! No wonder they are regarded as one of the cutest couples on the planet.

    Dipika Kakar Ibrahim has a huge fan base. She keeps them updated with her personal life and shares random vlogs with the audience. This is the reason why her fans love to interact with her. She has 2.9M followers with an engagement rate of 4.42% which is very good. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 131.05k likes and 798 comments!

  • Niharika Nm

    41. Niharika Nm


    Niharika is a popular social media celebrity of Indian origin. She has a fun personality and her content is relatable and loved by many.

    Niharika NM is a popular social media star known for her content on Instagram and YouTube. The social media influencer is presently residing  in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Niharika shot to fame because of her content and South Indian accent. Niharika completed most of her education in India. She was a bright student which compelled her to pursue MBA in the USA. The future star started her YouTube channel in 2016 and uploaded her first video. She discovered the zeal for creating online content and decided to pursue it as a full time career. Niharika built Instagram followers of 1M within 2 months. Niharika’s fame got her appearing alongside celebrities like Mahesh Babu, Kartik Aaryan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Shahid Kapoor and Yash.

    At present Niharika has 2.7M followers on Instagram. The digital creator regularly commutes between Mumbai and Los Angeles for her work. Niharika has a loyal following, putting her engagement rate at 16.8%. On average, the social media celebrity receives 467.2K likes and 1.4K comments. Reels are Niharika’s choice of content. The reel promoting Mahesh Babu’s new film “Major” got 15.3M plays from 10.7M unique IG users. 2.7M likes and 5681 comments.

  • Anju Kurian

    42. Anju Kurian


    An actress who is known for the finesse she brings in each project she does.

    Anju Kurian is an Indian actress who primarily acts in Malayalam and Tamil movies. She is also a fashion model. She is most recognised for her work in the Malayalam films Njan Prakashan (2018) and Kavi Uddheshichathu (2016). But she received praise from critics for her portrayal of Ramya in the 2019 Tamil flick Igloo.

    Having a minor part in the Alphonse Puthren-directed film Neram marked the beginning of her career in Malayalam cinema.

    She appeared as Ohm Shanthi Oshaana in the supporting cast the next year. Additionally, she has appeared in a number of music videos and short films. She recently bagged the price for kerala face of the year in the exhibit awards. Make sure you follow one of the best social media influencers in India.

  • Ayan Zubair

    43. Ayan Zubair


    Ayaan Zubair is a child artist but has tremendous acting skills just like any other actor out there. He is also the younger brother of popular actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

    Ayaan Zubair is a child artist whose solid expressions and acting skills have helped him gain immense recognition. He is just 14 years old but the quality of his work surpasses his age. His elder sister, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, is also a popular actress and the two have a very good bond with each other. Since they are on the same page, they think of each other to be best friends. Recently they uploaded a cute bro-sis video on Instagram which received 392k likes and 2231 comments!

    The talented child artist is no less than a social media star. He has 2.6 million followers with an engagement rate of 4.73% which is very good. Additionally, his average interaction per post is 125.11k likes and 684 comments! He has also collaborated with Riva Arora, a popular child artist, and actress, for creating lip-sync videos. The duo has been praised for the quality of the content they upload. The ‘jiggle jiggle’ dance video of them accumulated 165k likes and 760 comments!

    Ayaan was also featured in the popular song ‘Papa’ by Abhinav Shekhar. The music video received 3.5 million views and 51k likes. He also acted in Bollywood movies and his performance has been excellent.

  • Peyush Bansal

    44. Peyush Bansal


    An entrepreneur who always looks for a change in the society.

    The rationale for referring to the panellists on the well-known show Shark Tank India as “sharks” was straightforward: Sharks are among the most clever and potent animals, sometimes referred to as “apex predators,” which are fast to detect the perfect prey and move in for the kill.

    This reality show’s premise, where these sharks lurk to invest in the proper profit-making venture, is precisely the same.

    Even if all sharks were proactive and clever, perhaps one of them has been able to cultivate compassion more than the others.

    Ceo and co-founder of lenskart has been trending ever since for being an entrepreneur who focuses more on change and less on profit. Due to his different thinking and amazing work as an entrepreneur, he was recently awarded with entrepreneur influencer of the year by exhibit. Make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India.

  • Yashraj Mukhate

    45. Yashraj Mukhate


    A music composer who sets trends with whatever he produces.

    An Indian composer, music producer, and social media presence is Yashraj Mukhate. In August 2020, he created a parody video that went viral in which he put rap rhythms to a scene from the television soap opera Saath Nibhaana Saathiya (series). Lone Basoo from Kashmir was the first to see this video, and he disseminated it throughout all social media networks.

    Shehnaaz Gill’s line from Bigg Boss on December 8, 2020 was turned into a song by Yashraj, which quickly went viral online. Currently, that song has received over 70 million views. On the occasion of her husband’s birthday, Deepika Padukone, a female bollywood celebrity, danced to Yashraj’s rendition of the Sadda Kutta Tommy rap. He also turned a popular video into the song Pawri Ho Rahi Hai which garnered much views as well. giving out so much. trendy content, he was recently awarded trendsetter of the year by exhibit awards. Make sure you follow him!

  • Gaurav Chaudhary

    46. Gaurav Chaudhary


    One of the biggest tech creators who has an unmatched cosistency of uploading quality material everyday.

    Technical Guruji is the stage name of Indian YouTube star Gaurav Chaudhary, who was born on May 7, 1991, and currently resides in the UAE. Chaudhary is well known for his Hindi-language technology-related YouTube videos. On the site, the “Gaurav Chaudhary,” “Technical Guruji,” and “TG SHORTS” channels have amassed more than 26.2 million followers and 2.8 billion views combined. He was listed among Forbes India’s 30 Under 30.

    In 1991, Gaurav Chaudhary was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan. In the eleventh grade, he took a C++ coding course at a Kendriya Vidyalaya. He relocated to Dubai in 2012 to enrol in BITS Pilani-microelectronics Dubai’s programme. He created a YouTube channel in addition to his job while he was in Dubai, where he acquired a certification from the Dubai police to deal with security systems. In October 2015, Chaudhary began his Technical Guruji channel, where he mostly shared advise and product evaluations. The channel immediately gained popularity, and in 2017 Chaudhary started a second channel where he would post videos about his personal life.

    His Instagram has an amazing following as well owing to the frequent giveaways he does, personal life he showcases and BTS he shares of his vidoes. Make sure you give him a follow!

  • Mithilesh Patankar

    47. Mithilesh Patankar


    An influencer who has carved a whole niche for himself where he rules.

    Mithilesh Patankar, often known online as Mythpat, is an Indian YouTuber who plays GTA and Minecraft and uploads humorous gaming videos to the site.

    Mythpat is a reactor as well; he does skits on TikTok and produces reaction videos to other YouTubers’ videos and content. Mythpat dressed up as a ridiculous-looking female with a powder-whitened face and red lipstick at the start of a reaction video. YouTubers like Saiman Says and Chapati Hindustani Gamer began making comical commentary on the meme as soon as it got popular. The girl’s fictitious name was Mithila, a close alias of Mithilesh, and a thorough conversation about the meme was had on his Discord channel.

    He recently got the award for entertainer of the year by exhibit. make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India.

  • Kabita Singh

    48. Kabita Singh


    She is one of the finest chef who teaches her audience simple to make recipes.

    Julia Child, a well-known author and chef, famously remarked that “no one learns to cook well by birth; one learns by doing.” As she quit her job to devote her full-time to honing her culinary abilities, Kabita Singh seemed to have done as instructed. When her kid began school in 2014, Kabita made the decision to make the most of her leisure time by launching her own YouTube channel and dubbed her love of cooking “Kabita’s Kitchen.” She currently has a whopping 12 million subscribers and is one of the select few to have been awarded a Diamond Play Button by YouTube in India.

    Despite the fact that Kabita first created her channel for viewers with little to no experience in the kitchen, she has since changed the focus of her material in order to meet the needs of her subscribers. She does not set boundaries for herself and creates recipes for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Kabita makes an effort to interact with the audience. She is now researching and creating material for YouTube shorts. She covers everything, including kitchen antics, cooking advice, and visually beautiful meals.

    Her audience find her way of teaching the most unique and simplistic which has helped her garner over a million followers on Instagram as well. Make sure you follow her!

  • Chetna Pande

    49. Chetna Pande


    Chetna Panda is a top Indian celebrity who loves to entertain her audiences through her acting, dance, singing and actions.

    Chetna Pande, born in Nagpur Maharashtra India is a popular actress, model and social media star, active since 2010. Chetna has been part of TV shows, movies, music videos and web series. The entertainer is predominantly known for appearing in Indian Television reality series like MTV Fanaah, NIS and Ace of Space. Chetna also made her movie debut from “I Don’t Luv U” and later appeared as Jenny in “Dilwale”. Currently Chetna Pande is one of the contestants on Khatron ke Khiladi season 12.

    Rizwan after top social media influences in India Chetna Pande has built a good rapid rapport amongst her audience. The actress has an engagement rate of 7.0% on Instagram, with an average of 127.2K likes and 1.1K comments. Chetna can reach almost 1.9M IG users per upload. Most of Chetna’s content revolves around on-set moments, acting, dance, singing, fitness and travel. She regularly posts pictures featuring fellow Indian celebrities and social media stars. Moreover, Chetna posts about her travels to exotic destinations. She also uploads photo shoots in mind blowing outfits and accessories. Chetna’s top reel is a dance video on trending Bollywood song; the post has over 1.2M views, 105 likes and 286 comments.

  • Shruti Sinha

    50. Shruti Sinha


    an influencer who has a fun loving personality and will make you fall in love with her authentic content.

    One of the well-known faces on television, Shruti Sinha has been in the famous reality series for young people Roadies Xtreme, Splitsvilla 11, and Ace of Space 2. Along with Gaurav Alugh, the gifted diva was named Splistvilla 11’s winner.

    She has not looked back ever since and has made a great following on Instagram owing to her amazing dance skills, entertaininf reels, collaboration and much more. She has a following of 1.6 million and an engagement rate of 3.58% showcasing the amount of connect she has been successful in making. The likes and comments she gets on her content is also a testament of the positive connect she has. Her reels are often in the trending section and cross the million mark easily.

  • Afshana Khan

    51. Afshana Khan


    top social media influencer with a voice of a nightingale. Her top music releases include Zakham, Titliyan, Bazar and Jodaa.

    Afshana Khan is a singer/songwriter from India, predominantly active in the Punjabi music industry. The musician comes from a long line of singers. Afsana made her singing debut as a participant in the reality show “Voice of Punjab”. The Punjabi singer has released chartbuster records via labels like Speed records, Desi melodies, HSR entertainment, Beat MusiK etc. Afsana appeared as a participant on Big Boss Season 15 where her streak lasted for 40 days.

    Afsana Khan has performed with multiple Punjabi artists. Afsana looks up to the Late Sidhu Moose Wala as an inspiration and considers him a big brother figure. The singer has won the hearts of many with her beautiful voice. On Instagram, Afsana Khan commands a following 1.7M. On average the musician receives 117.3K likes and 1.3K comments, bringing the engagement rate to an impressive 7.0%. Most of the singer’s content revolves around music, concerts, shows and personal life. Recently, she paid tribute to Siddu Moose Wala in one of her Reels. The post received much love from her audience gonoring 8.8M views, 204K likes and 2336 comments.

  • Ankita Chhetri

    52. Ankita Chhetri


    Ankita Chhetri is famous for her lip sync videos and cute expressions. She believes that her talent can make any mood swing to become happier.

    Ankita Chhetri is a famous social media influencer with an attractive personality. Her cute smile and lovely expressions can blow anyone away. She is very young and recently graduated from Kingston University, London. Her graduation post received 85.3K likes and 374 comments. Ankita has 1.7M followers on the platform. She shares a deep bond with her fans and this is the reason why she is frequent with her uploads. She wants the audience to know about all the important events in her life and hence shares personal stories with them. She also has a YouTube channel in her name with 236k subscribers and uploads personal vlogs and short videos on random topics.

    Ankita is also immensely talented in lip-syncing. Recently she uploaded a lip-sync video on the very famous song “Sofia Reyes 1,2,3” by Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto. The post received 73.1k likes and 500 comments! The bubbly influencer also has tremendous dancing skills and sometimes collaborates with other influencers to post amazing group dance videos. A few weeks ago, she with the help of Yojana Chhetri, Rachana Chhetri and Sulochna posted a dance video on a famous Bollywood song “Barso Re”. The post received 628k likes and more than 3k comments!

  • Kritika Khurana Chhabra

    53. Kritika Khurana Chhabra


    Kritika Khurana Chhabra can bring out the diva in you. Her fashion sense and style are top-notch and her stunning images on the platform get tons of appreciation from her fans.

    Kritika Khurana Chhabra is a fashion enthusiast. While growing up, she always loved the idea of playing with different silhouettes. In 2013, she started posting Outfit of the day photos on the platform which contributed to her immense popularity. She has her website “ThatBohoGirl” where she posts content related to fashion. In 2014, she started her clothing brand “The Hype” and since then there was no looking back for this gorgeous entrepreneur.

    Kritika has 1.7M followers with an engagement rate of 2.44%. Her average interaction per post is 41.79k likes and 107 comments. She recently got married and the wedding photo she uploaded received 579k likes and 994 comments. The gorgeous lady also has a sister named Deeksha Khurana and she is also a popular influencer on the platform. Kritika shares a deep bond with her and the two collaborates sometimes for playing pranks and challenge videos. Not long ago, they uploaded a tortilla challenge video which was hilarious. The tortilla-in-hand and water-in-mouth game involved slapping the opponent with a tortilla when he/she loses the iconic childhood game “Rock Paper Scissors”. The post received 116k likes and 494 comments. If you see the video, I bet you won’t stop laughing!

  • Komal Pandey

    54. Komal Pandey


    Komal Pandey is a renowned video creator and Cosmopolitan best fashion influencer and Vlogger. She has been featured in the top 100 digital stars list in Fobes India, 2022.

    Komal Pandey is renowned for her unique and mind-blowing fashion sense. She was attracted to the fashion world from a young age. In college, she used to post #Lookoftheday which made her famous for her choice of dress and style. In 2012, she started “The college couture”, a fashion blog with a mission to educate people that fashion is not reserved for the elite class and hence anybody and everybody can look stylish if they want to. Through the success of her blog, she got an opportunity to work as a fashion stylist for Popxo, India’s largest digital community of women. The fashionista received immense popularity for her work and soon became one of the most successful social media influencers in India.

    Komal can make different styles with a single outfit. Recently, she shared a post on 8 ways to style a gorgeous crop top. The post received 369k likes and 4067 comments. Komal works with top fashion brands and makes sure to engage with her audience consistently. She has 1.7M subscribers with an engagement rate of 7.50% which is very good. Her average interaction per post is 130.59k likes and 1.08 comments. The couture queen is one of the top social media influencers for her bold and unconventional style.

  • Junaid Malik

    55. Junaid Malik


    A social media influencer who entertains through his short acting videos and lip-sync videos.

    You discover loops that damage your favourite songs from your playlist after spending countless hours idly doomscrolling Instagram, but the songs aren’t really yours anymore. Then there are the content producers who have mastered the craft of screenplay writing and editing and are using the platform to its fullest capacity to amuse us.

    Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this content creator is definitely crushing it when it comes to telling stories in only a minute. He has a following of 1.6 million with an engagement rate of 10% which is really hard to maintain. This has become possible only due to the entertaining reels he creates consistently. He often crosses the million mark with comments just appreciating him for his passion towards creating quality content. Make sure you follow him!

  • Shalini Suryavanshi

    56. Shalini Suryavanshi


    Join Shalini Suryavanshi as she creates fun, entertaining and exciting content for her audience on multiple social media platforms.

    Shalini Suryavanshi is a content creator, social media influencer, fashion blogger, Tiktoker and lip-sync artist, born in Himachal Pradesh India. The social media star currently resides in Mumbai with her husband Shadaab Khan. Shalini had a keen interest in fashion since her early days. She found a quick industry. With the arrival of Tiktok rolled, Shalini started making short videos that started trending across the country. After tik tok Shalini took her operations over to Instagram. At present, the Reel star entertains her audience with humorous clips, dance, music and fashion videos.

    Shalini Suryavanshi has 1.5M followers on Instagram. The doyen is also active on Snapchat and YouTube. On average the actor received 34.7K likes and 193 comments putting her engagement rate at 2.4%. Shalini can reach an average of 390.3K IG users. Reels are her preferred content of choice; the medium brings 136.4K views to Shalini’s IG page. Longer videos account for 571.9K views. Shalini’s reel featuring her husband on the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Adha generated 1.2M views 72.1K likes and 178 comments. On May 24, 2021, the influencer created a YouTube channel named “Being Shalini Suryavanshi”, which currently has 117K subscribers. Shalini frequently posts vlogs, YT shorts and makeup content.

  • Kritika Dagar

    57. Kritika Dagar


    Kritika Dagar is a popular model and social media influencer active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. She has a peculiar fashion sense that gets everybody hooked.

    Kritika Dagar is a famous fashion, beauty, travel and entertainment Influencer from India who first came into the public’s radar after her TikTok videos went viral. Kritika was born in Gurgaon, Haryana but currently operates from New Delhi. Since attaining fame and recognition, Kritika has gone to feature in several Hindi, Punjabi and Haryanvi music videos.

    With 1.5M followers on Kritika is one of the most affluent social media Influencers in India. The entertainer comes with something new for her audience everyday. Majority of the content is centered around romance, fitness, lifestyle, motivation and humour. Her top IG reel is titled “Getting stronger day by day”. The video has received 2.9M views, 141K likes and 994 comments. Kritika also uploads self portraits in dazzling outfits and fashion accessories. On average the doyen receives 31.1K likes and 346 comments per post. She has a reach of 173K users with an engagement rate of 4.2%. Kritika has partnered with several National and international brands including theshop, cherish makeovers, try sugar, the purple effect, crossword Nagpur, TANISHQ, LuLu & Sky, Clovia etc. Kritika has modelled for notable Indian fashion designers.

  • Amy Aela

    58. Amy Aela


    An influencer who stays consistent and tries to beat the content she posted yesterday

    Amy Aela is an Australian-Indian actress, model, and businesswoman who is well-known on social media for her dancing and lifestyle posts. She is an Allahabad native who has ardent supporters all around the country. She holds a marketing degree from Edith Cowan University in Australia.

    High Nakhra (2019), Tu Lagdi Ferrari (2020), and Mellow: Dil Kissko Du are some of Amy’s best-known works (2020). She will dance opposite Ranbir Kapoor in two Bollywood cameo roles in Ajay Devgan’s “Runway34” and Dharma Productions’ “Govinda Naam Mera.”

    She will also appear in the newest episodes of Hotsar’s “The Kingmakers” and Cancer Bitch on Sony Liv. Along with being a mysterious actress, Amy is a wealthy businesswoman and marketing expert. Also, recently she bagged the price for international influencer of the year in exhibit awards. Make sure you follow her because the people consider her the top social media influencer india.

  • Aakriti Rana

    59. Aakriti Rana


    She is one of the biggest social media influencer woing to the quality content she provides consistently

    The ultimate love of this “chota package bada dhamaka” woman is travel, although she has dabbled in everything from fashion and beauty blogging to styling, graphic design, modelling, and photography. The reason behind Aakriti’s fame has been nothing short of amazing.

    She has built out a position for herself in the fashion and beauty industries by collaborating with well-known jewellery and fashion brands from across the world. In addition, she is one of the most accomplished influencers in the field right now because to her stylized photography.

    Aakriti shares amazing entertainin gcontent on her Instagram regularly making her one of the top social media influencers India with a following of 931k and an engagement rate of 7.61% which is stunning. Make sure you follow her!

  • LadyRocknRolla

    60. LadyRocknRolla


    Gurbani Judge aka Bani J is a fitness influencer and actress who inspires women to go for weight training and build muscles.

    Gurbani Judge, popularly called Bani J or LadyRocknRolla, gained her fame by becoming the first runner-up of the reality show, MTV Roadies 4. The bold and daring woman also participated in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4. Bani is passionate about weight training and strives hard to remove the bias that building strong muscles is not for women. Her broad shoulders and strong arms is a proof that women can do anything that men can! Additionally, she is the brand ambassador of the fitness app “Mobiefit Body”.

    Bani has 1.5M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 1.93%. Her average interaction per post is 30.14k likes and 156 comments. She is a storyteller, a fitness influencer, and a collector of Ink. Bani is popular for the big karma tattoos on her arms. The tattoo queen also has the words “Rise” and “Shine” inked on her wrists to give her positive vibes throughout the day. All the tattoos are special to her and have a story behind them. She loves to flaunt them and share the stories with her fans. Bani has also participated in the famous TV Reality Show, Big Boss 10, where she was the first runner up.

  • Sweety Mishra

    61. Sweety Mishra


    Sweety Mishra is a talented video creator whose lip sync videos have become a rage on the platform. She consistently shares popular dialogues and famous Bollywood songs with her fans.

    Sweety Mishra is a talented lip sync artist. Her expressions in each post are beyond perfection and this is why she is so popular in her niche. She usually makes her videos with good dialogues picked from movies and then lip syncs to make it more dramatic. Her lip-syncing ability on famous Indian songs also receives tons of likes and comments from her fans. Additionally, she has acted in many Hindi and Gujarati music videos and her work is impeccable. She has good dancing skills and works hard every day to improve her acting expressions and dance moves.

    In just 22 years and she has achieved a lot of recognition as compared to influencers of her age. The talented artist is from Surat, Gujarat, and has 1.5M followers with an engagement rate of 1.37%. The average interaction per post is 21.54k likes and 303 comments. One of her top-performing reels is a dance video on “cham cham”, a song by Monali Thakur. The post received 46.2k likes and 767 comments. Moreover when she lip-synced on a spiritual dialogue on “Shambu”, the post received 86.4k likes and 571 comments.


  • Manpreet Kaur

    62. Manpreet Kaur


    Manpreet Kaur is famous for her lip-sync videos and she frequently posts her stunning photos on the platform that instantly grabs the attention of her viewers.

    Manpreet Kaur is one of the top social media influencers with 1.5 million followers. She is a model and an actress. She loves to lip-sync on famous songs with beautiful expressions. Recently she lip-synced on a popular song “Allah Maaf Kare” by Tehjeeb Ali. Her body-hugging white dress with perfect expressions made the song breathtakingly beautiful. The post received 18.6k likes and 170 comments! Manpreet engages with her audiences consistently and makes sure to upload the posts regularly. This helps her to create a strong bond with her fans. The gorgeous beauty has an engagement rate of 2.13% which is quite good.

    Manpreet also has a YouTube channel and creates short videos for the Josh app as well. Her lip sync videos are equally popular on other platforms. Being a model, she always stays up to date with the trend and her fashionable clothes make her look like a diva. The princess has gained immense popularity for her looks and style. Her average interaction per post is 32.58k likes and 242 comments. She also loves to collaborate with other influencers to make interesting reels. Recently, she partnered with Arshreet Narula, and the video received 80.1k likes and 226 comments!

  • Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt

    63. Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt


    Popular Indian actors and model known for her roles in successful Indian television drama.

    Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt is a renowned Indian classical dancer, actor and singer from Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. The entertainer was an engineer before appearing in popular TV shows like Madhuri talkies and Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein. Aishwarya really came into her element after reprising the role of Amrita in television sitcom “Meri Durga”.

    Aishwarya draws inspiration from anything that intrigues her. The Indian icon likes to imitate popular Indian celebs like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan. Aishwarya’s on screen success has won her a sizable Instagram following of 1.4M. As a social media star Aishwarya keeps her audience entertained with mimicry, dance, music and funny skits. The dancer/singer has performed at various award ceremonies and reality shows. Reels bring an average of 1.1M views to Aishwarya page. Her top reel is a dance number with her significant other Neil Bhatt. At present, the video has 25.9M views, 926K likes and 7679 comments. Entertainment influencer has an engagement rate of 7.9% on Instagram with a reach of 2.2M. Additionally, she receives 11.5K likes and 755 comments per post.

  • Dolly Singh

    64. Dolly Singh


    A fashion blogger and content producer who is consistent in giving her audience a great time through her well thought funny reels, etc

    Fashion blogger, content producer, and social media influencer Dolly Singh is well-known. She gained notoriety for her role as “Raju ki mummy” in the YouTube series “Raju ki mummy talk show.” She was born in Nainital, Uttarakhand, on September 23, 1993.

    Internet celebrity Dolly Singh is known for her hilarious vine videos and cutting-edge fashion sense. She also has her own YouTube channel and is a well-known video creator for iDiva. Dolly Singh is from a lowly family. Dolly also shared a video of her parents’ Nainital home on her “My Real House Tour” YouTube page. Her admirers like the video since it is completely unaltered and unprocessed and shows reality.

    She has a following of 1.4 million and an engagement rate of 5.7% which is amazing. Her reels have a great amount of views and comments making her appear in the trending section. Make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India – dolly.

  • Nikhil Sharma

    65. Nikhil Sharma


    A famous vlogger who has stayed authentic with his content helping him build a loyal fanbase

    Nikhil Sharma’s work has broadened greatly, encompassing anything from his bike excursions to personal moments. His fan base has increased to 3.9 million YouTube subscribers and 1.4 million Instagram followers as a result of his popularity for being unguarded in front of the camera. Nikhil runs LabelMN, a clothing line that began as product before becoming into a business. He also produces content.

    Although he loved riding motorbikes, he had no intention of turning it into a career. Vlogging was not well-liked in India when he initially began to create videos. Nikhil, who is now acknowledged as a lifestyle vlogger or YouTuber, has done well by his fans by posting daily vlogs and letting them inside his life. Vlogging, according to him, has always been his passion.

    When he was a young child, he began to record himself using a camera phone that his father had given him. He now communicates with his followers frequently, documents his life, and creates films that entertain and enlighten viewers. Make sure you give him a follow!

  • Shanaya Kapoor

    66. Shanaya Kapoor


    Shanaya Kapoor is the daughter of renowned Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor and is no less than a diva. She frequently uploads her gorgeous pics on the platform wearing trendy attire.

    Shanaya Kapoor is soon going to make her Bollywood debut with the movie, “Bedhadak” which is set to release on 30th December 2022. She is walking in the footsteps of her dad, Sanjay Kapoor, a popular Bollywood actor. Although being one of the star kids, she works hard to turn heads with her exquisite fashion sense. The upcoming movie star shares her gorgeous pictures and glimpses of her life with her fans on Instagram. Recently, she shared a photo wearing a beautiful outfit designed by ‘Ritu Kumar’ and the post received 62.1k likes and 438 comments

    Shanaya has 1.4 million followers on instagram with an engagement rate of 7.29% which is very good. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 102.56k likes and 473 comments. She also loves to travel and explore different places. Her amazing experiences receive tons of appreciation from her followers. Recently, she uploaded stunning pictures from her recent getaway to Ibiza. She looked gorgeous as usual in a green laid-back outfit with black sunglasses to complete the look. She also captioned the photo by saying “life is my favorite movie”. The post received 120k likes and 321 comments.

  • Sanaya Pithawalla

    67. Sanaya Pithawalla


    Sanaya Pithawalla won the Miss Bunt World Title in 2010. Moreover, she was a runner up at Miss Queen Of India in 2014.

    Sanaya Pithawalla is an Indian actress from Mumbai Maharashtra. She is known for her roles in Indian television series including MTVs warrior high and the great Indian dysfunctional family. Sanaya will soon feature in the second installation of ALT Balaji’s, Dil Hi toh hai. Sanaya ventured into the entertainment industry at a very young age. The star started her career as a model and eventually transitioned into a full time actress.

    Sanaya Pithawalla has 1.4M followers on Instagram, with an engagement rate of 0.5%. Majority of Sanaya’s content revolves around behind the scenes, dance, singing, fashion, lifestyle, acting and travel. Sanaya’s top reel shows her having a good time at a party, flaunting her outfit. The video got viewed 175.8K times and received 13.8K likes and 131 comments. On average the entertainer receives 6.7K likes, 73 comments and has a reach of 89.6K. Sanaya has maintained a balance between pictures and videos; she uploads new content everyday. Average reel views clock at 29K, while videos bring 22.2K views.

  • Masoom Minawala Mehta

    68. Masoom Minawala Mehta


    Masoom Minawala Mehta is a fashion creator, entrepreneur, and investor. She is the winner of Cosmopolitan Luxury Fashion Influencer for two years. She works endlessly to curate the best content on fashion and lifestyle.

    Masoom Minawala Mehta is a renowned fashion influencer who started her journey as the founder and CEOStyle Fiesta, India’s first fashion e-commerce website. She has been featured in leading publications such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan and also represented India at the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival is the biggest achievement of her life. Additionally, she works with top brands like Estée Lauder, Samsung, BMW, and Airbnb. It’s easy to conclude that she is very professional and highly ambitious but in reality, she is not chasing success. Rather, she is chasing happiness which includes giving priority to her personal life equal to her professional life. Moreover, she believes in the Law of Attraction and practices it frequently to achieve the things she desires.

    The leading female entrepreneur has 1.3M followers with an engagement rate of 0.91%. Her passion for creating high-quality content and her love for fashion has helped her to gain immense popularity. She uploads posts on fashion, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment. Her stunning images and videos receive tons of appreciation from her fans. Recently, she shared the “good news” on the platform and the soon-to-be mom received 203K likes and 5335 comments!

  • Sonnalli Seygall

    69. Sonnalli Seygall


    Sonnalli Seygall was the recipient of the “Pantaloons Femina Miss India International title”. The actress also represented India at “Miss International contest” held in China and Japan.

    Sonnalli Seygall born in Bhubaneswar Orissa is an Indian actress known predominantly. The entertainer gained public attention after appearing in the two part movie series called “Pyaar Ka Punchnama”. Sonnalli has appeared as an anchor at popular reality shows organised by Reebok, Times of India, Film fare and Castrol. She has also modeled for “Lakme Fashion Week”, “Chennai International fashion week”, and “Wills India Fashion Week”.

    On Instagram Sonnalli Seygall actively posts content related to fitness, fashion, travel, brand collaborations, work and behind the scenes. This Indian social media influencer has worked with Nescafe, the mom’s CO, Revv, Flipkart, Vivo, Colgate, Dyson India, Mango, LG, Kama Ayurveda, Chingari, Big Bazaar and Boddess beauty. Sonnalli has an engagement rate of 0.8% with an average reach of 116.3K. The actress uploads reels frequently. In one of her reels, Sonnalli reenacted a popular Instagram Trend of illusionary sound. The video received 12.4M views, 250K likes and 6,650 comments. Sonnalli is also active on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. She maintains a popular vlog channel with 2.34K subscribers.

  • Vivek Chaudhary

    70. Vivek Chaudhary


    An influencer who gives a really positive vibe with his content.

    Everyone has seen Vivek Choudhary’s brief videos on their phone screens. He occasionally offered us actual relationship objectives and made us think, weep, and laugh.

    Behind this glitzy exterior is the tale of a little child who bravely triumphed in life despite all difficulties by refusing to give up on challenges.

    Born on July 8th, 1995, Vivek Choudhary is originally from Roorkee (Uttrakhand).

    Everything was going according to plan until his brother died in 2017 from dengue. He was so compelled to stop his studies and look for employment.

    He made the decision to fight and alter his fate when everything seemed to be working against him and there was no hope in sight. After a while, he began creating lip sync movies and posting them to a few social media sites. He soon attracted attention and was recognised by many He chose to turn his work with a select group of the top YouTubers into a full-time career. And he is going strong now! Make sure you follow one of the most loved social media influencers in India.

  • Abhyudaya Mohan & Gautami Kawale

    71. Abhyudaya Mohan & Gautami Kawale


    They will tickle your funny bones through their perfect comedy films.

    Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale, two best friends, launched the Indian YouTube channel Slayy Point. The channel features humorous videos on issues relevant to millennials, like the internet, Bollywood, social media, and other bizarre occurrences in society.

    Short vlogs and update videos are posted on their second channel, SlayyPop. Abhyudaya “spreads awareness” in the video game GTA 5 by pointing firearms at citizens and ordering them to leave while advising his audience to stay at home. They also publish YouTube shorts on a third channel called SlayyShorts.

    They interview celebs like Mouni Roy and Rajkumar Rao in a lighthearted manner. They have also interviewed DJ Bravo in a comedic fashion. Additionally, they went to a spirited Radio City FM interview that was broadcast all across India and loved by many.

    Slayypoint has an amazing following on both youtube and instagram with a growing engagement rate. These social media influencers in India are growing at a rapid speed owing to the relativity they bring everytime. Make sure you follow them!

  • Aliya Hamidi

    72. Aliya Hamidi


    Aliya Hamidi is a famous social media influencer whose creative short videos and stunning images have become a craze on the platform. She is an artist and her creative ideas make her videos unique.

    Aliya Hamidi is a multi-talented woman. She is a mind-blowing video creator, a good actress, and has flawless makeup skills. Her videos are short and entertaining and this is the reason why she receives tons of appreciation from her audience. She also has a Youtube channel for which she received a silver button for reaching 100,000 subscribers a few months ago. Her high-quality content has won her appreciation worldwide. She has also acted in several musical videos. The official music video of “Faqeer” by Goldboy starring Angad Hasija and Aliya Hamidi, released on YouTube a few months ago has received more than 2 million views and 29k likes from the viewers.

    The gorgeous woman has 1.2M followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 1.08%. Her funny video on how siblings fight for food during Ramadan iftar received 279k likes and 1351 comments. Additionally, she has great taste in fashion. Her stylish clothes with trendy accessories make the pics look fabulous. Recently she shared a photo of herself from Phuket, Thailand, and the post received 6737 likes and 114 comments. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 12.88k likes and 144 comments!

  • Parul Gulati

    73. Parul Gulati


    Parul Gulati is an actor and founder of Nish Hair, high-quality hair extensions for women who want to look beautiful and confident. She turned her passion and love for hair into a successful global venture.

    Parul Gulati is an Indian actress who acted in several Punjabi films. She gained her popularity through the Television series, “P.O.W- Bandi Yuddh Ke”, directed by Nikkhil Advani. She received a lot of praise and appreciation for her role. In addition to acting in films, she has endorsed multiple brands and products. She has 1.2M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 2.23% which is quite good. Her average interaction per post is 28.47k likes and 108 comments.

    In 2017, Parul started her own business of high-quality hair extensions called Nish Hair. The entrepreneur noticed several women suffering from hair problems like hair loss, hair thinning, alopecia, damaged hair, etc., and hence wanted to make good human hair extension accessible to the general public. Nish Hair started in 2017 and is India’s first DIY hair extensions. The brand helped millions of people worldwide to feel beautiful and confident and look incredible. The Nish Family started with just a team of two but now includes a global community comprising of women of all walks of life. Since people close to Parul call her “Nishu”, she decided to call her brand “Nish”. This is how she kickstarted her entrepreneurship journey. You will be surprised to know that 90% of employees is women!

  • Alaya Furniturewala

    74. Alaya Furniturewala


    She will make you fall in love with the way she presents herself be it in reels, photoshoots and movies

    The Gen Z cool lady that has young India’s attention is Alaya F; she has more than a million Instagram followers and just won the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Female. Her keen sense of style, however, is what really sets her apart from the other Bollywood celebrity kids, thus it is no surprise that she has been chosen as the new face of Nykaa Fashion. Alaya has worked with the company to launch its most recent campaign and has worked with several other businesses as well.

    Alaya debuted in Bollywood in 2020 with the Saif Ali Khan and Tabu-starrer Jawaani Jaaneman. The U Turn remake, Freddy starring Kartik Aaryan, and Ek Aur Ghazab Kahani with Arjun Kapoor and Aditya Seal are some of her forthcoming ventures.

    She often shares her photoshoots, BTS, fun reels on her Instagram making her being adore by her fans. Make sure you follow one of the finest social media influencer India.

  • Itee Chopra

    75. Itee Chopra


    Itee Chopra has been featured in the top 15 influencers in Delhi. Her bold style has captured the hearts of many. The beauty expert has exquisite taste in fashion; she has created a streak of personalized fashion looks that have gone viral overnight.

    Itee is one of India’s best lifestyle bloggers and social media influencers. She is adored by an army of fans who flock to her social handles in droves to view her content. Itee flaunts a series of mesmerizing outfits that never fails to inspire the masses. Moreover, the fashion blogger keeps up with the latest trends and provides valuable styling tips. Itee’s latest hacks have helped many craft their beauty and bold looks.

    Itee is an active Instagram influencer with admirable posting consistency. Her average interaction per post is 582 likes and 75 comments. Itee is also an avid traveller; hopping from one exciting destination to another gives her never-ending joy and the chance to create everlasting memories.

    Besides being a fashion enthusiast, Itee has always used her influence to spread awareness about animal welfare. She has utilized her standing in society to speak up for the many voiceless creatures. The diva has helped spotlight animal rights by sharing many inspiring rescue stories. Itee’s relentless effort for a noble cause has influenced many to follow in her footsteps. Today, her followers provide shelters to abandon pets, feed strays and nurse ailing animals.

  • Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    76. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


    Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has ventured across multiple continents to address issues that plague our world. The spiritual leader  holds degrees in physics literature and Vedic science. Gurudev has been graced by highest civilian awards from Columbia, Mongolia and Paraguay. He is also the recipient of Padma Vibhushan, India’s highest annual award for distinguished service.

    Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a world renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader who advocates violence/stress free society through his teachings. In the United States of America, Gurudev organized youth empowerment programs to address gang violence drugs and alcohol abuse by young adults. At his home, Gurudev Shri Shri Ravi Shankar advocated a peaceful solution to the Ayodhya conflict. Under his vision people are now stressing to save the environment. Likewise, Gurudev has engaged in humanitarian campaigns across the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    Gurudev has an army of loyal followers, owing to his work in ensuring peace and harmony across the globe. On Instagram he has a community of 1.2M. Gurudev engagement rate stands at 1.4%, along with 14.6K likes and 168 comments on average per post. Gurudev’s reel teaching the significance of the most ancient Mantra in the world received 685.1K views, 43.1K likes and 371 comments. Similarly, most of Gurudev’s content highlights sensitive topics like self-acceptance, overcoming fear, emotional strength, self-confidence, relationships, state of mind, spirituality, wisdom etc.

  • Aashna Hegde

    77. Aashna Hegde


    A content creator who never disappoints with the variety of content she provides

    Famous Indian actress, fashion model, content creator, and social media influencer Aashna Hegde is all of these things. Since she was little, she has enjoyed acting. In programmes offered in schools and universities, she also used to abuse participants. Aashna began posting videos on Tiktok, where she amassed 3.5 million followers. After that, Tiktok was shut down in India in 2020. However, Aashna previously worked on other social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube, where she established a strong profile thanks to her high-quality material.

    She has also had the opportunity to work in several music videos. His most well-known song in a music video is “Befikaar,” performed by Tanzeel Khan. Over 10 million people have seen this music video to date. Make sure you follow one of the most in-demand social media influencers in India.

  • Vishal Bhatt

    78. Vishal Bhatt


    Vishal creates content on a variety of topics. Follow him to never miss out on fun, entertaining and educational content.

    Vishal Bhatt is social media influencer, YouTuber, model, lip-sync artist and social media influencer from Mumbai Maharashtra India. He gained countrywide recognition for creating funny videos with his peers. Vishal had more than 4.5M followers and 97.7M likes on tiktok before the platform’s ban in the country.

    Vishal Bhatt has 1.1M followers on Instagram. He usually posts short funny lip-sync videos, skits, latest trends, gym tutorials, gaming clips, life quotes, party scenes and travel vlogs. Moreover, he creates content on YouTube, Zilli, Snapchat and MX takatak. Vishal has engagement rate of 3.8% within average of 40% ke likes and 361 comments per post. The social media influencer can reach almost 707.2K IG users from each upload. Vishal has uploaded more videos than pictures. The entertainer has 211.4K average video views while reels account for 122.8K. The profile’s top reel is titled “tag your bhukkad friend”, which is a funny skit Vishal performed with Reshmi Jaiswal. The video has 389.8K views 26.7K likes and 222 comments.

  • Abhijeet Kain

    79. Abhijeet Kain


    Abhijeet Kain is a comedian who loves posting hilarious short videos on Instagram. His acting skills and expressions are phenomenal and this is why he has tons of followers on Instagram.

    If you want a good laugh, no other person can tickle your funny bone like Abhijeet Kain. He posts unique and hilarious content that can make even a nerd forget his seriousness. Because of his solid expressions and tremendous acting skills, the comedian can make his videos seem realistic and relatable. He has acquired 1.1 million followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 16.54%! That’s huge for any creator out there. His fans regard him as the best comedy creator on Instagram and love to interact with him regularly. His average interaction per post is 194.59k likes and 1.36k comments!

    Abhijeet loves to make people smile and it is evident from his posts. Recently, he shared a post on the ‘types of teachers during exams’. The video is so funny that it will become hard for you not to laugh out loudly. The post received 286k likes and 618 comments. Some of his fans also found this content to be the best one. The talented creator was also featured in the ‘social ketchup’ magazine as one of the most interesting and relatable content creators whose way of using songs in every situation is remarkable and funny!

  • Abhiksha

    80. Abhiksha


    An influencer who is focused on providing her audience with unique creative content

    Abhiksha is an Indian social media influencer, dancer, youtuber, yoga instructor, and content creator. Abhiksha is well recognised for her entertaining, hilarious, and lip-synching videos as well as her fashion and lifestyle blogs.

    On social media, Abhiksha frequently shares amusing videos and has a sizable following. Abhiksha has worked with several well-known companies. The fans of Abhiksha value the original stuff that she produces and provides.

    Abhiksha is well-known for her interesting and enjoyable flicks on Instagram Reels. Abhiksha is the owner of a youtube channel where she posts popular dancing, amusing, and entertaining videos.

    She has over 1.1 million followers and an engagement rate of 3.44%. Her reels generate over a million views frequently. Make sure you follow her!

  • Saba Sitara Ibrahim

    81. Saba Sitara Ibrahim


    Saba Sitara Ibrahim is the sister of a popular actor and influencer, Shoaib Ibrahim. She frequently shares amazing pics and short videos of her family on the platform.

    Sana Ibrahim is a beautiful woman who adores her family to the core. She loves sharing family pics and vlogs with her fans and keeps them informed of all the important events and celebrations in her home. Her bonding with her audience is great and she is loved for her humbleness and sweet nature. This is why she has 1.1 million followers with an engagement rate of 8.68% which is excellent. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 98.81k and 627 comments.

    Sana is the proud sister of a popular TV actor and social media influencer, Shoaib Ibrahim. It is quite evident that creativity runs in the family. Recently, she shared a post feeling proud of her brother for his outstanding performance in the Hindi Drama TV serial ‘Ajooni’. The post received 88.1k likes and 369 comments. Sana is a lifestyle and beauty influencer. Many brands approach her for endorsements. Recently, the gorgeous woman uploaded a video on the beautiful lipstick shades which are halal certified and wuzu friendly. Those are her personal favorites and she uses them regularly for her IG photos. The post received tons of appreciation from her viewers in the form of 62.1k likes and 460 comments.

  • Priyanka Kochar

    82. Priyanka Kochar


    catch the lady biker as she travels across the globe in sporty two wheelers.

    Born and raised in Pune Maharashtra India Priyanka Kochar is out here breaking stereotypes with her actions. As the name suggests, Priyanka has an immense love for motorbikes. She regularly reviews top-end sport bikes, cruisers and cars. Priyanka first appeared in the spotlight as part of TVS Apache women’s received team. Since then, the bike enthusiast has gone to compete at multiple racing events and travel across the country. Priyanka is a unique combination of Style and beauty.  She has appeared as a model for top sporting companies in the world.

    Priyanka has rode and reviewed bikes from top brands like Bajaj, Ducati, Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Suzuki etc. However, what impresses her audience the most is Priyanka’s attitude and skills with her ride. Priyanka is a boss lady who loves to travel in style. Along the way, she interviews bike owners and records their experiences. Through her hard work the digital creator has built a following of 1.1M on Instagram. The bikes that Priyanka has the pleasure of riding include Ninja H2, s1000rr, BMW G310GS, z900, R1, GSXR-1000R, MV F4RR, 959 Panigale, KTM RC390 among many others. The biker has an engagement rate of 8.2% on Instagram with an average of 87.9K likes and 420 comments. Almost 468.4K IG users tune in to watch her content. Priyanka top Instagram reel is a review of KTM RC 390; the video has received 4M views, 339K likes and 947 comments.

  • Shanaya Khan

    83. Shanaya Khan


    Shanaya Khan is making big splashes in the entertainment, fashion and Lifestyle scene.

    Shanaya Khan is a famous Indian Instagram Star, Style blogger, YouTuber and social media Influencer. She was amongst few quick to catch the tiktok wave. The doyen became a nationwide sensation for her beauty, Grace style and personality. Before making her mark with reels, Shanaya had 5.7M followers and 169.5M likes on TikTok before the ban. Top brands are lining up to work with Shanaya, owing to her social media stardom.

    Shanaya Khan has over 1M followers on Instagram. On average, the Instagram page receives 36.5 k likes, 272 comments and a reach of 867.8K. The entertainer has won many hearts with her lip-sync videos, dance performances and funny skits. Moreover the fashionista shares posts adorning mesmerizing outfits and accessories. Shanaya often creates social media content with her husband Masroor Chougle. Reals bring an average 339.1K views, while videos get 351.9K. Shanaya’s marriage versus dating video with Masroor became a massive hit with the audience earning 2.9M views, 178K likes and 440 comments. Besides Instagram, Shanaya is active on Snapchat and YouTube.

  • Ruhee Dosani

    84. Ruhee Dosani


    Ruhee is a top entertainer known for her style and grace. She has created high quality content with top Indian Influencers and celebrities.

    Ruhee Dosani is a popular dancer, lip-sync artist and social media celebrity, born and raised in Punjab, India. The influencer started gaining recognition after Instagram rolled their reel feature. Ruhee is presently residing in the United States of America and creates hip content with her buddies.

    She is known for Western style content with a flow of 90s Bollywood. She also creates funny skits, lip sync, music videos and posts behind the scene content with popular celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Tiger Sheroff, Ayushman Khurana, Munawar Farooqi, Shipa Shetty, Rajpal Yadav, Madhuri Dixit and Kartik Aaryan. The entertainer has built a sizable following of 1.1M on Instagram with an engagement rate of 21.6%. on every serious 230.7K likes and 844 comments with reach of 3.8M. Additionally, Reels bring a whopping 958.1K views on average while videos get 204.8K. the top reel on Ruhee’s feed is a funny dance cum lip-sync reel titled normal people versus Bihari people. The post received 6M views, together with 678K likes and 4802 comments. Ruhee also made a video with Rajpal Yadav which received overwhelming response, reflected in 512.8K likes and 1.8K comments.

  • Neel

    85. Neel


    Meet Neel, one of the fastest growing social media Influencers in India with a loyal fan base.

    Neel is a content creator, Filmmaker and actor from Mumbai Maharashtra India. He came to prominence after his Instagram videos started gaining traction with the netizens – primarily because of the relatability. Neels knows to mix lighthearted humour with topics currently prevalent in the society. The social media influencer often partners with fellow artists for exciting content and product promotions. Recently Neel collaborated with Tajik Singer, Abduroziq to promote realme PadX. Nil also got a chance to feature alongside popular Bollywood celebs like Ajay Devgan, Madhuri Dixit and John Abraham.

    Neel creates content on a variety of tropes; however comedy remains his primary Forte. Viewers can also witness his reaction and commentary talents on YouTube. Neel prefers creating videos in Hindi and Marathi language. A funny restaurant skit with four friends is nails most watched real with 16.4M plays from 11.3M unique users – along with 2.3M likes and 12.3K comments. Neel is a consistent influencer with an impressive engagement rate of 21.2%. On average the comedian receives 197.9K likes and 843 comments. Neel also has a YouTube channel with 253K subscribers. Just Neel Things has 182 videos which have contributed 24.1M views to the channel. Neel reserves the platform to create vlogs and travel.

  • Kenny Sebastian

    86. Kenny Sebastian


    Kenny Sebastian is a renowned Indian stand-up comedian and musician. He gained his popularity through #KennySing4Me, the songs he made from tweets.

    Kenny Sebastian rose to fame because of his sense of humor. His initial popularity was because of the funny songs he made from tweets and then later he went on to do stand-up shows. He was also a judge in the comedy reality show, Comicstaan where mentors can find India’s next comic sensation.

    The comedy king recently got married and posted the teaser of his 18-day Honeymoon trip a few days ago. The couple traveled to Paris, Nice, Gstaad, Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucern, and Zurich. The honeymoon vlog includes the best moments he shared with his wife Tracy including glimpses of the wonderful destinations they traveled and the food they enjoyed. The post received 65.8k likes and 165 comments.

    Kenny has 1M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 2.38% which is quite good. His average interaction per post is 25.41k likes and 110 comments. Recently, he uploaded an image of the question paper where his name was mentioned. It was an English term paper with a test on creative writing skills. One of the students DM’d him about it. Kenny felt surprised and proud and also said that the whole thing felt more like an achievement than any award. The post received 81.4k likes and 500 comments.

  • Saloni Gaur

    87. Saloni Gaur


    She is an influencer who has made a huge fan following owing to her perfect comic timing and highlighting of improtant issues through entertainment

    Saloni Gaur is a modern Indian comedian and impressionist who also goes by the stage name Nazma Aapi. Through her comical films, she confronts societal concerns.

    Initially under the persona of “Pinky Dogra,” Saloni then assumed the personas of “Kusum Behenji” and “Asha Behenji.” In 2018, she developed the “Nazma Aapi” persona to speak to current societal concerns. She communicates with people through Twitter and Instagram. She has created films about the Union Budget 2020, Delhi’s air pollution, and the Citizenship Amendment Act.

    On the OTT platform Sony Liv, Saloni debut her own programme, Uncommon Sense With Saloni, in November 2020 and has not stopped ever since. He has an amazing following and reach on Instagram, her reels are always trending on it making her one of the top social media influencers India.

  • Shenaz Treasury

    88. Shenaz Treasury


    she is on a mission to entertain her audience and spread positivity which she actually does through her content

    Indian actress, presenter, and travel blogger Shenaz Treasury also works on television. She began her career as a model, became well-known as an MTV VJ, and then made her acting debut in the 2001 Telugu movie Eduruleni Manishi. Ishq Vishk, a coming-of-age romantic movie, was Shenaz’s Bollywood debut in 2003. Since then, she has acted in movies like Delhi Belly and Hum Tum, Aagey Se Right (2009), Luv Ka the End and Main Aur Mr. Right. She has furthermore acted in the Hollywood movies The Big Sick, The Networker, and Excuse Me for Living .

    She has a great fan following on Instagram and a growing engagement rate which gets her over a million views easily. Her feed has a different vibe altogether owing to the positive content she posts making her one of the top social media influencers India. She won ET awards for for influencer spreading positivity as well. Make sure you follow her!

  • Ankush Bahuguna

    89. Ankush Bahuguna


    He makes all types of content and brakes stereotypes with her makeup experiments.

    This Famous social media influencer in India and performer Ankush Bahuguna hails from Delhi, India. He was born on February 22, 1993. He is readily asked regarding mental health, social exaggeration, and many other urgent concerns when hosting Outkast.

    After he started posting these videos on his Instagram account, which has hundreds of thousands of followers, he quickly gained a large following.

    Ankush is an actor, creator, and director who has appeared in short comedic films on channels like Stressed Thoughts and MensXP. Ankush and his mother continue to make short films. He alamo makes beauty videos breaking all stereotypes as he experiments with different styles of hair and makeup looks. Make sure you follow him!

  • Misti Singharoy

    90. Misti Singharoy


    A larger than life creator who is consistent with her quality content.

    Misti Singharoy also known as Misti queen is an Instagram star who often posts entertaining videos or lip synch videos along with various posts giving a glimpse of her life. She has a following of 946k and an engagement rate of 4.34% which gets her over 100k views easily on each of her reels.

    Her authentic personality and passion to create content can be seen from her feed and consistency. If you are someone who wants to look at a content which makes you forget about the worries and entertain you then this is the account to follow. She also has a youtube channel where she has over 294K subscribers and a weekly schedule of posting short films, informative videos and much more.

  • Aashna Shroff

    91. Aashna Shroff


    An influencer who nails fashion and beauty with quality and easy to follow content

    Aashna Shroff is one of the top social media influencer India, model, YouTuber, and fashion blogger. Prior to founding The Snob Shop, which later evolved into The Snob Journal, she worked as a preschool teacher. Thesnobjournal is renowned for the depth of knowledge it offers readers with each blog post.

    Her personality or way of storytelling has made her quite famous on Instagram as well where she has over 940k followers and an amazing engagement rate which gets her over over 200k views on most of her reels and amazing quantity of love in the form of likes and comments. If you are someone who wants to get motivation from amazing fashion looks or want to learn about fashion, beauty and much more, this account is just for you. Make sure you follow her!

  • Lataa Saberwal

    92. Lataa Saberwal


    Lataa Saberwal is a popular Television actor and a fashion, beauty, and fitness enthusiast. She is also a certified nutritionist and creates videos that can help people to lead healthy lives.

    Lataa Saberwal is an actor, entrepreneur, certified image consultant, and nutritionist. She is a source of inspiration. Her journey has been quite remarkable. She is best known for her role in the popular TV show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’. Because of her outstanding performance as an actor, she has won many accolades. She has 917k followers on Instagram with an engagement rate of 0.14%. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 1.26k likes and 36 comments.

    Lataa creates videos in fashion, lifestyle, and fitness niches and teaches people how to stay fit and healthy. The talented woman is also a motivational Tedx speaker. She believes that success is delusional and that real success is something else. Once you stop chasing it, it will automatically start following you. In her speech, she motivated people to practice the significance of gratitude, experience contentment, and never compare their journey with anyone else’s. Her fans love her words of wisdom and the posts she shares on Instagram.

  • Vishnu Kaushal

    93. Vishnu Kaushal


    An influencer who will tickle all the right places with his content.

    A content maker from Chandigarh named Vishnu Kaushal gained notoriety by producing comical videos that were brief, sharp, and relevant and focused on common individuals, events, and situations. Now starting to produce material, Kaushal has expanded into a number of other fields as a result of his fast rising societal recognition. He is experimenting with all kinds of material, from starting his own label to acting in an OTT series to appearing in broadcast commercials.

    Before quitting his job in Chandigarh to relocate to Delhi and pursue his passion for content production, digital content creator Vishnu Kaushal served as the social media manager for a beverage start-up. Like many other content producers, he has been creating videos since 2015 and has gone through numerous ups and downs in his professional life. However, he discovered serenity in producing films and sharing upbeat content on social media. One of his rage videos from the initial lockdown last year, titled “The Most Annoying Questions People Ask About Quarantine,” went viral and had close to 1.3 million views. He has since had numerous other viral moments. Make sure you follow one of the biggest social media influencer in India.

  • Sneha Sachdeva

    94. Sneha Sachdeva


    A talented influencer who is dominating everything she does.

    Sneha Sachdeva is a well-known Instagram star and YouTuber who is well-known for her hilarious prank videos and vlogs. She also works as a model and pays close attention to how she looks in every post. She posts pictures of herself modelling and sharing her stylish attire on her own Instagram account along with a glimpse of her personal life.

    Owing to her authenticity and consistency, she is loved widely on the platform with over 882k followers and an engagement rate of 8.53%. Her reels often appear in the trending section as she gets over a million views easily.

    She has done it all even after being a mother to a wonderful boy who’s instagram account is also handled by her. She is an inspiration to those women who think its too late to start something. Make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India!

  • Tanzeel khan

    95. Tanzeel khan


    A content creator and budding music artist who is serving his audience with perfection

    Dancer, Instagram model, songwriter, and musician Tanzeel Khan works in the arts. He was well known among the tiktok community before it was banned. He is a well-known social media personality with almost 854K followers on Instagram owing to the consistent quality content he provides. he gained notoriety and gained a following among young people by being his authentic self no matter what he does

    He now concentrates solely on his music and was just given the exhibit awards’ music sensation of the year award. Make sure you follow one of the top social media influencers India.

  • Viraj Ghelani

    96. Viraj Ghelani


    A great comedian and fabulous content maker.

    One of the most well-known Indian stand-up comedians and content creators on one of the most popular Indian YouTube Channels is Viraj Ghelani. Viraj, an Indian stand-up comedian who was raised in Maharashtra, has been in a lot of videos on the Filter Copy YouTube channel as of late.

    He received his engineering degree upon graduation. Viraj, however, aspired to get into the entertainment industry and use his skills to further his career. At the beginning of his career, he would upload his recordings from Instagram, which became so well-known, and request permission to work with them on the Filtercopy YouTube channel, which led to the shift of his profession to Content Creator in YouTube. He recently got the award for entertainer of the year by exhibit. Make sure you follow one of the most loved social media influencers in India.

  • Sejal Kumar

    97. Sejal Kumar


    A larger than life person who knows how to convey his story, etc.

    Sejal Kumar, who is just 27 years old, is one of India’s most well-known lifestyle YouTubers. On her channel, she covers a wide range of topics, including theatre, dance, and travel. Her fashion-related material, which includes videos with outfit suggestions and tips, is what really sets her apart. “I was one of the pioneers [on YouTube], and I’m glad about it because it allowed me the opportunity to master the medium before it took off. I believe my growth has kept pace with YouTube’s expansion in India, and that has been beneficial for me, she says.

    Due to that, her instagram has also bloomed with more than 842k followers where she shares her looks, various talents, entertaining reels and much more making her one of the top social media influencers India. She has a good engagement rate which makes her reels often appear in the trending section. Make sure you follow her!

  • Tia Bhuva

    98. Tia Bhuva


    A creative entrepreneur solving saree problems for you.

    Tia bhuva is an entrepreneur who created saree silhouette and is one of the biggest social media influencers in India. Tia began by snapping images in her backyard for her Instagram followers. She found herself grabbing for her yoga trousers and layering her sarees over them because she detested wearing the standard cotton underskirt with its exposed drawstring waist. In addition to providing her the shape she wanted, the pleats fell wonderfully, and it was SO much more comfortable!

    Yoga pants were functional for her photo shoots, but the Saree would unravel the moment she moved. She soon learned that all she needed to keep the saree in place was a yoga pant-style skirt with a firm elastic waistband and a drawstring.

    Tia decided to solve the problem on her own at that point. The Saree Silhouette was created after she experimented with various fabrics, styles, cuts, and drawstring materials over the course of several months.

    She shares various looks on her instagram making her quite famous there with over 833k followers and a good engagement rate. Make sure you follow her!

  • Simran Balar Khabiya Jain

    99. Simran Balar Khabiya Jain


    An influencer who is on a mission to educate and entertain.

    Uncomfortable talks can occur for a number of reasons and in all forms and sizes. A fulfilled existence requires learning to tolerate discomfort. And one of the creators who is doing it with her content is simran. Along with funny skits or entertaining reels, glimpse into her personal life and much more, she makes sure she talks or educates on the topics less talked about.

    Due to this her audience is just in awe of her and her likes and comments sections is just a testament to that. She has a following of 806k and an engagement rate of 6.31%. Her reels often cross the million mark owing to the quality she delivers everytime. Make sure you follow this account!

  • . Shayan Siddiqui

    100. Shayan Siddiqui


    An influencer who has mastered storytelling in the form of lip-sync.

    Indian social media star Shayan Siddiqui is also a well-known Instagram model and former TikToker. Shayan Siddiqui has been a fitness model since 2015, but the start of his TikTok Lip-Syncing videos really helped advance his career. He currently has over 802k fans on Instagram and has contributed to several music videos. He is developing steadily in the modelling and fashion industries as well.

    He has a growing engagement rate as well which gets him a great amount of views on reels and his comments section is filled with his fans adoring him for the content he provides consistently. Make sure you follow him!

How are Brands Leveraging Social Media Influencers?

When you think about it, every social media channel is built on its influencers’ backs. According to Statista, 67.4% of the country’s population will be online in 2025, (from the current 58.31%), thanks to efforts of Indian social media Influencers in attracting new users, while giving existing audiences an incentive to log in every day and consume quality content. This to and fro relationship between doyens and their audience builds trust, and trust can go a long way in influencing any decision.

Influencer marketing is a $15 billion industry in 2022, report submitted by Marketingdive, because opinion leaders successfully build profitable relationships between brands and their customers. From buying a product or building loyalty towards a brand, consumers look for validation for their choices, and nothing beats a confirmation from a trusted entity.

Influencers make everything easy; they give brands access to quality insights that cannot be found through usual means. Moreover, businesses’ can repurpose high-performing digital resources resulting from campaigns for their upcoming marketing projects.