Top Instagram Influencers in India – Top Instagrammers (2023)

  • Posted On : 26-05-2023
Top Instagram Influencers in India – Top Instagrammers (2023)

Instagram has taken the world by surprise, created as a photo sharing platform, it now acts as a multi-purpose platform. From marketing, content creation, photo sharing, reels creation, etc. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. The demography of users is from every age vertical.

Marketing through influencers on Instagram is doing wonders for brands and that is why brands are pouring more and more amount into it for their ultimate online presence. Ever wondered why brands are focusing on it? Here’s the secret – Brands can reach and connect with their target audience directly one to one through it and have honest feedback to improve their services. And that’s why, bears better fruit as compared to traditional ways of advertisement and promotions.

The idea of influencer marketing on Instagram has evolved because the content creators on Instagram or more popularly known as, Instagrammers, have managed to create a genuine bond and trust with their followers by sharing enticing moments from their personal lives and interacting with their audience regularly. This way people who follow their mentors develop an extraordinary relationship and are influenced deeply. Hence, now, you can imagine the value of top Instagram influencers in India or more over the top Instagrammers who help all of us in making an informed decision about a particular niche product.

Instagrammers are from varied niches like fitness, travel, automotive, Nature, fashion, lifestyle, Beauty, gaming, etc. Everyday billions of contents are uploaded and engaged via top Instagram influencers.

For those who don’t know what is an Instagram influencer is, let’s briefly explain about them.

Who is an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram influencer are the leaders or key opinion leaders present on Instagram who share their views about any particular industry through their pictures/videos on Instagram platform. They have proved to be a celebrity on digital medium and have made a community of similar interest. They can influence the behaviour of their followers or change the perspective about any particular brand/product. Instagram influencers are of various niches and expertise.

As these influencers can inspire the perspective and buying decision of the viewers, brands understand the potential of this word-of-mouth marketing and promote their products/services through them. Instagram influencers share their valuable thoughts about any product, brands, etc. and these thoughts persuade the followers for engagement and increases conversion rate.

Benefits of Collaborating with Instagrammers

  • More than 500 million daily active users are present on Instagram, ranking the platform second after Facebook, in highest daily logins among social networks.
  • On Instagram the majority of uses are:

    1. Instagram stories
    2. Messaging
    3. Live video
    4. Reels
    5. Photos upload

  • With higher ROI compared to traditional marketing, Instagram influencer marketing is reliable as well as affordable.
  • Emerging market trends suggest that, 25% of marketers are using creator economy for marketing purposes and it is forecasted to increase further.
  • Instagram provides a transparent and seamless platform for paid partnership collaborations.

Instagram emerged as a very potent tool to engage with people. The photo-video-sharing platform is now actively used by brands and businesses to promote their products. The social cohesion between the influencers and followers gives a spark to a revolutionary marketing field, i.e., Influencer Marketing.

Types of Instagram Influencers Based on Followers

Instagram influencers can be divided into 4 major categories by looking at their followers. Let’s take a look at them and how they can be quite beneficial for you:

Mega Influencers (More than 1 million followers): Mega influencers, who have more than 1 million followers, have the greatest reach of all influencer types. Due to their wide viewership, these influencers have a “mega” impact on society and the economy. They could be famous people, writers in any field, etc. Working with mega influencers offers brands the most spectacular exposure on social media because of their enormous reach, which is the main benefit.

Macro Influencers (100k-1M): The followers of macro influencers range from 100k to 1M. Contrary to mega influencers, macro influencers’ success on social media primarily results from their professional and internet-related activities, such as vlogging. Macro influencers are the greatest form of influencer if you are looking for a fantastic balance of reach and influence. Macro influencers are experts and professionals in particular niches, have specialized audiences, and will represent your business more credibly.

Micro-Influencers (10k-100k): micro influencers are individuals with between 10k to 100k followers. They are typically well-known in particular specialized fields and regarded as subject-matter experts. To put it another way, micro-influencers are typically experts in a particular industry.

Nano-Influencers (1k-10k): nano influencers are those creators who have a following between 1 to 10k. Even though their followings seem low, their popularity amongst their community or neighbourhood provides them with a lot of influence or engagement.

Types of Influencers of Instagram based on Content:

If we focus on content, Instagram influencers can be seen in a lot of niches or categories. Amongst those tons of categories, here are some of the most widely recognized ones:

  • Fashion Instagram Influencers These are the creators whose content revolves around fashion ranging from accessories, clothing items, fashion trends, etc.
  • Beauty Instagram Influencers These influencers focus on content like makeup tutorials, routines for skin care, tips for better skin, product reviews, etc.
  • Fitness Instagram Influencers These influencers focus primarily on a healthy lifestyle and promote it through their training routines, diets, tips for a better physique, etc.
  • Travel Instagram Influencers These influencers fulfill the need of travellers to know about beautiful places in the world right from hotels to choose from in budget, places to visit, mode of transport to take, currency exchange information, the best time to travel, etc.
  • Food Instagram Influencers These Instagram influencers tell you all about the famous places to eat in an area, what are its unique elements, the price of the food items, etc
  • Tech Instagram Influencers These influencers inform you about each and everything going on in the tech space right from new product launches, reviews, sales or discounts, etc.

Grynow, the influencer marketing agency in India has curated a list of top Instagram influencers in India to help the brands to engage with the right influencer.

List of Top Indian Instagram Influencers (2023)

  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani

    Jannat Zubair Rahmani

    Instagram: jannatzubai29

    USP: Most trendy and fashionable content on all latest viral trends.

    Jannat Zubair Rahmani is the top Indian influencer on Instagram. She is a top instagrammer, creator and an actress. She started her career from the TV show ‘Dill mill Gayye’. She acted in ‘Phulwa’ in the lead role and gained wide popularity. She won numerous awards for her acting, “Indian telly awards in best child” and “boroplus gold awards” for ‘Phulwa’.

    Jannat Zubair rahmani was the first Tiktoker who reached 10 Million followers. She has acted in several movies and TV shows. Some of them are Bharat ke veer Putra- Maharana Pratap, Tu aashiqui, Hichki, Fear Factor: Khatron ke Khiladi 12, Punjabi film Kulche chole, What will people say, aap ke aa jane se, etc.

    Jannat Zubair rahmani has featured in many music videos like, kaise main, Zindagi di paudi, Zaroori hai kya ishq mein, Naino tale, chand naraz hai, wallah wallah, lehja, Marda sara India, tu mera misra hai, etc. she won Gold Awards in debut in lead role category. She got featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list as Influencer in Media, marketing and advertising.

    Jannat Zubair Rahmani has collaborated with many brands for paid promotions. Some of the brands are Lotus 365 world, Label RSVP, Box and Bling, Style by Sujata, UNIQLO India, Louvre Abu Dhabi, etc.

  • Anushka Sen

    Anushka Sen

    Instagram: anushkasen0408

    USP: Superb acting and dancing skills. Wanderer and travel lover.

    Anushka Sen identifies herself as an actor and Indian Instagram Influencer. She started her career from Zee TV serial Yahan Mai Ghar Ghar Kheli as a child actor. She further acted in TV serials like Devon ke dev…Mahadev, baal veer, Internet wala love, Jhansi ki Rani, apna time bhi aayega, and Fear Factor: Khatron ke khiladi 11.

    Anushka Sen has acted in many Movies too like Crazy Cukkad Family, Lihaaf: The Quilt, Sammadhitti, and Am I Next. She has appeared in many music videos too like, Is This That Feeling, Mast Nazron se, Choorha, Chura liya, Teri Aadat, Aaina, Meri hai maa, etc. She was nominated for Indian Television Academy Awards for popular actress for the web series Crashh.

    Anushka Sen believes in being a good human first. She loves to travel and her Instagram highlights talk about it. The highlights are Australia, Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Paris, London, Maldives, Goa, China, Dubai, etc. She has partnered with brands for paid collaboration like Lotus 365 world, Lux New range, Love beauty and planet, Nivea India, LAkme India, etc.

    Anuskha Sen loves to dance and through her instagram she regularly uploads reels of dance videos. She is one of highest paid instagram influencers among indian instagram influencers. She is available on other social media platforms like, Facebook, and twitter.

  • Avneet Kaur

    Avneet Kaur

    Instagram: avneetkaur_13

    USP: Love for Dancing, food, and travelling. A skillful dancer and methodical actor.

    Avneet Kaur identifies herself as an actor. She is one of top instagrammers in India. She began her career with Zee TV’s Dance India Dance Li’l Masters. Later she started her acting debut from Life OK’s Meri Maa. Further she acted in many movies and Tv Shows like Mardaani, Dost, Qarib Qarib Single, Mardani 2, Tiku weds sheru, Luv ki arrange marriage, savitri- ek prem kahani, ek mutthi asmaan, hamari sister didi, etc.

    Avneet Kaur is also popular as a famous Instagram influencer. She regularly appears in music videos like kesariyo rang, hone laga tumse pyaar, tera hoon na, daily daily, etc. Avneet won Gold Awards for debut in a lead role (female) for Aladdin- Naam Toh Suna Hoga.

    Avneet Kaur has created highlights for her followers. The list includes Vanity scenes, Home, Lifestyle, LKAM, Quotes, Accesorize, Shopppp, Hair, food, Makeup, Clouds, Nail, Bhopal 2023, Scents, Skincare, candles, Music, Outfits, Shoes, colour combos, Bag love, Khatak, Book love, etc.

    Avneet Kaur is in paid partnership with many brands like Fairplay India, Max Fashion India, Burger Bae, Zara, Accesorize India Official, Off duty India, Shop little box India, etc. Avneet is also present on YouTube. She is one of the highest paid Instagram Influencers. She loves to dance, food, and travel.

  • Faisal Shaikh

    Faisal Shaikh

    Instagram: mr_faisu_07

    USP: creator of top viral contents and entrepreneur of high calibur.

    Faisal Shaikh is among top instagrammers and highest paid Instagram influencer. He identifies himself as a public figure. He started making lip-sync videos on TikTok with his friends, who are part of Team07. He gained immense popularity and further love from his audience. He is one of famous Indian instagram influencers and evolving actors.

    Faisal Shaikh has collaborated with many other fellow top Indian Instagrammers in various music videos like, viah nahi karauna, Fruity Lagdi hai, Kalli meri gadi, Nazar na lagg jaye, etc. he is also fitness freak. Being a top instagrammer in India, he ensures that his physique stays toned and fit.

    Faisal Shaikh has won numerous awards like international style icon of the year, khatron ke khiladi 12 runner up, Jhalak Dikhla jaa season 10, etc. he has put on highlights about fortune India, USA, Josh, Premiere, Turkey, DXB, My story, birthday, Godfather, HOB, YouTube, mid-day, delhi, Latur fam, bali, abu dhabi, style icon 2019, trending 1, gym, Nashik fam, armenia, dubai trip, london, 1B hearts, etc.

    Faisal shaikh has partnered with various brands for paid collaborations which makes him one of top indian influencers on instagram and highest paid instagram influencers. Some of them are Axe India, Get Beat XP, Style by Tani, menswear, Amar Gems, Quirky perks, Kurkere snacks, etc.

  • Sayyed Arishfa Khan

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan

    Instagram: arishfakhan138

    USP: Loves to act, dance, and travel. Pragmatic entrepreneur and skillful content creator.

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan identifies herself as an actor. She has played the role of Geetanjali in the serial Chhal- Sehh aur maat. She has acted in other popular TV serials like Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera, Jeannie and Juju, Uttran, Meri Durga, Papa by Chance, and a few episodes of Crime patrol.

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan is one of top Instagram influencers in India. In 2021, she launched her own makeup brand Mishey me cosmetics and her products included BB Cream, matte liquid lipsticks etc. She also appeared on many TV advertising commercials. She had registered her presence in many song videos.

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan has put on highlights for her followers accessibility which consists of MishyMe, 100 Reels, Important, Singapore, MishyMe orders, MishyMe Giveaways, Q and A sessions, and CWB with Arishfa. Arisshfa has a presence on all leading social media platforms like YouTUbe, Twitter, facebook.

    Sayyed Arishfa Khan has collaborated with various brands for paid partnership. The brands include Fairplay, Nykaa, MishyMe cosmetics, etc.

  • Awez Darbar

    Awez Darbar

    Instagram: awez_darbar

    USP: He loves to dance, compose, and Travel. Football lover.

    Awez Darbar is one of the best Influencers on Instagram. He identifies himself as a public figure, content creator, Choreographer, and entertainer. He loves to travel, dance, and listen to music. He and his rumoured girlfriend featured in a music song video named Half Boyfriend. He has featured in several other music videos like tum na ho, etc.

    Awez Darbar has put on the highlights which consists of Football, Barcelona, Yas Island, Dance with Awez, LaLiga, Surat, FIFA World Cup, Paris, Turkey, Imagica, Videshi friend, Switzerland, Singapore, Saudi, Bloopers, YT dance covers, Manchester, Draft (reels), B612, etc. He has featured in for many paid collaborations with many brands like, Amazon Fashion India, Jio Mart Official, etc.

    Awez Darbaar has its presence registered on Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

  • RIyaz Aly

    RIyaz Aly

    Instagram: riyaz.14

    USP: You won’t find him missing out on any trend

    If you have been a fan of dancing, acting, or just wholesome content, you probably know Riyaz already. He has taken over the internet by capturing each and every trend.

    One of the top Indian Instagrammers started his journey by making lip sync videos on TikTok and gained a really massive following on it by being great at it. However, as soon as it got banned, he shifted his focus to Instagram and has emerged successful there as well. He has over 27 million followers with an engagement rate of well over 3%.

    One of the elements which make him truly unique and popular is his ability to get his hands on a variety of things and still emerge out perfect in them. He is often seen collaborating with other top influencers or celebrities to maximise his influence in which he has been quite successful. He collaborated with the finest brands in the country in categories ranging from food, fashion to lifestyle.

    If you look at his profile, you will see an unmatched consistency and an average view of 2-3 million on each of his reels, moreover, he interacts with his fans in the comments section and on frequent Q&A as well making his bond with his followers even stronger. This makes him one of the top Indian influencers to choose from when it comes to brands.

  • Bhuvan Bam

    Bhuvan Bam

    Instagram: Bhuvan.bam22

    USP: One of the most famous influencers who is killing it in whatever he enters be it singing or acting.

    Today when we talk about Top Indian influencers, Bhuvan is a name that just comes naturally along with it. His magnitude can be seen from the fact that he has over 26 million subscribers on youtube and over 16.8 million on Instagram with his fans eagerly waiting for whatever projects he works on.

    One of the biggest Instagram influencers is multi-talented, in addition to doing comedy, he is into singing and acting as well. He has proved his metal in that as well by releasing many singles which have gained millions of views and by releasing his series Dhindora. He was also recently seen in the Hotstar series Taaza Khabar where he got a lot of appreciation for being so perfect.

    He performs over 16 characters with each of them being so relatable as he picks up characters from the society making his content relatable to another level. Though he is super selective on his posts and Insta Live, still he boasts an engagement rate of over 8% which is one of the highest seen with any celebrity.

    He has become one of the few influencers who causes stampedes wherever he performs. He is seen collaborating with many brands like Myntra where he integrates the product so naturally that it leads to great results for the company. Make sure you check out the content of one of the most famous Instagram influencers.

  • Garima Chaurasia

    Garima Chaurasia

    Instagram: gima_ashi

    USP: She reflects authenticity and consistency in her quality content

    Garima Chaurasia is a mega talented Instagrammer and has been a super successful model and actress as well. She started her career with TikTok content where she used to perform funny skits. When it got banned, she came onto Instagram and ruled the platform in no time with over 15 million followers.

    One of the top Indian Influencers on Instagram with more than 15 million followers has her focus on fashion and lifestyle related content today. She also uses her content to be a positive light in the life of her audience and motivates them to be their best self.

    She focuses on having a deeper connection with her audience due to which all of her content is centred around that. Moreover, she replies to each of her fans and conducts frequent Q&As. This being the reason, she is widely demanded by some of the biggest brands for collaboration.

    In her past collaborations, you can see the level of creativity that she comes with as well as she plugs the product or service naturally and gets instant conversions for the brands making her one of the highest paid instagram influencers.

  • Siddharth Nigam

    Siddharth Nigam

    Instagram: thesiddharthnigam

    USP: An influencer who achieves perfection in whatever he does

    Do you remember the kid in the starting scenes of Dhoom 4 or Munna Michael? Yes, that kid with the perfect acting. Well, guess what, he has grown up now and has gained a lot of influence. He has become one of the highest paid Instagram influencers as over the years he has shared his journey with his audience and been authentic since the start.

    He also preaches fitness and makes some really entertaining reels helping him gain a wide reach on the platform. You will find him doing a lot of aerobics and dancing. He was also recently seen in the movie “kisi ka bhai, Kisi ki jaan” alongside salman khan

    Having all these achievements and more, he has made an incredible credibility as an influencer and as a result, he collaborates with some of the most superior brands. One of his unique qualities is that he only collaborates with brands he believes are good for him and his audience. This makes his recommendations look even more genuine and impactful which is great for brands looking to fulfil their goals with influencer marketing. Do check out the content of one of the top influencers in India!

  • Nagma Mirajkar

    Nagma Mirajkar

    Instagram: nagmamirajkar

    USP: All of her content is on the trending section as she understands the market so well

    Nagma is a social media star who has gained popularity due to her acting and dancing skills. One of the best Instagrammers in India is also widely popular for grabbing trends really fast and making the most fun content with it.

    This incredible ability of hers has helped her gain a following of 8.5 million with an engagement rate of over 3% which is great. She is also seen speaking on topics that are rarely covered by other influencers like body positivity and women’s empowerment. This enables her to be a personality that is seen as someone authentic or genuine.

    A lot of the top brand’s partner with her as a result, ranging from Amazon to Myntra and Boddess. She is also really knowledgeable about brand integrations and how to help them fulfil their goals as throughout the years she has gained a hold of the market properly.

    So, one of the top influencers on Instagram can be super helpful and the right choice for brands looking to take their businesses to the next level as she has the right attitude, knowledge or creativity and profile quality that will just add to your brand and not take away its image.

  • Aashika Bhatia

    Aashika Bhatia

    Instagram: _aashikabhatia_

    USP: an actor and influencer keeping you entertained throughout

    Aashika Bhatia is one of the most popular Instagrammers in India with a following of over 5.7 million. She has gained popularity due to her insane acting skills which were first seen in TV serials like Meera and many more. Later on, she was seen in the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo marking her debut in the Bollywood industry. This made her come in the eyes of the audience who followed her on social media platforms since then

    She has evolved since then and so has her content which moves with the most famous trends keeping her in the trending section throughout the year.

    Earlier in her career as an influencer, she was body shamed which she converted into motivation and got fit. Today she motivates her audience to be kind and be better personally. This makes her a role model for millions of people.

    She has an incredible engagement rate of over 3% as well which makes all of her reels cross 700k views easily. For brands looking for an influencer who can take their brand even forward in terms of success, she is one of the finest Indian Influencers on Instagram to choose from.

  • Mithila Palkar

    Mithila Palkar

    Instagram: mipalkarofficial

    USP: One of the finest voices in the industry who oozes authenticity

    We have often heard that Bollywood makes you arrogant and a distant personality, right? Such is definitely not the case with Mithila. Even after having a huge impact on the audience with her oscar worthy performances like that in “Girls in the City” and “little things” or “Karawan”, “Chopsticks” etc, she is one of the most kind and down-to-earth personalities.

    She likes to keep her profile as real and authentic as possible with frequent reels of her showing her life, singing beautiful songs, playing, etc. This has made her really relatable and has helped her in gaining over 3.9 million followers in no time. One of the top Indian Influencers on Instagram is often seen collaborating with the top brands like L’oreal, Maybelline, etc. Recently she was seen in a Zomato Ad singing her song with paper cups which she uploaded on Insta with a variation of their ads. This is the kind of influence she has on brands as well.

    If you are looking for an authentic way of making a connection with the audience on a deeper level and fulfilling your goals easily, Mithila is hands down one of the top Indian Instagrammers to choose!

  • Kusha Kapila

    Kusha Kapila

    Instagram: @kushakapila

    USP: Billi masi videos are very funny and enjoyable

    Kusha Kapila identifies herself as a digital creator and truly the best female Instagram influencers. She is also an Indian fashion editor, internet celebrity, comedian, and actress. She graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology in fashion design. She worked at various places as copywriter and content writer. In the meantime, she used to create reels. Her portrayal of Billi masi became a hit and her popularity increased by leaps and bounds.

    Kusha kapila has put highlights on her Instagram handle. The highlights are feelings, yeh kya hua?, #nmacc, selfiee love, badi aayee, fits 2018, KWK, comicstan, matchmaking, NYC bak, asli playlist, maya, dog adoption, covid leads, hits at midnight, recommendations, ask your ex, AMA, for collabs, behan tu, board exams, insta verified, shadishuda, etc.

    Kusha Kapila is available on various other social media platforms too like YouTube, Facebook, etc. she has acted in various films and web series like ghost stories, Plan A plan B, selfie, son of abish, LOL: hasse to phasee, comicstan, masaba masaba, case to banta hai, Minus One: New Chapter, etc.

    Kusha Kapila has been nominated for various awards and accolades and won many awards. She got nominated for Indian Television Academy awards for best actress- comedy series (OTT) for her work in case of banta hai. She also got nominated for bollywood hungama style icons for Most stylish Digital entertainer- female.

  • Anam Darbar

    Anam Darbar

    Instagram: @anamdarbar97

    USP: Groovy dance and wonderfulful choreography.

    Anam darbar identifies herself as an artist. She is one of top indian instagrammers. She is the daughter of music director Ismail Darbar. She used to create lip sync Tik-Tok with his brother Awez Darbar who is also an Instagrammer. She rose to fame and further her followers on Instagram too.

    Anam Darbar has collaborated with various celebrities like neha kakkar, asim riaz, himanshi khurana, kareena kappor, etc in dance videos. She has featured in various music videos like ‘Nai jeena’ by yash narvekar and palak muchhal and ‘Dil laya dimaag laya’ by stebin ben. She loves to travel and eat food.

    Anam darbar is the founder of creator studio ‘Atrangz’ which she opened with her brothers Awez darbar and Zaid Darbar. She is an ardent dog lover and has a dog named Snow. She has created highlights on Instagram which consists of random, phuket, melbourne, sydney, new york, paris, marseille, prage, amsterdam, abhu dhabi, saudi arabia, switzerland, turkey, london, goa, maldives, gaza, goa, etc.

    Anam darbar has registered her presence on several other platforms like facebook and YouTube. On YouTube she has a big of subscibers base. She regulaly partners with brands for paid collaborations.