The Rapid Rise of Short-Form Video: A Complete Guide

Short-Form Video

You are in the right place to know the rapid rise of the short-form video to be the future best marketing strategy for businesses worldwide. With 6.6 billion people out of the total population of 7.8 billion using smartphones, short-form video content is the future of content creation. Though 58.4% of the world population use social media on an average of 2 hours 27 minutes, most have no time to view lengthy content. Only videos with an average run of time between 20 seconds to 2 minutes are sure the future of the short-form videos. Statistics confirm that only 53% of the videos are watched in less than ninety seconds until completion. It is in sharp contrast to the completion rate of 10% for videos of over 30 minutes. Hence less is more, and short-form video marketing is the future. To know more, you can speak to a professional video content creation agency in India

So, check out why short-form video is popular, its benefits types, and the right social media platforms for improving the business to new heights. 

What is Short-Form Video?

Short-Form Video

Though there is no specific definition for short-form videos, they are short in length with attractive content to grab the viewers' attention to watch it until the end. It breaks the traditional media boundaries to reach the people to convey the content quickly and easily. Top video creation companies like GryNow enables businesses in India to use short-form video marketing to develop to unexpected levels. Creating innovative video content for many social media platforms opens flood-gate opportunities for businesses to expand exponentially. Animoto confirms that over 93% of marketers use social media videos to have customers, and 63% confirm the best ROI or return of investment. Hence, using top video content services creating companies like GryNow will make businesses ready for the rapid rise of the short-form video now and in the future. 

Why is Short-Form Video Popular Worldwide?

Short-Form Video

Lately, most social media platforms have revamped their format or added new types of video content ; for example, many have followed the path of TikTok to use short-form videos. Over half the population spends hours on social media on their smartphones to make short-form videos popular worldwide. Since creativity is endless, many innovative content videos go viral on social media for even millions to watch within a short period. Hence, it could even instantly make a product or service famous ways without spending much on creating its content. Wyzow establishes that 84% of people buy a product or service based on the brands' video. And Animoto confirms that 76% of the small businesses measure a marketed result from their video content. Hence future of the video content/short video content is to increase more than it is now, and not having it will leave you out in the crowd. 

Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Short-Form Video Marketing Strategies in 2022

Short-Form Video

With videos here to stay for a long time, creativity is the key to making innovative and immersive videos for having a one-to-one connection with the target audience. As creativity is unlimited, the future of short-form video marketing strategies is to make or break businesses. The first thing that anyone sees is a tiny bar at the bottom of the video for knowing its length. The shorter it is, the audience has more chance to click it for viewing until the end. Stats confirm that the audience spends fewer seconds deciding to view the video, and shorter is better for them to complete viewing it. It is the reason that a Vidyard study confirms that over 56% of the videos created are fewer than 2 minutes. Because of the many benefits that assure short-form video is the future of content creation. A few of the benefits include. 

  • Builds brand identity and enables higher conversions by providing the best medium to the people for consuming information quickly.
  • Increases the SERP or search engine results pages as it holds the viewers' attention longer on the site because of exciting and immersive videos.
  • Improves engagement by way of comments and feedback that increases the interaction with the viewers of the video, especially the Z generation.
  • Declines attention spans by viewers because of lack of time to view lengthy videos confirmed by stats that only 58% of viewers finish watching videos that are less than a minute.
  • It is easy to consume and remember for a long time as the short and interesting content makes it more impactful to convey the message memorably.
  • Creates a sense of community among the target audience by sharing their specific insights and by participating in competitions to have a connection to the brand.
  • Increases open rates of emails by using it and mentioning the word "video" in the subject to intrigue the views to watch it.
  • Reduces the complexity of the products or services by educating the audience for understanding them easily, as stats confirm nearly 84% of purchases happen after watching videos.
  • Enables the customers to tell compelling stories about the products or services used and their benefits on webcam or phone to be its brand ambassadors.
  • Enhances showing up more in social feeds as most of the social media platforms using algorithms show people what they want to see.

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Types Of Short-Form Videos

Short-Form Video

There are many types of short-form videos for you to choose the right style to post on the appropriate social media platform for improving your business. Short-form videos are fast and fun to provide creative content, mostly user-led, to attract people and have more engagement levels. Many innovative ideas assure that short-form video is the future of content creation. A few of them include. 

  • Educational short-form videos are the best starting place, as many people can easily understand the products or services. 
  • Show the brand's human side, which is raw and authentic, that the people love to see for building better relationships and strengthening the brand's feeling of community. 
  • User-generated content tells compelling stories that the audience does not want to miss and can capitalize on to improve the brand identity. 
  • Product demos and tutorials also explain them for easy understanding to improve sales. 
  • Uploading teasers for the new products, long-form videos, and new products, like the movie previews, will help the target audience decide on seeing the main feature.
  • Using live streaming of significant announcements and developments in the industry will keep the people excited. 
  • Showing the best past moments together will help increase the credibility of the product and the brand for the audience to look forward to future developments and events.

The Best Social Media Platforms to Post Short-Form Videos.

Short-Form Video

The rise of the short-form video is fast becoming the future of social media as most platforms are using it. Even Netflix launched Fast Laughs, a platform for short-form videos to make people happy anytime, anywhere with the app. Social media has revolutionized the entire concept of how people consume information, and short-form video is the future of video content creation for it. People first look at the little bar at the bottom of the video to check its length to decide on viewing it or not. Stats confirm that the shorter the length, the more chances are for viewing, and that too until the end. Hence many social media platforms recognize short-form is the future of video content creation. But you need to know the right social media platform for posting short-form videos. Because videos occupy more space in your servers, it is not effective to post everything on the sites. So, to find the customers where they are, it is best to select the right social media platforms for distributing the short-form videos.  

  • TikTok put the short-form video on the radar worldwide and remains the most sought social media platform for short-form video content filmed with dimensions of 1080 x 1920 and increased time length from 60 seconds to 3 minutes, enabling to reach the potential customers.
  • Instagram reels & stories, allowing short-form videos of 15 to 30 seconds, have a wider reach than TikTok, as Instagram has over a billion active monthly users and uses algorithms to show people what they have interest in to increase the target audience.
  • YouTube Shorts allows short-form videos with lengths from 15 to 60 seconds to appear as archived videos on the world-famous YouTube channel for all ages.
  • Pinterest Idea Pins is another new entrant to the social media platform list for posting videos with length up to 60 seconds which gets archived on the Pinterest profile page automatically for encouraging continued engagement.
  • Facebook Stories enables to add videos directly apart from adding a video link to the profile to use it as a secondary distribution channel to Instagram stories. 
  • LinkedIn Stories enables video content taken from smartphones for 20 seconds but stays up for only 24 hours.

The above facts, benefits, types, and the many social media platforms to choose the best will indeed confirm that the rise of short-form videos will continue to be the best marketing strategy for businesses to grow beyond expectations.