Top YouTubers in India: Top YouTube Channels in India, 2023

  • Posted On : 2023-05-03
Top YouTubers in India: Top YouTube Channels in India, 2023

In this article we will discuss top YouTubers in India that are helping people with finance, fashion tips, technology, beauty tips etc.

Great leaders have shown an optimistic point of view regarding the role of technology and its intermingling with humans. The scope of technology and tools is boundless, formless and timeless.

“Technology is nothing. What is important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” - Steve Jobs

The tools and technologies available are used by every person and the social media platform is one the platform where people interact the most.

  • According to Smart Insights, nearly 59% of the world's population uses social media.
  • 2.5 billion people use YouTube as their primary social media and video watching as well as video sharing platform.

YouTube provides access to a wide range of videos to view and share videos. The videos are uploaded by Users who often create channels of their interest areas, and users regularly update content and people view their videos routinely, resulting in an interactive relationship on levels like, intellect, nature, attitude, preferences, etc. The connection bonds the relationship and the creator gets a dominant guiding role, the creator is commonly known as a YouTuber.

How Top YouTube Channels in India are Helping People?

Content Creators on YouTube help their audience by creating useful and informative videos on their niche.

For Example:

  • Finance creator provides valuable insights regarding Finance, investment, stock market, general finance awareness, financial concepts, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, passive income, business, taxation, budget, etc. to their followers.
  • Fitness creator talks about a host of topics like natural body-building tips, nutrition tips, diets, diet supplements, work-out routine, lifestyle changes, good fitness habits, exercises, training, weight loss, weight gain, relaxation techniques, recovery plan, etc. with their followers.
  • Beauty creator are engaged in talking about beauty trends, practical tips, tutorial videos, makeup, affordable products, quality products, DIYs, Latest products, pros and cons, skin care, etc. with their follower’s base.
  • Fashion creator set the trend narratives with their style. They talk about latest trends, clothing hacks, styles to go with, theme-based clothing, product of brands, aesthetic to match, fashion tips and tricks, decoration, jewellery, quality clothing, etc with their followers.
  • Health creator view the world through the lens of collective well-being. They actively inform their followers about weight loss, immune systems, nutrition, bodily-aches cure, vitamins, minerals, exercise, health supplements, diets, diet routine, fasting types, Yoga and exercises, age related health aspects, etc.
  • Motivational speakers are known to infuse fire inside us. They cover a lot of aspects through which followers can relate and elevate. The topics being passion, work ethics, morals, attributes for a better life style, life’s goals, aims, and objectives, business mindfulness, creating opportunities, perspectives, etc.

YouTubers are now present in great numbers and each YouTuber has a unique and distinct style of presentation. The followers follow their idol based on their personal opinion and likings. In this stiff competition, some YouTubers are able to carve out a big chunk of audience from many areas. Such a YouTuber gets a celebrity like status and has a command of loyalty and trust of hundreds of thousands of people.

The list below by the top YouTube influencer marketing agency discusses about top YouTube channels in India.

List of Top Indian YouTubers (2023)

  • CarryMinati

    1. CarryMinati

    YouTube Channel: CarryMinati


    One of the highest subscribed Individual Youtuber who grasps the attention of its audience with entertaining content

    Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati, is a well-known among Indian YouTubers and a Indian social media influencer, YouTuber and streamer. He is best known for commenting on the video game industry, streaming his gameplay, and discussing social issues and current events. His channel is regarded as one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India and has amassed a sizable following both in India and throughout the world.

    When he was just 10 years old, he started his YouTube career. When he first started making videos, he focused on playing games like Minecraft and others, but as he got older, his content expanded to cover a wider range of subjects. He is a go-to source for many people, particularly in the gaming community, thanks to his commentary on video games, social issues, and current events. He has a diverse audience and level of engagement thanks to the mix of gaming, commentary, and vlogs on his channel.

    One of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels is renowned for his amusing and informational videos in which he offers insights into the gaming industry and expresses his opinions on social issues and current events. His commentary is always truthful, frequently humorous, and unafraid to express his opinions. His distinctive and captivating storytelling style keeps his audience interested and returning for more.

    The success of CarryMinati can be attributed in part to his ability to establish a rapport with his audience. He regularly engages with his audience, answering their questions, comments, and even playing games with them. Additionally, he has planned numerous meetups and live streams where he has personally interacted with his followers. As a result, he has been able to create a significant fan base for his channel and making him one of best YouTuber in India.

    CarryMinati has a sizable fan base on other social media sites as well like Twitter and Instagram, where he posts images, videos, and channel updates. His followers can also view some intimate details of his personal life on these sites.

    The YouTuber has received numerous honours and recognition over the course of his career. The 30 Under 30 list of Forbes India and the 50 Most Influential Young Indians list of GQ India both included CarryMinati on their lists of award winners and notable young Indians.

    CarryMinati is monetized by partnerships with brands, sponsorships, and joint ventures with other top YouTube channels in India. Additionally, he offers merchandise on his website that is well-liked by his followers, including t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases. He has also served as a brand ambassador for a number of businesses and brands.

    One of the most well-known and influential YouTubers in India, CarryMinati's channel has grown significantly over the years. His success has been aided by his engaging and instructive videos, as well as his capacity for audience engagement. He is still a well-known figure in the Indian YouTube community and his fan base is still expanding with him clocking 22 million views on an average! Checkout the content of one of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels if you haven’t already!

  • Total Gaming

    2. Total Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Total Gaming


    One of the most entertaining gaming channels

    Total Gaming is among top YouTube Channel in India with more than 36 million subscribers. On this platform, users can watch gamer Ajay play titles like Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, Pub-g, and Grand Theft Auto 5.

    Both the gaming industry and player behaviour are evolving. They are an Indian brand in the gaming industry that offers the best gaming solutions with Hindi commentary as more and more people choose to game while on the go. They work hard to give their users the best possible gaming experience.

    Total Gaming began his YouTube journey in 2018, with a focus on the mobile game Free Fire. He quickly gained popularity for his gaming skills, as well as his entertaining commentary and engaging personality and became most subscribed YouTube channel of India. He started posting daily gameplay videos, and soon his channel grew exponentially. He started to diversify his content, and began posting videos of other games as well, including PUBG, Clash of Clans and more.

    Total Gaming is known for his entertaining and informative videos, in which he provides insights into the gaming industry and shares his thoughts on the games he plays. His commentary is often humorous, and he often provides tips and tricks to help his viewers improve their gameplay. He also shares his thoughts on the latest developments in the gaming industry and talks about the newest games and updates.

    One of the unique aspects of Total Gaming's content is his emphasis on storytelling. He adds a narrative and personal touch to his videos, which help the audience connect with his content on a deeper level. His storytelling often includes personal anecdotes and experiences, which give a glimpse into his life and personality, making the channel even more relatable.

    Another unique aspect of Total Gaming's content is his engagement with his audience. He frequently hosts live streams, giveaways and Q&A sessions to interact with his followers, giving his fans a chance to interact with him in real-time. He also encourages his followers to join in-game tournaments and often collaborates with other Indian gaming YouTubers, which helps him expand his reach and bring new content to his channel.

    It is also known for his philanthropy work and he has been actively involved in charity work. He has donated money to various causes, including education and medical assistance. He also encourages his followers to give back to the community through various initiatives, through his channel and social media.

    In terms of monetization, one of the top 100 most subscribed YouTube channels earns revenue through sponsorships, brand partnerships, and collaborations with other YouTubers. He also sells merchandise through his website, such as t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases, which are popular among his fans.

    In conclusion, Total Gaming has become one of the most popular and influential gaming content creators in India. His entertaining and informative videos, coupled with his ability to connect with his audience and his philanthropy work, has contributed to his success.

  • Techno Gamerz

    3. Techno Gamerz

    YouTube Channel: Techno Gamerz


    This channel gives a whole new meaning to gaming with its great content

    Techno Gamerz is a popular Indian YouTube channel that specializes in creating gaming content. The channel was started in 2017 by Ujjawal, who quickly gained a following for his entertaining commentary and engaging gameplay. Since then, the channel has grown exponentially, and it now boasts over 30 million subscribers.

    Ujjwal was born in New Delhi, India, on January 12, 2002. Since he was a young child, Ujjwal has always enjoyed playing video games. "Snowbros," which he used to play at his brother's house, was the first video game he ever played. He eventually began playing GTA: Vice City, which he loved because it allowed players to act however, they pleased.

    At first, he mainly distributed video game tutorials. He used to post recordings from his brother's phone, and he was given a strict schedule to make sure that the time he spent studying and playing video games was equal. After one of his early videos received a lot of views, his brother encouraged him to create more. One of his most well-liked video series was titled "How to Get PlayStation Games on the Phone."

    His channel was initially promoted on a number of Facebook and WhatsApp groups. He continued to post videos using his brother's phone until he had 1000 subscribers. Ujjwal's persistence paid off when one of his videos went viral. The 250k views of his first well-liked video, which explained how to download Dragon Ball Z, helped his channel expand.

    Although Ujjwal plays a variety of games, none of his GTA videos have received less than 5 million views. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Minecraft are just a couple of the other games he enjoys. Ujjwal released his debut music video, "GAME ON," to mark his success. It tells the story of how he went from having no subscribers on YouTube at the age of 18 to having 10 million.

    The ability of Ujjawal to establish a connection with his audience is one of the distinguishing qualities that sets Techno Gamerz apart from other gaming channels. Through live streams and meetups, he actively engages with his audience, answers questions and comments, and even plays games with them. He has developed a loyal following around his channel thanks to this level of interaction, and they regularly visit to watch his videos.

    One of the top 100 gaming channels also has merchandise, where Ujjawal sells T-shirts, hoodies and other items with the Techno Gamerz brand logo, which is popular among his fanbase. He also has brand partnerships and collaborations with other Indian gaming YouTubers which has helped him expand his reach and bring new content to his channel.

  • MR. Indian hacker

    4. MR. Indian hacker

    YouTube Channel: MR. Indian hacker


    You will find the craziest science experiments here

    MR INDIAN HACKER is a channel run by Dilraj Singh Rawat which features the craziest science experiments which are safely executed giving its audience a great experience and information as to what happens.

    Dilraj started building a career on YouTube at a young age. Instead of pursuing degrees based on theoretical knowledge, he was more interested in expanding his practical knowledge. He had no prior knowledge of being a YouTuber at the time. As his YouTube career progressed, he acquired the skills necessary to produce expert videos and conduct experiments safely.

    Dilraj began posting videos of his experiments to YouTube because he enjoyed conducting them and was interested in science. On June 21, 2012, he started his Mr. Indian Hacker YouTube channel. However, on January 24, 2017, he posted his first video, "How to pick a lock without a key."

    Although he has five high-end cameras, he only uses one of them for his videos and he always records audio with a collar-hung microphone to keep the experience as raw and fun as possible. He refers to his followers as the "Titanium Army," and the disclaimers in his videos read, "We have titanium in our blood!" His channel art makes reference to this statement and reads, "Subscribe if you also have Titanium in your blood." This has become a well-known catchphrase over time.

    One of the key features of MR Indian Hacker is the level of originality and creativity that Dilraj brings to his experiments. He often takes everyday items and repurposes them in unique ways, such as turning a car into a water heater or building a personal hydroelectric dam. These experiments showcase how science can be applied to solve everyday problems in an innovative way.

    Dilraj's explanations of scientific principles are easy to understand and often accompanied by engaging visuals and animations, making it appealing to viewers of all ages. He has a knack for presenting complex scientific concepts in a way that is easy to understand and relatable.

    The channel also features different types of videos than experiments like camera test, vlogs, etc so that the audience stays interested, engaged or to make a deeper connection. His efforts have borne great fruits as today he stands to be the most authoritative Indian influencer in the space. He clocks in an average of 5 million views.

    In addition to his YouTube channel, Dilraj also has a presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, where he shares updates and behind-the-scenes footage of his channel. This allows him to interact with his fans on a personal level and build a community around his channel.

  • Ashish Chanchlani

    5. Ashish Chanchlani

    YouTube Channel: Ashish Chanchlani


    One of the funniest youtuber providing comedy movies in the name of content

    Ashish Chanchlani is a popular Indian YouTuber, comedian and actor who has made a name for himself by creating comedic videos that revolve around relatable everyday situations. He started his YouTube channel in 2009, and since then has become one of the most popular Indian YouTubers, with over 34 million subscribers. The videos of one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India often feature skits, parody videos, vlogs, and stand-up comedy, which have helped him to establish a strong connection with his audience.

    One of the reasons for Ashish's success is his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. His videos are relatable as they are based on real-life experiences, and this helps to establish a connection with his viewers.

    He is also known for his sense of humour and his ability to take serious topics and infusing them with comedy to make them relatable and digestible for his audience. He also interacts with his followers through live streams and meetups, giving them a chance to connect with him in person.

    Ashish's channel features a wide range of content, from skits and parody videos to vlogs and stand-up comedy. His skits often feature relatable scenarios such as the struggles of studying for exams, dealing with Indian parents or the struggles of long-distance relationships. These skits are often set in an Indian context, and Ashish is able to capture the humour in everyday situations that resonate with the Indian audience.

    In addition to his comedic skits, Ashish also creates parody videos, where he pokes fun at popular movies and television shows. These videos are often well-received by his audience and showcase Ashish's ability to create content that is both entertaining and relatable.

    Anil and Deepa Chanchlani gave birth to Ashish Chanchlani in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, India. The channel "Miss McBlush" is owned by his younger sister. He received his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from the Datta Meghe College of Engineering and studied acting at the Barry John Acting Studio. Anil Ashok, a multiplex movie theatre in Maharashtra, is owned by his father.

    In 2016, the well-known programme Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya served as Ashish's television debut. For his acting, he received a lot of praise. He has also been contacted on numerous occasions by mainstream Indian actors to help promote their films, including Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kartik Aryan, and many others.

    Today, each and every brand wants to collaborate with him due to the amazing content he provides to his audience, the authority he has created or the influence he has. He on an average clocks 20 million views which is beyond commendable.

  • Round2hell

    6. Round2hell

    YouTube Channel: Round2hell


    This channel will provide you with a movie like experience with their funny skits

    Due to its humorous videos and comedy skits, Round2hell is a YouTube channel that has amassed a sizable following. It was founded by three friends, Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmed, and Zayn Saifi, in 2016 and has since grown to be one of India's most subscribed channels. The channel has over 29 million subscribers as of this writing, which is a testament to their consistent production of top-notch content.

    The regularity of the content that Round2hell produces has been one of the major factors in its success. A committed team of writers, directors, and actors at the channel works nonstop to produce fresh, interesting content for their viewers. One of the Leading YouTube channels have developed a devoted fan base that eagerly anticipates their upcoming videos thanks to their consistency. Additionally, they constantly experiment with various formats and genres in an effort to improve and develop as content producers.

    Another factor in Round2hell's success is their capacity to capitalise on the current cultural moment. They produce videos that their viewers can relate to by frequently using memes and current trends to make their content more current. As a result, they have developed a close relationship with their viewers, who now truly feel like a part of the R2H family.

    Round2hell has grown significantly over time in terms of both subscribers and the calibre of their content. They have progressed from creating straightforward skits to creating complex short films and web series. Their willingness to try out new formats and genres while constantly challenging themselves to get better has fueled their growth.

    The engagement of Round2hell with their audience has also been a major contributor to success. They are active on social media and frequently engage with their followers, answering questions and comments. Because of this, they have been able to foster a sense of community and give their viewers a sense of belonging that goes beyond YouTube videos.

    The Channel has received recognition for their contributions to the entertainment industry as a result of their success. They have received a plethora of honours, including YouTube's prestigious diamond Play Button, which is given to channels with more than ten million subscribers. They have additionally been asked to speak at business gatherings and have been highlighted in well-known publications.

    Due to the channel's popularity, they have also worked with other Top YouTubers in India and famous people. They've worked with well-known Indian YouTubers like CarryMinati and Ashish Chanchlani, as well as stars like Akshay Kumar and Kajol. Through these partnerships, they were able to expand their reach and solidify their position in the Indian entertainment sector.

    The channel has maintained a grounded and narrow focus despite their enormous success. They have always placed a high priority on producing entertaining and thought-provoking content, and they are always looking for ways to make their videos better. Additionally, they have used their success to support their neighbourhood by taking part in fundraising activities and making donations to a variety of charities.

  • Sandeep Maheshwari

    7. Sandeep Maheshwari

    YouTube Channel: Sandeep Maheshwari


    Sandeep Maheshwari is the right motivation you need to achieve your goals and never back down

    Sandeep Maheshwari is a well-known motivational speaker, businessman, and philanthropist whose speeches and teachings have touched the lives of millions of people all over the world. He is the creator and CEO of Images Bazaar, the largest repository of images from India. The journey of Sandeep Maheshwari began when he first became interested in photography as a teenager. He was passionate about using his camera to capture the wonder of life and the essence of people's emotions. He began his career as a freelance photographer but quickly understood that he wanted to build a platform that would let people show the world their abilities and talents. With over a million images in its database, Images Bazaar, which he launched in 2006, has since grown to be the largest collection of Indian images.

    In 2010, Mr. Sandeep began sharing his life experiences and lessons with others, which was the beginning of his journey towards becoming a motivational speaker. He thought that by sharing his struggles and setbacks, he could encourage and inspire others to face their own challenges and realise their own goals. Only 13 people attended his first motivational speech, "Last Life-Changing Seminar," but it quickly became popular on social media, leading to offers to speak at numerous conferences and events.

    Sandeep Maheshwari's unconventional method of motivating people sets him apart from other motivational speakers and makes his channel come amongst the Best YouTube channels in India. He thinks that rather than focusing solely on achieving success, people should be motivated from the inside out and should follow their passions and talents. His talks centre on doable advice and methods for improving oneself, such as overcoming fear, cultivating a positive outlook, and increasing self-assurance.

    Additionally, the motivational speaker has been a steadfast supporter of mental health and wellbeing. He thinks that people should put their mental well-being first because it is just as important as their physical health. He has talked about his own battles with anxiety and depression and urged others to get help if they are having mental health issues. Additionally, he has established the "Hope helpline," a free helpline for those in need of a listening ear.

    The contributions made by Sandeep Maheshwari to the field of entrepreneurship are also noteworthy. Entrepreneurship, in his opinion, should not be about making money but rather about resolving issues and adding value to society. Young businesspeople have been urged by him to concentrate on developing original solutions rather than simply copying what others are doing. He has also started a number of programmes to help business owners, such as the "Entrepreneurial Network Program," which gives them a forum to connect and work together.

    The teachings and messages of the motivational speaker have impacted the lives of millions of people all over the world. Millions of people have watched his talks on YouTube, and he has won numerous awards for his efforts. He has been invited to speak at prestigious events like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management, and has been featured in publications such as Forbes and The Economic Times (IIM).

  • BB ki Vines

    8. Bhuvan Bam

    YouTube Channel: BB ki Vines


    One of the funniest and loved comedy YouTuber of India

    One of the Top YouTubers in India is Bhuvan Bam, also known as BB Ki Vines. He began his career as a musician before switching to comedy, where he quickly became famous for his hilarious skits and parodies.

    The Chakhna Issue, Bhuvan Bam's first YouTube video, was the start of his career on the platform. A parody of a news report, the video quickly gained popularity and received millions of views in a matter of days. Bhuvan Bam was encouraged by the feedback and continued to make more videos, each one funnier than the last. The relatability of BB Ki Vines distinguishes it from other comedy channels. Bhuvan Bam's skits frequently centre on commonplace interactions that anyone can identify with, like a conversation between friends or between a son and his father. Additionally, he portrays multiple characters in each video, showcasing his acting versatility.

    The success of the channel can also be attributed to Bhuvan Bam's original comedy style. His skits are never cruel or hurtful because he thinks that comedy shouldn't be done at the expense of anyone's feelings. Instead, he makes fun of the absurdities of daily life through observation and satire.

    Bhuvan Bam's portrayal of an ordinary Indian uncle, Titu Mama, is one of the most well-known characters in BB Ki Vines. With many viewers eagerly anticipating his appearances in each new video, Titu Mama has become a fan favourite due to his hilarious antics and demeanour.

    Due to BB Ki Vines' popularity, other Indian YouTubers and famous people have joined forces with him. In addition to Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bhuvan Bam has worked with other well-known Indian YouTubers like Ashish Chanchlani and CarryMinati. By working together, he was able to expand his audience and solidify his position in the Indian entertainment sector.

    The YouTuber has also faced obstacles along the way to success. Bhuvan Bam received criticism in 2020 for some of his earlier videos that had offensive content. He removed the offensive videos from his channel and issued a public apology for any offence he may have caused. This incident demonstrated Bhuvan Bam's dedication to responsibility and accountability, as well as his readiness to take responsibility for his mistakes.

    BB ki Vines is one of India's most popular YouTube channels despite these difficulties. Millions of viewers eagerly await each new video Bhuvan Bam releases because of his consistency and dedication to his craft. He has also taken his brand outside of YouTube, releasing music albums and making appearances in TV shows and commercials.

    There is more to BB Ki Vines than just a YouTube channel. Millions of viewers throughout India and elsewhere have been enthralled by this cultural phenomenon. The success of Bhuvan Bam can be attributed to his originality, relatability, distinctive style of comedy, and dedication to responsibility and accountability. There is no doubt that the channel will maintain its position as a major player in the Indian entertainment sector as long as he keeps creating new content and growing his brand.

  • Crazy XYZ

    9. Crazy XYZ

    YouTube Channel: Crazy XYZ


    You will find some really interesting science experiments, life hacks, car modifications, etc

    One of the most well-known YouTube stars in India - Amit aka Crazy XYZ specialises in science experiments, life hacks, and automobile modifications. With over 25.9 million subscribers and over 700 crore views, the channel has amassed a sizable following, making it among the most popular YouTube channels in India.

    Videos by the channel show off inventive experiments that probe various scientific ideas. The experiments are frequently carried out with common household items and are made to be simple to repeat. The channel's life hack videos provide practical advice and shortcuts that can simplify and speed up daily tasks. A look into the world of custom car upgrades is also provided by Crazy XYZ's car modification videos, which include tutorials and walkthroughs on how to improve and customise a vehicle.

    The channel's popularity can be attributed to the wide range of topics it covers and its excellent production values. A talented group of editors, graphic designers, and videographers at the channel collaborate to produce visually stunning, interesting videos. The channel offers a variety of programming that appeals to viewers of all ages and interests.

    The regularity with which Crazy XYZ posts fresh content has also greatly contributed to its success. A number of videos are posted on the channel each week to give viewers fresh, engaging material to watch. This regular posting schedule has increased the channel's subscriber and viewership numbers and kept viewers interested.

    The audience engagement of the channel is another aspect of its success. The channel promotes viewer participation by frequently including feedback and recommendations from viewers in its videos. The growth and success of the channel are further fuelled by this engagement, which fosters a sense of community and connection between the channel and its viewers.

    The channel has promoted its content and interacted with fans on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The team actively participates in attending events and exhibitions, giving fans a chance to meet and speak with them in person. This strategy has contributed to the development of a devoted and devoted fan base that is committed to assisting the channel's expansion.

    Crazy XYZ has not only focused on science, technology, and car modifications, but has also published about other things like do-it-yourself projects, travel, food, and entertainment. These videos offer viewers a wide variety of content to choose from and serve as a welcome diversion from the channel's more technical content.

  • Amit Bhadana

    10. Amit Bhadana

    YouTube Channel: Amit Bhadana


    He will provide you with clean comedy videos with a hidden message in them making it wholesome

    Popular YouTuber and content producer Amit Bhadana is renowned for his amusing and relatable videos. As of March 2023, one of the Best 100 YouTube channels in India, which he gave his own name to, had over 24.4 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular channels in India. Amit Bhadana began his YouTube career in 2012, but his videos didn't start to become well-known until 2017. Millions of fans eagerly await his most recent content thanks to his channel's rise to fame since then.

    Amit is known for his witty humour, captivating storytelling, and relatable themes in his videos. His videos frequently touch on subjects that are important to many young people in India and he frequently draws inspiration from his own life experiences. His videos touch on a variety of subjects, such as social issues, family dynamics, and school life. He frequently works together with other well-known top YouTubers in India to follow to increase his fan base and reach.

    Amit's ability to relate to his audience is one of the main factors in his success. He uses humour and relatable situations to engage viewers and speaks in a language that young people can relate to. His videos have become a popular family activity because his content is made to be understandable and enjoyable for all ages.

    The regularity with which the youtuber posts videos has also aided in his success. He consistently publishes new material, giving his followers fresh material to watch. His videos frequently receive millions of views within hours of being uploaded, which is evidence of his appeal and the devoted nature of his fandom.

    He has dabbled in producing content for platforms other than his YouTube channel. Fans have responded favourably to the songs and music videos he has released. He has demonstrated his versatility as an actor and performer by appearing in a few web series and short films.

    The YouTuber has also faced difficulties along the way to success. Although some of his videos have drawn criticism and debate, he has consistently remained upbeat and committed to his followers. He has promoted messages of optimism and hope using his platform, and he is dedicated to using his success to change the world for the better.

    Due to Amit's widespread popularity, numerous brands have teamed up with him in an effort to reach his enormous fan base. He has collaborated with organisations including Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Oppo. Along with that, he has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for Best YouTuber.

  • Technical Guruji

    11. Technical Guruji

    YouTube Channel: Technical Guruji


    Get each and everything you want to know about technology at this channel

    The well-known Indian tech influencer, vlogger, and entrepreneur Gaurav Chaudhary is the owner of the well-liked YouTube channel Technical Guruji. The channel, which debuted in October 2015, has amassed more than 22.8 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views to rank among India's most popular tech channels.

    Technical Guruji, also known as Gaurav Chaudhary, has a special talent for explaining complex technical concepts in a straightforward manner. He possesses the exceptional ability to make even the most complex technical concepts seem understandable and relatable, which has enabled him to draw in a broad audience of viewers, ranging from casual users to tech enthusiasts.

    One of the top YouTube channels in India primarily offers technology-related tutorials, news, and product reviews. Mobile devices, laptops, software, apps, and internet security are a few of the topics that are frequently discussed on the channel. The channel also offers videos on general lifestyle subjects like travel, cuisine, and life experiences.

    The emphasis on offering in-depth technical knowledge in Hindi, the most widely used language in India, is one of the distinctive features of the channel. This has made it possible for the channel to reach a wider audience by bridging the divide between India's tech industry and the general public. Additionally, the use of Hindi has enhanced the viewers' sense of familiarity and connection, increasing their level of involvement and investment in the content

    The success of Gaurav’s channel has also been attributed to Gaurav's sincere enthusiasm for technology. His videos show his contagious enthusiasm for the newest technologies and innovations. Along with his experience and technical knowledge, this has contributed to the development of trust among his viewers, who view him as a trustworthy source of knowledge and guidance.

    Because of Technical Guruji's success, Gaurav Chaudhary has grown to be a very sought-after influencer, public figure, and best YouTuber in India. He is India’s top YouTuber of 2023. He has been discussed in a number of mainstream media outlets, such as Forbes India, where he was included on the list of young achievers for 2019 known as the "30 under 30."

    In addition to his YouTube channel, Gaurav has also established the "Gaurav Chaudhary Company," a tech startup that specialises in creating cutting-edge products and services. He was able to diversify his business and grow his brand outside of YouTube thanks to this move.

    Last but not least, Gaurav's strong work ethic and consistency in producing high-quality content are also responsible for Technical Guruji's success. His daily, and occasionally multiple, video uploads have done a good job of retaining his fans' interest and loyalty.

  • Dushyant Kukreja

    12. Dushyant Kukreja

    YouTube Channel: Dushyant Kukreja


    A vlogger who brings fresh and cheerful content every day from varied niches.

    Social media platforms have evolved with the times, artists have explored various facets of their craft, new artists have grown and achieved incredible milestones, and much more. Dushyant Kukreja is one name that has caught the audience's eye and amassed a tonne of online traction. a content producer whose comedic writing has the power to make anyone smile.

    Dushyant, a hardworking YouTuber and one of biggest YouTuber in India, was born and raised in Hisar, has achieved success in the creator sector thanks to his commitment and originality. He began his career as a content creator by uploading videos to Tik-Tok, where he eventually became well-known on social media. He made the decision to never give up and to continue creating and amusing his fans on various platforms as of that day. As a result, he is currently the only YouTube Shorts creator from India who is listed on YouTube's Officials blog as one of the global creators to watch out for.

    Dushyant's vlogging channel is distinctive because of his capacity to establish a personal connection with his viewers. His followers find his content to be very appealing because he interacts with them by sharing relatable experiences and stories. He also tries out various content types on his vlogging channel, such as skits, comedy videos, and reels, which keeps his audience interested and entertained.

    Dushyant’s consistency in publishing fresh content is one of the factors contributing to his success as a vlogger. He uploads videos almost every day, which keeps the audience of one of the top 100 YouTube channels in India interested and also raises his profile on the platform. Additionally, Dushyant has developed a devoted fan base as a result of his commitment to creating high-quality content, which has enabled him to increase his subscriber base over time.

    What makes him different is that he understands the social structure of the society. Being from a middle-class family, he understands the higher as well as lower layer of social class based on income. His language and etiquettes express a highly well-groomed personality who cares abouts his family, friends, elders and society as a whole.

    He is a very active user of social media, with a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram in addition to his vlogging channel. His ability to engage with his audience and promote his content on these platforms has allowed him to reach a wider audience than just YouTube.

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker

    13. Dr. Vivek Bindra

    YouTube Channel: Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker


    One of the most successful entrepreneurs and motivational speaker who shares all his secrets on this channel

    Indian-born Vivek Bindra is a well-known business coach, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Bada Business pvt. Ltd., a well-known online learning platform that provides professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners with business education and training.

    Vivek Bindra's YouTube channel, where he posts inspirational videos, business advice, and success tales from around the globe, is where he first gained popularity. One of the most watched channels in India, Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker, has over 20.6 million subscribers. The channel offers a variety of content, such as interviews with successful businesspeople, business strategies, leadership lessons, and motivational speeches.

    The fact that the youtuber can relate to his audience is one of the main factors in his success as a motivational speaker. The content of one of the top most viewed YouTube channels is easily understandable by people from all walks of life because he conveys his ideas through relatable stories and straightforward language. His speeches are also very interactive and captivating, which keeps the audience interested the entire time.

    Mr. Vivek is well-known for his business coaching and consulting services in addition to his motivational speeches. Thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world have benefited from his training and mentoring, which has enabled them to achieve their objectives and grow their companies. His training programmes are extremely powerful and impactful because they are created to offer real-world applications, strategies, and practical insights.

    The "Bada Business Program," which is provided through the YouTuber's online learning platform, Bada Business Pvt. Ltd., is one of his most well-known training courses. The programme covers a wide range of subjects, such as leadership, finance, human resources, and sales and marketing. Participants from all over the world have praised its ability to help business owners and entrepreneurs create profitable enterprises from nothing.

    Mr. Vivek is involved in a number of charitable endeavours and social initiatives in addition to his online learning platform. In order to provide education and medical care to underprivileged children and families in India, he founded the "Bindra Foundation." He has also collaborated closely with a number of NGOs and non-profit groups to advance social causes and make a positive contribution to society.

    Vivek Bindra has received a number of honours and awards over the years in recognition of his work in business education and social entrepreneurship. The International Association of Lion's Club presented him with the "Best Motivational Speaker" award, and Forbes magazine ranked him among the top 10 motivational speakers in India.

  • AS Gaming

    14. AS Gaming

    YouTube Channel: AS Gaming


    from gaming videos to vlogs of exciting places, car modifications, etc you will find everything here

    One of the most popular Indian YouTube channels AS Gaming specialises in gaming-related content, especially material for the game Free Fire. Sahil Rana, a well-known gamer and content producer in the Indian gaming community, is the channel's owner.

    With a subscriber base of over 19.4 million and growing, the channel has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The channel offers a wide range of gaming-related content, such as gameplay videos, how-to guides, and live streaming events. Sahil Rana is well-known for his prowess in the game Free Fire, and Indian gamers adore watching his gameplay videos.

    The ability of AS Gaming to interact with its audience is one of the main factors in its success. Sahil Rana is best YouTuber in India and his videos are very entertaining and compelling because of his distinctive style of commentary and storytelling. He also regularly engages with his fans, answering their questions and comments, which has enabled him to forge a strong, devoted following.

    The channel is renowned for its excellent production standards. The well-edited, excellently produced, and immersive sounding videos on the channel have a pleasing aesthetic. This focus on detail has made AS Gaming stand out from the competition and become one of the leading gaming channels in India.

    The YouTuber offers a variety of non-gaming content, such as vlogs and travel videos, in addition to gaming content. Through these videos, Sahil Rana frequently shares his own life's experiences and adventures, allowing his viewers to get to know him better. By offering a variety of content, AS Gaming has been able to appeal to a larger audience and reach out to people who aren't just gamers.

    AS Gaming has also taken part in a number of philanthropic and social endeavours. The channel has worked with a number of non-profit organisations to promote awareness of and raise money for a number of social causes, including children's health and education.

    In addition to his YouTube channel, Sahil Rana is active on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. On these platforms, he has a sizable following as well, which enables him to connect with a larger audience and interact with his followers in a more intimate way.

    Sahil rana has several other YouTube channels which are equally popular among followers. AS Gaming, Sahil Rana, A_S Army, A_S Tech, A_s Highlights, and A_S shorts.

  • Khan GS Research Centre

    15. Khan GS Research Centre

    YouTube Channel: Khan GS Research Centre


    One of the best channels to get educated for your exams as it has easy and quirky explanation of complex topics

    One of the most popular Indian YouTube channels Khan GS Research Centre primarily focuses on educating and advising students getting ready for competitive exams like the UPSC, SSC, and banking exams. Khan Sir, a well-known teacher and mentor in the field of competitive exams, founded the channel for the students who are not financially sound. He believes education is a basic need and no one should be denied education on the pretext of money. He has kept the fee structure on a voluntary basis. Over equality he believes equity is important and through his YouTube channel he is on a mission to achieve that.

    The Khan GS Research Centre YouTube channel is one of the most well-liked educational channels in India with over 20.3 million subscribers and over 100 crore views. The channel offers a huge selection of videos, including lectures, tutorials, and mock exams, on a variety of subjects related to competitive exams.

    Khan Sir, the channel's founder and primary educator and one of biggest YouTuber in India, has more than 12 years of experience as a mentor and teacher in the field of competitive exams. Over the years, he has coached thousands of students and has developed a thorough understanding of the syllabus, exam patterns, and strategies needed to succeed in a variety of competitive exams.

    The well-structured and organised videos on the Khan GS Research Centre channel make it simple for students to follow along with and comprehend the concepts being taught. Khan Sir has a special teaching method that is both effective and engaging, and this has enabled many students to raise their test scores and accomplish their objectives.

    Khan sir also offers live classes and interactive sessions in addition to the usual video lectures, allowing students to ask questions and get answers to their doubts immediately. Students from all over India have gathered to learn and support one another on the channel as a result, building a strong learning community.

    The Khan GS Research Centre channel's emphasis on current events and general knowledge is another distinguishing characteristic. Khan Sir regularly updates the channel with the most recent information and events from around the globe and offers in-depth commentary and analysis on crucial subjects pertaining to competitive exams.

    The Khan channel not only offers excellent instruction and advice but also encourages positivity, motivation, and personal growth. With his students, Khan Sir frequently shares uplifting tales and inspirational sayings in an effort to help them cultivate a positive outlook and maintain their focus on their objectives.

  • Sourav Joshi Vlogs

    16. Sourav Joshi Vlogs

    YouTube Channel: Sourav Joshi Vlogs


    Watch one of the most authentic and interesting vlogs here

    An extremely well-liked YouTube channel for travel-related videos is Sourav Joshi Vlogs. The videos' producer, Sourav Joshi, is passionate about discovering new places and cultures, and this passion is evident in his work. The immersive and educational nature of the YouTuber’s presentation of the beauty of India and the rest of the world sets it apart from other video blogs.

    The unique way he combines gorgeous imagery with incisive commentary is one of the things that makes it stand out. Each video is skilfully crafted to highlight the best aspects of the area and culture being explored, as well as to offer details and insights that aid viewers in comprehending the location. For instance, Sourav gives viewers a tour of the ruins of the ancient city of Hampi in a video about it while also providing them with fascinating historical information and cultural anecdotes that help to bring the setting to life.

    The way that One of the most popular Indian YouTube channels places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly and responsible travel is another distinctive feature. In addition to highlighting a location's beauty, he wants to contribute to its preservation for future generations.

    This method of producing travel content is important and refreshing because it encourages viewers to consider the effects of their own travel and tourism decisions more carefully.

    The variety of content on the channel also makes it stand out. The majority of the videos on the channel are travel vlogs, but there are also ones about food, festivals, adventure sports, and other topics. Due to this diversity, viewers can learn about a wide range of topics pertaining to travel and culture, and there is always something new and interesting to watch.

    The YouTuber makes it a point in his videos to engage with locals and discover their way of life and it makes the youtuber recognised in India’s top YouTuber of 2023. This gives the travel content an authentic feel, which is frequently missing. For instance, in a video about his trip to a Rajasthani village, Sourav not only shows the stunning scenery but also makes the effort to interact with the inhabitants, sample their cuisine, and partake in their traditions. By doing this, he aids viewers in seeing the location from the perspective of the locals rather than just a tourist.

    He has committed to upload a new video every day. This remarkable achievement is made even more amazing by the fact that each video has a special element that sets it apart from the others.

    Let's not forget about the lessons you can take away from his journey

    -Being consistent in your work is crucial in life.

    -You must still deal with the fact that not every day will be pleasant.

    -Hard work cannot be substituted.

    -There is no set age for fame. Keep doing what you love, and let your accomplishments speak for themselves.

  • Emiway Bantai

    17. Emiway Bantai

    YouTube Channel: Emiway Bantai


    One of the top rappers of our country who will charge you up with his music

    In recent years, the name Emiway Bantai has come to be associated with Indian rap music. The rapper from Mumbai, whose real name is Bilal Shaikh, has drawn admiration from music fans all over the world for his distinct style and untapped talent.

    The musician first became well-known thanks to the Bollywood film "Gully Boy," which included his song "Asli Hip Hop." The track quickly gained popularity and helped the musician establish himself as one of the most intriguing new voices in Indian rap. He has since put out a steady stream of singles and albums, each one showcasing his impressive lyrical and rap abilities.

    Emiway's use of Hindi and Urdu in his songs is one of the characteristics that sets him apart from other Indian rappers. The rapper embraces his Indian heritage and uses Hindi and Urdu to tell his stories, unlike most rappers in India who prefer to rap in English. His music now has a distinctive flavour in addition to being more approachable to a wider audience.

    Emiway's aptitude for fusing various musical genres into one cohesive song is another feature that sets him apart. When we are talking about India’s top YouTubers his name appears in top list. His songs frequently combine elements of hip-hop, trap, and Indian classical music to produce a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

    His music has been well received by a variety of listeners, from die-hard hip-hop fans to those who value the beauty of Indian music, thanks in part to his versatility.

    The rapper is renowned for his unvarnished lyrics that frequently discuss issues like social injustice, poverty, and the difficulties of growing up in Mumbai. He doesn't hold back when it comes to expressing his opinions or talking about his personal experiences, which has aided in forging a close bond with his followers. Emiway's music has emerged as a potent voice for those who believe they lack one in a nation where many people experience marginalisation and silence.

    The rapper is also well-known for his music as well as his distinct sense of style and attire. He frequently wears brightly coloured clothing and accessories and isn't afraid to try out provocative and daring looks. He has become a fashion icon for many young people in India and around the world as a result of this.

    The rapper has faced obstacles along the way to success. He has drawn criticism for his use of coarse language and openness to debating contentious issues from some quarters. But he has stayed true to himself and his art, which has made his fans like him even more and today he has one of the top 100 YouTube channels in India 2023.

  • FactTechz

    18. FactTechz

    YouTube Channel: FactTechz


    know about the most interesting facts interestingly

    Popular YouTube channel FactTechz specialises in scientific and educational content. The channel presents complex scientific concepts in a clear, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing way with the goal of enhancing the knowledge of its viewers. The channel has grown to be a go-to resource for people looking to increase their knowledge and comprehension of the world around them, with over 17.6 million subscribers.

    The use of visuals to communicate intricate scientific ideas is one of FactTechz's distinguishing characteristics. To help viewers understand everything from the inner workings of the human body to the mysteries of the universe, the channel uses animations, illustrations, and videos.

    This visual method reduces the barrier that frequently separates the general public from scientific experts and makes learning more approachable and engaging for viewers of all ages.

    One of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India 2023 is distinguished by its dedication to accuracy and scientific rigour. To make sure that all the information it presents is accurate and current, the channel collaborates with a group of scientific experts. The channel's creators also take great care to properly credit their sources and offer supplementary materials for viewers who are interested in learning more.

    The focus of the channel on dispelling myths and misconceptions is one of its distinctive features. The channel frequently debunks widespread myths and falsehoods in science and education, such as the notion that we only use 10% of our brains or the notion that eating carrots improves vision. In order to dispel these myths and give their audience accurate information, FactTechz carefully examines them. They do this by utilising scientific research and knowledge.

    The top YT channel not only dispels myths, but also offers a distinctive viewpoint on historical and cultural events. The channel which is most subscribed YouTube channel in India, investigates the science behind historic inventions and engineering marvels, including the Egyptian pyramids and the prehistoric city of Machu Picchu. They also explore the scientific underpinnings of well-known cultural practises like yoga and meditation.

    Additionally, it presents educational and scientific content in a distinctive manner. Complex scientific concepts are frequently explained on the channel using storytelling techniques, which makes them more relatable and interesting for viewers. They might, for instance, use a hypothetical situation or actual examples to clarify a scientific idea, assisting viewers in comprehending the real-world applications of science.

    The dedication of the members of this channel to showcasing the most recent scientific developments and breakthroughs is another distinctive quality of the company. The channel frequently highlights cutting-edge scientific discoveries, technological advancements in the medical field, and advances in space exploration. This informs viewers of the most recent advances in science and technology, encourages them to learn more, and keeps them interested in the field.

    Last but not least, it stands out for their friendly and enthusiastic approach to presenting educational material. The channel's creators are enthusiastic about science and education, and their enthusiasm is evident in their videos and his channel is among top YouTubers in India to follow. They make learning enjoyable and approachable, and their enthusiasm for science is contagious. FactTechz is a special and invaluable resource for anyone interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding of the world around them due to their enthusiasm, dedication to accuracy, and use of visuals.

  • Triggered Insaan

    19. Triggered Insaan

    YouTube Channel: Triggered Insaan


    watch the best commentary on YouTube videos or reaction on the most trending videos

    Triggered Insaan aka Nischay Malhan is a popular Indian YouTuber and YouTube content producer who has amused viewers with his relatable commentary on a variety of videos on the internet and social and cultural issues. His distinct approach to content creation has made him a favourite of brands and viewers alike, and he continues to cause a stir in the online community.

    The YouTuber's talent for engaging his audience through humour and wit is among his most impressive traits. His content appeals to a broad audience because of his talent for taking complex topics and presenting them in a way that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

    Triggered Insaan's willingness to tackle contentious topics and offer his frank opinions on them is another distinctive feature of his writing. His content is energising and frequently unexpected because he doesn't back down from speaking his mind or taking on subjects that others might avoid. He stands out from other content producers because of his willingness to be open and genuine, and this has allowed him to gain a devoted following of followers who value his candour and honesty.

    A distinctive perspective on the world as it is can be found in the YouTuber's content, among other things. His commentary frequently sheds new light on well-known subjects because he has a way of seeing things that others might miss. His content is consistently insightful and up-to-date, whether he is discussing the most recent news stories, opining on social media trends, or just thinking back on his own experiences.

    The Indian YouTuber is also renowned for his ability to relate to his audience on a personal level in addition to his distinct point of view. He has a way of sharing personal information about his life and experiences with his viewers, making them feel like they are a part of his inner circle.

    One of the best youtuber in India 2023 is a great option for brands looking to collaborate with an influencer. His broad appeal and interesting content make him a perfect fit for a variety of goods and services, and his fans regard him as an honest and trustworthy source because of his authenticity. His endorsements are always sincere and heartfelt, which increases the likelihood that viewers will connect with them whether he is endorsing a new product or discussing a specific brand.

  • Aayu and Pihu Show

    20. Aayu and Pihu Show

    YouTube Channel: Aayu and Pihu Show


    Comedy channel for kids

    Two young siblings named Aayu and Pihu are the stars of the well-known YouTube channel The Aayu and Pihu Show, which features their amusing and instructive kid-friendly videos. Because of its distinctive approach to children's content, the channel has amassed a sizable following since its debut in 2017.

    The YT channel is unique in that it emphasises family-friendly content that is both entertaining and educational. Aayu and Pihu, the channel's creators, are young children themselves, giving them a special perspective on what appeals to children their age. They produce entertaining and interesting videos that also impart valuable life lessons and skills to young viewers.

    A variety of content is available on the channel, including skits, challenges, do-it-yourself projects, and instructional videos. The skits on the channel, in which Aayu and Pihu act out amusing situations and adventures, are some of the most watched videos. The situations depicted in these skits are frequently ones that kids can identify with, like going to school, playing with friends, and dealing with siblings.

    The Aayu and Pihu Show features a variety of challenges in addition to skits that are intended to be both entertaining and educational. While teaching them vital life skills like teamwork and communication, these challenges encourage kids to use their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

    It’s emphasis on do-it-yourself projects is another distinguishing feature. The channel provides a huge selection of DIY videos that are intended to be both entertaining and instructive. While teaching them useful skills like gardening, cooking, and crafting, these projects encourage children to be imaginative and creative. On the channel, some of the most well-liked DIY tasks include growing plants, making homemade toys, and making slime.

    The channel reflects both entertainment value and a significant educational component. The channel's creators use their videos to impart valuable life lessons and morals because they think that children learn best when they are interested and having fun.

    Since its debut in 2017, one of the best YouTuber in India 2023 has amassed a sizable fan base, and thanks to its distinctive approach to kid-friendly content, it has only continued to gain popularity. The channel stands out from others in part due to its emphasis on family-friendly programming that is both entertaining and educational. Aayu and Pihu, the channel's creators, have a natural talent for making material that appeals to children their age, and their videos are consistently interesting and enjoyable to watch.

    Its robust social media presence is another factor in its rising popularity. The creators of the channel actively interact with their fans on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where the channel has a sizable following.

    They communicate with their audience frequently, answering questions and comments, and even posting fan work and fan videos on their channel.

    The Aayu and Pihu Show has also grown to be a popular option for businesses trying to connect with young consumers. The channel has collaborated with a number of companies to produce sponsored content that is both entertaining and educational. These partnerships have benefited both the channel and the brands because they give the brands access to a sizable and engaged audience while also giving the channel the resources it needs to keep producing top-notch content.

  • Wifistudy

    21. Wifistudy

    YouTube Channel: Wifistudy


    Educate yourself through simple explanations

    One of the most subscribed YouTuber channels in India - Wifistudy specialises in educational videos, especially for students in India preparing for various competitive exams. Since its 2013 launch, the channel has amassed a sizable following as a result of its excellent and thorough study materials. The platform, which offers a range of study resources, is more than just a channel.

    The channel offers coverage of a variety of competitive exams held in India, such as the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), and the Civil Services Examination. Because of this, the channel has become a one-stop shop for Indian students preparing for competitive exams.

    The channel provides a range of study resources, including video lectures delivered by knowledgeable and experienced lecturers. These video lectures are intended to be thorough and cover all the material necessary for the specific exam. The lectures are ideal for students of all levels of understanding because they are organised in a way that is simple to follow and comprehend.

    The team of the channel provides live classes led by qualified instructors in addition to video lectures. Students have the chance to interact with the instructors and ask questions in real time during these live classes. The live classes are also recorded and made available for students to watch later, allowing them to go back and review any particular material whenever they need to.

    Wifistudy is among top YouTubers in India to follow and the test series that they provide enables students to evaluate their readiness for various competitive exams, is another distinctive feature. The test series consists of a number of mock exams that are created to resemble the real exam. These practise exams not only assist students in identifying their areas of strength and weakness, but also give them a sense of the format and level of difficulty of the real exam.

    In order to give students a complete resource, the channel also offers e-books and study notes. These study guides were developed by knowledgeable educators and include all the crucial information that is pertinent to the specific exam. Students from various linguistic backgrounds can access the study materials because they are also offered in Hindi and English.

    The platform is not just available on YouTube. It also has a website and a mobile app that offer a range of study tools and resources. All the study materials, live classes, and test series are easily accessible through the user-friendly website and mobile app. Additionally, the app has features like a progress tracker that aid students in monitoring their progress.

    The prominence of WIFI study is also attributed to its significant social media presence. The channel's creators actively interact with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where it has a sizable following. They communicate with their followers by responding to comments and messages and posting updates on new study materials, live classes, and test series on a regular basis.

    Additionally, it has grown to be a popular option for businesses trying to connect with young, educated consumers. To produce sponsored content that is interesting to its viewers, the channel has collaborated with many different brands. Both the channel and the brands have benefited from these partnerships.

  • Lokesh Gamer

    22. Lokesh Gamer

    YouTube Channel: Lokesh Gamer


    one of the most entertaining and talented gamers of our country

    One of the biggest YouTuber in India Lokesh Gamer produces gaming videos, with a focus on the mobile title Garena Free Fire. He has a sizable following on YouTube with over 15.3 million subscribers, and he is also active on other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

    The difference between the youtuber and other gaming YouTubers is his upbeat and entertaining demeanour. His videos are humorous and full of witty comments, and he has a distinctive style of commentary. His fans have grown accustomed to his catchphrases and distinctive hand gestures.

    The emphasis on Free Fire in Lokesh Gamer's content is another distinctive feature. While many gaming YouTubers produce content for well-known games like PUBG and Call of Duty, Lokesh Gamer has established himself in a specific market by focusing only on Free Fire. As a result, he has amassed a devoted following of Free Fire players who value his in-depth understanding of the game and his entertaining commentary style.

    The videos made by the channel are also expertly made and edited. He works hard to create visually appealing and interesting videos. His videos frequently have graphics and special effects that improve the viewing experience as a whole. He stands out in a crowded field of competitors thanks to his attention to detail.

    The dedication of the YouTuber when it comes to interacting with his fans is another distinctive feature of his content. He is renowned for his regular live streams in which he engages in real-time conversation with his viewers. He spends time answering questions and comments, and he frequently acknowledges his followers. His strong and devoted fanbase has grown as a result of this level of interaction, and they value his willingness to engage with them.

    Due to his enormous following and interesting content, brands have taken notice of Lokesh Gamer's popularity. In order to produce sponsored content that is relevant to his audience, he has collaborated with a variety of brands. These partnerships are effective because they are seamlessly integrated into his videos and complement his overall brand

    He has made use of his platform to spread the word about significant social issues as well like environmental preservation and mental health. Additionally, he has raised money for numerous charities and causes using his platform. This dedication to social responsibility has enhanced his public image and allowed him to more deeply relate to his followers.

    Being current and adjusting to changes in the gaming industry are two challenges that the YouTuber faces as a gaming YouTuber. He must be able to adapt and produce content that is still relevant to his audience as new games are released and trends shift. But he has demonstrated that he is able to adjust to these changes and carry on producing interesting content that connects with his followers.

  • Harsh Beniwal

    23. Harsh Beniwal

    YouTube Channel: Harsh Beniwal


    One of the most relevant and funny comedy YouTubers of India

    Harsh Beniwal is a well-known Indian actor, comedian, and one of the top 100 YouTubers in India 2023 who gained popularity for his relatable and humorous content. He is one of the most well-known biggest YouTuber in India thanks to his massive following of over 15.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

    Harsh's ability to establish a personal connection with his audience is one of the distinctive features of his content. Relationships, families, and jobs are common themes in his videos, which are relatable to his audience. He has a talent for finding humour in even the most ordinary circumstances, which has allowed him to amass a devoted following of people who value his wit and humour.

    He is not just a one-man show. A talented group of people works in the background to support him in writing some of the most unique and memorable scripts on YouTube. This group includes authors, directors, editors, and actors, all of whom are essential to realising his vision.

    The ability of Harsh Beniwal's team to work together and brainstorm ideas is one of their strengths. Together, they develop concepts that are original, intriguing, and pertinent to his audience. This teamwork approach guarantees that the scripts are well-written and well-performed, producing high-quality material that connects with viewers.

    His versatility is another aspect of his content that distinguishes him from other Indian YouTubers. He is renowned for producing a variety of media, such as sketch comedy, music videos, and short movies. This enables him to reach a wide audience and guarantees that his material never gets stale or boring.

    The talented YouTuber has appeared in numerous movies and web series in addition to his work on his YouTube channel. In the 2019 film Student of the Year 2, he made his acting debut. Since then, he has appeared in a number of other movies and web series. His talent and adaptability as a performer are evident in his smooth transition from YouTube to traditional media.

    His dedication to quality has also contributed to his content's ability to stand out and made him as top YouTubers in India to follow. He works hard to create visually appealing and interesting videos by writing, directing, and editing them. His strong brand and devoted following are a result of his attention to detail.

    Brands have taken note of Harsh Beniwal's popularity and realised the value of working with him as an influencer. He has collaborated with numerous companies, such as Pepsi, Hotstar, and others to produce sponsored content that is pertinent to his audience. These partnerships have been effective because they fit in with his videos and support his overall brand.

  • Gyan Gaming

    24. Gyan Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Gyan Gaming


    If you are interested in gaming and looking for videos that will entertain you and make you laugh, this channel is for you

    One of the most subscribed YouTube Channels in India - Gyan Gaming specialises in mobile gaming. Sujan Mistri, also referred to as Gyan Gaming, founded it. One of the most played mobile games in India is Free Fire, which is the main focus of the channel. The channel has a sizable fan base because of its interesting content. Many players have improved their gameplay thanks to his thorough explanations and advice on weapon choice, character traits, and game modes.

    Sujan's charisma and personality, in addition to his proficiency in Free Fire, have been crucial to Gyan Gaming's success. His natural ability to entertain and captivate an audience has contributed to the close relationship he has built with his followers. During his live streams, Sujan frequently shares personal anecdotes and experiences, which gives his content a more human touch and increases his viewers' ability to relate to him.

    The gaming industry has taken note of the channel's success. Numerous gaming companies have acknowledged the channel, and it has received invitations to take part in a number of competitions and events. In 2019, the Free Fire Asia Invitational was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and the channel was chosen to represent India. The team performed remarkably well, placing third and taking home a $10,000 cash prize.

    The YouTuber has also worked together to produce entertaining and interesting content with other well-known YouTube channels. In 2020, CarryMinati, one of the most well-known top YouTubers in India, and Gyan Gaming worked together to make a video in which the two played Free Fire. Over 25 million people watched the video, which served as an advertisement for the channel

    Sujan's content presentation is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. The channel offers a mix of educational commentary and gameplay videos. While watching the gameplay videos, viewers can learn interesting details about the game from the commentary. Because of this, gamers with and without experience can access the content.

    The YouTuber’s dedication to its audience is yet another factor in its success. Through social media and live streams, the channel communicates with its viewers on a regular basis and Sujan is in India top YouTubers 2023. This fosters a sense of loyalty among the channel's followers and helps to create a strong community around it.

    The channel is also renowned for its excellent production standards. The channel produces visually stunning videos with the aid of expert tools and editing software. The channel stands out from its rivals thanks to this attention to detail, which has also contributed to its success.

    The channel has produced entertaining content in addition to participating in charitable endeavours. As an illustration, the channel has planned charity streams to raise money for charitable causes like COVID-19 relief. This has enhanced the channel's reputation and increased the number of devoted viewers.

  • Dear Sir

    25. Dear Sir

    YouTube Channel: Dear Sir


    learn about different concepts from one of the most loved teachers

    Dear Sir - one of the top YouTube channels in India 2023 offers engaging and informative content for its viewers. The channel is dedicated to educating viewers on a range of subjects, including business, technology, and lifestyle. The channel has grown immensely popular over the years as a result of the high calibre and usefulness of the content it produces.

    A group of professionals who are committed to making excellent videos that are both educational and entertaining run the channel. The team is made up of experts who also are biggest YouTuber in India, from various fields who use their knowledge to produce engaging and instructive content.

    The fact that the channel offers viewers knowledge that is both practical and useful is one of the main reasons it has become so well-liked. The videos on the channel are made to assist viewers with daily tasks and give them insightful information they can use to better their lives. The channel offers advice on how to start a business, improve one's health, learn a new language, and other topics.

    The calibre of the videos is another element that has aided in Dear Sir's success and it is in India top YouTubers 2023. The videos are created with top-notch tools and edited to make them interesting and beautiful to look at. Additionally, the team makes sure that the information in the videos is accurate and well-researched so that viewers can rely on it.

    For its viewers, the channel offers entertainment in addition to educational material. The channel offers a wide range of entertaining and captivating videos, including "Top 10" lists, product reviews, and discussions with industry professionals. Additionally, the channel offers a number of "challenges" that aim to be both entertaining and educational.

    On social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the channel has a sizable fan base where it engages with viewers and posts behind-the-scenes material. As a result, the channel has developed a strong sense of community, which has aided in accelerating its development and success.

  • A2 Motivation by Arvind Arora

    26. A2 Motivation by Arvind Arora

    YouTube Channel: A2 Motivation by Arvind Arora


    Break into the mindset of the most successful through arvind’s perfectly crafted videos

    Millions of people around the world now frequently turn to Arvind Arora's YouTube channel A2Motivation for inspiration and motivation. The channel has over 14.5 million subscribers and has developed into one of the most well-known best YouTuber in India and provides resources for self-improvement.

    The channel offers a huge selection of motivational videos on a variety of subjects, including self-improvement, goal-setting, overcoming challenges, and cultivating a positive outlook. Arvind Arora aims to provide viewers with the techniques and tools they need through his videos so they can accomplish their objectives, overcome obstacles, and lead fulfilling lives.

    One aspect that distinguishes A2Motivation from other motivational channels is Arvind's distinctive delivery method. His videos are filled with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and it's clear that he's passionate about helping people from the moment he speaks. His videos are entertaining and interesting, and he frequently uses humour to keep viewers interested.

    In addition to being entertaining, Arvind's videos are also very educational, giving viewers tips and tricks they can use immediately. He is considered as biggest YouTuber in India and shares his personal stories and knowledge, giving the audience a success road map, they can use.

    Arvind Arora also hosts a programme on his channel called "The Arvind Arora Show" in addition to his inspirational videos. In this series, Arvind speaks with winners in various fields to analyse their success strategies and mindset.

    Through these interviews, viewers gain an uncommon perspective into the mindset and methods of successful people, which inspires and motivates them to work towards their own objectives. The show is both diverse and educational thanks to Arvind's guests, who represent a variety of industries including business, sports, entertainment, and more.

    A2Motivation has benefited from the addition of The Arvind Arora Show because it gives viewers access to successful people's tactics and real-world success stories. Arvind is in India top YouTubers 2023. Arvind is able to inspire his audience to act and work towards their own goals by showcasing the mindset and tactics of winners.

    Arvind's success on YouTube is evidence of his commitment and effort. He has consistently provided his viewers with high-quality content, and his dedication to helping others has won him a devoted following. The fact that viewers can tell he genuinely cares about their success and well-being has also contributed significantly to his success.

  • Neha Kakkar

    27. Neha Kakkar

    YouTube Channel: Neha Kakkar


    one of the most famous singers of India who can mesmerize you with her voice

    Indian singer-songwriter Neha Kakkar is well-known and has established herself in the Bollywood music scene and soon her YouTube became one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in India. Neha has had a career spanning more than ten years and has emerged as one of the most in-demand singers in the business. She is known for both her upbeat and upbeat songs as well as her soulful ballads.

    On June 6, 1988, Neha was born in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. Later, her family relocated to Delhi, where Neha first became interested in music. Neha's siblings encouraged her to pursue her dreams even though her parents initially did not support her desire to be a musician. When she was younger, she took part in a number of music competitions and won her first singing contest at the age of four.

    When Neha tried out for the second season of the singing reality series "Indian Idol," she had her big break. Although she was eliminated early in the competition, music producers and directors were impressed by her talent and charisma, and they gave her the opportunity to record her debut single, "Neha-The Rock Star."

    From there, Neha's career took off, and she went on to record a number of popular songs for Bollywood movies and she became top YouTubers in India. The chart-topping song "Second Hand Jawaani" from the 2012 movie "Cocktail" served as her breakthrough, showcasing her as a versatile performer with the ability to sing upbeat and upbeat songs.

    Neha continued to record songs for some of the biggest Bollywood movies of the decade, churning out hit after hit. She also has other well-known songs, such as Sunny Sunny from Yaariyan (2014), London Thumakda from Queen (2014), and Dilbar from Satyameva Jayate (2014). (2018).

    Neha has released a number of independent singles on his channel which is one of the top 100 YouTube channels in India in 2023 in addition to her Bollywood songs, including "Mile Ho Tum Humko" and "Oh Humsafar," both of which reached the top of the charts and received millions of YouTube views.

    Neha's talent for engaging audiences through her music is one of the factors contributing to her popularity. Her upbeat songs are popular at events and parties because they are infectious and catchy. Her emotional and heartfelt soulful ballads connect with listeners on a deep level.

    The fact that Neha is a versatile singer is another factor in her popularity. She has demonstrated her ability to sing in a variety of styles, from upbeat dance songs to sultry love songs. Her channel is most subscribed YouTube Channel in the respected niche and she is one of the most admired singers in the business thanks to her strong and distinctive voice, which has received praise from critics and listeners alike.

    Disputes have arisen in relation to Neha's success. Neha's marriage to Rohan Preet Singh, which received extensive media coverage, made headlines in 2020. Some people criticised the couple's lavish wedding, questioning why such extravagance was needed during a pandemic.

    Despite the issues, Neha is still a well-liked and regarded figure in the music business. She is in India top YouTuber 2023 and has a devoted fan base thanks to her talent, perseverance, and commitment to her craft, and she keeps producing hits with her music.

  • The World Adventures

    28. The World Adventures

    YouTube Channel: The World Adventures


    Talks about various thrilling topics and subjects.

    The world adventures YouTube channel was created on 10th September, 2016. The channel has uploaded 975 videos till now is one of top YouTube channels in India. Ganesh Gurjar is the owner of the channel. The channel talks about mysterious, hideous, secretive things of nature.

    The channel has created a dedicated playlist for space, Mythical creatures, must watch, top videos, ajab gajab, and mystery video. He creates stories and his videos in Hindi for more audience outreach. Some of the videos are loosely based on conspiracy theories or false narratives that happened worldwide.

    The content is in the form of short videos and listicles. It informs us about various things and that is why it is in India top YouTubers 2023. Some of them are true from a general knowledge perspective. What makes the world of adventure videos so desirable is that it always has some kind of suspense and thrill attached to the videos which pushes us to see the videos till the end.

    Three years back, on public demand, Ganesh gurjar narrated his life and life story to the people and revealed his face. This is also one of the highest viewed videos on his channel. The world adventures use various platforms to reach its viewers. He has a presence on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, google plus, YouTube etc.

    The world adventures have reached 13.4M subscribers and total views of more than 2 billion views on his content and among most subscribed YouTube Channels in India. One of his videos, 5 largest holes swallowing Earth, has the highest views on his channel. The video has More than 73M views. Ganesh gurjar specialises in covering a lot of topics and drills more in-depth knowledge for his viewers to consume more and more goosebumps giving videos.

  • Mymissanand

    29. MyMiissAnand

    YouTube Channel: Mymissanand


    Family related funny contents, talks about day-to-day life events

    Mymissanand is an entertainment and comedy channel of teenage life. The videos revolve around different stories and situations that students, children, and teenagers face among school, friendship, family relationships and society. The YouTube channel and Youtuber is in Top YouTube channels in India and biggest YouTubers in India, respectively, was created nearly a decade ago on 22nd July 2014.

    Mymissanand has a consistency and they deliver new videos every Friday for people to consume and get entertained. The channel has created different playlist like, Meri judwa Behan, types of people, gaming videos, challenges, prank, good habits and manners for kids, short story, travel vlogs and daily routine, switch-up fun DIY challenges and games, types of kids -versus- RICH normal, etc.

    The Channel mymissanand has been curated and presented under guardian supervision so that it can be consumed across ages. The channel also talks about various manners and etiquettes that a teenager must have. It is fun to watch the channel and till now the channel is top YouTube channels in India and has more than 4 billion views.

    Mymissanand has 3 videos who have more than 100M views. Types of people- Navratri vs normal days, Judwaa- rich vs normal | A short story, School after lockdown- Back to school.

    The channel has till now uploaded only 319 videos. Which portrays and highlights one very important factor of teenage and children's life. The balanced use of social media, online platforms and school and education.

    Mymissanand has two other channels cook with Nisha and Mymissanand shorts and the channels are most subscribed YouTube channels in India. The channel is highly popular among teenage girls and mothers. The channel also depicts a happy family and close connection that family members share with each other. The connection and love are deep and touches our hearts.

  • Anaysa

    30. Anaysa

    YouTube Channel: Anaysa


    Female-centric channel which produces contents regarding situations faced by female.

    Anaysa channel was founded on march 10th, 2012 and is one of top YouTubers in India to follow in 2023. The channel presents videos about various topics related to beauty hacks, haircare, and home remedies. The videos are often very engaging and the unique selling point nis their simple techniques and stunning looks. The comic timing creates a lively environment as well as a persona, which assists the user to revisit to view video on Anaysa channel.

    Anaysa was a girl team channel and they create videos about various topics like hacks and hauls, Trending collection, School dairies, Photography hacks, women safety hacks, wedding hacks, School life hacks, teenager life hacks, Beauty Battle, Things only girls will relate, desi moms and beauty hacks, fun and sketches, fun challenges, hair care, life and beauty hacks, skin care, makeup and hairstyle, fashion haul and reviews, inter alia.

    Anaysa has more than 3.5 billion views on their YouTube channel. Anaysa understands the roots of every girl’s fears and constant battle of thoughts. Their videos directly answer a lot of questions that every girl, in spite of age can access and relate to. They offer few worlds class and simple videos that will surely help women of all ages to personally utilise it and make themselves better.

    Anaysa has other channels which curate content for mass consumption by the followers are Shruti arjun Anand, Toy stars, DIY queen, Ananysa shorts, and shruti shorts. Anaysa videos are widely viewed and that is why she is in India top YouTubers 2023. Many of their videos have more than 30 million views, which is indeed a remarkable feat.

  • Elvish Yadav

    31. Elvish Yadav

    YouTube Channel: Elvish Yadav


    Funny, Joyful, and story-oriented content. Small Imaginative series for Subscribers to binge and enjoy.

    Elvish Yadav is video creator on YouTube platform. He created his channel on 29 April 2016 and till now the channel has 946 million views. Elvish yadav is known for his small videos and series, where he creates a imaginative situations from various fields like school issues, friends, family, and social circle.

    Elvish Yadav has created several videos and segregated them into playlists for views ease. The playlists are Hello brother, Elvish Yadav all videos, School Wala Pyaar, Desi Kriyadaar, Teen Tigada horror comedy, baba ka totka, Tuition teacher ki beti se pyaar.

    Elvish Yadav has another channel with the name Elvish Yadav Vlogs. Where he uploads vlogs regarding his journeys and cars. He also involves other YouTube Personalities to feature in his videos. Some of the biggest YouTuber in India are UK Rider, etc.

    Elvish Yadav is also present on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. He is known for his desi humor and viral content videos.

  • nishamadhulika

    32. NishaMadhulika

    YouTube Channel: nishamadhulika


    Get all the recipe for different food and learn to cook.

    Every person ever born needs food for survival, but food has impacts and needs much higher than mere survival. Nisha madulkia’s YouTube channel is all about food. There is a beautiful saying which says, every person’s way to heart goes through good food. Her most subscribed YouTube channel in India in food section, reminds us about “Ghar ka Khana”, which everyone loves to have.

    Nisha Madhulika started her channel back in 2009. Her mission is to bring togetherness and joy to every family and family members through her healthy and wholesome recipes. She mainly prepares vegetarian food. She has produced more than 2100 videos. She has garnered more than 2.8 billion views till now on her YouTube channel.

    Nishamadhulika has created a playlist named after the recipe and from time to time she added further recipes or different ways of cooking recipes. She is best youtuber in India in food section. She provided food for the main course, breakfast, sweets, drinkables, snacks, side servings, etc. She has also prepared a list for health and immunity boosting food and recipes.

    Nishamadhulika has registered her active presence on various platforms like her website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Where she shares her links of latest videos and works. It has now become paradise for food lovers and food bloggers as well as vloggers. She actively engages with her audience and accepts their love and replies to audience queries about different steps in cooking or any tricks about cooking.

  • Desi gamers

    33. Desi Gamers

    YouTube Channel: Desi gamers


    See and learn about games, gameplay tactics, and latest development in gaming world

    Desi gamers channel creates videos of gameplays of different games. Amit Sharma is the owner of the YouTube channel platform and his channel is among Top YouTube channels in India for gaming. Desi gamers started his channel on 11 may, 2015 and till the channels has garnered in total of whooping 2 billion views.

    Desi gamers are involved in playing diversity of games. GTA 5, Valorant, call of duty, Minecraft, among us etc. he has created designated playlist of his games plays. Minecraft hardcore, GTA 5, ROBLOX, Reaction, Granny 2, human fall flat, fall guys, QNA, collab, akinator, among us, minecraft, challenge videos are his playlist.

    Desi gamers gameplays are very exciting. He plays a lot of games but what is most interesting is his commentary and interaction while he plays the games. Some of his videos have more than 15 million views. Other than this particular channel he has more channels that he handles are Desi army, Amit Sharma and DG shorts.

    Desi gamers mark his presence several other social media platforms. He is in India top YouTubers 2023 and active on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Discord. He creates videos regarding other activities related to gaming, some of them are like unboxing gadgets, giveaways, relics and antiques, etc. He is famously known as ajjubhai among his followers. He shares a very deep connection with his followers which in return provides high potential for higher engagement and mass audience outreach.

  • Mythpat

    34. Mythpat

    YouTube Channel: Mythpat


    Unique gameplays, engaging and funny content.

    Mythpat identifies himself as gamer and utilises YouTube platform handle for time pass. He created the channel on 30 July 2018 and till now his channel has a total view of 2.9 billion views making him top Youtubers in India to follow. He provides and uploads gameplay of his games.

    Mythpat has created playlist Myth cooks, Pokémon let’s go Pikachu, Netflix and chill, GTA episodes, Mobile games, MythReacts, GTA 5 Challenges, Hello neighbour, Livestreams, Watch dogs 2, Finding Lama, Minecraft survival, Among the sleep, Big brain, Minecraft ka maja! Horror wale games! FUNNY PUB-G, voice trolling, Best GTA 5 mods.

    Mythpat invest his energy and zeal while creating and curating videos. His audience provides positive reviews and constantly engages with him. His several videos have over 20M views. He regularly collaborates with other Indian YouTubers in gaming or commentary videos.

  • Kabita’s Kitchen

    35. Kabita’s Kitchen

    YouTube Channel: Kabita’s Kitchen


    Food channel that talks about all the recipes and how to prepare them. Also, learn about how to prepares different snacks and drinks.

    Kabita’s kitchen is among best YouTuber in India and her channel in Top YouTube channels in India, belongs to food niche. She has a passion for new recipes and cook good food. To follow her passion and to spread and share the happiness she created her YouTube channel on 7 Oct 2014. Her simple, easy and authentic recipe has mass following and till this date her YouTube channel has garnered 2.68 billion views.

    Kabita mainly creates Indian recipe which are easy to create with simple day to day ingredients available in everyone’s kitchen. She prepares vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. Her playlist is sort out for easy maneuverer and viewers can decide which recipe to learn.

    Kabita has recipe for all the events, functions, and festivals. She Brings out new recipe thrice in a week. She has also prepared the recipes according to the time or moment in a day. The channel is most subscribed channel in India in food category. The videos are very authentic and delightful. Within the videos she also shares tips and tricks of the kitchen which sometimes becomes very essential to know.

    Kabita’s kitchen playlist is Festival special, Navratri special, Oats recipes, Chaat recipe, Khichdi, Monsoon recipe, Modak recipe, Jharkhand special, no oven baking recipes, Manchurian recipe, tandoori recipe, noodles special, etc. Viewers who want to learn different kind of food and different recipes can easily learn through her informative and easy to learn videos.

  • Trakin Tech

    36. Trakin tech

    YouTube Channel: Trakin Tech


    Learn about smartphones, gadgets and latest technologies in the market.

    Trakin Tech is one the fastest growing YouTube Channels and arun is in India top YouTubers 2023. Trakin Tech was founded by Arun Prabhudesai on 2 Nov 2011. Till now the channel has more than 2.1 views. Arun Prabhudesai channel talks about all the latest tools and technologies that are being launched everywhere. His videos are mainly composed of gadgets reviews, smartphones reviews, Unboxing videos, breaking technology stories and tech related news.

    Trakin tech is a single platform where technology geek from India can quench their thirst of technology. The videos are simple and the communication is mainly done in Hindi which enhances the scope of understanding to everyone. Till now the India top Youtubers 2023 channel has uploaded more than 3.5K videos.

    Takin Tech playlist consists of Shorts, The 10 million rap, upcoming smartphones, TV reviews, Nokia, Smartphones comparison- camera, performance and more, my opinions, pocophone, new android games, oneplus 6, Trakintech live, best android and IOS apps, Top list, Hindi videos, Trakin tech news series and etc.

    Trakin tech has other affiliated channels, which are Shorts break, Trakin Shorts, take a break, Trakin Tech Marathi, wait for it, Trakin auto, Trakin Tech English, odd tech, Trakin tech Tamil, mad for fun and kay Vishay.

  • TsMadaan

    37. TsMadaan

    YouTube Channel: TsMadaan


    Confident teacher who teaches spoken English so that everyone can upskill.

    TsMadaan is a professional english spoken teacher and one of best YouTuber in India. The channel is run by Mr. Awal Madaan. He provides courses in spoken English course, IELTS course, and other courses related to personal and professional goals. Awal Madaan has curated videos to train the viewers in life skills which consists of human relations, positive thinking, self-confidence, stress management, anger management, and last but not the least time management. Next is spoken English training, for clear and fluent speaking he provides teachings in vocabulary, daily practise lessons, Idioms and phrases, grammar, pronunciations, etc.

    Tsmadaan also focuses on mental and health wellbeing and for that he talks about health and beauty benefits of vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk products related to skin and hair care. He also covers topics from sales areas. Prospecting, business training, cold calling, closing sales, and retails shops. His channel is one of most subscribed YouTube channel in India. He also produces content videos regarding general knowledge, news, current affairs and refreshing videos to ease mind after studying. TsMadaan playlist consists of bade aaye angrez, English speaking shorts, TsMadaan quotes, daily current affairs, Direct selling training videos, makeup tutorials, street food videos, etc.

  • Priyal Kukreja

    38. Priyal Kukreja

    YouTube Channel: Priyal Kukreja


    Hilarious contents and talks about lifestyle and fashion.

    Priyal kukreja is sister of Dushyant Kukreja. She actively creates videos with her brother and family members. Her video contents short videos are witty and family friendly. She has one of most subscribed YouTube channel in India in very short span of time. She joined YouTube and created her channel on 23 April 2021 and within this short span of time her channel has acquired more than 9.4 billion views.

    Priyal Kukreja mainly creates YouTube shorts which are funny and highly engaging. Many of her YouTube shorts have gone viral and more than 10 YouTube shorts has 100M+ views. Priyal Kukreja is also active on Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram she has 604K followers.

    Priyal Kukreja and her family is based in Hisar, Haryana. She is still pursuing her graduation from Delhi University. She actively involves in creating videos with his family members and one of India top Youtubers 2023. Viewers loves the connection between the family and their bonding.

    Priyal kukreja also loves to talk about lifestyle and fashion. Being a celebrity, she has humbleness and actively interacts with her followers on different platform. This gives more legitimacy to her work and passion.

  • Two side Gamers

    39. Two side gamers

    YouTube Channel: Two side Gamers


    Play as a team and hilarious commentary. See gameplays and learn about various aspects of games.

    Two side gamers are a duo team of two players namely Ritik and Jash. They play and put their gameplays with witty and engaging commentary in Hindi. They play a lot of games and actively engages with Top YouTubers in India to follow in 2023 for video blog collaborations. Some of them are GTA 5, minecrafts, Free Fire, fall guys and among us. They spent a lot of time playing Garena Free Fire.

    Two side gamers are active on YouTube from 19 sept 2018 and till now their videos had accumulated in total of 2.1 billion views. They have segregated and created playlist for viewer friendly access. GTA V, Dubai Vlogs, TSG magic, collection versus, Minecraft, best uploads, Collab highlights, TSG music, Free fire, and TSG vlogs are in their playlist.

    Two side gamers also have Instagram handles. There they have following of 1.3 M followers. They create videos on various games and gameplays.

  • The Viral Fever

    40. The Viral Fever (TVF)

    YouTube Channel: The Viral Fever


    Content produced is very touching and relatable. Complete portrayal of Indianness in every one through their videos.

    The Viral Fever is one of the first online entertainment company. The channel was started on 15 March 2011 and till now they have garnered 1.38 billion views. The channel is considered in Top YouTube channels in India. The viral Fever has delivered some of the best short series that has etched into our hearts and we still use the punch lines in our day-to-day talks. Aspirants, Kota Factory, Panchayat, Gullak, Flames, The Aam Aadmi family, Pitchers, permanent roommates, tripling, humorously yours, Yeh meri Family, and bachelors.

    The viral Fever has their own dedicated website with the same name. They also register their presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram they have 2.1 M followers. They have associated channels like The Screen Patti, Girliyapaa, and The Timeliners.

    The viral fever has presence over Facebook, Instagram and twitter also. There they continuously present short form video, reels and photos to engage the audience.

  • Baklol Video

    41. Baklol Video

    YouTube Channel: Baklol Video


    Joyful and entertaining consumable videos.

    Balkol video YouTube channel owner is Pankaj. The channel was created on 25 Aug 2016. Till now the channel has over 3.44 billion views. The channel creates funny videos for viewers’ entertainment. Their videos range from recent viral trends, gaming, movie parodies, etc.

    Baklol video has segregated their playlist in comedy 2022, comedy, desi videos, love stories, emotional and motivational, and teacher vs students’ parts. The associated channels are Guddu bhaiya, Pankaj Sharma, baklol shorts, Deepti vlog, BB pranks, beat records, Sanjhalika vlog, Ridhu pidhu.

    Baklol video most viewed video is Bikhari ki girlfriend that went viral. It garnered 269 M views till now. Baklol is one of biggest Youtuber in India. The video went viral for unique content and desi dialogues that are watches and appreciated by the followers.

    Baklol video has endorsed many paid partnerships and collaborations. The highest viewed video was in paid partnership with wake fit. Their Instagram has also high following. The Insta handle has 378K followers.

  • Sadh guru

    42. Sadh guru

    YouTube Channel: Sadh guru


    Uplift your life emotionally, logically and spiritually. A shineth of light in darkness.

    Sadh guru is a spiritual leader based in Coimbatore. Sadh guru is considered as a Yogi, mystic, poet, dancer, singer, and bestselling author. Sadh guru is known for his speeches and talks. His YouTube channel is one of the most subscribed YouTube channel in motivational niche. He has delivered many lectures, appeared in lot of interviews and directly help numerous persons in reshaping their lives.

    Sadh guru channel was created on 28 March 2007 and till now his channel has more than 1.478 views. Sadh guru is directly involved and steer a many philanthropic activities. One of the best know activity is Save Soil campaign. Few years back in the campus of Sadh guru, he erected statue of Adi yogi. Now the statue and his campus has become a world travel attraction. Every evening light shows, aarti and songs are played to engage the audience.

    Sadguru has appeared in many TedTalks, interviews and many international talk shows. Sadh guru is a polymath as well as a polyglot. His other top YouTube channel in India provide videos which are translated into other languages so that people can utilise the ideas in their life and elevate the quality of life.

  • Harpreet SDC

    43. Harpreet SDC

    YouTube Channel: Harpreet SDC


    Family related content and funny videos portraying daily situations.

    Harpreet SDC is a part of skeleton dance crew. Skeleton dance crew premier dance crews and they have performed on India Got talent. Harpreet SDC create family related funny videos and considered as one of best YouTuber in India. The channel was started on 13 April 2019 and short span of time the channel has more than 8 billion views. Harpreet SDC has created playlist to make it easier for the viewers to watch the videos. Trip with Brody and bunny, mini-Vlog, Abu Dhabi, Dubai 2022, goa 2022, dance videos, Jim Corbett with friends, goa trip, Dehradun trip, pranks, Jim Corbett trip, Q n A, stories, short videos, challenges, and vlogs.

    Harpreet SDC has other channels like skeleton dance crew and Harpreet SDC shorts. From his channel he has delivered 2.1K videos and people love to watch their views and actively engage with the audience. He also has channel on Instagram and Facebook. Harpreet Singh has 101K followers on Instagram and actively do paid partnership. He created family content with his wife and daughter.

  • Sonu Sharma

    44. Sonu Sharma

    YouTube Channel: Sonu Sharma


    Learn about leadership, Growth and practical life realities. An enthusiast of success and courage.

    Sonu Sharma is the founder of Dynamic India Group. He is known as educator, author, successful entrepreneur, business consultant, and best YouTuber in India. He is considered as the youngest inspirational speaker in India. He actively engages in dynamic workshops to provide mentorship support to individuals in the industry and all walks of life. He has accumulated 22 years of researched data.

    Sonu Sharma has created the channel on 7 oct 2006 and till now the channel has 833 million views. He has given seminars in more than 114 countries in 5 years. He has segregated playlist as the Sonu Sharma show, unlock your dreams, share market by Sonu Sharma, Q and A with Sonu Sharma, latest video by Sonu Sharma, success tips from Ramayana, success tips through Sonu Sharma, sales motivations, motivation through gods, motivational stories, networking marketing tips, Sonu Sharma naswiz.

    Sonu Sharma also has presence on several social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, telegram, LinkedIn and also has a website. He is one of biggest Youtuber in India and On his Instagram channel he has 2.9 Million followers.

  • Tech Burner

    45. Tech Burner

    YouTube Channel: Tech Burner


    Learn about various latest tools and technologies with detailed explanations.

    Tech Burner YouTube channel is handled by Shlok Shrivastava. Shlok Shrivastava is considered as best youtuber in India. He creates tech related and day to day related videos. He created his YouTube channel on 26 sept 2014 and till now his channel has more than 1.62 billion views.

    Tech burner playlist comprises of automobile reviews, laptops and computers, flip kart and amazon deals, tech that matters, How to’s and tutorials, Leaks and upcoming smartphones, tabahi mobile stuffs, Insane product reviews, GAZAB non-tech videos, camera tricks, update videos, amazon products, DHAMEKEDAAR smartphone gadgets, etc.

    Tech Burner videos are very popular among mobile phones and tech enthusiasts. His videos get very high average views. Most of his videos have more than million views. Till now he has uploaded 1000 Videos. His videos about 5 majedaar gadgets has garnered highest views till now. It has 9.8 M views.

    Tech Burner talks very direct to the point. He keeps the information’s very concise and clear for the viewers. Shlok Shrivastava is also present around on other social media platforms. His Instagram handle has 3M followers. He is also active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Dynamo gaming

    46. Dynamo Gaming

    YouTube Channel: Dynamo gaming


    Play along and learn the gameplays and various undiscovered aspects of gaming world.

    Dynamo gaming YouTube platform is run by Aaditya D Sawant and he is one of top YouTubers in India to follow. He is a professional gamer. He created the channel on 21 July, 2010. Till now his channel has 1.18 billion views. He is famous for his gameplays and game reviews. He has another channel with the name DYNO VLOGS.

    Dynamo gaming has 2 playlists namely, dynamo gaming live stream and most viewed stream | pub-g movie | dynamo gaming. He also produces mobile phone reviews, testimonials, personal computers assembly and reviews, and different unboxing videos.

    Dynamo gaming actively plays, feed live gameplays, and engages with his subscribers making him biggest YouTuber in India. He plays Pub-g, Free fire, GTA 5, hydra town, etc. his videos are widely viewed and till now he has uploaded around 2000 videos. Most of his videos has more than 1M views.

    Dynamo gaming is also active on various social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Steam and discord. On Instagram he has 2M followers. Most of his content on Instagram is in short video format and photos.

    Dynamo gaming is also sought after for his no-nonsense approach while creating and delivering videos. He talks very straight forward and to the topic. It helps the viewers to get more information and necessary information in short span of time.

  • Shruti Arjun Anand

    47. Shruti Arjun Anand

    YouTube Channel: Shruti Arjun Anand


    Relatable content regarding Family, Fun, Lifestyle, and fashion.

    Shruti arjun Anand presents content regarding family comedy, lifestyle and fashion. Her aim is to provide family watchable funny content with additional content related to beauty and lifestyle. She created her YouTube channel on 22 Jan 2010 and till now the channel has over 2.4 billion views.

    Shruti arjun Anand has created her playlist for easy manoeuvrability for her viewers. The list contains emotional, mini vlog, school life, emotional short story, crazy hack busted, police wali madam, Sarkari teacher, Indian wedding, dramebaaz family, shruti ki family | vlogs, hair care, fun/comedy series, my life, chit chats | vlogs |DIY, makeup|hairstyle|fashion.

    Shruti arjun Anand videos are quite popular and widely viewed. Her video modern mom vs desi mom went viral and garnered 100M views. Till now she has uploaded 739 videos. She has some association with other YouTube channels also like, Anaysa, Toy stars, DIY queen, Anaysa shorts, and shruti shorts.

    Shruti arjun Anand can be followed on various platforms. She is active on Instagram, Facebook and her website. On Instagram she has a following of 570K followers. There she provides contents about travel, hauls, beauty, and daughter diary. Most of her content there is in form of short videos, reels, and photos.

  • Family Fitness

    48. Family fitness

    YouTube Channel: Family Fitness


    Enjoy and workout together with a happy family and know more about daily hilarious situations and pranks.

    Family fitness is YouTube channel comprising of a whole family namely, Armaan malik, Payal malik, Kritika malik, and Chirayu malik. Armaan malik is the head of the family and often comes into news controversy for his two wives who are sister and lives together with Arman.

    Family fitness was created on 18 Jan 2017 and till the channel has 9.7 billion views. The channel revolves around family and viewers friendly consumable videos. The whole family get involves in creating video. Viewers and followers actively watch their videos.

    Family fitness has their own Gym where they create regular family fitness videos and funny consumables. Till now they have uploaded more than 1.5K videos. They have not created any playlist. All of the videos they have created is available on videos page. The videos ranges from daily family events, pranks, family outings, reviews, testimonials, festival diaries, etc.

    Family fitness owner Armaan malik was previously active on TikTok and he had 10 million followers over there. The trio have featured in many music videos like, mera nai hoya, doli, kanpuri asle, etc. the family is active on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram Armaan malik has 1.9 M followers.

  • Dhruv rathee

    49. Dhruv rathee

    YouTube Channel: Dhruv rathee


    Upgrade the general knowledge and learn more about the current affairs if the world.

    Dhruv rathee identifies himself as a YouTube educator who loves to break down complex issues in simple words and educate masses. He focuses on learning, education and awareness through his channel. He joined YouTube on 8th Jan 2013 and till now the channel has more than 1.5 billion views.

    Dhruv rathee has expertise in simplifying complex subjects and provides objective explainers. For that he has created playlist according to subject and genres that comprises of, mystery videos, business model series, socio-cultural issues, science, gems of India, geopolitics, history education, coronavirus videos, basic by Dhruv rathee, DW travel videos, Dhruv rathee vlogs, current affairs(world), ground reports, bebak with Abhisar Sharma, financial education, educational videos, exclusive interviews with Dhruv rathee, the Dhruv rathee show, solutions, about me, current affairs (India), Indian politics, and travel and adventure.

    Dhruv rathee has other two channels namely, Dhruv rathee vlogs and Dhruv rathee shorts. His videos are quite popular among his viewers. He has till now uploaded 538 videos. He has also appeared on NDTV show with Ravish Kumar. Most of his videos have more than 1 M views. His video on Bermuda triangle explainer has more than 12M views. Dhruv rathee has been in controversy a lot for his left leaning. Right wing has often targeted and engaged him in battles. This has further fuelled his popularity.

  • Physics Wallah- alakh Pandey

    50. Physics Wallah- alakh Pandey

    YouTube Channel: Physic Wallah - Alakh Pandey


    Great teaching potential, delivered with a unique style that helps students understand much clearly.

    Alakh Pandey is now a very celebrated figure in the education and technology world. He has touched heights with his teaching methodology and now has established himself and his institution as an established organisation. He created his YouTube platform on 28 Jan 2014 and till now the channel has across 2 billion views.

    Physics wallah has initially started with teaching physics free of cost to everyone to create equity and equality for his students. Slowly and steadily, he involved other teachers to deliver content on various subjects. Now the platform offers teaching in Physics, mathematics, Biology, NEET, Chemistry, Exam strategies, motivational videos, etc.

    The platform has created several other channels for dedicated studies. The different channel also helps students to get education in their mother tongue and specific preparations. The other channels are for competition, JEE, NCERT, Pathsala, Defence, commerce, CA, Sarkari exams, Gate, UPSC, College, Banking, MBA, IIT JAM, Law, BPSC, MPSC, etc.

    Physic wallah has opened several institutions all over India. The valuation of the empire stood at $1.1 billion. The owner is still teaching and has further plan for extending his teaching empire to the smallest village of India so that everyone can have free education.