Top Music Influencers on Instagram in UAE

Top music influencers on Instagram

Music is distinct and impactful - It can affect our lifestyle and attitude. The song we enjoy listening to can influence how we want to be perceived as individuals and behave every day. The unusual rhythm and Melodies that we expose ourselves to have a way of governing over our psyche. There are different types of music across the globe. But regardless of the know diversity, they all share one similarity - the music we listen to can influence us in more ways than one.

In the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic, Instagram influencers in the United Arab Emirates undertook new activities to keep the engagement steady and extend into a novel audience base. Hence, we at the top influencer marketing agency in UAE believe that we can help our clients capitalize on the extended reach of these opinion leaders and meet their business objectives.

The music biz is among the most demanding markets worldwide. Dropping from the fame is as normal here as going viral in minutes. But some performers have succeeded in staying in the spotlight for years, some even decades. But are they all fantastic singers? Maybe, maybe not. However, they remained popular by keeping a happy mindset while continually producing amazing songs. To that end, here is a list of music bloggers and influencers in the UAE that we have hand-picked for our readers.

List of Music Influencers in Dubai


  • Followers: 1 Million
  • Instagram: malsh7i
Music influencers in dubai

Mohamed Al Shehhi is an Emirati musician born and raised in Ras al Khaimah. He has gained a tremendous following on YouTube, citing his poetry numbers and Khaleeji style music. The latter is a genre that blends narrative, theatre, and music to create a remarkable story. The singer influencer of UAE rose to prominence in 2017 with the release of his songs Hirati and Samti, which the musician performed at the Dubai Opera. His passion and love for the music style have only increased since then.

Besides Khaleeji, Mohammed also listens to Western music, but he prefers older traditional songs. He is a fan of the boy band blue. The Mohamed family has deep musical roots. His uncle Jaber Jassen was a popular vocalist in his time. The Emirati musician says that he likes to combine Khaleeji music with traditional and pop styles. The former has a distinctive melody capable of touching hearts and making listeners experience the song even if they don't understand the lyrics. Mohamed draws inspiration from his favourite poet Talah Maddah, whose tunes made him fall in love with the music genre. Muhammad is one of the best Instagram music influencers in UAE and an excellent role model for aspiring artists in the gulf cooperation council and the Middle Eastern countries.


Music instagrammer

Michel Émile Kfoury, popularly known as while Kfoury, is a singer-songwriter and musician from Lebanon. He is ranked among the most prominent Arabic music industry figures and is dubbed the "King of Romance". Kfoury has become a Middle Eastern icon with his romantic ballads throughout his career. Being one of the top Emirati music influencers on Instagram he has also performed in studio El Fan, pitted against other talented musicians.

As a famous face amongst the Arabic audience, Kfoury agreed to work with PepsiArabia (PepsiCo's subsidiary) on a public relations campaign. Kfoury appeared with many other celebrities on "Bahr el Noujoum" which was a PepsiCo sponsored event. In 2009, he launched a collaborative partnership with LG electronics to find upcoming music talents.


Amal hijazy

Amal Hijazy is a Lebanese born pop singer, model and actress who has four hit singles to her name ("Zaman", "Oulhali", "Einak", "Rosmansyia") from her second album is "Zaman" which she released in 2002. The single Halan "Right Away," which she released in 2000, helped her establish herself as a prominent female artist original from Lebanon. The song gained widespread acclamation from people in Lebanon and also from places like Egypt and Jordan. Furthermore, the song was the catalyst that won the music influencer of UAE radio exposure throughout the countries in the Middle East.

In 2005, a well-renowned Lebanese designer Joe Raed picked Hijazi as the front for his novel line of wedding dresses, which he would unveil in the summer. He revealed that Amal's personality and elegance coerced him to choose the model for his venture. After releasing her single "Nefsy Tefhsmmy" in 2007, Hijazi was shot at the Pinnacle of pop music. Hijazy continued to enjoy success for the upcoming years. However, in September 2017, the singer decided to quit singing and devote her time to religious music. Amal still holds a strong influence over her audience. One of UAE’s top Instagram music influencers account has 512K followers. The platform is a place where Hijazy consistently interacts with her audience through pictures.


Adel Ebrahim

Adel Ibrahim is a renowned artist from the United Arab Emirates who is best known for his hit music like "Ya Aazb Lwasayef", "Shed Hailek 2021", and "Me And You". Adel has been ruling the country's music charts that assess the most extraordinary Emirati Artist and bands. The music that he created spent almost 25 weeks on the charts. Many of the singer's songs have been ranking at the number one spot - the worst ranking Adel ever received is 452. The UAE based singer created his YouTube channel on May 21 2015. The artist has a whopping 369K subscribers who regularly interact with the uploaded music videos. With 406 K followers on his official IG profile, Adel is undoubtedly one of the top Instagram music influencers in the UAE.


Dj bliss dubai

Marwan Parham Al Awadhi, famously recognized as DJ Bliss, is a disc jockey, emcee, radio personality, TV presenter and founder of Bliss INC entertainment based in the United Arab Emirates. He is also the first Emirati musician to partner with BGM - a multinational company and Universal music, the largest global music producer. He is regarded as one of the best disc Jockeys in the United Arab Emirates.

Marwan grew up in the United Arab Emirates. His brother introduced the young music influencer from the UAE to musical instruments like drums and guitars, which sparked his interest in music. When in high school, the Emirati Dj featured in a radio show which continued till his college days. Bliss DJ'd at multiple small events and was also performing as part of the band KRAK

Bliss bagged first place in the middle Eastern DJ competition, his ticket to perform in London's top nightclub - Ministry Of Sound. Celebrities like Kanye West and Akon hired him to perform at their private events. Marwan is the brand ambassador in the Middle East for "Beats" by Dr Dre. He was also featured in Wyclef Jean's song midlife crisis. Besides Dubai and London. The popular Instagram music influencer of UAE has been performing in cities like Mauritius, Paris, Malaysia, Barcelona, Hongkong etc. He is one of the top Instagram influencers in the United Arab Emirates, with 305K followers.


Ayisha abdul basith

Indian origin Ayisha Abdul Basith is a well-received Islamic singer born on March 29 2005, in the Indian state of Kerala. She currently resides in the United Arab Emirates. Ayisha started her YouTube channel in 2013 and uploaded her maiden video three on July 22. Today her channel has 2.35M subscribers and has accumulated more than 277M views.

The singer influencer of UAE is very religious by nature, and most of her songs are faith-inspired. Ayisha's voice and style of singing have garnered her love and affection from millions. Ayisha had her heart set on Islamic songs. She had a beautiful voice and a fantastic talent for singing. Hence, she started her YouTube channel in 2013 to share her gifts with the world. The first video she uploaded was the recitation of Ayatul Kursi. Ayesha has also posted content featuring herself singing Sami Yusuf's EP launch "Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah".


Mohd rafe

Mohammad Rafe is a born singer, music producer, video producer, guitarist and pianist who rose to prominence in season 8 of the pen Arab singing show "Star Academy". Mohammed was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, but currently resides in the UAE. The Arabic pop star and music icon has produced many hit songs. To name you, we have "I love you", "Khalezna", "Streets of Amman". Rafe created his YouTube channel on January 12 2009, which holds 29K subscribers. He reserves the platform to post music videos, mashups, cover songs, and gym workouts. The prominent Instagram music influencer in UAE also has an impressive following of 59.9 K on the image-sharing platform.


Dubai music influencer

Vesislava Todorova is a Bulgarian born Musician, Performer and recording artist presently residing in the United Arab Emirates. She created her YouTube channel on January 31, 2012, with 112K subscribers and more than 20M views. Vesislava loves to play the cello, record her music, shoot and edit videos and bring the final creation to her channel for the audience. The cellist played classical music in her initial days but later shifted her focus to pop; now, she works as a composer.

One of the music Instagram music influencer’s notable achievements includes a Diploma for outstanding artistic achievement from the minister of culture, Mr Stefan Danailov. Vesislava also holds a MA degree in cello from the National music academy "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov". Her Instagram page is flooded with eye-catching pictures of her having her beloved cello and performing at various events and locations.


Cattaree music

Cattaree is a sound engineer, music production mentor, electronic music producer from Mauritius, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has almost 7.5 K followers on his Instagram profile. The musician's tunes are backed by some of the most prominent international artists like Miss Monique, Cattaneo, Ostil etc. Cattaree deep dark melodic tracks can immerse music lovers in an uncanny musical experience, like never seen before.

Throughout his career, the Instagram music influencer of UAE has amassed a ton of achievements under his belt. However, being associated with the Mirage Tech campaign for Puma Middle East would probably be his best one yet. The musician produced a song for the company's advertising campaign and shared his thoughts on the music biz. The Mauritania producer is one half of the music duo @avecnous, released on Running Clouds and is backed by Tale of us.

Cattaree is a young, ambitious individual who has a bright future ahead. He is undoubtedly one of the best upcoming Instagram music influencers in the UAE to keep an eye on. Some of his famous work consists of closing after undercatt & Kevin De Vries at Ritter Butzke Berlin event. He was playing for Fur coat, at industrial Avenue Dubai etc. Performing behind Darin Epsilon at Burg Schabel Berlin etc. We hope our readers enjoyed reading our article on the Top UAE music influencers on Instagram.

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