ByteDance’s advertising resource stated that TikTok had 8.23 million users aged 18 and above in the United Arab Emirates in early 2023, which is 22.5% increase in users from 2022.

The increase is justified when we integrate the personalized quirky feeds, shorts videos set on attention grabbing music, and the content authenticity of UAE TikTokers . The result is that the users are hooked and captivated by the content.

TikTok as a platform offers various tools but the real credit of its popularity rests on the shoulders of famous Tiktokers in UAE, who have created the hype and uplifted the platform through their unique and engaging content.

Top TikTok influencers in UAE belong from various niches and domains. But despite the diversity, there is unity through content quality and that’s what makes this platform so appealing.

In addition, the latest trend that has been observed on all major social platforms and is true to its core for TikTok also, which is Paid collaborations and paid partnerships. Brands are rushing to integrate these content creators on TikTok for various purposes like brand ambassadorship, product reviews, promotions, etc.

Many brands have leveraged the services of the best influencer marketing agency in UAE to gain the competitive edge in their respective market domain. Influencer marketing agencies have a deep seated understanding of the domain and provide their invaluable services to brands to help them realize their objective.

As we proceed, let's first understand who exactly these Top Tiktok Influencers in the United Arab Emirates are.

Who are Top Tiktok Influencers In Dubai?

TikTok influencers are content creators of a specific domain who have earned high credibility and authority with the power of their authentic and genuine content. These Emirati TikTok influencers curate compelling content that is highly cherished and engaged with.

Types of TikTokers in Dubai

  • Dance Creators:

    These famous Tiktokers in UAE create content that revolves all around dance and related aspects. They love to curate trendy dance styles and make groovy steps and groovy beats.

  • Lifestyle Influencer:

    These top Emirati TikTokers showcase their day to day life on their social accounts. They passionately show their clothes, cars, travel stories, etc.

  • Storytellers and Poets:

    UAE has a rich cultural tradition which is very much visible in the stories and heartfelt poems. These UAE tikTokers create renditions, reproduce content, or share their own written stories and poems.

  • Travel TikTokers:

    These Top TikTok accounts in Dubai showcase the beauty of the world and exhilaration in life. Their reels are filled with exotic locations and beautiful places filled with beautiful people.

  • Fashion and Beauty Creators:

    These famous Tiktokers in UAE create content about the fashion trends and aspects related to it. They show the various clothing, accessories, and events of all the world.

The types of content creators on TikTok are far great and many. Summarizing will defeat the purpose of understanding the Tiktokers in UAE better. So let's not delay and unravel the mystery about the top UAE Tiktokers to follow on TikTok.

List of The Top 15 TikTokers in Middle East

  • Ghaith Marwan

    1. Ghaith Marwan

    Famous Syrian blogger Ghaith Marwan has a diverse fan base across all key social media platforms, including TikTok, for his unique lifestyle. The Middle Eastern influencer residing in Dubai, UAE, has traveled globally, making memories and sharing them with his audience. During his travels, he meets new people, engages in adventurous activities, and communicates his moments.

    His TikTok videos frequently feature celebrities, sportspeople, and fellow bloggers. The UAE TikToker keeps the interactions lively and fun with challenges by using popular TikTok trends, viral music, dialogues, and memes. Of course, Ghaith Marwan has Sara Alwari alongside him. Together, two of the most followed TikTokers in UAE create magic, whether cheering at the FIFA World Cup, cruising the seas, visiting new places, or creating relatable lifestyle content.

  • Sara-Alwari

    2. Sara Alwari

    After Ghaith Marwan, we have his companion, Sara Alwari. This Syrian-born diva is captivating the hearts and minds of the people in UAE because of her out-of-the-world fashion and styling presentation on her social media handles. From visiting mesmerizing destinations and driving luxurious cars to traveling across the Middle East and embracing the traditions of different cultures, She has created a lifestyle that Millions strive to replicate.

    Sara Alwari occasionally features on renowned fashion, beauty, and fitness magazine covers. She is an avid football fan and will sport jerseys of different star players in her TikTok videos. Sara has become one of the most famous TikTok influencers in the UAE due to the diversity of her content.

  • Nora and Khalid

    3. Nora and Khalid

    Watch the best Moroccan and Palestine cultures unfold with Nora Achmaoui and Khalid Alherani, taking you on a trip of love, laughter, and memories. The duo came into the public spotlight on Instagram, who followed them as they expanded their presence on YouTube and TikTok.

    Nora and Khalid are amongst the popular tiktokers in UAE because of their content centered around their lifestyle. The duo engages in many activities as a couple - cooking food, attending parties and exclusive events, promoting brands, pranking each other, vacationing, or celebrating their milestones. The heartwarming laughter and behavior melt hearts, turning any onlooker into a fan. Nora and Khalid also do their part by educating the audience on fashion beauty, home decor, and entrepreneurship through engaging TikTok videos.

  • Sherin Ammara

    4. Sherin Ammara

    Sherin Ammara is widely recognized as a famous makeup artist, but she has a person of multiple talents. Sherin Ammara can cook, sing, dance, and rock any outfit to perfection, and she presents her unique talents creatively through the many TikTok trends, making her content go viral instantly.

    Sherin Ammara is active on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. A substantial crowd visits her social media handles daily to view her clothing hacks, travel vlogs, make-up hauls, and other exciting content. Furthermore, her cute smile, charming personality, and ability to present her creativity through TikTok, lip sync music, and dance videos have made her one of the most popular tiktokers in the UAE.

  • Cedra Ammara

    5. Cedra Ammara

    Famous beauty influencer Cedra Ammara can brighten any day with her mesmerizing makeup looks. The makeup artist is Syrian by birth and now Spends her time moving between Sweden and Dubai. Cedra started from Instagram before expanding to YouTube and then TikTok, creating different video types for the preferences of her diverse community. Dior, Maybelline, and other renowned brands have worked with Cedra for product promotions.

    Cedra Ammara uses social media to present her Lifestyle, which involves traveling to New places, unboxing different beauty and fashion products, meeting renowned celebrities, and sharing her moments with her followers. She takes her audience through the entire cycle, from packing her bags and planning her itinerary to booking flight tickets and accommodations before her travels. She also reacts to her content and creates funny skits with other tiktokers in the UAE.

  • Shahad Hassan

    6. Shahad Hassan

    Shahad Hassan is an influential personality in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. From selecting ideal outfits and creating makeup tutorials to promoting renowned brand promotions and showcasing her personalized styles, the influencer Undertakes several activities on her social media handles to attract the attention of a very interested audience.

    Shahad Hassan effectively combines modern and traditional worlds, creating relatable content. As one of the best tiktokers in Dubai, she has the loyalty of her followers, enabling her to connect businesses to their ideal customers with creative promotion of products and services.

  • Aliona & Yazan

    7. Aliona & Yazan

    The famous UAE tiktokers Aliona and Yazan duo have used TikTok and other social media platforms to showcase their fashion, beauty, and entertainment talents.

    The famous duo tiktokers in Dubai live a very peculiar lifestyle, traveling to different places to explore unique cultures, landscapes, food, fashion, etc. You can find them dancing in winter in Russia, enjoying camel rides in Saudi Arabia, or cycling in the rain in Monaco.

    As one of the top TikTokers in UAE, Aliona & Yazan's audience is greeted with high-quality content featuring luxurious cars, fitness routines, family vlogs, adventurous activities, makeup hacks, and more. Aliona and Yazan's ability to use Tiktok music, dance, and memes to interact with their followers has drawn the attention of multiple businesses that wished to work with the famous tiktokers in UAE on promotional campaigns.

  • Ossy Marwah

    8. Ossy Marwah

    Ossy Marwah is one of the most famous tiktokers in UAE. He is known for his lifestyle, cars, travel, fashion choices, and frequent interactions with notable personalities in business and entertainment.

    Ossy Started his journey on Instagram and YouTube before expanding his presence on TikTok, where he uses short videos to address critical political events, share men's grooming tips, promote products, and post funny videos inspired by real-life instances. One of the top content creators on TikTok in Dubai can use every footage of real estate to summarize his entire experience as he did during the FIFA World Cup 2022 or the promotion of the Gran Turismo film in Barcelona. His promotional campaign for Pepsi Zero, with football stars like Mohammed Salah, received millions of views, comments, and shares.

  • Azza Zarour

    9. Azza Zarour

    Next on our list of famous tiktokers in UAE is Azza Zarour, who has a broad following across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok because of her content, which is clear, crisp, with attention to detail.

    One of the most famous female tiktokers in UAE centers the content around her lifestyle. Azza vlogs her moments with her family, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, and playtime. Furthermore, She pranks her husband, promotes different beauty and fashion products and songs, participates in fun challenges with other tiktokers in Dubai, and flaunts acting skills in her mini-series. Audiences have a rollercoaster of entertainment through Azza Zarour's different content formats.

  • Rand Dalati

    10. Rand Dalati

    Rand Dalati is a famous author, journalist, and top tiktok content creator from the UAE who has made a considerable impact in makeup, fashion, and lifestyle. The famous female Tiktoker in Dubai uses Instagram to showcase her talents with different makeup products. She utilizes the prominent beauty TikTok trends to highlight the unique features and benefits of foundation, concealer, lip gloss, blush, etc. to her followers.

    The Humility and passion that define Rand Dalati's interaction with her audience help build connections between the brand and Its customers. This has effectively made her one of the most valuable UAE Tiktokers many businesses use to promote their products and services.

  • Renee Farah

    11. Renee Farah

    Fashion fitness and beauty influencer Renee Farah has established an identity, flaunting different makeup looks, outfit combinations, and travel diaries that captivate the attention of her massive fanbase. Renee Farah has been featured in magazines like Vogue. Popular Arabic news channels and journalists even interviewed her for her extensive insights.

    In her efforts to present a 360° Overview of her key niches, Renee Farah shares her makeup routines, fashion photoshoots behind the scenes, makeup tutorials, product highlights, final looks, and pictures with recognized makeup artists. Renee Farah is among the top Emirati TikTok influencers who use her reputation as one of the top UAE Tiktokers to recommend makeup brands and salons to her followers. Furthermore, Renee Farah Travels to new places, meets new people, and makes memories.

  • Jordan Hisham

    12. Jordan Hisham

    Jordan Hisham can do it all. One of the most followed TikTokers in Middle East introduces his audience to the vibrant Dubai nightlife, gets them pumped up for a workout session with his exercises, presents the unique history and culture of the UAE, and tickles their travel bug with his travel stories. Jordan also always takes the opportunity to feature exclusive luxury cars and their owners on his social media handles.

    Jordan Hisham has visited different countries in the Middle East, where he met people and gained vital insights, for instance, their income, experience, and expenses. This helps new UAE travelers plan their trips and find cost-efficient alternatives.

    Furthermore, Jordan Hisham interviews startup founders and industry leaders. He is also a co-creator of choice for other famous content creators on TikTok, like Khabi Lame.

  • Chihab and Nour Merhi

    13. Chihab and Nour Merhi

    Chihab and Nour Merhi, two of the best tikTokers in Dubai, have made millions fall head over heels for them because they creatively unfold their couple's Lifestyle to the world. Chihab and Nour have established communities across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. They produce content in diverse formats for audience queries, from fun challenges and vlogs to Q&A sessions and funny behind the scenes.

    Chihab and Nour Merhi have traveled to different food, cultural, and religious places across the UAE and the Middle East to give their audience a front-row seat to what the Middle East offers. The couple uses the innovative features of TikTok and Instagram to create fun content around mom vs. Dad life, money saving, fitness romance, couple Trends, fashion, and more.

  • Lana Rose

    14. Lana Rose

    Lana Rose is a musical artist from Bangladesh residing in Dubai, UAE. She is also a key figure in fashion, and occasionally, her two worlds collide, creating an immersion of color, style, music, and art that mesmerizes anyone who chances upon the diva's pristine gaze.

    Lana's social handles are glittered with fashion photoshoots, magazine and music album covers, and a range of stylish outfits. She uses TikTok to share her upcoming song promos, duets with fellow artists, behind-the-scenes from music tours, on-stage moments, etc.

  • Zain shah

    15. Zain shah

    What started as a hobby has made Zain Shah one of the youngest content creators on TikTok, who, over the years, has built a tremendous reputation in the United Arab Emirates. Zain Shah has many notable recognitions to his name, for instance, becoming the first Asian model and Pakistani influencer to receive the ESAAD card.

    Zain Shah's content revolves around dance, music, romance, and comedy. Zain has impeccable taste in fashion and always surrounds himself with famous Emirates TikTok influencers who regularly feature his content.

    Zain Shah understands his responsibilities as one of the famous TikTokers in UAE. He takes steps to empower his followers and bring positive societal changes by raising awareness for many issues.