Top Dancers On YouTube In Dubai, UAE, Middle East, GCC, Gulf region 2022

Top Dancers On YouTube In Dubai

When people are delighted, they dance. When people want to express love, they dance. When people want to be fit, they dance. Further, many people enjoy dance as a hobby as well. So, there are N number of reasons, when people love to dance. Dance along with music and fitness has taken a special place on the internet, where people love to express their feeling and many people love to watch/learn. Dance is a language without words and one that people use to express themselves. We all dance, even if we have no intention of becoming proficient at it.

For a long time, the services of top dance influencers in the UAE have been acquired by well-known clothing and fitness brands to promote their products. There is no denying that dance is often associated with fitness; viewers admire YouTube dancers for their attire and clothing choices. Brands take advantage of this fact and have these opinion leaders promote their offerings. If this sounds anything like you, we at the top influencer marketing agency in UAE can help you find your ideal opinion leaders quickly and efficiently.

These dance influencers on YouTube not only impress us with their jaw-dropping choreography but they also make tutorials of the same for the audience. That’s the best part!

As such, we would like to present some of the best UAE-based dancers that touch thousands of hearts with their smooth moves. These artists possess impressive choreography skills and produce some of the best dance content for their fans to enjoy. So, without wasting any more time, let's get started.

Top Dance Influencers on YouTube in UAE, Middle East(2022)

Nidhi Kumar

Nidhi Kumar

Nidhi Kumar is a dancer, choreographer, TV presenter, actor, model on Instagram, and YouTube star of Indian origin based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She has featured multiple videos and soared to popularity due to her activities.

Nidhi has a large fan base. She is one of the most popular girls on Instagram, with 218K followers. She frequently posts pictures of herself in trendy apparel or her modelling photoshoots on the image-sharing application.

On July 11, 2013, Nidhi first arrived on YouTube. Today, she has a substantial audience base of 524K subscribers. Nidhi manages to grab the attention of her view with her desi dance moves. Thanks to her creativity, charming personality, impeccable style, stunning appearance, and sheer determination, Nidhi has also grown in prominence on multiple social media platforms. She has successfully managed to pick the interest of several brands across the globe. Many of which have shown interest in collaborating with the dancing diva to endorse their products. With her talent and ever-expanding fanbase, you will soon be seeing this top dance vlogger in the UAE on the covers of popular magazines.

Nidhi And Neha

Nidhi And Neha

Two sisters Nidhi and Neha Ram, of Indian origin, share a mutual love for dance. Despite residing in the United Arab Emirates, the siblings leave their Indian culture footprints wherever they perform.

Nidhi and Neha created their YouTube channel on June 22, 2017. Still, despite having formal training in classical dance, the sisters made and uploaded videos on Bollywood songs, semi-classical dance, and fusion dance. Through their action, it is clear that their goal is to express the Indian cultural heritage from the art form.

The sisters have received training from Sri Sasi Kottakkal in Dubai, Smt. Lavanya Sankar in India. They are also pursuing their studies in theory under Anjana Ketty. Nidhi and Neha also have 3000+ followers on her Instagram handle. They use the image-sharing platform to post pictures featuring vibrant displays of their dance form.

Nidhi and Neha have performed over 50 dance programs together. Nidhi has also secured a place in IUPUI honors college for her sophomore year after being accepted into the Kelley School of Business for accounting, finance, and international studies.

The two sisters are probably the best dancers on YouTube in Gulf region for classical and fusion dance genres apart from academic smarts.

Anup Bhardwaj

Anup Bhardwaj

Anup Bhardwaj works as a celebrity choreographer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Anup originally intended to work a 9 to 5 job and pursue dance as a hobby. He had few studios in Delhi when he was residing in the country. After some time, he decided to pursue his master's degree in the United Kingdom. However, fate had other plans for him, and he ended up in Dubai. Anup realized the dire need for quality studios in the country in the Middle East, which eventually led him to open one of his own. 

Anup took part in Nach baliye 7 UAE and won the competition. The talented choreographer has worked with notable celebrities like Diljit Dosanjh, Prakriti Kakar, Kulwinder Billa, Sunanda Sharma, and many more. Additionally, Anup has also provided his expertise at various wedding events.

Ayah Muk

Ayah Muk

Ayah is a University of Sheffield graduate. In Abu Dhabi, UAE, she is a well-known YouTuber and ballet choreographer.

Ayah arrived on YouTube on March 25, 2011. She posts ballet content on her YouTube channel apart from dance tutorials, DIY art and craft, and travel vlogs. The consistent creator graces her viewers with at least one video every week. Not only is the dance move impeccable, but her teaching style has also gained widespread acclamation from some of the top names in the dancing community. By watching her videos, dance enthusiasts can learn ballet from the comfort of their rooms.

Ayah probably runs one of the best dance channels on YouTube in UAE, Middle east for beginners, primarily because of her ability to draw attention from people of all demographic segments.

Najla Ferreira

Najla Ferreira

Najla is a belly dancer from Brazil who currently works in Cairo and Dubai. She gained prominence in the community for her graceful and lovely dance moves. Due to her immense talent in her art, Najla gets invited to dance events across the globe.

The Brazilian dancer receives a lot of love and affection from her audience due to her jaw-dropping moves. Even with a busy schedule, the dance diva takes time interacting with her followers on social media. Najla has 454K followers on Instagram, which is no small number.

Najla joined YouTube on December 1, 2009 - she frequently uploads vlogs and dance tutorials on her channel.

Because of her extensive reach in the digital space, various brands approach her for collaboration. Recently she has endorsed a variety of fitness and clothing products. Businesses can benefit from this top dance vlogger in the UAE, GCC region since she holds a strong rapport with the audience from all demographics.

Hari B Raj

Hari B Raj

Hari Bihar Raj is Abu Dhabi's dancer and choreographer; he has nearly 1,000 followers on his Instagram handle.

Hari owns and operates the Euphoria dance and fitness studio in the City. He is well known among South Indians for choreographing many Tamil songs. Besides being a talented dancer, he is also backed by a very talented team to help him. Together they deliver powerful performances to the audience, who are left stunned in the face of their combined talent. 

The dancer created his YouTube channel on May 20, 2018, which now has 9.37K subscribers. Most of the videos he uploads are less than 3 minutes, but each member pours their hearts out at every performance. This makes their fans tap their feet in excitement along with the crew. 

Hari has not done any dance cover video yet. He is also a frequent watcher of fitness videos. With this, we can safely say that Hari is well on his way to becoming one of the top dancing influencers on YouTube in Dubai, UAE shortly.