Mumbai, the city of dreams, stands by its name as a place where people come to fulfill their dreams, nestled within the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. India’s fashion capital is said to be the most vibrant place for creativity and self-expression, which opens a realm for captivating fashion influencers to become the top fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai.

In reference to Statista, as of 2023, there are 1.35 billion monthly active Instagram users, which are expected to reach around 1.44 billion monthly by 2025, making up 31.2% of global social media users. Additionally, as of January 2023, Indians were the most prominent Instagram users, with a total audience of 229 million. Many influential storytellers reside here, mastering the art of fashion and styling in a digital frame with a blend of elegance, creativity, and unfathomable imagination. These connoisseurs are the torchbearers of style in the enchanting city of Mumbai, redefining our perception and interaction with fashion.

Influencers who have gained immense popularity in the vibrant city of Mumbai curate content showcasing the latest trends and visually appealing fashion-forward content to accomplish the desired outcome of becoming the top fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai.

Let’s look forward and unveil the list, presented by the top influencer marketing company in India for fashion influencers in Mumbai:

List of best Fashion Influencers in Mumbai

Discover the fascinating world of Mumbai fashion influencers, where style shines brightest and creativity knows no limits. Here we present some of the most glamorous fashion influencers in Mumbai who are trendsetters and have captivated audiences with their unique dress sense and impeccable taste in fashion. Let’s explore!

  • Aashna Shroff

    1. Aashna Shroff

    Instagram : aashnashroff

    USP - Adds a hint of chicness and luxury to every style

    From being invited as a guest at the #DiorFall23” show to being on the front page of the Face Magazine, Aashna Shroff has proven herself as the one of the best female fashion influencers in Bombay. She has a total of 967K followers and an average of 165K views on Instagram. Earlier this year, she won the Cosmopolitan Luxury Fashion Influencer of the Year 2023 award. Aashna has collaborated with fashion and beauty brands like Victoria's Secret, Diesel, Loreal, and Nykaa.

    As a well-known Mumbai fashion influencer, Aashna Shroff has gained immense popularity on social media because of her fashion content, styling tips, and lifestyle inspiration. She has managed to amaze a large number of followers through her unique sense of style. Thus, several fashion and beauty brands want to collaborate with her. Her content revolves around influencing trends, outfit ideas, beauty tips & recommendations, travel diaries, and glimpses of her personal life.

    Besides being a fashion influencer, Aashna is a prominent style icon and entrepreneur. By launching her own fashion and lifestyle label, she has formed a community of followers who eagerly look up to her for guidance and inspiration. Her content resonates with her followers and inspires them to build confidence and empower themselves in terms of fashion and style. She has become a renowned and influential figure in the fashion community through her distinctive fashion sense and relatable approach to fashion.

    She executes authentic and impactful campaigns for brands through which she showcases her versatility and creativity and provides meaning to her content, generating engaging and successful results. She exudes confidence in experimenting with trends, and her followers embrace her personal style. Beyond online platforms, her passion and entrepreneurial spirit for fashion have opened a whole lot of opportunities for her to expand and make a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

  • Santoshi Shetty

    2. Santoshi Shetty

    Instagram : santoshishetty

    USP - Fusing fashion with fitness in the most stylish way

    Santoshi Shetty is one of the best Mumbai-based Instagram influencers, with a total follower count of 743K and average views of 40K on her Instagram account. Apart from being a fashion blogger with a blog named Styledge, she is also known for her immense contribution to promoting Yoga in the entertainment field and spreading awareness about it. Other than partnering with big brands like Myntra, Santoshi supports many small fashion businesses around the world.

    With a passion for trendy fashion and an eye for details, Santoshi has accomplished the task of captivating her audience. She presents a variety of content showcasing her style inspiration, unique sense of fashion, styling & beauty tips, brand collaborations, and recommendations. Through her visually appealing content and stunning and bold fashion choices, Santoshi has established herself by gaining a significant number of followers. She has become a prominent figure in the fashion community.

    Santoshi Shetty is one of the top fashion instagrammers in Mumbai because of her confident demeanour and trend-forward content represented in distinctive style. She has proven herself in the world of fashion, further solidifying her influence and magnitude in the fashion world. Santoshi has mesmerised her audience and has bound their hearts with her creativity and ability to connect with her followers through engagement and fashion.

    Known for her effortlessly chic streetwear looks to classy red-carpet glamorous attires, she showcases versatility and the ability to push boundaries on her feed. She often expands her influence from fashion to beauty and lifestyle realms and travel aspirations, offering beauty tips and insights into her daily routines. With her well-rounded approach, she has become a recognisable figure at fashion events, brand launches, and industry gatherings, positioning her as a trusted source of recommendations.

  • Larissa

    3. Larissa

    Instagram :larissa_wlc

    USP - Likes to wear something vibrant and classy

    Besides having the best fashion sense and chicness in her style, Larissa brings beauty to everything, which makes her one of the best fashion Instagrammers in Bombay. She is a lifestyle and travel influencer; thus, her content is a mixture of several niches, including travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc., garnering total followers of 743K and average views of 114K on Instagram. Thus, she has grasped collaborative deals with various brands, including Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline, Loreal, Swiggy, and Disney, other than being the brand ambassador of GoPro.

  • Riya Jain

    4. Riya Jain

    Instagram : riyajain

    USP - Is here to influence people with her charm and fashion looks

    The passion that started with a fashion blog named “Caught In A Cuff” has provided Riya Jain with a sense of belongingness among the top fashion influencers in Mumbai. With her stylish looks and engaging content, she has managed to gain a total of 411K followers and an average of 41K views on her Instagram account. Being a fashion enthusiast, she has partnered with brands like Fiamo, Loreal, Nykaa x KayBeauty, and Myntra. Also, she has worked with many designers and recently opened a Runway 23 show for Nirmoha.

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  • Juhi Godambe

    5. Juhi Godambe

    Instagram : juhigodambe

    USP - Covers every fashion style from minimal to luxury

    Juhi Godambe is a Mumbai fashion influencer and entrepreneur who has made a reputation in the fashion industry. Her tailored and occasion-specific looks make it impossible not to draw attention to her. Along with working with brands like L'oreal, Diesel, Caprese, and Nykaa, she has been invited to events like Dior in Mumbai and Mugler x HM. With her stylish and comfortable looks, she has amassed a total follower count of 539K and an average view count of 33K on her Instagram handle.

  • Shivvani Paatil

    6. Shivvani Paatil

    Instagram :shivvanipaatil

    USP - Her style is a combination of casual and chic

    Traveling the world with her best fashion looks, Shivvani Paatil is one of the best Mumbai-based Instagram influencers who has changed the fashion and lifestyle blogging outlook. Residing in London, she gives her followers a sneak peek into her life and everyday outfits, influencing them to emulate her style. Shivvani has a following of 257K and an average of 14K views on her Instagram profile.

  • Shereen

    7. Shereen

    Instagram : shereenlovebug

    USP - Does her yoga poses with utmost flair and elegance

    Besides being a Mumbai based fashion influencer, Shreen Sikka is a health and fitness enthusiast who loves entertaining and educating her followers through workout and Yoga routine videos. Shereen has co-founded a clothing brand with her sister Trishala Sikka, who is also a fashion influencer, called MONOKROM. With a total Instagram following of 330K and average views of 32K, she has managed to work alongside brands like Kerastase, forming a persuasive identity as one of the best Mumbai fashion influencers on Instagram.

  • Aiana Jain

    8. Aiana Jain

    Instagram : aianajsays

    USP - Influence people into becoming fashion aficionados

    When going through Aiana Jian’s Instagram bio, one can find a variety of fields she proclaims to be knowledgeable in, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and fitness. Her love for fashion pushed her to become a style coach and grow among the top fashion influencers in Mumbai. She is on a mission to help people move out of their comfort zones and be aware of the latest trends while having a keen eye for style. She has collaborated with brands like Nykaa and often promotes products from Dior Beauty. She has a total follower count of 269K and average views of 4K on Instagram.

  • Mitali & Summiyya

    9. Mitali & Summiyya

    Instagram : houseofmisu

    USP - Can add sumptuousness to everything they wear

    Mitali and Summiyya, aka the co-founders of House of Miso, have a shared taste for fashion, beauty, and overall lifestyle. Being Fashion connoisseurs, their content is not confined to stylish looks and outfits but presents a variety of travel, food, and fun content, alluring brands and audiences from different niches as well. They have collaborated with fashion and beauty brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tira, Diesel, and Urban Suburban. Currently, the duo is considered among the best fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai, with a following of 484K and an average of 26K views on their Instagram handle.


  • Aayushi

    10. Aayushi

    Instagram : aayushibangur

    USP - Passing on her sassiness to her daughter

    It is hard not to indulge your child in your passion, so as a mommy fashion influencer, Aayushi ensures that her fondness for fashion is passed on to her daughter. Her Instagram feed is flooded with outfits, brand choices for her daughter, and matching looks for the duo. With a total follower count of 252K and average views of 32K, Aayushi has partnered with brands like Nykaa Fashion and Loreal. Also, she often gets invited to launch parties for big brands like Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez.

  • Scherezade Shroff Talwar

    11. Scherezade Shroff Talwar

    Instagram : sherryshroff

    USP - She will travel the world with a groundbreaking fashion sense

    Traveller by heart, Sherry Shroff is living her best life, hosting a show named You Me & Malaysia in collaboration with TLC Southeast Asia, visiting incredible places, eating great food, and most of all, charming us with her modish outfits. With her relatable content and comfortable yet classy outfits, Sherry has accumulated a fan base of 254K and an average of 17K views on Instagram. Additionally, she often receives invitations to promotional events and high-profile stores hosted by prominent brands such as Apple and Sabyasachi.

  • Masoom Minawala Mehta

    12. Masoom Minawala Mehta

    Instagram : masoomminawala

    USP - Travels the world with her baby and mesmerizing style on her side

    With global reach, Masoom Minawala has represented and made India proud at so many fashion events across the world, including Cannes. You can find every fashion style on her feed, from comfortable to classy to chic to luxurious; she can carry them all. Masoom Minawala has an average following of 1.3 million followers and 306K views; thus, she is the best fashion Instagram influencer in Bombay. She has partnered with brands like Louis Vuitton and Skechers, promoting their products on her feed.

  • Khushnaz Ashdin Turne

    13. Khushnaz Ashdin Turne

    Instagram : kat_diaries

    USP - Down to earth with her style on

    Khushnaz, aka Kat Diaries Instagram feed, is a whole package showcasing fashion, luxury, beauty, food, travel, and lifestyle. Besides being a fashion influencer, she is also a personal stylist. She curates content covering trendy outfits, fitness, fashion, and beauty tips. With a total follower count of 133K and average views of 15K, she is among the finest fashion influencers in Mumbai. Her feed comprises paid collaborations with luxury brands and small businesses.


    14. Aashi Adani

    Instagram : aashiadani

    USP - She owns her game around makeup trends

    Aashi Adani identifies herself as a top fashion influencer in Mumbai because of her variety of content and genuine following. She shares fashion and beauty tips with followers and even conducts makeup workshops for her followers to come out of their comfort zones and own their confidence. With a fan following of 219K and average views of 55K, she has leveraged collaborations with brands including Vaseline, Tresemme, Nivea, and Lakme.

  • Soundarya Thakur

    15. Soundarya Thakur

    Instagram : soundaryathakur

    USP - Niftian who loves fashion with her whole soul

    Soundarya Thakur’s Instagram is a mixture of travel and fashion; it's pretty evident that she loves to travel in style. With a total follower count of 209K and average views of 178K, she has managed to leverage deals with brands like Philips, Ajio, and Lakme. She curates fashion, beauty and lifestyle content and often engages with her followers through #getreadywithme reels. Soundarya has made her place among the best fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai.


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