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Top Fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai 2020

Top Fashion Instagramers Influencer in Mumbai

Who are fashion Instagrammers ?

Fashion Instagrammers are the social media enthusiasts who inspires their followers with their fashion and lifestyle statement on Instagram.

Instagram is immensely popular amongst the youngster crowd with almost 64% people aged between 18 to 29 years actively use the platform, which means that out of every three adults in this age group, two use Instagram. The platform that was started in 2010 has about 500 million people accessing it on a daily basis with approx. 1 billion active monthly users.

In India too this social media platform has a burgeoning popularity. About 4% of the country’s total population were active on Instagram till last year with one in every two adult belonging to the age group 18 to 24 years. Some of the top performing niches in India on Instagram are fashion, fitness, food and travel. Mumbai, the erstwhile fashion capital of the country and home to Bollywood is the crowned summer fashion capital of India and is home to some of the leading fashion Instagrammers in India.

The list below contains the names of the top ten fashion Instagrammers in Mumbai with the highest following. If your heart is where fashion is then you need to be a follower of all these fashion influencers in Mumbai.

The top social media influencers on Instagram are being pursued by relevant brands in their niche and industry for brand promotions and collaborations so that brands can gain by connecting with the influencer’s audience and tap his potential to grow further.

Top Indian Fashion Instagrammers influencers in Mumbai are as below:-

Name: Aashna Shroff
Followers: 704K
Insta ID Komalpandeyofficial

Aashna is another popular Instagrammer with almost 674k followers on Instagram. A celebrity and a beauty guru, her YouTube channel called The Snob Journal is also a hit amongst her audience.

Name: Santoshi Shetty
Followers: 663K
Insta ID santoshishetty

Santoshi has her own Fashion and Lifestyle blog called Styledge. Santoshi is quite a popular Instagrammer with as many as 634k followers on her Insta channel. She regularly posts on the channel with almost 7422 posts to her name.

Name: Larissa
Followers: 397K
Insta ID larissawlc

This channel is owned by Larissa D’Sa and her fashion and beauty posts are mainly DIYs. She is a graphics designer by profession and a famous YouTuber too. Currently she has about 381k followers on her channel.

Name: Riya Jain
Followers: 319K
Insta ID caughtinacuff
Category: Content Creator

Riya Jain owns this Instagram channel. With about 319k followers on Instagram, Riya is a fulltime fashion and beauty blogger. She has her own blog called Caught in a Cuff where she posts about her daily styles.

Name: Juhi Godambe
Followers: 327K
Insta ID juhigodambe

A young fashion entrepreneur, Juhi blogs in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niche. She was also awarded the Fashion Influencer of the Month by Exhibit Magazine. She has about 312k followers and has about 3407 posts to her name on her platform.

Name: Shivani Patil
Followers: 271K
Insta ID shivaniipatil

Shivani Patil has about 270k followers on Instagram. Before becoming popular on Instagram, Shivani was known for her travel and style contents on her own blog called the F-drug.

Name: Shereen Sikka
Followers: 273K
Insta ID shereenlovebug

This Insta UID is owned by blogger and stylist Shereen Sikka. Other than being active on Instagram, Shereen also has her own fashion site called Love and Other Bugs. She is intensely followed by as many as 262k followers on Insta.

Name: Aiana Jain
Followers: 250K
Insta ID aianajsays

Aiana Jain comes with loads of advertising and branding experience. Her love for clothes and fashion pushed her to become a style coach where she advises people to build up their personality through fashion consciousness.

Name: Mitali & Summiyya
Followers: 256K
Insta ID houseofmisu

Co-owners of this channel are Mitali and Summiyya who share great love for fashion. Besides this niche, both of them also blog on lifestyle, food, beauty and travel. Currently the duo has about 240k followers on the Instagram channel.

Name: Aayushi Bangur
Followers: 240K
Insta ID styledrive

This channel is owned by Aayushi Bangur who dreams to open her own food business or fashion line one day. She is followed by 236 followers and has till date posted almost 2930 fashion-related posts on her channel.

Hope you have found this as a relevant list of top Instagram influencers in India. Thanks for reading and feel free to share.