Top Female Fashion and Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in India

Top Female Fashion and Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in India

As per INCA’s India Influencer Marketing Report report, the influencer marketing industry is growing at a CAGR of 25% by 2025, touching INR 2,200 crore In India. There has been rapid and significant adoption of influencer marketing strategies by brands in the past two years, ever since the pandemic. The trust that top female fashion instagram influencers share with their audiences is the key reason behind the rapid demand from brands. It is an excellent opportunity for them to leverage the reach, connection, and authentic bonding between influencers and brands.

The Report also highlights that four categories are doing exceptionally well in the Indian influence industry - personal care, Food & Beverage, Fashion and Jewelry, and electronics. These four contribute to about 70% of the spending currently. Another interesting aspect is that about 27% of influencer marketing results from celebrities, while 73% comes from influencer accounts.

Who are female fashion instagram influencers?

A fashion influencer creates fashion-related content on social media, keeping their followers updated on trends, tips, wardrobe favorites, etc. They enjoy such clout and recommend fashion products to their followers, influencing their choices and tastes. For fashion Instagrammers, the platform for sharing their content is invariably their Insta account.

How are fashion brands leveraging influencer marketing?

A very trending example of brands collaborating with female fashion influencers globally is that of high-street brands like Gucci and JW Anderson. Gucci, for instance, had the #GucciModelChallenge, where users used their own clothes and posted their Gucci-inspired looks. Similarly, Emma Chamberlain, who is a YouTube star with a following of over 11.8 million on Instagram, collaborated with Louis Vuitton. She wears LV-gifted clothes to attend brand events featured in Vogue. She was even a participant in the LV virtual Paris Fashion Week. Top influencer marketing agencies are helping brands to leverage this opportune moment.

The fact that Instagram is a visual medium helps give impetus to the fashion and lifestyle industry filled with a community feeling and aesthetics. Undoubtedly, celebrities with individual fashion statements like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have the biggest following on Instagram. But, it is not just celebrities. Micro-influencers around the world are creating their own fashion lines by partnering with fashion brands. In India, the trend is catching up fast. Female fashion Instagrammers share tips and techniques encouraging many women to come out of their comfort zones. Brands wanting to collaborate and discover leading female Fashion Instagrammers in India can speak to an influencer marketing agency like Grynow to boost sales, reach, and revenues.

In fact, many of the top female fashion Influencers have their own fashion lines now. Like Juhi Godambe from Mumbai has opened her own fashion line called Arabellaa. Similarly, Aashna Shroff has her e-commerce label called the Snop Shop, and Masoom Minawala owns a fashion blog called Style Fiesta.

Read on to know more about the top female fashion Instagrammers and female lifestyle Instagrammers in India.

Top 50 Female Fashion Instagrammers and Female Lifestyle Instagrammers in India

Aashna Malani

Followers: 1.8M Instagram Profile: Ashnaamalanii Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Aashna Malani is a fashion/Lifestyle model, blogger, content creator, and influencer from Delhi, India. She has a blog dedicated to Fashion, beauty, technology, lifestyle, food and entertainment. She frequently updates her feed with selfies, glamour, catalogue, photoshoots, skin care/ hair care tips, personal style, workout tutorials, travel diaries, behind the scenes etc. with an engagement rate of 3.98% near an average of 1M views, 72K likes and 256 comments. Also, she got recruited for Amazon's influencer program where she appeared at 65th Amazon Filmfare Award as part of the company's #HarPalFashionable campaign. In 2016, when she started a YouTube channel, named after her. She has uploaded more than 33 videos and has amassed 113K views till date. Her content can act as a guide to selecting the right outfits with matching accessories. You also get affordable style suggestions and self-care routines at the comfort of your home.

Diipa Khosla

Followers: 1.7M Instagram Profile: diipakhosla Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Diipa Khosla, an Instagram influencer including more than a million members in her Instagram family, has appeared on the covers of seven foreign magazines. As an Indian native international influencer, and one of the top female Fashion Instagrammers in India. In addition to her beauty, she is also the creator of inde wild, a sustainable beauty brand, and Post for Change, a non-profit organization. Do you know? She’s not just a brilliant fashion icon but also a TEDx presenter and has been awarded the Influence of the Year 3 times! Also, she owns a business which is dedicated to contributing while being faithful to their Indian heritage.

Komal Pandey

Followers: 1.6M Instagram Profile: komalpandeyofficial Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Komal Pandey, a fashion influencer from Delhi, got her start through POPxo, a community built around women's fashion, lifestyle and beauty. However, over time the influencer rightfully established a unique identity for herself in the niche. Komal is often Lauded as one of the best fashion icons in the country and has managed to turn millions of heads around with her impeccable style and unique outlook. To no one's surprise, Komal didn't take long to win the "Most Stylish Blogger Award" in 2016. She won the Cosmopolitan blogger award for Fashion Influencer Of The Year (female) by popular choice, 2021-2022.

Komal Pandey, a fashion influencer from Delhi, got her start through POPxo, a community built around women's fashion, lifestyle and beauty. However, over time the influencer rightfully established a unique identity for herself in the niche. Komal is often Lauded as one of the best fashion icons in the country and has managed to turn millions of heads around with her impeccable style and unique outlook. To no one's surprise, Komal didn't take long to win the "Most Stylish Blogger Award" in 2016. She won the Cosmopolitan blogger award for Fashion Influencer Of The Year (female) by popular choice, 2021-2022.

Kritika Khurana

Followers: 1.6M Instagram Profile: Thatbohogirl Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Kritika rose to prominence on social media because of her blog site, That Boho Girl. Kritika's account is among the most popular clothing blogs in the country. She has constructed it all from the ground up to achieve the cornerstones of accomplishment, drawing through real-life experiences. Her videos are very easy to comprehend, also a firm believer in practicality. She is genuine in her beliefs, and her films are easy to follow. You'll like her ability to transform outdated and dull outfits and accessories into anything unique, attractive, and fashionable, she started her career by writing blogs, progressed to YouTube, and now has a million-strong Instagram following.

Ashi Khanna

Followers: 1.6M Instagram Profile: ashi_khanna Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

She is a well-known Indian digital artist, YouTuber, and Instagram sensation. Ashi Khanna is a 24-year-old actress. She first became famous for producing short, charming, and hilarious movies on the popular app TikTok. She became well-known quickly due to her attractiveness and sweetness. She is an Instagram verified user who has surpassed the 1 million follower milestone and is at 1.6 million followers and an engagement rate of 7.54%. She has amassed over 7 lakhs of followers on YouTube and Snapchat. She has appeared in a commercial for Airtel. Dilli Ki Ladki, Tere Naa, Marjaavaan, and Gallan Ch Romance are some of his music videos.

Priyanka Khera

Followers: 1.3M Instagram Profile: PriyankaKhera08 Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Among the most trending influencers, Priyanka is a heartthrob of the Instagram family, with a follower of 1.3 million. She is an Indian actor, a model, and a top female fashion Influencer to follow her fantastic fashion designs and adorable charm have made her famous. A very well-known name on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube etc. Also, enjoys dancing, travelling, acting, blogging, incredibly enthusiastic about modelling. As she has worked with several well-known and respected businesses her network game is really strong. The Fan Base on various social media platforms is amassed. Both fans and supporters adore her for the unique and educational information she produces through her content. People call her heartthrob of the Punjabi industry and she has won many heart through her acting skills.

Just Janvi

Followers: 1.3M Instagram Profile: justjanvi Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Just Janvi is a fashion model from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She was a big Tik Tok celebrity. Janvi is a 21-year-old woman who was born on March 19, 2001. She's recognised for her extremely innovative films, as well as lip-syncs and transformation videos. She is also known for her outstanding personality and modelling beauty. This Instagram fashion model has more than 1.3 million followers and a 4.43 percent engagement rate. Her reels frequently appear in the million club and on the trending page, making her a great brand influencer.

Khushi Mukherjee

Followers: 1.3M Instagram Profile: Khushi_mukherjee Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Khushi Mukherjee is indeed an outstanding Indian actress who has appeared in films and television. MTV Splitsvilla S10 is one of her most famous television series. You must absolutely connect to her if you really want to acquire female fashion suggestions in a joyful as well as fashionable writing tone. You should pick out this page as its primary content strategy if you're exploring quality information linked to style and fashion. On her blog, she discusses it all, from style to cosmetics to lifestyle advice. If you’re a fashion freak visit her social handles, and you'll either be amazed by the number of fashion instructions you'll find or enjoy her writing.

Rajvee Gandhi

Followers: 1.2M Instagram Profile: rxjvee Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Rajvee has a big number of Instagram followers and is a lifestyle, travel, and fashion enthusiast. She’s undoubtedly an encouragement to millions of people who want to pursue careers in this industry. With the SBI Yono and Filmfare trendsetter awards under her belt, her accomplishments are immense. Now a full-fledged fashion house for the period, her blog, dubbed 'BLOGft. Vee features a variety of trends and suggestions such that its readers may update their wardrobes and learn about top fashion pluses and minuses. How she expresses her opinions through her dress sense, and she does so in style! The actress began her work in the fashion sector at an early age with so much integrity and kindness.

Masoom Minawala Mehta

Followers: 1.2M Instagram Profile: masoomminawala Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Masoom Minawala Mehta is a fashion blogger, entrepreneur, content creator and angel investor from India. She was the first Indian to walk the Runway of Milan Fashion Week. Masoom has been featured in CNN's "20 under 40" list and HSBC's worldwide list of female entrepreneurs. Furthermore, she has been "Cosmopolitan E-tailer of the Year" in 2015, "Palladium Spotlight's Ethnic Blogger of the year" in 2017, "India's Best Luxury Fashion Blogger," and Lokmat Award for "Most Stylish Blogger" in 2019. Masoom has a following of 1.2M on Instagram. She takes her audience behind the scenes of Lakme Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Haute Couture under the umbrella of her social media show called "Mansoom Takes Fashion Week." The style icon has been part of Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior and Bvlgari fashion campaigns. Mansoom answers fashion-related questions, provides exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from fashion weeks and shares tips on financial independence on her YouTube channel. from Olay, Tanishq etc.

Shalini Chopra

Followers: 1M Instagram Profile: stylish_by_nature Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Shalini Chopra is a fashion influencer residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Many know her from "stylish by nature," a blog dedicated to Indian fashion and luxury lifestyle. Her work in the niche has won her multiple accolades. Shalini has received the "Top Indian fashion blogger award" for three consecutive years (2014, 2015, 2016). Two years later, she bagged the "Best Fashion Blogger - South" award. Additionally, Shalini has been featured on the covers of New York Times, Cosmopolitan India, Deccan chronicles Times of India, DNA after hrs and many more prominent news outlets.

Shalini has a following of 1M on Instagram and an engagement rate of 2.49%. There are frequent posts about fashion/fitness outfits and matching accessories. Additionally, Shalini reviews products, provides style tips and showcases designer collections. Brands like Nykaa, Zivame, Ajio, Samsonite, Liva, Matrix, Parcos, DotandKey, Colgate etc., have collaborated with the influencer on Instagram promotional campaigns.

Aakriti Rana

Followers: 875K Instagram Profile: aakritiranaofficial Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Aakriti Rana is the most powerful figure in the Indian blogging community. She is a 29-year-old lady who is self-sufficient, confident, and attractive, with a wide range of skills. She attended 14 schools around the country, including Leh, Ladakh, Srinagar, and Shillong. She earned her bachelor's degree in Pune and went on to Lancaster University to earn her master's degree in fashion design. She has an impressive 875k Instagram fan base with a 5.06 percent engagement rate. She also has a YouTube channel with 151K subscribers and manages her own blog.

Shraddha Singh

Followers: 853K Instagram Profile: shrads Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Shraddha Singh from is a well-renowned fashion and Lifestyle blogger born in New Delhi, India. Her grasp on the subject and out-of-the-box ideas garners her attention from the masses. Shraddha worked her way through the echelons of the domestic industry before captivating the Western audience. The Fashionista has been graced by multiple accolades for her work. She has been featured in top International fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle etc. Shraddha enjoys front row seats to exclusive events like Dior, Rolf in London, Viktor and Lanvin.

Shradha Singh promotes sustainable fashion. She works alongside celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio as part of the plastic free coalition. Shraddha urges the stakeholders in the Fashion industry to reevaluate their practices towards a greener earth - her claims are backed by scientific findings. Social media platforms are one way to get her message out to the world. Shraddha posts at least two times everyday on Instagram and enjoys an engagement rate of 4.99%. Besides a plethora of content centered around fashion and lifestyle, Sharddha also likes to share tips on parenthood for new mothers. Exclusive fashion brands like Loewe, Guess, Victoria Beckham, Maison Valentino, Chanel, Balmain, Givenchy and many more have worked with the influencer on multiple projects.

Dixita Patel

Followers: 781K Instagram Profile: dixitapatell Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Dixita Patel is a lifestyle journalist who has worked with many YouTube celebrities. Being an engineer student she still continue what she love i.e writing blogs about beauty, lifestyle\ fashion, and fitness shortly after graduation. Her incredible sense of fashion has aided her in achieving career goals at a young age. TikTok, too, has enabled her to gain notoriety and exposure to a broader audience. Fans imitate her pose ideas, making her more renowned and well-known to the public. Makeup and cinematography are the critical elements of her videos.

Sniggy Chops

Followers: 752K Instagram Profile: sniggy_chops Category: Fashion

Snigdha Helenite or popularly known as Sniggy chops, is a social media influencer, dancer, and fashion model. She began her professional career by posting short lip-sync and dance clips on TikTok and gained a large following because of perfect appearance, attractive smile, chill personality, and passionate and outspoken content. Being a Celebrity on the rise in India, she does have a really big fan base. In the process of building herself as little more than a significant social media superstar with tens of thousands of followers rapidly rising. Also, she has worked with several global fashion and beauty firms to advertise their products.

Insha Ghai

Followers: 653K Instagram Profile: inshaghaii Category: Fashion

Insha Ghai is a content creator of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty and is the talk of the blogosphere. Her fashion has developed through her ability to continue current with the latest projections, from becoming a financial undergraduate to a prominent diva. Modeling is her passion. Insha has worked with several well-known and respected businesses. On various social networking sites, she amassed a sizable fan base. Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle creators have more than 600k followers on her profile.

Saloni She

Followers: 650K Instagram Profile: Saloniseh Category: Fashion

Saloni Seh is a beauty blogger and brand marketer who founded her own site. She has over 600 Instagram followers, and it is still expanding by offering fashion and makeup advice. She was designated one of the Best ten DU Fashionistas while an undergrad at Delhi University. Saloni is listed among the most popular bloggers and included in the finite-element list of notable Indian celebrities. She is a brand influencer and lifestyle blogger living in Delhi, India. She began writing in 2016 and has since collaborated with several companies, including Myntra, Flipkart, Garnier, Lays, Cox and Kings Tourism, and others.

Her accomplishments include:

  • 2020 Woman Super Achiever
  • 2019 Women's Economic Forum Awardee
  • Delhi Times Fresh Face 2014, Clean & Clear

Vidhushree Arya

Followers: 649K Instagram Profile: : vidhushree_arya Category: Fashion

Vidhushree Arya works as a very well known Indian supermodel, traveller, & internet personality. A cute young 19-year-old girl charming her way into the fashion industry and locked over 500k Social Media fame. For herself. As she raised in the Indian city of Mumbai, the most amazing thing about following her is that she produces high-quality work distinctively and her videos are easily relatable to her target audience. It’s really hard to understand but god knows how she have a deep connection with her Instagram followers and is always eager to speak with them and always keep them as important as her family members.

Sapna Malik

Followers: 624K Instagram Profile: : Sapna_malik Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Sapna Malik works as a dentist as well as being an influencer. She rose to prominence after being chosen for the MTV Roadies Revolution TV program. Sapna has secured a chance to compete as a wild card contender in MTV Splitsvilla 13. She began her professional life as an influencer. The most of the time she shares her gym sessions and fashion tips with her fan base on social media, along with health suggestions. She also is continuing her education. Recently she landed as a contestant in season 18 of the popular show called "MTV Roadies Revolution." which aired on MTV.

Archana Rajput

Followers: 559K Instagram Profile: : Rajput_archanasingh Category: Fashion / Lifestyle

Archana Singh Rajput has made great strides as a trained software engineer with a flair for performing. Beginning with only a daily serial, she got a chance to show her acting skills in Telugu movies and Punjabi music before announcing her OTT breakthrough this year for a series. As just a supporting role, she appeared in several Bengali and Bhojpuri films. The followers of her always make her feel that she owns the whole fashion industry. In return she uses social media to keep connected with her fans and advertising numerous products and clothing products, such as Daniel Wellington and many more.