Social Commerce Tips

social commerce tips

All set to sell on social media? Understandably, the medium has huge potential. Which social platforms to choose, though? What strategy to follow? How can I boost sales and revenues and achieve desired visibility with social commerce? There and many other questions which will be answered here as we maneuver the terrain with our top tips & tricks for 2024.

Social commerce, a process of buying and selling products or services directly on social media, is projected to be growing at a CAGR of 28.4% between 2021 and 2028. If you are yet to be a part of the social selling bandwagon, it is time you give it a serious thought.

Electronic commerce businesses cannot afford to ignore social commerce. The community of active buyers on social media is increasing. Buyers are busy more on social media, browsing and gaining information about products and services. It is comfortable. There are discounts and cashback. So, overall the backdrop is very positive and encouraging. But, diving upfront into this sea of potential opportunities and growth is not the right idea. There need to be realistic goals and a solid strategy to back up social e-commerce.

Sharing in this blog some practical and amazing social commerce tips.

Social Commerce tips and tricks

Make your social commerce a piece of cake with the right platform

social commerce tricks

When you start, you’ll realize that there are an umpteen number of platforms to pick from. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok are a few. Each of these platforms come with their strengths and weaknesses. Remember, you can achieve better results when your social commerce strategy perfectly aligns with the platform’s ideologies.

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For example, Instagram and Pinterest gel well with visual essences, but Facebook and Twitter go well short-form videos or even live streams. Twitter also survives on hashtags where you need to be textually creative and impressive. That’s the reason why a lot of wedding-related or fashion trending items feature on Pinterest and Instagram. On FB and Twitter, there are more digital devices, shoes, mobile and laptop accessories, automobiles, etc. The crux is to pick a platform where your identified and targeted customers spend more time.

Hit the bull’s eye by integrating social commerce with your e-commerce store

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One of the smartest social commerce tricks for 2024 is integrating your e-store with the social commerce store. How does it help? Saves time and cost. Any change in your catalog on the e-store reflects immediately on the social commerce store. Most e-commerce platforms already have tools to facilitate integration. If not, there are quite a few tools online that help achieve the objective.

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Join hands with an influencer

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An influencer can help you boost sales with their creativity. For example, shoppable tags on Instagram from an influencer will motive their followers to go to your store and shop. Similarly, any other form of story narration from the influencer on any channel has a similar effect. Influencers have a great hold on how their followers think, walk and talk. Thus, influencing and inspiring them! A lot can be achieved by collaborating with the best influencer marketing platform for the right influencer.

Instead of the entire inventory, upload only a focused few

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This is another hands-on social commerce tip. You can get potential buyers confused and overwhelmed by uploading the entire inventory. Rather choose a targeted few. See how things go! Your objective is to entice buyers. Offer them your top-selling products. Another strategy is putting your lower-priced products instead of on premium ones Take the example of India. In a survey, about half of the respondents said they spend between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 5,000 on social commerce. In the US, the transaction value on social media is between $100 and $200. In Japan, it is the highest. It is between JPY11,001 and 55,000, according to businessinsider.

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As the concept of social e-commerce catches up in the coming years, the transactional value can increase. But, as of now - sell products that are economical and affordable.

An automated bot to facilitate seamless checkout

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Social commerce is just about evolving. It is a new technology, and the acceptance levels are still comparatively lower. Integrating a bot to facilitate engagement and help the buyer checkout smoothly is a great social commerce tip for 2024. AI can help retailers save up to $340 billion by 2024 globally, as per data available. The Capgemini Research Institute published the results. How you can blend this technology with your e-store and social commerce store needs to be researched? And accordingly woven into your social selling strategy.

Get a strong copywriting and graphic team

effective social commerce tricks

Social media has an amazing reach. But, it needs two pillars to support it ably. First is the text content, and the second is the visual content. To captivate your audience, you need to have a team strong in copywriting and creating graphics. One of the top tips for social commerce is to hire a team that can produce convertible ads and videos. Remember, your content needs to be attention-grabbing enough to impress a user. Only then will they click on the post, go to your social commerce store, and be motivated to buy. Content on social media should teach something new to the audience. It must have the potential to initiate conversations. Infographics, emojis, CTAs are all cases that can be used to make it more immersive and relatable.

Mobile optimization

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Make sure that your social commerce store is mobile-friendly. After all, most of your prospective buyers engage with social media platforms through their smartphones. This is the final trick for effective social commerce 2024. Your social commerce store should have a mobile-friendly checkout. Also, focus on the payment options. Ensure that mobile users can pay upfront while purchasing. One of the good things about using a mobile app is that it saves customer information. As a result, social media users do not have to re-enter their details repeatedly. Facilitate the same. So, the entire buying process becomes simple and painless for the buyer.

We have shared some rocking tips for effective social commerce in 2024. These tricks have brought in fabulous results for many e-store owners. Here’s hoping that these tips work magically for you too! Happy social selling in 2024!