Social Commerce Trends for 2022

Social Commerce Trends

Social commerce is here to stay. It is growing at an exceptional speed every year presents different trends. One of the trends last year was the rise of social messaging apps like FB Messenger and WhatsApp. Most of these apps have been integrating AI capabilities. Thus, we noticed that the bots were not just talking to us, but carrying out natural conversations.

Another example is the use of augmented Reality in social commerce. Instagram is the commonest example. Users could modify the look of their surroundings on-screen. TikTok came forward with a similar feature for its videos. Brands used these features to help users. How? Add new decor items to their rooms. To virtually do up their houses. All these transformations with the help of the camera on their phone. These were the social commerce trends of 2021.

What does 2022 hold for social commerce? Let's find out.

Social e-Commerce Trends for 2022 (International Scenario)

1. Extensive use of Facebook Shops

The good thing is FB shops are versatile. They are customizable. Brands can use the features to create tailor-made experiences. Customization is possible of fonts, images, layout, colors. You can also import your entire product catalogue from your e-store. The strength- FB shops allow you to connect via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

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2. Instagram Shopping

It is the next big thing in social commerce. Visuals matter a lot to social media users. If you decide on the FB shop, tie it up with an Instagram Shop. Use cutting-edge visuals and imagery on newsfeeds of users. You can use shopping tags to reach out to a wider audience.

3. Chatbots

Another social shopping trend for 2022 is using bots. Yes, this was a trend in 2021, but you can build further on this. Offering personalized experiences through social media can be a challenge. Using chatbots can be a big help. Bots can be prompt and agile. They can involve users in simple conversations. In a way, they will help add credibility to your brand.

4. Leveraging the power of micro-influencers

This is not a new trend. Brands have been using micro-influencers for quite some time now. Influencers help enhance brand image. Makes the entire experience relatable and believable. Using influencers for social commerce is a good idea and hence, the demand for influencer marketing company is snowballing. One of the social commerce trends next year will revolve around this. Remember, micro-influencers ensure positive reinforcement of brand reputation. Your brand reaches the established audience of the influencer.

5. Treat social commerce as an integral part of your e-store

Social e-commerce is a native extension of your e-store or site. Give it that due respect and regard. Remember, if you want genuine feedback and interactions from users, it has to be social media. One of the trends that will prove the key to success is about treating customers more than mere customers. Create a genuine community feeling. Offer them a frictionless experience. Listen, listen, and listen. There is a wealth of information there.

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Social e-Commerce Trends for 2022 (Indian Scenario)

social e-commerce trends


Resellers are doing well. Take the case of Meesho. Sellers need to enlist their products on the Meesho app. Interested buyers, businesses get in touch using FB or WhatsApp. Similarly, DealShare gets local products from native producers, lists wholesale goods and uses the App to sell to end-users.

Scoial commerce evolvement

SMEs are leading from the front in India. The evolvement of social commerce has helped small and medium businesses. DOODLAGE is a fashion brand that uses FB and Instagram to grow. Not just within India but internationally! Currently, the platform's potential is to empower at least 40 million SMEs with 400 million social media users.

Targeting Tier II, II, IV Cities

Another top social eCommerce trend of 2022 is the customer base in India. Users in Tier II and Tier IV markets are benefitting. Bigwig e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon were unable to reach these areas. But social commerce's 55% customer base lives in tier II, III, and IV cities.

Local production

It supports the initiative – Vocal for Local. The enthusiasm for local products in India has been catching up fast. Social commerce supports it – offers local producers to connect with a larger market base. The pandemic gave a thrust to this thought process.

Social media listening

Social listening is the key. Brands need to realize that social proofs – customer testimonials and reviews matter the most.

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Video Commerce Trends for 2022 (International Scenario)

video commerce trends

Live Streaming

Live videos have worked wonders for brands during the pandemic. As we move on and enter the new year, live Streaming will be crucial. The live streaming market in the US is forecasted to touch USD 25 billion by 2023. The medium can make customer interactions and engagements more powerful. It all happens in real-time. And, there is no comparison to receiving feedback live. It is an opportunity to deliver an amazing and memorable out-of-store experience. Take the case of Walmart in the US. It has already started with live Streaming and shopping experiences.

Clothes, accessories, groceries, household items

one of the online video shopping business trends for 2022 is that online shoppers will use videos to shop for daily-use items. For example, groceries and household items. They will also shop for clothes and accessories after watching videos on social media. Brands will use AR to garner user attention

Users will use their phones for video shopping

yes, you heard us right. Compared to desktops, smartphones will be used for video commerce. What makes it interesting is that users can switch between multiple live streams. Users will have more flexibility and freedom to choose what to see. Live videos will be the preferred mode for millennials. Action-oriented content gives instant gratification. Propelling users to buy.

These are some of the top social media eCommerce trends for 2022. Trends that are going to benefit your business beyond any doubt! Keep reading as we share more from the social eCommerce niche in our blogs.