Social Commerce Examples: 10 Killer Examples of Social Selling

social commerce examples

Have you ever tried Sephora’s Fragrance IQ quiz? It assists you in choosing a perfume or a cologne of your taste and choice? It is one great example of selling via social media. Or do you remember shopping for a shirt at J. Crew with customer feedback right on the center of the product page? What are some killer examples of social commerce? We have got the ten best ones for you. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter! brands are aggressively trying different social media platforms for their e-commerce sales growth year on year.

Strategizing well, there are brands that mix and match platforms to serve their larger interest. Some even consult platforms like grynow, which is a top infuencer marketing platform and is actively getting involved in social commerce (link of what is social blog). Take the case of Mixam, a US-based online printing company. It has blended five social media platforms articulately for brand promotion. They use Facebook and Twitter for advertising. YouTube and Instagram for visual presentation of their work. And LinkedIn to strengthen the professional network. Isn’t it a great strategy?

The best part is the kind of flexibility these mediums offer to advertisers and brands. Showcasing what they stand for and enticing potential buyers with honest propositions. Let’s dive in!

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List of 10 Best Social Commerce Examples in 2024

Here are ten impressive social commerce or video commerce examples in 2024, giving an insight into how brands leverage social e-commerce.

1. Dove and its #ShowUs campaign

examples of social selling

Dove is an international brand trusted by millions of women globally. Its hair, skincare, and deo products are immensely popular across women of all ages. The #ShowUs campaign is an endeavor from Dove to tell the world about its key value of inclusive beauty. It is a belief that most women would understand. A vision of inclusive beauty shows girls and women to accept their body as it is. Without any bias or prejudice – being confident. The campaign uses real-life women and scenarios; there are no staged sets.

2. Warby Parker

best social commerce examples

It is one of the best video commerce examples. The product line of the company is eyeglasses and frames. The company has a good following on all social media channels. Warby Parker uses UGC (user-generated content) to talk about their products. They welcome customer videos and photos that range from unboxing to selfies. The entire Instagram is filled with images, written content, videos, tweets, screenshots, etc. Whenever users mention the brand, the company picks up and uses it on its official handle. An ideal example of word-of-mouth publicity social e-commerce.

3. @teamnike

examples of video commerce

@teamnike is the customer support team of Nike. What sets them apart, and why are we talking about them here? The team is excellent at engaging with customers and sending out swift responses. Always available; literally, the team gives advice offering specific details on DMs whenever required.

It has helped other brands in social selling learn by example. Many follow in its path to troubleshoot customer issues.

4. #myfabletics on Instagram

top social commerce examples

FABLETICS has a dedicated page on its website #myfabletics is all about styling, snapping, and shopping. Customer posts, tweets, pictures, and testimonials are posted on this page. They wear the clothes they shopped at FABLETICS. Inspirational for customers as they see themselves on a brand website. A brand that they love to flaunt; kindling interest in others on the way!

5. Epic Games

top social selling examples

This gaming space is popular amongst gamers online. The company uses social selling through pro gamers, offering them free games. It spends on advertising the gamings posts on social media. As a result, it can achieve greater engagement from the gaming community. All of this drives more traffic to the app store helping sell games.

6. Sinless Beauty

best social selling examples

The brand believes in the power of giveaways, frequent ones. The freebies get happily tagged and shared by followers. The net result – the brand could gain visibility with minimal effort.

7. Wooplr

best examples of social selling

The tagline of Wooplr goes as, ‘Discover great things to buy at local stores.’ The platform helps new buyers discover products, especially local products, directly through word-of-mouth. Users share their recommendations and information about products. It also has a feature called ‘Nearby’ for hyperlocal discovery. It is one of the best social commerce examples in India.

8. Gymshark

best examples of social commerce

It is one of the brands that depend exclusively on influencer marketing. The brand partners with several fitness influencers. So much so, Gymshark is an accepted leader in the influencer marketing genre. They sell their products, ala lifestyle, through like-minded influencers. It has worked extremely well for this gyming brand.

9. Burberry

top examples of social selling

The global brand uses bite-sized videos and micro-commercials to promote its products. The company also uses Facebook Live, leveraging video marketing at its best.

10. Sephora

top examples of social selling

Sephora features the popular ‘Fragrance IQ’ to personalize social commerce. This is a great example of social e-commerce. It helps discover the user’s perfect choice of perfume/cologne through a series of questions. For example, ‘which sensory experience would be the most appealing to you?’ You can choose from a fruity cocktail to a walk from a full bloom garden. Or, taste exotic cuisine or go off for an adventure amid nature.

Depending on your reply, the brand algorithm recommends your products. Ten great social commerce examples! Learnings for other brands and advertisers. If you have enjoyed reading this as much as we have written it, go ahead and share this!