Social Commerce Platform: How and Why to Use Them?

social commerce platforms

Three top social media platforms- Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, are the most-used social commerce platform in India. Local sellers, unbranded items, and India’s Tier II, III, and IV cities characterize the scenario here. But, how is it globally? Let’s find out more about it in this blog. It’s interesting to note that there are only about eight social e-commerce platforms that are currently calling the shots.

Also, GryNow being the best influencer marketing platform, are now actively getting involved in social commerce and creating short videos for big as well as small brands.

Video commerce is the latest trend to hit the e-commerce market. In the last two years, some online sellers have chartered history. The average user spends almost 145 minutes on social media these days. The popularity of the medium has helped online marketers phenomenally. But, today, we are talking of sales. Can businesses drive e-commerce sales using their social media presence? In 2021 the market capitalization of social media commerce is about $500 billion. That’s across the world! The figure is expected to cross $3500 billion in five to seven years!

Top social commerce platforms examples India (2022)

top social commerce platforms
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

These platforms have bridged the distance between brands and their users. It is common knowledge that social media drives engagement. Thus, online sellers can strengthen their customer base using these platforms. As a result, they can convince them to buy products, reducing the sales funnel.


video commerce platform

Instagram, one of the top and best social commerce or video commerce platforms, with around one billion active users, has made it easy to connect brands and customers by introducing “shoppable instagram”.

How to Use Instagram as the Social Commerce Platform

What is Shoppable Instagram? It is a tool offered by the social shopping platform as an in-app feature. The feature takes users on an exploration through Instagram feeds. The same can be done via Instagram Live, Stories, and IGTV. Once they find a product suiting their needs and choice, they can shop directly from the feed. No need to leave the app. No need to open any external site or app. It is the best social commerce platform in India. Simply clicking the post gives the user the product name and price. Another click, and the user reaches the product detail page. No distractions. The shortest possible time in converting a user!

Why to Use Instagram as the Social Commerce Platform

80% and more users refer to Instagram before taking a purchase decision.. Moreover, Instagram has more than one billion active users. The platform offers brands easy-to-use shoppable Instagram for connecting with users. It is top on visuals. It offers users scrollable Instagram feeds. Recently, Instagram also finished the trial of Reels. Created to rival TikTok, Reels can be used to create 15-second videos. Brands can use Reels to promote and sell their products. It is shoppable, paving the way for Instagram as a full-fledged video e-commerce platform.


best social commerce platform

One of the oldest social media platforms, FB has now added an in-built shopping feature. It is called the Facebook Shop. Brands need not do much to start using this feature. Sellers need to have a Facebook Business Page to leverage this feature.

How to Use Facebook as the Social Commerce Platform

How to list products in the shop? Sellers can use third-party e-commerce platforms like Shopify. They can manage the product listing on their own too.

Why to Use Facebook as the Social Commerce Platform

Remember, the user base of FB is double that of Instagram. Hence, the audience is way bigger than Instagram. It is undoubtedly the best platform for social commerce.


top video commerce platform

Over 175 million people interacting with Business Accounts on WhatsApp, this is the next big thing. The built-in feature - WhatsApp for Business API - is facilitating the same.

How to Use WhatsApp as the Social Commerce Platform

Businesses can use this social media platform for sending customer notifications. It can be used for service-related chats. Now, they can use it for product recommendations. WhatsApp for Business is a tool being used progressively by small businesses globally. In India, Kirana stores are using the tool to create product catalogs.

Why to Use WhatsApp as the Social Commerce Platform

It is a top social commerce platform in India used by more than 15 million SMEs. Small brands are using it to begin conversations with their users. With the ‘Cart button,’ users can use a single click to select items. Multiple items! Once done, they can inform the seller through a message. It is one of the leading social commerce companies.


best social media platform

Without any doubt, YouTube is the top video commerce platform. With the help of YouTube shopping, a lot can be done. YouTube shopping facilitate sellers to create and upload videos and use the same as catalogs.

How to Use YouTube as the Social Commerce Platform

YouTube has been asking content creators to use their software to track the products that they feature in clips. The data will be linked to Google’s shopping tools and analytics.

Why to Use YouTube as the Social Commerce Platform

It enables interested users to explore and buy right from YouTube. No stopping the video, pausing it, or leaving it in between. Buying direct and right from the platform enhances user engagement.


best e-commerce platform

Pinterest has been a big game-changer in niches like home decor, fashion & beauty, etc. 93% of users on Pinterest use the platform for planning purchases.. Another 87% indulge in the purchase, thanks to Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest as the Social Commerce Platform

Pinterest has become one of the top social shopping platforms - thanks to Shop the Look Pins. Users can see tiny white dots on product posts. They can also browse like products. The social media platform offers users the option to buy from mobile & desktop.

Why to Use Pinterest as the Social Commerce Platform

The good part is that no ads are disturbing the user. Brands can use these platforms innovatively to create customized content. The platform can create visuals in different ways - video pins, idea pins, and standard pins. Pinterest is also an amazing video commerce platform - thanks to video pins. It is less disruptive than other social media channels. It is visually inspiring, and there is creative flexibility.

These are the eight best social media platforms for e-commerce. More and more brands are using these to become industry leaders. It’s time that your brand considers using a few of these. Share this post with your peers to keep them abreast!