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It's tough to select not only which brand to buy, but also which model would best fit our needs, with a vast choice of modern devices being released every day in various price ranges. At some point in our lives, we've all been torn between two options.

This is where the top tech Instagrammers, come into play. They are not only knowledgeable about various products, but they also go out of their way to assist folks like us who are undecided by creating comparison movies between popular options due to which Consumers rely on influencer recommendations 49 percent of the times according to ion.

What Role Do Instagram's Tech Influencers Play In Helping Brands?

Tech influencers on Instagram have managed to develop a community for their content and exert some control over their followers' purchasing decisions by assisting their followers. Tech businesses have taken notice of the interaction between tech influencers and their followers.

Tech companies have partnered with leading influencer marketing agency in UAE to work with top UAE tech Influencers or Instagrammers to promote their goods and meet marketing objectives including brand recognition, sales, and leads. Influencer marketing, according to 51% of marketers, helps them get better clients as per smartinsights

Top Tech Instagram Influencers In UAE In 2022

Talking about the best or top tech Instagrammers in UAE, make sure to follow the following:

Faisal Alsaif is a notable internet personality in the Arab world - ranked among Dubai's top tech influencers. 

Faisal has over 3.4M followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 0.50% as he uses the platform to provide his insights on the latest technology and sciences via up-to-date news, personal experiences, first impressions, and local and international coverage.

The influencer has a robust online presence with 1.2M on Instagram, 1.3M on Tiktok, and 1.1M on Twitter. It is safe to say that our doyen's audience values his opinion, mainly because of his unbiased product reviews after assessment.

If you are familiar with the space of technology, you must know Shadi, he is one of the most famous tech journalists in UAE. His way of presenting all the news related to tech and reviewing multiple products is unique and classy.

He has generated a lot of influence and authority by him giving out the best updates to you about tech for years and still going strong with his quality and consistency. His feed is filled with value-adding tech content while he has a category of story as well dedicated to tech news so that you can see what you have missed recently in the field of technology.

Make sure you give him a follow if you are interested in the world of tech!

Since 2009, Noha (nohastyleicon) has been blogging. She first became well-known as a TV host. Since then, she has grown her personal online personas on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, earning her the 2017–2018 Forbes Middle East Top 5 Influencers title.

She has opened various ventures like nohannabil beauty, etc since that and reflects authority in the niche of fashion with each of her post boasting of high quality, amazing clothes and combination, flawless makeup and professional poses.

She occasionally puts put funny reels as well and one of them is amongst her most viewed reel recently with over 966k views.

Abdallah Rakha, a top tech Instagram influencer of UAE, brings you everything from the technology niche under one umbrella. 

Do you want to purchase a new phone that is affordable and also has superior specs? Or maybe you want to find accessories that go along with your phone. Better yet, do you want to stay updated on the new wheels that are hot in the market? If the above sounds anything like you, then you would benefit by giving Abdallah a follow.

Abdallah's view of technology is more holistic, meaning he constantly likes to shift his focus between gaming, car, photography, etc. As a result, he can pick the best from each world for his audience - going beyond providing reviews for one type of product. 

He has become an authoritative figure in the tech domain due to his ability to make each and every member of his audience understand each of the elements he’s talking about. His audience base has grown so loyal that they trust all of his recommendations. This has resulted in brands being constantly interested in collaborating with him.

Are you tired of the look of your gadgets and want them to look a certain way that makes them stand out and rare, look no further! This tech-related account is focused on giving your gadgets a new look.

From iphones to watches, they can it gold dipped, diamond studded and whatnot while keeping the feel of your gadget alive. Middle East is all ups for things like these and we are sure you must be looking for places like these, this is one of the ideal accounts to follow to get motivation for yourself and get in touch with to get it done on your gadgets.

Oppo is known for bringing the latest technology into their gadgets much before any other company does be it the highest megapixel of camera’s, high-quality protection on it, ultra HD display, etc. Moreover, they don’t shy away from keeping their social media presence alive and happening.

You will find them posting each of their gadgets in the most professional setting and highlighting how it can be the ideal choice for you. If you want to find motivation for what to post on your account or want to buy a new gadget, this is the account to follow to get an insight as to what the company has to offer consistently.

Youssef Lawendy is one of the best Middle East tech influencers on Instagram. He makes you understand everything tech related in the easiest manner. Moreover he focuses on his video quality as well to ensure his audience has the best experience taking his Instagram game above his competitors.

Like other techie's on our list, Youseff has tons of videos reviewing phones, laptops, mobile, hard drives, applications, games, and mobile accessories. So, if you share the same passion as Youssef, do give the young influencer a follow and join him as he figures out how the internet works.

Camera nerd, Content creator, and UAE tech influencer Yehia Radwan is here to tell you everything there is to know about creating awesome videos for social media platforms.

He also talks about everything from cars, computers to new software updates and evaluates tech items like iPhone 13, MacBook Air, Huawei MateBook X, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, etc. if you are someone who is interested in technology or want to stay updated or are looking for reviews before purchasing some product you don’t need to look any further as he has got everything on his account.

Great tech information, great vibes, and perfect presentation is what summarize this account and what makes it come on the list of top tech Instagram influencers in UAE.

Moreover, he has been so consistent in providing the relevant and latest news in tech, that you don’t have to follow any other account if you want to become well-versed with the tech field.

He has a following of 130k and his reels often touch 1 million views which just shows the authority he has been able to generate with his quality content. Make sure you follow him if you are tilted towards tech or want to know all about it to take smarter decisions!

Can there be a fun way to understand all about tech? No right? That’s what we thought before we got introduced to this Instagram account. This influencer is dedicated towards making everybody tech-savvy through his easy-to-understand short-format videos covering all about the latest tech so that you can make wise decisions if you are planning to buy one, etc.

As we are surrounded by tech, it is affecting us every day and we need to keep up with it, so following Uptin is the ideal choice for you!

This is one such influencer who is himself so passionate about tech that he comes up with topics and information that you won’t get to learn from anywhere else. Moreover he has the ability to make tech news really interesting for you.

This is what makes him superior in the names of top tech influencers in UAE. He has a following of 63.6k with a great engagement rate. His comments section is filled with admiration and his loyal fanbase appreciating him for the quality of content he puts up. If you want to be well versed with what is happening in tech, you have to follow him right now!

Mohsin Khan, also known as "emkwan," Is a tech influencer in UAE. He uploads videos or reels on technology and lifestyle intending to educate and entertain his audience. Mohsin's content primarily features unboxing, vlogs, and reviews. Recently he made a video evaluating the Apple watch series 7. Likewise, he also talks about watches, laptops, cars, etc.

If you search for Mohsin's accomplishments, he has quite a few under his belt. Gulf news named him "one of Dubai and Abu Dhabi's leading video bloggers." He held Esquire Magazines Digital influencer award and got a feature in "AHLAN magazine's Hot 100" list.

Brands can benefit by collaborating with this top tech Instagrammer of Dubai, as their potential customers can learn more about the products through comments and unboxing/review videos.

ROG or republic of gamers is a company you must have heard of if you are into tech or gaming. And as we know it as one of the top gaming companies, they are always ahead in the space of tech by including the latest graphics or animations, systems, etc. currently the space has to offer.

They make sure to put the content on their Instagram of what they have acquired recently that makes tech in gaming so advanced. This can give you an idea of two industries consecutively - gaming and technology. So make sure you check out their content!

Which is the latest technology being used in the top cars?, what are the new releases as far as phones and laptops are concerned?, what are NFT’s?, is crypto still the right area to get into? How can you learn all of this and get smarter? The answer is right here!

All you have to do is follow this smart creator who has cracked the code of spreading all information you need on the latest tech in the most interesting way possible. This is the reason that this tech Instagram influencer in UAE is able to gain over 19.3k followers in such a short span of time. Make sure you give him a follow and never miss any updates on what is happening in the world of tech.

From the latest gaming consoles to technology that will leave you stunned, Mohamed makes sure to come up with the latest products and news of what is happening in the tech world and what is going to be a possibility with tech. He mixes his informative content with amazing graphics to put up the most interesting content. Each and every post of his is surely going to add value to your quest of gaining more knowledge about the tech field.

He has a following of 13k with an engagement rate that is rising as he is gaining authority over the platform with his unique and high quality content. Make sure you check out his account!

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